Tonight's lineup

It’ll be a brief post today, as our two winners of the ThinkCure auction – Susan Rubin and Ryan Knutson are following me around today. It’s only 3:15, and they’ve already happened to run into and/or meet Greg Maddux, Delwyn Young, Rick Honeycutt, Derek Lowe, Bob Schaefer, T.J. Simers and several others.

So, we’re heading out to the Manny Ramirez look-alike contest at Viva los Dodgers.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Kuroda, P


Nice lineup and glad Martin is back in the lineup toniight.

Nice lineup and glad Martin is back in the lineup tonight.

Sigh didn’t know it posted the first time.

Congrats to the Cubs on winning the NL central.
I have a feeling the Dodgers will be playing them in October.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh ~ Thanks for the lineup, and have fun with your guests. It was great to read in the Dodger Magazine how much money was raised through the auction. That is fabulous!!!

I know Amy is going to the game tonight and I told her she would be our teams lucky charm. We will score lots of runs and blow those Giants away tonight.

Maybe this will be the year for the Cubs? Then again, they always seem to find a way to lose when it counts and it never seems to be about their on-field performance. It’s always about the Billy Goat Curse or some other freakish occurence.

seesky ~ you are so right about the Cubs. They do always find a way to lose and I’m sure they will do it again this year.

trublue– When I lived in Southern Wisconsin, I got to witness a lot of Cub fans. There were always a lot of “Cub” fans who came out of the woodwork when they were contenders and disappeared when they weren’t. That was the case with the Jordan Era Bulls, too.

seesky ~ I know what you mean. Everyone calls them the faithful, but it is just when they are winning. And, yea, what did happen to all the Bulls fans after Jordan left? The Giant fans are the same….it always looks like they have a full house, but half of the people at the games are fans of the other team. My husband is a true fan…..he still roots for the Rams, as awful as they are. I think our Dodger fans are pretty loyal…….we complain a lot but they still pack the ravine every night.

trublue-I don’t have a lot of respect for fans who don’t stick with their teams regardless of their fortunes. Your husband has got to be a real fan if he supports the same team,good or bad, even after they’ve left town. That’s truly impressive. Given those circumstances, I don’t know if I’d be that faithful. If anyone has an out, he does.

It would be nice if it was against us.

seesky ~ He liked the Rams originally because of the uniforms….but then loved the team when they played in L.A.When they moved, since he hated the 49ers and the Raiders, he just didn’t give up on them. As for me, I’m not a big fan of pro football. I prefer the college game, love USC. I’m a Lakers fan but I like college basketball……..March madness has me glued to the T.V. set. Love the Bruins, since the Wooden days. I have been a Dodger fan forever….and believe me, we’ve had some pretty great teams and some pretty awful teams as well…….but I still am a fan. Before cable t.v. and computer, I had to strain to listen to them on a station our of Las Vegas…..but only at night, because I had no reception during the day. My husband would laugh at me trying to pick up the signal.

Geez the dback don’t want to go away 2-0 in the top of the 2nd.

oops that bottom of the 2nd.

2-1 Dbacks! Let’s go Rockies!

Well the clubhouse cancer is back (Jeff Kent). If we lose every game and miss the playoffs you know who to blame.

Hi Piano Man ~ We really need your services tonight!!

Max ~ He’s not off the DL, is he? I thought I read it would be a while.

I think I read that Nomar would be able to pinch hit. If so, maybe NO SWEENEY……..and that would be a plus.

yeah, trublue, the pre-computer and cable days were tough if you were a Dodger fan and didn’t live in California. I could only see them on TV a few times a year. Now, with ESPN and MLB, it’s great. Younger members of this blog don’t know how lucky they are. Geez, I’m sounding like such an old fart!!! LOL!!!

seesky ~ I am an old fart! LOL Those were the days!

Jeff Kent was activated today Trublue.

Good Evening ITD writers and readers!!!
seesky – I remember the radio days because I was in the house with trublue – LOL!!!!

I have to listen to Kruk and Kuip on the radio all the time here, and now they are talking to Charlie and Rick in the Dodger Stadium booth – my goodness.

Max ~ thanks for the info…….not real happy about it because what will they do with Blake DeWitt? I like him a lot.

Sorry – it is Dave Fleming.

I know, they can keep DeWitt and ship Sweeney off. We can use a good bench player.

trublue & nelly– when I saw my first major league game at the age of 9, I was so amazed at how green the grass was. Up until then, I’d only seen games on black and white TV. That tells you how old I am.

DeWitt will still be the everyday second basemen. Kent is strictly a pinch hitter.

rox and dbacks are tied 🙂

LOL!!! seesky – you got me beat, obviously 🙂

seesky ~ I know what you mean. I had trouble following the ball… camera to show me where it was going. And some of the players were really short!

Max ~ that’s good news.

Need to get this victory tonight because we can’t depend on the Snakes to lose and help us out.

JoePierre ~ I’m with you……….GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dbacks just went ahead.

Another bad pitching start. We really need to win this game. I do think we will score a lot of runs tonight. With Schierholtz’s era, it will be sad if we don’t.

We are in big trouble again!!!!!!!! Already

bluecrewgirl ~ I know, here we go again… the hole already.

LOL, Nelly & TruBlue!!!!! Just another stroll down memory lane,,,, This looks like last night all over again.

Our bats better come alive tonight!

Holy **** is anyone watching the Angels/Texas game? I was watching this game and Vasquez was still pissed that he was called out on k’s and guess who try to restrain him? You wouldn’t believe it and it was Bradley and Rex said he better watch it are us he’s going to be on the DL again?

Just git a ground ball, Kuroda.

Trublue, I’ll be very disappointed if they can’t score runs against a pitcher with a 8.04 era. Sorry, I put the wrong name for the pitcher on my previous post. Should have said Hennessey.

I’ve got my fingers crossed, bluecrewgirl. So fsar this really sucks. I don’t know what has happened to our pitching. You’d think it was nerves like they are in the world series. At least they only got 1 run.

sorry should be “far”

Ask and you shall recieve. If only one hitter too late.

That inning could have been so much worse.

Boy, these first inning.

Well that wasn’t a very good start – OMG!!! Please get some runs.
Hey Boblee – haven’t seen you in a while.
Good Evening bluecrewgirl!!
spit 111 – are you new to ITD or are you a victim of the Invasion of the Name Changers?

That was scary loading up the bases like that. Kuroda got out of that cheap!

Yeah Andre!!!
dbacks and rox are tied again.

Nah I just logged in under another accouint of my. I’m still the same shad or sl7180

Casey Blake has returned to his crappy mediocre self. I still can’t believe Joe bats him 4th or 5th. Him batting above Bison is laughable.

Ok I’m back under the right name now.

That’s good – thanks 🙂

Hey, DNelly! I keep waiting for an offensive explosion by the Dodgers. Hopefully soon.

bluecrewgirl – Well, Andre and Manny are doing their part. We need the rest of them to get into the action.

I personally think if the magic # is higher than the games ahead it really doesn’t mean that much.

The Dodger offense continues to slumber.

Anyone get the impression that Vin is less than thrilled that Kent is back in the dugout? He’s said several times it was surprising that he was activated.

Not good.

I was surprised that Kent was activated. By Kent’s own admission, he can’t run. If one of the younger players was that physically diminished, you can bet they wouldn’t be activated.

CRAP!!!!!!! What’s with our hitting………….pitching………fielding……… It all stinks when we get home…..

Vin’s right. It could just as easily be 5-0. If we can just stay close, we’ve got a chance. It’s early and, after all, these are the Gnats.

Kuroda’s pitch count is already up there. He won’t last long at this rate.

bluecrewgirl – I am sure Vin is not thrilled with Kent period – LOL!!
Fortunately, this game could be a lot worse. There’s still time, but we need Kuroda to settle down some.

seesky – we said the same thing last night, and Zito was pitching. However, it is a new day!!!

Looks like the Giants are really doing it to us, unless the momentum changes.

Kuroda is helping himself – good!!

MARVELOUS MANNY RAMIREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Manram does it again!!!!!

BOOM! The offense awakens!
Thanks Manny!

That’s what I mean about MOMENTUM.

Manny! We really needed that.



First MANNY and now M A T T Y.


I think I can hear Amy cheering all the way from Dodger Stadium.

Now that’s what I call MOMENTUM!!!!!

Now that’s Dodger Baseball!!!!!!!!!

I think so too bluecrewgirl…..

Now that we have Manny, the Giants know how we felt when they had Bonds.
The Red Sox didn’t need Manny but we do.

I hope somebody’s up and throwing in our bullpen.

What in the world is going on with Kuroda – uggghhh!!!!! Chan Ho Park in the bullpen

God, Kuroda’s scary, tonight!!!!!

It did hit him on the leg. That’s way it took that carom shot.

that should be “why”.

Good call by Martin.
Ball definitely hit batter.
Kuroda just got by.

Can we have Kuroda be a PH when not pitching? – He is better than Sweeney

Kuroda’s ABs are better than his pitching tonight.

Kuroda may get a bad grade for his pitching so far tonight, but I got to give him an ‘A’ for effort with his bat so far!

My grandma could hit better than Sweeney. She’s been dead for 36 years.

Lol, DNelly. Stultz is better than Sweeney too.

So is Lowe bluecrewgirl… just amazing isn’t it?

I hope Torre isn’t thinking more about Kuroda’s W-L columns, than a Dodger victory.

Hope Kuroda’s next start will be more like usual.

Good evening, y’all! What a rollercoaster of a game! Let’s go, Park!

Never thought I’d say I’d like to see Proctor come in, but he has been pitching well lately and Park doesn’t look good so far. Torre needs to keep tight control of this game.

Park, up to now, hasn’t been helping much . . . dang!

What in the hell is wrong with our pitching – OMG!! I can’t believe this. I realize we didn’t hit so well last night, but tonight is not the case.

Joe always does this. He lets a pitcher go out to start an inning when he shouldn’t and then once he gets a guy on he takes him out and the inning goes to crap.

The home page has Loney hitting the homerun and not Matt – It’s our team – don’t they know the difference between James and Matt? LOL!!!

WTF Chan Ho?!!


There are too many innings left for this crap. We have walked in two runs tonight – uugghhh!!!!

What a night.
Kuroda bad, Park worse.
Feels like that magic # is frozen.
Let’s go Beimel.

This would be a bad weekend to give up drinking.

This game is going to come down to who’s bullpen is worse.

This is insane!

always freaking happens.

Amy is going to have a lot to say about this game.

LMAO!!!! no kidding seesky!!!!!

No defense against the walk. Oh, those bases on balls!!!

We look like a bad high school team tonight.

Pass the flask around, seesky.

LOL!!!bluecrewgirl – We should be hitting Yabu -everyone else does – come on Dodgers!!!!!

With pleasure, bluecrew!!!!

Okay – Casey’s on base – Go Dodgers!!!

For some reason Yabu makes me think of Andre’s review of Shabu Hachi, lol.

I hope the Dodgers are not feeling the pressure like I am.

Games like this tend to increase the alcohol consumption.

Not to mention raise the blood pressure, vl4ecc!

We got the leadoff man. About time!!!!

Agreed. Aw hell, as long as I don’t have an involuntary protein spill on the keyboard, it’s all good. lol

Go Beimel! – at someone’s pitching tonight so far. Thank you!!!!!

We have to get back in the lead.
I think everybody will feel a lot better.
Especially if we can get some good pitching.

Another 0 for Juan.

Juan for 0 –

BEIMEL I believe relax everybody.

I love Sammy but why the hell is Joe gonna bring him in in a close game right now! Come on Joe you already screwed up in the 4th!

I did that backwards – it should be 0 for Juan. It’s this game, it has scrambled my brain – LOL!!!

Way too early for Sammy time, but let’s go Sammy!!!!!

Even though we’re in first place, I feel like we are trying to keep pace with the D’Backs.
That magic # of 6 in much to high when leading only by 3.

Damn Sammy is throwing some gas! Maybe he’s back.

I think Joe is trying to ease Sammy back in the closer role slowly.

Fire Frank
Fire the guy who Frank hired
Fire the guy who got hired by the guy who Frank hired

Sammy looked pretty good. Hi, Eric.

Good Evening Ward Dear… this game is very, very stressful you know….. 🙂 Did you see what I did?- lol!!!!

and it was gooood to get Omar.

Sammy did look pretty sharp. Maybe he’s ready.

Sammy did look good!! That is a very good sign… I hope

Hi June Darlin’! Yes, I saw what you did. Kind of like going fishing and catching one, only to find out you really don’t want it.

I wouldn’t mind walking in the go ahead run.

I just got in, did I see right? Did we walk 2 runs in?

Definitely Ward Dear, but at least it’s solved – LOL!!!

Whoa! It’s a cheap way to score, but we’ll take it!

He walked on run in, Eric. It was tied 5-5 coming into this half of the inning.

Cmon DY, show ’em you belong!

B E R R O A gooood eye.

He walked one run in, Eric. It was tied 5-5 coming into this half of the inning.

Yes, Ward Dear – this game is really stressful, but we just walked a run in too – it’s been like this all night. Too much game left to be comfortable. Our pitching the first 5 innings sucked to no end. Beimel stopped the bleeding, and it’s been okay since.

Sorry for the double post. I thought I caught my typo on the original one on time, lol.

Kuroda walked a run in, and Park walked a run in.

No problem blue maybe you was helping us to get this thread to 2000 lol.

Whatever happens, this is a fantastic at bat for DY -nice job!!!!!!

Way to hang in there Delwyn!

Great AB! Four runs walked in? I wonder what the record might be?

Ha! The shoe’s on the other foot!
Take that you midgets!!! LOL

This has got to be the wackiest game I have seen this year, aside from the no-hit win game.

This has been a strange and incredibly slow moving game, but if we win, that’s all that matters.

That was best AB that… D Y had all year.

Let’s go Martin let keep this up

I agree PierreEW – just fabulous!!
bluecrewgirl – this can’t get over any sooner for me – this is agonizing to say the least.

P A T I E N C E…won out in that inning.

Russell didn’t look at all under control that AB. He was trying to hit every pitch to the moon.

Hey guys

yeah russ tried way to hard that AB. He should have been patient but Russ rarely is when it counts. He has really disappointed me this year. How good has Cory Wade been!

Dodgers got it

This suck I was hoping we would had Manny up this innings and what’s going on with the UCLA?

Taschner 0.0 0 0 0 3 0 0 4.88

Wade made that look easy!
With K-rod getting his 60th save today, it makes me wonder how high his price tag will be this off season.

W A D E and things are straightening out.

Bring on the OX

OK., now this is getting personal. With a little bit of difficulty my wife was able to get decent seats for last night’s game which then turned out to be one of most unentertaining and disappointing games I attended this season. It was clear from the start that Maddux did not have it but as it turned out, he or any other Dodger pitcher would have had to throw a shutout to have a chance to win. So bad enough the Dodgers lose after the D’backs had also lost I had to be there to see it. Then today I attended the UCLA football game in September heat that ended up with my Bruins getting overpowered by Arizona as the UCLA offense sputtered in a game that also was not very entertaining.

So after two disappointing and not too interesting sporting events, I am counting on the Dodgers to restore some sanity to my sports life. A win tonight will certainly help and a win tomorrow will help even more since I will be in attendance.

WADE has been unbelievable

Wade is such a pimp glad he’s playing for us.

Walk, Walk, Walk – my goodness – poor guy gets walked all the time now. Nice job tonight Andre – showing all the patience!!!!!!

I would love to see Kent PH for Hu if he came down to that and Ozuna come in as a defensive replacement.

I think Wade was the biggest steal in that 2004 draft in the 10th round he have to be.

Sign Manny!

I hope they would do that for you lbirken.

Manny! 2HR, 5 RBI tonight!

Marvelous Manny strikes again – Operation Mandre strikes again!!!!!!!

Sign Manny please!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been a Dodger fan for nearly 62 years and I’ve never seen a Dodger quite like M A N N Y.

Manny! Great job by Andre to get another walk.


McCourt you have to resigned Manny since I don’t think Ned will.

Mandre tonight .500/.700/1.500/2.200 with 5 RBI and 3 runs

I’m sure the house is ROCKIN at the ravine!

We need to go on strike if Manny not signed for next season.

Espineli might not recover from that bomb like Lidge probally hasn’t recover from Pujols years ago.

Unbelievable!!!!! I’ve never seen a performance by anybody for half a season like Manny’s. Amy’s gotta be loving it.

We finally got a bonified HR hitter.

bluecrewgirl – Andre has seen at least 30 pitches tonight. It’s amazing how he sits on that 0-2 count so well now. He has had pretty good patience all year, but this is just incredible.

I can’t remember the last time I saw so many walks in one game and now Hu walks as I am typing! Crazy, but cool since it’s worked in the Dodger’s favor.

I know Manny has been terrific since coming to the Dodgers but if I had a vote as to the Dodger MVP this season I have to give half a vote to Ethier .

Alright Angel!!! Good Job!!!!

Damn I was hoping Kent but hopefully Hu have a good eye and work that walk.

No need to bring in Brox now.

lbirken – I think you are right. Andre and Manny have been awesome together!! Operation ManDre!!

Blow me Torre sent up Stults for the love of god since you won’t let him pitch.

Just for the record – Kuroda had two hits tonight, and Sweeney had none.

Why is Brox in with a 5-run lead???

This has been a crazy game but the pitching has been pretty bad with all the walks.

Will Broxton ever have another one-two-three inning to close out a game?

Wow, never a dull moment in this game.

Just imagine what Furcal, Kemp, Ethier and Manny could done?

lol maybe torre want to win now. I would love to see Proctor again.

nsblues – We all said that the Dodgers never do anything easy, and they are certainly proving that tonight.

Just get it over with, Johnny!!!!

Come on Berroa!

This is agony . . . .

I guess a four hour game is just not long enough so they want to keep on playing.

Well, Vin gets his wish to see Sandoval bat again.


Never a dull, or routine moment tonight…….

SCULLY is counting the chickens before they hatch.
The game ain’t over yet.

Viewing this game is bordering on the masochistic.

LMAO!!! All I can do is laugh because this is ridiculous!!!!!

seesky – find your flask….

Ho-ly s**t!

Another round for ITD!!!!!!

This game is like Chinese water torture. Broxton has not looked good, but Berroa blew that throw. Should have taken his time with it instead of rushing it.

jj – you would think they would make it a little easier on your birthday, but I guess not.

I’ve never had a drink in my life, but I’m tempted tonight.

Thank God it’s over!!!!!


Whew! A few gray hairs later, it’s FINALLY over!

Thank God!!!!! Finally !!!!!!

Going to kill Berroa in that error.

Wow, thank you Dave Roberts for taking a look at a pitch right down the middle of the plate to give me a sports day split.

What does Jon say tonight? In spite of a rough night, Fu-Q y’all!

I’ve had easier teeth extractions…………..

Perumike, I was thinking the same thing!

Fu-Q y’all gnats!!!!!!


After tonight, I’m anxious to see how the rubber game goes tomorrow. These nail biters are hard on an old fart like me.

Nelly, enjoy rubbing this in the face of your family. 🙂

vl, I’m a young fart and it’s still tough on me. 🙂

We got 11 walks. It appears the record is 16, held by the Rockies. July 16, 1994 against the Cards.

We needed a bullet and the whiskey to get through this one!!!!!

WE WIN!!!!!!!
When the magic # is lower than the games ahead maybe then I’ll be more sure we’re going to take it.
Right now with 81 wins I know we’ll be at least a .500 team.
That’s the only thing I’m sure of.

I’m just glad they won this one. They lost last year on my birthday. Against the much hated Giants, it’s that much sweeter!!

Well, night all! My alarm is set for 8am, and I still have some things to do tonight! Let’s get a win tomorrow, and a Dback loss and move that number to 3!

Damn! I just looked over to see the bottle of Bushmills just about gone!
What a night!

I am exhausted after today and looking forward to another Dodger victory tomorrow.

Actually, my husband was watching UNLV and Fresno State play football. He watching the game here and there, but not like I did. Then, once we went ahead 7-5, my son stopped watching so all is good here.

3 of the walks were Andre’s.. 🙂

I forgot “was” – it’s the game – it was brain numbing for me I’m afraid… LOL!!!

heheh Dnelly, that’s lucky, this was a real ugly one!

Happy birthday JJ, glad you get to celebrate a win!


A win is a win is a win and it’s over. Hopefully, tomorrow’s game will be easier.

Magic number is five with seven left to play. Go Dodgers!

nsblues ~ after those first few innings, I thought it was going to be ugy, but this was really ugly.

They just pointed that out on Dodgers Live, DNelly. Steve Lyons said when Andre gets on base they can’t pitch around Manny. They also mentioned how well he hits Cain.

bluecrewgirl ~ Well, Andre supposedly hit well against Hennessy too, but he never got the chance to prove that. Andre is earning a great deal of respect right now. Even the gnat announcers were worried about him every time he came up to bat. That’s who I was listening to when we were up to bat. When we were on defensive, I was in the kitchen listening to Vin, Charlie and Rick on mlb audio. I have family coming over tomorrow for football, and I was cooking – your favorite thing to do 🙂

Super 10 – 7 Win for the Super Los Angeles Dodgers! Super Manager Joe Clueless Torre somehow gets 20 Super Dodgers into the Game! SuperLeadoffCatcher Russell Martin gets a SuperWalk! Super MrSeptember Andre SuperDaddy Ethier gets 3 SuperWalks! What can you say about SuperManny?!! Awesome 3 for 4, 2 Home Runs, 5 SuperRBIs and a SuperWalk! Super James BigGame Loney with his SuperGlove at First Base with a SuperWalk and a SuperHit! Super 3B CaseyAtTheSuperBatBlake gets a SuperWalk and a SuperHit! BigMattKemper with a SuperTitanic HR but No SuperWalks!

Aw, to hell with it. I don’t know how ndeschene does it…….

He did smoke it down the right field line just foul before he walked and he hit it hard on his first out. I have a good feeling he will do well as always against Cain tomorrow.

That was a very swell try Ward Dear…. 🙂

Good night, all. GO BLUE!!!!!

good night seesky – Let’s hope they do this the right way tomorrow, and just win the damn game without all the drama – well, we want home run drama, just against the gnats.

Goodnight seesky. Let’s hope we don’t need the flask tomorrow, lol.

‘Night Sky!

So, Ward Dear, did you have a good Saturday?

Well Darlin’, it’ll do. Laundry, yardwork, then off to the mountains for another Ordeal Ceremony Team performance. The boys did their usual fantastic job.

And you?

Dear ~ I went to school for a little while, did the usual Saturday Target and Staples trip and then I came home, and I have been cooking and doing some cleaning ever since. Typical Saturday, but a good one. Watched Napolean Dynamite with Michael – Mariya slept most of the morning. She didn’t get home until after 2 in the morning from Napa. She went to see their football team play there with a friend and her family.
I am glad to hear your boys had another good performance.

BTW – you went away last night about 11, and then I must have just missed you around 2:20ish. Mariya had just gotten home, and she was filling me in on the game.

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE!!! That might have been the single most unique movie I’ve ever seen. Haven’t watched that one in a couple of years. I think it’s about time.

Yeah, I noticed she got in late! I’m glad we missed each other last night. I saw you and bcGIRL and north were having a nice conversation on music, and there wasn’t much for me to add to it, so I kicked in my latest NetFlix movie, “Lonesome Dove”. When it was over, I checked in here but my heart wasn’t in it. I was tired.

See you all later. A parting thought – Manny is worth every penny the Dodgers don’t even have to pay him, lol. Can’t find a better bargain than that.

Good night bluecrewGIRL! If the Dodgers don’t sign Manny or at least make a fair and serious offer, it’ll be war.

It is a very unique movie. I didn’t really like it the first time I saw it, but then it kind of grew on me.
I figured you were either watching a movie or doing fantasy stuff. nsblues and bluecrewgirl actually have a musical background. I just like listening to music is the extent of my knowledge. I was making sure my fantasy teams were in place during the conversation.

Good night bluecrewgirl – let’s hope they make it easy on us tomorrow, and maybe they will actually let Andre hit the ball… 🙂

Sign Manny!!!!!!

“Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I’m training to be a cage fighter.”

You just don’t come across dialog like that every day!

No you don’t….. LOL!!!!!

I don’t even have any good skills.
Also, before I actually saw the movie, I had no idea why people were wearing “Vote for Pedro” shirts – LOL!!!

So, who do you think they will trim off the roster when we make the playoffs?

Hey Dnelly and Eric, just hangin’ around the computer late night while I have a chance. Working on another drawing, which I’ve been thinking about since Jungar’s post last night. To get in the right frame of mind, I’ve been taking a look at culture from the year of the last incarnation of the World Champion Giants…

Keep your eye on this 17 year old HS senior, he might make something of himself:

A peanut butter commercial:

And check out these nice tech items you could win by playing “Bingo At Home”!:

Not too amazing, when you consider that the last time the Giants could call themselves champions, not only could they see Yankee Stadium over the right-field wall, but Bill Haley and the Comets had just recorded “Rock Around the Clock”, which wouldn’t make it big until it played under the credits of “Blackboard Jungle” the next year.

Meaning: The Giants have never won a championship since the existance of Rock and Roll!!!

They’re pretty much the worst baseball team in California. GAWD!

Sign Manny

Just got back from the game. Everything changed when Manny hit that 3-run homer. Arizona had already won, you could see it right there on the out-of-town scoreboard. There was Kuroda, pitching with men on base everywhere. Then BAM, Manny does Manny. I don’t know about TV, but that HR got out in a hurry. That opened the door for Kemp. And the Dodgers were never headed–tied maybe–but never headed. Still, Kuroda and Chan Ho were abysmal. Kudos to Beimal, Saito, Wade, and maybe Broxton.

nsblues – those are amazing!! The television and the Go Go car – too funny!!! The gnats are a pretty sad team.
Kahli – I am glad they won for you, and yes, that homerun did get out of the park in a hurry even on television. It was commented on even by gnat announcers – I was listening to them at the time.

Maddux cannot be on the postseason roster!!!!!!!!! i think his days are long gone! hes only valuable as a mentor and coach…if this was the beginning of the season i would be alright with maddux starting but please torre do yourself a favor and start mcdonald already! hes 24 and has electric stuff. good fastball with decent command, and a pretty nasty curve. what you guys think of jmac! i think he should be used instead of maddux! and as much as i want to defend maddux its done hes washed up! and please do not say because he is a hall of famer…no doubt he is…no doubt that he tore it up in years past but sorry this is now not then. i went to last nights game when maddux pitched and it sucked and im going on the las dodger homegame and guess whos pitching?! please dont make the last homestand a maddux massacre!

Gotta love DeWitt. Even after trading for a third baseman the Dodgers find DeWitt starting at second base along side Casey Blake–and LaRoche long gone in Pittsburg. I said in May DeWitt will win a batting crown before he’s through. I still believe it.

Kahli, that game must’ve been nuts! It’d be difficult for me to imagine Boston McCourt not at least offering him a reasonable contract. I thought it was great that Gillespie threw Manny that same fastball for his second homer that he had hit just foul two pitches earlier. There was fear in the Giants announcers’ voices, heh.

As for me, I had napped reading my boring book around 6, and woke up at 8:40 to see the Dodgers had a 5-1 lead… only to turn into a tied game within 10 minutes. From then, I knew it was going to be another one of “those” games, the kind we all signed up for when becoming fans of the Blue.

NEWSFLASH TO BROXTON!!! please develop some kind fo offspeed picth. and no i do not consider an 88-90 mph slider an offspeed pitch. his movement on it is whatevers. i hope that broxton can develop a decent 75-79 mph changeup! then he can be a bonifide closer!

1 SP Lowe
2 SP Billingsley
3 SP Kuroda
4 SP Kershaw
5 RP Beimel
6 RP Broxton
7 RP Saito
8 RP Wade
9 RP Maddux
10 RP Park
11 RP Kuo
12 RP Proctor
13 C Martin
14 C Ardoin
15 1B Loney
16 2B DeWitt
17 3B Blake
18 SS Berroa
19 LF Ramirez
20 CF Kemp
21 RF Ethier
22 IF Garciaparra
23 IF Kent
24 OF Pierre
25 OF Young

And Sweeney if Kent or Nomar aren’t ready to go

i would put mcdonald instead of maddux…

and if furcal comes back who does he replace…

Well, Ward Dear… I should know better than to ask you a question like that at 1:30 in the morning… Great Roster!!!

Keep in mind that you asked me what the roster would be, not what I think it SHOULD be.

No Sweeney!!!
How about Jason Repko? Or Hu? Not overly worried about Sweeney’s abiity to play first as long as we have either Kent or Nomar to back up James in case of emergency.

I know exactly where you were coming from – Torre is going to have certain players there whether deserved or not, but I think as long as the main players are intact, it should work out fine…

dodgereric…pretty much right on. I’d change one thing. All things considered, I’d rather have Ozuna or Hu on my roster than Proctor…Nomar can’t play D, neither can Kent. You gotta have a utility glove in the infield. 12 pitchers might be a luxury in the playoffs anyway. But I agree…no Sweeney.

off to bed for me…


good night nsblues!!!

Hi ITD. Just returned from a wonderful night at the Ravine. I was lucky enough to be sitting behind homeplate in row E. What a game!! Manny does bring a lot of excitement to the game. How can the McCourts not sign him? The fans absolutely love him. Awesome players tonight: Manny, of course, Beimel, Cory, Saito. Brox definitely makes me nervous. He is really not ready to be a closer. I am looking forward to today’s game (it is already Sunday). I decided to buy a couple of seats in the shade. My season seat is not much fun for a day game being in row A. It will be interesting being on the enemy side.(even numbers). My seats tonight were next to some Giants fans. Booo. I have to bite my tongue not to turn around and tell the enemy side off. Only 4 games to go. On Tuesday I will be in the Dugout Club for the final time this season close to the Dodger Dugout. I am so excited!! Dodgers only need to win 5 more games to clinch. I hope the D Backs lose and the celebration can start sooner. Come on post season. How is school going DNelly? I went to the post office and forgot the posters in another car. I was so upset. That’s the way my day was going. This week the posters will definitely go out to your class. So Sorry. I have been so distracted lately. I suppose because I eat, breathe and sleep Dodgers. Thank goodness my family and friends understand. All they can say is that at least baseball only lasts 6 months!!!

Lord, this on-again off-again computer is driving me nuts again.

sammie, I know what you’re saying about Maddux. I think he’s done too. I like McDonald a lot so far, but there’s no way that Torre is going with McDonald this season unless the coaches get together and convince him. I don’t think there’s much chance of Furcal coming back this season.

Fogey, I agree 10,000% about Sweeney. But you and I know he’ll be there. Same thing kahli, about Proctor. And I guess you’re right about the IF glove. Eleven pitchers it is.

Ward Dear – my computer is doing the same thing.
xoxrussell – not a problem at all!! My class is doing good – very chatty,but no big concerns yet.
lny4loney/mlk – it’s good to see you on here
I think everyone agrees no Sweeney – Even Kuroda got two hits tonight. How sad is that for Sweeney that Kuroda could hit the ball better than he has. I understand he is a great guy, but please, he can’t hit the ball.

I have a hard time believing that his pride hasn’t forced him into retirement by now. I guess he has none.

June Darlin’, it’s getting late. Church in 6 hours and 43 minutes. Good night and God Bless and let’s get the rubber game!

Whoops, lny4loney is MLK! I called you fogey! Mea culpa. I need a roster of old names I guess.

Good night Ward dear – See you tomorrow sometime. Tomorrow will be another fun game I am sure, along with all the other things happening as well. God Bless!!

I kept running quite a few times into Josh Friday and Saturday in the club level. I also saw him busy in the Viva Los Dodgers festival.
Manny is a class by himself. Awesome! Speaking of Manny, Manny Mota had his auction to benefit his foundation in the Dominican Republic. Quite a few items, including many signed bats, baseball, jerseys, cleats, a whole set of catching gear from Russell. A lot of things from Dominican Republic players but there were others also like a signed ball by Lincecum, Bob Gibson, a metal street sign of Stan Musial. Another metal street sign of Albert Pujols, bat from Shawn Green, a picture of Barry Bonds and Mota during bp signed by both, a Tom Cruise picture with Manny signed by both.
Tomorrow we go back to the regular Dodger auction benefiting the Dodgers Dream foundation. It is also Fan appreciation day. We always have two cakes in the Top deck as a thank you for the wokers there. Stop by if you are the ballpark.
Go D.Lowe! That reminds me to check my fantasy team…..Oh…I am losing to Scott 😦

dodgereric, yeah i dont think furcal is coming back either. theyre always saying that he looks good and then blah blah something else. so i think right now he is a 50%, i am hopeful that he will come back maybe in the last series against sf. but yeah i agree that hu should be in the playoff roster instead of proctor, although hes been suprisingly decent since his return.

Good Morning/ Buenos Dias to All 🙂
Emma- hello dear. great games last night. I’m coming today as well :)GO Dodgers!
Tru/Dnell- It was a fantastic game last night, but damn, it was a looonnggg game. I was worried there in the first half, I thought I would have to come here today and tell you all that I was not a good luck charm. I couldn’t believe that we walked in 2 runs, but then they walked us in twice and I was thankful. I tell you guys, I shouldn’t go to Kuroda games because he never pitches his best when I am there 😦 It was a night of power for sure. So good to see the guys hit those balls out of the park is always a great feeling. 4 Hours later we were all signing “I Love LA” and the night ended well.
Today I look forward to the Lowe matchup. It’s time to blow the Giants away, take the series and set our sights on SD. The Padres don’t give us the kind of trouble that SF does, plus we have the day off tomorrow to rest.
I hope everyone has a nice day and gets a chance to catch this game. I’m glad it’s the Giants so you up north folks can watch on t.v 🙂
Go Dodgers!!!

amy ~ I was waiting to hear from you….kept thinking about you being at the game. I was a nervous wreck watching at home so I can imagine what it was like being there. YOU DID TURN OUT TO BE OUR GOOD LUCK CHARM. THANKS!!

Good Morning, ITD….. I agree with the comment made in the wee hours about Broxton needing an offspeed pitch. The reason that Sammy has been so successful is that he has 3 pitches that he can throw for strikes at anytime in the count. Since he has only two pitches, Brox needs a changeup to get hitters off his fastball and his slider, which is really only a slightly slower fastball…… Unless Boreass makes some totally outrageous demands for Manny, we have to sign him. How the D’s handle this will send a message to the players and the fans how serious management is committed to winning. Here’s at least one vote for Manny as NL MVP. I know a lot of people will say that he hasn’t played a full season over here but ,if the criteria is the most valuable player to his team, who better qualifies than Manny? If Manny is not here, this blog, instead of talking about magic numbers, is a forum for the upcoming 2009 season….I realize that the competitive juices are flowing for our injured vets and they want to get back in the game for the post-season but, in reality, how productive will they really be? Kent can’t run and Furcal is coming off serious back surgery and hasn’t played in the field or swung a bat for 4 months.

seesky ~ SIGN MANNY!!!! I’m with you on the vets wanting to play……….Furcal is still hurting so I don’t think we will see him. Kent says he can just pinch hit and Nomar is Nomar. At least we know Penny won’t be playing, which is great news to me. I’m wondering if Joe will use Saito as closer if it’s just one inning? He seemed okay last night. Our starters have to calm down and just throw the ball.

Kahli, that game must’ve been nuts! It’d be difficult for me to imagine Boston McCourt not at least offering him a reasonable contract. I thought it was great that Gillespie threw Manny that same fastball for his second homer that he had hit just foul two pitches earlier. There was fear in the Giants announcers’ voices, heh.

By nsblues on September 21, 2008 1:35 AM

Let’s me correct you it wasn’t Gillespie it was Espeneli.

Sammie is too late for him to be a starter for us this year probably next year when Penny and probably Lowe are gone..

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