It's the biggest game of the year…

Tonight’s game is easily the most important of the year, with tomorrow’s surpassing it. It’ll pretty much be that way until the finish line, so hopefully some of you will be out here tonight. Kemp is back atop the lineup and Billingsley is on the bump. Time to see what this team is made of.

We’re also honoring Dr. Jobe during pregame ceremonies, and you would be hard pressed to find someone off the field who has had as profound an effect on the game of baseball as he has. Tommy John, Orel Hershiser, Darren Dreifort and many others will be on hand to honor the surgeon who extended each of their respective careers and that of thousands of other athletes around the country.

Jerry Crowe of the LA Times touched on his career in yesterday’s paper in case you are somehow unfamiliar with all that he has accomplished.

As for tonight’s game, here’s the lineup.

Kemp, CF

Martin, C

Manny, LF

Ethier, RF

Nomar, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Billingsley, P



I wholeheartedly support a ceremony of honor for the good doctor — but I’m a little disappointed that Orel will be there and he has not been honored this season to my knowledge?

Very intersting lineup. Wow, now we can really see MANDRE!! LET’S WIN DODGERS FOR MATT’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Like the lineup spots 1 through 4. Interesting use of Mr September as protecting Manny (vs. the other way around that has worked so well). I guess Joe sees Andre as having stepped it up so much and seeing the ball so well (he really is) that he is the best on the club at protecting Manny’s AB’s.
However, I totally question the use of Nomar as opposed to Loney. This is likely going to blow up in Joe’s face. I don’t even know if Nomar can still run.

Putting aside the fact that Loney isn’t in the game, this is a very smart lineup. Very potent stuff. Let’s see the boys use it!

Check it out – northstateblues is featured on MLBlogosphere – :
” I showed it to our own Alyssa Milano, and she immediately added it to her blogroll. I especially like the Dodger sketchings.”
Congratulations, NSBlues!

I’d rasther see Loney in there too……..maybe Joe will bring him in at the first pinch hit opportunity and he will finish the game.

I mean rather

wow. a shake up in the lineup. Anything to help us win I am fine with. Let’s make this happen. I am really fortunate that I will be there tonight. Yea Dodgers.
hello back at you ladyinblu 🙂
rickdaddy- are you my dad?? his name is richard and he’s a dodger fan???

In the vein of our reminiscing today and yesterday…..

To James Taylor’s “Carolina In My Mind”

In my mind I’m goin’ to the ballgame
Can’t you see the sunshine
Maybe we’ll see some moonshine
I’ll just take a friend of mine
To see the Dodger nine
Yes I’m goin’ to Dodger Stadium in my mind

Ramirez, he’s a serious stud
You’d best should pitch him careful bud
Watch him hit the ball so hard
The cover will come off flyin’
And I’m goin’ to the ballpark in my mind

There ain’t no doubt in no one’s mind
That Russ is the finest thing around
He treats pitchers soft and kind
And hey babe the kid’s so good, I’m cryin’
And I’m goin’ to Dodger Stadium in my mind

In my mind I’m goin’ to the ballgame
Can’t you feel the sunshine
Maybe we’ll catch some moonshine
I’ll just take a friend of mine
To watch the Dodger nine
Yes I’m goin’ to Dodger Stadium in my mind

Dark and silent late last night
I think I might have heard Vin Scully calling
Don’t that Kershaw kid’s curve bite
Signs that might be omens say we’re going, going
We’re goin’ to the Series in my mind

With a holy host of others standing ’round me
A little slice of heaven here on earth
If it could just go on like this forever
You must forgive me
If I’m up and goin’ to Dodger Stadium in my mind

In my mind I’m goin’ to the ballgame
Can’t you see the sunshine
Maybe we’ll see some moonshine
I’ll just take a friend of mine
To see the Dodger nine
Yes I’m goin’ to Dodger Stadium in my mind

NSB- you are a superstar!!!!!! Congrats man!
Tru dear, how are you today?

Wow!!! Andre batting clean-up!! My, my…. Well, he doesn’t strike out a lot, he can hit to any part of the field, including out of the park, he can work a count like nobody’s business, and he is hitting behind Manny – sounds good! I, however, am not sure about Nomar in for James, strictly for defensive purposes- this like Crash said, could be a very big mistake. I guess it’s just time to sit back and hope it all goes right.

Great song, Eric! Hope it spurs on the Dodgers to victory tonight!

Fantastic Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nsblues ~ Just fabulous!!!! Wow!!!
Eric/Ward Dear…… What can I say, but the song is absolutely fantastic dear.

Here are a few fun stats from the record-breaking thread of September 18, 2008 on Inside the Dodgers:
35 different hours of comments ( from 7 am Thursday through almost 10 pm Friday and only four hours void of comments).
38 different people posted comments
No one person had as much as 15% of the total comments.
Twenty different people had comments numbering into the double-digits – a true group effort!

Wow, crash…………we were truly amazing!!!!

Boy Crash!! Talk about stats!!! That is pretty fascinating to say the least.

Congratulations North!!

Great song Eric!! We need to get your Dodger Lyrics site featured too.

crash- you always have the good info.
Nelly- ready for some Dodger baseball???
the Snakes start soon.Boo

I’m sorry, I forgot to say, “Great job nsblues”!!! Thought I already had, but with old age, your memory kind of goes. lol

September 18, 2008—a date which will live in infamy—the Inside The Dodgers Website was suddenly and deliberately attacked by TruBlue and the ITD Bloggers.

Thanks e, but you and I both know that’ll happen just as soon as Torre invites one of us to lean on the rail with him.

Eric ~ what are we going to do to top that? Perhaps the day we win the divison championship we can do something even better………….and, the world series, wow, we could be totally awesome!!

Did you see the homepage? Andre has been nominated for the Aaron Award. Fans get to vote for this one…. This is just incredible!!!!
Amy ~ I am ready!! Are you? Well, of course you are… 🙂
Good Afternoon enchanted!! I agree, Dodger Lyrics needs to be there too.

remember that stretch this summer when we couldn’t post for many hours straight? That was a sad week in ITD land.

Don’t think I’ll be hearing from Joe, Ned or Juan anytime soon eric…

Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s Go!!

Hey Mom!! Where’s Wally??

Not meaning to be sexist at all, but this week we will see who are still boys and who are men. ( I guess that’s an agist [age-ist?] statement if anything, but meant to be more about maturity ). If the Dodgers can step it up, they can get the job done. After all, they are still in the driver’s seat. They’ve got to take it one game at a time. Each game is a must win.

I think it was Woody Allen quoting Groucho Marx, “I wouldn’t want to belong to a club who would have someone like me for a member.”

I don’t know where Wally is…. Beav’s around, but I don’t think he knows ethier (either), and Ward Dear I’m pretty sure doesn’t know ethier (either). Wally has been busy with his work so I will assume it is that until I (We) hear differently.

Miss Debbie ~ I just voted for Andre. I’m wondering can we do it more than once?

If the D’s blow a 4 1/2 game lead with less than two weeks to go, then they deserve to lose. If that’s the case, heads should roll and not just Ned’s.

Got to thinking, if JoJo had played the best players all year long, then Manny’s acquisition probably pushes us over the top to the penant instead of just barely propelling us to the playoffs.

Let’s face it, playoffs or no, heads should roll anyways.

enchanted – if anything, we exist in their world as names on a piece of paper, full of holes from their dart boards.

What took Torre so long to put Ethier in that clean up spot. I’ve been waiting for this day since he came back from his wife being pregnant.

We gotta jump on this LeBlanc kid and light him up in the first inning like nobody’s business. Take no prisoners. This kid had a 5.32 ERA in AAA (Portland) this year.
Beat those Priests! (may I burn in hel*)

Happy 24th Bday Kemp.

enchanted ~ I totally agree with you. If we don’t make the playoffs, I have a feeling it will be some of our players, not Joe and management, who will be gone (like Manny). I would really be upset if they don’t sign him.


tru- this game is so important. I can’t wait for it, then again I am nervous. I better hear Randy Newman tonight after the 9th!!

sigh 🙂

Ward Dear… Our timing is just too good – LMAO!!!!!!

amy ~ i’m counting on you to bring us luck………and I’ll even play Randy Newman here at home!!!!

Oh Obershat!!!!

With sole exception of James Loney replacing Nomar in the 5 spot, this line-up is the one I’d like to see the Dodgers use to win the final six games. Song of the Day: “Everything In It’s Right Place” —Radiohead…. Quote of the Day: “My name is Wyatt Earp! It all ends now!”

I’m headin’ for the barn ya’ll!

The next song on Dodger Lyrics will be #400! Enchanted, you’re up!

Go Dodgers!!! Stick it to the Friars!!!

LOL!!!! enchanted 🙂

Bye Ward Dear…. See you later, hopefully with a Dodger win!!!!!!
Obi – great to see you!!!!

I just got the “Can’t Stop the blue” song downloaded to my ipod. I will totally play it on the way to the stadium tonight 🙂

Amy ~ I was setting up the classroom for tomorrow, and tomorrow will be the 27th day of school….. All these 27s have got to be a good sign….. 🙂

CRASH – excellents work with the stats…cause those stats is ALL ABOUT US AT ITD
DEBBIE & AMY – I will be voting for ETHIER as soon as I’m done posting. And I am soooo happy for him…hey after they had forgotten about his Mexican Heritage…ETHIER is marrie he knows how to clean up…LOL
ENCHANTE & TRU – do agree with you…so we better make the playoffs.

Tonight, Russell gets protection from Manny. Like ‘Dre, I think Russell is man enough to appreciate the pitches he will be seeing and proud enough to hit in front of Manny. May he light it up like ‘Dre did.
Andre’s numbers while hitting in front of Manny, starting on Aug 28th: .425/.600/.688/1.288 with 17 RBIs and 19 runs in 20 games.

DEB…27th is a lucky number…ask my parents they had me on the 27th of March….LOL

Don’t expect any help from St. Louis – they are 6-16 down the stretch. This is all about the Dodgers winning. Beat those Priests!

Yes, Josh this game is so important that I am nervous..
Congratulation NSBlues!
Great song Eric! May it bring us luck!
I too want to sing “I Love LA” tonight! Make it happen Dodgers!
Happy Birthday Matt! No more strikeouts please! You don’t want Bill Grabarkeweitz’s record.
Happy belated birthday to Tommy also and to Sweet Lou who always has a smile and a hug for me when I see him. Very sweet person.

Yeah Crash is bad they losing 5 out of 6 games to team like the Pirates and Reds when they was so much closer to the playoff contention and don’t forget they had like ovwer 30+ blown saves but they are playing at home while they are good.

oops over

I hate to sound like I’m panicking but a magic # of 5 doesn’t sound too confiding when you’re only 2 games ahead and their is only 6 games to play.
It brings to mind that when the Dodgers blew that 13 1/2 game lead in 1951, the Giants clinched the tie first.
Let’s face it, this is a damn close race and we’re practically running neck & neck with the D’Backs.
Yes, we got the lead but we better start streaking or else it will be gone.
COME ON YA BUMS!!!!!!!!!


Emma- I’ve asked Josh a couple of times, but no answer. Do you know if Lou Johnson was ever able to recover his world championship ring? I’d feel better if he was waiting on the bench with a bat.

Excellent sentiments, joepierre and knouffbrock. Gotta get a win tonight! Go Dodgers!

Thanks everyone! This is such a shock, heh. never thought my doodling would make an impact of any kind.

I get an email from Mark, who runs , saying he liked my blog and the drawings, and wanted me to send him an email back about my inspiration, and mentions he might show it to Alyssa Milano… I emailed back, went to class, fought with CSU bueraucracy for an hour, then an hour drive home, then check my email, and I’m the main post on the flagship blog. Exciting 🙂

Needless to say, I’m working on a new drawing very shortly.

P.S. I’m 27 years old, and my girlfriend shares a b-day with DR1655, 3-27. just throwing a few more 27’s in the pot there.

Great to hear it, NSB. And congrats again. Gee, with all these 27’s floating around, Matt’s gotta have a killer night!

northstateblues ~ I’m not surprised that someone noticed your work, it’s really good stuff……..i think we have a lot of talented people here at ITD………….all the rest of you song writers and poets, my hats off to you too!!!

For Eric by request for #400. Oliver “Good Morning Starshine” from the musical, “Hair.”


Good evenin’ moon shine
ITD Says hello
Wink winks all amongst us
To all those who know
Good evenin’ moon shine
Oh our sanity
We struggle to read through it
All, oh Lord the humanity
Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba
Its all uncomprehensible
Good evenin’ moon shine
ITD says oh no!
We thinks all amongst us
Its just gotta go
Good evenin’ moon shine
Its happening again
Try to make sense of it all
Of the what, who, how, and when
Gliddy glub gloopy
Nibby nabby noopy
La la la lo lo
Sabba sibby sabba
Nooby abba nabba
Le le lo lo
Tooby ooby walla
Nooby abba naba
Its all quite unacceptible
Singing it wrong
Writing it wrong
Fumbling along
Crafting it wrong
It’s way to long
Must I go on? I need a bong
Drone, drone, drone, drone on
Drone, drone, drone along…

Artist: Obershat
CD: Oh No Not Again
©NedCo Records 2008

nsb- great contributions to the number 27! Tonight it’s all for the Bison! GO Matty. we are all proud of our NSB 🙂
enchanted- you are awesome. and a great eye shadow color!
Emma dear- I have to see you one of these games. where are you tonight??

Enchanted – you did it again! Excellent song!!

Enchanted – There you go again!

Amy – Cheer on the boys to victory tonight!

Crash- heck ya I will. I look forward to it. 10 more mins, then I get to go home, then change, then the bank for cash, THEN THE RAVINE!
Almost time for Dodger Baseball.
Down with the Snakes! Down with SD!!!!

hello ITD!!! haven’t been on in SSOOO long!!! how is everyone!?! well let me start off by saying.. you all know i’m a Ethieraholic so of course i voted for ANDRE to win the award!!! he deserves it!! I’m so happy for him! man I am so excited! i might get to go to the last home game for FREE!! how cool is that!?! haha


Hey Northstateblues,
My birthday is 3/27/38

WELCOME BACK ACARDONA – Girl hope you get your FREE ticket to the game and come back and tell us all about it. As you probably read Amy will be going to tonights games…so ITD will represent! You have missed out on alot. And yes I did my voting for Andre…got my “I voted Pin”….LOL!
Go Dodgers!

JOEPIERRE we share b-days…I’m 3/27/76

Hi everyone! I am so pumped for this weeks games! Just pounded a red bull and ready for some dodger baseball. Hope everyone is doing well 🙂

dodgersrule – yes i did see that Amy is going to tonight’s game!! and what a better night to go than her boys B-day!! i hope she gets to see him do something great!! yes i have missed out on a lot 😦 I’ve just been so busy with work and school!! its 24-7!! “I voted pin” HAHA!! too good!

Well ACARDONA time to breath and enjoy the game!

dodgersrule- this will actually be the first game in like 2 weeks that i’ll get to watch live (on TV) instead of having to record it and watch it later.. or miss the begging and watching the end.. i HATE that!! so tonight will be a nice change 🙂

1-0 Cards 1st and 2nd 0 outs 🙂

dodgersrule- haha absolutely!

alright i’ll be back! i gatta eat some grub!! lol

acardona ~ where have you been? All the ethieraholics have missed you!

Ludwick 3 run HR. 4-0 Cards bottom 1st 🙂

scurtis ~ best news I’ve heard today! Next to Dre being nominated for the Aaron Award.

Sweet TruBlue!!!!

scurtis – Thanks! Wow, that’s unexpected. Go Cards! Go Dodgers! Talk to you all later.

JoePierre, awesome! Hopefully all the 27’s are going to be good luck for our leadoff hitter tonight.

A little help from LaRussa wouldn’t hurt, either.

scurtis ~ i’m hoping the dbacks are losing when our game starts…….the guys will be real loose and play great! It would be nice to just swing away and smash the ball!!

Yup me 2 TruBlue. LeBlanc vs CBill shouldn’t even be a close game, but that’s what makes baseball the greatest game in the world, because nothing is a given in this game.

scurtis ~ You are so right, I didn’t think Sunday’s game would be close either!!

truthfully 4 of 6 against the Priests and Gnats should be a given with the exception of Peavy and LinceCUM’s games

Yea, and Lincecum is pitching the final game of the season! Would love nothing better than to knock us out and win the Cy Young……, let’s have it sewn up before then, please!!

enchanted ~ Absolutely Incredible!! Fantastic!! LMAO!!! That’s why we call you enchanted – the song writing master – 🙂
acardona ~ so glad to see you on here! Andre is just rockin’ right now! Let’s hope change in position does him even better 🙂
nsblues – that’s fantastic about your blog! Also, the Andre card I got outbid for went for $28.95! – it started at $7.95. I stopped at 14.95, fortunately.

Tru, never thought of that… if we shelled Lincecum on the last day, the lasting impression might cause us to rain on the Giants parade! Heheheh, loving that thought

Yeah I don’t want to face him Sunday with something on the line.

ugh CBY homers 4-2 Cards top 4th

Thanks Dnelly! I’m still somewhat in shock, heh. And that was a hefty price for a ‘Dre card. Have you considered checking SF hobby shops? Ask your son to go, that way they won’t drive up the price TOO high 🙂

come on, lohse. that’s not gonna help you with that long-term deal you want in the offseason. pull your head out.

Dear Josh,
Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for making my day “Inside the Dodgers” an amazing, unforgettable experience. It was so much fun that I have to rank it right up there with getting married and the births of my children. You were a great host and made sure I got to see all aspects of the behind the scenes action before, during and after the game. My favorite part was meeting the people I have admired from afar for so long. You managed to introduce me to the young talents like Blake DeWitt and Delwyn Young, to future Hall of Famers like Manny Ramirez, Greg Maddox and Joe Torre, to current Hall of Fame legend Vin Scully, to Frank McCourt and Ned Colletti, to the guys from Fox Sports. Everyone was so friendly and gracious — they were so busy thanking me for supporting ThinkCure, that I hardly had time to thank them for taking the Dodgers to first place in the N.L. West. From going backstage at Viva Los Dodgers to sitting in the dugout for Joe Torre’s pregame press conference; from hanging out in the clubhouse before and after the game to sitting in the press box next to T.J. Simers, Kevin Kennedy and Nancy Bea and sharing Tommy Lasorda’s birthday cake, it was everything you promised and more. This day was so phenomenal, it should have sold for over $10,000. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, it was priceless! I will never forget a minute of it. If there is anything I can ever do for you, the Dodgers or ThinkCure, it would be my pleasure. In all the excitement, it was easy to overlook the fact that this was all about ThinkCure and the Dodgers’ groundbreaking commitment to finding a cure for cancer. I salute all of you. GO DODGERS!!!
With my deepest gratitude,
Susan Rubin

SUSAN WELCOME TO ITD and CONGRATULATIONS on getting the ultimate gift of a Dodger Day…Thanks for sharing your story and thanks for the Think Cure support you gave.

Rose – Ethieraholic

DEBBIE—girl keep trying soon you will get a Ethier card

Nice lineup tonight…lets wrap up this division

5-2 Cards Bottom 5th.

scurtis ~ just saw that…….go Cards!!!

ugh 5-3 Cards

Good evening all!
Like most, I like the change in tonights lineup, with the exception of Loney not being there.
Nice to see the Cards are up early. We may need the help we can get from the red birds. Two up with six to go still makes me nervous.

*all the help

Hi jj ~ good to see you. Cards will hang on for the win and when we win, a little closer to the championship.

I sure hope so Tru! As mentioned previously, the last thing I want to see is the Dodgers facing Lincecum with everything on the line in the last game of the season.

5-3 STL bottom 7th

Me too! I just want to give him a loss….after we’ve won!

Northstateblues & Dodgerules

27 Let’s see if the 2nd & 7th innings are our lucky innings.
Keep it up Cardinals.

That’s Cardinals bullpen better show up tonight.

heck yes 7-3 Cards Bottom 7

Yea 7 – 3 Cards

Go Cardinalsssss

Come on Ludwich another 3 runs bomb off of pathetic Rauch would be nice.

Good evening, ITD!!! Let’s hope the Cardinals bullpen is as good as the Gnats defense on Sunday!!! James should be out there on, probably, the biggest game of the year but we’ll be all right. We’ve got our #1 starter out there and, after all, we are playing the Pods. To borrow a phrase, JUST WIN, BABY!!!! GO BLUE!!!!

All right Captain!!

Come on Martin


WOW that will quit the nerves.

Manny is freaking unbelievable

I thought they was going to ibb manny on purpose lol

Woo Hooooo!
Thanks Nomar!

Ok Nomar make him work some more.

Wade “BP” Le Blanc


Guess JoJo must’ve known something!!!! NOMAR!!!!

N O M A R’s sure hitting those lefthanders.

Oh **** the Cards bullpen 7-4 with a runners on 3rd with 1 out


Couldn’t ask for a better start.

7-4 cards in bottom 8

6-0 good guys top 2 lol

Wow — runs to work with!!!

Leblanc isn’t going to last very long tonight at this rate!
Good for us!

Happy that Peavy was pushed back.

Yeah seesky who would had guess that was going to happen for Nomar?

Dang only 25 pitches for LeBlanc and didn’t Cain have 27 in the 1st inning?

The 2nd inning started with Vin calling the game as 27 club member Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” played in the background. I’m wearing a Jimi Hendrix Experience t-shirt with the “Are You Experienced” cover photo and album text above and below it. The text and picture are tinted blue.

When she heard the song, and me mentioning the 27 club, my girlfriend joked “Well, I know what your next blog post is gonna be.” She’s smart.

Outstanding play by Matt – 15 assists! How awesome is that!!

Good job bday man

Hey Pierre, Rose, north’s squeeze – my birthday’s 3/30. So what? Well, 30 – 3 = 27! My son’s is 5/22. 5 + 22 = 27! Kismet!

Observation: Russell Martin is hitting 1.000 in front of Manny.

Observation: Enchanted is King! Way to go, buddy! LMAO!!! Are you sitting down? #400 is your……..#97!!! OMG!!!

Go Franklin no Cards drama. I know they had alot of those all season long.

Jeez, I’m really not making this up. My daughter’s BD is 12/15. 27 again!

4 is a lot better than 5

That’s weird Eric

Game over in STL

Cards 7
Snakes 4

and if you added those numbers up it ended up a Pierre number lol.

Great! To go back up by 3 would be awesome tonight!

D-backs lose!!!! One down, one to go.

E, you knocked that song over the moon! Classic for sure

Eric, 400 already? Wow! Thanks for keeping the site going, must take forever searching for songs, especially with the longer threads. A lot of great work there

Now Bills needs to get himself together!!!

Urgh wasn’t expected a 9 pitches inning LeBlanc.

BILZ is off tonight, so far.

Anyone concerned when we make the playoffs that our “ace” isn’t overly sharp anymore?

Think it may be a tired arm enchanted? He obviously doesn’t have his best stuff tonight. He breezed throught the 1st inning, and has labored since.

A tired arm is very possible. Vin made the point that he’d thrown almost 200 innings this year.

Wow !!!! Great to come home to this score. Like I wasn’t keeping track – my phone was going bananas during the first inning. It was all quiet in Michael’s, and my phone starts going nuts. Keep it up Boys!!
Enchanted – 97? OMG!!!! Congrats on number 400!!
dodgersrule – I have a lot of Andre cards. I am just trying to get ones I don’t have.
nsblues – thanks for the advice. I will look into that.
Good Evening Ward Dear …. I didn’t expect to see you on here this early – no scouts tonight?

Wouldn’t doubt it vl – he’s already about 50 innings over his career high for a season.

If things go according to plan though, Billz can get in an inning or so tuneup this coming weekend and be well rested for game 1 or 2.

OMG! WOW! Way to go Chad!

2 Ribbies for Bilzy.

Alright Chad!!!!!!

Great, I’m the modern day Doctor Demento…

Bills is helping himself out tonight!

Nothing against Billz, but I would start D Lowe game 1. Billz game 2. I have always thought game 2 was more important.

Good Job Chad

enchanted – damn straight!! Or maybe Weird Al Yankovic – LOL!!!

Zappa? He put out huge amounts of music year in, year out.

Bills may need to do some conditioning work in the off season to help out with his stamina, and endurance. Big step to come out of the bullpen into the starting rotation. Same case scenario for Dempster with the Cubs. Started off great, then cooled off. At least Bills can win on the road. Dempster was great at home, but sucked on the road.

Ouch have to love not throw a pitch and got the last out.

If this lead holds up or gets larger, maybe Chad can make it an early night.

I guess I read that wrong it was 1 pitch.

Zappa was a genius! I even had one of those tacky ‘Phi Zappa Crappa’ t-shirts! Favorite album; ‘Zoot Allures’ ‘The Torture Never Stops’ was my fave off that one.

scurtis-agreed on the rotation and the importance of game 2. Even more so in a 5-game series. Right now, DLowe is our best pitcher. Too bad, he probably won’t be here next year.

Next inning could berough on Billingsley.

Trouble for Billz is, not only is it a lot more innings than he’s ever thrown, its his pitch count per game. He’s not exactly vintage Maddux in that respect.

I suspect next year he’ll be that much better later in the year, and in 2-3 years, become a true ace in every sense of the word.

Hi guys ~ just stopping by to say, Wow what a game so far! Let’s keep it up!

I used to have Zoot Allures, that was a good one. My fave is Joe’s Garage. I like the first “act” the best, but my favorite song is “Watermelon in Easter Hay”. Of course, that was the first Zappa album I listened to, so I guess that’s why it’s been my favorite.

I thought knuckleball pitchers were extinct in this league.

Damn that was close!!!!!! Great at-bat Andre!!!!!

Sometimes, Steiner can make a sidewalk **** sound like a Breyer’s Chocolate Ice Cream cone.

Wow… didn’t think it’d censor that

northstate I used to have Chunga’s Revenge, Hot Rats, Sheik Yerbouti, and 200 Motels. The Mothers of Invention were a helluva backup band for Zappa. A perfect fit. Just like Crazy Horse for Neil Young, and The Heartbreakers for Petty.

Although unexpected that was great inning for Billz
He went through it pretty normal looking.


” Hey Joe, Blake just made it 10-1 now can I play?” – Juan Pierre Thought Bubble 9:01pm

WOW DEWITT!!!!!!!!

That’s the sweet swinging…D E W I T T


Boy Obi – We haven’t seen one of those thought bubbles in a long time – thank you 🙂

Hey Obi!!

“Hmmm, I wonder if I should take Billz out of the game now.. ugh, well… what does my Magic 8 Ball say? – Joe Torre Thought Bubble -9:07pm

hey enchanted, dnelly, et al…how’s it going? missed everyone..

Charlie Hough, I mean Charlie Haeger gave up 3 runs in 2 innings and actually lowered his ERA.

It’s going good sir – It is great to see you on here again. We have missed those thought bubbles something awful.

Hey Obi, you out on probation or what???? 🙂

No Scouts tonight for me nelly. Working on my football fantasy league spreadsheet while enjoying this game.

Doing well Obi. Missed the thought bubbles!

Charlie Hough used to wear Hagar slacks; Van Heusen too.

May I ask why Billz is still out there in a 10-1 game? Might want to give Stults some work.

I hate Hagar slacks!!!

Hey gang!! Just got in not long ago to a big lead. Very exciting. Great song Beav!!! LMAO!!!


Yeah Wally. Kinda ironic I’d pick something from Hair.

LOL Beav!! Good stuff.

LOL Beaver! A truly inspired effort!

Wally, long time! Have you adjusted back to life in modern times?

Hope everyone is doing well. Good to see you Obi!!

Bills with a good quality start, even though he didn’t have his best stuff. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of McDonald tonight in relief. I sure like what little I’ve seen from him so far.

Andre did something we’ve been wanted JP to do all year – how about that!!!

jhall/Wally – it’s great to see you sir/son 🙂

Hey dad, gee, I guess so. LOL!!! Easy to see why people used to go to bed early and get up with the chickens when there was no electric. At least I didn’t have to go outside to use the bathroom. How bad would that suck?

I’ll freely admit that I’m not the most observant guy in the room, but how long have you been jhallwally?

Mere Nelle’ merci. You too!!!!

Ward Dear……I did win that one last night (manfromchina was right).

Ward Dear.. has 401 been done yet?

LOL! My mom and dad would tell stories of having to do exactly that in the dead of winter in ND. They tied ropes to the outhouse as well as the barn so they wouldn’t get lost in the blizzards.

Hey, there’s McDonald! Nice call, vl!

Ah sh*t!! We had a chance to put this division away in May and June before Joko finally pulled his head out of his *** and we didn’t get it done. Crap!!!
Diamondback thought bubble at 9:35pm Sept. 23rd.

Isn’t this just special. I went to last Friday’s game and watched a stinker with the Dodgers scoring one meaningless run. I did not go Saturday and they score 10 runs in a crazy game that lasted over 4 hours. I went on Sunday and they didn’t score at all. I am not there tonight and they have scored 10 runs so far. I am going tomorrow night so if things don’t go right you can blame me.

That’s freaking amazing DadEric!!! LOL!!!

Very cool, June Darlin’! Our fantasy site seems to make corrections constantly. I wait until Wednesday evening to write the newsletter for that reason. We had a tie between two teams. Now we don’t. They awarded 2 more points to one of the teams at some point! I guess I’m going to have to pay more attention. And no, #401 is up for grabs. Or are you asking me if I’m working on one?

LOL Wally!!

OK, everybody kick lbirken’s *** if we lose tomorrow.

“Did Kim Kardashian dance yet? – Mark Sweeney Thought Bubble

Your due for a clinching win Ibirken!!

Lucky guess! McDonald is making a serious bid to get on the post season roster. I’d definitely take him over Johnson at this point. The kid’s got a live arm.

But Johnson’s a wily vet who knows how to pitch vl.

“Cloris Leachman looks like Wayland Flower’s puppet Madame. And I LIKE IT!!” – Joe Torre Thought Bubble

LMAO Obi!!

LOL!!! ~ good thought bubble Wally…..

Ward Dear… I am working on one, and wasn’t sure if one was done in between enchanted’s and now….. 🙂

LOL Obi!!

So I see Joe’s going to blow through the bullpen again for no reason.

Any believe that given his number of outfield assists, Matt Kemp has an outside chance of getting a Gold Glove?

LMAO!!!! Obi – hilarious!!!!!!

Thanks Nell’!! Where’s Trumom? She’s got to be enjoying this game.

Blowing through the bullpen is Joe’s way of paying tribute to Dr. Jobe.

Be nice to wrap this baby up before going to G’nat land.

That would be great but I think I would miss it by one game should the Dodgers win tomorrow and the D’backs lose. No matter, just seeing them win a big game would be enough.

enchanted He’s been lit up ALOT in relief lately. Penny too.
Great thought bubbles obi! LOL Who knows for sure with Matt? He’s got to be in the running.

Obi’s on fire!! LOL!!

She’s entertaining my brother and sister-in-law right now, but she should be on shortly.

Sorry vl – I was being sarcastic, Johnson sucks.

Anyone think before this game’s over Brox is at least warming up?

Nevermind. Timely DP.

“So I wonder if Henry Poulson and the Feds will bail us out of the deals with Pierre, Schmidt and Jones?” – Frank Mc Court Daily Thought Bubble

It will be interesting to see how Kershaw handles the pressure of pitching such an important game tomorrow night. I like his presence on the mound even when things are not going well. It is easy to forget he is, what, 20 years old? This is a big game with Maddux going against Peavy on Thursday.

Just for fun (why it’s fun I have no idea) I looked up what happens after we score in double figures this year:

4/12 win 11 – 1
4/13 lose 1 – 0

4/15 win 11 – 2
4/16 win 8 – 1
4/17 lose 6- 1

4/26 win 11 – 3
4/27 win 3 – 2
4/29 win 7 – 6
4/30 win 13 – 1
5/1 win 5 – 3
5/2 win 11 – 6
5/3 win 12 – 7
5/4 lose 7 – 2 Nice little run there. Furcal goes down 5/5 😦

7/4 win 10 – 7
7/5 lose 5 – 2

7/21 win 16 – 10
7/22 lose 10 – 1

9/20 win 10 – 7
9/21 lose 1 – 0

“What was I thinking when I took this job?” – Bud Black thought bubble.

Is it me, or did the moon set very early tonight?

Beav, you are exactly correct about needlessly blowing through the bullpen. But if you’re a sportswriter in LA, he’s keeping everyone sharp.

Eric, knock it off, you are scaring me. Now you are really putting the pressure on me.

eric I’m thinking along the same lines. Let’s hope that trend of losing after a big blowout win doesn’t come back to haunt them again. The sooner they win the divison the better.

Mom came home early………

It is fun stuff Ward Dear… 🙂

Gee dad, great stats. Not so good after big easy wins are we?

LOL lbirken!!! It doesn’t happen EVERY time!!!

No, June Darlin’ thinks it’s the Beav the moon is afraid of… The moon disappears when the Beav is on the horizon.

No excrement, Wally! Not just this year either. How many times have you said, “Wish we had some of those extra runs last night?”

Beavers have big teeth, you know.

What does Scott say, Wally?

That ain’t easy. 12 hits and 2 walks and only give up one run.

Bend over!!!

3 UP, 5 games left, M#3

AWESOME WIN!!! I feel much more comfortable with a 3 game lead with 5 to go.


LMAO!!! That’s good Wally LOL!!!

Before I forget, the door on Dr Kerlan’s office looked like this in 1973:

Dr Robert Kerlan
Dr Frank Jobe
Dr Virgil Carter

Dr Carter had the “honor” of being the first to open up dodgereric’s left knee. First of 3, unfortunately.

Thanks for the encouragement, Eric. I intend to do whatever I can to see a Dodger win tomorrow. Later.

Far out dad!!!

I haven’t done a song in a while, and it sounded fun being 401.
Dedicated to this Awesome ITD group and anyone thinking about becoming a part of the best blog around.
Song: ITDers Want to Blue the World
Original Song: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
By: Tears for Fears
Welcome to our life
There’s no turning back
Even while you sleep
You will find us
Acting out some strange behaviors
It’s a fact it’s Dodger Fever
ITDers want to Blue the world
It’s our own design
It’s so fun of course
We have so much pride
We can make the most
Of Freedom and the pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
ITDers want to Blue the world
Here’s a place where posts will bind you
Laughing on while the next one comes streaming down
When they do, we’ll be laughing with you
So glad you’ve finally posted
So glad you had to try it
ITDers want to Blue the world
We can’t stand Joe’s indecisions
Married with Ned’s lack of vision
ITDers want to Blue the world
We know we’ll never never never leave it
Dodger blue we’ve got to believe it
ITDers want to Blue the world
All for freedom and for pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
ITDers want to Blue the world

Have fun Ibirken!!

Looking down the road into the post season, it makes me wonder who stays, and who doesn’t for the final roster. With Torre, it’s difficult to predict. As we all know, sometimes he just defies logic.

Wow Eric – 3?

Have fun at the game lbirken… 🙂

Outstanding Nelly!!!!!! Nice job!!!!

Scary thought VL!!! LOL!!!

Good one Mom!!!

Good one nells! How appropriate!

merci jhall 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you — that one was fun!!!

Boo Hoo! What a dark day for Yankee fans! The first time since 94 they haven’t reached the post season! You would think it’s doomsday in the five boroughs. Take that Steinbrenner. It’s tough to chew on isn’t it?

jj ~ I think we will not be surprised what Joe does with the playoff lineup, mad as hell, but not surprised.

lbirken, you get yourself out there, holler yourself into laryngitis and we’ll get double digits again!

Yeah Junie, wrestling, baseball and softball. Too stupid to quit.

Great song June Darlin’!!! #401 goes into Dodger Lyrics with a bullet!

With JoJo, I’ve no doubts that somewhere along the line in the playoffs, JP will even make a start.

And Nomar at 1B vs a lefty, e………..

Good night gang!! Thanks for the laughs. Catch you all later. Sweet Dodger Dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely eric.

Anyone that played the Curacao Cow in the middle of a penant race after all he watched him [not] do throughout the season, will do just about anything stupid you can think of.

Wrestling huh? I was a scorekeeper for my highschool’s wrestling team – wonder why- LOL!! A very interesting sport… It’s okay, Bill tore his shoulder up playing football, and then once he thought it was all better, dislocated his shoulder one day in typing class nonetheless. Back then they were typewriters of course not keyboards that are used today. He didn’t quit football, wrestling or typing – lol!!!

Good night Wally ~ Thanks for joining us ~ you were great as always 🙂

Nite Wally. Leave the light on for me in case I get ascared.

Worst case scenario nells. I just hope Joe’s part timers and CRS symptoms don’t flare up to cloud his judgement when he makes his final decision. It just scares the s**t out of me!

enchanted – the moon might be out soon – there will be plenty of light then – LOL!!!
jj – so true, so true 🙂

Wally, it was fun to run with you again. Seems like ages! 🙂

Thanks Ward Dear…. I heard that song today on the way home from school, and thought of the Dodgers really, and how they have the chance to rule the mlb right now. This was a good win. They needed that… 🙂 Anyhow, the song’s been stuck in my head all day. It’s better than the kid’s songs that get stuck in there most days – lol!!!

Playoff Roster:

SP – Lowe, Billz, Kuroda
RP – Kersh, Park, Brox, Maddux, Saito, Proctor (if Kuo can’t go), Biemel, Wade

Starters – Kemp, Martin, Manny, Ethier, Loney, Blake, DeWitt, Berroa

Bench – Ardoin, Nomar, DY, Sweeney, Pierre, Ozuna (if Kent can’t go.)

Probably Nells – enchanted sunset’s about to set so the moon can rise.

That doesn’t look all that bad enchanted.

Bad’s gonna be if JoJo starts Kant and platoons Nomore & Loney.

If you can stand one more story, I was doing my therapy in Kerlan/Jobe/Carter’s office for a couple of weeks until I got the program down. I lived about 40 miles away and even at 1973 prices, it cost too much to roll over to Inglewood every day.

One day I was working the knee on a weight bench and this giant man came down the hallway and sat down on the machine next to me. It was Happy Hairston. He looked like the biggest guy in the world, even though, as an avid Laker fan, I knew very well he was “only” 6’8″. He was very nice to this 20-year-old.

yes, enchanted – very true,and knowing Joe, he will.

Cool story eric!

All I remember as a kid about Happy Hairston is one line Chick Hearn used over and over again on the broadcasts:

“Hairston BLOWS the lay-up.”

Well, that’s a fun story….

Well, it’s midnight at the oasis, so I’m sending this camel to bed. Nite all. Let’s get them again on Wednesday!!

Good Night enchanted – a mostly moon-free night, at least for you. Catch you later…. 🙂

enchanted – I am hoping to wrap this division up by Friday. I have to go on a retreat on Friday up in the mountains above Oakhurst, and there is no cell phone reception (for good reason). The only thing that saves me is we have a bunch of young moms that always want to drive down the hill to Oakhurst so they can call home and check on their kids. If this playoff chase goes into Saturday, that will be my only way of knowing any information.

Good night, Beav! LMAO remembering the Hairston line! There was another story about him I heard recently. Whoever it was said that he would run down the stray shot at the end of each quarter so he would get credit for a rebound.

I bet bluecrewgirl had a great time tonight. I am sure Amy did…. 🙂

I have no doubt. 🙂 I would come home from a game like this with no voice whatsoever.

I have had that happen just sitting at home – I about died walking through Michael’s tonight during that first inning. The other people shopping must have thought I was nuts. Not only my phone was beeping like crazy, I was talking to it – LOL!!

I’m sure that three or four people went home with a story tonight! LOL!

I remember the day after a particularly exciting back-and-forth game in ’72 or ’73 (or ’74) totally horse. I went into my speech class and the teacher got all pissed off because I wasn’t using my diaphram properly!

Stuff like this is mostly crap but it’s still fun to read:

“CC Sabathia is the free agent the Yankees most covet, though there’s a divergence of opinion whether he’d give up his two biggest dreams of playing in his home state of California (one Yankees person expressed some doubt whether he’ll come, saying it would take “crazy” money) and playing in the National League. However, money often talks in wintertime, giving the Yankees hope they can beat out the Angels and other preferred locales.”

I particularly enjoyed the ‘preferred locales’ line. 1 – Home state of California, 2 – playing in the NL, 3 – Giants have no money like that. Gee, that leaves…….San Diego, I guess.

So, I know people have talked about this on ITD, but I am assuming the Dodgers couldn’t afford both CC and Manny,or could they?

I guess it depends on who truly leaves/retires…..

I’ve looked into this a little, and it looks like they could get one or the other just with the money they’re dumping. If they want the other, the payroll has to go up. To this admittedly uninformed clown blogger, I would choose to look like it like this: pay Sabathia with the salaries they’re most likely to dump and pay Manny with the money they get from the merchandising.

That would be great Ward dear. I am sure alot will also depend on how this season unfolds as well.

You are far from an uninformed blogger.

They are talking on ESPN about the Yankees needing pitching.

You forgot the ‘clown’…..

You are funny, very funny, but I wouldn’t say a clown – lol!!!Clowns can be scary you know…. alot of scary movies with clowns…

It has been a very long time since we have heard from ndeschenes. This is what he’s been writing for this whole time, and now that the time is here, he has dropped of the ITD planet – kryptonite perhaps..

LOL! I was referring to you saying, “You are far from an uninformed blogger” when you SHOULD have said “You are far from an uninformed clown blogger.” See, you’re inferring that I’m a clown. Kind of like this from Star Wars:

Leia: You’re a blankedy blankedy blankedy scruffy-looking nerf herder!
Solo: Who’s scruffy-looking?

Referring to ndescenes, I guess this will happen on these things. People get sick, computers break and sometimes can’t get replaced, perhaps get bored with it, etc.

LOL~ I left out the word “clown” intentionally, and no, I don’t think you are a clown, funny yes, clown, no. lol!! Unless you are a clown in the sense you attend children’s parties and make balloon animals. I do know a couple clowns here in Merced which it is a part time job for them – lol!!
as far as ndeschenes, I am not too worried really, more just strange we haven’t heard from him.

LOL!! See, the Star Wars reference is funny!! That would make a fun movie night.

OK, I just looked into it some more. Allowing for some minor raises for the kids, assuming Lowe will want too long of a contract, buying out Penny, putting McDonald into the rotation, letting Kent, Nomar, Maddux and all the rest of the PVL nation go, getting Sabathia for $25 mil and Manny for $20, Furcal for $10, we’ll only raise the payroll by $5 mil or so. I’ll save the numbers to look at later when I’m not so tired. Plus we’ll have another $31 mil come off in ’10 with Jones and Schmidt going away, that’ll help pay to keep the kids.

There’s probably holes all over these numbers and I’ll have to retract it all when someone picks it apart, but I don’t think we really have to choose between CC and Manny.

i was at the game tonight with amy and we had a BLAST..


WE MET JOSH! he was very personable and he even knew us from the blog.. fun times 🙂

I wanted to thank you for taking the time during your incredibly busy schedule to talk to me and Amy at the game tonight.. i really appreciated it, and it was very kind of you! i’m glad we were finally able to meet the famous Josh Rawitch! 🙂

Also, like you said, the money they are making off of Manny Merchandise has got to be filling Frank’s pockets. That has to account for something.

Hiya sara! Long time! What a great game to see! I hope you gave Josh our best!

You’re right June Darlin’! A Star Wars night is a natural, and there’s six movies to choose from!

I’m fading away to nothingness now. Sleep is beckoning. Good night sara and June Darlin’ and amy who no doubt is about to chime in. Good night and God Bless!

hi dnelly and eric! it’s been a long time.. hope you’ve both been well~ it’s good to see that the two night owls are always still going.. haha 🙂

Hey Sara – I am glad you and Amy had a good time at the game, and you got to meet Josh – How fun!!!!

good night eric! i told josh how much we appreciate the blog and what a good job he does.. he was very humble and personable..

Good Night Ward Dear….. Have a wonderful sleep, and I will see you in the morning on “ITD am” God Bless…. 🙂

Morning All !!

Great win last night where we didn’t have to eke one out. I’m still of the opinion that the Snakes lose at lease one more in St.Louis and a home game to the Rox, which means the D’s should only have to win 1 of their last 5. However, 3 of their last 5 should be quite doable against the Puds and Gints.

Hey Nells, sounds like your heading up to Sugar Pine. Catch a couple for me, there’s a great place right where the creek comes under the road… but you’re probably not going to get in any fishing LOL!! Did I tell you that if the economy straightens out a little bit the wife and I are moving back to Oakhurst next year?

Eric – I vaguely remember when Hairston played, but Hearn’s call is ingrained forever.

Gooooood morning ITD!!!

enchanted, there’s a lot of Hearn’s calls that are ingrained forever, aren’t there?

Good morning enchanted & all ITD early risers ~ it was a good feeling not to have to sit on pins and needles last night………our team had enough runs in the first inning so us fans could kind of relax, knowing the Dbacks had already lost. Let’s do it again tonight! It would be nice to give Kersh some runs to work with so he can throw his great stuff and not have to worry about every pitch being perfect.
enchanted ~ we use to go to Oakhurst to visit Dale and Earlene Nehring…….they were in our vintage ford club…..those were great times traveling all over the state in our 37 Ford. You were probably a young lad when you lived there, but I wondered if you ever saw them in their vintage Ford?

There’s something else floating around in what passes for my brain. It seems to me that there was a player (it might have been Moses Malone) that was either accused of or admitted to intentionally missing layups and taps. He would do that 2, 3, 4 times before the ball went in the basket. He would then get credit for 2 points and 2, 3, 4 rebounds. Perhaps that was Hairston’s ploy as well. As I recall, he was usually among the rebound leaders.

“The Lakers couldn’t beat the Sisters of Mercy tonight!”

Good morning to you Eric ~ I’m sorry I missed all the fun last night…….don’t feel right blogging when I have company…….wasn’t really company, just my son! I was planning to stay up late with you guys but, then my Law and Order SVU started and of course my late night re-runs of Criminal Intent and CSI Miami so, I completely forgot to join you all. Have a great day!

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!
Fabulous win last night. Not much coverage on ESPN though. It was the east-coast biased thing again, and it was all about the Yankees not making the playoffs. I say “Who Cares?!?” Concentrate on the teams that are making it for a change.
enchanted – yes, I am going to Sugar Pine. I am not sure I will get a chance to go fishing, but you never know what they might offer as an activity. Going back down to Oakhurst/Bass Lake has been kind of our tradition. We usually go shopping. Since we are teachers, we usually don’t like to stay on the site and do crafts, etc – We do that every week in the classroom. However, if they do, I might just try, just to say, “I bet Enchanted fished out of this place before”. So, you might be moving back up there – Wow!! You would only be 90 minutes away – practically neighbors – LOL!!!
Eric/Ward Dear ~ I don’t recall Hearn’s too much, but I do know who Moses Malone is 🙂

Good Morning Trublue ~ It was the first time in a long time the Leave It to Beaver cast and friends were all on together – Wally even asked where you were. I didn’t end up watching anything new. By the time the game was over, I had missed anything I would have watched. While talking to Eric, I was switching back and forth between ESPN Yankee talk, Bizarre Foods with David Zimmerman, Barefoot in the Park, and The Money Pit.
Great article about the babies (Russell, Andre, James and Matt) growing up to become big leaguers. The writer also talks about Billz, De Witt, etc.

Don’t remember about Moses Malone padding his stats, but I do remember Chamberlain’s “finger rolls” (which usually missed.) I also remember Connie Hawkins and then Brian Winters when they were the “stars” of the team.

Don’t know TruMom – I know there were some vintage cars rolling around up there a lot, but I lived there from 94 to 05. My wife had lived in the area from the early 70’s, but it was mostly down in Raymond. I have heard stories about Bigfoot Burger and the Midway Market though. In fact, the market though derelect, burned down while I was there. Was definitely an eyesore, but the owner wouldn’t do anything about it. Funny it burned to the ground and the fire station was literally right behind it.

Emma- I’ve asked Josh a couple of times, but no answer. Do you know if Lou Johnson was ever able to recover his world championship ring? I’d feel better if he was waiting on the bench with a bat.
By on September 23, 2008 4:51 PM
I am glad you asked the question. I had read the story that Sweet Lou had recovered the ring some years ago so I went searching for it again. Here it is the article from Plaschke titled “A Nice Ring to It”. .
I think I’ll post the whole story
A Nice Ring to It
By Bill Plaschke
February 10, 2001 in print edition D-1
Spring came early to Dodger Stadium this week, dancing its light upon wrinkled and swollen fingers trying to squeeze into a dull gold ring.
“It doesn’t fit,” Lou Johnson said. “It doesn’t matter.”
Spring came early, filling a deep green field with an old man’s smile.
“That’s freedom right there, this ring,” Johnson said. “That’s my history. That’s my life.”
Into his hands this freedom has returned, cradled there like a tender infant, tiny and blemished and perfect.
Johnson, a hero for the 1965 World Series champions and longtime Dodger community relations employee, handed that ring to drug dealers in 1971 as collateral on a cocaine transaction.
For 30 years, he has tried to recover it.
This week, dramatically restoring a sense of history that had vanished like that ring, the Dodgers recovered it for him.
Mark Langill, the Dodgers’ on-site historian and publications editor, was alerted by a former employee that the ring was being auctioned on the Internet.
Langill tracked down the auctioneers two days before the scheduled sale.
Bob Graziano, Dodger president, pulled out his checkbook and bought it before anybody else could.
The cost? $3,457.
The value? Visible in Johnson’s eyes Wednesday morning when he pulled it out of a box on a secretary’s desk.
“I had flashbacks, man,” he said.
He thought of Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale. Of a home run against Jim Kaat. Of a runt who, for a few brief moments, owned a town.
He thought about how a life of drug and alcohol abuse had cost him virtually every piece of memorabilia from that 1965 season.
“I don’t have my uniform, don’t have my glove, don’t have my bat, don’t have anything of value,” he said.
Yet suddenly, he was holding the most valuable thing of all.
The engraved signature on the side of the ring was in the bold, flamboyant hand of a young man.
The old man wept.

“It felt like a little bit of me had been reborn,” Johnson said.
And with him, a Dodger sense of tradition that had recently disappeared in a haze of bad manners and short memories.
“The decision to buy back the ring was easy,” Graziano said. “It was the right thing to do.”
That was the right thing to say.
Peter O’Malley once bought back a World Series ring for Don Newcombe.
To Dodger fans, “Sweet” Lou Johnson was just as memorable.
He was a journeyman outfielder, promoted from triple-A Spokane only when Tommy Davis broke his ankle early in the 1965 season.
He hit only 12 home runs that year–but that was enough to tie for the team lead.
He drove in only 58 runs, but it seemed that each one mattered.
And when it came to the fourth inning of Game 7 of the World Series against the Minnesota Twins?
That was Sweet Lou who homered, giving Koufax all the help he would need in an eventual 2-0 victory.
Dodger lore is filled with players like Johnson, players who only mattered here, more neighborhood heroes than national stars.
It has always been in the best Dodger tradition to remember and honor those players.
Even when–especially when–those players did not honor themselves.
Two years after he retired in 1969, desperate for a cocaine fix, Johnson gave his ring to a Seattle drug dealer as collateral.
He drove across town for the money.
When he returned about two hours later, the dealer–and the ring–were gone.
“I was at my lowest ebb,” Johnson remembered. “It was the only thing I had of value, and now I had given that away.”
He touched his chest.
“This here?” he said. “This was gone.”
Nine years later, the increasingly troubled Johnson returned to the Dodgers to ask for help. Newcombe sent him to a substance-abuse center. O’Malley paid the bills.
Johnson cleaned himself up. Typical of that time, the Dodgers were waiting when he finished.
He has worked in their community relations department, and served as a drug and alcohol counselor, ever since.
But he always wondered about the ring.
“The only thing I ever won like that,” said Johnson, 66. “Without it, a piece of me was always missing.”
Friends would ask of its whereabouts, and he would tell them he’d left it at home. He was too embarrassed to admit the truth.
Then, two years ago, the truth tracked him down in the form of the Washington Department of Unclaimed Properties.
His ring had been found in an unclaimed safe deposit box.
According to state officials, they offered to sell Johnson the ring.
“We were willing to sell it back to him and hold the proceeds in case the owner ever showed up,” said Stuart Thronson, program manager for unclaimed properties.
But Johnson said he was told he couldn’t have the ring until it had passed through red tape.
After two years, Johnson figured the ring would be tied up forever.
Then last month, historian Langill was tipped about the auction.
At that point, in the words of Vin Scully, ‘Would you believe … ?”
Langill was born one minute before the scheduled first pitch of the Dodger home opener in 1965.
His late father, Joseph Langill, had been a patient with Johnson at the abuse center in 1980.
“It was like fate,” said Langill, who hung up the phone and frantically began to search for the exact location of the ring.
When he found the site, his eyes widened.
“I realized we had only two days to try and buy it,” he said.
He called his bosses, whose decision took about two minutes.
“It was more valuable to us than anybody else out there,” Graziano said. “To us, this was about an emotional connection.”
A connection not only between a team and a player, but between a town and a team.
A connection we’d thought was lost. A connection that may still have a chance.
“People have asked me about doing a movie of my life, but I never had an ending,” said Sweet Lou Johnson, staring down at the ring. “But now, I have an ending.”
For him, maybe. For the rest of us, another beginning.
Play ball.

Every single one of us needs to read about this great Dodger fan:,0,3705708,full.column

good morning all 🙂
Like Sara said last night was amazing. We were walking down the club level and in front of us was Ned Coletti and as we recognized him, out the side door came Josh. I whispered to Sara, “hey is that Josh” we weren’t sure, but she was brave enough to ask and then he stopped to chat with us. It was cool because he knew exactly who we were and he was so grateful that we post on his blog. He really loves keeping this blog going. I told him my goal was to get to 2000 post last week, but he ruined it by putting up a new post. He said it was because people’s computers were crashing because it was too long. oh well.
At the bottom of the stairs we saw Kevin Kennedy and Patrick O’Neal and then the Game was Fantastic!! I love when we score runs. I couldn’t believe how many hits we gave up to the Pads, and we held them to only 1 run. Dodgers rock!!!
It was a great birthday for Kemp! Let’s support Kershy tonight and keep the good times a coming!!!
GO Dodgers!!

I am leaving work early today and tomorrow to make it to BP, afterwards I’ll move to my season ticket in the Top Deck aisle 3 last row with my Top Deck family.
Thursday same thing only that I’ll be checking out the last auction in the club level. Prior to the game I’ll check what they have and close to the deadline (8:45) I’ll be there seeing what I can bid on or chatting with friends there.

eric- that was a great wonderful story. Old people are the best, they know what they want and they go for it 🙂
I hope I can be a ticket holder into my later years. Dodgers are awesome and I am ready for the ‘next 50 years’
Morning Emma 🙂

I was in the club level for a while too talking with some people there. Must’ just missed you. Saw Patrick and the skipper too and also Pschyco Lyon.

Good morning gang!! Glad you all had a great time at the game. Great stories. Sweet win last night. Super cool running with you DadEric. Gotta run. Hope you all have a super day. Catch you later. Go Dodgers!!!!!!

We probably just missed eachother!!! I will not be there tonight, but on Thursday I will be infield Reserve behind home. Do you have your playoff ticket location? I will be on Lodge for the Playoffs.

‘Morningjhalltakeiteasyjhall!!! LOL!!

amy, great story with you and sara connecting with Josh. You guys are pretty lucky!

Emma, thank you. Simply, thank you.

Quick story while transitioning into reading groups – this is so cute without any persuasion from their teacher- honest. We were doing our morning music, and I played the song “You Are My Sunshine”, which is a medley with “This Little Light”. No lie, my Andre fan minime, Elaina, starts singing “You Are My Andre”, and turns the whole song into a song about him, and then the rest of the class started singing the chorus just like that with her. I was laughing so hard I was crying. They are aware of some of the song writing that’s been done because some are posted in the classroom from martinloneykemp(the James Loney Song) dodgereric and jhall, but they obviously don’t know it’s 401 songs and going strong, nor do they know their teacher is involved. This may have to be made into a permanent song with a 6 year old and teacher combo as the authors. This song is going to be sung this way the rest of the year. It’s just in this classes nature. I will write it out and post it later, but I had to share the story part – too funny and so very cute!!!
Until later – dnelly and June Darlin’ ~ Ethieraholic 🙂

Good morning everyone! Great game last night! Amy got to see a real doozy! I was in class and I checked the score on my phone, and I think I had a big goofy smile on my face when I saw the score was 7-1, and the Snakes had already lost. I am now officially even more jealous of my wife as it appears there is a better chance that we clinch tomorrow, obviously depending on what we do tonight. Let’s go get ’em today!

dnel- such a cute story. You have sucessfully turned an entire class of kids into Ethirtaholics. lol.
mike- it was a wonderful game. My goodness. After sitting through Sunday’s painful loss, it was nice to be at a blow out. It’s very good for the ego!! Magic number 3- we can do it!!!
Eric- Thank you. Sara and I had a fabulous time. We had an adventure and saw a great game. I love this team!!!!!

Good Morning ITD! Hell of a game last night! All those 27’s were starting to add up, then we beat 27 shades of Goldenrod Yellow outta the Pads! Who could ask for anything more?

Nelly – Awesome story about the little songwriter. I can’t wait for your posting of the written song. I’m sure it will be a classic!

DNELLY – You are something else…But I will be having that song on my head all day…”You are my Ethier….” LOL…That was just too cute.
AMY – I am glad you and SARA had a great time at the game last night…last night was just a night full of magic…here at ITD and at the game….I’m glad you got to meet JOSH…OK now how does the guy look….I’ve never seen a pic of him?
Hey ALL wonderful game last night. GOOD JOB BOYS IN BLUE…..MAGIC NUMBER 3…..WE CAN DO IT….

NSB- I swear I saw you at the game last night. I knew you were up north watching on TV, but this guy walked right by with his girfriend/or wife and I was convinced that it was you. It’s the So cal version of you and your girlfriend. I took comfort in knowing you were being represented. 🙂
boy those 27’s were magic last night. I love those boys.
Rose, he’s a white man, slender build with light brown hair. He looked busy with a lot on his plate. But he took the time to talk with us. It was great.
Crash- morning to you too!

ERIC – Wonderful story about one of the greatest Dodgers Fan Mrs. Williams. The vibe here at ITD is very wonderful right now…reading all of your stories from the past and the new ones created last night by those that attended the games….THIS IS WHEN FEELING ‘BLUE’ IS GREAT. Let’s keep up the great vibe. GOOOO DODGERS!

Amy- If I was in 2 places at once, then those 27’s were REALLY working their magic!!! You got to meet Josh, the Dodgers bombed the Pads, looks like the 27’s paid off!!

Dnelly- That’s awesome!! You just might have to record it and post an mp3 on Dre’s blog, sure he’d love that!

Emma- great story about Sweet Lou Johnson getting his ring back. Great to hear a tragic story end happily 🙂

Eric- don’t sell yourself short. If you’re an uninformed clown blogger, I’d hate to think where that puts me!

Perumike- Don’t you hate it when class gets in the way of a good Dodger game? My American Philosophy professor (diehard NYY fan) once said “You have to live by your priorities. For example, the Yankees are my priority. If I get tickets to see them in Oakland, and we have a quiz that day, My priority would have me cancel class for the day and go to the game. I’m not joking either”. I guess it’s easier for someone who makes money as a University Professor to take that stace though, huh?

I owe, I owe, so off to work I go! be back later.


Emma-THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’ve always wondered about that. Maybe the next time you see Lou you can tell him he’s a Dodger hero that won’t be forgotten.

You are so welcome! I hope others got to read the Plaschke story about Sweet Lou that I posted. Is long but is nice touching story.
I have a picture of Josh and I on the field from the WIn baseball clinic but is at home. I know I spotted him on another picture online that I’ll try to dig out after I get a little work done. need to send our 401K file.

I’ll second what knouffbrock says, Emma. You tell Lou that there’s a lot of old broken-down Dodger fans that think the world of him and are keeping him in our prayers. Winners never quit, Sweet Lou!

You are so welcome knouffbrock! It gave me a chance to read it again. I sure will pass your note to him. He will be at Photograph Alley on Thrusday during the 1st hour. Maury will be ther during the 2nd hour.

CRZBLUE – That would be great if you find Josh’s picture…hey we should have a mini contest here to see who can spot Josh in the net….LOL!
NSBlues – That Professor is something else…he will CUT CLASS to go to a baseball game…that is great….too bad he is cheering for the wrong team. You should get Professor DEBBIE….She lets you hear the DODGER game during Math and teaches you DODGER SONGS…for lunch…hey DODGER DOGS! LOL

True nsblues! I love my class, but I love my Dodgers more! It’s a tough one!

Mr. September: .455/.543/.697/1.240 with 15 RBI and 16 runs
Manny in Sep .366/.461/.761/1.221 with 26 RBI and 13 runs
Mandre in Sep .409/.512/.730/1.242 with 41 RBI and 29 runs.
Simply put, Mandre is a beast.

I was thinking if I should give Sweet Lou a belated card. am writing a little note to him and adding what you want me to tell him so I got Dodgereric, nsblues, and nouffbrock. Is that OK? You guys are so nice! Thanks!

Emma – great story, and I am glad you were able to find that information.
Eric ~ What a wonderful article – just remarkable!!
nsblues ~ Thanks ~ I will look into getting this one recorded – too good to pass up. Also, thanks for backing up the fact that our dodgereric is NOT an uninformed “clown” blogger 🙂
Amy/dodgersrule/Crash ~ I must have turned a few shades of red during that song. It was so funny and adorable at the same time. I complain about this class alot because of the non-stop talking, but the first thing a few of them ask me every morning is “How did Andre, James and the Dodgers do last night.”

looks like furcal is ready to play! have your fingers crossed!!!!

To get Furcal ready, need to clinch by Thursday, then use him sparingly in the SF series. Goal would be to get him ready to use in postseason. Sure would be great to have Furcal on the bench rather than Sweeney (only if he’s truly ready).

crash, do you think anyone could detect a drop in production going from a healthy Sweeney to an injured Furcal?

LMAO!!!! no…… 🙂

Eric – Only Joe. We’re still trying to figure out how Joe’s mind works (or if it does at all). For JoJo, perception is bigger than reality. For us, Joe’s perception is tragedy.

Good Article – what do you think about what was said about Manny and Ned?

This year’s comparison – batting against right-handed pitchers. Something for Joe to consider when he’s making out the playoff rosters.
Furcal .366/.458/.573/1.032
Sweeney .147/.278/.173/.451
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot to mention – Furcal can also hit against left-handed pitchers.

Nelly – I doubt we will lose Ned this winter. Unfortunate, yes, but that will give us something to complain about next year. Manny? Has to be signed.

Gotta love that Sweeney slugging percentage. Including against LHP+RHP, it’s .169. A few Dodgers with a higher slugging percentage this year:
Hiroki Kuroda .173
Brad Penny .192
Chin-lung Hu .205
Fatty Jones .249
and . . .
Estaban Loaiza .333

I knew we shouldn’t have let Esteban go…

crash, years ago I had a job working in a gas station. One day I was working with the owner. He was doing what owners do, basically nothing, which was his right as an owner. I was working the back room, juggling two oil changes, and also taking care of the cars coming in for gas. Are you old enough to remember full service gas stations? This was one of them. Every now and then as I was running from the back room to the islands and back, I would look into the office where the boss was. He was sitting at his desk, holding a yardstick vertically propped up on the desk at arms’ length, keeping it between his head and the door. I saw him doing this several times. Being young and stupid, I finally asked him what it was that he was doing. He said, “Trying to figure out if you’re moving or not.”

That’s what I’ve been doing with Torre so far, not trying to figure out HOW his mind works, but rather IF it’s actually working. I haven’t seen much movement. I think it’s dead.

June Darlin’, my heart sees signs that McCourt is wanting to let Ned go. My common sense tells me to wake up and smell the coffee.

Ned needs to be fired regardless of this year’s outcome. If Franks claims poverty and can’t/won’t sign Manny or CC, the finger (and need I tell you which one?) points directly at Ned and his wonderful signings as the cause.

BTW, great stories and articles today everyone – enjoyed them all.

IF the Dodgers make it…and IF they go with 11 pitchers…that leaves 14 hitters, equaling six subs. If you give HALF those spots to cripples Nomar, Kent, and Furcal, the Dodgers lose tremendous flexibility. Pierre and Ardoin take two more spots, leaving ONE utility infielder actually capable of playing the field??? Don’t think so, unless Furcal or Kent shows he can play two or three innings at a stretch.

crash, it takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to list the Dodgers with slugging percentages higher than Sweeney (.169). Let’s see who is worse:

Hmmm, no one. Well, that’s ridiculous. Must be SOMEONE. How about Andruw? He sucks, right? Nope. He’s at .249. Gary Bennett? Nope. .381, more than TWICE as high. Yes, Gary Bennett. Jason Repko’s had a hard time so far, how about him? Nope. .231. I know, Terry Tiffee! Nope. .250.

Hell, half the pitching staff has SLG% higher than Sweeney! You’d think this guy would have SOME pride and quit.

Very interesting stuff today…….I think I’d rather have more hitting than pitching. Our starters are talented enough to go deep into a ball game. So, some relief is necessary but, a clutch hit is more important. I would let Sweeney go because he can’t even run if he should get on base, which is highly unlikely… there are 2 substitutions used in one at bat. I’d keep Young and Repko. I also heard today on ESPN that how far we go in the playoffs will determine whether we sign Manny or not……….stupid, stupid, stupid! We need him next year for sure and build our club around him.

magic number = 3


i hope everyone is having a GREAT day!

eric, when amy and I saw ned yesterday, she said was surprised i didn’t go over to him and berate him.. haha.. it took all i had to stop from saying anything to him =P

she said *she* was…

hello Tru and Sara. Good to see you on!

Sara- didn’t it look like Ned wanted to Talk to Josh, but we were in his way?? he kept looking back and seemed to stop for a minuet but we got to Josh first. Maybe that will count. We ‘Josh’ blocked him. lol.

Hi Amy – was thinking about you at the game and how much fun it must have been to see all those runs! Hope we do the same tonight…….I know we will!

hi amy! yesterday was an adventure, for sure~

hi trublue! it’s been a while 🙂

Tru- thank you. It was a lot of fun and the night just got better and better. Definitely one of my favorite games this year.
Tonight will be no exception. I hope for big things tomorrow. It’s starting to hit me that tomorrow is the last reg. season home game. It’s sad. The stadium has been my home for the past 6 months.

Ward Dear/Crash – very sad statistics about Sweeney and nothing we didn’t really already know, but it will just boggle my mind when he ends up on this play off roster when we really can’t afford to have that happen. Like you said, there are pitchers who can do his job if needed. Well, statistics say they would do better.
Hi everyone!!! Those of you going to the game, have a great time!!
Ward Dear – another funny story about your former boss… 🙂

Back from work… stinking, lousy no-good dead end job!

Rose- I’d definitely want Professor Debbie teaching one of my Lit classes! I could see it now: “And this semester’s reading list: The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn, The Artful Dodger by Tommy Lasorda, Once a Bum, Always a Dodger by Don Drysdale…”

Emma- thanks for signing my name on the card, give my regards to Sweet Lou!

Sara and Amy: The Joshblockers. Coming to a theater near you…

I never knew this site existed… check it out:

The Drysdale quote on the opening page is worth the (non-existant) price of admission alone.

Thanks for the link North! Nothing like a little chin music to test the reflexes!!

Ahh… back in the good old days when pitchers owned the iside part of the plate. Back in the good old days when you sent a message by throwing up and in. Back in the good old days when you protected your teammates. Can’t do that anymore lest you get thrown out of the game. Yet another reason why its cause to celebrate when you find a pitcher nowadays that can keep his ERA under 3 for the season.

nsblues/dodgersrule ~ I don’t know about being a professor – that’s a tall order, but thanks for the compliment. I am shocked on how much they are retaining about this current team. Through all the talking they certainly are picking up alot of information about the Dodgers and baseball in general. We talk about it daily when we do geography. Even though we are talking about a different team (Cubs this week), it always comes back around to the Dodgers some how.
Anyhow, recess is over – time for P.E. – I will catch up after school – 🙂

Sara and Amy: The Joshblockers. Coming to a theater near you…
By nsblues on September 24, 2008 2:08 PM
NSB- lol. but seriously, I do think Ned wanted to speak with Josh and we intercepted!

Amy, sounds like you and Sara had a great time last night! and you got to meet Josh, that’s icing on the cake! Poor guy must be beyond busy since July 31st and now into the fall. But it must be a great kind of busy, helps keep the weight off from all the Ice Cream they’ve been eating lately.

EMMA!- Great idea! You are the greatest and THANKS a BUNCH again!

nsblues – To finish my comments from earlier. That would be a fun reading list for sure. Eric gave me quite a few ideas on other books to read as well, and the ones I have read have been wonderful. So, are you almost finished at Chico, and what do you want to do with your degree? Are you a writer/author already?
Amy ~ Is your mom’s class going any better?

New post on my blog: . It’s dealing with Magic Numbers, talking about 3 of course, and yesterday’s 27 (I didn’t put anyone’s name in there because I know everyone values their privacy differently, but if you don’t mind having your name in with the 27’s, I can always re-edit it 🙂 ).

I’ll soon be off to run some errands in preparation for my gf’s mom’s b-day. After that, it’s to the drawing board for me 🙂 To everyone going to the game tonight, if I don’t see you before then, have a great night, and scream, shout and stomp loud enough that the Pads can hear you down in the cellar 😉


Wow!! nsblues – great website featuring Drysdale – thanks!!!!

nsblues – way too cool sir! I didn’t see the 1954 stuff. I must have missed it along the way somehow. Incredible!!

nsblues.. you and amy better trademark that joshblockers right away.. haha.. and thanks for the link on drysdale, GREAT quote 🙂

nsblues ~ Drysdale was one of my all time favorite players…..I still remember the day he died so suddenly. Thanks for letting me enjoy him again.

Enchanted and Dnelly, no prob about that Drysdale page. I got excited when I googled for his autobiography’s title (Great book, just couldn’t remember the name), and saw that they had an official site for him. That’s why one of my names was Mercury53 (and also why Herbie the Love Bug was 53, if you didn’t know 🙂 )

Dnelly, with fingers crossed, I should finally graduate in Fall of ’09, with commencment in Spring of ’09. Hoping to become a writer of course, and songwriting’s high on my list (I was a music major before switching to English), but writers starve, so I”m definitely looking to do some work in Education (which makes me kick myself for not having the forsight to go for the Engish Education major, but I’m a Sr., too late now). Ideally at the Community College level in the near future, with my sights set on eventually becoming a University Professor, you know, if the writing and music thing doesn’t work out.

My writing experience mostly comes from my 5 semesters as a News, Campus Life and Layout Editor for my Community College newspaper, the Yuba College Prospector. Those were good times, politically charged, ticking off the Administration with our exposè articles. One time, the College President herself had a meeting with the news staff, asking if there was anything she could do to keep us from writing stories that were “detrimental to the perception of the University.” We essentially told her that as Journalists, it was our job to report such things, and we weren’t the Administration’s sounding board, we were the voice of the student body. :: cue “Louie, Louie” ::

Good Times, Bad Times, you know I’ve had my share… Well, I guess I”m off for now. Be back soon

enchanted ~ I know what you mean about pitchers nowadays being lucky to have an ERA under 3. Umpires used to call balls and strikes according to what the rule book said…..strikes were just below the letters to the knees. Now, each umpire has developed a “style”…….some won’t call a low strike (which is what Lowe needs) and some won’t call one at the letters. Umpires are there to simply call a game properly, not have a style ….we don’t pay the big bucks to see an umpire! And, the brush-back pitch is much needed for those plate crowding hitters.

Great Post NSB. I think it’s great that you shared our lucky number 27 from yesterday. It all paid off in the end. It’s fall now, magic is definitely in the air. I feel it. We are going into October baseball with out heads held high and with the West won!!!
Dnel- Things are pretty much the same. She just found out that one of her second graders is only 6. Just turned 6 to be exact. She said he’s too young to learn at the second grade level because he’s still a baby and he is having a lot of problems. That is one example of her many struggles. She is working hard, organizing, spending time on the weekends to get things right. A lot of tension at her school right now. Thank you for asking 🙂
Tru- I have a message for you…I will post it in a second…

NSBlues…great blog…let me add to the LUCKY NUMBER 27TH & MAGIC NUMBER 3 (atleast todays magic number), but your girlfriend, JOEPIERRE and myself all share the same birtday 3-27….turuturuturuturu…..

North – great drysdale site. I particularly enjoyed these quotes ABOUT him:

“Don Drysdale would consider an intentional walk a waste of three pitches. If he wants to put you on base, he can hit you with one pitch.”
— Mike Shannon
“I hated to bat against Drysdale. After he hit you he’d come around, look at the bruise on your arm and say, ‘Do you want me to sign it?'”
— Mickey Mantle

Would like to see Billz get a little of that attitude in him.

Tru/rose/ NSB/ all my Disneyland fans…..
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Disneyland is holding a HUGE promotion in 2009. Everyone age 3 and up will be able to get into Disneyland for FREE on their birthday.
Start your birthday off right with the most magical birthday present of all: free admission on your birthday during 2009 to one of the Theme Parks of the Disneyland® Resort*! It’s our gift to you and it all begins right here.

To get this wonderful birthday gift for yourself or your children, follow these simple steps:

* Register yourself—and your children too, if you want.
* Print the reminder email with its confirmation message that you will receive 2 weeks prior to your birthday to redeem free admission on your birthday in 2009.
* Bring proper ID and your confirmation message to the Main Entrance ticket booths outside the Disneyland® Resort Theme Parks.
* If you are an Annual Passholder or already have a Multi-Day ticket you will use on your birthday, go ahead and register and bring the free admission on your birthday confirmation and proper ID to the ticket booth so you can choose from one of our other exciting birthday gifts instead. (see FAQs for details).
All the info is on
super cool 🙂
I am excited!!

Sara and Tru, no prob 🙂 I”ve gotta buy his autobiography so I can read it all over again. I remember the day he died too, at that point, I only knew him as an announcer. And Sara, I see big things for The Joshblockers, IMAX big. not much of a plot yet, though… which means that it’d be like 85% of the movies Hollywood puts out already!

AMY- I read what you told DNEL about the kid just turning 6 and being in 2nd….well my daughter was having problems all last year cause of her age. Last year she was in 1st Grade and her teacher insisted that she needed to go back to Kindergarten…but see my daugther was of right age. The cut off date was September 1st and her b-day is the 26th (Friday….Happy Birtday baby…yup we are going to Disneyland). Now she is in 2nd and she is about to turn 7. Now if my daugther was having problems I can imagine what the just-turn 6 years old 2nd grader is going through

amy ~ thanks. I get emails from Disney all the time. That would be so cool the best place on earth (next to Dodger Stadium, of course) and a birthday gift as well!!!

All I can add to the #27 is that today was my 27th day of school. However, if the number were 28, I would be all over that one – lol!!! Then there is always #16 – lol!!! Now I am just being goofy- lol!! It’s the song – it’s been stuck in my head all day 🙂

AMY – oh yes I had heard about Disneyland…and of course I saw the commercial while watching “Dancing with the Stars”…yes I am a fan of that show (Can’t wait to see Ethier in it someday…LOL)…but yeah I got the website and everything to register and Iwill do so later on. Too bad it wasn’t for this year….:) Thanks!

Hey they should bring those Disney commercials back after the World Series…”Manny Ramirez, so what are you going to do NEXT”, Manny says – “I’m going to Disneyland”….yup Dodgers can win the World Series

dodgersrule ~ i’m a “Dancing with the Stars” fan too. I also like “American Idol”, why I don’t know.

rose- wow. I’m glad that you know what I mean about age. Kids that young are stiil developing and the demographic at my mom’s school don’t get a lot of support in their homes. She has a lot of challenges where she is.
Dnel- I’m glad 27 is making everyone happy these days. At work we were talking about birthdays and my co-worker was born on 7/27 and I told him that His birthday is Loney an Kemp. Mine is 12/25 so I am Kent and Jones (not as exciting) but I love Jeff so it’s all good.
Tru- I’m glad you already know. Disneyland is the best place ever!!!!
NSB= you can totally be Sara’s and mine Agent! We will blow up, I know 😉

I’m 16, ha-ha 🙂 Lucky me!

amy, i totally signed up for that disneyland thing when someone emailed me about it yesterday.. VERY cool promotion..

nsb, i see IMAX big too.. all proceeds benefit.. you?

alright, i’m off to class.. hoping to be back later! GO BLUE!

have a good class Sara. Go USC! say hi to your friend Pete for me. Maybe today you can hear what he is saying 🙂

Trublue – your birthday is on the 16th, but I don’t think you are 16 – LOL!! impossible – that would make me a negative number, and that just won’t do – LOL!!! I know, it’s the song -I have been goofy like this all day long.

I thought any 16 counted!! New thread, by the way!

TRU – so who are you going for in Dancing W/ The stars this season…I have a feeling that it will be between Lance & Warren Sapp…and hey I’m 32 that’s 2x#16….twice the Ethier…LOL

Checking in on the Cards & D’Backs


dodgersrule ~ I think you are right! I think Warren is smooth and well, Lance is NSYNC, so what more can I say! lol I’m surprised Cloris was not eliminated.

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