Happy Home Opener…

So much going on, it’s going to be a great one here today. But, there’s probably too much going on to write much so here’s the lineup…hope you’re coming out here today or at least watching on PRIME TICKET or MLB.com.

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Kemp, CF

Blake, 3B

Billingsley, P

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Juan Castro – good grief. DeWitt may need ABs, but that move severely weakens our bench to two slap hitters, a can’t use catcher, Monkeywhiskers and Loretta. Haven’t heard officially, but if its DY that get’s the boot (who happened to be out #1 PH last year), good for him. Maybe now he’ll get a real chance with some other club that’ll appreciate him.

Enchanted ~ don’t you think if JP was making the same salary as Blake DeWitt, he would have been sent down to the minors?

I also read on the ESPN rumor mill that DY is being looked at while rehabbing. They also said we shouldn’t expect anything to get overly excited about, in return. Another good move on our part!

amen, enchanted.

I’m still pissed that Kemp had to sit yesterday to accommodate or shop Pierre – and it better be the latter!!!

Juan Castro stinks and to dump DY just to make room on the 40 for Castro is a joke. Our best PH last season dumped for someone who can’t hit to save his life – and I don’t believe Castro’s spring numbers will translate unless he’s on HGH now.

Scott ~ we are all pissed that Matt had to sit!

I’m just thankful that Pierre is not getting his two starts in a row. Just imagine if he were starting in the home opener in place of Ethier or (gasp) Manny…

Crash ~ I think you would have a riot on your hands! lol

Crash – I don’t want him to start a home game at all. I am going to the game on Thursday, and really don’t want to see his sorry *** in the outfield. I will be so pissed if he is playing. They all have tomorrow off so there shouldn’t be any reason for it, but Joe never needs a reason, does he?

Right, Crash. Don’t think that it Ethier is safe from a Pierre spot start. The fit would really hit the shan if Manny were to sit for Pierre, lol.

Any idea why Martin is still batting 5th?

Crash ~ you are forgetting Joe is our manager!

To beat Randy Johnson will be great. I am hoping for Manny to get his first HR today, and another, and another all over these ants. I understand why there is JP bashing going on, but really it could be worse, he plays a decent game, helps with the bat and carries his attitude as positive, although he got placed in a situation he has no control over. He wants to play. Lets go Dodgers. Start this homestand up right.

Tru – Thank you. That does explain quite a bit.

Pierre is a terrible OF – possibly the worst in all of baseball based on real data.

Hi everyone. Hoping for a memorable opening day performance from the team in a winning effort.
I’d rather have Manny being Manny than Joe being Joe . . .

I can’t believe the Puds are in first place. Take it to the Gnats and let’s climb back up to first.

Koufax ~ welcome to ITD. I do have to disagree with you on your assessment of Juan. He is a lousy OF, as Crash says, and as far as I can see, not much of a team player. He complains way too much about not getting playing time, instead of knowing that the players out there on the field have the best chance of winning.

Let’s be honest if JP was making the same salary as Dewitt I would doubt Ned would even bother signing him.

I wasn’t far of im my assessment yesterday – JP may have cost them 1 run in the OF because of his weak arm. Only reason it wasn’t the two I predicted was because Wolf had the good sense to throw a two-hitter.

No way DY is a hometown boy and was born in LA so he really needs to stay with us and I hate to say this but can we trade Abreu instead?

Juan Castro is the only player Ned had available that could make JP look good with a bat in his hands.

Castro lifetime:
.228 / .268 / .331

I mean good gawd, Castro can’t even slug what JP has for an OBP.

I hope Ned takes note of this before next season…

WTF he just wanted to move into 2nd places on the Indians list

Enchanted ~ it kind of makes you miss Sweeney, doesn’t it? LOL

Not yet Tru, but it may.

Wow that suck for the Philies fan before the game.

‘Real’ stats say:

Pierre .400…ethier .208

: )

Pierre 1 home run in his last 29 at bats – ethier 0 homeruns in his last 118 at bats.

: )

Pierre rocks!

ethier is the worst OF’r in MLB…just the facts.

: )

At least Sweeney was a good guy, Enchanted. Wouldn’t it be nice to have XPaul as an option off the bench?

Hey badge I see you got tired of the main LA board you ****.

Wow they bleep the word t urd

Must be written in the stars – moons are colliding…

‘Tis the season!


any word on the 40-man move? i hope it’s not just dumping DY, although i have a feeling it is.. can’t they just put schmidt on the 60-day DL? we all know he not coming back to pitch 😦

it’s always been sad for delwyn here.. because he’s good enough to have actual trade value, but not good enough to play significant time here.. he’s just a tweener which makes it difficult..

The answer is: DY, Joe Torre, and Ned
The question: Name a tweener, a leaner, and a wiener


haha enchanted.. that question is TOO easy 🙂

Good thing Matt got his rest yesterday, so that he can continue hitting on a tear today!


The journey ‘e’ is now batting Mario Mendoza – .200 – with no home runs in his last 119 at bats!

heh heh heh

: )

Odog with a homerun and to think he was 0/5 against Randy.

If we can beat Peavy, we can beat Johnson.

Calculated risk I guess with DY since anyone claiming him would have to keep him on their 25 man roster.

However, just another victim of JP’s immovable contract.

sadness.. but good for DY.. i hope he gets actual playing time somewhere.. he deserves it..

i’m surprised they couldn’t get anything in a trade for him and that they’d have to just DFA him..


Maybe we should had rest Martin again. Ausman owned Randy 3/8 with 2 doubles and familar with him when they wera both teammate with the Astros, Martin is only 1/5 with a 2 run shots.


I guess badge would shut up for now


I bet there can Sara but I don’t think they wanted to trade him just yet.


wow.. o-dogg is locked in!

make ’em pay Loney!

Bye bye Randy.

Oh man another hit for the Odog he totally owned Johnson today after going in 0/5 in his career and it look like Randy gets his 1st loss against LA at Dodgers stadium if we don’t blow this lead.

good rally guys

The Captain joins the party.

lol at some Giants fan on their main board praying for rain lol.

interesting entry on tony jackson’s blog.. i’ll paste it here for those of you who don’t want to go to his blog to read it:

My colleague Jill Painter got some one-on-one time with Frank this morning. Among other things, she asked him about Ned’s contract status and whether there is an extension in the offing. Ned is in the final season of a four-year deal, but there is a mutual option for next year. Anyway, Frank had little to say on the matter, but depending on how you interpret this, he MIGHT be saying Ned’s job depends on the team winning the division in 2009. In all honesty, that probably ISN’T what he is saying, but I could definitely see how these comments might be read that way. It is woth nothing that the Dodgers have made the playoffs in two of Colletti’s first three seasons and last year won a playoff series for the first time in 20 years.

Anyway, this is what Frank told Jill:

“Those are conversations I’ll have with Ned. Those are going to be private conversations. What I can say is that Ned’s doing a fabulous job, and we’re going to set out this year to win that division title again. That’s what we need to do, and try to win a world championship. That’s the promise we’ve made to our fans. The first step is winning
the division title again, which would be the first time, I believe, in 31 years that the Dodgers have won back-to-back division titles.
We’re definitely on the right track, and I give Ned a large amount of
credit for that.”

(When does he want to decide on Ned’s contract?)
“Those are private matters. I’ve learned in my five years of doing this that there are certain types of conversations you talk about and other topics that you really need to stay as a private conversation. Otherwise, it’s a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t. I just don’t want it to get to that. Those conversations will be private. People
will know when it’s relevant. We’ll communicate that.”

aww rally over.. but andre had a battle before getting out.. interesting that two of the outs in the inning were long at-bats.. russell led off the inning with a 10 pitch at-bat before striking out.. and then andre ended it with a 9 pitch at-bat..

Wow another ex pitchers died

AP report: Former pitcher Mark Fidrych has been found dead under a pickup truck at his home.

Damn Lidge messing up my good pitching performance by Bills so far in my fantasy baseball league.

My condolences to the Fidrych family. Beyond his incredible talent, The Bird really added entertainment value to the game of baseball.

I truly enjoyed watching The Bird pitch. I too, want to send my condolences to the Fidrych family.

Adding my condolences and prayers for the Fidrych family.

Congrats to the O Dog!

Congratulations to the O-Dog for hitting for the cycle! What a way to get started at Dodger Stadium!

Yeah, O Dog!!!

J-A-M-E-S !!!!!!!

Yes, James!!! This has been a FUN game, hasn’t it? Can’t beat up on the Gnats too much in my opinion.

The more runs, the better!!!!

Damn I would never had thought Odog would get that cycle still would been fun if Ethier had one last year. Congratulation to Odog for getting the last cycle that Parker had 39 yrs ago.

DY is another classic example of Dodger mismanagement of promising young talent. Although he clearly deserved a chance to play everyday, he was never given that opportunity due to inept management decisions. I wish him well. He deserves to go where he is appreciated. And, as has been a pattern under Ned’s reign, the Dodgers will once again not get equal value back for the young talent they give away. When is somebody in management going to be held accountable for the myriad of poor decisions that have been made??

Now you guys save some runs for Kershaw and Stults.

Keep on ibb are guy Bochy make them pay Kemp.

Sigh terrible ab’s there.

I hate having bases loaded with 1 out and can’t even get a sac fly.

Martin leaving runners on 2nd and 3rd with no out.

Damn very dissapointment we got 1 lousy run out of that.

With Loney’s hit every starter got a hit today, even Billz. Congrats to the O-Dog for the cycle, awesome first game at Dodger stadium as one of the good guys. This is what our offense was made to do, everyone is contributing all over the place and Chad is pitching a gem. GO DODGERS!!

10 K’s for Chad!! GO DODGERS!!

Make that 11 !

for back to back days our offense has looked up to it’s billing.. and the pitching has been better than expected.. things are looking good for the blue crew!

not saying i didn’t expect bills to dominate.. but i was definitely pleasantly surprised by wolf and stults in arizona

Damn Damn Damn Pierre is in which is was Paul there.

I’d rather have Loney in left, even with the risk of injury! 🙂

Why is there a NY/TB games at 7:08? That’s a weird for them to started and it not even a the Blue Jay at their normal 7:07. I’d rather have Casey at LF and Loretta at 3rd.

Since Casey hasn’t played LF in his career move him to the only position he have alot of experience which is RF and put Ethier in LF.

btw, i’m pretty sure Matty Kemp has a base hit in every game so far this season.. even though Joe tried to kill his hitting streak by sitting him for Pierre yesterday.. Matt came in late in the game and kept the streak going.. another fun thing to keep an eye on 🙂

Sigh need to proofread that again I mean’t to say. That’s a weird time for them to started and it’s not even a Blue Jay game scheduled at their normal time at 7:07.

Ethier 3 runs homerun and his 2nd homeruns of the day.

Poor Pierre won’t get to hit now.

whoah.. weird look infield =P

Holy crap

To bad they didn’t have Ausmus at 3rd and he does have some experience there Loretta 2nd.

I guess maybe the key is for me NOT to watch the games. FABULOUS GAME DODGERS!!!! I will watch the replay when it gets archived, but I heard O-Dog hit for cycle and my guy, Andre, had two homeruns on the day – just fabulous!!!!!

I wish they would change Ohman, Odog, Loretta and some other picture that I’ve missed they have their old team. They really fast with Amusus and Mota.


nelly, you’ll enjoy it when you get around to watching it.. offensive production is always fun

Congratulation to our team for giving Randy his 1st Dodgers Stadium loss and I knew he was so due.

Congratulation to our team for giving Randy his 1st Dodgers Stadium loss and I knew he was so due.

So I guess Hudson didn’t like me talking smack about him batting second…

I was watching the gnats postgame show, and they had nothing but great things to say about Billingsly pitching today. They called him Beastingly 🙂

Thanks sara!!! I look forward to watching it.

New thread!

Opening day at the stadium was outstanding. from the ceremonies, I thought the players coming through the stands was cool! The game was awesome! Witnessing O-dawg’s cycle was great, but to me seeing how well Billingsley threw and how well Ethier is swinging the bat was most impressive.

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