Tour de Dodger Stadium

For you cycle enthusiasts, we’ve been hard at work coming up with interesting factoids about Orlando Hudson’s cycle, which came in his first game as a Dodger at Dodger Stadium.

It’s the first by a Dodger since May 7, 1970…a date etched in my head for years as we’ve had so many guys come close.

It’s just the second ever by a Dodger, joining Wes Parker, who had the one in 1970

It’s the first by a Dodger in a non extra-inning game since Gil Hodges in 1949

It’s the second ever in this stadium…only Jim Fregosi (when the Angels played here in 1964) had hit one in this ballpark

It’s the first in any Dodger game since the Phillies’ Gregg Jefferies on Aug. 25, 1995 (turns out, this is wrong. Our TV producer, Brad Zager, just pointed out that Cristian Guzman did it against us last night).

It’s just the ninth in franchise history…

And wouldn’t you know, with Jackie Robinson Day coming up on Wednesday, Jackie is one of the other eight…

Feel free to peruse one of the best sites on the web, for more info on cycles.


great win Dodgers

Thanks for the facts above…they are very interesting…keep them coming.

Well the MLB suffers another tragedy…sorry to hear that Mark “the Bird” Fidrych past away earlier today. Prayers go out to his family and God bless Mark.

Awesome game today. I knew we could score lots of runs and, what a great time to break out……..against the nasty Giants!!!!

Congratulations HUDSON! Hitting a cycle on OPENING DAY. It will sure make a memorable opening day for the Dodgers!

Congrats O-Dog!!!!

11 seems to be the new Dodgers Magic Number!…..Go dodgers….11 homeruns a game sounds good to me and only letting the other score only 3…2…1….LOVE IT!

Wow it was a sellout and alot more 57,099.

At this rate, we would have 4,625,019.

What a fantastic opening home game! Congratulations to Hudson on hitting for the cycle. It sucked to be at work and not be able to watch the game.

Damn 11-1 TB and Longoria is 0/2 urgh I really hate when one of my players not kicking the Yankees butt after the hot started he had but 1 run, 1 bb, 1 rbi and 2 k’s won’t cut it.

Wow they show the bird man pitches which I’ve seen him pitches. They said they got his nickname from Sesame Street.

I sensed DY would not be a Dodger this season. Being out of options, once he completes his rehab assignment at AAA he HAS to be brought up to the major league club. I was always a little suspect about the DL designatioin to begin with–a favorite “tactic” to buy time (unless the Players’ Association smells a rat). So it’s not really about Castro, and the 40th roster spot, as it is about the 25-man squad. DY was never in the picture as an infielder, so that means Pierre or the 12th pitcher was standing in his way. Like people said on the last thread, DY is a “tweener.” The Dodgers will catch lightning in a bottle if he clears waivers, though. But hey, Miller did. As for DeWitt, probably the right move. Let him play every day, though he’d probably disagree. I would, too, if I were him!

O~ Dog hits for the cycle, Billz dominates, Andre goes deep, Brox gets a day off, and Josh has first double post of the season…….Looks like we are fired up.
Way To Go Dodgers!!!!!!

Kahli, what’s up big guy?!!!! I’m with you. Good post. If we are giving up on DY because of PileOPhew, which I think is the biggest reason because no one wants Pile at any price, it is sad for us. I don’t know how long they have been considering letting DY go but I sure wish Ned was more proactive and he possibly could have used DY, Abreu, and a middling pitching prospect to unload Pile. I guess Pile is like a condo in Detroit, you just can’t get rid of it. Geez!!!!

Also, I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!!!!

What a sweet opening day!!!! Outstanding!!!!!©

I like Spits stat, that we are on pace to draw 4M in attendance. I think we have a great shot as people are excited about this team, mainly because Manny is here and the young players are maturing and fun to watch. Hey, Frank and Ned, with the extra attendance, concessions, parking, and most likely playoff revenue, you can afford to cut Pile loose. Don’t let the PileOPhew and his salary dictate our future or have any influence on it for the next 2 to 3 years. It may cost us now, but in the long run, keeping him around may turn out to be more costly.

Heck, we’ll be lucky to get $400,000.00 worth of production out of Pile anyway. Cut him loose and let some other team take him for the Major League minimum. We’d still come out ahead.

jhall is in the ITD house!!!!!!!! How are you doing this evening?

Kahli – Great post, and yes, I agree, it’s a sad day if that is the reason, and we all know it is.

Fabulous post by you too dodger4life!!! It was just a fabulous day at Dodger Stadium.

Hello, Jhall ~ I’d give anything to cut Yougnomewho loose! I don’t think the time and effort we hve to use just to appease him is beneficial to the team.

Anyway, I don’t want to sound like sour grapes. I’m very excited about the team and we have made some good progress for now and the future. And besides, the Phew grapes aren’t sour anymore, they’re rotten. I’m very optimistic about Billz, Kersh, Wolf, and Kuroda. I also think Stults is a better choice for the 5th spot when Kuroda comes back. MacD did very well coming out of the bullpen last year and it may be a great way for him to get big league experience for now.

Hey Nelly and Trumom!!!! Great game today, eh?!!! Hope you had a great Easter. I’m doing well Nelly, thanks. How about you?


BEAV!!!!!!!! How are you my brother?

That sure was a swell game the fellas played today.

It was a fantastic game. Easter was very nice. nelly made a fabulous brunch. How about you?

Gee Beav, it sure was swell. It’s really neat not having Jeffy Kantanymore and Nomore around stinking up the place. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very well my friend, thank you!

BTW, I discovered a new moon circling around Uranus this afternoon – Mab. Good thing Mom wasn’t around – she sure woulda been sore.

Super Trumom, thanks!!!!

LOL Beav!!! Do I need to go back to the game thread and check it out?

I am doing great Wally. I see Beav has come home as well. Good Evening enchanted, and yes, I do think O-Dog wanted to prove you wrong 🙂

Might be worth a quick look Wally. Just don’t show them to Mom.

Enchanted ~ i told her about the new moon! I was a little miffed myself!!

I heard about the new moon. Quite interesting and very disturbing because I hear it was talking crap about Andre, if I am not mistaken. Ethieraholics don’t like when people talk crap about Andre without stats to back it up. If you are going to talk crap about any Dodger, you better come to ITD with the stats to back it up.

I think he is one of our regulars who has a name change, Enchanted.

You know what I thought was the best part about today’s game – it appears that Marty may be starting to swing the bat again.

Nellyjune ~that’s okay, spit had your back!

I think Dre himself pretty well shut him up.

Hey badge I see you got tired of the main LA board you ****.

By spit111 on April 13, 2009 12:34 PM

LOL!!! Way to go Spit!!! Kind of funny that the new moon didn’t have much to say when we started smoking some G’Nat butt’!!!!!! That seems to be their MO. Truely pathetic people.

Dre sure did!!!! Of all games Nellyjune didn’t get to see! lol

I just finished watching it…..thank you very much. I was just reading the previous thread, and I guess Andre did shut badge up. Thank you Shad!!!!

BTW – great to see Redfox in the mix as well today.

Yep Nelly, Spit flushed the ****’!!! LOL!!!

**** = tu_rd!!!! In Spits original post and mine. LOL!!!!

Good evening ITD’ers!
1st & foremost I want to give my condolences to the Kalas & Fidrych families.
This has been a tough few days for the baseball family. They say it comes in 3’s so let’s hope that’s it for awhile.
My Brother got “The Birds” autograph years ago when he was in the minors.
Kalas was a classic & will be missed. I have XM radio as well as the Extra Innings package and while some of the announcers are annoying, it’s really fun to hear some of the great ones that are out there.

Hey Colly, good to see you and I want to echo your condolences. Very sad!!!

The Moon I think was Pierre’s Mom?
When I read the posts I thought we need Dre to hit a couple out.
Thanks Dre!

Hello there wally! Good to see, err type with you.

Darn shame Fidrych didn’t last long in baseball. He was something to see for a couple of years.

Thanks Colly, likewise as always!!! Hope you had a great Easter my friend.

Andre was more than Everyday Dre’ today. He was mister 2 HRs and being walked intentionally Dre’ today. That’s twice he’s been intentionally walked on top of the numerous times he has been pitched around. THAT does not happen to JP. Pitchers are glad to see him come to the plate.

Amen Nelly!!!!!!!!!! Well said!!!!!

What I miss? What I miss??

My customers think I’m like Denny’s – open 24 hours.

I think I could get JP out at the plate!

LOL Tru and Beav!!! I think you could definately throw the ball further Tru.

So because of Pile, does the same thing happen to Repko next year that happened to DY this?

I had a great Easter! Church, lunch with Wifey, watch a Dodger victory, a short hike to release a California King Snake that our neighbor cat brought us as a gift that we took care of for a few months, then teryaki chicken salad and watched the mobie The Babe.
I hope you had a great one as well Wally.
Hello Nelly!
Dre now has 2 more HR’s than Pierre will have by the end of this year.
I’m with you Enchanted about the whole Hudson in the #2 hole. I guess I’m just a dumb blogger!

I think Ned should come clean and admit to Frank that he is doing a better job now because he reads and heeds the ITD board opinions!!!! LOL!!!! Personally I would take most all of you as our GM before Ned.

Jhall ~ I really can! I’ve got a great arm!

I think it will enchanted if they don’t find a way to unload JP.

On another note – Andruw Jones went 2 for 3 today with a HR, 3 RBIs, 2BB, K, and his average is .625. I am still glad he’s not a Dodger, but maybe he found a good fit for him, so we just need to find a good fit for JP. I know, much easier said than done.

That sounds too cool Colly!!! I also had a nice Easter with the family. I wish we would have found a snake though!!! LMAO!!!!

Good evening dcollins. It sounds like you had a great Easter Sunday.

I will miss DY. I wish he could of been with the team as well.
I wish him luck unless it’s with another NL West team.
I’m watching the replay and Bills looked sharp today (I also listened live at work). The whole team looked really good in every phase.

Unfortunate, but probably true Beav!!! That is why eating Piles salary is really a bargain. Keeping him around because he makes a lot of money will have detrimental effects beyond the money.

You know Jones is going to have a great year.
Then next year Schmidt will go to the Red Sox & win 20!

I’m sorry. I forgot to say hello to you, Dcollins. HELLO!!

I’m sorry, but after that miserable SOB took Frank’s money and turned into the sorriest excuse for a ballplayer I ever saw, I was really hoping Andruw would fall flat on his face.

I’m afraid that all we can hope for is that some team gets real freaking desperate by June/July and takes PileOPhew!!!
I know, I know, I’m dreaming again.

I’m just really happy though with today’s game. One of my buddies gives me grief daily on FB and the last 4 days I’ve not heard a peep from him. Once again I don’t understand why they pop off so much. It’s not like they didn’t finish 4th last year!

Hello there Tru!

He will Beav!!! The good part is, if he does fairly well and gets a good contract after this year, I think it will come off of what we owe him. At least that’s the way I understood it with the restructuring. I’m not sure but I hope that is the case.

Good Evening ITD
What a game!!! I think it is one of the best games I have ever been to. The pregame show was outstanding. I think it was appropriate that the Navy was part of it after the heroic rescue of the hostage Captain of that ship. And when the stealth fighter flew over, you could hear a pin drop. They released 300 doves. Quite a show. Frank McCourt walked down the field in front of us and shook our hands. What else….this is Los Angeles.
It was exciting to watch O Dog make history. We knew it would happen. The Dodgers were charged. I was probably as excited watching Andre hit his two homeruns. Yaay Ethieroholics! And they even walked him. Hard to decide who to walk since the Dodgers offense is so strong. The pitching is outstanding. I admit I had been worried. No more. We have the team to win the World Series. GO DODGERS!

Interesting though. Big hitter. They start really testing and his stats rapidly go down to poor, then abysmal. Can’t hit a lick in the winter league, starts out the same in ST. Then magically he’s all of a sudden better. Hmmmm…

dcollins ~ I know what you mean about the Giant fans. I wear my Dodger stuff proudly and you should see the looks I get here in Gnat country!

Hey Russ!!! Thanks for the first hand comments on the game. Sounds awesome. Glad you were there!!!!

Hmmmmmmmm is right Beav!!! Either he finally pulled his head out of his huge a** or got back on the sauce!!!!!

Him and Super Chicken Wally!!

LMTO Beav!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey when Josh headed this thread “Tour de Dodger Stadium”, I thought you guys might be finally getting your ITD tour.

Yeah, sure, Enchanted!!!! We will get our tour when JP is traded!

I thought that too Beav!!!! LOL!!!! …and hmmm is right boys 🙂

heartruss – thanks for the updates today. I was working at a concession stand next to a gnat fan, and I was sooooo happy to spread my happy news during the game. I even saw one of my students who is one of my faithful dodger fans and told her about Andre’s 1st homerun.

I did too Beav!!! Dam’mit, Nelly and the rest of you great people here deserve a special private tour!!!!

Ha ha enchanted. I thought everyone went on the tour without me.

So do you Wally and Beav 🙂

Merci, Nelle’!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll only come if I get to meet Ned. He’s got some splainin’ to do.

Is it my imagination or is this blog working a little better tonight?

The blog has been much better all day, Enchanted. I think we ALL want to meet Ned!

yes, it does seem to be working better. Now, if I can just get my computer to stop kicking me off, I would be set.

Hey everyone! Great game today. I wish I could have seen it. I’ll have to go back and read what was said about Andre, but good thing Shad had his back. I was so stoked about his 2 homeruns and happy for Hudson’s hitting for the cycle too.

bluecrewgirl – you and me both, you and me both. I finished watching the game about an hour ago. He even had the last out of the game. That kind of day is definitely what he needed, and he was intentionally walked too. Even the fly ball in the 7th was a great AB (a high pinch count).

I just went back and read it. Does sound like some of the trolls from last season. I feel bad about DY. I wish him luck whereever he ends up.

I am sure that’s not the last we will see of our trolls.

I, too, will miss DY. Good Luck DY!!!!!

I’m bummed I can’t watch the hightlights of the game. I used to be able to and in the last 6 months or so, I can’t watch any of the mlb video hightlights. I have uninstalled flash and reinstalled it about 20 times and I still can’t watch them. I need to get a new laptop because it’s getting annoying.

It took about 10 times for me to try and it finally connected to the archived game. I was having issues with anyway so I thought maybe it was that.

I keep getting kicked off every time I post. I’d better hit the hay. Goodnight Nelly. Talk to you later.

“I’m sorry, but after that miserable SOB took Frank’s money and turned into the sorriest excuse for a ballplayer I ever saw, I was really hoping Andruw would fall flat on his face.

By enchantedsunset on April 13, 2009 8:34 PM”

I agree, except that I’m not sorry at all.

A nice little article on our Vin:,0,5194741.story

I hope someone is putting that “Best of Vin Scully” DVD together……….


Dag Junie, I thought I was gonna catch the kids tonight! I guess they went to bed!

That is a great story dodgereric!!

I just got off the phone with my friend/colleague who is the A’s/Braves fan. Her cousin just had surgery this past Friday in SanFrancisco, and had a liver, lung, and kidney transplant (she has systic fibrosis – sp?), and only 3 surgeries have been done like this. Anyhow, the organs came from an 22 year old athlete in southern California who died about a week ago. They can’t release the name of the donor yet, but because her and I know baseball so well, it may have very well been Adenhart (or one of the other passengers). Her cousin is up and walking already. Amazing if it turns out to be him.

Good late evening ITD boys and girls!
Well, my first official day as a Federal employee started today! Interesting. I’ll be training for the rest of the week. Hey, gotta love what the Dodgers did today! Too bad I wasn’t there at the game to see it in person or at least at home to see it on TV. Oh well. Congrats to everyone on the team, but congrats to the O-Dawg for hitting for the cycle today! Heck, all of the starters got a hit! What were y’all talking about moons again earlier? Did we have some more “friends” around here?

I know I’m going to be in the minority here, but actually, I’m glad that they sent DeWitt back to AAA, because I did not want him languishing on the big club’s bench. He’s way too talented and way too young to have him sitting and not being in the game. Actually, I would’ve rather they started DeWitt in AAA to start the season, but one week in, that’s fine. I would’ve been concerned about Castro on the big club if our offensive woes persisted. But the last few games have been better, and yesterday and today have been MUCH better. I’m not concerned about DeWitt staying in the minors for long.

So how are my ITD friends tonight?

You just missed them Ward Dear. They weren’t causing too much trouble tonight.

Hey CP!!!!

Wow!!!! That’s great CP!!!!!!!

My Nellygirl!
Wow, what you said about your friend’s cousin? Very well could be Adenhart. Very heartwarming story indeed.

Thx Nelly! Yeah, I was on briefly late last week and I mentioned it. But I think I did so at the end of a thread and when a new thread came on, I didn’t repost about my job. In case you don’t know, I’m working temporarily for the US Census Bureau. Today started my training. I’ll be “address canvassing.” A lot of paperwork today, but later in the week, we’ll go out on the streets in teams.

That is great CP!!! I must not have caught you saying that earlier.

We had a moon earlier picking on Mr. 2 HR, intentionally walked, Ethier today, and Shad was all over him. He tried to compare Andre with Pierre, and you know how well that goes over around here.

bluecrewgirl – I was having the same problem when Wally,Beav and company were on. I just now saw your post. Good night!!!!

Wow Nelly. Someone picking on Dre? Wouldn’t you think that people, no, KNOWLEDGABLE people would see Andre for the beast he is and stop? And he tried to compare Andre with Pierre? Oh, plllleeease… It’s good that Shad set him straight…

CP– I’m glad you got a job! I didn’t realize you had. That is awesome! Congrats.
That is awesome about your friends cousin Nelly. A neat story to a sad situation.

I know Andre has a long way to go before becoming like some of the greats who are at the top of their game right now….(Sizemore comes to mind), but comparing him to JP even on an Andre bad hitting day is pointless because all you have to point to are their arms.

Thx dc! Now, I just have to work on a more permanent job. But this’ll do for now!

Nelly, yeah, Andre does still have work to do but first of all, I have no doubt that he will pull thru. And comparing him to JP, that is just, plain insulting…

Hey dcollins!!! That will be some story if it’s confirmed the donor was from Adenhart or one of his friends.

….but isn’t that the appeal of Andre, really? He is the ultimate underdog that I am just aching for him to prove everybody wrong, and so far he has done just that. I have no doubts he will do it again this season.

Well, it’s good talking with y’all, but I am a working girl again, so I’ve gotta hit the sack… Catch up with y’all later…

Good night CP!!! I am glad you are part of the working force once again. Take care and God Bless 🙂

Cya CP. Take care!
Yesterday I ordered a ticket to the Dodger Giant game here in SF. I’m excited as it’s the same seat I sat in last week which was a great seat. I got 10 autographs on the Dodger Home Plate I bought, but most of the guys were in San Diego and there wasn’t any BP so many of the guys didn’t come out until later than normal.
So I’m looking forward to filling up my plate!! & not just with hot dogs!!!
I’m going to post some photos that I took. One nice one of Pierre!
On another note before that game I spoke with DeWitt and asked him if he knew if he was staying up or going to AAA and he wasn’t sure at the time. I thought he had been told he was going down because a few minutes before I talked with him, he was sitting by himself on the bench for a few minutes sitting quietly and looking serious.
I told him that he had to know that if he was sent down it wasn’t because his lack of ability but that they wanted him to not get rusty and that if he was we at ITD would be hoping and looking forward to his return. I also told him that I & a friend of mine call him DeMitt and he started laughing.
I will miss him with the big club but from his responses at that time, I think he knows that he is a player in their future plans.

I don’t know if anybody noticed, but when I was watching the archived version of the game. When Andre hit his HRs and O-Dog his, not once did you see JP up congratulating them. Not only that, on one of Andre’s, when the cameras followed Andre while walking around the dugout after his HR, you could see JP sitting in his corner. It’s just sad.

dc – that’s great you got to talk to DeWitt. That is also very good about your seats for the next game at AT&T. That will be awesome.

Whoa, actually fell asleep there! Lemme catch up before I hit the sack.

Nelly, that is one heck of a story if it turns out the way it looks right now. Not everyone can do such a thing, but it would be consistent with the kind of person Adenhart appeared to be.

cp, I’ll add my congrats to you for landing that gig – temp or not. It HAS to make you feel good!

As for that fool that came on earlier, pay him no mind. Talking about him is exactly what he wants. But I have to admit I was L-ing My A** Off at Shad’s Slam! Way to go, Shad!!

I think I’ve had enough of death in baseball for a while. Let’s say ‘enough’ please! I never listened to Kalas, but the way everyone is talking about him, his was not a life wasted, was it? I was familiar with The Bird, however. Especially with my Dad being a big Tiger fan. What a unique character! It was a shame he burned out so soon, but while he burned, he burned brightly! RIP Harry Kalas and Mark Fidrych.

It was fun talking with him. I had a couple of good short conversations.
Lindblom was another guy who seemed real nice. I told him I was excited to see him for years to come in a Dodger uniform and he was pretty appreciative.
He had signed for a few people there and was walking away when I was saying that and he stopped and turned around and gave me a thanks. He was really sincere. Often guys just walk away when you’re talking with them but you could tell he was sincere and enjoying himself.

Good night and get some sleep Dodgereric!!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow with Chris. Take Care and God Bless to you and your family 🙂

Hello there Eric. I just watched Dre go deep on the Giants replay!! T bad they don’t show the high 5’s after as I would of liked to see the pouting…

That is very impressive dcollins. I am glad you got to have a conversation with Lindbolm.

dodgereric – I was proud of Shad that he acted on the behalf of us Ethieraholics. So cool !!

Yup Shad represented us Ethieraholics well! I was at work and wanted to say something but couldn’t & then thought to myself Dre will take care of it. He’s due. Well Dre came thru as did Shad.
I really want to pop off on my friends FB page but I’m being good:)!

dcollins – like many times with these games between the Dodgers and the Giants, I just let the scoreboard speak for itself. I usually don’t have to say a word.

This is true Nelly. Then they win one and they keep talking for days. I don’t get it. I would keep my yapper shut.

Like I have said, Dodger fans live to see another Championship, and Giants fans live to see them beat the Dodgers.

That’s not good dcollins about the incident at Dodger Stadium. Not good at all 😦

dcollins – notice how I said “usually” – LOL!!!

dcollins – good night. I am going to bed. I have a busy day of shopping with my girlfriends (one being the one in the story tonight) in Sacramento, and then we are leaving for So-Cal Wednesday morning. Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Josh I really think that if the McCourts want to make a difference in the community they need to start at home. In Chaves Ravine. In Dodger Stadium. In Dodgertown.
This needs to be stopped ASAP! They need to do everthing they can to shut these thugs down that are causing fans to not want to go to games.
Up here in San Francisco tonight I heard a LA AM radio station (KFI?) talk show host talking about this and he was saying a year or so ago he decided that he wouldn’t go to or take his family to Dodger games unless it was a Sunday or a day game. He said from what happened today he isn’t sure he will even go to a game anymore, whether it was a day game or not.
The good fans need to be the ones taking over the stadium, not the thugs that threaten to beat up or possibly threaten the life of someone.
I think security HAS to be tightened and at the 1st sign of trouble the offenders booted out. When there is swearing and unruly behavior they are shown the door, their names & DL or ID #’s taken down and inputed into a data base. Then if there is another incident with them that year they are blacklisted for purchasing tickets and informed that they will be arrested for trespassing. Then if there is another incident with them they are arrested for trespassing.
This will slowly get the riff raff out of the stadium and let the well behaved fans go and enjoy the games.
It is really an issue and I’m going to seriously start to do what I can to help.
I don’t know what but something has to happen…

Good for you dcollins. Can you start Thursday because we are going to that game? Okay – now I am going to bed – good night 🙂

Take care and have a great trip Nelly!
One more article…

I’m sorry it just really gets me hacked off. Baseball should be fun and not be worried that your going to get stuck by some punk that is drunk and should of been kicked out 5 innings before.

Here is a letter I just sent to the LA Times…
I really think that if the McCourts want to make a difference in the community they need to start at home. In Chaves Ravine. In Dodger Stadium. In Dodgertown.
These idiots need to be stopped ASAP! They need to do everything they can to shut these thugs down that are causing fans to not want to go to games.
Up here in San Francisco tonight I heard a LA AM radio station (KFI?) talk show host talking about this and he was saying a year or so ago he decided that he wouldn’t go to or take his family to Dodger games unless it was a Sunday or a day game. He said from what happened today he isn’t sure he will even go to a game anymore, whether it was a day game or not.
I had a horrible experience last year with my Wife and she doesn’t ever want to go back. I was in all Dodger Blue including my face painted blue (Yes I’m a face painter… I was trying to get some spirit for the team I love.).
The good fans need to be the ones taking over the stadium, not the thugs that threaten to beat up or possibly threaten the life of someone.
I go to Dodger games here in San Francisco wearing my Blue and never feel they way I felt at that game last year.
I think security HAS to be tightened and at the 1st sign of trouble the offenders booted out.
The game I was at last year many of the fighters or punks that were trying start fights were swearing or giving the other team or fans the finger and of course had 5 + of their friends ready to join in.
Here is an idea… When there is swearing and unruly behavior they are shown the door, their names & DL or ID #’s taken down and inputed into a data base. Then if there is another incident with them that year they are blacklisted for purchasing tickets and informed that they will be arrested for trespassing. Then if there is another incident with them they are arrested for trespassing. It’s baseball. 3 strikes & you’re out!!!
This will slowly weed the riff raff out of the stadium and let the well behaved fans go and enjoy the games.
Maybe this would work and maybe it wouldn’t but there needs to be some action that is taken and it needs to be swift and affective or the McCourts will of failed the Dodgers their fans and the city of LA.
Sorry to go off on this, but it has gotten under my skin and I have to do something.
Sorry Josh. I know you are the PR guy but I had to send a letter. I really want to help in some way bring a change to the new Dodgertown.
Baseball games were meant to be a happy fun place to go…

Every teams wanted to know why we leave so early for the game and not stay there until the last out

I really hate leaving game early but it’s always a great time when Gagne came out in the 9th to shut it down. You just have to stay there no matter what.

Good morning ITDland ~ I’m still feeling the effect of the great win yesterday. Too bad there isn’t a game today.
Shad ~ I don’t know if you read the posts from last night but, everyone is thanking you for taking care of yesterday’s trouble maker. Great job putting him in his place!

Yeah I just got to it just now and you’re welcome. He’s back on the main board. Wow the Yankees must been despite for pitching guess who pitcher for them and also had a homerun in the game. You rarely seen a position player go to the mound. Who’s was that person that ask can Pierre pitches?

Damn alot of errors there but that’s ok never like taken english in high school and I just got up.

Wow look at this errors that Dave Brown wrote 1 hours ago, but did he even bother looking at the team we just played?;_ylt=AlgNXxE0PQTZFtqM8VxF904RvLYF?urn=mlb,155472

Feelin Rundown (non-Yankees bashing from Monday):

Dodgers 11, D-backs 1: Not since Greg Brady mentor Wes Parker did it 39 seasons ago has a Dodgers player hit for the cycle. What a way for Orlando Hudson to introduce Chavez Ravine fans to himself after languishing on the free-agent market for most of the off-season. After working over the Big Unit to start, Hudson completed the cycle against reliever Brandon Medders in the coolest way possible: with a triple. After he slid into third, he pointed skyward.

“My man, Mr. Jackie Robinson, took care of me,” Hudson said, “It’s a heck of a day. I didn’t know I had the cycle going on.”

Hey, it’s Jackie Robinson day tomorrow.

I would never had guess to see NY and Boston at the bottom of that list and the Orioles in 2nd places in the 1st week.

AL East Standings
W L Pct GB
Toronto 6 2 .750 —
Baltimore 5 2 .714 0.5
Tampa Bay 4 3 .571 1.5
NY Yankees 3 4 .429 2.5
Boston 2 5 .286 3.5

Also Seattle and the Royals being in first place also.

dcollins – fabulous letter, and I for one am going to be at the game this Thursday with my family,who as you know 2 and a half of them are Giants fans. I say 2 and a half because my daughter is working her way over to the good side. As much as they drive me crazy being gnat fans, I would never want something to happen to them because of the team they have stuck with since, forever, and not to mention I do love them. We are also going with dodgereric, Chris and Matt, and Eric said he will protect my husband and son from the not so good Dodger fans. I am sure Matt would do the same. Not that my husband needs protecting (he’s 6’4″ and 275 lbs.), but just being a gnat fan at Dodger Stadium makes you vulnerable no matter size you are. I am pretty sure Eric was joking when he said it, but there may be some truth to it after what you went through. We should be able to go to a game and enjoy it without even having to think about there being a chance you can be sitting next to a fan that has either had too much to drink, or was just born to cause trouble at the first sign of things not going their way. I have sat where you and your wife were before, and you are right, our own fans were so very cruel to the outfielders (and with small children around us as well) that I felt embarrassed for their behavior.

Anyhow, fabulous letter, and we will definitely need to catch up at a Dodgers/Giants game at AT&T. Maybe all of us Nor-Cal Dodger fans can meet at a game sometime, and the So-Cal gang can meet us as well. We may not like the gnats, but their city is a pretty cool place to spend a weekend in.

This is why we don’t say anything negative about certain players even when they have bad days. This is why there is a difference between wearing the name across your jersey and not worried about the name on the back. Andre continues to show how much of a class act he is in every aspect of the game, both on and off the field. Yes, I know he has his moments of frustration, but I like seeing that in him. It means he cares about winning and getting it done for his team.

Yesterday, Andre made sure that Billz’ performance didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

I mean, Dodgers right fielder Andre Ethier hit two home runs, and when someone teasingly suggested that he was upstaged by their brand new second baseman Orlando Hudson — who, oh by the way was the first Dodger to hit for the cycle in 39 years — he offered a correction.

“I don’t even think the cycle was the marquee thing,” Ethier said. “It was the way Chad (Billingsley) pitched. He matched (Giants starter Randy Johnson) early, then he just accelerated.”

I can’t wait just 2 more days until Barker comes back to the the price is right anyone going to watch it? it’s going to look weird for him to come back after 2 years absent.

damn typo

I just watch the grocery game 15 min ago and he went over on the 1st item and I just love how you can bid $1 dollar in the showcase showdown.

I can’t believe that person won with that bid and the other person went over and he’s showcase was alot of Cavs stuff.


sadness.. no game today.. does anyone else think that MLB scheduling this year is crazy? what’s with off days in the middle of series.. and what’s with all the 2 game series? the rockies and cubs played yesterday.. they’re off today.. then they play tomorrow.. and that’s it.. really?? they need a break in between 2 games?? how maddening..

It was explained somewhere that they did it this way in case of inclement weather so they would have an extra day to have Opening Day Celebrations if needed.

Hi Nelly. How ya doin’ today?

Oh my check this out anyone still remember this game on opening day?

but of course it was the dread Giants.

JWe still had Bradley, Philips and Nakamura.

and also Drew lol

oops mean I mean We

Sparkleplenty – I am doing great!!!

Inclement weather? I can see that for colorado, but does Smokin’ Bud Selig (henceforth “reefered” to as “Smokin’ Bud”) really expect snowstorms in Los Angeles, the place where it hasn’t rained a month on gamedays over the past 5 decades?!!

Oh well, I guess after a Opening Day like yesterday, maybe everyone (including fans) needs a day off to soak it in (and I wonder if Joe told certain OFers that they’d get a start on Tuesday >:) ). Now THAT was a vicious cycle. And like Ashford and Simpson, Bills was Solid as a Rock. And Scully throwing out the first pitch to the former Chicken Catcher Torre, wow. Hopefully I can make another Opening Day again one day… of course now with all the “Buy a package before you can get Opening Day tickets” stuff going on, that probably won’t be an option to this former Opening Day frequenter now holed up in the North State.

But Kudos to the McCourts anyways for knowing how to put on a show! Hopefully they’ll get poorer shelling out for 50 some-odd rings someday soon.

okay.. i maybe get that dnelly.. but this is colorado’s schedule this week:

cubs.. day off.. cubs.. day off.. then dodgers for three..

it’s still just bizzare to me

New thread…

Question. You say its the second ever by a Dodger, with the other being the 1970 cycle by Parker, then you say its the first by a Dodger in a non-extra innings game since Hodges in 1949. Don’t those 2 statements contradict each other. If Hodges hit one in ’49 then doesn’t that make Hudson’s at least the 3rd, if not more?

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