Series finale

It wasn’t nine scoreless, but Stults came up big last night…and the offense went off for the first time this season. Here’s hoping there are a lot more of those days to come and that Randy Wolf can do the same on the hill.

If you’re coming to tomorrow’s game, please be sure to come out early. Auto gates and turnstiles open at 10:40 (two and a half hours before first pitch) to help try and alleviate traffic issues. As you can imagine, whenever there’s a packed house on a day game, just about everyone drives themselves from the office and we get close to, if not more than, 20,000 cars on site. Plenty to keep you busy in the morning, from batting practice, to shagging home run balls in center field, to Autograph Alley, to pregame ceremonies. I promise you won’t be bored and it’ll help the flow in and out of the stadium. 

Here’s the lineup today in AZ:

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Blake, 3B

Pierre, CF

Wolf, P

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Wow, what power throughout the lineup. Joe, you’re a genius!

Wow, what power throughout the lineup. Joe, you’re a genius!

Hello everyone, Happy Easter!!!
It is also Happy Flight Night 🙂
Go Get Em…….Wolf and Boy’s!!!!!
Go Dodgers!!!!
Bring The Ring To L.A. In 2009!!!

I got new threaded…

In honor of JPs first start of 2009. To Helen Reddy’s Delta Dawn:

Hey there Juan, where’s the talent you had gone?
Could it be it faded way in days gone by?
And did I hear Joe say,
he’d be aplayin’you ‘gin today?
So he wouldn’t have to hear another why-hine.
He’s 31 and they’re treatin’ him like a baby.
All the folks round D-Town think Joe’s crazy.
Cuz he sits down in the dugout and just pouts.
Waitin’ him for a chance to make his out.
In his younger days they called him speedster Juan.
Fastest runner you’ve ever laid eyes on.
Then a man named Ned Colletti got him signed.
44 mil sittin’ him on the pine.
Hey there Juan, what’s that fragrance you have on?
Could it be a little Phew from days gone by?
And did I hear you say,
You should be playin’ you ev’ry day,
and not sit disenchanted on the pine?
Yo there Juan, with that useless noodle arm
could it be your whole career has passed you by?
And don’t all bloggers say,
we don’t like watchin’ you run and play?
Can’t wait for the day you waive bye-bye-hi
Hey there Juan… (to fade)

Hey There Juan
480 and Counting
©NedCo Broken Records 2009

Fire the guy who signed JP;
Fire the guy who hired the guy who signed JP;
oh, well!

repost 🙂

enchanted – I don’t know if I should say I am very impressed with that song seeing how if he wasn’t playing, you wouldn’t have had to post it.

You never disappoint enchanted 🙂 Fabulous song for what it’s worth. Does Eric know how many of the over 500 songs are about JP and/or the players affected by him? It’s got to be over half perhaps 🙂 LMAO!!! You need to send JP a copy.

Amen to that messagebear 🙂

Thanks Josh! I plan on being there very early. Only wish we had the trolley to aleviate the traffic. Hate to get caught in the afternoon traffic on my way home but taking the regular MTA bus will also make it so long and such a hike up. Oh well, I’ll drive.
I am not liking that come June I will have to pay separate and more money for my monthly Metrolink pass and for the Metro bus. In the past there was an agreement between these two How do they want us to continue to use public transportation. enough ranting. Is Time for Dodger Baseball!

Want to wish everyone a very blessed Resurrection Sunday.

I get an internal service error and then have to close the page and reload it to get back in. Come on MLB, get this fixed. I’m tired of this.
Good to see juan in there today. NOT
What’s it take to trade this guy. How can you have a power hitter like Kemp riding the bench.

This management team is unbeliveable.

Wow I never would had thought Torre had the ball to bat Pierre 8th.

Wow I never would had thought Torre had the balls to bat Pierre 8th.

It could have been worse. Torre could have put JP in lead-off and moved everyone down. After all, he loves speed at the top of the line-up, right?

I bet that was Torre was thinking are bat him 2nd and move Hudson to 8th.

hmmmmmmmm if they so it would be Furcal Pierre Kemp than Manny hahahaa.

“I hope Juan Pierre’s mother enjoys the Easter present I gave her today” -Joe Torre, Brain Fart Thought Bubble

Great AB by Andre. That could finish Haren’s day an inning sooner.

Atta boy Juan.

BTW, somebody check Blakes eyesight – that’s 11 freakin’ Ks in 21ABs.

So, now that I finally got back on…..would Matt have prevented that run? Vin said it himself…..the dbacks will score easily because Pierre DOESN’T have an arm.

Great AB by Andre 🙂

In my mind Blake was an unnecessary signing, if we were getting Hudson and already had the other Blake.

So , did that run count? They showing the score 1 to 1

So , did that run count? They showing the score 1 to 1

So , did that run count? They showing the score 1 to 1

So , did that run count? They showing the score 1 to 1. How would the run score. the ball was hit to haren and ethier was off third base. Wouldn’t he have to go back.

This stupid blog. I’m missing something here. If Pierre was out, wouldn’t Ethier have to have went back to third with no outs. How could he score when it was a line drive to haren

So , did that run count? They showing the score 1 to 1

never mind, they just explained it.

never mind, they just explained it.

Holy **** I’m watching the Angels/Boston game and Ortiz try to steal a base.

That run did count – cool!!! Good job Andre….even a better AB now 🙂

Time to put Marty batting 8th. Here Haren’s laboring, pitch count near 70 in three innings, and Marty’s swinging at the second pitch. I don’t know what his problem is right now, but he shouldn’t be hitting 5th that’s for sure.

Way to go James though.

Oh Oh Pierre that wasn’t good.

If it wasn’t for the rightie/ leftie alternation, you would think that Martin would be moved down in the order, but Blake is hitting even worse right now, so that probably keeps Martin up higher in the order. It may be too early, but I’m getting concerned about his makeup as well. Last year was a major deterioration in his defensive skills, especially throwing out men on the bases – we can’t take much more diminished batting skills, or he’ll be just another good cather that doesn’t hit much. At least there’s hope for Ellis continuing development.

Agree, enchanted…I know hindsight is 20/20 but Russell is not a #5 hitter…now Kemp is!

Oh Oh Pierre that wasn’t good.

Hudson and Ferk aren’t exactly setting the table for Manny either. Granted that Haren’s one of the better pitchers in the league, but other than last night’s game, Joe’s basic line-up is scoring 3.6 runs a game.

I agree Messagebear and don’t forget all the k’s that Blake have so far but he’s still leading the team with homerun.

I’m thinking back to last season when Blake had a slow start, and he may even be a notoriously career slow season starter, so you probably have to give him some time. Frankly if he hasn’t done much better by the end of the month, I’d switch to the other Blake and see what that gives us.

I’m thinking part of Blake’s slow start is having to bat 8th most of the time. You can’t put a power hitter in that position and expect him to produce.

Contact would be nice though…

It’s took him 3 months last year to get his average to .289 and obp around .350+.;_ylt=AjM8YuMw3okXhQnAsTlSFoCFCLcF?year=2008

One thing you gotta give Juan – he’s consistant.

It’s took him 3 months last year to get his average to .289 and obp around .350+.;_ylt=AjM8YuMw3okXhQnAsTlSFoCFCLcF?year=2008

Dang they need to get these board fixed soon.

This stuff from MLB just is not working out this year. I’d like to listen to the audio and watch gameday, but I can’t seem to to accomplish both this year. I’d rather hear the Dodger station as well, but I’m getting the D-backs instead. It’s also been hard to log-on to inside the Dodgers. Just not up to par this year.

Man I am glad he is out of the game! yougnomewho that is 🙂

Don’t you find it ironic that our “defensive” replacement has to be replaced for defensive purposes? If that by itself isn’t telling that he’s truely worthless when the game is on the line, nothing is.

Hi All,

Lucky hit for Lopez….Come on Dodger’s…We can win this game

How are all of you doing

Way to go, Russ. That’s the way to get out of the slump – go the opposite way, man.

Hi All,

Lucky hit for Lopez….Come on Dodger’s…We can win this game

How are all of you doing

Nah, who needs Kemp in there…

..and why did JP start this game?

What does Jonathan say???

Fu Q y’all

Randy pitched a heck of a game – just what we needed against Haren. Great win, Team!!!


Agreed bear.

And Fu Q y’all at MBL as well for not being able to operate this blog site!

lol messagebear

Now THAT was PIYP funny bear!!!

“…But as the teams changed sides, plate umpire Larry Vanover walked over to third-base umpire Charlie Reliford, apparently to discuss the play, which Dodgers bench coach BOB SCHAEFER pointed out to manager Joe Torre, who went out to appeal.”

Shouldn’t our HOF manager have caught that himself?

Then again, he’d have to be awake and interested first.

That was very good messagebear – LOL!!!!

Our outfielders today…

Manny being Manny (really can’t help being walked constantly, but that obviously proves he’s a threat)

Andre – all ABs were great (took alot of pitches), walked and scored a run (even though a fluke play)

Juan being Juan – Juan for 3 with two being ground balls , and there would have at least been an attempt at the plate if Matt were out in Centerfield when the dbacks scored their first run.

Matt – an RBI double and a fabulous catch.

Once again – why did JP start?

It only took me 5 minutes to sign in once again, after I’m already logged on……….it will probably take another 5 minutes for this post to appear. I want to congratulate the Dodgers on a great game. And I agrre with all of you who say Yougnomewho has no business ever starting a game!

Good evening ITD boys and girls!
Wow! I actually am able to sign on!
*** Note to MLB: FIX THE BLOGS!!! ***
Okay, there. Great game today by Wolf and the boys today! Happy Easter to those who celebrate!!!

I can see with all of the MLB problems that there’s not much traffic here, but if anyone is out there right now, I’d love to talk!

CP – my post takes about 5 minutes to post everytime I post. This mlblog problem is just agonizing to say the least.

Good Evening CP!!!! Great game by our boys!!!!!!

Whoever is in charge of the captions in the photo gallery. Andre eat pumpkin seeds, not sunflower seeds. Just thought I’d let you know. It’s part of an Ethieraholic’s and team mom’s job 🙂

Case in point CP – the 7:53 post was submitted after the 7:55 post, but they posted in reverse order – ugghhh!!! This is worse than the time warp issue. The time warp we were still able to have fun with. This problem just plain sucks!!!!

This problem has gone on way too long. I think several people have emailed mlb, but apparently it hasn’t done much good.


I just visited several “most visited” MLBlog sites to see if everyone is having the same problems and I couldn’t tell. Not one site I went on had as many as one single post.

Junie, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is about the Torre/Pierre relationship that is so familiar to me. You hit it on the last thread. It’s the piss-poor manager’s son in Little League that plays only because he’s the manager’s son. That’s exactly it. I’m thinking that, if Pierre was a shortstop and playing for Baltimore and Torre was the manager there, Lou Gehrig’s record would still be standing. Vin said that Pierre is giving Matt Kemp “a well-deserved day off”. Yeah, six games in a row is one hell of a grind.

You guys are all so damned smart. Enchanted, bear, nelly, jungar – reading your posts is making my neck hurt from nodding up and down so much. I’m watching my recording of today’s game as I’m typing this and if Kemp is in center, no way does that first inning run score for the Dbacks. The actual throw that Pierre made was an embarrassment to Major League Baseball.

Sadly, I may have to disagree with my good friend, enchantedsunset. That our defensive replacement got replaced for defensive purposes is not irony as much as it is tragic/comedy. But maybe it has elements of all of them. Adding to the comedic element is that bunt of his. That was an excellent example of a sacrifice bunt, only no one was on at the time.

So far, I haven’t seen or heard a good explanation of how we scored our first run. So I’ll give it a guess. A run can’t score if the last out is a force-out. If Ortiz steps on second, Ethier’s run wouldn’t have counted. But he tagged Pierre, that’s no forceout.

Now it’s back to DodgerLyrics to count the JP songs………

I am so excited for tomorrow!! I am going to get up early, play my Nancy Bea cd, fix breakfast then get ready to head to the stadium. Tickets are ready, clothes ready, camera charged, phone is charging,
I am excited for Opening Day!
I am excited for Jackie Robinson day on Wednesday
I am excited that I got invited to the Bluetopia movie!
I am excited I get to see all boys tomorrow and all my friends!
I am just so excited and thankful!
Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!!

Very well said, Dodgereric. I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been said.

Good Evening Dodgereric/Ward Dear!!! That flyball was mid- centerfield. If Matt is out there he’s at least going to attempt to gun him down, but Vin said it for all of us…..Pierre doesn’t have the arm to do that – for crying out loud!! I saw a gun down in highschool ball the other day from the same location. It’s just sad that we as fans have to endure this. Like enchanted said earlier, we shouldn’t even be having these discussions.

As far as the blog – I tried to do a post on Andre’s Birthday over on his blog, and it did the same thing. However, I didn’t seem to have a problem doing an entry on my own blog.

I posted something, but it got lost in blog cyberspace somewhere 🙂

‘Evening, tru! How you been?

I just looked up Casey Blakes career splits, since we haven’t watched him for an entire season.

March/April .239
May .260
June .304
July .274
August .275
Sept/Oct .234

Can Pierre play third? Blake looks like he runs out of gas.

Now it’s back to DodgerLyrics to count more JP songs………

I’m fine, Dodgereric. I hope you had a pleasant Easter Sunday with your family. I can’t believe the ego JP must have to think he deserves to play! It’s just like the little league parent who thinks their child should be playing when they really know he sucks!

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

I have to see this every time, so I figure MLBlogs might want to see it too.

I just tried to post a comment on dishguy’s/didthedodgers blog and the same thing is happening so it’s not just ITD.

Stop counting!!!! You will be counting forever!!!! LOL!!!

Interesting stats on Casey, and no he can’t play 3rd, but I know you know that 🙂

We all had a good time, thanks. How was your Easter?

One big difference in the Little League/Pierre scenario is that frequently the kid knows he doesn’t deserve to play and is embarrassed.

Not so with Pierre.

Well, he should be embarrased!

I am missing another comment….the one that should have showed up before my 10:22 post.

I’ll bet we offered some team to take him off our hands, even picking up the majority of his salary and they ALL turned us down. NOBODY WANTS HIM!!!! AND WE ARE STUCK!!!!!

Break up the Padres…

I had some major red pen action on a post that got lost somewhere once again. Just know, I realize it and I will try to fix it sometime….but maybe not 🙂

The fact that he can’t throw the ball from mid-centerfield to anywhere in the infield is just completely ridiculous because I watch highschool sophmores do it at least twice a week. The frustrates me more than he batting because today’s game could have easily been a 1 run game (win or lose), and that run would have meant something.

another flip flop in my posts. My 10:34 and 10:39 posts should be reversed 🙂

Granted, it’s not my money. However, is the object to win? If the answer is yes, release Pierre and call up Paul. That would give us a genuine defense replacement/pinch hitter who has at least 4 of the 5 tools instead of a one-tool guy and the payroll only increases by whatever the MLB minimum is (300K?).

I’d go for that in a heartbeat, dodgereric!

I am going to post digthedodgers/dishguy’s blog information only because once a week he is planning on doing an entry on the minor league clubs. It will be very interesting to see how our outfielders, who are currently being blocked, will do this season.

dodgereric – Easter was great!! Too much food as always 🙂

No kidding, kahli! LOL! Who’d of thunk it?

I’m having a blast watching a replay of the ’80 playoff game between the Lakers and the Sixers – the one that won the Championship without Kareem. I’d forgotten what real basketball was. I’d also forgotten Mark Landsberger! LOL!! Hard to imagine they added James Worthy to this team.

Well, I have pouty family members here because the gnats are in last place………..not what the gnats expected either.

Emotion aside, only five NL teams have better records than the Dodgers. Torre wants to keep everyone fresh…that’s why Juan got a start. Kemp in the 5 hole, the only Dodger to hit safely in every game this year. Dodgers are going to be really good if the starters stay healthy.
Hudson (I’m starting to like him there)
Martin (Russell better at #8 than Blake…more patience, speed)

Emotion aside, only five NL teams have better records than the Dodgers. Torre wants to keep everyone fresh…that’s why Juan got a start. Kemp in the 5 hole, the only Dodger to hit safely in every game this year. Dodgers are going to be really good if the starters stay healthy.
Hudson (I’m starting to like him there)
Martin (Russell better at #8 than Blake…more patience, speed)

This blog IS pretty low rent…double post out of nowhere.

Kahli, I love you man. But resting a 24-year-old outfielder after only 6 games when he is the only one on the team who has hit safely in every game is overmanaging at the best and idiotic at the worst. IMO, of course.

Kahli – I sort of understand the need (or wanting) to play JP, but as a fan who can only go to so many games per season, I do not want to see him out there on the rare occasion I get to see a game live and in person. It happened back in August when Manny made his debut as a Dodger. JP was batting leadoff at the time still. Andruw was hurt so Andre was benched the entire series because Joe couldn’t part with JP batting lead off. With a day off Tuesday, there is no need to give Andre or Matt a day off, and it better not happen.

sorry – it was Andruw who was playing, not JP, but the same feelings for him at the time. He had no business taking the place of Andre or Matt.

Well, good night all. It’s back to double-secret probation for me.

Good night and may God Bless you, one and all!

Good night dodgereric – Take care and God Bless to you and your family 🙂

NAVY WINS !!!!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!

NAVY WINS !!!!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!
BRING THE RING TO L.A. IN 2009!!!!!!


GO U.S.A……….. 🙂


GO U.S.A……….. 🙂

BRING THE RING TO L.A.IN 2009>>>>> :))))))

Pierre haters of the world. Don’t sell good old Juan Pierre short. His addled base running help tie the game, with the D-Backs second baseman lulled into sheer idiocy as Juan wandered far and wide from the bag on a quick liner back to the box. Juan remembers long ago…a distant voice…”Let the line drive clear.”



Check my latest blog and vote for VIn Scully!

Good morning ITDland ~ Here’s wishing a great game today against the Giants! GO, DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a beautiful day for a ballgame!!
Is time for Dodger Baseball!
Vin Scully will throwing out the ceremonial first pitch!!
We Love you VIN!

Vote for vin at

Per Tony Jackson:
“He will have his contract purchased from Triple-A Albuquerque in the morning. No word on the corresponding roster move. I do have a pretty good idea of what it will be, but I’m also fairly sure the player who is going down hasn’t been told yet, so out of respect for that, I’m going to hold off on speculating. But I’m sure you can figure it out. As for clearing a 40-man spot, I’m guessing Delwyn Young has been traded for a sack of balls, probably to Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Philly, all of whom were scouting him on his rehab assignment. But again, that’s only a guess, and it’s also possible he will be DFA’d if no deal was reached.

I think is DeWitt 😦 but he does need playing time. Good luck Delwyn.

Good morning I have not signed on in a week or so…not that I have not tried…It has been too annoying to post…

Some thoughts

* O Dog is better than I remember and his personality is awesome…Welcome to LA!!!
* Pitching has been better than we may have thought, a good sign. Bellasario has been awesome and all of pitches move…keep throwing strikes..great signing thus far..that is the type of signing Ned needs to make and not 35 year old has beens….
* Bills and Kershaw need to start commanding their pitches..we cannot have 5 inning outings all year from them, we do not have the depth in the pen to do that..
* Broxton and Kuo, if they stay healthy, may be the most dominating 8th and 9th BP combo since Rivera/Wetteland in the 90s. Broxton has been lights out so far.
* Stults should act like every start he just got called up, because he is Cy Young in his 1st start. I am rooting for him, not just because he is a Dodger, but he has put the time in and he has been thru alot this year.
* Dewitt is just a very good ballplayer, he will not overwhelm you with any one tool, but he understands how to play the game…
* This is the most patient Dodger batting line up I have ever seen. The bats will come around! Russell, relax and let it come to you.
* Ethan Martin was (listened on radio) incredible in his 1st start…a great young arm, I believe Nathan Eovaldi will be pitching today for the Loons and he has as good as if not better arm than Martin..
* Chris Withrow the 1st pick from 07 who has rarely pitched in 2 years with injuries, threw 5 hitless innings in Inland Empire and struck out 6. Good sign, he hit 98 in his last outing in 07 in a GCL playoff game..Stay healthy.
* Lindlblom, was equally impressive in his debut..5 IP 1 run and struck out 6…3 quality arms to look forward to.
* Tony Delmonico, converting to catcher at Great Lakes, opened the season in grand fashion, he went 3-4 with 2 HR and a triple and 4 RBI…the kid can hit if they can find a position for him.
* Preston Mattingly is still struggling to make contact 2-12 with 6 ks…In my opinion, he lacks the confidence in himself to make it. I hope I am wrong.
* Andy Laroche was overhyped and will not be a successful major leaguer…
* Not alot of talent on our AAA team…kind of scary if we have injuries. Most of the ML talent is in the lower minors.

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