Heading to Mesa…

Dodgers and Cubs today, should be a good one. An interesting lineup, to say the least.

Kemp, CF

Wolf, P

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, SS

Ausmus, C

Mientkiewicz, 3B

Paul, RF

M. Jones, LF

Hu, 2B

Listen in on dodgers.com starting at 1 p.m. MT/12 p.m. PT.

Meanwhile, Camelback Ranch – Glendale was paid a visit this week by LA DodgerTalk, one of the many great blogs out there about the team. Yesterday, we gave Mark Timmons and Roger a tour of the place and they seemed to enjoy the place quite a bit and even did a write up on the site. Great to see all of you out here and hoping the rest of you are making plans to visit later this month. 

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Thank you, Josh.

Wolf hitting 2 is innovative. ?!?!

What kind of lineup it that?!!!

This is not Dodgereric/Manager’s lineup!!!!

They must be keeping Pierre put of the line-up because a trade is brewing………………………ummm, or not.

Kahli ~ keep your fingers crossed!

I would guess that Joe hopes Matt gets on, so Wolf can practice bunting in a game situation.

Or not.


Actually, If Joe wants Wolf to bunt, it would be better to bat him 3. This doubles the chances of having a runner on with less than 2 out when he goes up to bat.

Oh well.

Good morning, ITD! Reposting from the end of the last thread, just to continue the debate:

Regarding batting orders, last years’ numbers are an admittedly small sample – approximately 1/3rd of a season. But it’s obvious that Manny hits well regardless of position in the lineup.

It’s amazing to see the effect on batting averages that his presence has on the man preceding him. I don’t know what the other factors are, but look at David Ortiz’ splits for ’07 vs ’08:

Mr/Ap .297 .402 .615
May .333 .459 .540
June .326 .439 .539
July .330 .427 .568
Aug .311 .424 .631
Sept/Oct .396 .517 .824

Mr/Ap .184 .294 .350
May .318 .409 .617
July .391 .423 .609
Aug .278 .426 .464
Sept/Oct .244 .323 .581

He must have been injured in June and he only had 6 games in July. But Manny’s first game in Dodger Blue was August 1st and Ortiz wasn’t the same hitter after that. As I said, I’m sure there are other factors, but Manny leaving is probably the biggest. Youkilis is a good hitter, but he’s no Ramirez.

I’m not really big on shuffling lineups, but I’d like to give leekfink’s idea a shot. Put Kemp in front of Manny for a month. Torre seems set on batting Hudson #2, and that’s good. That would produce something like:


Of course with this 8 you really can’t go wrong.

And now here’s a little gem that I haven’t heard before about Manny’s new contract:

“One more thing about Ramirez’s deal: The Dodgers agreed not to offer him salary arbitration if he becomes a free agent after this season. A team would be free to sign Ramirez without forfeiting a high draft pick, and the Dodgers would lose him without receiving compensation — the signing team’s highest available pick if he were a Type A free agent, plus a supplemental choice between the first and second rounds.”

Now THERE’S a concession ……..

I was wondering why Manny and Scotty (we’re buds now :)) agreed to less favorable financial terms than the previous offer (10M, 10M, 8.33M, 8.33M, 8.33M is worse than 10M for 4 years and 5M in the fifth).

Not requiring an AL club to use their top draft pick is a major concession, I agree with Eric.

dodgereric – love your lineup!!!! I saw it earlier, but didn’t have time to respond. Like I said, Andre can bat anywhere. With his patience, he can easily start off an inning or keep an inning going. This group of hitters just looks fabulous no matter how you look at it.

“Manny loves Mannywood.” So says Boras in trying to repair any image damage caused by contentious contract negotiations while people are being laid off. Scott is trying to restore Manny’s ability to attract endorsements.

Meanwhile, Manny puts on a show for the fans and media. I think that Manny just attracted Manny endorsements.

I don’t know who handles Manny’s endorsement contracts, but Scott (my Bud) is vying for that contract, too. Manny just made that job easier.

Oh, by the way, for those who thought that Manny would dump Boras after this experience, He’s Baaack! Not goin’ anywhere.

Congratulations NELLY! That is great news on your school writing festival. And Mini-Ethieraholic won…talented!
More fun news…I was taking my kids to their t-ball practice and the T-ball Dodger team was having a game…against Philly…if you ask me the Dodger t-ball team is a better team. Goooo Mini-Dodgers.
And this is the only time I will cheer for the Mets…My kids T-ball have their opening ceremony this Saturday…GOOOO Mini-Mets (the live size bobble heads….). Both my son & Daughter are excited about playing. My son is the smallest, but he has the Power Hit and my daughter is the tallest and she makes contact with the ball all the time.

Where is Ethier?

Playing tiddly winks with Manny.

LOL, Shep!

If Juan Pierre was a free agent, with absolutely no strings attached, what could he be worth? He’s at best an average-fielding CF, with an arm horribler than his baserunning is good. And a bat that is very bad. That works out to a 0.5 WAR player. He’s basically in a similar class to Garrett Anderson, and plenty of other backup outfielders on their last legs. Basically, he’d get 2MM, and at that, a one year contract. Let’s be nice, and say some team would give him 2.85MM. However, the Dodgers are on the hook for 28.5MM (spread over three years).

If we presume a 5% rate of return, Pierre’s new team could invest $2.45MM in a 50yr bond that will mature at a value of $28.1MM. And if they give him a league minimum salary this year, Pierre will get his $28.5MM.

So, if Pierre is serious about wanting to play this year, and away from the impossible competition he faces with the Dodgers, then he must defer his salary for 50 years, and sign at the league minimum. The signing team pays him what he is worth (0.4 + 2.45 = 2.85).

Juan Pierre is as untradeable as Dustin Pedroia, but for the opposite reasons. Pedroia signed a contract so far below his value, that in order for the Redsox to ever get a fair return for him, they’d have to get back $100MM in cash in return. Juan Pierre has the opposite problem, that he is signed at so much above his value, that the Dodgers have to write him off at ten cents on the dollar.

$2 million for a year, that’s a fair estimate jungar.

I’m no tax guy, but can’t a corporation write off losses?

The only way I can see this working out for JP (and us) is for him to defer his salary interest free over the next 5 years ($5.7M per.) Still way too high for the type player he is, but if someone comes along and is willing to pay $1.5-$2M per year these last three seasons of his contract, Frank saves $4.5-$6M, and eats $22.5-$24M over the next 5 years, writing off whatever salary he pays JP in the year he pays him.

Not great eating that much money, but he’ll just raise the ticket prices in 2010 anyway, won’t have Manny, won’t have Hudson, and won’t have Wolf.

Add even a modest $2 ticket increase X 40,000 average per game X 81 games, that’s $6.48M which is obviously more than JPs yearly deferred amount. Throw in Manny’s $20M, Hudson’s $4 and Wolf’s $5 and he’s got $35.48M in 2010 to cover what he’s eating of JPs contract. Plus Frank’s getting interest on the money he’s deferring.

Don’t cry for Frank Argentina.



E: I’d say Frank is getting a lot more interest from the money he spent for one year of Manny.

I’m interested, aren’t you?

Now, where did I put that echo machine?

I know it’s around here somewhere.

[crickets chirping]

Randy, sac bunt!

Good Afternoon ITD readers and writers!!!!!

Rose – thanks, and great story yourself 🙂

Shepherd – you are quite funny today………ManDre and Tiddly Winks – LOL!!!!

Looks like the Dodgers are scoring some runs, yes?

On my phone, it’s 2-0 Dodgers

Guess Manny wrote the lineup card today? 😉 I keed, I keed.

:: clap, clap, clap-clap-clap ::
:: clap, clap, clap-clap-clap ::

In semi-baseball news, on my Wii baseball game (MLB Power Pros 2008), there’s a mode where you can run a player’s life, from practice, to games (where you only play their at-bats, the only way I’ll get thru a 162 game season) and even arrainge who they’re friends with, who they date, who your agent is, etc…

My player is none other than the Cub Killer himself, James Loney. He’s now friends with Estaban Loaiza (begining of ’08 roster, can’t change that 😦 ), Russell pre-J. Martin and Derek Lowe. And I’m dating the cute, bumbling news reporter Mia (don’t tell James’ real-life wife/girlfriend… shhhh…. 😡 ).

But now that I’m friends w/ D-Lowe… I have a feeling he’s gonna steal Mia from me before long…

Alright, I’m off to Chico to hand in my Lab… be back later 🙂 And in case anyone cares, Fake Dodgers are 11-7 and leading the Major League standings. let’s see if Life can imitate art, fake Dodgers don’t even have Manny 😀

:: clap, clap, clap-clap-clap ::
:: clap, clap, clap-clap-clap ::

Alright, D4L!

Let’s get a ST Wave going on!

:: stands up ::


:: sits down ::

From hence, to Chico State…

NS…LOL I know men hate it when we girls say that…but that is CUTE how WII allows one to pretend to be a pro baseball player. It sounds like fun..I don’t own a wii…so I can’t join the fun. I’ve tried convicing my husband to buy one for “the kids”, but he says later.
NELLY – like your phone…what is it saying now?

:: stands up ::


:: sits down ::

Hi Rose! Yeah, it IS cute, as my gf says, heheheh. It’s also on PS2, I think, though I’m not sure if it has MLB Life mode… you’d have to check that out.

And Andruw Jones is on my team, the ’08 version… so I’ll be wary of my wallet if he wants to go to lunch! HEHEHEHEH

I keed, I keed.

My phone is saying the Saito just pitched an inning – BB, 2K,0.00 ERA, 1.00 WHIP

Dodger score 2-0 still – bottom of the 6th

red pen – “that” not “the”

Good afternoon ITD’ers.
2-0 Dodgers in the Bottom of the 6th, with Stultz pitching…
Snyder leads off with a 3 bagger.

I’ve been busy with work for awhile so I’m behind in everything here.
I hope all is well with everybody.
Obviously I’m happy Manny is back. Now that’s done with we can focus on the team.
I know that I’ve heard that Roy Halliday could be potentially traded. If I was Ned I’d be calling and see what kind of package would take to get him (With Pierre as part of that package).

B/6th The Cubs got a run on a sac fly to make it 2-1 Dodgers.
Then in the T/7th Doug M. (Sorry… I can’t even begin to spell that last name!) has hit a solo shot to put the Blue up 3-1. Now X-Paul has singled.

See what you miss when you leave, dc? Doug Mientkiewicz has been reassigned as Doug “MintyFresh”.

And north, why would you want to ruin James Loney’s life?

LOL!!! “Minty Fresh” – gotta love it!!!

NS – Yeah don’t ruin Loney’s life, but hey I heard Martin is dating a Canadian model…go for her and then I’ll go for Martin…Deal?…LOL
So are we doing the 7th inning stretch now…”Take me out to the ball game”

Stop the presses – Andruw stole 2nd base in their game against the Royals – LOL!!!

….and he scored a run.

Must’ve been what the plains used to sound like when the buffalo stampeded.

Andruw who? Stole what? They must of told him that he gets to eat after each run….now why didn’t we think of that!

LOL russy – the key to Andruw’s motivation – Scooby snacks.

Just got in, nice to see another non starter homered.
Mientkiewicz today.
Seems like every day we get one.

JoePierre…get use to it!

I think Andruw’s problem with the Dodger’s was that the Dodger’s made him play near the all-you-can-eat pavillion and that’s all he was thinking about and lost concentration on the game…

Well, we are finally in agreement with JP on one subject – he doesn’t see himself as a fourth outfielder. We don’t see him as a fourth outfielder, either…maybe a sixth outfielder. He’s behind Repko and DY! Maybe he’s even behind Xavier Paul, which would make him a seventh outfielder.

Oops, I forgot Mitch Jones. Then JP’s an eighth OF.

LMAO!!!! I never thought of it as agreeing with JP before…….very good Crash!!!!!! Hey!! It’s actually something positive I can say.

Crash ~ you’ve got that right!!!

My apologies to dodgereric – since he originally borrowed from this Beatles song last May, we have lost nine losers that he referenced in his song – Nomore, Sweeney, the Cow, Kent, Bennett, Lowe, Penney, Proctoman, and Bloaiza. Yet, we are still sadly saddled with two of the worst original losers – Phew and Schidt. So here we go again with “I’m A Loser”:
I’m a loser
My shoulder looks and feels like haggis
I’m a loser
And I can barely throw for batting practice.
Of those six games I have started, four lost
I thank Ned and Conte I should have been tossed
But I have my forty seven million from Frank
And again this year my game’s in the tank
I’m a loser
And I lost my means to pitch real games
I’m a loser
And I can’t manage to last two frames
Although I hit and I throw like a girl
I tell you my legs can still really whirl
My tears are falling I’m losing my heart
That damn Crash has me eighth on the depth chart
I’m a loser
And I ain’t lost my ability
I’m a loser
There’s just too many guys ahead of me
What have I done to deserve such a fate
I’m just being me can’t you relate?
I want to start a hundred sixty two games
Why does ITD always call me those names?
I’m a loser
Now I lost my identity
I’m a loser
Now I’m yougnomewho to that Nelly
[Editorial remark – my apologies to all you ladies, too – I know that most if not all of you can throw better than Phew.]

The world continues to spin . . . Mark Sweeney announced his retirement today, and is now a Dodger coach . . . very interesting!

Diggie ~ Coaching what?

Fly swatting!

Sorry… I couldn’t resist!

LMAO, dcollins!!!!

Heheheh, E, I’m not ruining his life yet, they’re just seeing eachother. She won’t even go to the movies with me yet 😦 . I still think D-Lowe just decided to befriend me to snatch her up, heheheh. She even has glasses.

And the manager asked me if I wanted to donate to the community charity, $100 each hit, $200 each RBI or $500 each HR… I chose the HR option, as I figured he wouldn’t be hitting that many homers… then D-Lowe calls him and says “Wow James, that’s awfully great of you, $5,000 every HR, the kids are gonna love you!”. Loney then talks to the manager, and he says “whoops… heehee, I guess I must’ve added another zero by mistake… well… shouldn’t you be headed to practice? GO GET EM!!!”. Loney now has 8 HR and it’s just April 24th.

And Wii Loney is on a 23 game hitting streak, no Bologna! Again, here’s to hoping art imitates life.

And Rose, I’ll go for the Canadian model right before my girlfriend kills me, heheheheh.

If you land Russ, though, it might all be for a noble cause O:)

Hi Tru. The article I read didn’t stipulate what he’d be coaching.

but I do like dcollins’ thoughts – LOL!

Sweeney’s a good guy in the clubhouse, I think he’ll have a positive impact. I mean, he must’ve had an AWESOME personality for them to keep him after that abysmal season of his last year.

I think he can REMEMBER how to be a good pinch hitter. As for DOING it, well, that’s why he’s coach.

“Coach, I can’t put my helmet on! :: BONK :: Thanks, coach!”
-Sanka Koffey, “Cool Runnings”

Hello ITD
I had an interesting day in Camelback. I went to BP and got Manny’s autograph. Look on my facebook or it will appear on one of my blogs. I won’t bore you with the details of today so if you are interested look llater on one of my two blogs: http://catlovesthedodgers.blogspot.com or http://catlovesthedodgers.mlblogs.com. I will probably post more pictures on thhe blogspot blog but will write more on the mlb blog. Give me a couple of hours because i have a lot to write. It was a very eventful day!! I know many of you are not interested in the ST thing which is why I won’t put it here on ITD. I guarantee you, it will be fun reading.

I’m with you, NSB. Everything I’ve ever heard about him has been positive, and I know he has a very wicked sense of humor.

I also heard he was a great guy. Let’s see though, we already have a hitting coach, a pitching coach, a third base coach and a first base coach so, I wonder what he’ll be doing.

Maybe he’ll have a specialized job, like they gave Bill Mueller and Manny Mota.

hmmm… clubhouse coach?

That’s true, Diggie. Maybe his job will be to prop Joe up to the railing. I know he and Joe were close, always stood next to each other.

Cards or video games, Nsblues?

Good one, Tru! Joe needs all the help he can get.

Hey Tru 🙂 I’m a little too Mojito-d to come up with a clever response, heheheh

LOL, Nsblues! I get the same way and it only takes me one mojito!!

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!! I have also heard that Sweeney is a great guy. Unfortunately for us and him, he probably just stayed in the game a season too long. Also, he never seemed to let the lack of doing well affect his attitude towards the game like some did. He always seemed to have fun still, different from Andruw and yougnomewho.

speaking of yougnomewho – Crash ~ fabulous song and thanks for the mention 🙂

Hi Nelly, having a Happy Friday here. April 6th is TOO far away!

I know what you mean……it’s still a very long month away!!!

..you’re killing me Smalls!!! ……One of the great kid baseball movies IMO.

Good evening, ITD….yes, nelly, it IS, indeed, a very long month away because the anticipation for this upcoming season has increased that much more with the final piece, Manny, at last, in place. It is a tribute to the overall strength of this lineup that there are a number of lineups that would work very well. I can’t remember being this excited about a D’s lineup, 1 through 8, in quite a while. As leekfink said, you really can’t go wrong with this lineup….except, of course, if yougnomewho is starting. Now, if we can get our pitching, especially our bullpen, sorted out.

Let the season begin!!!!!!!

Seesky ~ how are you going to invest your winnings from the Manny Sweepstakes?

Hey Seesky – Winner of the Manny Sweepstakes!!!! It is very exciting right now, and I am hoping, like you, the pitching works itself out, especially the BP. SPs 1-4 look to be okay so far. It will be good to see Schmidt go next week sometime, hopefully, to see if he has got what it takes to be in the rotation somewhere.

Hey, tru & nelly. Well, there is GM, AIG, & Citibank stock out there…what do you guys think???LOL!!! I think we should resign Beimel. He’s a veteran and a known quantity. The bullpen really concerns me. We don’t know if Brox can handle the closer’s role. Wade isn’t 100% yet. All the slots are in a state of flux there. I think the starters will be fine. We have to see if Schmidt has anything left in the tank and we should know that by the end of ST. Torre should deep six the idea of McDonald in the bullpen. He’s a starter and he should be in the rotation sooner rather than later.

On Mark Sweeney – I didn’t think much of him as a player in his time with the Dodgers (really, who would?), but my oldest son ( 7 years old) thinks the world of him. He was on our level during one of the autograph days last year and the line got held up as he was getting Sweeney’s autograph. He chatted up my son and talked to him about baseball until the line started up again. My son was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day. My son knows enough baseball to know that Mark Sweeney didn’t do much on the field last year, but in his eyes, he is still one of the best Dodgers ever simply because he took the time to talk to him.

636566, that’s a great story!! A personal encounter with a player like that likely creates a baseball fan for life. Does anybody know what Sweeney is actually going to do as a coach?

Seesky ~ we were trying to figure that out. All of the players say he is a great guy and love having him around. And, by your story, Cy, I believe it. Kids are the future of baseball and that was a great thing Mark did.

I really think we will get a pitcher before the season starts.

cy – that’s what I have heard about him as well. Just friendly and a well-liked guy.

seesky – Beimel still hasn’t been picked up? Then yes, go get him back. I am thinking McDonald’s potential on being a SP is dependent on whether Schmidt is ready or not perhaps. That’s what I am hoping anyway. If (a big If I know) Schmidt is ready, would it be possible to rotate Schmidt and McDonald (or maybe even Kershaw) in the 5th spot?

I think somebody earlier in the day thought that Halliday would be available……….at what price, not sure.

Sweeney is going to be a liason between the advanced scouts and the club….it was just said on the video from the homepage.

That sounds like a good thing for Mark.

tru– with baseball as well as the rest of the business world economically nervous, I’m sure Halliday or Peavy could be had. The question is: how much of your future are you willing to mortgage? Some blogger today was talking about Pierre, DeWitt, & McDonald for Peavy. The Pads would probably only take JP as a throw-in and we’d have to pay them to take him and….ABSOLUTELY NO!!! on the other two!!!
nelly–You could handle McDonald like they did with Park last year and use him in long relief and a spot starter. That way, he could spell both Schmidt and Kershaw, if needed.

That’s kind of what I thought seesky.

I know what you mean, Seesky, about the price we’d have to pay for a Peavy or Halliday. I don’t think we should give up the farm for an arm that may or may not help us. With our lineup, I think we can score enough runs to win and hopefully take some pressure off the staff.

I’m not opposed to going after an impact starter if it doesn’t heavily impact our future. With Wolf, Hudson, and, probably, Manny here for this year alone, this team is set up to win now. The later you wait during the season, the more desperate these teams are to unload those big ticket salaries, the less we’ll potentially have to give up.

“Doc’s always prepared,” manager Cito Gaston said. “It’s always a pleasure to be able to manage a guy like that. I wouldn’t even call it managing. I just have him on the team. Before the game started he was warming up down in the bullpen and there were 10, 15 guys watching him. That’s a pleasure for me.”

The nickname (and ace stature) alone makes me want him on our team.

I’ve always thought that Halliday was the best pitcher in baseball that nobody knew about. His name would be a household word if he pitched in NY or LA.

Maybe he could be had for a Malibu estate or cash.

I wouldn’t even think about trading for a starting pitcher until mid summer. The key will be the kid pitchers–as it was with the kid sticks. Billingsley, Kershaw, Broxton, Wade, McDonald, Elbert, Miller…let these guys sort it out. Mix in the bloated roster of PVL arms and there’s many candy wrappers to choose from. If Wolf and Schmidt end up your 4th and 5th starter, you’re fine; there are far worse staffs littering mlb. McDonald looked good in post season. See what he’s got. DeWitt and McDonald are going nowhere. I can’t speak for the Dodgers, but Peavy’s got no place in the clubhouse.

Commissioners of baseball have had a negative view of straight cash transactions for players. For those of us old enough to remember, there’s Charlie Finley’s fire sale in the mid 70’s when he tried to sell Joe Rudi and Vida Blue. Bowie Kuhn invalidated those sales as not being”in the best interest of baseball”.

Seesky ~ I don’t care for Peavy, either. I think what we have is good enough to win the divison. And, as you said, if necessary, maybe at mid-season, we can pick up a rental.

Sorry, kahli, I didn’t realize it was you! lol

I agree w/kahli that there’s no need to rush. See what we’ve got. If things break right, we might not have to go after either one of them. Maybe our needs will be different by July. But, if push comes to shove, I’d prefer Halliday over Peavy on ability and temperament alone.

…..I am in agreement. We need to see where we are first. We may have a few surprises amongst the group in the BP as well. We also need to see how the batting order shakes out too. If it really proves what we are all thinking, the pitchers may just be relaxed enough to have great years as well. I always felt last year they were pushing so hard due to lack of run support for the first 3/4 of the season.

Give me a rematch of these two in October.

That’s why signing Manny was so important. His presence relaxes the pitchers as well as the hitters. Our young core, good as they are, were trying to do too much for most of last year. This lineup will, definitely, score runs, and that can’t help but make our pitching better.

The Dodger race for the five bench spots are Ausmus for sure, Loretta almost for sure, and then……………..DeWitt (L), Pierre (L), Mientkiewicz (L), Young (S), Repko (R), Castro (R), Hu (R). Personally, I’d like to see Repko, Dewitt, Young and Mientkiewicz. Hopefully, there will be more urgency to trading Pierre–if bench strength is what you REALLY want, contract be damned. Repko is light years better defensively and Mientkiewicz is a dangerous late-inning stick.

I have been very tough on Ned and Frank. I am pleased this year within the context of what the dodgers are. And what was available…Up the middle on Defense we are strong. We have a legit 3-4 hitter for the first time in a while and we have an young ace and a solid young closer. If healthy we have one of the better lead off guys around..We have 2 guys in Blake and Loretta who really will provide solid quiet leadership but also be pretty solid role players. And we still got the 7 main younger players (Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw, Broxton, Billingsley) all of which we should show some improvement. Should be fun. And the best thing is we have alot of Speed on the bench..Joking aside if Pierre can just deal with his role he is a heck of a late inning weapon.

Ummmmmmm, check my last post….I forgot Loretta. Now you really gotta trade Pierre!!!!!!!!

Repko or Young or Pierre

Well, if yougnomewho is still here, he will be there over Repko or Young. Other than that, I like it Kahli 🙂

Joe’s bench:
Ausmus–valuable PVL
Loretta–valuable PVL
Mientkiewicz–valuable PVL
Pierre–Super valuable PVL
Young–Out of Options

Repko–Options remaining
DeWitt–Options remaining
Hu–Options remaining

LOL!!! You may be right there…

I think Repko is useless. I read that he is good on defense and never saw it, in fact saw the opposite. And he cant hit a lick. I actually in all honesty money aside would rather have Pierre. So..

Young (big fan, I think he can mash)

*DeWitt and Hu need to continue to play everyday IMO
*Castro is usless. Hu is better now.
*Abreau is also in the mix

I posted this on Dodger thoughts just now but thought to share. Here is how Jon summed up the Pierre deal at the time………………..(its 2011 in 2009! )


But it shouldn’t come to this. It shouldn’t require this. Pierre is not sufficiently above-average to make much of a positive difference in 2007, and with each passing year, the chances diminish exponentially. The best the Dodgers can hope for is that by 2011, if the Dodgers haven’t unloaded Pierre, baseball has become such a lucrative business that a contract with an average annual value of $9 million is fit for a spare part.

I don’t want people to think this signing is the end of the world. It doesn’t aggressively hurt the team. If Kemp comes out blasting the ball in AAA, he will find a spot in a major-league starting lineup. But it is a depressing, disturbing allotment of resources. Ever since he was hired, I have made a concerted effort to be open-minded about Colletti, but one can only be so forgiving. There simply has to be a better way to spend $45 million than on Juan Pierre

Does anybody here really believe that JP will accept his role? And for, potentially, 3 more years? It’s not a question of “if’ but “when” and under what conditions he goes. He might be untradeable, as some have suggested, but noone is unmoveable. Frank, Ned, & Joe just have to be motivated enough.


Wow!!! jungar – and people are worried about what we are saying about JP now. People have been saying the same thing for 2 full years now.

seesky – he has already stated he doesn’t want to accept his role as a 4th outfielder in an article that was posted yesterday. He believes he is not 4th outfielder material and that he is better than that. He may be, but not on this Dodger team.

nelly, that was more of a rhetorical question than anything else. I didn’t see the particular article you referenced but we all know what his attitude is (and has been) regarding a backup role. My main point was that I just can’t see this situation going on for 3 more years in any case. The longer it does, the more likely there will be some problem in the clubhouse. The situation just needs to be rectified and the sooner the better.

seesky – I knew exactly what you meant 🙂

jungar, don’t sell Repko short. He suffered two major injuries–one in early ’06 after making the 25-man roster and in ’07 during spring training which ended his year. He was former #1 pick as a shortstop and has Gibby-like intensity. Great speed, great arm, great glove. Yet to prove he can hit. Just remember a young guy named Jayson Werth who the Dodgers gave up on after injuries!?!?!?!!????????

I agree with most of what is being adressed here.
Jungar I agree with you with Mcourt & Ned. I was a little hacked there with the whole Manny thing as I felt he was the key to the season and they were playing around a little to much for me. But the moves they made are ones that I like. Some were what I wanted. I also wanted Garland as I think he would of been a great replacement for Lowe.
I was who mentioned that I wanted Halliday. I love Halliday. He plays in a place where you don’t hear about him and he just goes out & gets the job done. He also does it in one of the toughest divisions.
I think Peavy is close to being the next Schmidt. If we could pick up Halliday for Pierre and some youngsters, I’d do it. Maybe DY & Abreu. I doubt that Toronto would do it but at this point if I was Ned, I’d explore what it would take to get him.
We have some pitching but I’m not feeling all that confident with what we have. I would also go after Beimel.

I just happened to look at the Jays page and here is a link of what happened today with Halliday. Whether we go after him now or not we should be looking at him later…

I never thought of Halliday as an option, but now that it’s been brought up, it’s definitely worth looking into. The funny thing about that is the brother of one of our coaches at our academy is the pitching coach for Toronto (Arnsberg).

Vernon Wells is still out with a sore hammy. Hmmm…

Nelly get him on board!!!
Come on! Get Ned the hook up!

Well, he is an ally…..he’s a Dodger fan. He decorated his office in mostly Dodger stuff. I even loaned him some things. He’s not a JP fan either, but I will certainly ask 🙂

Sweet! Nelly helping out Ned. I love it!! That is if Eric & Enchanted are okay with it…

Ramirez added some laughter to an already loose club. He hit only one home run in several rounds of batting practice and when one particular ball fell short of the fence in left-center, he shouted, “No pop!”

“Singles hitter!” shouted back Andre Ethier, who was shagging balls in right field.

You gotta love it already – this is going to be a great season!!!!!

Oh for sure dcollins…………….definitely have to get approval from those two.

Halladay’s definitely worth looking into. He’s a bonafide ace.

I’m also a skeptic where Repko is concerned. I’d like nothing better if he could make a believer out of me but, after 200 games and over 400 at-bats, the tendency is to wonder if he’ll ever hit at the big league level.

Good night, all. It’s been a long day. Have a great Saturday, everyone.

Good Night Seesky – Take care and have a great Saturday yourself !!

Congrats Seesky on your Manny winnings! I’m glad one of us won!!!

It’s pretty cool when owing Dodgereric 67 cents (deferred of course) is a good thing. It means the Dodgers have Manny 🙂

I would concur Nelly!

I’d give him a buck if we could get Halliday. I know I’m only dreaming and blogging, but that is how things happens. When we dream!
I’m sure that’s how the Lakers got Gasol!

Jayson Werth had an OPS+ of 115 for us in 04 in 89 games. 16 bombs. u cant compare the two. When Repko has been on the field he has not impressed. Werth did.

LOL!!! I believe most of us are still dreaming for yougnomewho to be traded. I will pay him a buck if he can fulfill that wish. Heck!! I will give him 2 bucks – LOL!!!!

…deferred of course 🙂

..seriously – Halliday would be a great addition.

I’ll see you 2 bucks.
Jungar — I’m not sure about Repko either. His hittig has been pretty weak, even in Vegas last year. & the PCL is a hitters league. I have seen him live and he did play a really good D. He had a strong arm as well. But if he could be packaged with Juan and a couple of others for a legit starter, I’d do it. I really think we need more pitching. I can wait, but can the Dodgers with the Juan issue.
Of course I’m just a blogger so what do I know?

Of course deferred Nelly. How else could I afford that?!

LMAO!!!! So, how many years do you think he will give us? He gave Seesky quite a few years for his 67cents so you would think many years beyond that – LOL!!!!

Well it would be for the good of the team, so I’m sure he would work out a deal that we could all agree to!

Wow, I just saw the time… Which says get to bed!
Fun rapping with you Nelly even though it was short.
Good night all & have a great day tomorrow!! Whatever you all are doing!
Go Blue!!
Bring the Ring in 2009!!!

Good Night dcollins!!! Have a great Saturday!!!

It looks like the Mets fans are getting a head start this year on their excuses why they won’t make the playoffs:

Good Morning…. ITD, Dodgerfaithful
12:05 PT Dodgers ~ Mariners Chad Billingsley on the mound.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It look’s as if Manny will take the field Friday.
Enjoy your Saturday everyone 🙂
WBC game today……GO U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S.A. takes on Canada at 2:00 ET ~ ESPN, MLBTV 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO U.S.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning Enchanted & Dodger4life ~ what a great day for baseball. I’m stocking up on my sunflower seeds and going to have a great afternoon.

By the way, Enchanted, don’t you feel sorry for the poor Mets? Boo-hoo! lol

Good morning ITD
I’m getting ready to go to the big ST game with the Mariners. I agree with you Kahli, I would go with retaining the same guys. I really like the way Hu has progressed in the last year with his hitting and DY has been consistent. You can tell the difference in the Clubhouse now that Manny is in the house.. He speaks to all the guys and no one seems upset by the crowds that follow him around. Nellyjune, I love that story about him. How are you tru?? I go home tomorrow so I will be back in the real world. I will never forget this ST experience. Now I know why everyone loved Vero Beach. I regret I never was able to make it out there. It is totally different out here than at Dodger Stadium. Anyone who can make it out here even for a day, do it. You will never regret it. I will be glad to help anyone who would like advice about it. I am sad that this will be my last game but then, the regular season starts soon and the WBC is now in full swing. How about Japan?? I think they will be the team to beat!! I have tickets to the finals at Dodger Stadium so that also is something to look forward to. Does everyone get the idea that my life is baseball??? Anyway, everyone have a great day and I will report back tonight.

Good Morning ITD readers and writers!!!!! I do want the USA to win today, but we do have a Dodger (our Captain) playing for Canada so I would like to wish Russell Martin a good game as well. It will be interesting if Broxton has to pitch to Martin. That should make for some Dodger headlines, don’t you think? Russell knows quite a bit about Jonathan you would think. As for the Dodgers, it should be a great game back in Arizona against the Mariners. Heartruss, have a great time, and have safe travels back to California.

enchanted – I am sure the Mets bloggers are already ranting on their sites too. Wait!! Don’t we do the same thing? LOL!!!! Well, we do, but I think they take theirs to a new level that we can’t even come close to, and we got a taste of that last season. Those readers who think we are bad should really check out some of the other ones. We are quite mild compared to some, and I am talking Dodger Blogs as well. They aren’t cutting yougnomewho any slack either.

Good morning Dodger4life and Trublu -It is a great day for Dodger baseball, a USA/Canada WBC game and some high school baseball, which I will be leaving for shortly. Life is good today 🙂


Hello everyone I hope all is well…Nelly sorry I have not been following as close as I should…how did Michaels game go the other day?

As for the team, Jungar I am with you on Repko, I like his grit and determination, but he will not hit at this level. I feel the same about Hu…I like X Paul, last year I saw him in 2 or 3 spring games and he roped the ball…he seems to be a nice player. Not flashy stats but very consistent…

Wolf is looking good, I think he wins 14-17 games this year..Weaver could be this years Chan Ho and for 1-2 innings his stuff could be nasty…Still a long way to go!!!

Game Time !!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#%#@$#@@# IT RUSSELL!!!



Looooking Good!!! Manny will be all over Raffy!!! X – Paul you the man. Good job Billz and Ellis. Estes so far so good.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dodger4life ~ I like X-Paul too. I hope he makes the roster as a bench player.

Estes is only good for one inning…..therefore, I don’t think he will make the team. Way too many long balls.

Nice double play from Hudson to Furcal!!!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s been tough so far!!!
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run….. Enjoy the game everyone 🙂
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bring the Ring to L.A. in 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Homers for USA.

Who’s this Pierre guy? Scored two, driven in two and a stolen base.

Pierre! Pierre!

Raise interest!

Trade bait!!! lol

Giving up six runs in the 8th & 9th innings……unacceptable!!!

The Manny deal. The dumbest move in beisbol since that dark day in 1993 when the Dodgers sent Pedro Martinez to the Expos for Delino DeShields…

http://tiny.cc/mann y_ramirez

What kind of damn stiffs are we running out of the bullpen? I know it’s Spring Training, but most of those damn guys don’t belong anywhere near a major league team. Goddamn shame!

I’m with you on that, Bear!!!

I’d be distressed if it were Brox, Kuo and Wade blowing a 5 run lead, but with Brox off to the WBC, and Kuo and Wade not ready to toss in a game yet, AND with Torre taking a look at lefthanders to fill Beimel’s spot, we’re strictly bottom of the barrel in relievers. I would though be having Mota and Weaver try and close out games to see if they can in the event something catstrophic happened at the start of the season.

Estes needs to retire…

Speaking of Pedro Martinez, he looked sharp today against the Netherlands.

Greetings from Glendale ITD!
I met Cat today and some other nice Dodger fans that live here. Ran into Jo, this lady that has season tickets. We lost the game but I had a great time at Camelback Ranch. now, I am back at the hotel.
Cat: re: “Does everyone get the idea that my life is baseball???” Haha, that is me too!
Did not like us giving up 6 runs in the last two innings but they can start cutting people.
Take care everyone. I drive back tomorrow.

Yes, Hi there crz. I am relaxing here in the hotel but am going out a while. Never know who I may run into. I thought I would write a bit on my blogs and touch bases with my friends here on ITD. Please check out the great picture of Andre which I dedicated to my buddy Nellyjune on my MLB blog. I had an absolutely wonderful time at Camelback. I will be raving on and on about it for a long time. Everything was exceptional. I made new friends, found new great places, figured out the ropes here at ST. I have satisfied my insatiable appetite for autographs. Life could not be better for me. But tomorrow I return home and Monday I return to work. I willl then wait patiently for the WBC finals and Opening Day.
I agree with everyone about Xavier Paul. What a fantastic talent he is!! I actually like Jason Repko. The pitching today was not so good except for Billz who has showed us he still can pitch. Juan Pierre was the surprise today offensively. I was not happy with the game outcome but it is spring training so I am trying to deal with it.
If any of you ITD folks can make it out here, DO IT. Many fans drove out (5 hours) and watched the game and plan to spend one night and go home in the AM. One weekend. You would not regret it. I am so glad that I decided the last minute to go. Many of us at the game decided it would be a new tradition to go every year.

Good Evening ITD readers and writers!!!!

It was a great day for baseball. I watched my son’s team play a double-header against two of the best teams in the valley, and came out of it split, with the second game being a 1-0 game, 7 inning shutout by our pitcher (not Michael – saving him for Tuesday since he already pitched this week). It’s great to see some of these players on all the teams knowing someday they could be playing for the Dodgers or against the Dodgers.

As for Dodger baseball, it was good to see Pierre actually get some hits……..good trait bait is always a good thing. Not sure what happened with pitching in the 8th and 9th, but something has to be done about that.

heartrussell and crzblue – I am glad you girls had a great time 🙂

Boy!!!! A very quiet night tonight. I am kind of looking forward to seeing Sweeney still in Dodger Blue, but for a different purpose. I am glad the Dodgers were able to keep him on the staff!!

Hello there Nelly & gang!
Bummer about the final score but it’s only spring. It’s good to see Bills do well and some of the other guys do well. Hopefully Pierre will continue to do well and help his cause & ours.
Heartruss — I’m glad you had a great time! ST is so much fun it’s really hard not to go. Next year we’ll be there if it all works out! Maybe we can have an ITD weekend!
Go Blue!!!
Bring the Ring in 2009!!!

Good evening all, Nelly, dcollins…
I fell asleep after the 5th inning but good game up to that point. Raffy sort of fell asleep out there on first, billz gave up three hits up the middle and ellis gunned them down.
X -paul is getting some major hits this spring which is good.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Evening dcollins and dodger4life – How are you doing this evening?

Good evening Nelly, I am good!!! I seen Russell crack one off the top of the wall in the ninth today, he also homered 🙂
GO U.S.A…….GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was yelling for the ball to go, go , go….oh crap!!! stay in stay in….. I was a little confused.
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russell playing for Canada 🙂 Did Brox pitch today for the USA?

J. J. Putz was the closer that Russ doubled off of 🙂

Hello there D4 & Nelly. I’m good. Just kickin it with Wifey. Gettin ready to go hit the hay.
Gotta work tomorrow and going to try to go to church or the Orchid Expo in the city in the A.M. so I need to get my beauty sleep!
I missed all the games today due to work. Sounds like you all had fun!

Thanks Dodger4life!!!!

dcollins – The Orchid Expo sounds fun

I’ve been watching the WBC late at night. It is nice to have baseball back 🙂

I have been watching some. Pretty interesting game between the Dominican Republic and the Netherlands.

Pedro was pitching I saw some of it….The middle innings anyway’s.

Yea – I heard he did really well.

It will be. They have tons of orchids on display for viewing and purchase. Usually it’s later in the spring. I just happened to look online last night and saw it was this weekend. So it will be a quick walkthrough.
I want to take some close up photos of the exotic ones and then frame them and hang them in the house. I can’t do drawing or painting art but I’m trying my hand at this type of art! Hopefully I can get some nice shots. Wifey loves orchids.

He had his moment’s. Good off speed stuff. I’m not sure but it looked as if he has lost some velocity on his fastball???
But he looked confident…

The WBC game between Canada and the U.S.A. is on ESPN 2 at 11:00pm my time MT…

….orchids are pretty gorgeous!!! I am a daffodil, daisy and sunflower girl myself. If it wasn’t for Dodger Blue, yellow would be my favorite color.

dodger4life – thanks for the recap. I know some were thinking he might be someone we should consider picking up.

Are you ahead an hour yet for daylight savings time?

Not yet??? I dont really know?? I dont think so…why all the confusing question’s. Nelly LOL!!!!!!!

Between the Dodgers World Tour last year and the WBC this year we’ve not had the entire team get to work together for the last 2 ST’s.
I’m a fan of the WBC but I would like to see the team start playing together towards the next 2 weeks or so, that way they & we get a bit of an idea of what we’re going to see. Also so they can make the correct decisions on some player personel moves.

That crowd was riviting in the 9th of the Canada ~ U.S.A game. I understand your concerns dcollins……

LOL!! confusing? You do know clocks have to be moved forward technically at 2am, meaning you lose an hour of sleep tonight. So, if I were to go to bed right now, it would be 11:28 pst and 12:28 mountain time, yes?

The whole DST confuses me when it gets to anywhere other than here in the west! MT really gets me lost!!! I’m not good with math. Mi expertease in skool wus righting. I git guud sckills wit thut!

dcollins – definitely know what you mean.

So if it goes forward at 2:00 a.m., then why does my computer say it’s 11:30 now? When it’s still only 10:30????
Or are we in time warp again!!! LOL

Ha, ha…funny, funny – LOL!!!!!

Mine says 10:32. Maybe yours is getting a head start and wants to go to bed before 2 am 🙂

….then there is Arizona who doesn’t change back and forth so are they always an hour ahead or are they an hour behind. I always forget which 🙂

Mine all say 11:34 even the phone which has been an hour behind since last time????? Hmmmm……..

LOL!!!! So, if you were to go to bed now, it would be 12:35?

I’m not sure I seen the soup kitchen chef , come through a little while ago…so…… It really doesnt matter. I am on hiatus at the moment. It is kind of like bieng in Vegas without all the money.

See… now I’m confused!!!

Okay – we are in agreement we are all confused. I do know we are losing an hour sometime between the time we go to bed and the time we wake up tomorrow unless you live in Arizona (and I believe a few other places actually).

That Arizona thing got me really good one time.
Years ago my youth group from church went to Mexico for a mission event during Easter week. I was on staff with the High School kids. We had a custome van that could only run on Super gas so we had to go across the border to the US for fill ups every couple of days.
We did this at night while the kids got some sleep. We usually crossed at Caliexico but one time we crossed into Yuma Arizona for a change. While there at the mini-mart enjoying some Lucky Charms we saw the time on the wall & were like “How did it get so late?” We asked the guy at the mini-mart if it was the correct time & he told us it was. We rushed back and realized we were duped by no time change!
That was how I learned that Arizona doesn’t change their clocks.

See… I just posted at 11:48 on my computer but it is time stamped at 10:48???
I think I’m going to hit it!
Thanks for the laughs and conversation!!
I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow and we can get a win!!

We have a devolpmentally challanged individual here in town. Really a nice guy but he will wait until everyone is good and numb at the pub and when noone is looking he will turn the clock back an hour…. We have been caught drinking past curfew before.

D4 — That sounds to me like he’s pretty smart!!

Yea – My hubby and I used to drive to the Hoover Dam on those days when they had the two clocks…one for Arizona and the other one for Nevada. The Arizona one always stayed the same.

We keep a good eye on him now dcollins. Yes we got a good laugh out of it….

Good Night dcollins!!!!!

dodger4life – that is a pretty smart man 🙂

I just saw the highlights of the WBC. Boy Japan looks tough.

When the police made thier rounds at the end of the night he steped right up and confessed. They were sympathetic to the situation. I guess he was having fun….He is loved by the town so it was funny…:-)

an article about the east coast bias, which we already know exists.

Thank’s for the link’s, Nelly 🙂

You are most welcome dodger4life 🙂

Dodger4life – Kyle won the truck race again. There is not another Nationwide race until March 21st – hmmmm!!!!

Kyle is a racing fool……..He would race a shopping cart through Wal – Mart if challanged Nelly!!!!

That is true – some good qualifying for my boys for the race tomorrow – Denny qualified 6th, which is much better than 26th last week. Looks like Jeff is starting in the 16th spot ( a lucky number IMO)

I have a hard time remembering the tracks from year to year. My memory is a little slower these day’s 🙂

From year to year……….I am lucky I remember week to week – LOL!!!!!!

They all have thier own little uniqueness to them so…..it is a change from week to week… different racing styles, changes to the car and such…..It makes you appreciate the cars and crew that do well consistantly 🙂

That is for sure……..

Good Night Nelly, I am going to watch the rerun of the WBC game…..Good night ITD, Dodgerfaithful…….
The team is taking shape and it is nice to see them on the field. However we do need somebody to step up and claim that final pitching spot, and do it with conviction 🙂
Keep fighting Boy’s, we have a long way’s to go this season. We will be the last one’s left on the field…. So work hard and Bring the Ring!!!!
God bless the U.S.A. and God Bles us all…… 🙂
Have a great Sunday everyone and enjoy the game .
Kershaw starts against the White Sox at 1:05 PT Free webcast on dodgers.com
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am watching it too 🙂 Good Night Dodger4life – Take Care and God Bless 🙂

Good Morning ITD and Dodger faithful
I am still in Arizona so I will not have to change time. In fact the time here will be the same as California so I will not have to change my watch. Usually I am at work which is even more confusing. One of the residents here told me that the world revolves around Arizona since they never change time.
This AM I will be flying back to California with many pleasant memories. I will definitely have to do this every year. I regret not going to Vero Beach. I have nothing to compare Camelback to. Maybe that’s good.

Good morning all,
Dodgers ~ White Sox, I ‘d like to see Kershaw bring it today.
I hope evrybody is having a wonderful Sunday morning so far
GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beat the White Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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