Delayed post…

Unbelievably busy first day back in the office and unfortunately, it's not looking very pretty down on the field. It's the top of the 7th and we're down 7-0, but at least you have a new thread. Congrats on topping the 1,200 mark in comments. Hope to most more tomorrow.


Even though we may lose tonight, we remain in 1st place and reduce our magic number with the D’backs loss tonight.

Obi ~ where have you been? Missed you.

By the way, Obi, we really could have used your help today, in setting the record for the number of posts.

NOOOO.. new thread, we are ruined 😦
good job anyway guys!
Obi, glad you are back!

Josh- I hope that you are having a successful 1st day back. Disappointing game, but we will take the series!!!
(and it’s good to know that you aren’t the only one with typo’s tonight :)…) lol.
I said, No shut out! Let’s GO Dodgers!!!

biddyboo- I just love Disney a whole lot. I have an annual passport and when I go there I ask a lot of questions. I’m not afraid to know more info.
As far as the facts tonight, most of them I’m just pulling off the web. And I get Disney emails sent to me and they are usually full of a lot of information.

Bummer! But y’all got to 1200ish. Who else is doing that many? No one I bet!

Wow, new thread! Don’t look at it as a thwarted attempt, Amy, but as the next challenge!

Hi Crash, great to be back, even though those SillyNannies are taking us to school tonight. what they hope to teach us, hell if I know…

Hi Dnelly, nah, not finished yet… I think I might bite the bullet on this one and wikipedia the heck outta the plot, heh. I should’ve stuck with bluecrewgirl’s major, I liked doing the music major thing… just felt like I was a better writer than “classical” musician (I’m pretty good with a Strat, though).

Fire Joe
Fire the guy who hired Joe
Fire the guy who hired the guy who hired Joe
Fire Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire Frank
Fire the guy who Frank hired
Fire the guy who got hired by the guy who Frank hired

Running out of outs here.
PLEASE!!! No shutout!!!

Hey Obi! Long time, no see.
Dodgers suck tonight (enchanted thought bubble 9:46)

BTW, Happy birthday JJ (better late than never!!)

Josh – we wanted to get to 2000. Okay – fine!!! LOL!!
Good evening Ward Dear….. We were ready to go to 2000.

Ahh very cool, Amy! I am thinking about getting a passport from work. We are selling the deluxe passport this year instead of the 4day ticket. Do you ever ask them how they can be so happy all the time working there when at times it can be miserable? 🙂 I always marvel at how friendly the workers are!

Eric! Good to see you on.

I’m not a classical musician, northstate. I did develop more of an appreciation for it and classical music was what we had to do in school. I have pretty broad musical tastes, but I’m pretty much a rocker chick at heart.

Can we replace Maddux’s next start with McDonald? He seems to have a lot more gas than Greg.

“Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah? Wah wah wah! “- Charlie Brown’s Teacher Thought Bubble explaining why everyone calls him by his first and last name.


No more shutout!

Gracias Pablo!

Will this get them started?

Obi ~ it is great to see you!!!
1200 posts is still awesome!!!

Right on, bluecrewgirl! I got kinda turned off when they were gonna make me take choir, and the instructor, although great, was very snobbish. She thought there hasn’t been good music since Mozart, whereas I think that there’s something to like in almost all music.

Kemper – let’s keep this going with Mr September!

Lol, obi. Too bad there will never be any new Charlie Brown episodes or cartoons. It’s one of my all time favorites.

Come to think of it, I believe Snoopy is the only Peanuts character not to call Charlie Brown by his full name.

Greetings all my good Dodger friends.

Screw the Giants.

hey all, just wanted to say hello and I hope that all of you are doing well. my computer crashed so I have to use others… on a good note for tonight were not getting shut out anymore… GO DODGERS!!!!

E, I think you had it right, we’re playing like a team who flew cross-country after a 12-hour game. They’re gonna pay tomorrow.

hey, we scored!!!!!!!! HOOORAAYY!!!!!!!!!

The night I was in Philadelphia, During BP, O Z U N A,
hit about 7 in a row into the left field seats.

Amy, I know right about now, I could use a good episode where Edwards is fall-down drunk and yelling at everyone trying to help him, heh.

obi–lmao!!! that is my favorite though bubble.
biddy- I have the deluxe passport myself. I go about once a month. If you love it and will go that often, it pays for itself. Plus it’s a park hopper which means more fun, and you get discounts off food restaurants. That part is great 🙂 You should go for it.
I’ve officially changed the channel off the Dodger game. Instead of Little House, I’ve decided on Gilmore Girl’s reruns. I love that show.

Andre sure is getting some big time cheers these days – sounds wonderful!!!!!

Greetings all my good Dodger friends.

Screw the Giants.

By dodgereric on September 19, 2008 9:51 PM

Hi Eric, HERE HERE to that thought!

Oh NSB- drunk Edwards will never disappoint 🙂

For the record, “That Reminds Me…..” has exactly 1300 posts.

And Dodger Lyrics has 397 songs…..

Why do people look up when they think?

Very good Obi!!!!!!

I think the Snakes are good for at least three more losses on their roadtrip.

Alright! MAN…Ko is up.

Eric – 1300 is fantastic!!!!

Amen, north! And YOU, my friend, were #1300!

Amy, are you still looking for songs with twist, spin and what else, twirl?

dnell– to take the focus off of what they were previously looking at. haha. that’s the best I got.
Fernando looked up when he pitched and that worked for him 🙂

Why do you turn down your radio when you’re looking for your destination?

Eric- I am sir!!! Upbeat tempos and family friendly lyrics please 🙂

I made a contribution to the record setting thread. Granted it was an extremely late and very Mark Sweeneyesque contribution.

Congrats NSB for becoming our historic post!

A short detour on the way to the playoffs.

lol Obi

Twist and Shout, Peppermint Twist, Twistin’ The Night Away…

obi- lol. very true. And you were the one who stopped our post by bringing our attention to this new thread. Don’t forget that too!

Why don’t chickens urinate? those already. Along with “You spin me right around”
I also came up with “The Wilbury Twist”

Birds, chicken and foul all only have one kind of waste. it’s white and black and runny—-eeewww!!!

biddyboo – that’s a good one- LOL!!!!
nsblues – congratulations on being #1300

How to say “GO TO HELL, GIANTS!!” in Japanese: (a traditional chant for baseball fans who hate the Yomiuri Giants)

1.) Jigoku (definition: Hell) (Pronounced: gee-GO-koo)
2.) Ni (definition: participle defining place [i.e. “to” in english]) (prononced: knee)
3.)Ochiro (definition: harsh form of “go”) (pronounced oh-chee-ROH)
4.) Jyaintsu (definition: Giants) (pronounced: Giants-u [the “u” is mostly silent])

Put ’em together, and you get “JIGOKU NI OCHIRO JYAINTSU!!!”

we are almost to 60 already, this thread is in the making to become a very long thread…

Chicken manure is great fertilizer though amy! You just can’t use it in the wet & gooey stage, or it will burn your plants up.

The Twist and Twist It Up (Chubby Checker), Twist-Her (Bill Black’s Combo), Twist Of Fate (Olivia Fig Newton John), Twist Twist Senora (Gary U.S. Bonds), Twistin’ Matilda (Jimmy Soul), Twistin’ Postman (Marvelettes), Twistin’ USA (Danny & The Juniors.)

OK, I had to dig for some of those…

Thanks… wow, didn’t know I was 1300! Hope that’s a lucky 1300 🙂

Why do people sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” if they’re already there?

Vl- great knowledge! I will always remember that one 🙂

Yeah Amy, we’re topping more than a post a minute. Crazy

JJ, happy birthday!! I’m about to go into the business of killing some braincells myself in a minute or two

If your boss tells you to be more outgoing, should you leave?

There aren’t any lyrics here, but this site has a list of song titles with “twist” along with their authors:

about the 1300, though, we all did it, you know!!! Thanks to everyone for making the day bright, not knowing that by the end of 9 innings, we’d need it 🙂

Enchanted- you are amazing. Thank you for everything.




amy I grew up on a poultry farm. Needless to say, I had to shovel alot of it as a kid. Once it dries, it’s the best fertilizer. You just have to grind it up, and till it in.

okay… good eye Sweeney!!!! pass the crow fingers…

JoJo’s full of **** too…

eric- very helpful. I will check it out in detail…tomorrow. Tonight, I’m spent.
That’s right. I am quitting. I am taking myself out of the game, my back up will be here shortly.
I am tired, it’s Friday. Crap game. Tomorrow will be better case I will be there!!!! YEA
have a wonderful night gang. I’m afraid that these posts are going to pile up all night. Have fun 🙂

Thanks northstate. I’ve already started. Just poured some Bushmills on ice, and I’m sipping away…..

The problem with Sweeney – his recent success – a hit and a walk in the last few days – will give JoJo additional fodder for using Sweeney down the stretch and into the playoffs. Oh God, the humanity!

Have fun at the games Amy!!

Vl- you will now be called “my farmer friend” 🙂
thank you all for helping me with these songs! I appreciate it.

Good night Amy, BRING ‘EM LUCK!!!

(Japanese for goodnight: Oyasumi Nasai)

Good night Amy – have fun watching the boys tomorrow!!!!

Bluecrew girl, I wish they would create some new Peanuts cartoons using Dodger players. Juan Pierre’s oversized cap makes me think of Charlie Brown, so he could be the new Charlie Brown. For the Halloween special, Juan and the gang [Jeff Kent as Peppermint Patty, James Loney as Linus, Matt Kemp as Franklin, Jamie Mc Court as Lucy, and Russell Martin as Schroeder, Manny Ramirez as Woodstock and the ubiquitous Snoop Doggy Dog as Snoopy] would go out to trick or treat and Juan would end up getting nothing but a bag of rocks. When a gang of bullies (played by players from the Gnats) snatch their bags of candy, Juan tries to stop them by throwing his rocks, but of course he misses badly, and instead he ends up breaking the windows of a several parked cars and he gets arrested. Pig Pen (played by Ned Colletti) and the Lttle Red Headed Girl post his bail and the episode ends happily as all the Peanut’s gang dance to their theme song.

BAWK cluck cluck cluck cluck BACAWK!!!
(The ghosts of chickens past VL)

LMAO!!!! Obi!!!!!!

I can hear High School football outside of my window… stupid black and orange Marysville Indians!!!

Paul McCartney wrote “Spin It On”.

Can’t win them all……6

DNelly, do the Giant outfielders normally do the bump after a victory or were they mocking Andre and Matt?

Goodnight, Amy.

Ooooh Nooooooo enchanted! LOL Baaaad flashback! It never ceased to amaze me how much s**t could be generated by 5500 chickens!

hey!!! Merced High is black and orange too. We are in Napa tonight – My daughter is there, and they are winning right now. I just found out we won!! Our football team is awesome this year. Bad colors – good school.

No moons is good moons. I’ll leave you all with that thought as this has been a most pleasant day and evening (a win would’ve been icing on the cake, but alas…)

Bill, my husband, says they haven’t been doing it all year, just in the last month or so. They stole it from us 🙂

“Richie loved to use 22’s because the bullets are small and they don’t come out the other end like a 45. See, a 45 will blow a barn door out the back of your head and there’s a lot of dry cleaning involved, but a 22 will just rattle around like Pac-Man until you’re dead.”
– Vincent “Vinny” Antonelli (played by Steve Martin), “My Blue Heaven”

Such a shame to get beat so badly from the rivals from the gay bay to the north.
I hope they shake this off, rebound, and take the series.

Good night Beaver, it was an interesting day wasn’t it?

Good night enchanted – it’s been a blast of a day eventhough the Dodgers didn’t win. Thanks for the laughs – you were great as always. 🙂

DNelly, now we really need to get revenge, lol. I hope Andre and Matt find out about it.

Sorry Dnelly, forgot they were your kids’ colors too 🙂

I don’t know about rest of you but I’m rezigned to figure this race will go down to the wire.
I would like it to end before we get to SF, but I think that will be tough.

Goodnight, Enchanted.

bluecrewgirl, hope we can get that on youtube, if so, we should post the url in every thread until Josh passes it on to them, and then the beatings will begin!

JoePierre, I’m just hoping we’ll be 3 1/2 up going into next Friday too, those Giants just relish in ruining our Fall plans.

nsblues – I had to where the colors for four years too. It’s okay – I wore my Dodger jersey to the football game last week, and the opposing team’s, Madera, colors were blue and white. When baseball season is over, I will usually wear just black.

to whom it may concern, it only took 70 minutes to get to 100 posts. that’s a quick little sprint

Good night everyone. Let’s win this series.

Good Night Crash!!!!!!
That 100 did go fast, didn’t it?

g’night Crash. After all, tomorrow is another day

Good night, crash! Thanks for all the laughs today!

I wouldn’t mind celebrating a division title in Frisco……

I Hate the Bay
(to the tune of “I Love LA”)

Rolling down the Nimitz Freeway,
A big nasty skyline looms outside
The Delta breeze smells like feet and blue cheese
Like a skunk just died

Roll up the windows, put up the top
Til I cross the Bay Bridge, I ain’t gonna stop
I’ll be driving til the Big Coca-Cola sign shines

From the alleys to the trolleys
From the East Bay to the South Bay
Everybody’s really crabby
‘Cause the Giants are always done by July

Looks like another wasted day
I hate the bay
I hate the bay

Look at those piers, look at those streets
Look at those bums downtown, all 2,003
Take a whiff of that sea stink
Ain’t nuthin’ like it nowhere

The Embarcadero… WE HATE IT!
Telegraph Hill… WE HATE IT!!
Mission Bay… WE HATE IT!!!
Lombard Street… WE HATE IT

I hate the bay
I hate the bay
I hate the bay!!!!…

One positive is that the Dodgers play the Giants very well in San Francisco. Hopefully, we will clinch befor the though.

I am too tired, that should say we will clinch before that though, lol.

Great song – eventhough I love the city 🙂
If we only have one to win, then yes, to celebrate in SF would be classic, but I just assume get it over with as soon as possible. However, we are talking about the Dodgers, so your scenario will probably be the one that happens. They won’t make it easy on the fans, they never do.

Hey Eric, I don’t think I’ve posted this song in here yet (only on my blog with the Andre pic), maybe it can go in the Dodger Lyrics too next time you’re up to it:

Andre’s Bionic (to the tune of “He’s Bionic” by World Class Wreckin’ Cru)


He’s Bionic
He’s Bionic
He’s Bionic -onic -onic -onic Aaaah!
He’s Bionic
He’s Bionic

There’s no measure of the skills that are in ‘Dre’s hands
People ask “is he machine or man?”
If you need wins, just call on ‘Dre
People take a look, ’cause he’s your future, L.A.
When he swings the bat, you all will know
Because the baseball starts to smoke, and the stands explode
If you’re a sucka in the way, then I have a comment
Pitch around the man if you don’t like embarassment

He’s Bionic! YES!
He’s Bionic! SO FRESH!
He’s Bionic! YES!
He’s Bionic! SO FRESH!

Acquired the skill that you must learn
To be an L.A. Dodger, not an Anaheim turn
Always seen with Ethierholics by his side
With his athletic prowess, all are satisfied
His supersonic bat is his ace in the hole
Over all the top rightfielders, Andre’s in control
He operates in L.A. ’cause it’s the place to be
He’s B-I-O-N-I-C

He’s Bionic! YES!
He’s Bionic! SO FRESH!
He’s Bionic! YES!
He’s Bionic! SO FRESH!

Now as the lumber starts burnin’ and the offense explodes
The out-of-town scoreboard makes the snakes corrode
Humiliation level rises to degrees unknown
Performance overloaded and their chances are blown
Now you hear a loud thunder that vibrates the ground
‘Cause his hands are movin faster than the speed of sound
The rest of the West runs, and they try to avoid
But it’s too late ’cause the race is destroyed

He’s Bionic! YES!
He’s Bionic! SO FRESH!
He’s Bionic! YES!
He’s Bionic! SO FRESH!

He’s Bionic!

Reposting Giant-hating mania continues

To The Beatles’ “Love, Love, Love”

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

There’s nothing you can say will change my mind.
Nothing you can sing that will be kind.
Nothing you can think but you can learn how to play the game.

It’s easy.

The unis they wear would work on Halloween .
Their fans don’t know what it’s like to be clean.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to get in line.

It’s easy.

All you need is hate, Lord they make me irate,
All you need is hate, hate, hate is all you need.

Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

All you need is hate, they don’t like northstate,
All you need is hate, hate, hate is all you need.

They should have thrown Marichal in the klink.
Their fans don’t need to practice to stink.
I’d like to tie them up and pull them all into the drink.

It’s easy.

All you need is hate, don’t have one good trait
All you need is hate, hate, hate is all you need.
All you need is hate (all together now)
All you need is hate (everybody)
All you need is hate, hate, love ain’t what you need.

By dodgereric on August 12, 2008 11:34 PM

Monty Python’s Flying Circus is on – LOL!!!

Yeah Dnelly, I love the city too… felt a bit conflicted writing it, until I remembered it was for a good cause, heheh.

ah Eric, a Golden Oldie! Great one 🙂 as Don Henley said (and I ripped off earlier), “Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down, kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em all around”

Those are two very good songs boys!!! Thanks for the repost, or in nsblue’s case, transfer from your blog to ITD.

bluecrewgirl, why don’t you try writing a song one day? I’m sure you’re plenty teed off at the Giants about now, heh.

All right, what are they up to nelly?

Monty Python – one of their cartoons – NCP car park

north, it’s in there now.

I’m jealous Dnelly, hearing you watch the Pythons made me find this on YouTube :

commercial for “Ghost Town” now 🙂 Sounds funny…

Now they are doing “Mary Recruitment Office” which is really “Army Recruitment Office”

Northstate, I am better at writing serious lyrics than parodies, by maybe I will try. I was thinking it would be cool to use the song All The Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople and change the lyrics to All the Young Dudes Wear Dodger Blue as a tribute to our young studs, lol. I really hope someone tells Matt and Andre about the Giants outfielders doing the post victory bump because it really seemed to me like they were making fun of them.

nsblues – that was hilarious!!! LMAO!!!!!!

I hope so too bluecrewgirl.

Jason’s list of 12 things that were happening in the same year the Giants last won a world series.

-The first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, is launched
-The first mass vaccination of children against polio begins
-Joey Giardello knocks out Willie Tory at Madison Square Garden in the first televised prize boxing fight shown in color.
-RCA manufactures the first color TV set
-The Boy Scouts of America desegregates on the basis of race.
-President Dwight D. Eisenhower authorizes the creation of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.
-The Boeing 707 is released after about two years of development.
-Volume 1, Issue 1 of Sports Illustrated is published.
-First Miss America Pageant broadcast on television.
-Texas Instruments announces the development of the first Transistor radio.
-The first Hyatt Hotel, The Hyatt House Los Angeles, opens. It is the first hotel in the world built outside of an airport.
-The first Burger King is opened in Miami, Florida, USA

LOL!! ~ Thanks jungar – I will be sure to pass that on to my gnat fan family members.

Thanks Eric, it never occured to me that I hadn’t posted it in here until I went to your blog to get the I Hate The Bay song.

Bluecrewgirl, that’d be a great song! I love that song, especially the Bowie version (He’s my girlfriend’s favorite). I used to write a lot of original songs (90’s alternative style, but more Pumpkin-y in sound than Nirvana-y), but for some reason I just have writer’s block now. I can write the lyrics, but can’t write a song to fit, or I can have a great riff or hook, but any lyrics I write end up feeling corny and contrived. I’m never happy with my own music, heh. I did an awesome Frank Zappa cover once, though.

Thanks Jungar, that definitely puts things in perspective.

Northstate, have you every heard the limit release CD of Bowie covers by the Cybernauts? It involves Joe Elliott and Phil Collen of Def Leppard and 2 of the original members of Bowie’s band. It is really awesome and even though I like Nirvana, their version of The Man Who Sold the World kicks butt over Nirvana’s version. Joe Elliott nails that vocal style and Phill Collen’s guitar solo on Moonage Daydream is awesome. They also do stellar versions of All The Young Dudes, Ziggy Stardust and Jean Genie.

That should say limited release cd. I can’t seem to type without typos tonignt.

No, I haven’t heard of that release, I’ll have to check it out! Bowie’s truly one of the greats, he’s evolved his sound over the years in a way few have. One of my faves is “Life On Mars”. The video’s a little creepy for my taste (with him staring into the camera the whole time with that close up), but the song is very well written, I like epic songs.

They do a really awesome version of Life on Mars on the CD too. It’s a 2 CD set. I love Def Leppard, especially their older stuff, but I really wish they would do a record of originals in the of 70’s glam rock kind of style. They do it really well and Joe has already put a toll on his voice singing the Pyromania/Hysteria stuff over the years. You can only sing that style for so long without thrashing your voice. Sorry to get off on a music tangent. Back to Dodger baseball…..

I like David Bowie’s music, but don’t know much about him.

Now Def Leppard I know!!! My college days music…

I know, DNelly, I had a major crush on Joe Elliott back in the 80’s. He was so hot back then, lol.

yes,yes,yes, him and Jon Bonjovi –

Kip Winger was pretty hot too, not to mention he is an accomplished musician/arranger. Even though the 80’s got pretty cheesy near the end and grunge was a welcome relief by that time, a lot of the bands back then had better musical skills than most of the 90’s bands.

definitely bluecrewgirl – I liked alot of the big hair bands. Motley Crew, Tesla, Poison, Great White, to name a few. I also liked some of the alternative stuff – Oingo Boingo, B 52’s, REM, Duran Duran and Tears for Fears….

I remember watching Remote Control every weekday, and the video that ALWAYS came on before the beginning of Remote Control was “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Lepard (if not that, then it was “Rag Doll” by Aerosmith). My favorite band back then was Van Halen (Diamond Dave era). I used to jump off the couch in time with Jump when I was a kid, heh.

I liked earlier 80’s bands too. I love U2’s earlier stuff as well. I’ve never seen them live, but would like to some day.

nsblues – we’ve had this conversation before about MTV – Aerosmith definitely, Van Halen (David Lee Roth), Sammy Hagar (as himself), Scorpions, AC/DC, STYX (have all of their stuff).

Yes, I love Van Halen too. I definitely prefer David Lee Roth Van Halen to Sammy Hagar. I guess I am dating myself, but I used to love Headbanger’s Ball too. I wonder whatever happened to Adam Curry, lol.

I love U2. However, my husband had a roommate at UNLV who played them adnauseum, and he hasn’t cared for them since. An issue of all things in moderation.

I remember Headbanger’s Ball – fun stuff!! I don’t know what happened to Adam Curry – hmmmmm!!!

I know what you mean, overkill. I saw some great shows back then. Aside from multiple Def Leppard shows, I think my favorites were a triple bill with Living Colour, Guns n Roses and the Rolling Stones at the Colisium i LA and Guns n Roses with Skid Row at the Forum in LA. I wonder if Guns n Roses will ever release Chinese Democracy.

Yeah, I remember the MTV conversation, heh. They did some halfassed new version of Headbangers Ball a few years back, Ricky Rachtman was even involved, but all they played was that Nu-Metal stuff. MTV2 even ruined my old favorite, 120 Minutes.

Northstate, somehow it just doesn’t work out of context with the 80’s for me. Headbanger’s Ball was definitely 80’s excess.

REM was my favorite concert of the era, but I also saw YES, and they were very good also. I forgot about Skid Row… I also saw Tesla and Poison together.

Ward Dear… are you still around?

OMG, I cannot spell tonight. It should say Coliseum, not Colisium.

I saw Yes too. They were good. Great musicians.

very much so.. Jon Anderson … now I have got “It Can Happen…” stuck in my head.

If you wanna see what Alan Hunter’s been up to, here’s his wikipedia page:

Metal Mania is on VH1 Classics right now – Jon Bonjovi

Now I have Owner of A Loney Heart going through my head, lol.

LOL!!! I had an Oingo Boingo song stuck in my head until I mentioned Yes, and now Jon Anderson’s voice is stuck in my head.

I remember when Bon Jovi’s dad was his hair dresser back in the 80’s big hair days. I remember going through massive amounts of Sebastian Shaper hair spray back then. I feel guilty about my contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer. I am much more of an environmentalist now.

“Owner of a Lonely Heart” can probably make a good ITD song sometime – LOL!! Owner of the Lonely Vets

Northstate, I loved the original dj’s on MTV. The originals are always the best, like the Real World debut in NY always sticks in my mind as the best of all the cities they filmed in.

Then there’s Ozzie…….

They really need to come back strong tomorrow. They looked really flat and tired from the long flight tonigth. They don’t want to let the D-Backs back in it.

bluecrewgirl, even as a kid, I had a killer crush on Martha Quinn. Nina and Kari (from Remote Control) never did it for me.

Even Rick and Charlie were commenting how tired they were from the trip from coast to coast so I am going to assume that was the cause, and like you said, hopefully somebody tells Andre and Matt about the gnats outfielders that will spark them to get it done tomorrow. However, they were part of the hits tonight so at least they tried to contribute. They just couldn’t string their at-bats together.

Yeah, that’s the last thing we need is the DBags to wake up. These are the Giants, we should be pounding them, but you know how September goes…

LMAO, Northstate. Yes perky Martha, Rocker Chick Nina and Kari had something for every guy back then. None of the male dj’s were really my type, I was more into the lead singers of the bands.

definitely bluecrewgirl – lol!!!

I kind of wish Lowe was pitching today and Kiroda on Sunday because Lowe is always at his strongest late in the season and we really need a ground ball pitcher like him after tonight’s loss. Kuroda can be so erratic, but he has been strong at Dodger Stadium.

Davis and Cook are pitchers for the dback/rox game – hopefully Cook pitches as well against the dbacks as he did against us.

When the magic number gets down to about 3, I’ll start to feel a little beter. I just want us to clinch asap. I don’t think my nerves can take it coming down to the wire. This season has been so up and down already.

I like Eric’s idea of clinching it at the Phone Booth, but that would mean a lotta chewed fingernails ’til then.

Goodnight DNelly and Northstate. It’s been fun talking baseball and music with you. I’m meeting a friend for breakfast in the morning, so I’d better get some sleep. Talk to you later.

good night bluecrewgirl – it was fun!!

G’night bluecrewgirl!

I don’t know about that… too many things can go wrong. Maybe if we only needed to win one….

Yeah Dnelly, I was at Dodger Stadium in the 90’s at that Padres series where we had to clinch one but we lost all three. That was not fun.

But this year is different, just a little jet lagged tonight. “’tis but a scratch! It’s only a flesh wound, HAVE AT YOU!!!”

Giants got Hennessy pitching tomorrow. We really should be okay if Kuroda doesn’t implode on us like Maddux did tonight.

I think Kuroda will do well. It all depends on that Ump, though. Kuroda’s game depends on an ump who doesn’t call a high zone. That’s when Kuroda and Lowe get in trouble, when they have to decide what strategy to use when the ump’s not giving them those borderline sinkers.

Yes, I agree definitely 🙂 Also, I think with Cook pitching tomorrow for the Rox, we might be able to drop to a magic number of 4.

ahhh… “Magic Number”… that sounds a lot better on this side of that bubble

So, the dbacks must be playing Monday in order to make up the half game. Are they playing the Rox 4 games for the Cards?

Alright, I’ve gotta go… I don’t know if this one’ll get to 2,000, but we’re within 20 of 200 in less than 4 hours. That’s not too shabby. It’s like the ITD version of a wave.

Have a good night Dnelly and Eric (if you come back soon)

good night nsblues – It was great talking to you once again. I am trying to stay up until my daughter comes home. She is at the game in Napa with her friend and her parents, and they should be home soon hopefully. Have a great sleep. 🙂

THey play St. Louis on monday, dnelly. That’s good news.

That’s very good – thanks!!!

You’re not still around are you Junie?

Goodnight, Dodgerland!

One more. That 953-post thread was back on March 25th. That is, March 25th THRU 30th! A five-day post! We did 1300 in one day. Awesome job! A quest!


I am still here Ward Dear….. My daughter just got home..

I was watching “Leave It To Beaver” – LOL!!

Good Night Ward Dear…. I must have missed you, which I kind of thought. I will talk to you tomorrow sometime. Have a great Saturday with your family.

Josh and company,
Read the new post on DodgerThoughts wondering what happened to Stults as an option. Any way you can find out for us what happened?

I’d think given his track record if we were facing the Mets he’d be considered, at least, but who knows. Why did he fall off the face of the earth based on ONE bad game? He should be considered over Jason Johnson at least and frankly I think he’d be more consistent than Maddux. Is he hurt?


Good Morning ITD!

Yeah, I’m not sure what happened with Stultz. 3.18 ERA, don’t see why they’re not using him unless A.) he’s hurt and they’re REALLY cautious, B.) He said something to tick someone off, or C.) maybe they forgot he was on the team…

Alright, enough screwing around, LET’S BEAT THOSE JINTS!!!

Don’t know if anyone’s posted this, but there’s a good article in the Times about the Dodgers-Giants rivalry.,0,6889498.story?page=1

northstateblues – I know you are trying to be helpful with your Dodgers-Giants rivalry item but, living here in the valley and watching them for years, I’m fed up with the Giants. LOL I think the younger players we have now, feel the Dbacks or Padres are really their rivals.

Good morning.
Time to recharge, and play a great dominating game of Dodger baseball!!
I’m getting myself together, gotta run errands and be really ready for the game tonight!
I hope all is well.

Is it wrong that I bought playoff tickets? Is that jinxing it?

TruBlue, I feel that, I used to feel the Padres were our true rivals back when I lived in SoCal. Moving up here, though, the past 7 years showed me that these Giants fans hold more venom for us then they do anyone else.

Living up here, I’ve noticed that NorCal-SoCal rivalries are usually more one-sided. Dodger fans are feeling SD and AZ are moreso the rivals, and the Giants are a September annoyance. I grew up with an intense hate for the Padres, as most of the games my family would go to were LA-SD games, in a group well over 30 since some of my family hail originally from Oceanside. I disliked the Giants, but they were 500 miles away, in a half of the state that was part of the map I’d never visit. Yet, as John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens when you are too busy making other plans.”

Up here in the Sacramento area (-ish), the Kings fans hate the Lakers more than anything, but I get the feeling that Lakers fans in SoCal had bigger fish to fry than Sacramento, and that was before anyone had an inkling of last year’s Final. Now, I’m sure the Kings are a tiny blip on the SoCal Laker fans’ radar compared to the giant green one that takes up half the screen.

For this NorCal-based Dodgers and Lakers fan, though, it’s hard to imagine not thinking of the Giants and Kings as legitimate rivalries. I’ve taken a lot of crap for wearing my blue, and I’ve even been called a rapist for wearing my Kobe jersey (which made me puke a little). For me, I’m just holding up the good name of two of my favorite teams (which, shockingly, have actually won championships over the last half century) in hostile territory.

But I can see that the true way to chaffe these fans’ hides would be for SoCal fans to pretend they don’t exist, and go on to face bigger and better teams. Judging from the back-broken, turncoat-verging fans that come alive only at a chance to “beat L.A.”, I think SoCal’s plan is working.

Jungar, I doubt you’re jinxing by buying playoff tickets. Now thinking about what kind of champagne to buy, that would be a different story…

nsb, great post! I understand. This whole Nor cal So cal thing definitely what it used to be. (Except for many this week) All the Giant/Dodger games I’ve been too have been boring and I think it’s because the Giants aren’t as good as they used to be. Home games against the Giants used to be full of hate and revenge, but then again they aren’t in contension for 1st place anymore. Surprisingly this year the most ‘electric’ game was against the Angels. Dodger fans had more to complain about and cheer about with the Angels, even more than the Dbacks this year.
I can’t explain it. The whole Giant/Dodger thing probably wont heat up to the way it used to be until the Giants get better and it’s a race for 1st!
Also, coming into the year I was more worried about SD than anyone else. I guess my initial thoughts of a threatening teams was way off in March!
GO Dodgers!!!

Jungar- no worries. I have my playoff tickets as well 🙂

Amy, I was shocked when I went to that June 30th game, and even though it was a Wednesday game, the place was virtually empty! The fans weren’t really getting into the rivalry aspect. I had gone to the game for an electric, rivalry game, and they may as well have been playing Pittsburgh or Florida. but that’s mainly ’cause Bills never let the Halloweeners into the game.

Like you said, both teams will have to be good before this one heats up again.

*July 30th

nsblues ~ I also know what it’s like being a Lakers and Dodgers fan in an area that’s all about the Giants, Warriors and Kings. It was even worse when the Rams were in L.A. and the Forty-Niners were in their prime. I’ve noticed that now when you go to a AT&T Park to see a Dodger-Giant game, there are as many Dodger fans as there are Giant fans in attendance. It wasn’t like that when the Giants played at the Stick……you were afraid to wear your Dodger blue because of the abuse you’d take.

Amy ~ if you are still here……..have fun at the game. I know you will bring our team good luck. Today we should be rested so, hope you see lots of runs scored (from our side, of course, lol)

jungar ~ I don’t think it’s a jinx at all – it’s showing confidence that the Dodgers can do this.
nsblues – I also think the Dodgers/Giants rivalry isn’t as big as it used to be because there are a lot more Dodger fans up here now, just like we’ve talked about before. I think Amy has a point too. Until they don’t suck, and actually do something with their team (jungar pointed that out nicely last night- lol), Dodger fans have moved on to better competition – the dbacks and the rox. I have never really hated the Padres, but I think that is more of a so-cal thing perhaps. If the dbacks weren’t in our division, and we weren’t trying to fight them off to win the division, I actually enjoy watching them play. Earlier in the season, they reminded me of what the Dodgers should have been doing – playing the young guns all along. This blog proves their are Dodger fans all over, and you kind of wonder if the gnats can say the same thing.

I used the wrong word – should be “there” not “their” 🙂

Yeah Tru, I’ve noticed that about the stands at AT&T, I’m almost tempted to catch a game there. I remember hearing about the Candlestick crowd, too, how sports talk host Jim Rome never mentioned the “Giants”, they were the Battery Chucks. Honestly, I’ve expected a lot more crap from wearing blue up here, but save the occasional disparaiging remark or yokel yelling at me from a passing car, its the Lakers that cause me more trouble living up here, heh.

Yes, trublue ~ I am working – I am printing out pictures of Chicago – I am doing the Cubs for my Geography wall this week. I get to do back to back states. Illinois for two weeks (both Chicago teams) and Ohio for two weeks – Cleveland and Cincinnati are alphabetically next to each other.

nsblues ~ just wear Kobe’s number. That will really get a rise out of them. And, too bad you don’t have a Tommy Lasorda throwback, that would really make them take notice!

nsblues – good – I am a Kings fan!!! (jk) I cheer on the Lakers once the playoffs start and the Kings aren’t in the running. I switched to the Kings when I was going to Sac State.

Okay, Miss Debbie. Just keep it up so you get get home early.

Tru- thank you very much 🙂 I look forward to this weekend, my last sat and sun weekend games 😦 / 🙂
Is anyone watching TWIB? they are profiling the last season at Yankee Stadium and the winning legacy of the ball club.
I must say that I’m a little jealous. I know there have been great Dodger moments, But I want our modern team to know what it’s like to have that man championships! I Wat it all for this team!

Plus, Giants fans shut up easier when faced with the facts. The more obnoxious of the Sac-area Kings fans never know when to quit, they’re always riled up about something or other, blaming refs [in Donaughy’s case, now sadly valid], the NBA Marketing Dept. and even the sun and moon themselves, constantly in belief that they have the best team in the World, not Boston, not San Antonio, and certainly not Los Angeles! (in the early to mid-years of this decade, my Kings fan friends were like Conrad Janis in the Princess Bride: “Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan… morons. We’re the best there ever was, and we don’t need no trophy to prove that!”)

Don’t get me wrong, I would root for the Kings if they weren’t rivals in our division (or if I didn’t live near Sacramento). They’re likeable underdogs, and played a good fundamental game earlier this decade (was there ever a big shot that didn’t fall for Peja Stoijakavic?). But sometimes, I want to carry around a picture in my wallet of the Staples rafters and the Arco rafters for comparison, just so I never have to hear the “Lakers are just lucky” argument.

nsblues ~ lucky with how many chanpionships?! lol

Dnelly, I just want to say I don’t mean to be picking apart your team. For every team, there are knowledgable sports nuts, casual observers and irrationally obnoxious loudmouths. Living close to Sac, there seem to be more of the first and third kind, It’s tough to just be a casual observer when they’re the only Pro team in town.

My first thought when presented with the heart of the Lakers Kings rivalry shortly after moving here: Wow, so THIS is what it must’ve felt like to be a Lakers fan in Boston in the 80’s.

nsblues ~ That’s why I like the Kings because I feel they are the underdogs. That is why I am such a big Andre Ethier fan. I felt that when he became a Dodger, even though he was in contention for ROY, he was still kind of under the radar, and in these last two years even more so. And now, look at him – doing the typical underdog thing, proving everybody in the baseball world (and even some Dodger fans) wrong. Back to the Lakers ~ I know the Lakers will always have a great team, and they will always be in contention. I have grown up around it so I know better than to say those things. Much like baseball and football, I have learned to like basketball as a sport, not just because of a favorite team – so I like players from various teams.

Dnelly, Thats cool, I like knowledgeable fans the best, because they can seperate tribal bravado from pure love of the sport. If the Warriors got really hot, I’m sure there would be a change from purple to yellow (warriors, not lakers), but the true basketball fans in the area would hold true to their hometown team (hey, we’re all a bit prone to tribal patterns, aren’t we?).

Gotta run for now, errand time. GO DODGERS

Anyone buy playoff tickets?

nsblues – I am the perfect fantasy league candidate because, maybe with the exception of the gnats as a team, I don’t think I can honestly say I hate any team in any of the three major sports. And I must admit, I do like watching Tim Linsecum pitch – I just don’t want to see him pitch against the Dodgers. My baseball friend who I work with actually hates many, many baseball teams for really no reason whatsoever, including now the Dodgers. She has hated the Dodgers since we acquired Manny.

scurtis – jungar and amy did, are you?

I thought about it but flights are just too expensive nowadays and the cheapest I could find from Chicago to LA was $350, so I passed. 😦 I will just buy Cub playoff tickets and sell them for triple if I get a chance.

Ugh 😦

I forgot you are in Chicago …. wow!! exciting baseball in your city these days, both teams in first. Well, I guess it’s the same thing in Los Angeles – lol!!!

Yup but I am rooting for an all LA world series. These fans here in Chicago are obnoxious. I like the players and managers for both Chi teams, but the fans are a joke!

I agree with the post on Dodger Thoughts about Stultz. I’ve always liked him and I think he deserves some playing time. I’d like to see him get a start instead of Maddux, but I doubt Joe will let that happen. He’s certainly a better option out of the pen than Johnson or some of the others. Not to mention, he swings a good bat for a pitcher. He’d be a better pinch hitting option than Sweeney is in the twilight of his career.

scurtis– Having lived in Southern Wisconsin,I know what you mean about the fans in Chicago. My experience was more with Cub fans rather than Sox fans. Rather, I should say “Cub” fans. You know the type, the frontrunners that would come out of the woodwork when the Cubs were contenders and disappear when they weren’t. That was the case during the Jordan Bulls era, too. I got really tired of hearing all the curse stuff ( Billy Goat, etc.) To me, it was just excuses for not getting it done.

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