Viva los Dodgers!

No, not the event on Sept 20 that will celebrate Hispanic Heritage month…I’m talking about the atmosphere in the clubhouse on a Sunday morning. We’ve got some good Dominican tunes cranking right now and everyone seems pretty loose. I guess 12 wins in 13 games will do that to you.

Hard to believe that we’ve picked up nine games in the standings in 15 days. I guess it’s a good reminder that anything can happen (and quite often, the most unexpected does!)

Russ has some tough numbers against Aaron Cook and with a day game after a night game, Danny Ardoin gets the call today behind the plate. That should hopefully make Russ fresh for the Pittsburgh series. Here’s the lineup for the hottest team in the Majors:

Pierre, CF

Kemp, RF

Manny, LF

Loney, 1B

Blake, 3B

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Ardoin, C

Maddux, P (looking to pass Clemens today on all-time wins list)


Josh- Viva Los Dodgers is right!! I love how this team has been playing baseball and the winning attitude is so visible to us fans. They showed us a dark spot during that 8 game loosing streak, but now we’ve definetly seen the light. I am so proud of the guys and look forward to a little October baseball. Everyone deserves it.
I did get to post yesterday, but I hope the Ethier family is happy and healthy. It is always a special time when a baby is born πŸ™‚
I look forward to today’s game. Let’s go Dodgers!!
4.5 up is a Beautiful Situation indeed πŸ™‚

Thanks for the lineup Josh!!!
I am glad to see Russell getting a day off.

Poll question..Who do you guys think we match up well against. Who would you want to play first (anyone know who we play first?) Personally I can careless. Each team has a true ace. Each team has legit Middle Order hitters. I think we are as good if not better now than all of em.


haha. I mean I **”didn’t”** get to post yesterday, not “did”
good morning Dnel. junger.

Yeah I had a working computer but no Keyboard for 3 days. I thought I was censored at first by Josh for calling Jones a bad it broke right after i posted that..

Bonjour Amy mon amie!!
I like our chances against any of them right now Jungar.

Congrats Andre and hurry back!!!!!

jhall/57/heniz- Good morning to you to as well Friend.
It’s good to see on at the same time πŸ™‚
I am ready for some Dodger baseball today.

jungar – That is a very good question/poll – hmmmm. I will have to think about that one – off hand I don’t think I would want to play the Astros right now – they seem to be the team that has turned it up a notch, similar to what we have done. However, their current displacement due to the hurricane, might change their momentum some – maybe…. I will think about it for sure πŸ™‚
Good Morning Amy!!!
enchanted – My computer still says “Thanks for signing in,dnelly16 , but when I post, it says nellyae16. I even turned off my computer, and restarted it. Also, ever since I played around with it last night, I have to sign in every time now, where I didn’t have to before. However, at school, I have to sign in every time, also.

I hope that today Maddux comes out pitching his absolute best today. We need his ‘ace’ version and not the struggling version if he wants to get that historic win today. Maybe since the ‘good’ Kershaw pitched yesterday, it should set the tone for Maddux’s start.
I love having a winning team. Finally we are collectively playing to our potential. GO Dodgers!!

dnelly ~ I always have to sign in…..strange because I never sign out.

Good morning to you Amy. Hope we get a sweep today and help Maddux out with a lot of runs.

Tru- I know. How sweet it would be to sweep. I know we are on a tear right now and can beat anyone. It does make me nervous about traveling to Pits for 4 right after we finish here. I always worry about their health. But at least Russy will be rested, and Loney and Matty have been rested too. And you know, Joe’s been good about subbing people in the later innings when we are winning too.

Amy ~ I know what you mean about cross country travel. Hopefully, since we are on a winning streak, they will be ready to go. Just hope we win the series.

this team is so exciting to watch. I am sad that baseball will be over soon, but a pennant race is thrilling to watch.
Viva Los Dodgers!!
Goodbye Rockies- we are about to leave you in the dust!
SF- we are coming for you too next weekend!
Watch out, the boys in blue are ready to dominate πŸ™‚

if there’s one team that i really have no desire to face it’s the cubs. they have an incredible front 3 in zambrano, harden, and dempster. their offense is among the best in the majors with lee, ramirez, soriano, and soto. on top of all that, they are a great home team while we are a lousy road team. (i’m assuming they have home field advantage due to their better record.) i’m not too worried about any of the other teams.

Tru- my music is playing on shuffle right now and know what some just came on? “here we go” by Nsync.
“yes yes yes here we go…Nsync has got the flow” haha
that’s some quality music πŸ˜‰
But I was thinking about it and it could be a pump up song for the Dodgers too πŸ™‚ Dodgers have definetly got the flow!
lol. love old pop music!

amy ~ Go NSYNC and GO DODGERS……..great combination

Of all those teams, I think I would pick the Brewers as far as matchups go. We’ve played them well this season. With the Phillies, we swept them at home in the most recent home series, but then got swept on the road. We haven’t matched up that well against the Mets in recent years and the Astros are kind of peaking like the Dodgers are right now.

Yarrum ~ I also think the Cubs would be the best team. However, I think if we play the way we’ve been lately, we can beat them. And remember, the Cubs have the “curse” lol

bluecrewgirl ~ When we win our division, I don’t care who we play……this year we will get past the first round. I have faith in our pitching and of course, our young guns!

Trublue, I think we will make it past the first round too, but if I had my choice of who we play, it would be the Brewers. It will be nice just to be in the playoffs after last year’s implosion at the end of the season.

bluecrewgirl ~ I’d take the Brewers too. I don’t want to be the team the Cubs finally get past to head to the world series.

Bold prediction – Juan goes 2 for 5 today with a SB.

LOL Beav!! That is bold!!

enchanted ~ are you in your moon phase? lol

Beav, are you hitting the Kool-Aid again? LOL!!!!

Juan Pierre sucks. Come on Joe.

0 for Juan

I’d rather see Repko in center and Kemp leading off.

Or drinking some of Joe’s Bigelow Green Tea?

jhall ~ ME TOO!

LOL Bleu Fille’!!!!

I’d rather have Matt in center field, but that’s not happening either!

Maddux still has a great glove on defense. Still has good reflexes too.

Wow Maddux 2 nice gold glove played.

Way to go Maddux! Just hope we get you some runs…..let’s go Dodgers

Just trying to root Juan on to greatness!! LMAO!!

I’d rather see Blake in RF, Kemp in CF, Nomar at 3rd. Blake is another option that could played the OF but Torre won’t do that. Wow Lechler a 71 yards punts. You don’t see that often.

Next season we ought to try working on not grounding into so many DPs.

I don’t think Juan need our cheering for him.

OMG that was a good played for the Colts.

LOL Beav!! That would take alot of rooting and for a lost cause!!!

oops that was Colquitt not Lechler but he’s a good punter and is capable of kicking it that far.

Wow McFadden is good. Anyone watching the Oakland/KC games? It surely take the pressure of UCLA loss.

Juan mama’s rooting him on

Nice Loney

Damn Brad Gushue kill my curling fntsy pts.

Sigh I can’t believe I actually picked KC over Oak in my pro pick em league but who would had guess Oakland was going to dominated the KC after getting kill by Denver last week.

Nice to see you again perdita

Yeah Juan for 2

Damn that Ian Stewart. If only Kemp was a left handed batter he would beat that out.

tanks TruBlew!!!

Ethier come back quick. Manny is totally struggling lol.

perdita ~ geez, I go put me dodger blew on, don’t tink pink working

To bad I trade Pal Trulsen of my team for Ayumi Onodera. Auymi suck. Can throw stone for ****.

Damn KC is trying to come back lol.

You kidding me Raiders?

This is Inside The Dodgers right? Football and Curling?

Think I’ll go pick up dog doo and check back later.

Berroa love Coors Fields.

Lol, enchanted.

bluecrewgirl ~ enchanted sure has a way with words, doesn’t he?

Nothing really good to talk about with the 0-0 and we hit into 2 DP.

I wonder how long Maddux going to stay in?

Oh just great Vinny I don’t want to here Pierre best year was with the Rockers.

Juan Pierre sucks.

Urgh I hope the Brewers win the wild card. Don’t want ot play the Mets again if Philly win it.


Why in the hell are they running with Manny up?

It looks like Matt’s hand tagged the base a hair before to me. I thought he was safe.

lol Manny try to steal a walk

Would like to know where mlb scrounged up this umpiring crew.

Max ~ how are you today? Maddux is pitching a great game and we can’t give him a run. I think baby Ethier can hit better than Juan!

Nothing like a fading slap-hitter hanging around for an extra three or four years. Ned’s legacy, or just one of them. I don’t know why Pierre isn’t screaming for a trade, or maybe he is. Frank should face off with Ned and tell him he’s got thirty days after the end of the season to get rid of Pierre, or Frank will get rid of Ned instead. That’s what I would do, but then I’ve been accused of being blunt.

Gosh I don’t know how much long Maddux got left in him?

messagebear ~ if there is a petition to get Pierre & Ned out, let me be the first to sign.

Ned need to be fire along with Jow.

I’m doing we’ll trublue. I am amazed that Joe still thinks Slappy is a good option to leadoff. I’d rather see Berroa lead off! Maddux can still bring it when he needs too. I never thought he was done. Maddux’s success is really all lucked based now. All he can do is hit his spots and at best hope they hit it where someone is. He’s really hitting his spots today and they are hitting it right at people.

Good afternoon all!
Great day for Raider Nation with a big win over the rival Chiefs! Over 300 rushing yards for the Silver & Black. McFadden with a big day, And Bush doing well also.
Looks like Maddux is pitching a gem! I find myself in amazement on how low his pitch count is through 6 innings!

I don’t get it. Casey Blake gets a hit and then gets benched for Nomar. Joe has to be smoking crack in the dugout.

Max ~ I don’t get JP’s position either. Of all days, we can’t seem to score a run, Maddux is pitching a great game.

jj ~ saw the Raiders game………where I live, that was the only game on…….but I’m glad they won.

Blake hurt back. that why Nomar ins.

Oh Ok Blake’s hurt. But still Nomar?

Tru I had to get it on the computer with radio simulcast from KSFO. They had the Colts-Vikings game on here. Manning with his usual late game heroics, and last second field goal got it.
I hope Blake’s back isn’t too bad.

It was either that or Martin playing 3rd today nice pitching Maddux.

jj ~ I’m going to have to get it on my computer next year. I like the Raiders but I’d rather have a choice as to what I watch. We get the Raiders & 49’ers (can’t stand them). Once in a whille there is an extra game but not too often.

I guess Martin would play anyway but at least he would played catcher. Thank Vinny no wonder Martin had the day off.

What no Sweeney for the last 3 days in a rows?

Maddux pitch good go Reds!

hmmmmm 2 for 2 huh Young? Young should had started over Pierre.

He’s now 3 for 3.

Come on Kemp. We need a hit with risp.


Good grief. How much more of this can one take???

Great catch Pierre

Nice Job Wade. I can’t take this no more.

Think I hear some dog doo calling…

Well I certainly didn’t expect a 0-0 game when I got on to see what was up. Wow!!!

hmmmm – looks like a boring game – not much action

I have to eat some crow on Maddux, DNelly. I really thought he was done after his first few starts with the Dodgers.

Is it safe??

Nice pitching by Wade and Maddux. A run would be nice now.

Not only is there a double shut-out, we are also experiencing a celestial event of such magnitude that it is beyond description.

sparkleplenty ~ you’ve got that right!!! Unbelievable

No worries Sparky – the sun will rise soon!!!

Oh god no I don’t like are chances now.

#%$#@$#@ SWEENEY!!!!!!!!!!!! Torre running into the Same Wall EvEry siNglE daY again… unbelieveable!

Oh nice wonder what happen to Kuo? If anyone didn’t notice the Reds are leading 1-0.

enchanted ~ I don’t think so lol

I can’t believe we are in extra innings. I think they all miss Andre – I know I do miss him in this line up. I know it’s for a very good reason, but boy to we need a home run right now.

Damnnit Hollday.

There’s been a definite power outage today, DNelly.

You knew Sweeney was going to get a chance so why are you so shock?

Kuo great job on that pos Hawpe.

wow… so bright in here, I think I’ve got moonblindness… and I just cleaned up the dog doo yesterday…

Sigh this is not good.

This suck.

Oh no!!

Pierre wanted nothing to do with that ball

lol Pierre showing his weak arm.

“What is it that’s not exactly water, and it ain’t exactly earth…”

Blow me Tuolowitz

Go Reds Go

Oh well. Still a big lead in the NL west.

Thanks a lot Kuo
you know- I swear the Dodgers must me allergic to Extra innings this year. Have we ever won even one game this year in extras? my goodness.
Maybe they need some Clarito or something.
heck of a game though. Maddux pitched a great game. He should be proud.

Amy ~ they need Awesome Andre back – LOL!!!

Just making an appearance guys…. What;s the deal with Torre sticking with Kuo there? He obviously did not have it, and he still had plenty of bullets in the pen. That makes no sense at all. The other thing I hope is that this does not mean that we’ve fallen back into being shut out even though we had 8 hits, and our pitcher had a great game…. Well, I can’t complain too much about the streak we’re on…. It’s on to Pittsburgh where we dominate the Bucs!! Come on Reds!!

I can’t take it anymore.

This suck? This sucks.

Damnnit Hollday. Dammit Holliday.

Maddux pitch good go Reds? Maddux pitched well. Go Reds!


And now JoJo the idiot brings in Kuo who hasn’t pitched in days to lose it (not that we were ever going to score today.) Just give me a gun.

yea Dnell- Andre we need you. We need Andre to balance out the lineup again. Dang, their pitching was great. Even Manny couldn’t hit off of them!
Now- lose DBacks!!!! lose!

I agree Brandon. I would have kept Wade in and let him bat for himself. He couldn’t have done any worse than Sweeney at the plate and then he could have stayed in the game. He looked like he could have gone another inning.

2 of 3 in Coors ain’t bad. Now 3 of 4 in Pitts would keep the pressure on the Snakes. Snakes also have to finish out with 6 against the Rox and 4 against the Cards.

Question: What do Mark Sweeney, Andruw Jones, and my cat have in common? Answer: None will have done anything to help the Dodgers win in 2008.

Pookie – I was going to say they all hit like *******.



Great analogy Kahli!!!!
jhall/Wally~ we have missed all of your trademark sayings – LOL!!!!!

Kahli – And I bet your cat could cough a fur ball farther than either one if them can hit a baseball right now.

wth is pierre still in a dodger uniform?!?! Please put in repko thge man actually knows how to use his hustle! we lost this game because of juans unwillingness to hustle to the pop up. he looks absolutely lost in all of his fielding opporunities. and gosh his bat is pathetic!

at least this game was just a one run loss…pierre does not belong in the majors! litlle league arm…pitchers bat (micah owings is ten times better), blah blah fill in the blank!

C’mon Reds! Sparky says “BEAT THOSE D’BAGS!!!!”

And just to prove that IS Sparky Anderson in a Dodgers uni, here’s the 1958 team photo with him in it (He’s in the third row from the top, all the way on the right):

Sparky sez: GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!

bluecrewgirl – that was good!!!!!
nsblues – I need tech help again… How do you get your nickname to go back and forth again? I was playing around with nicknames last night, and I got stuck with this one nellyae16, eventhough my sign in name is the nickname I want. Then I tried to go back to dnelly16, and it said my name had already been taken. Well, yes it has, by me…… any ideas on what I did wrong? enchanted has tried to help, but what he did didn’t seem to work for me. He got his whole name back as you can tell.

dnelly, have you tried changing the nickname from your account page at it has nickname options on the left, you should be able to change the name back. Weird that it would do that.

yes, that’s what enchanted said to do, and obviously it worked for him, as is for you. It even tells me the name has been changed. I can see the nickname I want in front of me on the sign in part, but then when I post the other one comes up. So, there must be a step I am missing somewhere – hmmm!!

I just seen Dunn k’s with the base loaded and 2 outs again. It still tied 1-1.

Come on Reds I want more Owings. Wow the Charges came all the way back.

Yeah, it displays my name as nsblues even when I’ve changed my display name to ‘northstateblues’… it’s never told me that either names’ been chosen before (even though it’s you who has your name, in the same e-mail login I take it)…

I’m not sure I know how to fix that one… maybe contact the tech support and ask about it, as I’m guessing it’s a problem with the nicknames interfering with the mlblogs system.

I never had to log in before either, it kept my name as long as I kept the cookies for this site, but after I got the mlblogs account, I’ve had to log in every time, and since the great name swindle we’ve been seeing the last couple of months, it’s been defaulting my name as nsblues everytime I sign in, from which if I want to go through the trouble of appearing as northstateblues, I have to log into the mlblogs account and change the sign-in name.

But if it shows “Thanks for logging in dnellyae16, now you may comment” at the bottom, then I dont see why it won’t let you post as that… sorry I can’t be of more help 😦

Argh, have to head for work… would’ve liked to celebrate the Raiders win with a couple brews, but will have to wait ’til tonight…

Mark SWINEY sucks!!! He’s got to be setting some record for lowest average in his number of AB’s while still allowed to be on the team for an entire season. But then I have to remember that Ned and Torre suck too.

Come on Reds. Rauch has an awful 0-5 record with an ERA at 6.20.

Because Ned is paying him 6 thousand dollar which probably could go on someone else..

Also because Ned is an idiot and didn’t resigned Marlon.

Pattersonnnnnnn came throught but Rauch suck ball 2-1 Reds.

2 – 1 Cincinnati

Nice to see you ajay.

Cincinnati wins!!!!!!!!!
2 – 1

Thanks for trying nsblues – it’s no big deal. Have fun at work – see you later maybe… πŸ™‚

that’s very good news ajay – thank you!!!!!

I guess Ethier been on today on his myspace. What a good dame by SD/Den.

oops I mean game.

Broncos hold on to beat the Chargers.
39 – 38

Chargers didn’t play good defense again, but they got totally ripped off by the officiating today. None of my teams won today.

Just found out the Reds won, so that is definitely good news.

Time to go check my pro pick em league. Gosh I don’t want to see.

bluecrewgirl – that is very good news. Let’s hope the Dodgers break their east of the Rockies curse they seem to have sometimes.

Is it me or do I have a bad feeling that Andy going to hit a game winner in this series?

JuneDarling ~ sorry can’t call you “ae”. Do you wonder what Oberon does for a living?

bluecrewgirl – My fantasy football teams have SD defense, and two weekends in a row, they have killed me in points. However, I also have Rivers and Chambers who got me a whole bunch of points on one of my teams so in that respect those two did very well. I know it doesn’t help in the standings though….

trublue ~ When I saw June Darlin’, I thought you were Ward Dear…. LOL!!!
I think it might be an editor or teaches a foreign language of some sort – oberish perhaps πŸ™‚

Hey gang!! Lost my power at home due to remnants of hurrican Ike. Wind gusts up to 70-80 mph. Lots of trees down. At least the Reds knocked off the DB’s for us. Ashame to waste the great pitching by Maddux today. Oh well, lets go and take the series against the Pirates. 3 of 4 should just about lock it up. Hope you are all having a great day/evening/night.

Holy Cow, it changed my name again. It won’t change it when I want it to however. Just whenever it takes a notion. LOL!!!!

The curse of Juan Mommy streak again lol/

oops me strike


jhallWally ~ how come mine won’t change??????? No Fair……….

Glad you’re okay, Jhall.

DNelly, Rivers has been great so far this year. He’s fun to watch. I’ve always liked his spunk and he has a great arm. Sproles and Chambers did great today too. LT was definitely not himself I was a huge Ram fan for years but when they moved, I was done. I’ve never liked the Raiders, so I’ve been enjoying the Chargers since LA doesn’t have a team and at least they’re in So Cal. They have too much talent on defense to keep playing so badly. I know they miss Shawne’s game and his intensity, but they need to step it up. I still don’t get why that call was not overturned to a fumble and Charger’s ball. I’ve seen incomplete pass calls changed to fumbles many times before. The only thing I can figure is that that they said the ref blew the whistle before the fumble, which would have been really jumping the gun if he did.

Merci Bleu Fille’!!
LOL Nelle’!!!

jhall ~ I’m glad you’re okay too. Something strange going on with all the name mix-ups. Does anyone know who the Dbacks face next? Just curious.

Thanks Trumom!! I’m not sure, but it might be the Cardinals. I know they have them left on their schedule. HaHa, we get the Pirates and they get the Cards.

well good evening ITD!! how is everyone? what a crazy game today huh!?

TruBlue/ jhall/ bluecrewgirl – good to see you guys! i haven’t been able to come on and chat in so long!!

Dnelly- Andre’s baby is on the way!! that’s so awesome! my biggest congratulations and best wishes goes to him and his wife! and man i HOPE to see him back in the line-up SOON!!

I just hope we have a great road trip…win each series….no sweeps….and we will be in great shape.

Hey Acardona, good to see you also.
Yep Trumom, just win series’ from here out and we’re in.
Anything can happen in the playoffs and we are hot at the right time. Last year the Rox, and the year before, the Cards.

Nelly must be off trying to change her name. LOL!!!

I am here – LOL!!

acardona ~ Andre and Maggie had baby boy yesterday. Isn’t it great!

Acardona ~ sorry – I am having name issues – LOL!! Andre and Maggie had their baby boy, but don’t know any more than that πŸ™‚ I think Manny needs him back 😦

TruBlue – awww! a little ‘Dre! lol thats so awesome!

Oh no guess we have to root for the Giants again.

nellyae ~ Try NellyJune! lol

Mon, Sep 15 9:40 pm EDT D. Davis vs. B. Hennessey
Tue, Sep 16 9:40 pm EDT D. Haren vs. M. Cain
Wed, Sep 17 9:40 pm EDT B. Webb vs. J. SΓ‘nchez
Thu, Sep 18 9:40 pm EDT R. Johnson vs. T. Lincecum

thanks, sl

Dnelly- no worries! you’ve been having some name issues for quite a while huh? lol thats so great! when i found out he left I was like aww their gunna have their baby! but then i was like umm.. I hope he comes back soon.. lol mixed emotions you know?.. but thats still awesome for them!!

Hey Acardona! Good to see you. I was reading somewhere, that it was reported that Andre contacted a team official and said he expected to rejoin the team in Pittsburgh tomorrow and Tuesday at the latest. That is awesome news for him and Maggie.

I am on the computer at work. I wonder what name I will have when I get on at home.

Dnelly- and yes i do agree that Manny needs him back! hehe! πŸ™‚

Happy for Andre and Maggie but want him back tomorrow. LOL!!!

jhall ~ just give us a sign that it’s really you! lol

LOL jhall!! this whole “name issue” thing is becoming a guessing game huh? it’s like “I wonder what my name will be this time!?” lol


Oh well, think I will head for home and see if the power is back on. Nice chatting with you all and I might catch up with you later if I have electric. If not, bonsoir all!!!!

Bluecrewgirl – that would be SO great to have him back ASAP!!! its kind of a mixed emotions thing cause its GREAT that him and his wife had a baby and you want him to be able to spend time with her and the baby! after all it is his first baby!! BUT you also want him to come back cause this is a time where we really need our strong players!!

bye jhall! good luck with the electricity!! and your ITD name! haha!!

It may be jahalljollywally or jhallwallyworld or jhallywood !

jhall – I didn’t know you weren’t home – be safe out there please!!!!

YW tru

acardona ~ I feel the same way – very happy for he and Maggie, but boy, we need him back.
As for my name, as long as nelly or june is in there somewhere, I guess it’s all good. At least I am not a number yet – lol!! enchanted’s number issue is still the best so far, right next to winflavor/porklinks/westernmost/oldfogey – who we have not seen in ages BTW

just checking… πŸ™‚

Damn time to jinx Zambrano no no.

He did it damn

Snakes are drawing the Giants best in their set of four, and they weren’t exactly swinging the sticks against the Reds so… I’m seeing split. If the D’s can win three against the Bucs, that’ll move the magic number to five.

Any time you can pick up a game playing on the road in Coors while your rival plays the Reds at home…well, that’s a good weekend. Still, in the back of my mind, it sure would be nice not to have to win in SF the final weekend. D-Backs play an extra game so I’ll give them a victory just to be nice. That means the Dodgers have 10 games remaining before heading to SF. If they match the D-backs in those 10 games, they clinch before going to AT&T. Six of those ten are at home, while D-backs have seven on the road in Colorado and St. Louis. Seems doable. But then, when do the Dodgers EVER do anything easy?

sounds great enchanted!!! However, here at the Giants camp, my husband is saying that they may hold off using Lincecum so he would be able to pitch against us twice. The Gnats would certainly do something like that, but I think we can beat him this time around, especially at home. What we need is for us to have it locked before we go down there at the end of the month.

Kalhi – the answer to the last question is NEEEEVVVVVEEERRRRR!!!!!!

Zambrano just threw a no-hitter – THAT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what happens I sure don’t want to hear Miller and Morgan do any of those games…

That was the first no-hitter by the Cubs in 36 years.

Kahli ~ Let’s seriously hope not. It’s bad enough I have to hear Jon Miller when we are not playing the gnats.

nellyae ~ the Giants are somehow trying to fix the rotation so Lincecum can pitch twice against us. They are screwing up there rotation just for the chance to knock us out. I’m with you, we better have it locked up before we get there. I just don’t trust the Giants…….wonder how hard they’ll try this time to beat the Dbacks?

enchanted ~ glad to see you survived the barrage this afternoon. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blitz like that before.

All we need’s a little decent pitching against the Gnats and we’ll be alright. Its not like they have a bunch of guys that can hit. Honestly, Snakes will lose at least 5 out of their last 10, and probably 1 to the Gnats. We should only have to win 4-5 games the rest of the season. We go 6-7 and the Snakes have to go 11-3 to tie. Not to jinx anything, but its looking pretty good.

It does seem pretty promising for a change, but I’m sure it won’t be as easy as it sounds, like Kahli just said. One game at a time……

i’m late on this.. but CONGRATS TO ANDRE AND HIS FAMILY!! how cute lil’ ethier must be!

today was a tough loss.. i tuned in around the 5th inning after my softball game and i was shocked to see a scoreless tie at coors.. i was a little pleasantly surprised because it was maddux pitching and his road record is not pretty, to say the least.. but once they hit extras, it didn’t look good.. at least it was a short extras so that they can still be good heading to pittsburgh..

btw, i’m happy some of you were rooting for my trojans, and sending happy thoughts their way πŸ™‚ we proved that we are hands down, the best team in the nation right now.. sorry jhall.. but if it makes you feel any better, the buckeye fans were very nice and smart football fans.. they definitely were good representatives..

Hey, Sara. Long time no see. I’ve always liked the Trojans since I was a kid. They are looking really strong so far this season. Take care and hope to see you again soon.

Hey Sara ~
Hope you are doing well. We have missed you around here, but I am sure you are having fun celebrating Trojan football.,0,4925506.story
posted 15 minutes ago – Andre is expected back no later than Tuesday. Oh, and JP is not pouting, whatever in the hell that is supposed to mean.

Hi guys. I hope you are all well. I was able to go to the game yesterday in Denver (though I missed today entirely). The Loney Song actually went over well (unlike in July, when the Rockies were still in contention).
This is exciting. The Dodgers Magic Number is now 10, and I love the countdown. I have not always been pleased with the management, but I have to give Ned credit–his offseason was perfect (not giving up the young guys, and a short-term signing that, even while it has totally flopped, seemed to make sense at the time), and the mid-season deals have made a big impact (Manny=huge, but Blake, Maddux, and even Berroa have helped) without giving up too much (we may be sorry to have seen some of the gys go, but we’ll never say that the deals were not worth it).
Torre’s lineups have confounded me over the season, and even now I don’t understand completely the “standard” one he is using (though I can see some of the idea–and today is clearly non-standard with Martin getting his last day off until we clinch, and Ethier on leave), but as I have also said, as long as he puts the right players in the lineup, it is good enough for me–and he is definitely doing that, pretty much day in and day out. And that’s big.
Lowe has buckled down like he does when there is a race, Kershaw was awesome yesterday, Maddux showed today why he is going to the HOF on the first ballot, Kuroda has been solid, and then there is that young guy with tree truncks for legs whose turned into the ace.
The offense is working. I do hope we re-sign Manny because he is a great center for our young guys–Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, +–to hit around, and to be the key while the complete their development to superstars. Manny has been huge, but if it weren’t for those guys in particular, there would not be a team for Manny to pick up and cross the finish line with.
I need to mention the bullpen. Great season for it, and impressive that it was able to keep it going even when the lynchpin went down.
Congratulations to Ethier on his baby. But can’t he time these things better? We neeed him back Monday.
The Giants, as always, will roll over for the Diamondbacks and bring thier best for us. As we know, it’s an organization with zero integrity and even less class. Good news is that it does not have much talent either, so let’s beat them anyway. I would love to clinch against them.
Its still too early to count chickens, but I like it. To answer Jungar’s question–I would want the Phillies or Astros. I am not scared of the Mets. The Cubs do scare me, as does Sabathia (though not the rest of the Brewers).
It looks like the Cubs will have the best record, and we are likely to have the worst record amongst the division winners. That means the Cubs get the Wild Card winner, unless its from the Central (Brewers or Astros), in which case we get them. Otherwise, we get the East winner (Mets, unless they blow it again to the Phillies). And we will not have home field advantage under any circumstance. But we’re playing well enough to compete with everyone.

Good Morning ITD and all Etheiraholics!
Yup just found out this morning that Lil’ baby Ethier is born. We do need him, but I understand that the baby & Maggie needs him more. But Etheir you are way more than Welcome to come back we miss you.
ETHIERAHOLICS- I think Lil’ Baby Ethier takes the spot of Andre’s #1 Fan.
Hope Martin in rested and starts playing like he was born to play.

Good Morning, ITD writers and readers!!
Let’s hope we don’t hit an east of the Rockies curse as the Dodgers play the Pirates, the last place team in NL central division. Hope all is well in the Ethier household with mom, dad, and baby.
Leekfink ~ It is great to hear from you, and I am so glad you got to go to one of the games. Thanks for keeping in touch and great comments as always.
dodgersrule ~ We need our Andre back. As much as I know he is needed in both places, I think Manny needs him back. I don’t think batting behind JP is actual doing much good for him right now.
Wallyjhall ~ I hope all is well with you. Didn’t look too good during the Browns/Steelers game last night.
Ward Dear ~ I hope your computer issue gets solved soon – late nights aren’t the same you know πŸ™‚
Have a wonderful day to the best ever Dodger Fans, and I will check in during breaks.
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, nelle, nells, nelly, nellygirl ~ All ETHIERaholics, and so happy for Andre, Maggie and their new baby boy!!!!

Fire Ned
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired

Fire Ned
Fire the guy who hired Ned
Fire the guy who Ned hired

Thanks for checking in Ward Dear…..
June Darlin’ πŸ™‚

Hiya, June Darlin’! Criminy, I’m going through withdrawals!

eric ~ nice to see you again! You missed all the celestial explosions yesterday. Lucky you!

Hiya TruLumpy! I don’t consider myself lucky to miss out on such things. I like to be a part of it (sometimes) πŸ™‚ I fully expect to have to answer for it someday though! I can just see it now…..

Well Eric. Here you are. I see you did some things in your impetuous youth, and you made up for most of them by being a decent adult…….however, those days on ITD are another matter………..

We knew it!!!

After fighting it the entire weekend and talking to several IT people here and there, I had to take my laptop back to the same state it was in when I opened the box, back in March. Thankfully, although I haven’t been backing up as I should, most all of the really important and irreplaceable stuff is either on my work computer or on a disk somewhere. It just takes a while to corral everything together.

The worst part was that I didn’t have it back when I needed it most……….yesterday, when the Dodgers, Chargers and NASCAR were all going at the same time.

Well, you are here now……..and that’s what matters. I had a computer crash on me last year. It was an old hand-me down but it gave me lots of use. It was an old Mac so a lot of the stuff I had on it, which actualky was junk, won’t work on my new laptop. It’s okay for me, because I just do certain things. But for a collector like you, it must be very painful.

It’s okay Ward Dear – I watched it all for you – LOL!!!
Dodgers lost, Chargers lost (terrible call), and Biffle wins the race with Jimmy coming in second and Hamlin coming in 9th (I am kind of becoming a fan of his). (jk) honestly, I was in a church meeting and got back in time to watch the end of all of them, but in all of them, the end was the most exciting part. I am glad to see you back up and running, with no real damage to your files – yucky stuff, I know – πŸ™‚
June Darlin’

Ward Dear …. As far as the Charger game, Matt must be pretty happy – didn’t you say he is a Broncos fan? That must have been fun yesterday – lol!!!

After the games were over and the sun had set, my wife and I were sitting on the patio, enjoying the evening. She mentioned that I should apologize to him. I said, “What in the world for? I’m not mad at him. I’m not even mad at the Broncos!” She said that she’d talked to him right after the game and Matt said. “I can’t believe that Dad used all those words.” LOL!!! She even said that I should bake a bunch of cookies and give them to the neighbors! Yep, I cut loose a bit. OK, a lot. I guess I’ve turned the corner and am now a Charger fan.

Matt hasn’t made a comment. He’s wise beyond his 16 years.

LOL!!! Well, if you were that upset, you are definitely a fan Ward Dear….I was pretty upset too, but I guess I was just fortunate not to have any Broncos fans in the house at the time. I have the same feelings about Dodgers/Giants game in the house – that’s why I stay far away from my son when watching them – LOL!!

Are you kidding me now Lilly have a no hitter? Come on Astros you’re in the wild card race.

I can’t believe Cutler put up an amazing 64 pts in my league.

I just got a text saying that the Brewers dismissed Ned Yost and named third base coach Dale Sveum interim manager for the remainder of the season.
Anybody who is a baseball fan should like to see no hitters – it’s part of the great game of baseball, and those pitchers should be commended for a job well done.

Rules of engagement, June Darlin’!

Shore nuff, Yost is history. I’ll take him:

Thank for posting that Eric and I was about to psot that. Take notes Frank you could fired someone with a winning record and Ned needs to go.

oops *post

i luv nothiters to there grate howcom you dont lyke em ??

I hope to see Kershaw and Bills come close to throwing one.

Oh oh Lilly just loss it on an error and a single.

dam thas too bad i think boht of them wil do it somday i dont think we ever had too pictures w/nohiters same yaer

Ward Dear…. just too hard to resist with all the glare – the light from the moon is blinding – LOL!!!

Viva Los Dodgers was a great event! I was runner up on the Manny-look-alike contest but still felt like a celebrity. I am going to fan appreciation day, maybe i’ll come ou with a Toyota. Go DODGERS!!!!!!

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