Tonight's lineup

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Manny, LF

Blake, 3B

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 2B

Berroa, SS

Lowe, P


Josh – I think I can safely speak for most of the ITD bloggers; we like this lineup much more than last night’s lineup.

Snakes up 3-2.

&*^^*# – Gnats are worthless.

I HATE the Giants!!!!!!!!

Brian Wilson is a POS!

Here’s hoping that the bats of Loney and Kemp come alive tonight!

Josh ~ much better lineup. Thanks Joe!

good afternoon Tru.
Good solid line up. no reason why we can’t win this one.
Let’s go Dodgers. Let’s get that win and hope D Lowe comes out on top!

Gnats have 2 on and 2 out bottom of ninth, losing 3-2

Thanks for the Line-up! I knew Martin will play. He is coming back and hopefully tonight he hits a HR…he is overdue on one. Then he can rest tomorrow.
Well if the D-Backs are winning, we MUST win. Come on Giants don’t let the D-backs get ahead.

come on Giants- win for the Dodger fans!
boo arizona!!!
I know it hurts cheering for sf- but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes!!

Hi amy ~ hope you are having a good day. I have a good feeling about the game tonight.

Giants just won the game

DBAGS LOSE!!! DBAGS LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Holy crap Velez with a 2 run double. Gnats win and sweep lol

Giants WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incredible! Now let’s go Dodgers! Put the Dbags down by 3 1/2 games!

I swear, the Jint hit the game-winner just 5 seconds after I started playing “Ride Captain Ride” by Blues Image. Good karma, I hope…

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Goodbye Arizona- it was nice knowing you 😉

this is awesome. We have to focus and do what we need tonight! We have a lot more talent than SD!
I am so happy!
Tru- I am well. thank you. I have a good feeling about this game tonight also!

Velez. First time I can recall wanting the Giants to win.

How much are playoff tickets gonna be? lol

Ugh, I live in Chicago, and it looks like Dodgers at Cubs in the nlds if things hold up.

Way to go nsblues!!!!!!!!!

No, no, no. We’re not rooting for the Giants to win. We’re rooting for Arizona to lose. 🙂

NSBlues – Keep playing the Ride, Captain Ride. It would be nice to seem him lead us to a series victory tonight.

We should be fired up for tonights game after knowing the Dbacks lost………….GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow 🙂 a million happy faces right now 🙂
good job nsb!!!
These are all good things for our boys. All the tools they need for the playoffs are right in front of them. I really hope we can take them and have the best Sept ever!

Yeah…GO GIANTS…THANKS! We will see you soon to KICK YO’ BUTT!
HEY Arizona got swept by us and then by the Giants…he me like that!

Josh – One more favor to ask for – please, no Sweeney plate appearances tonight. The guy needs to retire.

OK, cinealba, looking at it like that puts it in perspective. I feel better now.

Im so pumped. Gonna be a fun night.

HEY CINEALBA…you are right…we are rooting for the Az to loose…

a sensible line up again. yeah. anyhow..still don’t believe me that the sweep (of two aces and a kid who threw 11ks and no walks) out of first since April 4 for the first time all year didn’t break the backs of the backs?

Here’s Eric’s awesome version of the song, “Drive Captain Drive” :

Once upon a time a child was born in East York, Ontario
Rolled out of his bed, could he ever play baseball, oh!
It seemed that he was wise beyond his years, very mature
Russell Nathan Jeanson Coltrane Martin, Junior

But no one heard him comin’, no fanfare at all
‘Cause they were too busy watchin’ Dioner Navarro
But then the Dodgers sent him off to be a Devil Ray
And ever since then us fans have stood up to say

Drive, Captain drive us to the Championship
From your place behind the plate they respond to your whip
Drive, Captain drive, don’t let our win streak slip
‘Cause to sit and watch you play is a real pleasure trip

By dodgereric on September 5, 2008 9:32 PM

Derek Lowe’s numbers over his past five starts: 3-1, 1.03 ERA, 0.855 WHIP. The guy has been a beast, keep it up.

Come on some one post of song to get us even more pumped up for the game…and yup it will be fun tonight!

I like saying the dbacks lost rather than saying the giants won – I can stomach that a lot better. I have had to smile alot these past few days to my family and co-workers who are Giants fans, and it really isn’t any fun.
Great line-up tonight – Glad to see Absolutely Awesome Andre in the line up tonight, not that I expected him not to be, but you never know with baby on the way soon and all.
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ All Ethieraholics and looking forward to going 3 and half games up tonight.

That song is awesome. Great job Eric. Thanks NSB for re-sharing it with us 🙂
It’s soo rally time!
Los Angeles 74 71 .510 –
Arizona 71 74 .490 3.0
Colorado 67 78 .462 7.0
San Francisco 65 80 .448 9.0
San Diego 56 89 .386 18.0

Dnelly, when your fam & co-workers tell you something about GIANTS….just smile and say THANKS!

Hey Amy!!!! That looks just awesome!!!!!!!

dnelly- It really does and it feels even better! My co-worker just told me that he dropped Andre from his fantasy league because he thought that Pierre was going to play over him all month. Look what happened 🙂
Andre Ethier- team Superstar!!

Not sure if anyone celebrated the fact last night that the Pods were mathematically eliminated. And anyone who thinks the D-backs are as good as dead have not been paying very much attention to this stalwart division. No doubt the D-backs are hurting, but the Dodgers go into the Colorado house of horrors after tonight, and if the Dodgers can make up 7 games in just over a week, so can the Snakes. I’d feel a whole lot better if Russell Martin would wake up. They’re winning with him at lead-off, not because of him, but in spite of him.

Kahli ~ Who do the dbacks play while we are playing the Rockies?

AMY….my cousin was getting ready to drop Ethier back when Torre was blind and thought that Pierre was better. I told him NOT to drop him and now my husband is mad at me (he is also in the same fantasy league).

Rose – they definitely know how happy I am. My son really hates the fact that the Dodgers are in first. He really can’t say the Dodgers suck because right now we really, really don’t.



D-backs host the Reds.

dodrules- haha. Great story. It goes to show you that in baseball anything is possible. Shoot- we even won a game off of no hits!

Dodgersrule1655: here’s some inspirational material for tonight:

Video game version of Dodgers 4 home run game vs. the Padres on 9-18-2006 (with Vin calling, and stay til the end, the last 2 seconds is funny as hell!):

5 minutes and 44 seconds of Tommy Lasorda at his… um… Blue-est. This one is not safe for work or children, heheh:

and in case anyone’s curious, here’s the link to a youtube of the song Ride, Captain Ride by Blues Image:

Now I’m off for a bit, gonna touch up a drawing I’ve been working on for a while, involving two ‘Dres from LA

Kahli ~ thanks. We had better win tonight and hope for 2 of 3 in Colorado because I don’t think the dbacks will lose any game to the Reds.

See Dodger’s are making history…We won a game with no hits, Ethier was 5 for 5 on a game and joined ventures with few other dodger’s

I’m suprised that Andruw got only one shot in CF.
You’d think he’d get more than 4 ABs. Especially since he didn’t show any improvement.
Personally I’d rather have Kemp there.
Ethier is getting to look more and more like an MVP and Manny’s keeping up his torred pace.
It was great to win a road game for the first time since Aug. 8th. That’s was 10 in a row that nobody mentioned.
We can now lose 2 in a row and still be in first place.
Isn’t that nice?

Thanks N.StateBlues!

Amy – I never dropped Andre from my fantasy team. I was willing to lose with or without him, but that’s the Ethieraholic in me. I told someone the other day, but he has went from being owned by 25% of the leagues to 98% if the leagues within this season. That means he is making a name for himself outside of the Dodger world .

Josh….so now that Andre is hot, when does his bobble head come out? I want it! How about commercials? Sports drinks?

Nothing is for certain in this division, but the D-backs have a killer road trip to Colorado (3 games) and then St. Louis (4) before finishing at home with the Rockies. That same time span finds the Dodgers at home against Gnats and Pods, before finishing in SF. No doubt if they can kick it on this road trip they will be sitting pretty. D-backs are as crummy on the road as the Dodgers. But wouldn’t it be peachy keen if the Dodgers had it clinched before going to SF that final wekend? But we all know it won’t shake out that clean and nice…

dnelly ~ Dre was even interviewed on ESPN last night. However, we only had 2 seconds of highlights on Mike & Mike while the Mets got an inning by inning feature. No respect for our division at all.

Kahli ~ I’d give anything to have the division clinched before we go to S.F. Even though we play pretty well there, strange things always happen.

I hope D.Lowe keeps it lowe, lowe, lowe… I am playing Alex this week in the ITD semifinals. Who was it that dropped D.Lowe some time ago when I picked him up?? Oh yeah, Alex :-).

I wonder if the Dodgers DO make the playoffs if Andruw Jones will be on the 25-man roster…

Strange things DO happn in SF…just look at the last two games up there??!?!?!?!?!?!??!

Kahli ~ the only way I could see it is if Andre’s wife has her baby at that time. Do you think he will make it?

i am surpsied you did not mention the Blood drive at Dodger Stadium. Are you on the road?
For those that did not see it. This drive is going to be an annual blood drive as close as posible to 9/11. here is the info:
Today 9/10, there is a Blood drive at Dodger Stadium from 2 p.m. to 8.p.m. inside the stadium. This is a Freeway Series Season Closer blood Drive and you get a commemorative hat with the Dodger Logo on one side and the Angels logo on the other. In the front it has a freeway sign red & Blue with the words “Freeway Series” and in big Letters “F S”.
Also, if you cannot make today, perhaps you can attend the Angel Dodgers blood drive on Saturday 9/13 at 3150 E. 29th Street from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm.
Please call 1-800 GIVE-LIFE or register on-line at and type in sponsor code: “freewayseries” to schedule your life-saving appointment today! Thank you. -Emma L.A. Dodger Booster Club member.

I don’t know if you saw my post on the lasr thread but this is true: my husband’s UPS driver, who is a giants fan, said that Barry offered to play the last three games against us for $10,000 which he would donate to charity. Isn’t he a cocky little s***?

Well I think that Andre should stay by his wife and newborn….whenever that happens. So she is due any minute now?

should be “last” sorry

TRUBLUE and once again Dodger’s will make history and will be the first time the Giants’ fan & Dodger’s fan will join together and BOOOOOOOOO BOND!….LOL….THAT WOULD BE COOL. I don’t like that guy, no respect for him. Don’t care that he is from Riverside.

dodgersrule ~ Me too BOOOOOOOOOOO BONDS!!!!!

I think Rose asked for a song. This one’s been running through my brain since we swept the Dbacks.
Inspired by Truckin’ by the Grateful Dead
Winnin’ got our lineup in. Keep hittin’, like Ev’ry Day Dre
Together, without Kent we are, just keep winnin on.
Martin, Ethier, Blake, Loney, Kemp, DeWitt and Manny
Diego, Denver, Pittsburgh and its all on the same streak.
Your typical ballclub involved in a typical win streak
Light ‘em up and see what tomorrow brings.
’Zona, got a soft bullpen; Rockies, got the boys but not men;
Giants got the old old men; but they always play us hard, yeah.
Most of the fans that you meet on the streets speak of blue blood,
Most of the falls we’re sittin and cryin at home.
One of these days we know we better get goin
Out of the funk and into first place all alone.
Hittin’, like Ev’ry Day Dre. Joe told us he will play his hot hands
Most times Ned’s picks are really lame, you got to sit them down.
Sometimes the hittin’ and pitchin’s in synch;
Other times the Bums really stink.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange year its been.
What in the world ever became of Raffy?
He lost his spark, and you know he isnt the same
Gotta bad disk, surgery and vicodin
All a fan can say is aint it a shame?
Winnin, even in Frisco. Been thinkin, you got to pitch ‘em low(e)
Takes time, especially with Joe, but now keep winnin’ on.
Sittin and starin out of the hotel window.
Kahli says, hey, Rockies could come alive again,
Dre needs to get some sleep he’s got an off day,
But a bun in the oven, you gotta help with breathin’.
Busted, down at Petco Park, set up, with a Giants win.
Let’s go, none of that Washington. We won’t be playin like that, NoMore.
You’re done with all these home games and you have to travel;
Get tired of travelin and you want to come back home.
I guess we can’t blame Joe for all Ned’s choices,
Get off of the rail and light out and move all around.
Sometimes the hittin’ and pitchin’s in synch;
Other times the Bums really stink.
Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange year its been.
Winnin’, we’re a goin home. whoa whoa back in first where we belong,
Back home, sit down and patch my bones, and get back winnin’ on.
Hey now get back winnin’ now.

TRUBLUE We should boooo him so loud here in SoCal so that they can here us all the way to Frisco………..BOOOOOOOOOO BONDS…….AND BOOOOOOOOOOO GIANTS…… much changes in an hour… we can booooooooo the giants….LOL….

AJAY: I have seen his myspace. Now there is one funny picture in there…I just hope hi lost one big BET!

ajay ~ thanks. I didn’t see Dre’s myspace before. It’s really great.

dodgersrule ~ I might have to go to S.F. to boo in person!!!

we need to win tonight. it’s hard to say otherwise. Tonight is huge for us to begin to bury the D’bags and establish ourselves as the best team in a sorry division.

ucscslug ~ You are right! How’s Santa Cruz?

Location: Craphole of a ball park up in SF
Time: First game of the last series of the regular season
Scene: the visitors’ clubhouse 30 minutes before the first pitch

Manager Dodgereric: “Gentlemen, we’re about to start the last series. It’s my privilege to lead you into battle until Scioscia gets here. I don’t know why I got the job, something about McCourt reading Inside The Dodgers. Anyway, we have don’t have the division locked up yet, but we’re going to have some fun in this damned place. As you know, Barry Bonds has signed just to play us. So this is what I want. I need some volunteers from the pitching staff. Every time Bonds comes to the plate, I want him drilled. I don’t care where. Knee, back, elbow, ribs, head, I really don’t care. Fastballs are best, but feel free to choose your own weapon. Who will do this? Wow. Everyone? Great. OK Kershaw, you’re starting tonight. You know what’s going to happen, right? The crowd is going to go nuts when he limps up to the plate in the bottom of the first. When you nail him, the ump will toss you out of the game. The crowd will rise up and scream bloody murder. You’ll have to be escorted from the field by the police. You’ll be in constant danger.”

Kershaw: “And……….loving it!!”

LMAO, eric!!!!! Made my day.

TRUBLUE….yes you must go and represent! Go Dodgers!

ajay ~ I knew about Andre’s My Space a long time ago – Like I wouldn’t have figured that out already – LOL!!!
Crash ~ Fabulous Song!!!!!!!


dodgersrule ~ if we are still in first place (I’m sure we will be) when we play the Giants, dnelly & I will go with our ethieraholic shirts and cheer them on!! Along with several thousand more dodger fans.

Damn right we will be!!!!!

dnelly ~ nsblues can join us too!!!!!!!!!!!!

and dcollins, dodgerdad,dodge 16, and maybe even ucscslug – right? Maybe even some so-cal people can join in on the fun…. 🙂

That would be great, wouldn’t it? Can’t wait.

Rockies are losing 4-0

Hi everyone! Once again I’m not going to be home for the game tonight, but will be checking my cell phone. Glad to see the Giants aren’t lying down for the Snakes!

I am going to watch the game and come back between innings

I have a new blog post up with my new Dre-inspired Dre drawing.


Santa Cruz was great. I’m back home in L.A. now. I graduated this June

Cubs fans here in Chicago at my work are heckling me. Saying they would rather face us then Arizona with Webb, Haren and the Unit.

I’m laughing at them, saying, wow, Cubs fans talking trash? Last time you all won a world series was when? lol

Good for you, ucscslug. What was your major? Bet you’ll have a bright future.

nsblues ~ FAAANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or should I say ETHIERIFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

scurtis ~ the Cub fans haven’t realized yet their team isn’t playing very well right now.

nsblues ~ you are fantastic!! Keep it up!

I’d like to update my previous post by saying we can lose 3 straight and still be in a tie for first place.
Ofcourse, I wouldn’t want that.

Trublue, True, but I don’t think they have seen CBill pitch yet. They don’t think we have a true ace.

Hmm, wonder what the rotation would be if we made the playoffs? CBill Game 1 Lowe Game 2 Kuroda Game 3?

Well everyone, I’m off to scouts, but will see you all later tonight! Let’s go Dodgers!!

scurtis ~ I think that would be the rotation. The Cubs haven’t seen us with Manny in the lineup yet, have they?
We are a different team now and I think, given the right lineup, we can beat anyone.

Nope they haven’t. Yeah we have a swagger with Manny in the lineup. Ton of confidence.

scurtis ~ i think it’s kind of nice that we are under the radar. We will surprise a lot of people. it would be so cool if we were the one’s to eliminate the Cubs from the playoffs yet another year!


L O N E Y!!!!

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

By leefink and martinloneykemp

A Dozen HRs for L O N E Y

I am wearing my Loney shirt and my Ethier jersey 🙂

Yup I agree with you!

“I love to watch him EVERY DAY”

Team leading 80 RBI for LONEY.

Good eye, Matt

Good Job Dewitt

Nice job Matt and Blake!!!!!!


Yeah Penny is activate I hope is the good Penny from last year.

YEAH DeWITT!!!!!!!!

Nice Blake!

We should get a lot of runs off Estes. He was a lousy pitcher even when he was with the Giants.

Say what Scurtis? The Cubs fan don’t want revenge from the dback from last year.

enchanted ~ if you are out there somewhere. I pick Derek to PH if no position players are available and our only choices are Sweeney and Jones.

Good eye, D-Lowe… good to see them workin’ the count

Russell Martin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Job Martin bad to walk the pitcher.

Nope they are scared of the DBacks.

Russ keeps it going!

“Ride, Captain, Ride upon your mystery ship…”

M A R T I N>>What an inning.

lol did I just heard a Let’s Go Dodgers chant.

That’s what happens when you’re relaxed

dnelly ~ Andruw has a 158 batting average and Lowe has a 153 but with a lot less at bats, so, I’d take Lowe too LOL

Wow it look like Estes been with 6 teams the last 6 yrs. I guess no one won’t to keep him.


Yes Vinny they don’t have Valverde thank god.

how many of you guys would take a pile of turds for jones?

Wow Vinny is smart Estes does have 4 homerun. I bet he find that already lol.

trublue ~ exactly why I would choose Lowe to bat over Jones or Sweeney.

grizz I don’t know, Chicken manure is some great fertilizer! LOL

dnelly ~ me too. if we win tonight, we will be 8 games in front of the Rockies………a little breathing room.

I wouldn’t give Estes much credit in that inning.

I’d like to see the Dodgers re-sign Lowe, especially now that the offense has improved.

The beard looks good on Kemp.

I want to see Kemp in one of those Manny dread.

I want to see Furcal at SS! lol

Awesome Andre – here he goes again!!!!

Man F Ram

Manny and Dre together again!!!!!!!!!


M A N N Y!!!!

Manny probably 2 for 10 in this series but both homeruns.

Just M A N N Y being eh

What a combo — MANNY & DRE!!!!

Loney and his gidp again

Right now it seems like they’re Dodger Stadium.

I really believe Manny is worth 25 to 30 million and the Dodgers should sign him. If they gave Andruw 18 million, Manny’s worth 3 times that amount.

Most be some Dodgers fan that said no to that trivia answer 25% to Hoffman.

JoePierre ~ Shhh, don’t tell anyone we’re not. LOL

Anyone know who got kicked to the curb from the bullpen to make room for Penny?

LMAO!!!!!!!!! This is just too much for my brain to process…. I thought my work day was supposed to end when the first graders went home. LMAO!!!!!!

vl – with the expanded rosters, and I think Penny was on the 15-day DL, I don’t believe they had to move anybody. Saito may b different though when he comes back since he was on the 60-day DL.

Oh god no

We didn’t send no one down but Saito is different.

Ok Elbert big spot for the rookie.

Another shot for Elbert.

Elbert lower his ERA 7.36 to 6.23.

Nice inning for ScottE

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO Penny warming up.

Dang Pierre got rob.

0 for juan

Come on Troy shut the Red Sox out.

Heheh dnelly

“Say, it’s only a paper moon,
Sailing over a cardboard sea…”

Even Ethier’s walks are BIG

Can’t walk Manny ibb now but if they smart they should walk him and face DP Loney..

oops keep on forgetting Loney is behind Blake.

Here come Penny.

Penny’s coming in.

nsblues ~ LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

CCR – Bad Moon Risin’.

I see some bad moons arisin’.
I see trouble on the way.
I see O’s new disguisin’.
I see bad posts today.
Don’t log on tonight
And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
There’s some bad moons on the rise.
I hear Uranus ablowin.
I know Titania’s coming soon.
I fear tempers overflowin’.
I hear the voice of rage abrewin.
Don’t log on tonight
And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
There’s some bad moons on the rise.
All right!
Hope you got your thoughts together.
Hope your quite prepared to fight.
Looks like we’re in for nasty weather.
Looks like some postin’ just for spite
Don’t log on tonight
And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
There’s some bad moons on the rise.
Don’t log on tonight
And if you do you’ll roll your eyes,
There’s some bad moons on the rise.

Artist: Rat Pack
CD: Does it ever end?
© NedCo Records 2008

Ok Penny is rusty take him out.

Let’s hope Penny doesn’t have one of his usual 5-run innings.

enchanted ~ you have a wonderful way with words!!! I want to thank you & dnelly for leaving me out here to float along on this river of doom!!!

What a just said take him out.

Blub. Blub. Blub. LMAO!!!

Damn I didn’t want to here the Beat LA chant.

enchanted ~ it’s not funny!!! I’m in pain. lol By the way, I thought Penny was off the DL

E, great song! CCR is good for the soul, but too much moonlight, and you’ll go CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad Brad!

Nice to see Penny’s back to mid-season form so quickly.

All together now…………..HUH?

Penny looks really rusty. I know he needs to get some work in, but they can’t afford to blow this game. He needs to come in during garbage time late in a game next time.

Not worth a cent there.

JUST FABULOUS ENCHANTED!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was good try Torre but he need to be gone next season. Ok Wade now is your turn.

Good let that run get charge to Penny now we need a DP now.

Nice DP

Great job from Wade to put that fire out with minimal damage.

Good job by Wade. Got out of it cheaply enough. Penny just hasn’t looked in top physical condition to me since the first half of last season. He looked really trim and fit then and it showed in his results.

W A D I N G….in the pool.

Penny can join Andruw, Nomore, and Sweeney in a useless league all their own. They haven’t contributed Zip to the Dodger season this year, and I don’t think any of them belong on the team in the post-season or next year. F them all!!!

Penny looked like he was breathing hard the minute he got to the mound. He really needs to get his act together and lose some weight. Him and Jones must be hitting the buffets together.

Don’t sugarcoat it Bear – let ’em have it! LMAO!!!

Gosh no Berroa better hit a homeruns now. Young is getting rob big time if Sweeney come up again.

Do we need Broxton to loss some weight too?


LOL! I can’t help myself…….

Yeah Torre rewarded Wade for another inning.

Good Job Wade and here come Beimel.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

We find TruBlue tied to a raft floating downriver towards a 100-ft. water fall while other ITDers watch helplessly as she approaches the edge…

Tune in next inning for the exciting conclusion of Eclipsed By The Moon.

Well guess Torre didn’t ned Beimel nice job Wade.

No Sweeney please Torre.


lol 38% said never. How can they do that to Hoffman. Do we really need Broxton? Where is Kuo at?

enchanted Jeez! I was laughing so hard there for a bit, I almost fell out of my chair!

Is Kuo getting another day off or can he pitch the ninth?

enchanted ~ LMAO over and over

So 38% think Trevor Hoffman should never get in the Hall of Fame. This guy has been a Dodger nemesis for a long time but with his record I think he belongs in the Hall.

FU Torre for bring in Sweeney and not Young

Damn Ethier is quick.

Wrap it up, he’ll take it, lol. They all count in the box score.

.300 yet?

Awesome Andre strikes again – Wow!!!! Batting .301 with some good speed to boot.

OMFG Manny another bomb.

Do you hear that crowd? MANNY! MANNY! MANNY!!!

Andre’s above .300 for the 1st time in a long time! SMOKIN!


Manny and Dre do it again!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY #@$# ANOTHER MANNY HOMER?!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess Boston owes L.A. after winning an NBA Championship on a kid from Inglewood.

Can we see McDonald now? Why called him up if you’re not going to used him?

Sign Manny tonight…give him whatever he wants. Name another Dodger hitter in our lifetime like Manny?


Urgh why wasn’t Beimel this inning?

dnelly ~ Wow, the fanastic duo strikes again !!!!!

Drew opt out….Manny jump in.

I love it Let’s go Dodgers chant would love to see that in SF.

kpookie Piazza in his prime was feared by the opposition, but he’s a distant second to Manny as far as doing it consistently year after year.

What does Beimel say?

Kahli & jj ~ I’m with you guys………PLEASE SIGN MANNY NOW!!!!

Here’s my take on howling at the moon –
By the light of the gibberish moon,
We just may swoon.
Bet you money
We’ll be hurling soon.
O my God, it’s been shining since June,
Its’ ugly beams will bring sick dreams,
We’ll be cringing real soon,
By the gibberish moon.

Halp! Halp!
Save Me!! Save Me!!

Floating ever closed to the waterfall’s edge it looks like curtains for our beloved TruBlue when out of the sky…

Look! Its a bird! Its a plane! Its super kryptonite busting ndeshenes swooping down to save her in the nick of time!!

And now a word from our sponsor, Chiffon:
If you think its bluster, but its snot, its Oberon.

As a Dodger fan I would be pretty upset to hear chants at Dodger Stadium for an opposing player.

I saw Beimel handle the grounder to the mound but MLB.TV did not show me the throw to first.
Anybody else?
3 1/2 UP feels good.

STANDING-O Sparkle!!!

Maybe we ought to come up with a nickname for Manny and Andre like Mandre or something, like the press does for celebrity couples, lol.

bluecrewgirl ~ You’re right. They are a celebrity couple.

So many errors
How can it be?
Anything goes and he
Doesn’t seem to see.
Hasn’t bothered to notice
And maybe doesn’t know.
Same old crap everyday and he
Never goes away.
On and on he goes…
Can someone please make him stop.
Losing my mind trying to
Understand what is being said.
Explain it please before I lose my head.
A very frustrated teacher – ETHIERAHOLIC, and very proud of the Dodgers who are 3 and a half games ahead in first place – ALRIGHT DODGERS!!!!!

Alright Sparkle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
enchanted – this is a nightmare of errors tonight 🙂

DNelly and trueblue, doesn’t it still seem weird to say they’re in first place? It’s been so long since they have been for more than a day.

bluecrewgirl – Mandre is better than Drenny – LOL!!!!!!

dnelly Think spell check would make a dent? LOL

dnelly ~ I think you are out of luck……….doesn’t even read any posts……….justs writes (and I say that in jest) and writes and writes.
Just sing Blue Moon

Super effort by our bloggers of destiny tonight. Kudo’s to TruBlue for holding down the fort until the calvary came. And what contributions by Sparkle and of course our very own dnelly!! SURELY THIS BLOG WILL TRIUMPH OVER THE FORCES OF EVIL IN 2008!!!

jj ~ it already does that………..says oops. lol

That makes me think of Denny’s, lol.

jj – spell check would go into overload for over usage – LMAO!!!!!!

jj – spell check on checks spelling. What about the rest? LMAO!!!!!!!!

LMAO!!!! This is all your father’s fault, you know? LMAO!!!!

Thanks, enchanted. It wasn’t an easy job but, supergirl handled it.

bluecrewgirl – Drenny ~ Home of the Grand Slam – LOL!!!!

Hmm, Denny’s – they have a dish called “Moons Over My Hammy”. Now what can we do with that?

bluecrewgirl ~ Maybe Oberon can name our fantastic duo, if he doesn’t like MANDRE!

LMAO, sparkleplenty!!!!

That day off is going to be enjoyable being 3 1/2 games ahead.
It also seems appropriate to have an off day since it’s 9/11.

bluecrewgirl – I got my jersey today. I don’t know if he actually wore it, but it does have the 50 year anniversary patch on it that the ones in store do not have. So, I am led to believe it is one that was at least made for him to wear.

I just have to say congrats to the Angels before saying goodnight all. It would make my year if the Dodgers & Angels wind up in the fall classic!

PierreEW – it is fitting to have the day off tomorrow 🙂

That’s awesome you finally got it, DNelly. Have you noticed his hitting tear really started after you bought it? It brought him luck.

That is true – LOL!!! He has just been unbelieveable. Every time I think this may not be his night, he comes through again. Also, it really looks like he’s been working on his speed, or maybe he’s just hustling down to first better and not assuming he is going to be out everytime when he hits a ground ball.

Good night jj, and yes, it would be good to have a Freeway Fall Classic.

How cool – KCAL just ran a blurb on Dodgers blogs. They mentioned ITD! Also had a quickie interview from Jon Weisman.

He does seem faster. Maybe it’s just added confidence, but I was pleasantly surprised when he beat the throw for the infield single.

That’s great sparkleplenty… wow!!!

Quite an evening if I do say so myself. The off day should prove to be interesting here on ITD. Time now for the night crew to log on and wrap up the rest of the day.

Bless those that lost their lives 7 years ago tomorrow morning, and those who have given theirs since so that another 9-11 never happens again.

Very cool, sparkleplenty. I hope the job search is going well.

It was very positive. They spoke about what we do here – speculate, criticize, discuss the games/strategy, and just talk amongst ourselves. The Dodgers are very happy about the blogs and feel their fan base has expanded a great deal. We know this to be true just from the geographics on this blog alone.

Well, bluecrewgirl, if he is gaining speed, then there is no stopping him. It was truly the only thing that JP had him on, and if he does more of what he did tonight in beating out that throw, JP won’t have anything on him, not even speed.

Job search is really blah right now. Based on my own knowledge/background and from what other recruiters are telling me, things won’t be shaking loose until after the election. I’ll be okay, keeping the faith – and knowing my friends here are pulling for me keeps me sane. Thanks for asking.

Good night enchanted – Thanks for the kudos earlier. You still are the inspiration for all this creativeness, along with your buddies, eric and jhall. You have a wonderful day tomorrow. I don’t think I will ever forget the events of that day, and all that is being fought for now. My nephew was born that day, and I had to explain it to a classroom full of 4th graders who knew something bad had happened. It was a horrible day. Now, there is a great children’s book that explains it, but it still tugs at the heart strings. Good Night enchanted!!!

This time of year is always tough for job hunting. I am sure you’ll find something good soon that will be worth the wait. ):

Goodnight, enchanted, an everyone else. I had forgotten tomorrow is the anniversary of 9-11. Still seems like a weird dream that it happened.

Ward Dear.. it’s kind of quiet around here. All the kids have gone to bed.. 🙂

Yeah June Darlin’! Kinda spooky. I did get to see most of the game. I was pretty busy prepping Matt for his Scoutmaster Conference, but the game was on low volume and I snuck in enough glances to follow it through. I don’t know when the Andre and Manny show will slow down, but it sure is a great ride!

“Let me tell you something — I don’t go deep anymore,” Ramirez said. “Line drives to right field. Don’t expect me to hit 40 home runs. No way.”

Well, it may come to an abrupt halt when Andre has to leave unexpectedly. I was able to watch the game for a change. My husband was down at the new business painting; Mariya is taking a boxing class that my dad teaches and so it was just Michael and I. Michael was working on a time line for Democracy and an art project so I got to watch the game all by myself with no interruptions except for the dogs and cats wanting their usual attention and what not. I did manage to get some paper work done and the usual housework stuff, which gets neglected sometimes due to school stuff. So, when is Matt’s conference?

jungar, if he’s not going deep anymore, I’d like to see him cut loose!

Junie, it’s not definite yet. Our Scoutmaster is a pilot whose schedule is a little up in the air. Pun intended. It might be Friday. He’ll get tested on the entire book, and we put them through the wringer in Troop 148. Then there’s Board of Review that we put them through at our troop followed by another one at the district level. It takes some time. The paperwork runs through a lot of scrutiny to make sure every Merit Badge and rank advance is documented properly. We’re hoping that we get to have his Court of Honor before Thanksgiving.

Ward Dear….Sounds exciting with a lot of work involved, but, knowing you and what you expect from Matt, I am sure Matt is fully prepared, and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.

It’ll get here, but I don’t know about ‘before we know it’. It’s like watching that clock as it creeps towards the end of another school day.

Well, for some reason I’m tapped out. I just finished my newsletter for my football fantasy league and I think I better get to bed.

Hey, have you been on the movie trivia lately?

Not much I am at 6,200 points, but that was a few nights ago now.
As far as Thankgiving, it’s going to be slow crawl. This is a very challenging class as far as behaviors this year, and any time that’s the issue, time seems to stop and the year takes forever. They are a cute bunch, but they aren’t too smart, and they don’t listen at all. However, it’s still early, and anything can happen.
I am assuming your first week of fantasy football went well. One of my teams won and the other lost by 12 points, but it was a good first week.
Good Night eric, get some sleep, and I will see you in the am – God Bless!!!

Good morning ITD. A little somber this morning. Remember our fallen today.

Morning All !!

My condolences and prayers for all that lost their lives and loved ones on this day 7 years ago.

eric ~ Good morning. sir. I can never forget this date…….my grandson was born 7 years ago today. Could not believe what I was watching on television that day.

Good morning, enchanted. I want you to know I survived my “rafting down the river” experience last night. It’s amazing how he is here one moment and then, bam, he’s gone! I think you and dnelly scare him off. lol

Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!!
It’s a little hard to believe the Dodgers are in first place by 3 and a half games.
Good Morning Trublue, Enchanted/Beav !!!
Eric/Ward Dear …. Thank you for the video. I think we need to be reminded more often of things like that and what we are truly fighting for. Have a wonderful day!!!
dnelly, June Darlin’, Junie, Miss Debbie, Mom, Mrs. Nelson, Nelle, Nells, Nelly, Nellygirl ~ All ETHIERaholics and very proud of Andre who is now batting .301, and increase from .277 on August 31st. The current month he’s now batting .625, his 10 day average is .595, and his 30-day average is .396 – ETHIERIFFIC JOB ANDRE!!!!!!!!

Good morning everyone! I was thrilled to see our win and Snake loss for our wonderful 3 1/2 game lead! Let’s win this division by at least 7 games!!!

Piano Man ~ I’m beginning to believe we can. Thanks to you and your trusty piano!

My pleasure Tru! I’ll keep the pianos coming! 🙂

Thanks, I’m looking forward to it. lol

Good Morning ITD,
Yes it is a gloomy, gray day over here in Riverside. Somehow the morning is still mourning for the Victims of Sept. 11. Yes I also remember that morning so good. I was pregnant and ready to explode. It was just sooooo scary. I had to drive pass the Airport to go to work and man I remember feeling scared being near airplanes. Prayers to all the families & friends that lost loves ones that day.

Morning- I am so happy that we are producing. I remember those days when we could not score any runs at all!- seems just like yesterday- or maybe that was 2 weeks ago 🙂
I am glad to see us working together and I really hope that CO isn’t too cold for our boys. When we are there sometimes the weather affects our performance. Not to mention that the Rockies can be a thorn in our side!
Let’s Go Dodgers! I am glad that the Rockies play today and we have a day off. We will be the fresher team for sure.
Hope everyone is having a good day and day of rememberance. It was a terrifying day 7 years ago 😦

Good almost noon ITD’ers. I just wanted to say hello to all and I hope you all have a nice day!
This is still a tough day for many people and my heart and prayers do go out to everybody that was affected so much by the events 7 years ago. It sure was a sureal day and continues to to seem that way even 7 years later.
It’s to bad there is so much pain in this world. For the most part, it is actually a pretty nice place to be!
Make sure you reach out to those you love and let them know that you do.
If anyone hasn’t seen the special by HBO about how 911 affected baseball it is really good. I saw part of it last year and it was really touching and showed how cool the game of baseball is and why I love it so much.
I ordered it from Amazon and plan on watching it today as a way of rememberance.
Anyway, take care…

Good afternoon, ITD! Today’s stats for September:
Mr. September .625/.707/1.125/1.832 with 12 RBIs and 13 runs
ManRam .321/.421/0.929/1.350 with 15 RBIs and 6 runs
Mandre .483/.592/1.033/1.625 with 27 RBIs and 19 runs
Pierre .000/.000/.000/.000 no RBIs no runs in 6 AB
Sweeney .000/.000/.000/.000 no RBIs no runs and 2 Ks in 5 AB
Jones .000/.000/.000/.000 no RBIs no runs and 2 Ks in 4 AB

Hey all. It’s weird with no baseball today, the day’s like a blank sheet of paper for me.

Definitely thinking about 7 years ago today, and how far we’ve come since then as a nation. No matter who I agree with or disagree with politically, I’m an American first, and I think since that day, a lot of people feel the same. Condolences to the families and friends involved, and the families and friends of the servicemen and servicewomen who have lost their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world since then.

that being said, it’s good to be in first place, and I’m sure Bristol (ESPN HQ) is steaming right now that there’s no possibility of Torre meeting the Yanks in the Fall Classic. I know I wouldn’t have minded getting a World Series win at Yankee Stadium in its last season, if possible. At this point, I just want to see this team have a crack at the October show, but nothing’s guaranteed yet. A pox on the Rox, may they be beat by Big Brox!

Good Afternoon ITD writers and readers!!!
Amy ~ It is wonderful to see our boys doing so well, and it does seem like yesterday they were struggling to put 1 run on the scoreboard. On top of that, who would’ve thought the dbacks were going to do a nose dive to where they are at.
Crash – love the stats on all three, and Operation ManDre is kind of a catchy phrase don’t you think?
Hi Northstateblues ~ I see we are a full name today, and I hope all your reading is going well.

dcollins ~ I have seen that special on HBO – a great story and like you said, very touching.

Good afternoon everyone. It’s kind of a blue day……remembering 9-11 and no Dodger game tonight. I, like those before me, want to say how sorry I am if anyone of you suffered a loss on that tragic day. Everyone’s lives changed after that day………we lost some of our freedom, sometimes our concern for others…….and a political system that is totally fractured. Our government representatives are so divided along party lines, they have forgotten to serve, we the people. Thanks for listening to me vent a little today. I sure could use a pick- me- up song or poem from one of you amazing, talented, and creative folks out there.

As a member of the United States Air Force I would like to thank everyone who posted their thoughts and condolences of what happened 7 years ago today, and for your continued support of your armed forces. I might be deploying here in a couple months but thankfully it will be after I get to see the Dodgers win the world series!!


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