Arbitration offers going out today…

Some good news for all of you…we will announce very shortly that we are offering arbitration to Manny, Derek Lowe and Casey Blake. What this means is that if they accept, we will have them back for 2009 and if they decline and choose to sign elsewhere, we will get compensation in the form of draft picks.

I know that some of you will likely ask about Furcal so I can tell you that should he sign with another team, we would not get any compensation because he was injured this year, so his numbers don’t place him in the “A” or “B” group that determines compensation of this nature.



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I see MLB has not fixed the problem signing in…I like that we are offering arbitration to these 3…I assume Manny and Lowe are Type A and Blake is he an A or B…Love to come out of it with some extra draft picks…Josh thanks for answering the Furcal ?….

As for SS, I threw out Visquel as a 1 year option and I would not be opposed to Izturis on a 1-2 yr deal…I really thought after 04 Izturis was going to be a star and he was so smooth as a fielder…What do you think?

Josh ~ Thanks for changing the thread, but I don’t think it helped our time warp issue did it? I am glad to see that we are offering arbitration to Derek, Manny and Casey. That is a start……. 🙂

I thought that might happen – I got posted second just because I am now on pacific time for a post or two… to all of you later when I get unlocked again.

enchanted – the front office may throw you an anchor, but your friends on ITD would sure be there to rescue you 🙂

Thank You Josh. Maybe now we can start forming our team for 2009!! Been anxiously waiting 🙂 I don’t want to loose Raffy. We’ve stood by him for the last couple of years, through thick and thin. I’d hate to see him go. He is our #15!!
Happy December to all~ The best non-baseball month 🙂

5:05 pm, pst ~ I see we are still experiencing technical difficulties. If this doesn’t straighten out, it will make for an unusual winter.


Good question j-mur. I think Biemel was worth the risk of him accepting arbitration. We need arms in the BP one way or another, and being a reliever his contract couldn’t have amounted to that much even if he accepted. Now we get nothing either way. Another NedCo blunder.

BTW J-Mur, if you’re new, welcome to ITD. If you’ve just had your name snatched, who were you??

j-murray – welcome to ITD!!! I am kind of in a daze with all the back and forth between time zones 🙂


I feel like Carnack… divining the answer without never before having heard the question that was kept in a #10 mayonaise jar on Funk & Wagnell’s porch since noon today.

why are we not offering arbitration to joe beimel?

This is getting annoying – I think this is #12

No, this is #12 – LMAO!!!! I am really confused now 🙂

I really do not see not offering arbitration to Beimel as a problem, because he may just accept it and with his decent numbers he would have probably doubled or tripled his number….I think Elbert will step in his spot with no problem.

#13 – 6:20 pm pst ~ Poor jmurray! Posted real early and he’s listed almost last. This is bizarro world!

Thanks for the update, Josh. Nice to see the wheels slowly getting in motion.

Unfortunately, our site seems to have found a rip in the space-time continuum (or however you spell it).

Hey Nelly, Tru and E, got any hour-in-the-future updates on the Texans-Jaguars score? Maybe we could profit from this, Vegas IS PST, after all…

NorthStateBlues land apparently is still in PST… so I guess it’s not just a NorCal thing.

NorthStateBlues land: Where Procrastination is Art.

Speaking of which… I hate school work.

I really hope, but do not think it will happen, Tommy John gets voted in….He was a pioneer in baseball, he and Frank Jobe…A freakin SURGERY is named after him and he won 164 games after the surgery….288 wins come on writers use some common sense….He won some big games in the playoffs…..

nsblues – they don’t want to take away that extra hour you may need to finish a paper – LOL!!!!! The ITD god is being nice to you – knows you are a student and knows you need every hour you can get 🙂

That would be good to see, ramslover. Mark, the guy who runs the flagship MLBlogs site ( ), just posted a new entry about receiving his HOF Writer’s Ballot. It’s lengthy, but filled with information about the process and everything. A good read, and maybe we can plead Tommy John’s case in the comments section.

heheh, I’m glad for that, Nelly! I wouldn’t mind being in Hawaii time right about now…


I think that Biemel not being offered arbitration tells us a lot of the direction Frank & Furter are going with things. If you’re willing to give up a draft pick for someone that even if they accept arbitration makes maybe $3-3.5 mil for 1 year, we’re noot seriously in contention for any elite FA.

Hello Aurilia, Durham, Johnson, Brocail, Ausmus, Bako, Reed…


Noot BTW is Swahili for “not.”

Ramslover ~ I’d love to see Tommy John voted in as well. I think he is a fine person who overcame many horrible things. I remember when his son fell from a window and as you mentioned, the surgery that was named after him.

LOL!! I said the same thing earlier, but for not wanting to be on Hawaii time because I was ready to go home and not wanting to repeat the three hours.

As far as football – I needed this back on Wednesday so I could have changed my fantasy lineup. My team sucked this week.

BTW – You are welcome manfromchina for the gift of an easy win because my fantasy rolled over and died. 🙂 Man the last 5 weeks have really sucked, but it has been a blast!!!

Enchanted ~ don’t forget Randy Johnson and Pettitte! That would round out our group of “seasoned” players. LOL


OK, I’m decenting. I don’t think TJ should be in the HOF. Good steady pitcher for a long time, but if he’s going to be elected for his elbow surgery, then elect Frank Jobe instead since he’s the one who thought it up and performed it.

Enchanted ~ I don’t think he will be voted in, probably because most of the voters think he was just an average pitcher. He’s just a good guy and there aren’t many of them around anymore.


Definitely Tru – I liked TJ and was upset when the Ds let him go (especially to the Yankees), I just didn’t think he was HOF caliber.

Enchanted ~ it seems like a lot of players getting into the HOF lately aren’t really worthy. Just hit 500 home runs and you are in…….doesn’t matter if they come as solo shots or when they really matter.

If we are just talking about numbers then, I also think this whole steroids issue is going to hurt some future HOF that were headed for a shoe in until the rumors started flying. Do you think this will hurt some?

Be interesting to see what the voters do when it comes to Bonds, Sosa, McGuire, etc. I don’t think any of them will get in because of the steroids.


I personally wouldn’t vote any of those players in, Clemens included. There may be a whole era of players that won’t get voted in whether they juiced or not, though I don’t think it will effect Griffey or A-Rod.

I thought the time warp might be over, but according your post, it’s not 🙂

Damn, I thought the time warp was over too. I forgot about Clemmons. He even lost his charity golf tournament. 7:50 pm, pst

Enchanted ~ all of the sports contributors on ESPN say they wouldn’t vote for any of those guys either. 7:53 pm, pst

I would vote for the steroid guys and the main reason is because you cannot prove who did or did not…just because they have been named or have not been named leaves too many unanswered questions…Personally I feel you just have to take the last 20 or so years for what it was…the Streroid Era…Judge them on their numbers and let the chip falls….I just wish McGwire, Clemens, bonds, and Sosa (no evidence of any use just speculation on him) would have fessed up like Giambi and Pettite…We are a very forgiving society and if they would have admitted it and their mistake I think alot of people would be upset but would forgive….

How can we pick and chose who was guilty and who was not…Again just because you have not been named does not mean you did not…

Furthermore in the 60s and 70s amphetamines were huge in baseball and I got from a pretty good source there are HOFers that used them…So for as long as humans have been competing they have always looked for an advantage….whether it was the spitball, sandpaper..cork in the bat…a greenie to have the energy to play….if you think that the HOFers all did it on natural ability…that is a little naive….

Tommy John was a pioneer and yes the surgery was named after him, his leagacy is that he took a chance that no one before him had ever tried (Jobe should also be in the HOF) and he was more successful afterward than before….He lost 2-3 years of his prime…He held on 3-4 years too long but he has more complete games and shutouts than Randy Johnson…His ERA at 44 and 45 was 4.03 and 4.49 and he was pitching in the AL East for a bad Yankee team that I can remember….288 wins 3.34 lifetime era…3 time 20 game winner AFTER his surgery….So no he should not be elected because of the surgery but for having the courage to try ligament replacement and then being successful….He has the same lifetime winning % that Don Sutton has and his ERA is 3.34 to Suttons 3.26.

Just my opinion!!! Not that I feel very strongly about it….


HOF is another illustration of what a dirge its been during the last 21 years being a Dodger fan – how many Dodgers during that span are HOFers? (I mean Dodgers, not rentals like Maddux and Manny.) I can only think of one off the top of my head – Piazza.


Sad but true about Piazza.
Jeff Kent I don’t think qualifies as a Dodger, plus he was at the end of his career anyway. Pedro Martinez, if he’s even HOF worthy, wasn’t dominant until he left the Dodgers.
Help me out – is there anyone I’m not thinking of?

BTW, they’d better get this blog straightened out – I couldn’t post for the last half hour/45 mins.

This is a test of the ITD historian to see if this damn system is working yet.

This will be fun to recap next year at this time. Since, I guess that is my job. Boy, we had some exciting times last year around here during winter meetings. The anniversary of signing Andruw Jones in coming up in a few days – just dandy I say!!!

Oh, and enchantedGM – I need a raise if you expect me to take any notes on the last 4 days. Then again, those of us involved in it certainly aren’t going to forget it.

Piazza may have come up as a Dodger, but he will choose to go into the HOF as a Met.

I gotta admit that he probably should go in as a Met. He spent a little more time there than as a Dodger, not to mention the circumstances that surrounded the trade. I’d be upset too. But his numbers were better here. Lord, that guy could mash.

I still wish he’d make an appearance in DS. I think the place would blow up. The idiots who sent him away are long gone.

Good Evening Ward Dear……. you are back up and running I see – good!!!

The Piazza thing just makes me sad, and I think you are right – DS would explode if he were to show up.

Testing, 1, 2, 3

Shepherd ~ you are right about Piazza. He’s even said he’d go into the HOF as a Met. It stinks because if it weren’t for Tommy Lasdorda taking a chance on him, he’d be nothing!

Tommy didn’t hit many 500-ft HRs, though.

Well we can all thank Fox and Rupert Murdochs brillant people for the Piazza fiasco…I would love to meet that exec that made that trade and ounch him right in the face…The most amazing story was reading a story by Fred Claire the GM at the time…It was done behind his back and that was the beginning of the end of the Dodgers for quite a few years….

Enchanted another HOF that should have been a Dodger for life was Pedro Martinez….Tommy and the gang never thought he would make it as a starting pitcher….

Can you believe Rickey Henderson has been out for 5 years…he is a lock for the HOF….I really hope Jim Rice gets in this year…

The Last Dodgers voted into the Hall

Walter O’Malley 2008
Don Sutton 1998
Tom Lasorda 1997
Don Drysdale and Pee Wee Reese 1984
Walter Alston 1983
Duke Snider 1980
Sandy Koufax 1972

One player that didn’t come with the Dodgers from Brooklyn, and I don’t think he should be in there either.

Hershiser and Fernando, flashes of brilliance but not long enough to be in the Hall. Ramslover, your argument to include TJ because of his similar stats to Sutton is my argument as to why players like Little D shouldn’t be in there.

Again, in my opinion only of course, the Hall of Fame should be for absolutely dominate players, the Superstars, the Cream of the Crop. Guys who you hated to see come up, either at the plate or on the mound. Guys who changed the way you played the game.

No one saw Koufax or Gibson or Seaver or Ryan out there when Sutton was on the mound. I loved Tommy John, but I don’t think anyone went up there thinking that they would be lucky to get a loud foul off him.

I loved Steve Garvey and Ron Cey, but I don’t think anyone would compare them with Ted Williams or Stan Musial. And I think the Hall should be reserved for Mays and Aaron and Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth and Jimmie Foxx and Bob Feller. There are tons of Pretty Good Players, but they should keep the Hall a very hard place to get into.

Yes Ram – and instead we got the magic that was Delino DeShields.

I see Hoffman wasn’t offered arbitration by the Puds. That should make him a lock to join the D’s – he’s over 40 and we don’t have to give up a draft pick.

enchanted ………Hoffman does have one hell of an entrance when he comes into a game at Petco………Hells Bells and fire – LOL!!!!!!

Ward Dear……. I should have known you would know all that information, and what you said is so true. Cooperstown needs to be saved for the best of the best. There are alot of great players, but how many are extrordinary?

I liked Delino because he grew up in a small town in Delaware about 14 miles where I did..We have not had many MLers to come out of Delaware…I wished it would have turned out better but it was one of if not the worst trades in Dodgers history.

Speaking of going in the HOF and which team…Manny Indian or Red Sox..I would think the Hall would chose Red Sox but he was very successful in Cleveland…

Also Enhcanted if McCourt was not buying the Dodgers at the time or the team was for sale…we would have probably have signed Vladimir Guerrero and he could have been our HOF representative over the last 2o years,,,Also if memory serves me right we had the chance to sign him at 16 and said no and went down the road to the Expos and got signed….Vladie we lost…Roberto Clemente we lost…Pedro we lost….not much luck with the latinos…

Rams – remember these turkeys?

Rick Sutcliffe, two years after he won the rookie-of-the-year award, was traded in 1981 for Jorge Orta.
Dave Stewart and John Franco were traded in 1983 for Rick Honeycutt and Rafael Landestoy, respectively.
John Wetteland was packaged with Tim Belcher in 1991 and traded for Eric Davis and Kip Gross.

This is a test of the ITD Historian checking to see what time zone I am in…. or whether I will even be allowed in.

Hey!!! Pacific Time Zone – it’s so good to see you again. Thanks for giving me my hour back for now anyway. nsblues ~ if you need an extra hour,I will be more than happy to donate one of my hours 🙂

Hey, cool! Can we talk without scrolling?

June Darlin’, I confess that I did look up those dates. 🙂 But don’t you think it’s ironic that almost all our HOFers are from Brooklyn but almost all the WS titles are from LA?

For now at least….. 🙂

That is a pretty fascinating fact, yes.

Do you think you know why?

manfromchina – LOL!!!!!! I had a lot of fun, really. I learned alot about how the whole thing works, and the next time you ask me for a trade, I am trading. I think that jinxed me for the rest of the season – LOL!!! Anyhow, if I have to get beat, who better than the Commish, right? I am pulling for you in the playoffs.

I am glad everything worked out with your girlfriend and her school. Like I said, one of my good friends who I teach with, her daughter is going there next year. She had just stayed in the dorms that weekend to have a tour and such. Anyhow, glad everything worked out, and like you said, everyone was safe, which is the most important thing. Take care, and don’t be a stranger around here. BTW – watch out for next season. I won’t be a rookie next year- just a sophomore slump maybe 🙂 Thanks for a great season Commish – go get them!!!!!

MFC, that’s very good news that your girlfriend is ok! Dorms can be rebuilt!

Junie, I can only think of two things – the Yankees and pitching.

Well, it sure hasn’t been power. Eric Karros is our alltime HR leader with 270. Arod has 312 in just the last 7 years. Isn’t that pitiful?

And now you’re back on Mountain time.

My order’s from the Mother Ship are clear 🙂

MFC–I guess I missed that your girlfriend went to Westmont. I had a great friend from my youth group go there a number of years ago. That is a nice campus. I’m glad your girlfriend and everyone there was okay. I had heard the fire was coming close to their campus and they were evacuated. That is scary!!

I’m headin’ for the barn June Darlin’. Thanks for the ear today. God Bless you and yours and hopefully they’ll have this mess fixed tomorrow.

hey there everyone i cant really stay long but thought id stop by to talk trash to dnelly…haha. just joking. it was deffinately a fun season and its too bad i had to beat you to get in at your expense. oh well thats how it goes. i think my team is really in a good situation. i basically built my team for these last 3 weeks. i made all my moves based on the strength of schedule here at the end. i was just hoping i could survive. i’ll catch up later when i have time. im finishing up school this week and next week. but i’ll have more free time soon. take care guys.
oh and thanks to everyone who prayed for my girlfriend and all of westmont durning the fires. she is fine and her dorms were untouched. howeve her dorms from last year were lost along with the dorms my brother stayed in his freshman year (2004). very sad but luckily everyone is safe.

manfromchina – we have been having serious timing issues around here. It looks like I read your mind – that’s been happening to me.

Ward Dear….the LA teams did have great pitching, didn’t they? That seems to be where the LA Dodgers strength has been for much of there time here.

Ward Dear…… I got locked out, and couldn’t respond – sorry!!! You are most welcome anytime!!!!! Good Night and God Bless to you and your family. I hope Chris had a great first day (yesterday now), and she continues to have a good first week. Take care……. June Darlin’

70 Days until Spring Training!!!
Can’t wait for our boys to start playing!!!
Hopefully our young guns will all be staying!!!
Can’t wait for our boys to start playing!!!
70 Days until Spring Training!!!


I LOVE THE DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you love the Dodgers say
HEY GO DODGER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good morning ~ I was planning to join you last night but kept getting locked out and finally got teed-off and gave up on the night. I really wish they would fix this problem. 6:55 am, pst

I wanted to get into the discussion we had started about Mike Piazza and the HOF. He is going in as a Met and, I wanted to say that if it weren’t for Tommy Lasorda being a friend of the family and taking a chance on him, he’d be nothing. I like Mike a lot and, I will always think of him as a Dodger.

I see the time is still messed up! 7:30 a.m, pst

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!!
I don’t really have anything to say other than good morning, and let’s hope this issue of time gets solved sometime today.

Good Morning, Good Morning…

Well, looks like time is still wrecked here. And there isn’t much baseball stuff to talk about. Just checking in and saying hi.

However many days it is ’til Spring Training, it’s too long.

It’s astounding, posters fleeing
Madness takes it’s toll
I’m trying to log in, but not for very much longer
I’m gonna lose control

I’m forever stuck in the Time Warp
Drinking those moments when
The grey bar is blinking, and the submission errors are calling
Let’s do the Time Warp again
Let’s do the Time Warp again…

We shouldn’t sign any Type A free agents (Sabathia, Hudson) or resign Manny, I’d rather trust Logan White and his team of scouts to use the draft picks wisely than Ned Coletti to use any money properly.

THAT IS AWESOME NSBLUES!!!!!! VERY NICE!!!!! Rocky Horror Picture Show – just fantastic!!!!!!!!

From what I read on the homepage, the Dodgers are apparently going to stock the team from within their own organization. I’m glad to see, so far, Andre, Russell, Matt and James are safe.

I’m stuck in the middle, northstateblues! I posted after you. This is getting very, very annoying! 11:00 am, pst

I was locked out again!!! nsblues – I played the clip from that movie on Saturday night when we were in full time warp mode. It is one of those cult classics that I love to watch. I was telling dodger4life that I had a friend in highschool who’s brother went to the movies dressed up like the characters. It was pretty fun to watch him transform into those characters. Anyhow, that song is very appropriate for this particular ITD time warp.

seemed oddly appropriate for the situation, heh.

ACK! I’m caught in the time slip! luckily it’s just at school, but it was working fine on the other computer I used in the lab, before going to feed the meter.

Nice place you have here, Mountain Time Zone.

Good morning/afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Okay, I can see that this problem hasn’t been fixed yet. And I’m not entirely sure if this’ll post in PST (11:45 AM) or MST (12:45 PM). There’s only one way to find out… Here it goes…

Okay, it’s PST – for now…

LMAO!!!!! nsblues – That would definitely be an awkward situation – too funny!!!!! I listened to the soundtrack every time I went over to my friends house, so I knew most of the songs pretty well when it came out in a television format years later. I have never been to a live movie version ethier, but I would like to some day just to say I did.

nsblues – I am reading your mind again. Man, I hate when I do that!!! LOL!!!!! It’s funny enough I have read enchanted’s mind, but yours and his – boy, that is something else. LOL!!!

Hey NSB! I see you’re still in the time warp! At least I’ve haven’t been having the same problems for a couple of days now. Today I’m in PST and yesterday I was in PST. But Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are different stories! I was being moved from PST to MST quite often. But I could hand the time changes, as long as I don’t get the submission errors where I couldn’t even post!

My Nellygirl! I see you’re back in PST!

Nerllyae ~ they will NEVER shut us up……….we will always find a way to speak our minds! It’s like we are all in a bubble, trying to get out! 12:10 pm, pst.

There I go again, ahead of the last post! This really sucks!!!!
12.11 pm, pst

Hey Nelly!!! Now I can see that you’ve been going back and forth!!! Perhaps you’re right; Maybe they don’t want us talking to each other! But yes, we will always find a way to talk! I saw earlier that AmyW was here for a short time. I still feel bad that I wasn’t able to answer her right away the other day. Judging by her comment, I don’t think she’s mad at me, but you know me, I want EVERYONE to like me! But unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that (it is now 12:15 PST)…

But it is annoying when we have to scroll to read the latest comment!

I know this was a short visit, but I’m REALLY hungry now! I’ll catch up with y’all later… (In whatever time zone MLB wants to put me in)

I never got the chance to see the movie live, but I like it the way it is. Talking back is fun, but I think the movie stands pretty well on its own. Me and my girlfriend spent last night singing RHPS songs at random. Some of those songs are among the most beautifully written songs to come out of the 70’s. “There’s a Light” is probably one of my favorite all time songs, within and without the context of the movie.

Plus, I couldn’t do the whole dress up thing. Had a chance to see the play, but decided against it, as it would’ve involved me seeing my editor-in-chief prancing about in her underpants (not for lack of her inviting us). Definitely would’ve made monday morning awkward. “so… um… nice underpants.”

From the look of things, i dont see us adding big contracts….eventhough we have another 35 mil coming off the books next year..what will our payroll be this year?..75 mil?…Mr. Colletti seems to me you either have your hands tied or your a complete mo*on..

Hey CP!!! I have been going back and forth this whole time, so it will only be a matter of time before I am back on mountain time and then locked out. I thought nsblues was one of the chosen ones and not touched by the time warp, but I guess that’s not the case anymore. I think Ward Dear/Dodgereric is the only one left that has not been affected by the time warp, if I am not mistaken.

… now – LMAO!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! This is ridiculous!!! Please help us!!!! Maybe they don’t want us talking to each other. Maybe this is their way of shutting us up, but we will find a way, won’t we?

I understand the Hall is supposed to be for the Greatest of all time, but lets be honest…it is not…Was Tony Perez one of the greatest…No….Orlando Cepeda…No….Phil Freakin Rizzuto…No..

So in reality it is for great accomlishments and longevity…Tommy John won 288 games the most of any pitcher not in the Hall….that is an extraordinary accomplisment and considering that he won 164 games or so after the ligament replacement is phenomenal feat….3 time 20 game winner and a lifetime 3.34 ERA….The problem with tommy is he was not a flamethrower and he gave up hits and runners but he knew how to pitch when the game was on the line…I felt very confident when he was with the Dodgers that they would win when he was on the mound….

I do agree with you Eric on Garvey, I wish he would make it, but his numbers will not support it…He did not hit enough homers to justify the Hall and left 300 plus hits short of 3000….

“Mr. Colletti seems to me you either have your hands tied or your a complete mo*on..”

I vote both. No need for the either/or

I think “moron” is a little mild!!! 1:23 pm, pst

LMAO! I thought I’d try the Dodger Lyrics site to see if it was any better:

This is a test. This is ONLY a test. 1:24PM

By dodgereric on December 2, 2008 4:24 PM


Looks like I’m still good here though! 1:37 PM

Cool, watch me make June Darlin’ laugh………

Gee Frank, you’re dumb!

Gosh Ned, what do you use for brains?

Wow Joe, you’d use Sweeney to PH for Rogers Hornsby!

Rams, I’d comment on the HOF, but I don’t want to lose my dnelly laughtrack………

“Pardon me, lady”, said the man trying to get back to his seat in the darkened movie theater, “but did I step on your toes a few minutes ago?”
“You certainly did!!”, said the woman in the aisle seat.
“Good, then I’m in the right row!”

jhall: How much is 5Q +5Q ?
dodgereric: 10Q
jhall: You’re welcome !



Serves you right for messing with the time warp experiment. Now nobody is safe, not even dodgereric :)……and to think you might have been the one to save us all. Now, we are all doomed.

answer: He’s all right now

I bet you will be on mountain next post 🙂


Did you hear about the man who lost his left side?
He’s all right now.

Aw, rats! I’m on Mountain Time!!! 1:53 PM

You don’t suppose that Josh might be sitting in his office screwing with time stamps, do you? LOL!!!!

Time to fix this TimeWarp problem, hopefully
(response to Lbirken’s post marked 4:22pm)
3:39PM PST

Maybe our blog is now run through the phonelines that Bill and Ted use for their phonebooth?

“Time is never time at all” – Smashing Pumpkins, “Tonight Tonight”
“Time may change me, but I can’t change time” – David Bowie, “Changes”
“Time to make the donuts” – Fred the Baker, Dunkin Donuts commercials

OK, now where am I? 2:45 PM

Aw, neds! I tried logging out and logging back in, thinking I could get back on Pacific Time. No worky.

“Time has lost its hold on me” – Smashing Pumpkins, “Cherry”
“Time – got the time tick-tick-tickin in my head” – Joe Jackson, “Got the Time”
“Take me away, I don’t mind, but you better promise me I’ll be back in time… gotta get back in time” – Huey Lewis and the News, “Back in Time”
“Time is on my side” – Rolling Stones “Time is on my side”

Okay, maybe the last one isn’t true…

Ibirken ~ LMAO! What time is it and where am I?!! 3:55 PM, pst

LMAO! I’m ahead of you, Ibirken! I just knew what you were going to say!

At least you all have names……I’m the Phantom Blogger! 4:02 PM

After reading most of the posts on this thread I have only one question. Does anyone know what time it is?

And who can forget the classic:
“Oh ee oh eee oh” – Morris Day and the Time, “Jungle Love”

Ack! Even at home I’m not immune!!!(3:55pm PST, my “4:51pm” post was at 3:51PST as well… I’m guessing Ned’s heard enough, heheheheheh)

I am glad to see ALL of you are experiencing the ITD Time Warp – LOL!!!!!!!!

Talk to you all later on ITD late night 🙂

If we are not locked out again!! 4:58 PM, pst

new thread

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