Tied in the ninth…

Sorry I never got the chance to post earlier today…but how 'bout that ninth-inning comeback? Here's hoping we can find a way to pull this one out. What a win that would be.


Let’s go Martin! Let’s Go Dodgers!

Bad swing by Martin.

Why is Jeff Kent still playing?

Because there is no one left!

And to think boblee left this game- on to the 11th!!

Whew!!! Find a way guys!!!!

Hey jhall – some game!! Let’s hope we can finish it off right now – go Dodgers!!!

well, I was hoping he’d hit a HR and show me up! πŸ™‚

looks like every one is here

that was an incredible at bat by cory wade!!!

Way to get a walk, Wade!

Gee mom, Andres’ doin swell. Hope Joko notices. Gotta find a way to pull this one out.

I have been to a game at Dodger Stadium in the rain and it is no fun.

Okay – now we know Cory can PH instead of Sweeney – nice at bat Cory!!!!

Those long threads are enough to make us become unraveled. LOL.


Wally ~ Andre is doing swell. He is telling Joe and JP to shove it where the sun don’t shine by using his bat instead of his mouth.

where’s amymwalton@hotmail.com
she hasn’t been here all game

This should be interesting.

that was the best swing iv seen all year…
i know no one on this blog has any faith in the guy and i understand…but if this can jump start him then we are looking at an outfield of manny kemp and andrew “i can absolutly crush the ball” jones

sorry andre…you would be the odd man out in that situation

….now i realize this is alot of wishful thinking…but as a fan i reserve the right to be wishful

Dare Baise!!!!

Is Broxton’s arm still sore?

Even the best of them get fooled once in a while.

The fact that Johnson pitches while using an insulin pump is quite impressive. Being a former diabetic, that, especially, makes me want to see him do well.

we loose


walk off for the cards


That takes care of that. Goodnight everybody.


That’s a bummer!! Sorry Boblee!!!
At least they showed they weren’t giving up even in the ninth.

That sucks. I wish they could have kept Wade in another inning. I was hoping Matt, Andre and Russ would get a shot at it in the top of the next inning.

see you tomorrow
better luck tomorrow

A great game
We gave them a good fight.
We fought against one of the best teams in baseball.
And we scored late.

i’m a little scared that joe didn’t want to bring in broxton.. they had an off day yesterday too.. i hope it’s not a big deal and that his arm is alright..

C’est nul a chier!!!

I’m just saying one thing… then I’m going to bed…. WHY THE HOLY HELL WAS BROX NOT IN THE GOD DAMNED GAME!?!?!?!?!?!?!

bluecrewgirl – I was hoping for the 1,2 and 3 punch,too!!

On the post game show Kevin Kennedy thinks something is up with Torre’s hesitation to bring in Broxton.

Jason Johnson Sucks
Berroa Sucks
As much as I love russ he is not good in the clutch
Kent has no range
Ozuna Sucks
Loney hits into way too many double plays
Where was Kuo tonight?
Sweeney Sucks

They were just talking about Brox on the postgame. They are thinking that his arm must still be tired too.

That game was so there for the taking… WHY CAN’T WE BEAT THE CARDS!?!?! ERRRR. Super frustrating game, nice comeback though.

jhall- you are making me think – lol!!!


Look, it was a great game, and we showed a lot of fight… something that could not be said before a whole lot. The pitching was there for the most part, and we usually get blown out by st. louis. But this is the kind of game that we have got to win in order to be taken seriously.

swood, russell has been clutch before.. he was overswinging today, but that doesn’t mean he’s not good in the clutch. he was just too anxious.. he’s come through before, and he’ll come through many more times in the future..

If Broxton is hurt… we’re in more trouble than Manny may be able to get us out of. We have NOONE on our roster who I’d feel secure giving the ball to in the 9th… well, noone that has been there before anyway… It’s making me nervous.

The first 3 times manny came to the plate the bases were empty…our goal should be to have players on base every time he comes up. There are some players on this team that I am embarassed to see in Dodger blue…and I think we all know who I’m talking about…

brandon me too.. i’m nervous because broxton hasn’t pitched for days.. and the fact that joe was SO reluctant to use him today.. something’s up~

Better luck next time Guys!! Hey, at least Ethier got his chance to play today. He was able to shove it to Torre and Pierre. Does anyone know if Andre is going to be at the Play to Win Event on the 16th?

Agreed Brandon, the reliever I have the most confidence in is Wade. I can’t wait to get Saito back.

Russell had that real bad at-bat in the 10th because I think he’s pressing to impress Manny or justify hitting third or something. Maybe Joe should flip-flop the two–assuring Manny will get at-bats in the first inning (like Pujols), moving up will get him more AB sover the last two months, and if they walk him, Russell can get good and mad instead of yippy.

I’m not upset about the loss, just nervous that the back end of our pen could be in jeapordy! This team has a lot of fight left in it for the rest of the year, and I really like our chances. But we should have scored in the 10th… Russ had a bad ab… it happens. Hopefully with Manny on the roster we can get the best out of the guys in front of him. It will be interesting to see how Torre lines them up tomorrow.

swood – the first three batters were the best, along with Loney, before Manny came to town so who are we talking about.

Atleast Ethier was good tonight.

btw, i wasn’t home when andruw hit his homer.. but i gotta give him his due. way to go andruw~ i hope to see many more of those..

I am not bashing Martin, Ethier and Kemp. I am just saying that our offense will be much more productive if when Manny comes to the plate there are runners on for him to drive in.

Andruws HR was a fluke.. Wish it happened more often, but thats just not his reality

Does anyone even have a clue what the hell we’d do if Brox went down? I’ve no earthly idea.

um…we’d start praying for a miracle?!?

merci jhall!!

One more thing… This game should have never come down to 9th like that. Our guys had terrible at bats against Carpenter. Here we had a guy who was in his 2nd start in years, and he has no arm strenght built up… and we’re up there hacking at 1st and 2nd pitches…. Just bad…. But oh well… We really can not afford to get too far behind Arizona right now.

but swood, you said that there were players you were embarassed of.. are you talking about in the starting lineup?

I don’t want to think about not having Broxton. Let’s wait and hope he is o.k.

swood – Most of us have come to realize it doesn’t matter what Andre does, he sits for JP and Andruw just because they are JP and Andruw. He could go 5 for 5 and still sit because JP is JP and Andruw is Andruw – sad, but true.

Alright everybody, I’m headed to bed… I had to come on here and air out my thoughts, and to also take a deep breath from all of the drama in the game. Good luck to us tomorrow… I really think we can win this series, and stay neck and neck with AZ. Our pitching will still do well, and hopefully tomorrow we’re able to do something that we don’t usually do…. Beat a pitcher we’re supposed to beat. PLEASE GOD LET BROX BE OK

Goodnight all, I’m sure I’ll be on here from the beautiful Tropicana Hotel and Casino in wonderful Las Vegas, NV..!! Night!

DNElly: don’t say that..let’s just hope for the best for Andre and the team.

Goodnight everyone.

Permettre ces une avoir nager, Nelle’!!!! Zut!!!!!!!!!!!


broxton REALLY REALLY must have a dead arm. joe torre brought in a guy with a career ERA of 4.97 on 2 days rest. did he really think he would be able to get through a full inning against pujols and ludwick unscathed? come on now. where was kuo in that situation?!

I didn’t like the loss ethier, but I think the boys needed to come back down to earth a bit. I’m sure the weekend was a whirlwind for all of them with Mannymania, and they found out tonight it’s not going to be as easy to win every game just because Manny is on the team. Yes, they didn’t have great at-bats at the beginning, but that’s part of the game, and I’m sure the rain delays played a huge part in pitching tonight. Like PierreEW, the Dodgers played very well against a team they usually have a tough time against anyway.

I want Andre playing everyday, but Joe doesn’t think like we do, he thinks like Joe, and he has said Andre is a player off the bench – this was just a spot start. JP will be back in the lineup tomorrow (actually could be Jones after tonight’s homerun).

ymancia – I am not being negative by any means – I am just being realistic based on what Torre has done so far. Andre knows what’s what, and he is learning to play Joe’s game very well right now.

yeah dnelly.. we will see.. i’m guessing it will be either andruw or andre.. no JP tomorrow

bonne nuit!! jhall!!!

The players that I am embarrassed of are not Martin, Kemp and Ethier. They are Berroa, Sweeney, Ozuna, Johnson and Beimel and Chan Ho as of late.

I think he might give Andruw a shot tomorrow, which defensively I can handle. We would have had more issues on the field tonight if JP was in center. He would have never held that guy on third like Matt did, not that it mattered in the end, but we didn’t know how it would end ethier πŸ™‚

yarrum, it’s not all Joe’s fault. The fault goes to the person who placed Johnson and his career 4.97 era on the roster in the first place.

Bonsoir Nelle’..

Earlier in the season I never would have said this but I hope Nomar comes back soon.

I wish Brox could have come in after Wade. I hope it’s nothing more than fatigue.

jhall – there are two different ways to say good night? Which is correct or more correct, I guess is the question?

nevermind jhall – night/evening is the difference – see, I am learning new things all the time. πŸ™‚

Rire!!! Tres bien!!!

merci jhall!!

Tempe s’endormir, bonsoir mere’ Nelle…

TJ Simers: Apparently, that is just Juan being Juan

It happens overnight, the Dodgers relevant again, fun and preparing to sell baseball caps with dreadlocks attached, everybody charged up by the arrival of Manny Ramirez — except for JuanPierre.

Is there some kind of rule that says every time we are rewarded with athletic excellence we’re also supposed to be reminded how selfish today’s millionaires can be?

Boo-hoo, says Pierre, it’s great the Dodgers were able to land Ramirez, but what about me?

What happened to that old expression, Little Leaguers should be seen but not heard?

Dodgers fans are starting to think playoffs, maybe a Freeway Series, but the Boo-Hoo Kid, two years into a five-year contract calling for $44 million, is unhappy the Dodgers might advance at his personal expense.

Andre Ethier is the only player in uniform with a legitimate gripe of not enough playing time, and he’s not saying anything to disrupt the 25-man effort to win it all. OK, so make that 24-man effort, not counting Pierre.

“All I’ve ever done was be Juan Pierre,” Pierre tells The Times’ Dylan Hernandez, and every once in a while we’re reminded what a ridiculous job this is — writing down the inane things some athletes have to say.

“I don’t know why, for some reason, they’re just sticking it to me this year,” Pierre says, after moving from left field to center field because Ramirez is more hitter than defender.

“I applaud the move,” says Pierre. “Any time you get a chance to get Manny Ramirez, you get him. But from a personal standpoint, it’s putting me in a tough position.”

I would argue the best position for Pierre is on the bench, waiting to pinch-run and swipe a base. Then grab a shower.

If Andruw Jones is earning his keep these days, Jones is playing center, flanked by Ramirez and Matt Kemp, while Pierre returns to getting mistaken for a bat boy.

“To be honest,” Pierre tells Hernandez, “if we’re winning and Andruw starts hitting, I’ll probably be back on the bench. That’s that power they went out and got in the off-season.”

And he’s never gotten over that, much like Gary Matthews Jr., the Dodgers and Angels trying to upgrade in center field.

OK, so maybe Pierre doesn’t really mean what he says, so I ask him whether this is how he really feels.

“Write whatever you want to write,” Pierre says, and so OK, what a self-centered brat, Manny mania the best thing that’s happened to the Dodgers in years, and Pierre pouting.

Happy days are here again, although you’d never know it by the grim look on Pierre’s face, Manager Joe Torre talking about Ramirez’s arrival and saying, “Everybody personality-wise on the team now seems to be in a better place.”

But what about Pierre?

“I was talking about as a team,” Torre says, which obviously leaves out the Boo-Hoo Kid.

JONES HAS caught a case of Manny Mania — better, of course, than Ramirez catching a case of Jonesitis.

Jones and Ramirez now hang out together in the clubhouse, one coach contending that Ramirez’s free-wheeling attitude and his professional approach to hitting might be just the key to relaxing Jones.

Fast forward to the ninth inning, the Dodgers down, 4-0, and Jones comes up as a pinch-hitter and hits a ball more than 400 feet for a home run.

You can also imagine the terror gripping those in the Cardinals’ dugout, Ron Villone throwing two pitches to Jones, and Jones hitting one out of sight.

Manager Tony La Russa is so rattled, he immediately jerks Villone from the game, the Dodgers going on to tie it.

Took them two whole innings to recover, but the Cardinals won it in 11.

bonne nuit jhall!!

jungar – it looks like the times are changing for how the media sees Pierre – this is very hopeful, indeed. Thanks for sharing.

I can’t believe he would say those things true or not. I also can imagine what else he has said in private.

It was nice too that he mentioned the guy who is getting screwed the most..Ethier.

That swing by Jones was hopeful. I hope that can continue. Ethier off the bench (legitamtly) would be awesome I agree. Pierre as a pinch runner, even better.

And Come on Penny…Imagine if we get the real Brad Penny back….if we can get a lift from those two, maybe Furcal comes back and then it’s really on.

Don’t usually like Simers, but he likes Manny and thinks Pierre is a jerk…so I DO like him…if only for a day or two! Tough loss in what looked like an easy loss. If the D-Backs keep pitching the way they are, Dodgers are in a bit of trouble. So Penny’s Friday night start in SF is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still like Kemp/Ethier one/two in the order. Sorry, Juan. Joe still has some tinkering to do with the batting order (with the arrival of Blake and Manny). But that’s BAD NEWS, considering it took him four months and STILL hadn’t really decided much before they arrived ??!?!?!?!

Manager Joe Torre said he has not spoken with Juan Pierre about his published comments concerning playing time. Pierre, though, was on the bench Tuesday for the first time since the Ramirez trade, replaced by Andre Ethier
“I don’t expect people to be happy about not playing,” said Torre. “I’d rather have an unhappy player than a happy player sitting on the bench.”
Torre said he was looking to get Ethier some at-bats and still intends to give Pierre the bulk of the playing time in center field, with Matt Kemp starting every day in either right or center.
“I can’t give a good argument against Ethier,” said Torre. “The argument for Juan is the job he did when [Rafael] Furcal went down, the quality of his at-bats, the dimension of speed he gives us. Ethier is more of a power hitter, with a great arm but doesn’t possess speed.”
Joe being Joe πŸ™‚

Why doesn’t Joe get that Matt is his speed and power? He doesn’t need JP in the lineup for speed. Matt’s got the speed and power, plus you have a defense in the outfield. However, I agree that IF Andruw gets his swing back, this is a situation where I could see Ethier coming off the bench and be very helpful.

dnelly~ i’m glad you got to see Andre’s before the bigs.. I’m jealous I want to see it 😦
sara~ is there ne way u can help me get a copy of it? please πŸ™‚

iheartethier – it was fabulous!! It explains alot about how he is handling his current situation. He will fight through this and be better for it in the end. When it happens for him for good, it will be because he earned it, not because it was given to him.

Lowlights of the Week: Juan Pierre isn’t happy with the outfield situation, and Dodgers fans shouldn’t be, either. Andre Ethier should be on the field with Manny and Matt Kemp.

There were a few other things said about the Dodgers, but I always post my reference anyway, just in case the JP supporters start asking for proof again that most everybody in baseball feels Andre should be the one in right with Matt in center.

oh yeah dnelly & everyone else who went to Andre’s signing did you guys take pics with him?? if so post them!! πŸ™‚

Does anyone REALLY believe the Dodgers can win a World Championship with BOTH Ramirez and Pierre in the outfield? With Manny’s defense being Manny, removing weak-armed Juan from the starting line-up becomes imperative. If you’re gonna play Manny, you gotta surround him with great defense.

That’s why even Andruw Jones becomes more valuable than Juan Pierre–his glove. Maybe I’m dreaming, but how cosmic would it be if Manny comes to Hollywood and loosens Andruw’s spinxter, letting him breathe a little bit. And then he mashes. Who knows, eh? See what one home run can do to a fan…

The Sons of Steve Garvey bloggers had things to say about JP, too – here are a few that were mentioned during their game thread tonight.

Steve Sax said…
Little Cesar is batting .230 and is slotted ninth, below the pitcher.

Maybe that’s an idea for the rare starts that Juan Pierre should get.

Pierre is coming off like a pretty big whiner. Of course, people have been paying him millions for years for doing what he does, so it’s got to be hard for him to see what the problem is. Blame Colletti for that $45 million contract.

8/05/2008 6:36 PM

Steve Sax said…
Sounds like the game might be back on shortly…

8/05/2008 6:37 PM

Steve Sax said…
All I’ve ever tried to be was Steve Sax.

8/05/2008 6:39 PM

Erin said…
Weisman over at DT made the point that, even when only compared to Juan Pierres of the past, the number are down. So he’s not even succeeding at being Juan Pierre.


Where was Kuo tonight?! Seriously! Jason Freaking Johnson instead of Kuo? I would have used Loney before Johnson! He just pitched on Sunday and even though he’s been useful in some starts he is still Jason Johnson! When Joe put him in tonight I knew the game was over. It was almost the same feeling I had when Grady Little intentionally walked JEFF CONINE to load the bases so Eric Stults could pitch to Carlos Delgado. You had to have known something bad was going to happen when JJ hit the rubber.

kahli ~ I know two people that believe the Dodgers can win the WS with Pierre and Ramirez defensively in the outfield – LOL!!
Good Morning ITD writers and readers!!!

Good morning, Nelly and everybody.
Let me guess – are those two people Ned and Joe?

Good Morning, messagebear!! Actually, I wasn’t thinking of them. I was thinking of our two loyal JP fans on here. So, the number increased 4 – LOL!! The other thousands and thousands of fans, teams, managers, and media think NO!!

Good morning everyone. Almost pulled it out last nite. Reason I never stayed late as we had a lot of lightning with the storm last nite and I don’t like to be out in that. Going again tonight and will promise a win. Possible thunderstorms again tonight but is common in St louie this time of year. I like the comeback but wish outcome could have been different.

It is very puzzling why Torre put in Johnson for that last inning knowing he pitched Sunday.
Good Morning, Boblee ~ sorry the weather got in the way of you seeing a good game, but I understand living in Memphis for three years. Thunderstorms in your part of the country are pretty serious stuff compared to out here in California. Hopefully tonight, the weather behaves and you can enjoy the game as much as possible considering you are surrounded by Cardinals fans.

Good morning dnelly & boblee, now that Andruw has finally hit a homerun, do you thing Torre will think — he’s back, and play him tonight?

My bets are ethier (either) with him or JP.

I think so too. Hopefully, Andre because he did a good job last night. Wonder how JP would react if Joe put him in 8th place in the batting order.

trublue44~ according to Torre, JP has speed and Andre has power and a good arm, but he feels speed is more important – go figure!! That good arm prevents runs from scoring and a power bat adds runs on the board with one swing compared to a possible stolen base. So, in Torre’s eyes JP’s Juan for 4/5 days are more important than Ethier’s 2 for 4/5 days and opposing runners staying put.

dnelly, I think he believed that speed is important, as of a few days ago, but maybe he’s beginning to think it’s okay for Matt to lead off & Andre to follow him — Matt has pretty good speed and Andre can put the ball in play most of the time. I also think Manny should bat 3rd — like Bonds did — and have Russell follow.

Good morning all. Yea, I wasn’t around last night. hope you all had fun.
Denl- It was so nice to see Mr. Ethier in the liine up, and to see his Before the Bigs during the rain delay. Is Sara sending it to you? You might cry, it’s a heart warming story!
Yea, Sara- it was creepy when Steve Lyons was making the comparisons to Leave it to Beaver last night. Haha- he must read this blog!
Crzyblue- thank you. I can’t wait til the event!! I am really really excited. Even though I am out of the house and have been on my own for many many years, my parents still lectured me about spending the money on the event 😦
Though loss last night. We should’ve won, good rally comeback in the 9th. Andruw’s homerun, unexpected, but man he hit that ball hard. I wish Matt had a better night. Actually, most of the guys didn’t hit until the 9th and beyond anyway. Oh well, we will try again today. In the after show they said something had to be wrong with Brox because he absolutely should have been put in the game in the 9th!! has anyone heard anything?
And poor Saito. It was nice having him!

Amy ~ I got to see Andre’s “Before the Bigs” and yes, it was excellent, and explains a great deal about why he does what he does when it comes to the situation he is in right now. The pitching issue is a mystery still ~ I don’t think anybody has heard anything specifically.

d’backs getting tougher:

D-backs give Haren 4-year, $44.75M extension

Dnel- I am glad you got to see his before the biggs. It was great πŸ™‚
Sara- really? Man, can we just beat the D-backs! I hate the fact that we are now 2.5 games back. We are slipping!

Hey ITD gang,
I am coming down to LA for the game against the D’backs on Sept 6th. Does anyone here know were to get good tickets that are affordable????? πŸ™‚

jnv- stubhub usually works out well. haha. most of us have season tickets.

i know we talked about broxton possibly being hurt and that’s why joe was reluctant to use him.. well apparently, joe was just saving him for a save situation that never came.. that is IDIOTIC in my opinion..

per tony jackson:

“Because I know somebody is going to ask, Joe Torre was saving Jonathan Broxton for a save situation if the Dodgers took the lead”

Thanks Amy, anybody want to sell thier season tickets?? just kidding I need 9 seats!! πŸ™‚

It depends where you want to sit for the game

btw, i’m glad jungar posted the tj simers article. i think we should start referring to juan as the boo-hoo kid. it has a nice ring to it.

oh jnv, i would check out craigslist as well. they usually have tickets for face or around face.

thanks Sara and Ajay, It is going to be hard to find 9 seats.

iheartethier i will definitely get you a copy of andre’s before the bigs. it’s going to be a week or so because i’m trying to put some of the other dodgers episodes on it too. i’ll keep you posted.

dnelly, i’m still going to give you a copy even though you’ve seen it. then you can watch andre over and over again! and you can also watch some of the other player ones. πŸ™‚

actually can anyone tell me what section has shade during a day game???

“Andruw Jones’ pinch-hit homer that triggered a ninth-inning Dodgers comeback Tuesday night only further complicated manager Joe Torre’s selection of outfielders for Wednesday night’s game against the Cardinals.
Torre has said Manny Ramirez and Matt Kemp will start virtually every game, leaving the trio of Jones, Juan Pierre and Andre Ethier for the one remaining outfield spot.

Ethier started Tuesday night and had a clutch one-out single in the four-run comeback. He also singled Kemp to third to create a 10th-inning scoring opportunity that the Dodgers squandered.

Pierre, who Torre has said will get the bulk of playing time for the trio, bounced back to the pitcher as a pinch-hitter in his only at-bat Tuesday night. Jones homered off left-hander Ron Villone, so his playing time will probably be dictated by whether the opposing starter is left-handed.”

jnv, if you sit in the upper rows of almost any section, then you’ll be in the shade. also, the third base side tends to get shade a little earlier than the 1st base side.

Hello everyone. Tough and disappointing loss last night. Thought we had’em in the 10th. Like I’ve been saying, it isn’t going to take long for teams to pitch around Manny. Loney bombed last night.
Tru, I agree, need to bat Manny 3rd and put Marty behind him. Great point. If not, Kent, Loney, or Blake are going to have to step it up or Manny is not going to get much to hit.
Glad you gals are going to the WIN thing. Sounds like a great experience.
Thanks for the Simers article. Seems everyone but Joko, Ned and a couple of bloggers “get it”. LOL!!!!!!

jnv- you thanked ajay- this is AMY πŸ™‚ your friend!
good luck with those tickets!

I thanked you earlier Amy!! πŸ™‚ Ajay also commented.
Sara thanks for the information!! My Mom needs to stay in the shade if possible (skin cancer and all)

hey amy, do you want to go to dodgers-phillies next tuesday 8/12? i’m probably going to have tickets..

I will agree with you jhall and sara. That ws a great TJ article. My dad I am enjoy reading them He usually saves them and keeps them for me to read everyday. He’s is funny. I agree with him and like to get his take on things. “the boo-hoo kid” funny stuff

Thank you so much sara – I loved it, and I can see watching it a few times.
jnv – we sat in the Loge deck on third base side, between home and 3rd, but closer to home (section 121, row E). We started in the sun, and an hour later we had shade. It depends on price range (those seats were $70 each), but I got them through the ticket office at Dodger Stadium. I am assuming the further you go down towards left field, the prices would start coming down as well.

sara! ~ Omgggggg Thank you!! πŸ™‚ i’m traveling for work right now and by the time i get back to LA by the end of the month theres no listings for it to be shown on tv nemore so i dont mind waiting for it as long as I will get to see it =) =) thankkkk youu thank you! by everyones reviews on it i’m just about dying to watch it….
amy~ I’m glad ur going to have lunch with ur matty!! AH, i’m so excited for you!!! πŸ™‚ & I’m down to catch a game with u girls cus likewise none of my friends understand my obsession with baseball let alone for one player, Andre πŸ™‚
catch everyone later I have a busy day of work ahead 😦

jnv, i would definitely recommend trying to sit on the upper rows of third base side if you want shade.. or somewhere behind homeplate in the upper rows of any section (aside from top deck). people always move around to the empty shade seats anyway.. but since you have such a large party.. i would try and get seats in the upper rows. loge and field have more shade than reserved. it’s hard to find good shade in the reserved section unless you’re sitting in the inner reserved behind home plate..

bonjour jhall!!! πŸ™‚

sara I’d love too. Too bad I just bought a ticket to that game. My dad is taking someone else to the game that night and I really wanted to go. So I bought a single game ticket and was going to catch a ride with them and seat hope. But, since he is still going to be with a ‘friend’ you can I can still watch the game together. I was just going to hitch a ride with them., I don’t have to sit with them. I don’t even know who the guy is going to be. It would be much more fun with you!
I only bought a reserve level ticket. are you on the field level?? Were you inviting me on an extra ticket? or did you want me to pay for it?

haha. sorry jnv- you were right πŸ™‚ and you are welcome πŸ™‚

iheartethier, we should definitely catch a game together. i’ll wear a russell shirt, amy can wear a matt shirt, and you can wear an andre shirt. haha πŸ™‚

jnv- on stub hub there are tickets in section 16 of the Infield Reserve row A the first row for 48 dollars each for a total of 432 if you have a party of 9
here is the link-

I think I must take The kid to see Manny. Any day games coming up?

hey amy, i’m not sure where the seats are yet. my friend is going to put me on the will call list because she works for dodgers. it’s an extra ticket you would not need to pay for. i never really know where the seats are when it’s employee will call. almost always, they’re on the loge somewhere or the club level seats.. but once, i got baseline box seats row 1! so it’s like a surprise.. haha.. a pleasant one when i get lucky. πŸ™‚

you can definitely sit with me. if you already have a ticket, i’ll probably see if someone wants to use the other, but you can come sit with us.. i’m sure there will be a seat available near mine. or you can just use the other ticket and try to get rid of yours. i’ll let you know when it’s confirmed that i’m on the list.

Bonjour Nelle’!!! Allez-vous?

jungar, next sunday against the brewers is a day game.. also when the rockies are here, they’re having a day game on thursday gettaway day at 12:10 on 8/21.

thanks everyone your the best. Thanks ajay for the link.

there is a 1:10 game on August 17 vs the brewers
there is a 12:55 game on August 21 vs the Rockies

those are very nice seats, infield reserve row A. but jnv, you’d be in the sun for at least the start of the game.

haha ajay.. i beat you to it! πŸ™‚

your welcome jnv

I’m a slow typer

Sara I don’t mind the sun for the start of the game as long as it ends up in the shade.

Yes Sara- I will play to go with you if you can get me a ticket. If you can’t, At least I can still go, and maybe we can meet. I do have a way of getting down to the field level- haha- secrets that I wont share πŸ˜‰

When you gals get together for the game, we want pictures!!! LOL!!!!

jhall ~ Non, je ne vais pas πŸ™‚ I start school on the 18th, and I will spend the entire weekend getting ready for the first day. I wish I could.

jnv – Are you going this weekend to AT&T for sure?

jnv if you buy tickets from the Dodger website you can get the same seats for 28 dollars. The only difference will be you are in section 7 and you are in row L.

7RS L Full Price Adult US $28.00

but I still prefer the other tickets from stub hub jnv

Dnel, If we go to the Dodger game in September we won’t be going this weekend. So I am not sure. I want to go to both but my wife is clutching the purse strings!!!LOL πŸ™‚

thanks ajay, it is very much appreciated!! πŸ™‚

jnv – Go to Dodger Stadium and be with the Dodger Fans (the majority) – LOL!!

If I do I will be breaking my promise to not go to a Dodger game as long as NERD is in charge!!! But my wife wants to go and it’s her birthday and my son has been begging to go. Maybe Ned can send me some free tickets since it is him I have been boycotting!!! LOL

Well – hmmm!! Quite a predicament you got yourself into, but I think you need to go since it’s your wife’s birthday – πŸ™‚

Rire!! Bien!!

By the way Nelly, how’s your son been pitching and how is the baseball school coming along?

jhall ~ He has just been doing bullpens with his pitching coach (Ben), but doing well. When school starts they will probably start some sort of off season training. He is working on velocity for his fast ball, mostly and then he is going to the USC camp the end of this month. Thanks for asking πŸ™‚

hey jnv, i have a way you can get 50% off tickets for that day off the dodgers website. i’m going to email you right now.

Ta Bienvenue!!

very cool thanks Sara.

no problem. of course.

Je vous en prie!!

DNELLY & YMANCIA: I’ve noticed that this blog has a lot of girls bloggers, specially Ethiers fans. Love the guy, I think he will is a great player, he is very smart and yes his personality and of course his smile makes the games way more interesting. Let’s just say I was born a Dodger’s fan. And some how last year I became more interested in the sport once I noticed Ethier. Well my husband sort of had a lot to do with it, watching the game on TV all the time and of course he is a Dodger’s fan also. Well then this year MARTIN also stood out for me the day he took care of 3rd BASE. Ethier & Martin are both my faves. You can tell they both enjoy the game, they love to play. I got to see both upclose and personal…well not to personal…there were about 2,000 other fans around me. Martin was good. But Ethier took his time with the fans, to take pictures and answer question. I have not seen the Ethier special that was on tv, but I do have it recorded…I’ll watch it tonight. I did not know about the Ethier signing autographs or I would of try to be there….hopefully next time.

I hope Andre plays tonight….and many more nights…


jhall ~ my husband found a building for their baseball training facility. They (he, Michael’s pitching coach and another high school baseball coach) are looking into opening by October. They already have people ready to sign up.

rose, russell is my FAVORITE. and of course, he’s held down third base like he belongs. he’s just a natural and you can tell just how happy he is that he gets to play baseball everyday for a living. thanks for your insights. hope you keep posting.. there are a lot more girls on this blog lately , definitely more than there were.. and it’s great.

Sucre’ Nelle’!!!! Bon fortune!!!!

dodgersrule ~ Welcome to Inside the Dodgers (ITD). I saw your post on Andre’s blog. It was great!! There a quite a few girls on this blog, and they all have their favorites as I am sure you are reading. Most of the time we talk baseball, but we have our moments of girl talk, too. James is another one of my favorites, but he has not been having issues with playing time, so I tend to just cheer him on most of the time. Andre is my favorite, and I have been following him since he was traded from Oakland.

SARA Did you see Russell on the all-star game? impressive! He is one of the greatest catche…he is great where ever you put him. Great hitter, fast runner, excellent catcher. I did not see his special Before the Bigs, but I’m sure they will air it again. The day I saw him on Dodger’s stadium, he seems to be in a rush and Ethier was more friendly. I’m sure he is a great guy personality wise. But I’m for sure know he is a dedicated player….same as Ethier….


jhall ~ merci!! ~ Are you using memory, dictionary or on-line translation?
Where’s the Beav today? Did you lock him in a closet? Or does Eddie have him out getting into trouble? LOL!!

DNELLY Is Andre blog….his food critique one? Or is there another one?

OK girls I have a questions, being a baseball rookie, or hey guys you can answer too. It is not a who is cuter or who has the best butt. My questions is how do they get their batting averager? I always see a .255 or .3 something

LOL!! Some of each. I remember alot of the words but have to consult dictionary and on line to remember how to put them together properly most of the time.

Grady is cuter than all of them. LOL!!!!!

Rose ~ When you see Andre’s “Before the Bigs” you will understand why he is so appreciative of his fans. He’s been through alot to get where he is right now. I have read many articles saying the same things, but to hear Andre and his parents explain it, makes it more impressive. It’s definitely a heartwarming story to say the least.

ok DNELLY, you are the EthierBear lady…DEBBIE. You have kids too! Great! I have been reading his ‘Dre’ blog. You are lucky, got to meet him and actually get to talk to him. When I had him in front of me I went blanked and nothing came out of my mouth, but lucky the kid in front of me kept asking him questions and I was impress by him. Well how he took this time to visit the kids fan. He is such a positive role for kids and I just hope that it stays that way forever.

JHALL – who is Grady?

check this video out-

knock it off Jhall!!!! πŸ™‚ LOL
I got to see the Ethier before the bigs last night as well, and I have to say I am impressed even more now.

Grady est assez joli! RBC!!! And he talks to himself too – LOL!!!
rose – his “Dining with ‘Dre” blog – He does have his own “My Space” but I consider that his privacy, and it should be for his own friends and family. I found it by accident when I did a google search for articles. However, it does tell you about the things he likes and such.

rose ~ That would be me – LOL!!!

Grady Sizemore of the Indians. Nellys’ favorite non Dodger!!!


rose ~ jhall’s talking about Grady Sizemore from the Indians. He is one of my favorite non-Dodger players, and it just so happens jhall lives in Ohio. We talk Grady talk sometimes.

jhall ~ maybe we are related – LOL!!

Could be, I am your mom’s twin. LOL!!!!!

I am not a big my space user so I won’t bother him there. OK now your throw me a curve ball ‘French’. OK oui, j’ai parle un petit peu Francais…bla..bla…bla. OK yeah it’s been years since my French, but my poor translation says that Grady is enough happy….or my quick translation is “ASSez”…he has a great butt? Help!

So how was Eithier when you met him? You can always e-mail me to my e-mail….if there is something you don’t want to post.

rose ~ He is very quiet just like I thought. They didn’t give us alot of time to talk to him. I just told him I am a blogger both here and on his blog. He asked me if I enjoyed his blog, and I told him I thought it was great and I comment on it frequently. So, when I posted to his blog last night, I mentioned Ethierbear, so maybe he will remember it.

rose, i was SO impressed with russell during the allstar game.. catching 10 innings and looking superb on defense! and he got a basehit off mariano rivera, one of the best closers of all time! i hope you get to watch russell’s before the bigs sometime. they don’t show his as much anymore because it was from last season. but it is a VERY heart warming story.. and i tear up when his dad talks about how proud he is of russell because his dad starts crying! πŸ™‚

oh and Rose – he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Pictures don’t do him justice. I have said this many times on here, and everyone on here knows I think that, but they also know I know him as a ball player and that I respect his ability as a ballplayer first, good looking guy, second.

Well I’m sure he will remember…it got stuck on my head. I posted stuff on his blog before too. But nothing for him to remember. WELL at least not yet…LOL! You gave me and idea…I’m taking my daughter to Build-a-Bear to get a bear…one for her and one for me….of course they will be in Dodger gear. Hers will be MartinBear and my is Ethierbear. My daughter cheers for Martin…thanks to me…hee hee my husband just laughs

Welcome Rose!!! Another girl- awesome. Must I say that I am pleased that I am the only Matt fan ( you all love him, but you know what I mean!!!!). We need someone who loves Loney too then we would be more rounded out. Welcome, its glad to have you aboard!

jhall ~ the four of us think way too much alike sometimes, and living in four different parts of the country no less – lol!

sara- dear. I just got back, did you respond to my comment about the game next week?
hello jhall πŸ™‚

Thanks for the welcome. Love this place…everyone is cool…a lot of girls that love Baseball and DODGERS. Matt Kemp oh yeah I like him too. When he got on that fight…poor baby…and his dreamy eyes. He is also a great player. Yes we do need a Loney fan… How about the Pitchers? I like Park & Wade.

Amy ~ I like James alot, too. He’s my second favorite. Like I told Rose, he isn’t fighting for a position right now so I tend to do more cheering on his behalf than defending him. I am always posting the James Loney song, and it’s posted in my classroom with official permission from the writers of the song – martinloneykemp and leekfink. So, he is definitely a fav of mine.

What is the Loney song?

speaking of classroom Amy ~ I just ordered posters of every stadium in the major leagues. Steve Garvey (no less) gave me an idea about taking the classroom on field trips to every ballpark using their imagination. So, we have 33 weeks in a school year and 30 teams, so I will be able to use it as a lesson for my daily geography. A ballpark every week with the history that goes with the ballpark along with the players on that team, past and present, which I am planning on placing into a time line as well. I am so exciting about starting this school year. I am trying to incorporate as much baseball as I can. I even figured out how to use baseball for my behavior charts. How is your mom’s classroom coming along?

I cant’ wait to see tonights lineup! Hi ladies and gentlemen.


Rose ~ I will find and post it! If you haven’t read this blog before, on top of being Dodger fans, some of us have explored our creative side and have rewritten famous songs into songs about the Dodgers – some nice, some not so nice. Enchanted (who I haven’t seen on here today) is who we call the ring leader of this crazy side of this blog. We have rewritten over 300 songs, and it grows by the day. Anyhow, give me a few and I will post the James Loney song.

My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me “Why?” I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
with H-I-T-T-I-N-G
By martinloneykemp@hotmail.com on June 3, 2008 6:51 AM

This is the James Loney song πŸ™‚ It is sung to the tune from the Oscar Meyer bologny commercial

dnelly- her classrooom is coming along. Your Ethierbear, and the Dodger bears that were at the stadium last sunday gave her an idea to have her own Dodger Bear. It will serve as a “Taddel bear”. So, if a kid wants to taddel (sp?) on another kid all they have to do is go to the Dodger bear and write in his journal about their issue, then they can let it go. Cute idea!
I think she also bought her sports boarder, and on Sunday she bought abother Dodger pennant in Pink, for the girls.
She is excited to go back to school as well. I think that second grade will be a good move for her.

OOOH how fun…that is funny! I will try and get creative in song writing.

about the James Loney song. My dad started making up a James loney song last night and I had to stop him. I said, “Dad, there is already a James Loney song.” And then I had to sing it for him. haha. it was great.

btw, HELLO to you scurtis πŸ™‚

Hey Amy!!! Glad your going to get to go to WIN!!!!
It will be way cool.

Amy- I use an old phone for tattling, but the bear is a cute idea too. I will have to think about that. I could use my teacher bear for that purpose. Ethierbear is white, and probably wouldn’t stay white with first graders touching him all day long because they tend to tattle alot. Thanks for that idea, though,I hadn’t thought of using a stuffed animal for that purpose.

jhall. You have no idea. I am super excited. Especially since I will get to meet Mathew again..hopefully more one on one this time! And I’ve never met Russy. He always walks by and never says hi 😦
oh, this is a big deal!

Nelly, have you mentioned that this is a cult?!!! LOL!!!!!

jhall – we may have another song writer – rose πŸ™‚

No, Wally, I forgot to mention the cult thing. Ward, dear and Beav would love another song writer though – lol!!!

OK let me get this….Debbie is a teacher, your class sounds fun?…Amy is going to the “Win” (you are lucky) oh yes the time I met the dodgers Russel just past me by…buy Ethier stuck around also…so I have several Loney & Ethier pics, not with me…just them, I had a kid infront of me. Hey give Ethier, Kemp & Martin a kiss from me…Rose…LOL…OK jhall I’m still trying to figure you out….you pop in every now and then with silly stuff…LOL…Ya’ll crazy. So are you all from California

I know this has nothing to do with this post but is there gonna be a ninty’s night at dodger stadium? I’d love to go to it… I’d really love to see Piazza, Karros, and Rauuuul in Dodger Blue again!..

you are getting it Rose.
Dnelly is out “mother” around here. Everyone likes her and she’s everyone’s friend. She’s a teacher, and so is my mommy, so we talk about school sometimes
Jhall is awesome and my friend. He is always supportive πŸ™‚
And yes, Russy doens’t always stop. But for me, It’s James Loney that always stops and signs autogrpahs. Etheir did pass me once too 😦
We are a crazy family here, but it’s a lot of fun!

We are from all over Rose. Messageber will get you added to the list of where we all are from and then you will see. One of our friends is from Australia!

LOL Rose!! I’m Wally, the swell cute guy!!!! Have to balance out the Beav!!! LOL!!! We tend to banter and get a bit silly when we are frustrated with Dodger situations.

I’m in Columbus, Ohio and an Ohio State grad!! Go Buckeyes!!!!!

Merci Amy, mon amie!!!

Yep Rose, you get your very own push pin.

Pirates on top of the DB’s, 2-0, top 8th. C’mon Pirates!!!!!

jhall ~ USC is on the cover of SI? Georgia is ranked #1, Ohio State #2 and USC #3.

hello Ms Amy. How are you? Ready for the big game 2nite?

Damn, he lost the perfect game in Arizona. Still 2-0 Pirates Top 9th πŸ™‚

jhall, starting with the buckeyes thing huh?? πŸ˜›

September 13th
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
#2 USC vs #3 Ohio State


Yep Nell’, glad you guys got the cover. LOL!!!

I’m glad to meet you all. Let me sort of introduce myself…I’m Rose from SoCal…born in L.A. but I live in the Inland Empire….just to HOT out here. Hispanic…MEXICAN…YEAH! I do have kids and I am married and we are all DODGERS fan…I am not old, but not young, of perfect age….LOL. I’ve been a Dodger’s fan since FERNANDO VALENZUELA…I was a lil’ kid back then…but since last year I’ve been more involve with the game. My faves are Russell Martin & Andre Ethier… and my goal as a fan is too get my picture taken with them LOL! And I do want to contribute in the song writing…LOL!

Should be a great game Sara. National Title implications all over that one.

anapiazza31, i’m pretty sure i heard there was a 90s night. or a 90s luncheon or something planned. i’m sure you can find info somewhere on the dodgers site..

scurtis, who had the perfect game going?

amy, i think you had responded to my last comment about the game.. did you say something else? please refresh my memory..

Jeff Karstans from the Pirates. Its a one hitter now in the bottom of the 9th. 2-0 Pirates.

jhall, Wally, swell cute kid (lol)- speaking of pushpins, I have to switch to a world map to account for rodmky. I am working on that wall first. I figure the pushpins can share space with Flat Stanley. It takes me a few weeks to get Flat Stanley up and running, so I can use those weeks to get the pushpins in place. So, I will just use the mlb wall for the stadiums instead – the stadium addresses are already part of that map, anyway.

Cool Rose. Bienvenue!!!

The 90’s luncheon is on the same day as the clinic if I’m not mistaken. Maybe emma will check in and let us know for sure. I think she is the one that mentioned she wouldn’t be able to do both so she was going to the clinic since she had been to the other luncheons.

most definitely jhall!! we’ve all been waiting for this game since they announced it!! it’s going to be SO much fun, and the crowd is going to be fun too. i’m expecting lots of buckeyes to be here for the game.. tailgating should be fun that day.. it’s always fun tailgating with midwestern fans.. when nebraska came out a couple years ago it was FUN. now those are some nice folks and good fans! some of my friends are buckeye folks and they’ll be tailgating with us.. my friend played softball, and her boyfriend played baseball there.. it should be an interesting day!

Gee mom, I’m not a kid anymore. LOL!!!

tonights lineup…

Kemp. CF
Ethier. RF
Martin. C
Ramirez. LF
Loney. 1B
Blake. 3B
Ozuna. 2B
Berroa. SS
Lowe. P

jhall/sara – I’m staying neutral for the USC/Ohio St. game. I think it will be exciting ethier way. Maybe I will cheer on ASU this year – they are ranked #16 this year (it’s got to be good luck for them – who do we know around here that’s has the #16 – hmmmm!) – lol!!

dodge 16 – are you serious?!? again – wow!!! Mr. Torre is trying to impress us fans, I guess. Wow!! Andre – two nights in a row. Thanks Dodge!!!

Too cool Sara!!
Also a warm ITD welcome Ana31!!!

OOOOH iteresting Line up….

OK Push pins????
Wally is a kid???

Right now I feel like Alice in Wonderland just meeting all this interesting & fun people…LOL

Wow, Dodge, if that’s really the lineup, I’m for one Ok with it… and 2… Did Pierre burn his bridge with Torre!?!?!?

Boomer Sooner

Nice lineup. Wow Ozuna and Berroa up the middle lol.

Wow JP must sulking again
Would be nice to see Druw pinch hit and hit another bomb again.

Lets rip Cy Pinerio.

YAY Pirates beat the Snakes 2-0.

Thank you Sara for all your help!!! We got our tickets field box 44!!! I am so excited I think I am going to pee my pants!!!! I can’t thank you enough! πŸ™‚

guys I got the lineup from tony jacksons blog… he is a beat writer with a great blog… im going to the games in frisco this weekend… I get to hang out with dre…

T Jack has a nice blog.

Who on here feels like, after hearing about, or reading Pierre’s comments, Torre is getting somewhat fed up with him and his sulking? On top of that, I for one would LOVE for Jones to return to his old form and take over, then we’d have 2 potent bats in the lineup… In the meantime however I am very confident with Ethuer

rose ~ A while back we got in a little hot water with Josh over using bad language. It didn’t involve us really, but some were blamed nonetheless. Anyhow, we decided to do the complete opposite of normal language and slipped into the Leave It To Beaver cast. so:
Ward – dodgereric (on a trip until Saturday)
June – me
Wally – jhall
Beaver – enchanted ( not here so far today, but I’m sure will show up soon)
pushpins – right before my school year ended, I decided to start marking where all the bloggers were from. Messagebear actually started the list and I put a visual to the list. However, being summer, I wasn’t able to go into the classroom until just recently. So, once I have the map and pushpins in place, I will take a picture and get it linked to here somehow. It’s amazing how many Dodger fans are not from LA.

Dodge – That is too cool!! Send him best wishes from ITD. His “Before the Bigs” was so very impressive. I didn’t think I could be a bigger fan than I already am, but I am. The man is remarkable, not only as a ballplayer but a human being.

Hey Dnel,
The tickets I got are right along the right field line, if Ethier is playing i’ll get a picture of him for you!!

brandon – “IF” Jones gets his swing back, then I would have no problems having Ethier off the bench, and I don’t think he would ethier.

well dnelly, ill be in merced next week so ill try to get you something signed by him… if you want.

The PushPins is a great idea.

JNV828….Congrats on you seats…Field box seats…oh man you are lucky. Hey I always get reserves…but hey It’s all GOOD.

DOGDGER16….you are also lucky…have fun hanging out with DRE…give him hug from me.

SARA where are my tickets….LOL

PS I’ll remember to keep my language Beaverish

Thank you, jnv !!! I have a few of him blowing bubbles in right field. That’s were we sat last year, but this year I got the tickets before Manny came and I didn’t know where he would play (left or right) so that’s why we went closer to homeplate. Those are good seats because you are pretty close to him or Matt and they might throw you a ball.

I was the one that mentioned the 90’s luncheon. It is the same day of the WIN Women’s baseball clinic on 8/16. I don’t think I’ve seen it advertise yet, but Dr. Steinberg announced at the 80’s luncheon.
See pics from pior WIN Women baseball clinic here
http://losangeles.dodgers.mlb.com/la/community/win/photos.jsp The lady that is wispering to Jeff Kent is the from the All American Girls Profesional Baseball league. Her name is Maybelle Blair. She was portrayed by Madonna in “A League of Their Own”. Very spunky lady. I had my pink hat (we got it at the last event)signed by all the ladies from that league at the last event.

Good to see more women posting here!

Just noticed that the original flyer has been updated to include Russ, Matt and Torre. Oh boy! Wonder if my friend Lore noticed that. She did not want to go as the price went up this year but this time it includes lunch and is all for a good cause.

I need a “Got Ethier” t-shirt, that way if he isn’t playing I can stand up the whole game…..LOL but if Jones recaptures his swing, I also think it’s OK for Ethier to sit.

Sara didn’t give me tickets, she showed me where to get them. She was really helpful, as were ajay, amy and yourself!! πŸ™‚

JNV..usually I think of the even side as the enemy side since most of us season ticket holders like the odd side. Number one, the odd side gets the shade first while the even numbered side stays sunny much longer. My season ticket is in section 47 on the opposite side, always nice and shady during an evening game. Bring your sunscreen because you will get the sun on you for a couple of hours. The Dodgers work out and toss the ball on the odd side so you actually get a closer look at them. The enemy side, you can get a close look at the enemy. I have sat in section 44 baseline which are pretty good only because you can see inside the Dodger dugout. Otherwise I didn’t care for that side.
Amy..I think that during that baseball clinic, you will not get much one to one with Russell or Matt..it looks like it’s a question and answer and then they’ll have to leave to get ready for the game that night which by the way, is fireworks night. It doesn’t look like they will sit and eat lunch with you ladies. I may be wrong but you may be putting a lot of money out for disappointment. I hope not. At least you will be able to see them which should be great. πŸ™‚ Matt is always fun. Russell is a bit more serious. The good thing is all that money goes to charity!! Go Dodgers. Beat St Louis!!

dodge – that would be great!! I know he’s cute an all, but I really do admire him for all the things he does. He plays baseball (my favorite sport) and for the Dodgers, he works with the rescue mission (I work with a similar organization here) and his food blog (that is/was my husband’s line of work). Plus, I have followed ASU baseball for a while now (not knowing he was part of it at the time). At least Andre will know he has one friend at AT&T park. I always think about the poor outfielders from the opposing teams because of all the verbal h*ll they go through out there.

Torre said he was looking to get Ethier some at-bats and still intends to give Pierre the bulk of the playing time in center field, with Matt Kemp starting every day in either right or center.

“I can’t give a good argument against Ethier,” said Torre. “The argument for Juan is the job he did when [Rafael] Furcal went down, the quality of his at-bats, the dimension of speed he gives us. Ethier is more of a power hitter, with a great arm but doesn’t possess speed.”

I was trying to get the odd side, because Everyone was saying that is the shadier side but ticketmaster wouldn’t let me pick what side only price. I could have got infield reserve behind home plate but I wanted to be closer to the field and possibly catch a ball!! LOL I have been to hundreds of games but have never caught a ball!

crzblue- I am so excited for this event. I can’t wait. I do hope you show me the ropes!
Come to think about it, the language here has been soo much better. Good job guys.
sara- i just wanted to know if you are ok with my game plan? I would like to go with you first If I can. And use my ticket as back up.


new thread

I totally agree with Debbie regarding Andre.

Thanks saralovesrussell… I’ll keep checking the website for ninety’s night=)!

On the pics from the WIN link that I posted, my finger, hat and glove shows as I wait for Tommy to sign by glove (which he did along with Jeff). one of my friends that sits in front of me at the stadium is next to Tommy.
Along with Jeff Kent, James Loney is another one of my favorites. I told him that I love his Before the Bigs. He is shy but I noticed he is getting better.

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