He's baaack

Quite a day here at Camelback Ranch. Not only do we have Team Korea from the WBC on hand (and dozens of Korean media members following their every move), but Manny’s first game is today, so lots of national media as well. It’s getting us ready for the craziness that will ensue at Dodger Stadium during the semis and finals of the WBC March 21, 22, and 23.

Keeping things interesting today, the lineup is pretty much what we’d be in an AL park…

Furcal, SS

Hudson, 2B

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

Pierre, LF

Wolf, P

That’s all I have time to post for today. Hope you’ll make it out or tune into the live webcast on dodgers.com

UPDATE: Manny is scratched from the lineup with tightness in his left hamstring. He’ll likely play tomorrow and said he could have played today, but Joe Torre wanted to play it safe.

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Thanks Josh I am assuming Manny is the DH.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Josh!!!! Love that lineup!!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!!

Thanks for the new thread, Josh. Great lineup……I’m assuming that Manny is the DH and JP is the left fielder. Unless we need two players in left at the same time.

LOL Nellyjune ~ we were thinking the same thing!

Sorry, Dodger4life, it’s you and me who were thinking the same.

I think that was Enchanted cue????
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Pierre there to catch and Manny to throw?

LMTO, Fliegel!!!!!

“I worked out a lot in Florida, but you have to get used to wearing spikes again,” said Manny Ramirez. “I have to get my running legs in shape.” (Jon SooHoo/Dodgers)
With JP riding piggyback in LF his legs will be ready in no time…
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodger4life ~ Sooooo true!!!!!


J. Martin is back also…..Glad to see him in the blue again 🙂
Wolf is the starter…..Go get em Wolf..:-)
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the regular season starts, this is going to be one heck of a lineup on a daily basis. Other than situating for Joe’s lefty/righty issue, there are so many different combinations that all look great!! …..and if yougnomewho would just accept his role as a late inning replacement who comes off the bench, then that’s not so bad either. I would prefer X. Paul, but I could live with JP if that’s how Joe wants it.

Thanks for the new thread Josh! It was getting very slow.
From my last post on prior thread.
good morning ITD!
Yesterday it was so cold while I waited for the bus, this morning Spring is in the air! I love it!
Like Mark said on MLblogs “Everyone check out the Manny Being Manny sign on Emma’s!”
I made #34 in the latest leader’s list! I will write a dedication to Fernando! He brings back so many good memories of Fernandomania. I did not miss one game back in 1981!

Congratulation’s Emma..:-)
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello again, Im back!!! Good articles today on Manny’s workouts and Hudsons injury. The extent of his wrist injury is a little worrisome, but hopefully the great Dodger in the sky will help us out.

I like Manny’s approach to the Papelbon article calling him a cancer, “it is in the past, I am here now” Good for you Manny do not get drawn into it. I understand why the Red Sox may feel that way and I do not condone what Manny did to get out, but HE IS A DODGER NOW LEAVE HIM ALONE. I was surprised to hear he and Ortiz do not speak..hopefully they will make up because friends and family are all we really have.

Sign Pedro, he will be a very good number 5 and can show the young guys and maybe help Bills becoming a number 1.

I would love to have Pedro Martinez back!

Wow Papelbon.

NEW YORK (AP)—Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon compared former teammate Manny Ramirez to cancer, saying Boston made the right decision when it traded the slugging left fielder to the Los Angeles Dodgers last summer.

“He was on a different train! And you saw what happened with that. We got rid of him, and we moved on without him,” Papelbon was quoted in the April issue of Esquire. The story was posted on the magazine’s Web site Thursday.

“So Manny was tough for us,” Papelbon added. “You have somebody like him, you know at any point in the ballgame, he can dictate the outcome of the game. And for him not to be on the same page as the rest of the team was a killer, man! It just takes one guy to bring an entire team down, and that’s exactly what was happening.”

“Once we saw that, we weren’t afraid to get rid of him. It’s like cancer. That’s what he was. Cancer. He had to go. It sucked, but that was the only scenario that was going to work. That was it for us. And after, you could feel it in the air in the clubhouse. We got Jason Bay—Johnny Ballgame, plays the game right, plays through broken knees, runs out every ground ball—and it was like a breath of fresh air, man! Awesome! No question.”

Ramirez was sent to Los Angeles on Aug. 31 as part of a three-team trade in which Boston received Bay from Pittsburgh. Ramirez became a free agent after the season, then agreed last week to a $45 million, two-year deal with the Dodgers.

NP Nelly I knew you had computer problem and see the comment you left me 2 days ago.

He should thanks Manny for all the help and giving them 2 WS championships after some 83 years old drought.

Damn how in the hell she bid 40,000 on the showcase showdown? I was praying that she didn’t go over.

2 moves the Dodgers NEED to do…

Bring back Pedro and bring back Beimel.

Good morning ITD boys and girls!
So, did I read that I could see today’s game for free online? Someone, please let me know!!! Also, I’m thrilled that Pedro is on Ned’s radar!!! Ned!!! Make this happen!!!

So how are my ITD friends today???

CP ~ yes the game is online FREE!! Dodgers.com.

Thx Tru! I’ll be back to check it out!

You are welcome, CP. Have a great day!

Okay, I saw the “Watch live as Manny makes exhibition debut” link. But when I clicked on it, it showed the MLB package that you have to pay for. Am I supposed to wait until the game actually starts and then I’ll see the game without having to pay for it? Or is there another way that I’m supposed to see the game? I don’t know.

I’m still going back to dodgers.com to look for something else, but Tru (or anyone), please enlighten me!

Our defense should be very good with two left fielders. 😉


Well, I’ve got some stuff to do. I’ll try and see if I can watch or listen to the game later. I’ll catch up with y’all later…

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!

CP – Once the game is about to start, there should be a link on the homepage under the top news story. There are two different ones….one for mlb.com and the other one I believe says “podcast” or something to that effect. Once the game starts, we will get you there if it’s like it was last time 🙂


I would like to say Thank you to the Dodgers organization for all the free webcast. It has been a real treat 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bing the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manny is out with tight hammy. Nothing serious says Tony Jackson. Also, Dodgers interest in Pedro is really not that much as his price tag is too high.

Better safe than sorry with Manny. Glad to see the J. Man back in the Lineup.

Hopefully we’ll educate Korea on how we do business at the Ravine. Though don’t be surprised if you see some bat-flipping or arm-raising during the game, that’s just how the Koreans roll. Though it didn’t do them any favors in the last WBC, heheh.

I don’t know how everyone else is doing but I don’t have anything on the screen, It looks like everyday it’s something else. I think I’ll start over again.

I can’t get it either, JoePierre

I’m back, missed the first two batters.

How did you get it?

Tru, I had to click on the “Watch Live” link twice. The first time, it had a pop-up ad, the second time, it finally loaded the player.

Back to work for me.

Korea has five guys named “Lee” in the starting lineup.. doesn’t that get confusing?

Wolf is looking pretty good so far.

Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shut it off and put it back on Trublue

Spanner, probably a lot of Kim’s too. Very common in Korea.

Up here where I live, there’s a large Sikh (from India) population, and the men mostly have the middle name Singh. My girlfriend was in a math class with two guys with the same first and last name… then when the teacher asked for their middle names for clarification, it became even more confusing, heheheheh. Not sure how they clarified that.

Anyone ever see that episode of Spongebob where he has to write the book report and can’t get past the first word? That’s kinda where I’m at with my midterm, heheh. Back to work.

Imagine 5 guys named Lee and 2 named Park.

Thanks, JoePierre. I finally got it!!!

Thanks, JoePierre. I finally got it!!!


To bad that one of those Park is not named Chan Ho. I never thought I would see no Chan Ho on that team.

Thanks, JoePierre!

A typical game for Wolf, Tough start first 2 guy single a walk and the he settled down.


Tough spring so far for Troncoso.

Just in the short time I saw Troncoso pitch this past inning, he didn’t look all that good. To me, it seems like Troncoso needs more time in AAA, huh?

..tough is right 🙂

….I don’t know about yougnomewho being the best 4th outfielder in baseball. I would like to see X. Paul get that spot.

Yougnomewho just took a walk. The announcer (not Steve Lyons, but the other one doing the play-by-play) said that “injuries happen” and to have Juan Pierre as the 4th outfielder. Juan would be a “great” 4th outfielder. Yeah, right, sure.

…you and me both CP!!!

Just so he’s the 4th outfielder and doesn’t play…….it’s okay.

On second thought, I’d rather have X-Paul or Repko.


…..uuggghhhh!! strikeout 😦


JP would be a wonderful 4th outfielder on another team IMHO.

Nelly – We DID say that we are an awful a lot alike, didn’t we!!! 🙂

Hey diggie! It’s been a long time!!! As long as yougnomewho isn’t a Dodger, that’s fine with me. I’d take Repko or the X Man as our 4th outfielder anyday!!!

Hi CP! Yes, it has been a while.
Yes, I agree, Repko or Paul would be an awesome upgrade.

Nice thinking diggie!!!!

Thank you.

But as much as we don’t want yougnomewho on our team, I still think that he will anyway. I still don’t see how ANY team would take on his contract for the type of play that he’d give them…

He’s not what one could consider a bargain basement item.

Come on Dodgers!!! Let’s get those bats swinging!!! Oh, er, I mean, swinging and hitting!!! 🙂

These Korean pitchers have been impressive so far – but I’m sure the guys will figure them out and produce a few runs.

And there goes Psycho Lyons and his “tinkle-guy” talk…

All Right DeWitt!!!

Yeah Blakey!!! DeWitty!!!

That was a great job of base running by Hu!!!

Come on Repko!!!

Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go…
Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go…
Let’s go Dodgers, let’s go…

Nice play by “Minty Fresh”

These announcers makes me appreciate Vinny even more!

Yes, you’re right Tru! Vinny is the best!!!

CP ~ These guys have no life in their voices……dull, dull, dull!

Ain’t THAT the truth – I’m falling asleep at the computer!

Me too!!!!!!!!!!! No entusiasm!!!!!!!!

Come on Blake!!! Let’s do it again!!!

Ahhh, nuts! That was too far out of the strike zone…


Way to go Hu!!! His hit even woke up the announcers!!!!


Hey CP – GMTA here . . . .

Okay, you got me diggie. GMTA???

Great minds think alike


Even I might have a hard time getting excited about calling a meaningless ST game when one of the teams has players named either Park or Lee while the other team has players with numbers in the 70’s and 80’s.

Gotta check out now – going out to dinner. See you all soon!

Ah, got it now diggie!!!

Well, I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with y’all later..

Charlie Haeger has the perfect name for a knuckle baller.

What was the name, JoePierre?

Glad to see we won, especially against a team of the best Korea has to offer. Chuckle if you want, but that’s the same program that beat Cuba in the Olympics, and Cuba always has their best players (that haven’t defected yet). That’s gotta boost their spirits a little, especially the guys numbered in the 70’s.

I just read the article on the homepage about Russell and his bout to remain tabacco free.
Stay strong Russell…….You can kick this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is nice to have you back in DodgerBlue, GO DODGERS!!!!!

Memo to Red Sox players and “Red Sox Nation”: What happened in Boston regarding Manny is in the past. Stop whining like spurned lovers and move on… as I said in the last thread, I’d rather pay Pedro now and get him for a full season rather than pay dearly in prospects at the July trading deadline for someone we’ll get 2-3 months of use. I wouldn’t mind having Beimel back but he’s pricing himself out of the market.

Seesky ~ I’m with you on the fact that the Red Sox can’t seem to let go. Even Manny says the past is the past and he’s in LA now……..that’s good for us!!!!

tru– fortunately for us, it was time for Manny to leave Boston. People forget that the Sox tried to trade Manny, at least, a couple of times over the years before we traded for him. I could see why having fans waiting on your doorstep at 3AM could unsettle a private person like Manny. We make the mistake sometimes of assuming that money is the only issue in player moves. It may be only one factor of an overall tipping point.

Seesky ~ I think they are P.O. because he left them. And, you are right, they did try to trade him. I mean, some of the players speaking up against him, like Papplebon (not sure of the spelling), weren’t even frontline players at the time.

tru– a lot of factors went into this tipping point. Sure, Manny wanted another big payday but there was a lot of bad history between Manny and Red Sox management that can’t help but stick way down on both sides. You’re right in the respect that there are players like Papelbon and Schilling who weren’t around throughout this whole timeline and they’re reacting only to what they saw personally: the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bottom line, it was time for Manny to go and, yes, it was very good for us!!!!

Seesky ~ all great points. I can’t wait for the season to start and watch our powerful lineup hit. Hopefully, the pitching will shape up before the season starts. And, I still think we will get another pitcher.

Yeah, tru, assuming everybody stays reasonably healthy, this lineup will score runs. We’ve got Manny and Blake for a full year, a healthy Furcal (knock on wood), Hudson, and our young gun veterans are a year older. Our bench is stronger than this time last year. The starting pitching, with the exception of the 5th spot candidates, has looked good. The bullpen worries me. Broxton sometimes is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates. Wade and Kuo aren’t totally healthy and the rest are prospects and suspects. Hopefully, this sorts itself out in the last 2 weeks of ST. Beimel could help but he’s not going to get 2.5 mill from us or anybody else. He must have a helluva summer job lined up. For reasons stated above, I don’t have a problem paying Pedro 5 or 6 mill.

Seesky ~ I think Pedro would be an asset to the team. Even though, Ned is saying his asking price is too high, he’s still interested. So, maybe something can be worked out.

I hope so, tru. It’s too big a gamble, IMO, to wait until July to get someone who can fill that 5th spot. You gamble that nobody runs away from the pack in the NL West and the guy you want doesn’t cost you too much in prospects and salary.

I think it is a big gamble to wait, also, Seesky. I know they are looking for pitching now. It’s just who they can get and hopefully, it is for cash and not players. (Well, I can think of one player) lol

I still believe that a deal involving JuanP will be made sometime and, hopefully, sooner rather than later. This situation won’t go on for another 3 years. As the Cow situation illustrates, nobody is unmoveable.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!! When I left the game this afternoon it was tied 2-2, and it was good to see the Dodgers pull it out, exhibition game or not.

Well, trublu was telling the truth. I know have a Dodger Team Gnome, and it is stationed on my piano just has dodgereric suggested. However, I am not sure how long it will last there considering I do live with gnat fans. There is a reason all my Dodger things are in my classroom…….to save them from any gnat torture they might have to endure.

red pen – “just as” not “just has”

Good Evening seesky!!!! When I saw this off-season how they were able to unload Andruw, I thought anything is possible, and the fact that JP wants to be with a new team maybe will push the issue even more.

Good evening, nelly!!! Tru and I have been lobbing posts over the net for awhile waiting to see if the other kids can come out and play.

Where are the other kids? They haven’t been home all day 🙂

Knowing ITD neighborhood kids, they’re probably in detention!!! LOL!!!!!

THAT is very possible seesky!! They were pretty rowdy last time they were all on here together so you definitely have a point.

Torre said Ramirez “thrived” when moved from fourth to third last season, and Ramirez has indicated he prefers to bat third. A bigger decision seems to be who bats behind Ramirez. It was Loney against right-handed pitching and Martin against left-handed pitching in last year’s playoffs.

“Protecting Manny is the first priority at this point,” said Torre.

With the lineup we have, Manny seems to be protected 1-8. I can’t imagine any pitcher wanting to take a chance on any of our 1-8.

Wow!! Let’s see if Plaschke has some pull, huh?

One of the things that I like so much about our lineup this year is its interchangeable nature. Andre thrived when he hit 3rd in front of Manny. If Furcal repeats his banner year of 2 years ago, Hudson will see lots of fastballs( and rbi opportunities) hitting 2nd in front of Manny. I can’t argue with Russell or James behind Manny. Whatever option we choose, we are going to be so much better offensively than this time last year.

It is going to be amazing to watch how other teams handle our lineup when it comes to pitching.

It’s been a long day and it’s getting late. Good night, nelly, and have a lucky Friday the 13th!!!!!

Good Night Seesky!!! It’s my hubby’s favorite number seeing how he was born on the 13th of April, and so he has celebrated a few birthdays on Friday the 13th. You have a lucky day as well, and Take Care 🙂

Well I just book hotel at Glendale for Saturday night so I am going back. My friend Lore is coming and maybe Erik.
Check out my dedication to Fernando Valenzuela.

dcollins – any helicopter sightings lately? It is awfully quiet around here, so maybe something has happened.

Come to think of it Nelly.. We have’nt heard from dcollins today either…..

Hey Dodger4life – no we have not heard from dcollins today.

Got curious as to what the Sox fans might think about Manny and Pap’s comments and there was very little there on their mlbblog. Just one that essentially said too bad,but lets go forward. Looks like the majority have indeed moved on.

Hello All ITD,
How is everyone doing? I’ve been OK. I decided to start an excersise routine…now that I have more time available. I am in pain and I can barely move…
EMMA love that “Manny Being Manny” picture. That is one great big poster. Emma have fun in Camelback…bring back more stories and pictures.
I just want to show my support for Russell…”Tobacco Free is what you want and need to be”. Good luck!

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!! Looking forward to some more Dodger baseball today. My class loved watching it yesterday even though they were only allowed to watch the first couple innings. It’s great to see them asking questions because it means they want to learn about not only the players but the game itself……fun stuff!!!!!!


NELLY do the kids say anything about Manny?

…some have because he has been on the news. They mostly ask about Andre, James, Russell, Matt, and Kershaw. They know there numbers, names and positions pretty well. The reason Kershaw is because they connect the number 22 with dodgereric who was wearing Bill Buckner’s jersey the day he visited my class. However, I am sure they will know about Manny and the rest before opening day. They are really intrigued about this team, which I am certainly not complaining.

red pen – “their” not “there”

NELLY – That is just too cute. My kids are playing against the T-Ball Dodgers this weekend and my son says that he did not want to play against the Dodgers, he can not make the Dodgers loose. I explain to him that for Lil’ League it is OK to cheer agains the Dodgers, but not the “Big” Dodgers. I explain that in T-ball nobody looses that they are all winners.

Good morning ITD!
Rose! Go easy on the exercises. They have a pilates class here at work on Tuesdays & Thursday that I joined this week. It seemed simple but the following day when I got up, I could feel it in my stomach & sides.
Yep, I am going back to Camelback Ranch! Just booked the car so I’ll go pick it up at lunch time. We leave early Saturday morning. I am excited!

Next weekend is the WBC games at Dodger Stadium! I get to see my Top Deck family!
thank you all here who have posted in my blog! xoxo.


Good morning ITD, Dodgerfaithful
I see from the homepage that Manny is scheduled to hit in the DH spot today.
Billz will start on the mound, I am looking foward to another fantastic Dodger ball game.
I hope everybody is enjoying thier Friday 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i am really jealous now..One of my fellow fantasy campers sent a picture on FB that she took with Manny today…This is torture…behind the scene access is unbelievable…it is not what you know, but who you know…

Lets rock today Dodgers…I also tried to logon yesterday and had trouble getting thru…I am computer challenged so I am sure it was operator error…

Ramslover ~ I’m glad I’m not the only one who is computer challenged. lol
Hope you all have a fantastic Friday.

Heard by word of mouth that they are bringing in Martinez for a look,but I’m skeptical about that imfo. Anybody else seen that?

I hope you are rignt, Knoffbrock.

LETS GO DODGERS, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LETS GO DODGERS, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LETS GO DODGERS, LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s almost game time Dodgerfaithful 🙂

New thread.

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