Tonight's game

Sitting in the dugout at PNC Park with Brad Zager, Jared Stacy and Dustin Denti, three of the guys who bring you the television broadcast each night. Them and their crew do tons of work for 162 games and yet you’d never know their names the way you know some of the other people involved with Dodger baseball. So, on behalf of all of their viewers, thanks for everything this season!

Just saw Rich Donnelly, who is an organizational coach for the Pirates again. He was one of the funnier guys in the game of baseball and it’s good to see him doing well.

From what I understand, Andre is flying back today but won’t be here for the start of the game. Casey Blake’s back tightened up on him yesterday during the game, so he gets another day off, with Nomar back at third base.

Meanwhile, the view from this ballpark might be the best in baseball (outside of Dodger Stadium, that is). The entire Pittsburgh downtown, plus the Clemente bridge in the distance. Pretty sweet.

Here’s tonight’s lineup:

Martin, C

Pierre, CF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Nomar, 3B

Kemp, RF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Kuroda, P


Thanks Josh ~ Andre, please come back soon……we need you!

Thanks for the new thread, Josh. Just in time………whew!

I guess tomorrow’s game will be okay, Andre. Just wish Juan wasn’t in the two hole.

Amen, Tru!

Josh…thanks for the lineup and keeping us update on Ethier.
Dre’ have a safe flight back, we miss you and best wishes for you and your family.
Blake…well RELAX!
Martin….come on Martin give me a HR tonight

Yes, God Bless you and yours Andre. We all hope everyone is doing just fine!

Good afternoon ITD boys and girls!
Well, it’s crunch time, for sure! We are in the driver’s seat now! We take care of our business, it doesn’t matter what anyone else does. But a loss by the Snakes, Gnats or the Rox would be a welcome site! SD is out of it, of course! 🙂

Thrilled to be getting Andre back! Andre: congrats to you and Maggie on your new arrival! You’re gonna make a great daddy!

wikipedia says andre had a boy

dam nix that great !!

yuck! Andre, congratulations, but please hurry back!!!!

Wow! Just think of what Pierre can do seeing all of those fastballs in front of Manny!!!! What a waste….

Note to Torre:
You finally put into action everything this board has been begging for and look what it got you….. a 4.5 game lead in the standings. Lets try it again……
GET PIERRE OUT OF THE 2 HOLE!!! 🙂 He needs to be in the 8th or maybe even the 9th hole!!! Come on Joe

Andre ~ We miss you!! I hope all is well with Maggie and your new baby son. I guess we can wait until tomorrow –

nixnix and charonhydra – are you new to ITD? If yes, welcome!!!!! Or have you been a victim of the Invasion of the Name Changers once again?

Hey Nellygirl ~ I see that your name is a little different too! I still like calling you Nellygirl! LOL! Yeah, that’s a good line: Invasion of the Name Changers!!!

i been reeding for longtime neelyea but didnt evr psot b4

thank God!



I have my moments. I learn a lot from you! lol

nixnix & charonhydra ~ you two make me miss Oberon!

I gotta head for the barn, Tru. Hopefully my laptop is intact when I get there for later on tonight. Stay out of trouble, would ya?

Go Dodgers!!! Three out of four MINIMUM!!!!!

See you later, dodgereric.

trublue ~ too funny…. I can see we have some more lunar activity.
CP – As long as I know you are talking to me, you can use any name you want.
Ward Dear ….. It sure is bright on this board today. I am glad to see you are back on and with your name intact. jhall came on last night as wallyjhall – go figure!!!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl ~ ETHIERacholics and hoping Andre has a safe return.

No doubt we need Andre in the lineup, but hey, family first, no problem with that. Let’s jump on the Pirates early and often, and if we take 3 of 4 we’re in great shape, but a sweep, buries the D-Backs and gets Manny and Russell and now Blake, that much needed rest for the post season. Mr. Torre, don’t take the foot of the accelerator now, keep it down and go for the throat. Remember, it’s not the Pirates that your sinking it’s the boys in Arizona!!! Let’s go Dodgers and let’s go Giants!!!(playing the Snakes)

Hey nellygirl! Ya know, I really do miss ITD! I know I’ve been busy lately, but I should make it a point to talk to my ITD buddies! ETHIERacholic all the way!!! 🙂

To nixnix & charonhydra – Welcome!

I miss the entire game yesterday as I attented the Met-Brave game with my daughter.
The Met fans cheered, “Let’s go Mets” while the Braves battered in the top of the ninth.
They were cheering on the Met’s bullpen to preserve the Met’s 4-2 lead, since they’ve blown a lot of save situations.
It reminded me to be thankful of our bullpen.
Well it was to no avail as pinch hitter Greg Norton belted a 3-run HR over the right field fence to make it 5-4 Braves, who went on to win 7-4.
I’ve been saying for years now that the Met’s would probably be almost unbeatable if they had our bullpen.

They don’t though because we have them and if our offense keeps doing what they’ve been doing for most of the last two weeks WE CAN BE UNBEATABLE.

Okay, the other problem with not signing on this site very often and with the Invasion of the Name Changers, I either (1) miss it if someone that I recognize under another name has changed or (2) I know it’s a change, but I already forgot the more familiar name or (3) I miss welcoming new people to ITD!

Okay joepierre, I know I know you as another name! Please enlighten me!!! 🙂

cp – joepierre is Pierreastwest or PierreEW, which is what I called him — 🙂

Yes, PierreEW. That’s right! Thank you nelly!!! 🙂

BTW, is it after school time for you nelly???

Nelly, I was going to ask you how was your day? Are your girls still hugging Ethierbear??? I hope so!!! 🙂

Good afternoon/evening all!
Is anyone else surprised on the firing of Yost as manager of the Brewers today? I expect things to really come unglued for that ball club now.

vl4ecc – yes, I was. I know they haven’t been doing well lately, but just say, what’s the point with 2 weeks to go? And by no means are they out of the playoff hunt – they’re tied for the top spot in the wild card race! I agree with you; I wouldn’t be surprised that that club takes a nosedive…

Very unusual! I’m thinking maybe Yost opened his mouth, and inserted his foot with the GM, or ownership. Something drastic. It makes no sense to me with their team in the hunt this close to the end to can the manager.

jj ~ they said Yost was tense and that was reflecting on the team. Isn’t that the dumbest reason to fire someone right now?

the Brewers fan think he should been fired 2 yrs ago and no CP they still in the wild card hunt. Another meanless stats for Pierre is that he has 2 career homerun against Pit. I’m still waited for his 1st which might not even happen again like last year.

Philly and the Brewers has the same record and are tied for that Wild Card spot.

Urgh n/m should had read your posted first CP.

Congrats to Andre, but we NEED him back ASAP…We are not the same team without him….I mean Pierre has been awful since he’s been playing…..We love you Andre…!!

Someone find the Tomato he owned Pit.

Glad to say I got the Dodger telecast feed.
Charlie Steiner & Steve Lyons.

Crazy idea just imagine if Saenz was batting ahead of Manny. Can you imagine how many fastball he will get?

drpdedblnd ~ I want him back too! It can’t be soon enough for me. JP, if playing, should bat 8th.

or 9th.

Phew… out of that mess.

Let’s go Berroa.

I wonder if we was played in Dodgers stadium would Adam get a standing ovation even though he really didn’t much here because of the injuries.

He really didn’t play much here because of the injuries.

Ok Kuroda time to help yourself

Those pesky Pirates!

Opportunity wasted there. Why not a squeeze?

jj ~ i know. I would have taken a strikeout….at least Russell would have had a chance to drive in some runs.

At least Kuroda put up some resistance at the plate fouling some off. Just a bad outcome.

jj ~ you’re right. Kuroda got through the 2nd much better…now let’s get some runs.

Damn espn. Curling dont starts til 2;00 this mornings.

They should’ve walked M A N N Y

Manny delivers!

Manny being that guy…gotta be honest losing Laroche did not bother me then and it does not bother me now….his swing is too long, just my opinion.

Nomar GarciaPOPUP

You think they known better.

I have a feeling he’s going to be another Konerko so far this trade isn’t going to hurt us now but it might.

Damnit Kemp with risp.

Tough pitch Kemp was in no mans land….ok 2 out hit by Blake Dewitt…..lets go Blake!

Great job Joe and Loney make them put the ball in action, love it!

Quick get Kemp back in that 2nd hole or lead off spot.


Say what Pierre scored did hell freeze over?

Welcome back perdita 🙂

Hi Trublew !! How was your days?

Salas don know Kurodas a pitcher !!

Thats why Juan Pierre shouldn’t bat in front of Manny. WE get runners on 1st and 2nd and we have to bunt because Slappy sucks. And he can’t even bunt right. Yeah he got his token 1 base hit but this last AB showed his uselessness.

Hello all ITD…I am at working checking the Dodger’s game score and reading the messages above to see who is doing what. I’ll just post a quick message.

No gidp Loney.

That’s 85 RBI for L O N E Y.

perdita ~ having a pretty good day, it’s even better now that you are here!


GRRRRRRRRR@ was that Duncan fault?

That good Tru nomar sicks.

Urgh. I mean sucks.

lol can he be both.

Nice Russ!

Be glad when Nomar, Pierre, Penny, Kent and Jones are gone!!

Congrats to Andre!! Have to miss watching the boys play because of class until 7pm! 😦 oh on here….Hello!!!! 🙂

Wow another Dewitt walk.

Would love to see a double steal here.

Sigh where the bunt?

welcome jay!

Go Eagles! Time to root against the Cowboys!

jj ~ we have a lot in common……..hate the Cowboys too!

Thanks TruBlue!

Where’s my manners? Welcome jay! Where do you hail from?

Cowboy hater here too!! lol

This is a lot of fun. Sometimes we get a little angry…..quite a few disagreements………but we always have great discussions. One thing we all have in common is our love of the Dodgers!!

man that was a great move by neddie trading manny for laroche. I mean i hate to say it but LaRoche was way overrated..and manny..well can you say BEAST!

Hi there! Jeanette or Jay here……from Inglewood (in l.a. for those that wouldnt kno where thats at) the OC (Fullerton) right now in class!

We mis andy next years when manny and blake gones.

jay ~ my son graduated from Fullerton. After he got married, he and his wife lived in Costa Mesa……..great shopping……..especially going to Fashion Island

Don’t tell that to boblee

who need ethier?? lol

omg, juan homered

I just officially seen it all!

I can’t stand Jerry Jones, and T.O. As for Romo, anyone who’s involved with Jessica Simpson is an idiot. I met her in person while I was in Iraq. She’s a pampered spoiled brat, and a total ditz!
WOW! JP with a dinger! Whodathunkit?!

Good, now let’s trade him!!!

and I wore P I E R R E’s T-Shirt Today. W O W,

Wow, nice grammar. Even better poke. Attaboy Juan.

Omg that can’t be happen his 3rd career homerun against Pit. I surely didn’t called that but I said it would be nice.

from CSUF? never been to fashion island…I don’t know the OC as well as L.A..

Hell hath frozen over! Of course, it figures he would do it in a run-a-way game with no one on base but he did it and good for him. His mama will be proud. Now can we just forget about JP for a while?

Jay ~ Yes. CSUF. Fashion Island is on the ocean….it’s been a while but I think Newport Beach.

What do Juan Pierres say? lol

Wow Slappy hit a home run. Now I have seen everything. That pitcher should retire.

Max, you have such a way with words!

lol perd

It goes to show, even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in a while.

Hey Jay welcome. I’m from Torrance and live in Compton.

Am I hearing right did Juan hit his first home run?

Did I just read on my Blackberry correctly? Juan Pierre hits a homerun? No freakin’ way! Way to go Juan!

lol nice 1 Max. How far did that one drive anyone?

ajay ~ sure did. Do you thin Dre will be out of a job? lol

Well snce Pierre has one is in time for Sweeney to get one. I would jump in the street naked all night if he happen here but I doubt he would just k’s again.

hi spit! is htat spit shines an sparkle . lol

I just thought about this; if JP could have hit his homer yesterday, he could have been a big hero. Coulda, woulda, etc.

lb not to forget about his mult hit game today. Can wait to see what enchanter going to say about this one?

Wow, Pierre hitting a home run happens even less frequently than a total solar eclipse. The Pirates really are bad. We should sweep them. It will be good to have Andre back in the lineup tomorrow. It must have been really hard for him to leave Maggie and the baby.

D E W I T T still has no ABs.

I’ve been listening to the home feed on XM Radio and the Pitt announcers sound like they are on Nyquil. Vin sure has us spoiled!

It bother me to see SD putting up 6 runs in Coors.

It’s great they we can now choose our own MLB.TV feed.

The troubles on Wall Street, Hurricane Ike, Juan Pierre hitting a dinger. This must truly be the Apocalypse!!!!

By the way, anybody ever bought tickets from Stub Hub? My wife bought some earlier this year but was told the tickets were no longer available. They did find other tickets. Now she is trying to buy tickets for Friday night’s game and has been told the seller sent the tickets to someone else. Stub Hub has not been very helpful and keeps insisting the seller will send us the tickets. Is this just bad luck?

lol it’s a good thing my opponent in my fastasy league has Pierre bench. To bad he really am going to get bench tomorrow.

It’s a shame. The Pirates used to be a great ball club once upon a time.

Don’t have to listen to the other guys anymore.

Wow the Mets need a bullpen can we send Proctor/Johnson for Reyes? lol I wish that could happen. Yeah when the had a skinny Bonds.

seesky ~ LMAO

Wow I bet the Mets fans our piss that they are getting 1 hit by Lannan after beating him bad in his last start.

WTF?! Sweeney for Manny?!!

Lannan was born in Long Beach NY to.

Sweeney walk why not is a blow out game I don’t mind this.

I hope this is the time we see McDonald.

hahahahah Pierre known his day our over tomorrow.

I guess ANYBODY can hit in front of Manny.

A Pierre home run makes you think that anythings possible. Maybe even a WS?

Make that the tem leading 86 for L O N E Y.

Ok Joe let Martin rest and put in Ellis.


Good to see Sammy back!

Hi enchanted ~ having fun today? 🙂

WB Saito we miss you

All the time Tru! All the time!!

Russ is still in the game because?

Where is Ellis?

Answer: Torre’s an idiot.

Enchanted, I think it has more to do with the Pirates sucking in Pierre’s case. lol Batting in front of Manny didn’t make any difference against the Rockies.

A little loss in velocity, and rust from Saito for now, but still effective. Great to have him back!

Nice going S A I T O

Good evening, trueblue. I see you’re a Cowboy hater, too. Only thing for a Packer fan like me to be. Pierre’s homer is definitely a must -see video. I wonder if he got the ball back. I’m sure there’s room for it in his trophy case….. no kidding, leamans. These announcers must be using heavy downers. They make the Rockies announcers sound interesting.

Urgh what do Torre have against Young? Repko/Kemp/Young is a way better OF than the 3 we have in there now.

Bluecrew – you know what Torre’s thinking now – Do I start Andre or Juan?

seesky ~ never have liked the Cowboys. Even when Landry was coach. Now that Juan has shown his “power” maybe we can trade him after the season. Yea, sure!

Make you think if Josh send those comment to Torre and Mattingley.

Ok Giants you know what to do. I would love to clinch this division asap. I don’t want to see those fool knock us out.

Here comes P E N N Y again.

JoePierre ~ it’s a good thing we have an 8 run lead!

We can only hope, trublue…. First, Saito, now Penny. What is this, a spring training game?

About time Torre but 1 inning to late. Ellis can’t bat now. I almost forgot Ozuna was back with the team.

I love the Pirates 3 to 9 hitters having no hit.

Enchanted, if he even needs to think about that anymore, it’s a sad state of affairs.

Nice to see Penny picking right up where he left off the other day.

Can we put his worthless *** on the 60-Day DL too?

Go figure at least it wasn’t Andy.

Poof! There goes the shutout.

Penny isn’t worth a cent!!!

The magic # is 9 kids.

lol i rather see Proctor again over Penny and no I’m not joking

Still a rusty penny.

Let’s go Giants let’s make it to 8.

With Penny’s last two appearances, his stock is plummeting fast, and his ERA is on the rise. Stick a fork in him Joe. He’s done.

Can we say what Penny say? hahaha

Good one, trublue!!!!

Do we ever get to see McDonald? Does Joe know they called him up?

If Penny’s on the post season roster, I’m going to have to do something drastic.

Penny will come up with another injury…..he always does. So, I don’t think he’ll be on the roster.

Maybe McDonald’s a paid extra for the team photo?

If you not going to let him pitch at least let him PH or even Stultz. I don’t know why those 2 been called up? We could’ve bring up Tiffee or Lindsley.

I hope you’re right tru. He hasn’t been right in months. He knows with his performance this year, he’s not the numero uno in the starting rotation any more. Tough. Billz is the new ace! I have a feeling Billz will fullfill the role for years to come.

That was weird. They did a Torre’s Story’s on failures and Andruw Jones wasn’t mentioned.

It’s a good thing yahoo choose Manny in the box score.

I don’t think he’ll be on the roster either, trublue. He really has not looked fit or pitched like he’s capable of all season, really not since the first half of last season.

Giants up 1-0 early.

I hope you’re right ladies. Otherwise its on to Plan 10 From Outer Space! (Plan 9 obviously didn’t work!!)

1-0, Gnats, in the 3rd.

Go Giants Go!

Upton goes deep, 1-1,

You could make a solid argument that Lincecum should get the NL Cy Young award. Especially since Webb has gone south lately.

I don’t have any problem with that Sky. Maybe in a year or two we’ll be talking about Billz and Cy.

seesky ~ I think Lincecum deserves it too. He’s doing all that on a lousy team, with not much run support. I know the Dbacks haven’t exactly been hitting lately but they were earlier in the season.

Exactly, trublue and enchanted. I heard a stat somewhere that Lincecum had given up 2 runs or less in each of his 11 no-decisions.Lincecum’s a little ahead of Bills right now but those two will be the class of this division within the next two seasons. I don’t think it’s so much the lack of offense with Webb. He’s just been getting hammered the last 5 or 6 starts.

Man, the D-Backs are living Groundhog Day with these one run games recently. Still tied 1-1 in the 6th. Hope they keep living it and with the same end result, a loss.

bluecrewgirl ~ I’ll keep my fingers crossed too! Thought I’d never say it but, “Go Giants”

lol the Eagles/Cowboy not playing any defense tonight. I love shootout game they think they playing in Coors.

Winn doubles to lead off the 7th. Go Gnats!!!!

Good evening ITD writers and readers!
I left school and have been in meetings since, but I just wanted to check in and say “great job Dodgers!” I think my phone went a little crazy when JP hit his homerun – I think it was confused – LOL!!!. I will check in a little later…..
dnelly, june darlin’, nells ~ ETHIERaholic, and going through Andre withdrawls 🙂

Where that Eagles team that put up these numbers last year?

Pts Yds Pass Rush
Offense 38.0 522.0 414.0 108.0
Defense 3.0 166.0 130.0 36.0

Oh yeah it was the stinky Rams last week and Cowgirl are way better.

Awesome news, seesky. 5 1/2 up would be sweet.

I was out driving and listening to the game on MLB – XM Radio during the sixth inning. I had to pull over after Pierre’s at bat, as I’ve never seen pigs fly, but I was sure a bunch of them had to be going overhead real soon. They never did show up.

LOL messagebear!!!

I’m still trying to figure out how far he hit that?

If you do see ’em Bear, check ’em for lipstick!!

I’m not rooting for the Giants I’m just rooting against the D’backs. LOL

I’m glad for my name sake, I hated putting a 0 in that HR column.

I just viewed the video of Pierre’s homer just to prove to myself it actually happened. It wasn’t even a wall scraper. No pigs with lipstick, rouge, or highliter as of yet.

Come on Pierre take steriod maybe one day you can hit 50 homeruns like Brady Anderson did with Balt?

Gosh sob Dunn

He didn’t do anything at all and his last AB’s, he hit a 2 runs homerun and it was the game winner.

messagebear/enchanted/seesky ~ that is too funny!!! I about died when I saw it on my phone. All I kept thinking was what the people on here must have been saying, and everything I thought was correct – lol!!!

Juan Pierre should be the starter when Ethier comes back, he’s got the hot hand right now.

Here we go……… they are all going to come out now, aren’t they?

Can you just imagine if he hit that homerun at Dodgers stadium in the bottom of the 9th inning down by 3 with the bases loaded with 2 outs and we need 1 game to clinch?That place would be going crazy all night. lol @ pierre with the shot around Dodgers stadium that gave us the division.

I know, I know —- rules of engagement – damn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, here WE are Nel, Pierre 4 Prez!!!!

You know I’m kidding, Andre’s only batting like .600 this month. But yeah Pierre should get the nod definitely. Pierre ROX!

Honestly though, he should be traded it’s a disservice to him and the team to have him on the bench, he should learn to play 2B with his arm.

Here’s another popular comment for this board, say what you want about Joe T. but he’ll guide a team to the playoffs for the 13 or 14th year in a row this year.

He took the same Yanks to the playoffs last year that are in 3rd this year. Yeah I know the Rays and Jays are improved but he still got ’em there.

And this will be the 2nd time in 3 years a Colletti built team makes the playoffs. Thank GOD for the NL West.

Hey all… haven’t stopped in today on account of all the reading I have to do before tomorrow… a tall order since I seem to have come down with a case of acute lunar blindness.

Great win tonight, GO DODGERS

With the way Russ and Blake are drawing BB’s their theme song should be “Walkin in L.A.”

nsblues ~ you missed all the fun. All of you Pierre lovers out there, just remember, he didn’t make a play on a ball yesterday, which cost us the game and the sweep.

I just want to say congratulation Rivera on moving ahead of Smith and in 2nd places on the all time saves list.

Player SV
1. Trevor Hoffman (Active) 552
2. Lee Smith 478
2. Mariano Rivera (Active) 478

nsblues – that’s funny, but very true… 🙂

I just finished watching the game. I had to TIVO it cause I had to go to the gym and I didn’t want to miss the game, or know the score without watching. I am very pleased with our great team. Watching the Pirates play, I am no longer worried about the match up, they are weak, we are strong!!! We will gain ground in PA 🙂
YEA to my boy Juan Pierre. Great contribution off the bench. The man fills in for our beloved Ethier and he got the job done!! And did we notice his “PR” interview after the game where he said that “anything to help the team”. Many of you may say that it’s too little to late. But for the record, he said the ‘right’ thing, late or not!!!
I am pleased. I did hope that the Giants would pull off a 9th inning win over the Dbacks- maybe tomorrow 🙂
Good night all. I hope your evening went well. Haven’t read most of the previous posts. Night ITD!

nsblues – too many moons to pick from tonight, and they were ALL so very bright – LOL!!!

The Acid is wearing off but I am telling you guys I was trippin hard. Cats and Dogs chillin together, lions and wilderbeasts strolling next to me, jews and arabs singing songs, juan pierre hitting bombs, itch and scratch holding hands and Superman was buying Lex Luther drinks right there at the bar next to me.

lol amy but didn’t we say that about the Nats too?

Did Pierre get the slient treatment too? I really wanted to see that homerun have to wait for the news.

trublue – I won one fantasy league by 5 points – Westbrook did very good eventhough they lost. The other league I lost by 30sih, so I am 2-0 in one league and 0-2 in the other.

LMAO jungar – it’s very difficult to grasp, isn’t it?

nellyae ~ not bad for a rookie lol

sl7180–The pharmaceutical industry couldn’t produce enough steroids to enable Pierre to hit 50 dingers in a career let alone one season… arauyd–if your only goal is to qualify for the playoffs, you’ve got a point. The idea is to have a team good enough to actually win playoff games once you get there.

seesky ~ great stuff!!!!
Ward Dear ~ These rules of engagement are killing me you know…… June Darlin’

Fire Ned
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired

Boy, if that wasn’t perfect timing – lol!!

June Darlin’, it’s amazing how you start talking to me just as I’m chiming in! LOL!!

amy, congrats on your boy Juanpy! He’s welcome to be the 4th outfielder on my team anytime, as long as he accepts that role as well as Nomar seems to.

Dag, did it again!! LOL!! It’s almost like we’re an old married couple!!

We are an old married couple, just married to different people.

“With my luck,” he said, “a bird would hit it. You never know for sure.”

Pierre got a momentary silent treatment from teammates when he returned to the dugout, but that just brought out more smiles. He’d been joking lately with Matt Kemp and Delwyn Young that this was bound to happen.

“I told them September is my power month,” he said. “And this wasn’t a wall-scraper. It was four or five rows up.”

see i like juan pierre. i just dont like the way he plays..but he is pretty funny..

Jeez, did you ever think you’d say that about yourself, Junie? Part of an old married couple……..I guess there’s worse things, right? LOL!

I’m glad Pierre has accepted his role, jungar. Nothing like winning to help out team harmony.

Congrats/sympathy on your fantasy teams. Westbrook killed me tonight.

Ward Dear ….. We are still very much young at heart, and if your wife is like my husband (which they seem to be for some reason), then we are doing very well, if I say so myself.
I got the coolest poster today, along with my 2 Chicago, Cincinnati and Cleveland posters. – It’s a timeline for every team on one poster, and then at the bottom, it has a baseball time line as well.
Also, tonight in Bible study, I was sitting next to a lady, who’s husband is involved in scouting with their grandson. She was talking about the things they were doing, and the little light bulb went on in my head “Eric has mentioned this stuff before” so I asked her how old her grandson was, and sure enough, he is sixteen. I guess her husband doesn’t know what he is going to do with himself once their grandson is finished.

Hey – it was really Rivers and Chambers who put me over the top – I was up 21 points going into tonight,but my opponent had TO, and two other Cowboys so I knew Westbrook had to do just enough not to lose it for me.

Junie, if he likes Scouting, he should stick around. The boys could always use someone to be around who likes it. It really doesn’t matter that he’s older. Take it from someone who didn’t have them, not all kids get to know their grandparents. Learning to talk with older people is something I learned to do too late in life. People who know what they’re doing in Scouting are valuable to the troop. I know I’d welcome him.

Ward Dear… That’s exactly what I told her. Aren’t you proud of me?

eric–My father is still involved in the Scouting program back in my hometown in Michigan on a leadership level and he’s 91 years old. He was awarded the Silver Beaver award for lifetime achievements in Scouting some years back.

Wow Seesky!!! That’s fantastic!!!!

Well done, nelly! I am at that!

Is their grandson close to making Eagle? Matt passed his Scoutmaster Conference with flying colors Saturday. One step closer!

Yeah, nelly, I’m pretty proud of him. I only hope to be that vital if and when I get to be that age.

I don’t know specifics, but I will ask her next Monday. That’s fabulous about Matt, but I didn’t expect the outcome to be anything short of remarkable. You said he was well prepared. 🙂

seesky ~ That’s is so fantastic!! My grandfather is also 91, but he has slowed down quite a bit in the last few years. The funny thing about him now, is he will talk french, which I didn’t know he knew french. He is from Brooklyn so he has so many fun stories about growing up there.

Grrrr, this late-night fading out of my connection is driving me nuts. OK, it’s a short putt rather than a drive………..

Seesky, that is quite an honor. I’m sure that you’re very proud of him! That is a very difficult status to obtain.

it’s all the namechanging dear…… 🙂

I wouldn’t doubt it, NellyBelle! Have we done that one yet?

no, I haven’t tried that one – lol!! According to my sign in page, I am still nellyjune – go figure!!

Well, before you go adopting that one, you ought to know that it was the name of a Jeep on the Roy Rogers Show,

which one nellybelle or nellyjune?

LOL!!!! NellyBelle! I’m not sure how they spelled it, but it’s close.

LOL!! okay – I will keep that in mind. It probably doesn’t matter – I am stuck with this one for a while I’m sure 🙂

I am not sure about mvp. I guess he is responsible for getting us this far, but going back to May, what if Joe had stuck with the young kids all along – could we have still made it here, and possibly not even gone after Manny. One can only speculate…..

This has been a unique season. You could actually make a case for Manny for MVP and for Sabathia for the Cy, and people are doing it. And when was the last time two such players were traded, not only during the season, but from league to league? Now, I’m not saying either one deserves it, because I think they should have played in the league more than 2 months. But who could say that Manny hasn’t turned this season around for the Dodgers?

And in something somewhat related, I’ve always thought that there’s a difference between a Most Valuable Player and the Player of the Year. An excellent example of each was Kirk Gibson in ’88 and Andre Dawson the year before in ’87. Gibson was definitely the MVP of a winning team with relatively low stats. Dawson had all the stats, but was on a last place team. Exactly how valuable was he? The Player of the Year, but not the MVP.

And don’t you think it’s ironic that Pierre gets to sit after he hits a home run. Now he’ll know how Ethier felt a dozen times this season.

Well, Manny is definitely the MVP in getting us where we are right now, not only because of his numbers, but just the change in attitude team wide.

LOL!!! I didn’t think about that. He definitely has seen how Andre has been treated all season, and this, being benched after hitting a homerun, will cap it off nicely.

We’re edging towards the wee hours again. We’ve done our share of getting us towards #1 in MLB blogs tonight.

It’s good to be back in the mix here again, and of course it’s been nice talking with you. I think the sheriff is due in tomorrow, but I’ll try and check in now and then.

Good night, June Darlin’, and God Bless!

One more thing. Here’s a pretty comprehensive look at pending 2009 free agents. Grab a cup of coffee and check it out:

Our sheriff is out everyday this week in meetings, not that it’s quite the same, but we at least know there won’t be any higher ups coming around ethier (either). I am just hoping to have air conditioning – we were miserable this afternoon. Good night Ward Dear….. see you in the am – God Bless 🙂 Thanks for the chat – it’s was fun!!! always is…… 🙂

Iced coffee….. LOL!!!

Good morning my ITD friends! I have been away for a few days due to church stuff, working on immigration paperwork for my wife, etc., but I have been reading from time to time! I loved all the comments after Pierre’s long ball! Good for him! That is, as long as Joe doesn’t replace one of our current outfielders with Pierre! Have a great day everyone!

Good morning Piano Man. Glad to see you back. Juan had his day of glory and now it’s time for Andre to continue with his great at bats and stellar defense.

Good Morning ITD…great game last night. Sad that I didn’t get to see it, but so happy we WON!.
Impress by JP’s HR…excellent work….1st HR….Congratulations JP.
Manny yeah Manny….MANNY MANNY MO’ MANNY….MANNY FOR MVP…And deserves its. He has done soooo much for himself and so much for the team….Thanks Manny for helping the team out. For those in SoCAl L.A. area and I.E. area KTLA channel 5 news is having a poll if Manny should be MVP….so far about 77% say YES’…..THAT IS GREAT. For those that wish to vote for fun just go to:
Also last night during the sports review KTLA they mentioned the great job MANNY is doing, and of course they showed JP’s 1st HR…and the fun part….they were wondering if Russell Martin will be Playing “Turtle” from ENTOURAGE….and of course they had a picture of both Turtle & Martin to compare….it was funny. I have been looking for those pics but havent’ found them. My opinion Martin is wayyyyyy better looking than the actual Turtle.
Well I’ll be checking later on

Good morning gang. I see we pulled out another sweet win. Still no electric at home. Life without electricity really bites!! Hope everyone is having a great day. Go Dodgers!!!

good morning jhall. Sorry about your electricity. How much longer do you think it will be? We miss you on a regular basis. Hopefully tonight we will keep our bats hitting and Lowe pitches a gem.

OH yes almost forgot…to all ITD that are MEXICAN:

Dedicated to Juan. I made this little video (which is about Manny really)

Hi Trumom. They’re saying it could be another 2 or 3 days. Geez!! 4.5 up with 12 to go, looking good. I also hope Lowe pitches well. He has been a solid post season pitcher in his career. With him, Billz, Maddux, Kersh, and Kuroda, I like our chances in the playoffs. It will be great to have Andre back tonight.

JUNGAR….like your video…it gave me the chills of happiness & excitment when I was watching it. Thanks

jungar ~ Great video. I see Andre is usually greeting Manny at home plate. I love the dynamic duo…..Mandre!!!

jhall ~ I read this morning Kuo is sore. Hope it isn’t a long lasting ailment. Would love to see them ship Penny out.

Super Jungar!!!

Sure hope Kuo is OK!!

Good morning family.
Jungar- great video. cute baby 🙂 congrats to you.
excited for tonight’s game. I hate east coast games cause they are on while I’m sill at work! boo to that!
eric- where ever you are- thanks for putin JP as your 4th outfielder, as long as he’s 4th- not 3rd.
jhall- good to see the name back. I like it a lot!
rose- viva los dodgers 🙂

Hey Amy. Thanks!!!

JHALL- Well I hope KUO is doing good too. Let’s just keep him in our prayers. Yes I do want Penny out.
Hi AMY how are you doing? It has been confirm I will be going to the Happiest Place on Earth on Friday the 26th….can’t wait!

rose- that is soo awesome. I’ve already made it in Sept and my next confirmed date is Oct 11th! I can’t wait myself.
I also want the good Penny back, then Furcal. It was great seeing Saito. I hope he gets his full strength back. Also, for the record, I do want Kent to feel better. Even if he pinch hits for us in later innings, he can contribute to this squad( in my opinion). Nomar looked great last night getting on base. The good Kuroda came through, but as the announcers said, he wasn’t reall challenged at all. See, some veterans are pulling through for us 🙂
GO Dodgers!
Jhall- you’re welcome.

Nice game by Juan Pierre yesterday. Maybe I should blast him before every game. My words regarding yesterday’s lineup:

yuck! Andre, congratulations, but please hurry back!!!!

Wow! Just think of what Pierre can do seeing all of those fastballs in front of Manny!!!! What a waste….
By on September 15, 2008 2:25 PM

thanks everyone. it was just for fun. threw it together fast. the song is called what a wonderful man he was. I hope that’s not true. We gotta resign him. Manny/Kemp/Ethier for 4 more years! Sign him now Frank. Go against the grain. Send a message.

Hey if Pierre wants to perform fantastic in a reserve role we should all root for him, after all our beef (as he likes to put it!) is with those who signed him and played him. 4th OF situational runner and even pinch hitter (for what its worth (not 8 million) he puts it in play. But he and Jones should be gone in 09

jungar ~ I would like nothing better than to have Manny/Kemp/Ethier for many years to come. It would be great for Dodger baseball fans. Let’s hope Frank for once cares about us. I have a feeling that Jones will be in such bad shape next year, he may have to hang it up. And, maybe, please make it happen, Juan can be traded. There has to be someone out there who wants him. Right?

Today’s a great day to wake up being a Dodger fan. The hunt for a Blue October continues. Go Blue!

TRUBLUE & JUNGAR….I am with you!

dodgersrule ~ good afternoon. Hope you’re having a great day. Can’t wait for todays game……so we can get one step closer to the division championship. GO DODGERS!!!

OH man the games are just getting more more exciting each day…of course a big excitment was when we swept the D-Backs….and now I hope Dodgers can keep it up. Hopefully Martin gets it together and joins (mentally) the team again. JP’s HR hopefully motivates him. ETHIER with a new baby hopefully he keeps playing the way he has been. Manny with the new team and he seems very happy here with the Dodgers, he can keep being Manny. Furcal hopefully comes back stronger. And all the vets hopefully a motivated to finish with a win. Kershaw with a great game the other day, Maddux actually had a great game too. Kemp is young but a great player, Loney, Billingsley, Park, Nomar, Barroa, Delwyin, Dewytt, Kuo, Broxton, Lowe, Beimel, Ardoin, Wade, Saito and if I forgot someone then sorry….but MY BOYS IN BLUE have what it takes to WIN….so lets just WIN!

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