Tough Day

Quite obviously, this has been a tough day around here. Busy, of course, but I wanted to make sure that we continue the dialogue here. One thing I keep hearing is that this couldn’t have happened at a worse time because of the home winning streak we have. I guess that’s why I think that if it was going to happen, this would be the time for it to happen.

We’ve seen this team come together over the last five weeks to put together the best record in baseball and we didn’t get there with one person. We’re a team and we’ll come together and hopefully be stronger when Manny comes back.

I’m sure there will be more to come on the subject, but right now this is all I can say.

As Joe Torre said a few minutes ago, we all make mistakes in life and owning up to them is important. Manny has done that…and so here’s the lineup we’ll field tonight to try and extend the record to 14 games at home.

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Ethier, RF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Wolf, P

Pierre, LF


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You’re right, Josh, this isn’t a one man team. Although it’s definitely a downer, it will give the young guys the chance to show what they’re made of. I predict they will do well and make us all very proud of them!

Time for the lads to man up, grab this season by the throat…and shove it down Bochy’s tomorrow!

Let’s go out and get them tonight! We are a very good team and we shall survive!

Hi everybody
Well I guess they can take Manny away from us for 50 games but they can’t take our POST 1900 13 consecutive home wins at the start of the season away. That’s ours to keep, I think, for a while. Let just root for the Dodgers to extend it, like Josh said.

The Dodgers were able to win even without Manny, Casey, Furcal and Martin. We have a great team even then. Go DODGERS! Josh is right. It took the village to win.

They are just saying the same thing on Dodgers Live, trublue, Michael Eaves was saying they are a very good team even without Manny. I think the young guys are going to really step up and make us proud. He is a great player regardless of the situation, but they can win without him.

I don’t have it in me to say anything negative about Manny or our Dodgers. I will still go to the games and cheer them on. I cannot even bear to read the negative comments about Manny which overflows to the innocent.. Let’s just give our guys all the support of us fans. Let’s keep the spark alive. Thanks.

So, we had ManDre….does this mean now we have DreJa or DreLo? Our lefty duo is going to shine, and I can’t wait to see the young guns, along with Casey, Raffy and O-Dog take this challenge to task. It’s going to be great!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!! …………..and welcome to the show X. Paul……………can’t wait to see you play 🙂

I vote for DreLo, Nelly.

DreLo sounds great, NellyJune!!!

i would rather see Ethier in the clean up spot and move Loney to 6th place behind Martin and Matt. Loney not doing the job to be clean up. We need some power there and Loney sure hasn’t shown it.

bluecrewgirl ~ It’s kind of funny how Andre went from being an afterthought in Joe’s mind the first 3/4 of the season last year to being the one expected to fill Manny’s shoes while he is away. Then you have James who is now expected to pick up where Andre left off. This is going to be fun to watch just to see how it all plays out for all the players involved. And, yes,I agree………………. I like DreLo too 🙂

So, Boblee, it could be “MaDre”!

Who batting 3rd Boblee?

Sounds good to me. I hate to see Juan in there over X Paul.

I am guessing Matt, yes?

I think in a short peiod of time, X Paul will be in there on a regular basis until Manny comes back, Boblee.

We definitely won’t have “JuanDre”!!!

So, Boblee………….this is what you would like to see?………it’s not bad either.

Pierre (if we must)

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good evening all.
Yes, it’s a very sad day in the Dodger Blue world.
However, this team still has what it takes to take this division. We all better get used to seeing POP in the lineup. He’s still a liability in the field, but I hope he makes a contribution.
All I can say about tonights lineup is switch Loney & Kemp.

I like your lineup NellyJune.

Tough day indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice start for Randy!!!

Now, let’s get some runs boys!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

Time for the rest of the crew to step it up!!!!

Here’s what I think of our prospects as we go along without Manny – GENERALLY GOOD.

Furcal – He showed us a level of play early last season that he may never be able to match, especially the power. He seems to be improving with the bat as the season goes along, so we can probably look ahead to greater production from him the rest of the season. I hope so, because so far he really hasn’t quite delivered on the salary he’s received over three plus years.

Hudson – I’ve always liked him, even when he played for AZ, and wanted Ned to sign him to a multiple year contract. He just needs to stay consistent at about the present level of play. The defense is just marvelous.

Andre – what a pleasure, an all-around performer with some room to grow even better. He will really be a star, and I only hope that he’s destined to stay with us.

Loney – not really living up to what I would have expected after now a couple of years in the majors. He’s one of the guys that will really have to ratchet up in Manny’s absence.

Martin – fairly disappointing this season, and I don’t have a clue why. If he comes around to his level of play from two years ago, he alone could make us forget about Manny for a while.

Kemp – started the season like gang busters, but seems to have fallen back into some bad habits at bat; defensively has been a very pleasant surprise. It may be that he’s not in a position in the lineup where he can get comfortable. I’m looking for him to improve with Manny gone and pick up some of the load.

Blake – I guess he’s producing what he normally has at this early stage in the season, so we have to look to him getting hot along with the weather. He’s been better defensively than I would have expected.

JP – what can I say? If he can find enough patience to at least walk a few times and wear down the pitcher, he’d be doing his part. I’m hoping that Torre will give Paul some chances of actually starting ballgames, which will be the only way that he can win the job away from JP.

Pitching – it’ll ultimately come down to that and probably would with or without Manny. Let’s trust that Bills is ready to maintain his Ace pace through the season, hope that Kersh finds some consistency and control, and that the bullpen can continue strong and as effective as it really has been so far. So, GO DODGERS – you’ve really got all the tools that you need, and may we go far despite this and other setbacka.

It’s good to see Wolf have a scoreless first inning.


tough indeed 🙂 How are you doing today jhall?

Nelly, I think if Andre just keeps doing what he’s been doing and being himself he will be fine. Yes, a lot has changed in a good way for him since last season.

I come here neither to praise nor bury the deed, but in keeping it real, I must say this:

Manny DID NOT test positive for steroids. Or HGH. He tested positive for an Estrogen enhancement drug.

Manny and Barry have been caught using Roids the same amount of times, and that’s one less than A-Rod. (But who’s counting?)

I’m not so naive to think that it doesn’t mean that he has used HGH (Obviously, he didn’t use Roids, or else 1 of those 15 tests would’ve come back positive). But this IS Manny we’re talking about. Seeing as how this is the guy who took breaks in the Green Monster and took the field with MP3 sunglasses on… he could’ve just wanted an enhancement pill. I could see the scenario now, Manny and Dr. Nick Rivera from the Simpsons.

“Hi Dr. Nick. I was wondering, I have this… problem”
“You know… a… personal problem… in bed…”
“But Doc… aren’t these for women?”
“But Doc… these won’t test positive on a drug test or anything, right?”
“Okay… Thanks Doc”
” :: looks weirdly at Dr. Nick :: Mannyman? Haven’t heard that nickname before… I like it!!”

Okay, I totally know that didn’t happen. But I do think it would be colossally stupid to be using if you’re trying to score a huge contract, even/especially for Manny. Could’ve been bad advice… but he needed to check with the team doctor anyway… you know what they say, measure twic…


Nice post Bear!!!!

Bear ~ very astute commentary!

Doing great Nelly, despite the bad news!! How about you mon amie?

NSB ~ Fantastic!!

Can’t wait to hear what Dad/Eric has to say!!!!!

Jhall ~ do you think they will have a “POPAHOLIC” fan club in left field?

Sorry, Had to go away for a few min utes. I would definately put Matt in third place

I was totally sick today when my son gave me the news about Manny.

Hey northstate and jhall. Good post messagebear.



Alright O-Dog and Andre!!!!!

jhall – same here 🙂

Alright James!!!!!!

northstateblues – awesome once again LOL!!!! ………..but the gnat fans are not seeing that way and I have heard plenty already, and I am not even counting my family.

messagebear – another fabulous post!!

It’s good to see them playing small ball a bit and not trying to press and do too much yet.

The Dbacks are firing their manager!

come on Matt. Bust one.

Matthew Ryan Kemp- GRAND SLAM TIME!!!!!


So much for small ball, lol! Way come out of a slump, Matt!

Yay, Matt…………GRAND SLAM!!!!!!!!!


bluecrewgirl – Andre is going to have an awesome season.

Alright Casey Blake!!!

Hi everyone!

Nelly, They don’t see it that way ’cause they got their head stuck up Barry’s butt.

Yeah, I said it.

WTG DODGERS!!!! That’ll shut some fools’ mouths.

Well, well, well, ……………….I hope the gnat fans are watching this.

then, there is juan being juan………..first pitch, ground ball out – sigh

Juan’s up. Inning over

That was RANDY’s 2 RBI.

This is exactly what the guys needed to do. This club is for real, no matter what!

LOL Trumom!!! Gonna need alot of alcohol!!!!

LOL!!! northstateblues – knowing I am a Dodger fan, it was amazing how many gnat fans came out of the woodworks today just to say something for the first time all year.

The most uplifting thing about that slam was watching the four players trot toward the dugout afterward as one four-headed beast–MartinLoneyKempEthier…the future we’ve always celebrated. Joe’s smile was priceless, too. What a great message to send to the sourpusses in the NL West just salivating for the Dodgers’ demise.

Hey BleuFille’!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is awesome Kahli!!!!!! ……….and so very true 🙂

Jhall ~ I think it was Crash or scott who said, the LF section goes for $9 a ticket and the peanut vender throws the peanuts but they come up a little bit short! lol

Hey people!

Looks like Kemper wiped and went on…

Super observation Kahli!!! Yep, that’s the future. Take the 7M we just saved and sign these guys to long term deals. Buy out a couple of years of free agency and avoid all that arbitration mess.

jhall – your father has had plenty to say on the previous thread. Definitely what you would expect from him 🙂

LMTO Tru and Beav!!!!!!

What he hell is Wolf nibbling for??? You’re up 6, throw strikes.

Kahliforni, in reading the comments from the NL West, it did sound like a lot of them were trying to say in a “nice” way that it would be all downhill from this point forward for the Dodgers.

Yeah Nelly, and after a look at the scoreboard, they’ll be returning to the woodwork soon enough 🙂

LOL Nelly!!! I will go back and check it out!!!!

Andre was robbed on that at bat.

I’m with you Beav, Wolf just got a couple of get out of jail free cards and 4 houses on the Orange color group, he should win this game!!!!

Scully was wrong when he said that Wes Parker was the first Dodger to hit for the cycle, he was the first LA Dodger.

For a veteran pitcher, Wolf has his head up his ***. The guy’s hitting .132 with 1HR – THROW STRIKES!!!

You tell’em Beav!!!

Hi ITD gang,
I was disheartened of the Manny news today, but listen the Dodgers are being the Dodgers, even without Manny.
So GO Dodgers and lets sweep the ants when they come this weekend.

The Juan Pierre Drinking Game 🙂

Recommended Drinks: Beer, Tequila, Whiskey, Wine

Plays Involved: Popups, Groundouts, First Ball swings, and ersatz Joe Morgan elbow Flaps

Details: Every time Juan flaps his elbow drink a shot glass of beer. When he pops up, drink two shots of beer, when he hits the first pitch for an out, drink three shots of beer and a shot of tequila. When he draws a walk, drink a glass of Whiskey, two shots of tequila and eat the worm. For every game Juan starts instead of Xavier Paul, drink two 40 oz. bottles of Old English 800 before the game starts. If he hits a homerun, drink a glass of Cheval Blanc. If he hits a Grand Slam, drink an entire bottle of 1803 Chateau Lafitte.

Koufax ~ How are you today? We will be fine until Manny comes back.

Fantastic Obi!!!!!

Jeez you’re up 6 to 0 on the freakin’ Nats. How can it take you 83 friggin pitches to 4 innings? Where our A#1 pitching coach? I’d be going ballistic on his *** when he got back to the dugout.

Obi ~ Sounds good to me!

Juan being Juan would pretty much guarantee we’d all be drunk as skunks if we played that game, lol.

Hey Koufax!!! Good to see you.
LOL!!! Outstanding Obi, as always. How’ve you been?


Is it me being picky (most likely I know) or would Andre or Matt catch that fly ball that Pierre just hit?

obi ~ That’s priceless! LOL

Hey Obi!! Waaaaaay ahead of you on the tequila.

Well, at least we don’t have to worry about POPPY taking playing time from Andre and Kemper for awhile!!! Sure would like to see Ferk find his groove.

hey jhall, how how are? Me? well I’m a bit bummed about losing Manny for Fiddy games, but better now than later in the year. I’m confident that the rest of the team will continue to win. In fact, I really think this incident will make them a much tighter unit as they will have to deal with all the critics and naysayers who think they’ll fold. btw, I the Liquor Barn and Vendome are fighting to be offical sponsors for the ITD crew’s Juan Pierre Drinking Game.

I’ll drink to that Trumom!!!!!!!!!!!
Good point Nelly!!! They may have. That is one reason the Nats are the worst team in the NL.

“One Tequila, two Tequila, three Tequila, floor.”
–Enchanted Thought Bubble by way of George Carlin

I’d LMAO if I could find the keyboard.

Doing well Obi, thanks!! I’m bummed too but I do share your sentiments on our team coming together even more because of this. It’s not like the cubbard is bare. And you are right on in the fact that it is better now than in August or September.

LMFTO Obi and Beav!!!!!!!!!!!

These last couple games they’re not showing much patience at the plate.

no they are not enchanted 🙂

yeah – JP caught the ball!!!!

Good thing he didn’t have to throw it, NellyJune!

On the other hand enchanted, the Nats aren’t exactly working on that RISP stat, so hopefully a few first pitch outs won’t cost us too much.

I find that a box of ritz crackers is all it takes to bribe my pet parrot QWERTY to peck out my dictated messages with his beakk when I too drunk to type.

..and just had to mention it. Well, JP didn’t have to throw that one either. Solo shots nothing to be worried about yes.

red pen – that should be “yet” not “yes”

LMAO Obi!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Obi!!!

That was a nice little outing by Randy Wolf.

Good evening, all. With the exception of the 1994 strike, the saddest day of my life as a baseball and Dodger fan. I was totally blown away when I first got the news this afternoon.Just another black eye that our great game doesn’t need. Still trying to sort out the facts of the situation but, bottom line, it really doesn’t matter. Manny is gone for 50 games but, with our solid young talented core, the Dodgers will survive this, go on, and flourish. During the offseason, we all wondered what our team would be like without Manny. Now we’ll get a chance to find out. We need to give our boys all the support we can because the anti-Dodger jackals will be nipping at our heels. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the tests to come back from the lab. I’ve had some doubts about a substance I put in the ITD flask for Monday night’s game.

Lol, seesky, we might all be banned from ITD for drinking from the victory flask.

Hi’Ya Sky!!!

Nice post!!!

Good Evening seesky!!! I thought it tasted kind of funny that night.

Disappointing but we will survive!!!

….and, oh yes……PLAY X-PAUL!!!!!, PINE PIERRE!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

Welcome Xavier Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is wearing DY’s number 🙂 😦

Obi has got to have a JP thought bubble for this at bat.

…………just what JP ordered I am sure ………grounded into a double play.

`Wizard of Oz’ Munchkin Mickey Carroll dies at 89 (AP)
ST. LOUIS – One of the last surviving Munchkins from the 1939 classic film “The Wizard of Oz” has died.

St. Louis actor Mickey Carroll died Thursday at the age of 89.

His caretaker, Linda Dodge, made the announcement Thursday.

Carroll was born Michael Finocchiaro in July 1919 in St. Louis, the son of Italian immigrants.
He was one of more than 100 adults and children who were recruited for “Oz” to play the natives of what author L. Frank Baum called Munchkin Country in his 1900 book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

Carroll told The Associated Press in a 2007 interview that the Munchkins made only $125 a week while filming, followed by decades of recognition.
Carroll, who was an avid Los Angeles Dodgers fan, was reading the Inside the Dodgers blog early Thursday morning when he came across all of the posts that were spoofing “Wizard of Oz” lyrics. Upon reading all of the Juan Pierre joke lyrics, he started chuckling uncontrollably and died laughing.
(Okay, I made up that last paragraph. RIP Mickey.)

Good thing they got to Zimmermann early because they’ve done absolutely nothing on him since.

Hey Sky! Hey 32!

That is rather eerie 32and53fan…………like you said considering our comments last night.

Hello 32!!! LOL!!!


BTW, smooth Joe move using Paul and not saving him for JP’s defensive replacement. Hope that doesn’t comeback to bit us in the butt.

I always loved the Wizard of Oz. They used to have it on tv at least once a year, but I haven’t seen it in a long time. I remember having nightmares about the flying monkeys when I was little.

We can call Juan’s section………..”lolliPOPlAND”

Why is it that we score in the 1st and then take the rest of the game off? We need to win to make a statement to the rest of baseball that we can win without Manny. GO DODGERS!!

Paul is big and strong and fast and can throw and hit……..he is doomed! Joe doesn’t want any of that!

Lol, trublu. They can call it’s inhabitants The Juany Pop Guild.

There is only one pharmaceutical that is a placebo; JP,

LMTO Tru!!! Pop ups here, ground outs there, and a couple of “It’s not fairs”, that’s how we pass the day away in the Merry Old Land Of Phew!!!!

LOL!!!! The Juany Pop Guild – that’s good :)….and I too loved the Wizard of Oz, and yes, I didn’t like the flying monkeys.

TRONCOSO had a bad night with those, 3 singles I hope that
OHMAN can put a stop to this.

It’s going to be a long 50 games!!!!!

What is going on here!?

“Consult your doctor if your Juan Pierre last more than 4 hours.”

This game is not taking a good turn. They need to score some more runs.

What is going on here!?

We haven’t done well lately with the exception of the first inning. Come on, where the crap is our pitching?

Un-freaking-believable!!! We ain’t out of the woods yet gang!! Geez!!!

Way to go Ohman, left handed specialist huh?

I’m not particularly impressed by Ohman. I say we give Leach the situational lefty job.

The Nationals are getting restless!!!!

Good thing we got 6 early. That was a home run derby pitch to Dunn… hanging curve right down the middle, waist high.

Come on, we’re playing the worst team in the majors. Our relief corps is throwing batting practice.

It figures sooner of later the bullpen will falter,
Hope WADE is ok.

Wade to the rescue!

Its just Joe wanting to blow through the BP so all we have for tomorrow is Mota.

Ohman? more like THE OMEN.

Wade looks like his old self again. I am keeping my fingers crossed he stays healthy.

…and he is doing it just for you enchanted 🙂

What is required here is some additional Dodger Shock & Awe!!!!

LMAO again Obi!!! I’ll have what you are drinking my friend!!! Unfortunately, PIAGRA® doesn’t have the effect of enhancing performance. It just leaves you limp, shaking your head, and wondering why!!!!!

I hope we have better luck with Ron Villone.

He took a good basehit, and just lost it. ……….and to think I was going to praise him for a change.

Obi ~ what do we drink when Juan gets picked off?!

LMAO, jhall!

Way to go POPPY, that was limp!!!

Why are we trying to lose this game?

That’s our Juanpy.

Hey Wally. I hear Juanpy has a summer home near Lake Flacid.

I guess Torre wanted to get a runner in scoring position.

Well, maybe we’ll at least get us some Johnny Says!!!

LMFTO Beav!!!

We’re proving everyone right by blowing this game, espn is gonna love this

I don’t know how JP stole 60 bases when he takes off before the pitcher is committed to throw home.
Manny could have let the ball go over his head too. Way to fill in Juan.

Send JP to Milwaukee where he will experience Brewer’s Droop.


Wouldn’t it make sense to have a little whine when JP gets picked off?

This game doesn’t feel good.

We’re going to screw around and lose this game yet. Where the hell is our hitting?

Good one Sky!! LOL!!!!

Sparkleplenty ~ WHINE sounds perfect!!!!

Ruh Roh!

why is this happening


The freaking play was at third base.

uh oh!!!

This really sucks. They have to find a way to pull this game out.

Absolute Bullsh*t!!!!!!!!!!

Bullpen implosion.

The Live Win Probability line is dropping fast at

You could see this one coming.


I wouldn’t mind losing this game if we had Manny.

Bullcrap, that was a strike to guzman even before he struck out.

They’d better not spray Leach with shaving cream again tonight if he gets us out of this inning with no further damage.

Very cool site 32. Thanks!!!

This game was lost when they mailed it in after the first inning.

Let’s see what Leach is made of…

I’m going to bed. I can’t take it.

This game was lost when they mailed it in after the first inning.

Thar she blows!
Good night!

Total Crap!!!!!


Guess I don’t have to do an ndeschenes tonite, so I’m going to get to bed early for a change. Nite all.

This is pathetic!!!

we havent given up innings like this all year, what a time to do it, and now we have no bullpan for the giants, hope chad can go 8 innings tommorrow

G’Nite Beav!! I think I am going to vomit again!!!!

Torre is going through the bullpen like he’s got a bunch of fresh arms coming up from the minors tomorrow. Very bad management. But also very bad pitching.

Lousy after taking a 6 run lead in the first inning.

Trublu, Obi wanted me to tell you that we’ll drink Pruno whenever Juan gets picked off base. Your Friend, Qwerty the Parrot. PS. Here’s the recipe:

Well, at least, we’ll get a bad game out of our system before the Gnats tomorrow!!!!

Fitting end to an awful day for the Dodgers!!! Very depressing. Gonna be interesting to see how the team responds.

Lost in this nightmare is my favorite scapegoat, Randy Wolf. Veteran who knows the bully is gassed, given a six-run lead…and goes SIX INNINGS. Cut me a break. I wouldn’t give the ball to this guy in a truly meaningful game even if I had a one-man staff.

Goodnight vl4ecc, boblee and enchanted. Maybe by some miracle you’ll all wake up to find out the Dodgers came from behind and won it. Should have put them away when we had the chance.

WE got 2 innings to show what we can do.

hey Ohman, you see what beilmel did to Andre, thats how u get a left hander out you worthless piece of crap take notes ya jerk

Must be what it felt like in late October, 1929 when the stock market crashed. That was Black Friday, this is our Black Thursday. Hopefully, “We have nothing to fear, but, fear itself.” I’m frankly, a bit worried!!!!

I think Torre should move Matt to the 3 hole and Andre back to cleanup in the next game.

Good night, all. After a day like this, tomorrow can only be better.

I agree BleuFille’!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight Sky!!! Can’t get much worse.

Let’s get a couple back here gang and make some noise!!!!!!!

Casey at the bat. One swing could put us back in the game. Well, I can dream can’t I?

Goodnight, seesky.

OK I did the obi, more tequila. Ironic having Beimel go vs. our leftys.
One more shot, then bring on the gnats! I’m Ready Hope You are too!
Go Dodgers!

The fat lady hasn’t quite sung yet. Great job, Casey!

Tough day is a bit understated. What with the other good news, I go to bed with a 6 run lead and get up to check the score and find this? Bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep it going, Mark!

Great AB for CASEY.
We’re still alive.

LOL Brock!!! Bloody Hell’ is right!!!!

We’d better hope JP has one more single in him tonight.

bases loaded and juan pierre is up to bat – how about that!?! Here’s your chance JP to earn some respect from this group

Greetings my ITD friends!

Well, most of us know that this is what it’s going to be like all year: we’re never out of a game and we’ll never have a lead that is safe! It’s the Dodgers, isn’t it?

A little musical interlude, if you please……….

Simon and Garfunkle’s “Mrs Robinson”

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do

And here’s to you, Jackie Robinson
We’re all wond’ring what you guys would do (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Jackie Robinson
Would you say “no” or would you go astray
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

We ‘spose you’ve heard about our little problem – PEDs
Some of these guys can’t seem to stop themselves
Money doesn’t keep them from injecting in their rear
They make more per game than you did in a year

And here’s to you, Jackie Robinson
We’re all wond’ring what you guys would do (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Jackie Robinson
Would you say “no” or would you go astray
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes
Put it in your locker with your jockstrap
It’s a dirty secret, well, it surely used to be
Worst of all, they’ve started selling to the kids

Coo, coo, ca-choo, Jackie Robinson
We’re all wond’ring what you guys would do (Wo, wo, wo)
God bless you please, Jackie Robinson
Would you say “no” or would you go astray
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

They all say they have to do them so they can compete
All of us think it stinks worse than feet
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you’ve got to choose
Ev’ry way you look at it, we lose

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo, woo, woo)
What’s that you say, Jackie Robinson
Joltin’ Joe has left and gone away
(Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)

Time for the absinthe!

ok Pierre proove ur worth something!!

It freaking figures that Phew would come up now!!!!


thats Manny’s replacement…49 games to go

so much for respect

Casey Blake in left field – wow!!!

He’s like the last person in the lineup you’d want up in a situation like that. Maybe Joe is thinking of using Casey some in left field while Manny’s out too.

OUTSTANDING!!!® Dad/Eric. My hat is off to you my friend!!! Actually made me feel better.

bluecrew, I agree. With Manny out, move Kemp into the three hole…or the 4 hole. And keep Blake in left!

In case of miracles… pitcher goes in Pierre’s spot.

Kali, last year when Matt and Andre batted back to back for awhile they had a really good energy. I would like to see that again. If I could make the lineup, I would move Martin to 5 since he’s coming around and move Loney down to 6.

I like it Splash!! I’ll call it the Splash-O-Meter. 1 down, 49 to go. Kitty?, Bennett?, Arlene?

Casey definitely has a stronger arm that Pierre, that’s for sure.

Pass the absinthe, obi, maybe it’ll make me go blind, too…

That should say “than” Pierre.

I know we didn’t help ourselves by not scoring anymore runs in innings 2-7, but we should be able to hold onto a 5 run lead after the 7th inning. Our BP just doesn’t have it tonight in any way shape or form.

Never thought I would say this but i’ll be glad to see the nats leave town

ok our bullpen absolutly blows tonight… cant one of them get a damn out? 10 runs thanks to our bullpen?… im about to freaken punch something. this is unacceptable. what a crappy day for dodger baseball… I still love the Manny

Leave Blake there and see if Loretta can last at third. The only problem is using Pierre as a pinch hitter in a critical situation.

…and tomorrow in come the gnats.

Hearing Vinny talking about the opponent’s BA w/RISP for the last few games, all I can think of is ‘the law of averages has caught up with us’.

And THAT was a Scioscia-esque block of home plate!

As Vinny says, the Dodgers never do anything easy. Now y’all didn’t really think The Dodgers would cruise into August with a 20-game lead…………………..did you?

Oh great, here I am in Virginia, the game is blacked out. How do they decide where it’s blacked out. Just as well, today they look like they will lose. My Dad commented to me this morning before I left, “Oh now they will lose, you aren’t going to the game!”
I’m glad I’m not there. I would probably have started crying. There is so much emotion today, this would have been too much.

32and53, that would definitely be an upgrade defensively and offensively.

Hey jhall, if I made you feel better, today isn’t a total loss!! LOL!!

I didn’t expect a 20 game lead in August, but I expected to extend the streak to 14 after leading 6-0 in the first inning.


Well, serious gut check time for the Dodgers!!! It’s only one game. We’re still in good shape. We’ll see what we are made of!!!

that was not a strike to raffy… damn ump

It looks like the Nat’s have just cought us at the right time tonight.>>>And the law of averages is against us.

You’re right about that, jhall.

Never say die……..

You did Dad/Chevelle!!! Thanks my friend!!! We will persevere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on kip wells sucks… we can pull this out… we need this win…


The mysterious hand of fate was especially cruel to Pierre tonight. After bitching and moaning for a year, he finally gets the call, his team desperately needing ANYTHING to ease the sting of Manny’s bye-bye. So Pierre stinks it up defensively in left field………….and the–at the emotional climactic moment–he bounces out with the bases loaded, killing an improbable two-out rally.

Hell’, we didn’t want to run away with this damn’ thing anyway!!!! LOL!!!

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp


Not that I’m panicking or anything, but I would think that Torre should think twice about having guys in your 4 and 5 slots with zero HRs between them.

Never say die………..

come on kemp…

Kemp wouldn’t……….would he???

WOW!!!!!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never say die…….

come on blake…

Blake needs a HR for the cycle…….

C’mon Beard! Go yard!

Well, I think we can say this team isn’t giving up, win or lose…………….they didn’t give up, and that is big.

Blake needs a HR for the cycle…….


………we’re never out of a game and we’ll never have a lead that is safe……….

Well, at least this team can score some runs unlike before Manny came last year.

STill breathing.

………we’re never out of a game and we’ll never have a lead that is safe……….

damn so close… love the never say die and never give up they showed tonight… sucks we lost, but look at the bright side the giants cant say they stopped our streak if they beat us… thats my silver lining

Good point, dodgereric. We need to score lots of runs with our pitching.

Agreed Nelly!!! Long way to go and we are still in good shape. I think this team has the moxy to come out standing!!!!

Official Manny Scoreboard:

0 1

Hey! A double-post with a single click!!

Can’t win ’em all, but it sucks to lose a game when you break out 6 – 0.

Ya figure ya hafta lose sometime, but not this way.
Well we have to right the situation as soon as possible tomorrow, so we don’t start sliding.

dodge, that’s a very true thing. They can’t do THAT to us!

Let’s suck it up and get after the G’Nats tomorrow. Home win streak was nice but now it is over. Almost starting to become an albatross anyway. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

That’s right jhall, streaks are fine. But two out of three every series is what wins championships.

Agreed Dad/Chevelle!! Totally unacceptable to lose a game when you have a 6 run lead. I guess, Feces Occurs!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness dodge16!!!

Exactly Dad!!! Just need to win or split series’.

They are back talking about Manny on DodgersLive.
I hope they get him to expand on his explanation. If his medical problem was low testosterone due to prior usage of anabolic steroids, let him admit it. If he was taking HCG to boost his testosterone in hopes of enhancing his strength, let that come out. He gave a cryptic admission about getting a prescription for a banned drug but he did not say WHY. Let’s get EVERYTHING out in the open now so we can move on from here.

………….however, a sweep of the gnats would be nice 🙂

The stench of this game reminds me of their sweep of us on the road last year. Boy, I hate losing games to doormats.

Got to avoid those 3 or more game losing streaks. Get through the season without losing more than 3 in a row and you will do well.

I’m sure the lawyers are drafting a statement addressing that very thing right now, 32.

Goodnight gang, its been an emotional day to say the least. Gonna hit the old rack and get ready for the G’Nats series. I’m anxious to see what this team is made of. Its been a pleasure as always. Excelsior, True Blue Believers!!

I think we need to expect a full day of coverage on it tomorrow as well. Funny how we were complaining just the other day on how the east coast teams get all the coverage. Well, we got coverage alright………just not the kind we wanted.

……and THAT’S what a good pitching staff will help you do, jhall!

Wolf was nibbling too much and running up his pitch count with a big lead. If he could have lasted another two innings, it would have lessened the strain on the bullpen. It absolutely sucks to lose a 6-0 lead against the worst team in the league. We are going to need every game of our current lead once we start playing the Cubs, Cards, Mets and Phillies.

Good Night jhall – always a pleasure to be in your company. Take care and God Bless!!!

Sleep well, my son/Wally/jhall!! ‘Nuff said!

Goodnight, jhall. Let’s hope they get back on track tomorrow.

So, I guess the dbacks are going to have a few changes with a new manager on board. That was news tonight too- wow!!!

I think I am going to hit the hay too. Goodnight everyone. Let’s start a new streak tomorrow.

Good night bluecrewgirl!!! Definitely – they will be just fine and start another of many streaks that will happen this season……………no doubt about it.

What a waste of Matt’s Grand Slam though. However, to see our four young guns (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier) walk off the field together was awesome.

Thank goodness dodge16!!!

You know that 11:33 post was done a long, long, long time ago……………………where did that come from?

..and it was already posted at 10:57…………very strange indeed 🙂

Manny’s suspension is warping the space-time continuum!

Well, I think I’m going to join those who are getting sleep tonight. Big, long day tomorrow with a great-sounding weekend coming up! Good night June Darlin’!

Good Night DodgerEric/Ward Dear!!! Take Care, drive safely and we will see you tomorrow. It should be another great weekend. God Bless to you and your wonderful family. Good Luck to Matt on his big final tomorrow………..also, I heard he did awesome on his essay he did for that class – fabulous!!!! Good Night!!!

The quote of the day from Andre……………..

When outfielder Andre Ethier woke up Thursday morning, he had so many phone calls and text messages he wondered “Did I get traded?”

Urgh I should’ve stay in bed but to put up 9 runs without Manny is good to bad it had to come with a lose and on Loney Bday. I don’t mind losing the streak but not when you have a 6-0 in the first innings against one of the worst team in the league bot I shouldn’t consider them the worst because they do have some good hitters and the only thing that holding them back is that combined 5.40 ERA from the pitchers. You know is bad when the Nats leader in ERA by a SP is John Lannan at 4.59. I’d rather lost 11-9 if the Nats were up big 6-0 in the first with Manny playing.

Another say day in baseball and it look like Boston lost a legend and his older brother played for the Spankees. BOSTON (AP)—Dominic DiMaggio, a seven-time All Star who still holds the record for the longest consecutive game hitting streak in Boston Red Sox history, has died at his Massachusetts home. He was 92.

DiMaggio died at about about 1 a.m. on Friday, according to his wife, Emily.

Known as the “Little Professor” because of his eyeglasses and his 5-foot-9, 168-pound frame, the younger brother of New York Yankees Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio hit in 34 consecutive games in 1949.

Dom’s streak was broken on Aug. 9 when his big brother caught a sinking liner in the eighth inning of a 6-3 Red Sox win over the Yankees.

In addition to his wife, the San Francisco native is survived by three children and six grandchildren.

RIP Dom these baseball legend are dying and to think my great grandmother still living at 96.

Well, a tough loss last night. But, only 49 more games and Manny will be back.

Now I really wanted a sweep against these Jiants.

I guess the giants fan love this for the past few days we need to shut them up really fast and take this lead to over 10+ a sweep would be nice.

What a difference a day makes. UGH!!!! Nothing to do but suck it up and win this series. Send a message to the rest of the division that we will win with what we’ve got.

Oh no I used to love The Wizard of Oz

Munchkin Mickey Carroll dies
One of the last surviving Munchkins from the beloved film “The Wizard of Oz” passes away at 89. »

Sigh I don’t know why yahoo always posted that late look like it was a day late.

its hard to forgive manny,but ill tell you right now i support him and will cheer for him now and when he gets giving him the benefit of the doubt,even if i shouldnt.i beleive this team can we still win a good amount of games,and i beleive we are still much better than any other team in our division.we just gotta put this behind us and try and win each and every game and when manny gets back i hope they have the same exact attitude,just go out play and try your best to win.reagardless of what the media says,ill always be a dodger fan and im proudly still a manny ramirez says

says = fan

That’s was greating planning and great timing one of Boras client come back in Arod and another of Boras client sit. Could’ve Manny appeal this?

JOSH – thanks for the post. It is tough and yes it came at the wrong time. But yeah the team is not only about Manny. When he comes back, I just hope that he has the same love for the game but with more respect. I hope that he has the same enthusiams and I just hope that his team members will forgive him so that we can continue playing as a team. Now it is time to play in DODGERTOWN and not in MANNYWOOD!
Last night games was tough. The club just had a tough situation that it was going to be hard for them to win. BUT I still think that our Boys in blue were great. GrandSlam by KEMP, great job. Yeah Pitching was what screwed us up. And oh yeah all the ball were flying to Pierre:( I was really rooting for him to do well. But he just doesn’t have the arm needed for an outfielder. We are still a strong team. And Loney sorry for the LOST on your birthday. I guess if they needed to loose a game I prefer them loosing to the Nationals than the Giants…so it is time to step up!

And oh Yeah…prayers go out to my fellas ITD bloggers from mid to norther California. TRU, NELLY, NSTATE and many more. You guys and girls will be hearing it from the Giants fans. Stay strong. This weekend should be very interesting.
I just hope that they have extra security at the games. I’m sure those Giants fans will come and will be taunting the Dodgers Fan. DODGERS FAN STAY STRONG AND DON’T LET THOSE GNATS FAN AGGRAVATE YOU!

Dodgers implode and worse yet we have to watch and listen to a commercial when we sign on to the Dodgers web site. What next rename the stadium? Bed Bath and Beyond stadium! No worse than Petco.
“Lets just put up billboards in Mannywood! God knows those tickets wont sell anyway”.
I’m astonished at the amount of billboards all over the stadium. It really used to look like a class place.

Sorry, to vent but I’m angry and dissapointed over the Manny thing as well. Imagine what could have been. I really thought we were going to blow minds this year and win 110 games this year. What could have been…

msrussyethier ~ I’m with you……………LET’S GO DODGERS………….LET’S KICK SOME GIANTS BUTT!!!!!

Just another thought – why doesn’t our medical team test for prohibited drugs as part of the medical exam before we sign a major contract with somebody?

My wife is NOT a baseball fan, but she blew my mind at breakfast this morning:
Astute Wife: “Isn’t Manny Ramirez the guy that took so long to sign with the Dodgers?”
Defensive Husband: “Yeah, but, you know, business is business…blah, blah…”
Astute Wife: “Could it be he was waiting until he completed a drug cycle?”

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!

Rose – thanks for the thoughts. We are doing pretty good up here so far. I was talking to my gnat fan custodian this morning and he admitted that even though he is a Giants fan, he hopes we do well as a team just so the young players can say they did it without a high-priced player. However, he did say only when the Giants aren’t playing the Dodgers, mind you. Also, you might want to add dodgereric to your list of nor-cal fans because he, his wife and son will be a temporary Nor-Cal fans for the weekend 🙂

messagebear – good question

Kahli – good observation by your wife

KAHLIFORNI – things that make you say MMMM????MMM???
Here is another MMM???MMM??
Well Wasn’t Andru Jones a power hitter then all of a sudden his is not..MMM??MMM??? He probably cleaned up during Dodger time. And if that is so…respect to Jones for staying clean and now he is playing without the help of some drug. But if that wasn’t the case than @#$@% Jones.
There should be random testing through the MLB several times a year, no warning just test.

Thanks NELLY – I thought ERIC was from up north but was not 100% sure. But yeah he will be added to the prayer book. HANG IN THERE ERIC.

I’m a little more POed this morning than I was yesterday. We all laughed at the “before” (Pittsburg) and “after” (SF) pictures of Bonds……but Manny’s early Cleveland pictures, compared to his Boston physique, are equally laughable. I still love Manny as a human being….his laughter…his child-like ways…but this affair is much more far-reaching than I wanted to admit. Yesterday, it was all about the Dodgers’ streak, their record, and the play-off implications. Today. it’s a gnawing realization that things will never be quite the same for this 2009 Dodger team, July 3 notwithstanding.

Winning streaks always have to come to an end, but it’s sad when you score 9 runs and still don’t win. The guys really came through on the offense and showed that they can score runs without Manny. The pitching gave reason for concern, though, and I credit the loss to Joe for the way he is handling the pitching. I have been concerned for some time about that. He is quick to pull the starters, and he brings in relievers like he has an inexhaustible supply. He has a history of overusing relievers, and he has left a wake of sore arms in his past. Just look at how many Dodger pitchers have been on the DL under him. If his tactics don’t change, I fear that Dodger pitching will be in real trouble before the season ends.

KAHLI it will not be the same, but it is up to the YOUNG ONES to make it better. They’ve got what it takes. It is up to them to clear the DODGERS name. It is up to them to proof that the 13 win streak at home is all good. It is up to them to proof that “THE DODGERS 2009” are the team to beat. It is up to them to keep the NLW title.

I think we showed last night that we can still hit the ball. The series with the Giants will be huge because they do have some pretty good pitching. If we do well against them, our road trip won’t be too much to worry about. I do feel sorry for the guys having to go to Philly with those nasty fans….they will be on their case the entire series and I hope they will rise above the name calling, etc. Our BP has to tighten up a lot or we won’t have a chance to use Brox.

I’m with you REDFOX…it is the pitching fault we lost yesterday.

TRU don’t forget that we will hear from our PHILLY PHAN from playoffs…(remember him). This should be interesting.

msrussyethier ~ I’m wondering why he didn’t come to ITD yestrerday.

Given all the publicity with Manny, I would really like to see Bud Selig’s head roll, and I mean right into the gutter where it belongs for a lot of reasons. He’s as responsible as anyone for the “roid situation and keeping the list of 104 or whatever suspects from the public. If the government under this new administration can remove bank CEO’s at will, they really ought to put some pressure (through antitrust regulations) on Selig to go and to clean up the druggy act, past and present.

Of course, I have to make the disclosure that I’ll never forgive Selig for approving Frank as an owner.

redfox, I share your disgust for the pitching…but as I said last night, I throw a lot of the blame on Wolf, not Joe. Wolf is a veteran….given a six-run lead…on a team whose bullpen is gassed…and he WON’T pitch to contact. Game after game he runs up his pitch counts (yeah, yeah, the Nats fouled off 27 pitches last night, but…) and burdens the pen. The guy has won ONE game on a team with the best record in baseball. I can forgive Kershaw, McDonald, Stults, even Billingsley, for running up pitch counts. They’re young, still learning. But not Wolf. Hell, I’d rather see Weaver out there any day, any time. At least he’s got a little fire and the nad to challenge people.

Well we knew that pitching was going to be a problem, the media knew that pitching was going to be a problem. Now management & coaches and our pitchers need to work to fix that problem and forget about the whole Manny thing and concentrate on pitching.

kahli, agree with your analysis vs. Wolf. The guy may be an innings eater, although not as many innings as one would expect from a veteran, but he’s clearly not a winner. 1-1 record with our overall record is unacceptable.

Some people need to know when to retire…WOLF it is time!

When you consider pitching, I think that Kuroda’s situation is somewhat scary. In a way it sounds like a typical Japanese problem, whereby he’s already thrown so many pitches in his career before the major leagues that his career may be getting worn out. Similar problem has occured with the Red Sox’ ace. Gives you something to think about before offering the big contract to a 10 year Japanes league veteran.

If Kuroda can come back strong in another month, it would be a good addition to the club; otherwise, all the more reason that we’ll need to find a mid-season starting pitcher addition.

Wolf is maddening because he DOES pitch well…but he always fins a way NOT to notch a W. Speaking of pitch counts, our heroes last night, after inning one, did NOT show patience, allowing Zimmermann to move quite nicely through the game. I think they were still in Manny shock, getting away from Joe’s hitting philosophy which got them baseball’s best record.

Well, we should be able to afford another pitcher now, although we’re not saving $7.7 million. Ramirez’ contract for this year is $10 million with $15 deferred, remember? He’ll be losing (and McCourt saving) $3.1 million.,0,363571,full.story

Now this is becoming a dead horse for me. Ben Sheets. If he signs after the free agent draft in early June, there won’t be any compensation for the signing team (losing draft picks). Of course it goes without saying that with Sheets there is the injury factor. I’m sure there will be workouts to attend to see if he’s recovered. There is a risk, but the upside is tremendous for anyone who signs him and he lasts the balance of the schedule.

Dodger talk, Dodger’s Fantasy Baseball hot picks, and insight found at Go Blue!

G. Schafe

I certainly agree with the interest in Sheets. On your other note concerning Manny, Ned was stupid if he didn’t pro-rate the pay reduction also against deferred salary for a non-performance/suspension type of event like we’re having now. The savings on Manny should have been much more than $3.1 million.

i think casey blakes quote completely summed up what attitude the dodgers and us dodger fans need to have.

“Like we’ve said before, are we better with him? Yes, we are. We are still very, very good without him. What are we going to do? Hang it up? Shut her down the rest of the year? No. We’re competitors, this is our job and we take it seriously. I’ve got faith in everyone in here. You have to overcome adversity in life and at work.”

well said by blake

so on the bright side,we got our ace bills going tonight and we have the chance to increase our lead in the division.i got faith in this team.and we got the lakers playing tonight.hope they win!

i think casey blakes quote completely summed up what attitude the dodgers and us dodger fans need to have.

“Like we’ve said before, are we better with him? Yes, we are. We are still very, very good without him. What are we going to do? Hang it up? Shut her down the rest of the year? No. We’re competitors, this is our job and we take it seriously. I’ve got faith in everyone in here. You have to overcome adversity in life and at work.”

well said by blake

so on the bright side,we got our ace bills going tonight and we have the chance to increase our lead in the division.i got faith in this team.and we got the lakers playing tonight.hope they win!

i think casey blakes quote completely summed up what attitude the dodgers and us dodger fans need to have.

“Like we’ve said before, are we better with him? Yes, we are. We are still very, very good without him. What are we going to do? Hang it up? Shut her down the rest of the year? No. We’re competitors, this is our job and we take it seriously. I’ve got faith in everyone in here. You have to overcome adversity in life and at work.”

well said by blake

so on the bright side,we got our ace bills going tonight and we have the chance to increase our lead in the division.i got faith in this team.and we got the lakers playing tonight.hope they win!

Well said BLAKE…

Hey all, just catching up on everyone’s comments. You want to know the way to shut up Giants fans? Destroy them this weekend WITHOUT MANNY! Let’s do it!!

I named my new post in my blog “The Sun Did Come out Today”. Not sure if you know that after a loss we hear “The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow.”
I am excited about the series with the Giants this weekend! Go Dodgers Go Billz!

Hi all, good luck Dodgers!!

Without going through the list of events that have kept me from going to a World Series game for the last 35 years, suffice it that a trip to Dodger Stadium for a World Series game has been one of the great dreams of my life. But I don’t want it this year, or any year when it is or will be tainted by cheaters. I’ve waited too long to go to a tainted World Series.
Thus I find myself in the bizarre position of hoping we don’t make the post-season this year or next year so long as Manny is on the team.
On the one hand, I would love to see the young guns play great for the next 50 Manny-less games; on the other hand, the better they play the more likely it is that the Dodgers first World Championship in more than 2 decades will be a fraud.
I’ve been through a lot of BS in my years as a fan: the Designated Hitter, the 1994 strike; the trade of Mike Piazza (who, we might as well admit, was probably a juicer too); the McGwire-Sosa homerun chase which any observant baseball fan knew at the time was the result of some funny business although we weren’t quite sure what the funny business was at the time; the idiocy of the Coliseum Commission and Mark Ridley-Thomas in particular in continually blocking every effort to put an NFL team anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area other than the Coliseum despite the repeated clear messages from the NFL that the league had no interest in South-Central L.A. and as a result the denial of the O’Malley family an NFL franchise; the resulting sale of the baseball Dodgers: which resulted in the sale of the Dodgers to Fox; which resulted in the above-mentioned trade of Piazza; the destruction of the “Game Over” memories by another juicer, Eric Gagne; interleague play; the blind eye of virtually every important figure in and around baseball to the obvious and prolific use of PEDs (thus making one of the biggest juicers ever, Jose Canseco, a strange hero); the desecration of the record book by Barry Bonds and so many others; and now the ruination for me for at least two years of a core of young players who I was in love with (and to tell you the truth about whom I now have to wonder if any among them is juiced); the complicity in the ongoing Steroid Era of the player’s union, the owners, management at all levels and of course the man most to blame for the destruction of major league baseball Bud Selig.
I can’t remember who the old-timer was that said that if the owners could ruin the game, they would have done it by now. I’m not so sure anymore.
I have said that I have been many things in my life, some of them at odds with one another: a soldier and a peacenik; a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian, and a Republican; an atheistic leaning agnostic, etc… but the one thing I have always been is a Dodgers fan. I know a few former huge baseball fans who have walked away from the game completely, and I always thought they were a little crazy for doing so, but right now I’m thinking of doing it myself.
Well, not exactly. Nobody can destroy baseball; they can only destroy the way it’s played by some people in some places. I might have to limit my baseball for some time to come to Little League (say 8 years and under, I don’t even trust beer league softball) and old versions of Strat-O-Matic.
Maybe you guys can talk me off the ledge. God knows I don’t want to jump, but Manny has just pushed me to the very brink.

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