Sunday Night Baseball

Check out this funny story about a good friend of mine from college, Phil Elson, who just so happens to be the play-by-play announcer for the Arkansas Travelers. Of course, it begs the question of your most memorable foul ball catch, so post ’em here.

I’ve attended more than 1,200 games over the last 13 years or so and I’ve only caught three or maybe four. But the most memorable one came in 2001, when I was covering the Dodgers for and was interviewing Tommy Lasorda in the stands at Dodgertown for a story about the famed Spring Training site. As we were talking, a shot comes flying towards us and I literally threw my hand out in front of Tommy and snared it, thus receiving a big round of applause from everyone around us. Hard to forget something like that, as you might imagine.

Anyway, back to tonight’s game, we’re going for three out of four tonight against the team with the best record in baseball. Here who will be getting after it…

Pierre, LF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Kemp, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Berroa, SS

Penny, P


why can Joe not sit Pierre down for at least one game? is it a sin or something?

Well back to Furcal, gosh I hope I am wrong. As for what I would do if he was out the rest of the year? Play my best defensive SS and upgrade LF with a legit hitter.

The sad thing about JP is 1st is the best place n the lineup for him. And the worse.

Pierre in the line-up again or should I say yet. For some one that can’t bunt very good and never hits line drives, (pop-ups) are his specialty, I’m sick of seeing him in there.
Berroa, Martin or Ethier would be better in the lead-off position. I’m sick of seeing him every F****** day rain or shine.

Hey Joe, did it ever occur to you to try someone else. Are you scared of Slappy’s Momma.

You know Berroa cannot be much when the Royals have a shortstop hitting .155 60 games into the season and he cannot get on the major league team.. Defense is not his forte, so we could be in for an adventure.

Maybe the ole change of scenery will work in this case. If Furcal is back in a week to 10 days (keeping fingers crossed) then we do not have much to lose.

Not a bad lineup, except I would have liked to see JP sit down. He has to be tired and we are tired of watching him on daily basis….I know I was one of his supporters and I still root for him but, DY should be in left with Ethier leading off tonight….

Jungar do you not trust Stan Conte…he vouched for Schmidt, how wrong could he be?

GREAT! another article about our “underwhelming” kids. This is getting old.

If Furcal doesn’t come back, we really need to try something else. Rummaging through a doormats’ garbage can never makes sense to me. Without Furcal, right now we play someone with documented horrible defense and deteriorating offense, plus we KNOW that we’re stuck with Pierre in the leadoff slot thru game 162.


Well, Berroa is now on board, so we can look forward to the “veteran doing what you expect a veteran to do” as Torre likes to say. I will cut him some slack, as I would do to anyone coming on board and wearing the Dodger uniform until he proves otherwise. He certainly can’t be worse offensively than Hu, and it isn’t like Hu didn’t get the chance to play every day, unlike DY for instance. I have to wonder, however, when some of the pundits speculate that Berroa might prove to be the answer in succeeding Furcal if we can’t or chose not to sign him for next year. In that respect the Berroa description as a veteran is incomplete – the proper description should read “failed veteran”. Of course, he would find a lot of company with other Ned’s boys in that respect. If Furcal isn’t signed, and I would be leery of his back problems, I just hope that DeJesus gets ready very quickly. While I like Hu’s defense, I don’t think he’ll prove to be an all around major league shortstop. I guess Izturis will be a FA next year, so who knows what we have to look forward to.

From the ESPN article: “Since the beginning of the season when Torre without hesitation would often sit such highly-touted Dodgers as Kemp and Andre Ethier, Torre underscored his intention to start changing a culture where the top young Dodgers have been hearing they were untouchables for a while. With those moves he was basically sending a message through his lineup and through the work of his coaches, that no one was entitled to playing time or to taking the game for granted.”

No one, that is, EXCEPT Juan Pierre. What hypocriscy, Joe!

Here’s an idea if it turns out that Furcal will be out for an extended time — JACK WILSON!!
Okay. I just happen to love Jack Wilson. He plays the game the way it should be played. An example from a 2003 game I saw in Milwaukee:
In the bottom of the 12th (game tied), the Brewers had Richie Sexson on third with less than two outs. The Pirates were forced to draw in their infield. Wes Helms hit a little dribbler up the middle. From his drawn-in position Jack Wilson dove to his left with 100% effort but the ball just slipped by his outstretched glove. Sexson scored and the game was over. Wilson lay there with his glove still outstretched for about five seconds. Then he got up and walked off the field.
In these few seconds Jack Wilson showed how the game should be played: 100% effort, heartfelt disappointment in defeat, class at all times.
Wilson’s ACTONS speak louder than his words, but here are a few of those:
“”I was taught growing up to do the best I can. That’s the bottom line. Making the big leagues or playing in All-Star games, that never was a goal. Just be the best player I could be.” – Jack Wilson in Pittsburgh Tribune Review (July 5, 2004)
On a more practical level, he’s an excellent fielder and a decent hitter.
He does come with one significant downside, which even as a guy with a mancrush on Jack Wilson have to acknowledge — he’s way overpaid at about $7 million per year through next year. On the other hand, the Pirates may let him go relatively cheaply in terms of prospects so they can unload his contract. Plus, his contract expires at the end of 2009 giving Hu and/or DeJesus just enough time to grow in the minors.
Oh! He’s from Westlake Village (that’s in northwest L.A. county) so I’m sure he would LOVE to wear Dodger Blue.

From Army basic training:
Drill Sgt.: “What’s the purpose of the bayonet?”
Slugs: “To kill, seargent, to kill!!”
What’s the purpose of a leadoff man?
To get on base, coach, to get on base!!
With that in mind let’s examine how well Juan Pierre fulfills that purpose as opposed to … oh, I don’t know … let’s say Russell Martin.
I reviewed the 30 games since Juanpy has been our leadoff hitter and tallied the number of games he has gotten on base by hit, walk or hit-by-pitch a) Two or more times b) once and c) zero times. I reviewed Martin’s last 30 games for comparison (counting only games where Russell had a minimum of 3 Plate Appearances).
Here are the results:
Juanpy on base: 2+ times — 8 games; once — 17 games; zero — 5 games
Russell on base: 2+ times — 17 games; once — 7 games; zero — 6 games

MLK – What’s the D’s record with Juanpy leading off?

Puttin’ me to work, eh, enchanted. Okay, give me a couple minutes.

With Juanpy leading off (the 30 games since Furcal went down plus one early-season game), the Dodgers have won 13 and lost 18.

That to me is the most important and telling stat of all. The D’s don’t do much winning with Trigger at the top of the order.

Thanks ML!!!

My son and I are off to rub my Russsell martin bobblehead for good luck…we are 2-0 since we started….Go Dodgers!!!

I wanted to watch Scully’s telecast but apparently MLB-TV has black out the game in my area.
I guess I’ll have to put up with the gamopees on ESPN.
It’s a good thing I’m not a gambling man because I’d lose a mint on the Dodgers. Who’d ever think they’d take two straight from the Cubs.
Let’s hope we can get another gem tonight. This time from Penny.

You’re welcome, e.
Thanks for the booblehead support, dodgerboy.

Our DNelly just saw a good one up in Oakland. Twelve-inning game culminating in a walk-off Grand Slam.
Shades of Finley.

Fat Penny at it again!

Russ is rocking that stache’.

Pierre does his job!! (for a change) and the PVLs combine for a run. We ought to be able to get to Marquis for a few. Let’s hope Penny can at least hold ’em to two or three.

Wow they let Penny pitch and get destroyed and they knew he was hurt. No wonder we signed Schmidt. It all makes sense now.

Seems like if the opposing pitcher throws strikes the Dodgers keep rolling over.

No spark tonight at all. Almost like they’re waiting for Penny to implode.

i think they’re all in a hurry to get home and watch the laker game

Looks like Penny is done. We hae to move loney over. kemp and dewitt are making this pitcher look like a hall of famer.

Looked good after Loney singled and Kemp hit that shot to left that just went foul.

Even in Australia it’s getting hard to watch this team day in and day out on MLB.TV when they play this way. The season stared with so much expectation and now all we get is inconsistencies. AND btw I too wonder why JP plays every day whilst others platoon.

Penny looked better in the 6th than at anyother time in this game, although it was the bottom of the order.

Jon Miller just called Pierre an excellent bunter… sigh… do some research

JP bunts the ball into the same place eveytime ..

Seems if the Dodgers see more than 2 pitchers during an AB
it’s a rare occasion. All Marquis is doing is lobbing it in there and they are rolling out.

Just keep hoping that Marquis makes some mistakes or tires a little maybe that will help.

joe morgan needs to shut up

Now we are into their bullpen.
The iron is hot.

Morgan sounds right to me.
Someone has to teach.

dude you ae right. Morgan neever has anything new or right to say about the dodgers

Well it was exciting, anything could’ve happened.

Sure got a lot of Cubs around.

I meant Cub Fans,

Jeff Kent is the leader of this team and he leads by example.

Pierre are you serious?

What Morgan meant was that the Dodgers have a good young team and are still learning and they must learn with experience and also follow the experienced.

I wonder what Kent’s batting average is when he’s green lighted 3-0. I have a feeling its mighty mighty low.

Of course Kent’s a veteran. God forbid Joe ignores the fact he is old and is a shadow of his former self. But I guess if you were good 5 years ago that means everything now.

You know you’re suffering from “Dodger Depression” when you expect them to fail with RISP.

The man didn’t come true but he’s still the leader of this team.
He has the years behind him and the rest must respect him.
Everybody is doing a good job, but we have a lot of guys that lack major league experience and the more they get the better they will get.

Why is Saito in AGAIN in a non save situation.

So much for Berroa…

The trouble is that this team was supposed to be a blend of the young and the vets. Martin/Loney/Kemp/Ethier maybe LaRoche getting their experience while Fercal/Kent/Jones with a little help from Nomar and JP could shoulder the load when the kids weren’t hitting and be the veteran leaders.

Unfortunately, NED put the vets together. Ferk took the reigns and was the true leader, but when he went down, there went the leadership. Kent’s worthless as anything but a griper, JP’s mommy kept calling, Nomar’s as fragile as crystal, and Andruw’s fat rear end was worse than worthless. Couple all that with Torre hellbent on trying to break the spirit of the young guys, and crappy starting pitching for much of the first 60 some games and the kids having to shoulder almost all the load, and we’re where we are today.

Not that I mind the kids playing – its what most all of us wanted, but we’ll have to accept that while talented, they have a lot to learn – they’re rather like AAAA players right now, They make rake a Zambrano one day and come back the next and can’t do a thing with a Marquis.

In time it’ll all come together.

Pierre is exactly right. We do have a very good young team that is still learning how to win. 5 guys in our lineup tonight are between the ages of 22 and 25. It will take time. As I said last night, buckle up. Sometimes, the ride will be bumpy.

kuo should pitch at least once a week. torre still hasn’t figured out how to use kuo effectively out of the pen, particularly when the dodgers aren’t playing the mets.

Same old story tonight. RISP.

Nice outings as usual by Park & Saito.
The bullpen is the strongest part of this team IMO.
The offense is still the weakest part IMO.

martin loney kemp come on

martin loney kemp come on

martin loney kemp come on

martin loney kemp come on


We have the thoroughbreds, they just need training to run the race.

Penny’s at least becomming a decent #5 starter these last couple outings.

Does anybody see any difference between Berroa and Hu?

Anyone out there that is not happy with a split in this series doesn’t know anything about the MLB.
San Diego, Detroit, Cincinati & Cleveland are having a tought time this season.
The Dodgers should take advantage of these teams, if not chalk it up to experience.

BTW, nice to see our resident PVL PH get in his swings (and misses) tonight. Veteran leadership brought to you by Nedco©.

No E. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!

How can you judge Berroa by one game.
Please give him a chance.

I for one never expected to win any games this weekend, that may be pessimistic but on the other hand many of you are looking at this team with rose colored glasses.
I have faith in them but right now they are not one of the contenders.
That is not to say they wont be before the season ends.

Nedco©, makers of 2007 – A Baseball Odyssey®. Look for the newest version in stores today: 2008 – Honey It Must Be The Kids®.

Coming soon, the epic tale of free agents gone wrong. Nedco© proudly presents Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones, Nomar Garciaparra, Esteban Loaiza, Brett Tomko, Mark Sweeney and Juan Pierre starring in TANKTANIC. Coming soon to a ballpark in San Diego.

Pierre…Berroa has been in the minors because he can’t even make it as a bench player on the Royals. We shouldn’t have even given him a shot. He’s only had 14 at bats in the majors since 2006.


HELP WANTED: Shortstop that can hit and field. Must have own glove and is willing to take inane instructions from doddering old man. Power a plus but not essential. PVLs welcome. Apply to human resources Nedco Industries.

NedCo©, a Roncho© subsidiary.

Fat, hurt, tired, or just in need of some cash? Call Ned Colletti GM.

My name is Andruw Jones and Ned Colletti got me $36.2 million dollars.

Don’t have the get up and go you used to? Does it just feel like your arm is going to fall off? You might be entitled to compensatory miscalculation. Let our expert medical staff headed by Stan Conte examine your injury to determine the appropriate diagnosis of your disconbobulation.

My name is Jason Schmidt and Ned Colletti got me $48 million dollars.

Just like the Statue of Liberty, Ned Colletti is that shining beacon to all the tired, poor and huddled masses of PVLs. Call direct. Call collect, but Call Today!!!

My name is Juan Pierre and Ned Colletti got me $44 million dollars.

Torre has devastated the team chemistry by his constantly changing lineups at the start of the season and his unfair treatment of the kids. This has created undue stress and pressure on the kids to perform or be benched. And when the team loses, the kids are blamed. Yet the veterans don’t have to perform to keep playing, and nobody blames them. Rather, excuses and rationale are provided for their failures. You cannot expect to have a winning team when this type of management philosophy prevails. But rather than face up to the real problems, it much easier to just trash the kids.


you only learn baseball from older players and getting playing time in the bigs. As if the last 20 years of these people daily lives mean nothing. As if you don’t know that your suppossed to run to 3b after 2b when your 19 and in AA.

Only veterans know how to hit with RISP. So much that while hearing Morgan talk about Kent’s freakish ability to be the only dodger to understand that Marmol throws breaking stuff, Blake DeWitts 3rd in MLB with RISP graphic came up and not even a mention. I guess Morgan didnt want to stop his momentum on the Kent lovefest.

Only veterans can lay off pitches and be selective or so Joe told me while Loney worked a walk to bring up the tying run….



.316 /.425 /.432 /.857 martin

.307 /.355/.460/.815 kemp

.299 /.359 /.443 /.802 ethier

.298 /.372/.444/.816 dewitt

.280/.331 /.418/.749 loney

.276 /.344/.313 /.657 pierre

.257/ .296 /.433 /.730 kent

Hey guys,
Just got in from Oakland a few minutes ago. I see we didn’t have such a great game. Thanks MLK – the game I saw ended pretty good with a walk-off grand slam by Mark Ellis – sweet!! (major fantasy points for that shot). It really stopped the Angels fans dead in their tracks watching that ball hit the foul pole and bounce in. I was wearing a combination of A’s and Dodgers attire, and out of all the fans there, the person sitting next to me had to be a gnat fan – incredible!! Neither won of us were too happy about that because all they kept talking about was Barry Bonds and the fact that the Red Sox might be interested in him. Then, of course, on the other side of Jill, was the idiot girl who knows absolutely nothing about baseball, and that really makes the well-versed-in-baseball-knowledge girls look bad.
Anyhow, you all have said what I would have said about our game. It sounds like by your comments, Jon Miller and Joe did their usually crappy job of announcing. I also see one of our village idiots was let out of his room once again-lol! Enchanted and jungar seemed to be on quite a roll today. MLK – nice job on stat duty today and jhall – I had a hot dog for you – a margarita for me 🙂
It looks like after tomorrow’s day off, the Dodgers are in for one hell of a road trip. Keep it up boys in blue – we are with you all the way 🙂

I know we haven’t had one from the Box Tops!

Gimme a ticket to a Dodger game.
Hope this season’s not gone down the drain.
Kids are playing well, smile is on my face,
‘Cause dnellie’s kids just wrote me a letter.

There’s a school teacher up in NoCal land,
dnelson’s her name and her plans are just grand.
Teaching Dodger baseball, Giants are just evil.
‘Cause dnellie’s kids just wrote me a letter.

Well, they wrote me a letter
Said, “Thank you dodgereric for your Dodger pics.”
Listen kids can’t you see I got to reward you
for your choices so far… anyway…..

Andre Ethier may be mighty cute,
But his arm and his bat is what’s really a beaut.
Dodgers are the best, the rest are just the rest,
‘Cause dnellie’s kids just wrote me a letter.

Well, in this cool letter
Were the greatest posters I’ve ever seen.
From Christine, Billy, Vivian, Anika and Evin,
Sabrina and Anthony—they are GREAT…

All these kids taking time to draw,
Touches me and tells me there’s hope for us all.
We’re goin’ all the way, the kids they gotta play
‘Cause dnellie’s kids just wrote me a letter.

THANK YOU FOR THE SONG!!! FABULOUS!!!! YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!! The kids really enjoyed doing that for you. I tell you Dodgereric, you, jhall, MLK and enchanted all became part of room 5’s hall of fame. I told jhall this earlier in the week, but they were aware that I was communicating with other Dodger fans throughout California and the country so I place Dodger blue pushpins where most of you are from. Then I taught them the James Loney song, and they took total ownership of the whole baseball thing happening in the classroom, and they were in awe that they are a start of something big. My head has been spinning thinking of how to improve on this next school year. I owe all this to a little boy who will be in 4th grade next year. When he was in my 1st grade class, he was a very active (very active) little boy, and I discovered that he loved baseball (the A’s and Eric Chavez). I took that information and ran with it, and he became the inspiration to all the things that I am currently doing. So, now, every time that opening day comes around, I give him a Opening Day packet and thank him for giving me this inspiration. THANK YOU – YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!

My wife was blown away by the posters. She’s one of those moms that cannot conceive of throwing away any little scrap of paper that our kids may have drawn a line on. Our garage is proof of that. They are 20 and 16, so there is a lot of evidence.

I thought a song was the proper way to say thanks. The problem was finding the right one to use. I know the school year is over, but I hope you tell them “thanks” for me next year. They’re obviously very special, and so are you. I know I remember my first grade teacher.

I, myself, was amazed on how much information they put on those posters. The only thing I spelled for them was your screen name, Dodgereric (which they love BTW). They found all the players’ names and spellings all by themselves. I had my next door neighbor teacher pick the top ones so it kind of became a contest. I tell you the best one for me was Vivian’s only because her parents are diehard giants/raiders fans. She knows alot about the rivalry that the giants and Dodgers have to the point that I have many different stacks of regular playing cards with team names on the back (Dodgers, Giants, Yankees, A’s, etc.), and if they get mixed up for any reason she says, “Those two cards can’t be together, the Dodgers and Giants don’t get along.” Plus, she was my newest addition and wasn’t part of the Opening Day Ceremonies. She caught onto the Dodgermania real fast. I was also impressed with all the LA logos that made it into the pictures, and I have to say, there was no question that they knew who my favorites were – They will never forget the name Andre Ethier – lol!! and probably James Loney, which I owe to Leefink and MLK. I have placed your original letter on the wall, and I will put the song next to it. They always come back to visit once they get settled into their 2nd grade class.

• Sarah’s Take: Power eludes Dodgers
I am not sure what to think about her article. I didn’t think Sarah was very helpful in promoting the youth movement.

pierreseastmeetswest–There was no Vin today, so we all had to live with Joe Morgan and Jon Miller.
Not to defend Joe Morgan, but he had a point, and so did Peter Gammons when talking about veteran leadership. Of course, the problem is with what they did not say, which is really damning to Ned (mostly).
Our young players like Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, DeWitt etc. are tremendously talented. At least Morgan (and of course Peter Gammons–who is like the anti-Ken Rosenthal) acknowledged that. What they also said is that the game at the big league level is different and harder than any other level that a young player has ever been in, and a team can make great use of credible veteran leaders to help the kids make the transition. I think that, at least in the abstract, everyone would agree.
Our young players, are largely being asked to be in leadership roles exceedingly early in thier career. Russell Martin has just over 2 years of big league service, and everyone here (and most people that follow the team) think that he should havea “C” put on his chest. Loney and Kemp are in their first full year in the big leagues and are the top 2 RBI guys, and are barely older then the people playing in the College World Series. And they aren’t doing this for Kansas City or Tampa Bay, but for a team that has more literature and history written about it than any other sports franchise in history (including the Yankees).
So, Morgan was right that we could use veterans to help lead the way for these guys. But, Morgan–after beating around the point, and by implication–admits that Jeff Kent can’t, and by the nature of his personality, doesn’t do this. While he “knows how to play the game”–and, more importantly, has produced reasonably well–he just never helps the young players out. He exploded in the press, but never to the kids. Morgan says he “leads by example”–which is a euphemism for playing well and keeping to youself.
And, frankly, that’s OK, because not everyone is a vocal guy or a clubhouse leader. Gammons pointed to the veteran leadership in Boston (he’s biased, yes, but not wrong). Players like Varitek take up that role, while players like Manny just produce and let Manny be Manny.
So while Gammons and Joe Morgan were right in saying that there is a need for veteran leadership, what they did not say is really an indictment of Ned–the Dodgers have zero veteran LEADERSHIP, and have not had any for the last year plus.
While we have signed a bunch of veterans, there are no leaders amongst them. The first step for a leader is to actually produce on the field. Other than Kent, our veteran signings have been a big bust. Nomar is done, Sweeney has done nothing, Schmidt has done nothing, Jones has done nothing. They have no credibility to tell guys who are playing MUCH better than them anything. Pierre, however you feel about him, has limited credibility. Even if you like him, you cannot deny that he is at best fighting for playing time. Last year, you had Gonzo who instead of being a veteran leader who stood aside and gave guidance to young guys who were taking over his place (think of Bill Russell, back when he was the “Dean of the Dodgers” as he transitioned from starting shortstop to back-up as his playing days ended, and he naturally transitioned to coach–same too with Steve Yeager, when Mike Scioscia was his back-up in 1980, but eventually became Scioscia’s back-up). Berroa is hardly a veteran leader–this is a guy who was a Rookie of the Year 5 years ago, and has flamed out so badly that he has been in the minors for the last couple of years.
Penny and Lowe might have more success about being leaders amongst the pitching staff, though Lowe seems unfocused, and Penny is not doing well (though, all told, tonight was a quality start for him). But no one seems to think there is a problem with the pitching staff (I would say it’s because Bills has established himself as the best starter, but whomever you would argue the best hitter on the team is, he’s 26 or younger).
So, when people talk about the Dodgers and need for veteran leadership, it’s really quite damning to Ned, since despite signing a bunch of high-priced vets, he’s not only signed guys who are underperforming (to be charitable), but has failed to provide any of the veteran leadership that we supposedly need.
The 2006 team actually had leadership. Nomar was brought in for that role and actually produced. We had Greg Maddux the last two months. But in the last 2 years, Ned has brought in a series of proven veteran leaders that have just not been capable of being leaders–either because they have no crediblity because they don’t produce, or in Kent’s case because they simply are not leaders in that sense.
The solution, of course, is not to bash the kids or go make panic moves. It’s really two-fold. First, the long-term solution is that the kids are just going to have to grow up on their own. They have to (and are) developing leadership (with Russell Martin leading the way on that). If that puts more pressure on Joe Torre and the coaching staff, then so be it. The whole flaming point of having a Hall of Fame-bound championship winning manager is so that he can manage the freaking team. No one remembers the manager of the 1927 Yankees because those players were so good, they could have won without a manager. On the other hand, Tommy Lasorda was a great manager because despite frequent strategic blunders, he was able to get the best out of players, and particularly his young players (managing 9 Rookies of the Year in his 20 years at the helm). And if Torre needs some freakin’ help, then he’s got a third-base coach that’s a respected former manager and a special assignment hitting instructor who is supposedly regarded (by Yankees fans, at least) as a HOF-caliber player and a classic veteran leader/team captain. If they can’t get it done, then we might as well have Jim Tracy or Grady Little, because they are totally useless.
Now, the one exception to all of this is what brings us back to the biggest missing piece of the Dodgers puzzle–Rafael Furcal. Furcal came over as a proven veteran, and when healthy, has produced tremendously well (and, even when not 100% last year, did well). He’s also a big clubhouse presence, as everyone from Joe Torre to Russ Martin acknowledges.
What’s more, of course, is that Furcal is a big part of actually wiining games on the field. His defense is fantastic–better, at this point, then even Hu. And the shortstop position went from our biggest producer on the team to our worst-producing position on the team. Our lead-off hitter went from a .360 batting average with power to .275 with no power. And winning, more than anything, breeds chemistry. The 1977-78 Yankees had zero chemistry, but won back-to-back world championships. The A’s of the early 70’s had less chemistry and more success. But as long as they were winning, no one was complaining. And when the Dodgers went on a tear at the end of April, when we were 5 games over .500 and Matt Kemp was named NL Player of the Week, all the issues about the kids’ inexperience were relegated to the archives.
I am a bit rambling tonight, so I’ll summarize:
1) Ned has failed to give the team veteran leadership, because the vets he has signed have been busts or unwilling to lead;
2) The kids should not be blamed, since they are the best players on the team, doing their best, and learning without all that vaunted veteran leadership, and given time–either this year or next–are going to be great;
3) The high-profile coaching staff is supposed to be able to guide them, and if they can’t, they are just taking up space on the planet;
4) Rafael Furcal is critical to fill both the leadership void and the offensive void on the team–if he does not come back soon, we’re screwed.
Godo Night, and Good LucK!

Fresh relievers will be in demand for pennant races – 33 minutes ago
… on-base/slugging percentages over .800 and third baseman Blake DeWitt, right fielder Andre Ethier and first baseman James Loney are not far behind. …
Here we go again…..
Growing pains continue in L.A.
On the surface, the Dodgers’ young position players appear to be doing fine: Catcher Russell Martin and center fielder Matt Kemp both boast on-base/slugging percentages over .800 and third baseman Blake DeWitt, right fielder Andre Ethier and first baseman James Loney are not far behind.

Team officials, however, are growing frustrated with the inability of the youngsters to react properly to game situations. DeWitt shows a knack for making adjustments, but Kemp, in particular, can look brilliant one moment, awful the next. Even the highly regarded Martin is “flattening out,” one club official says.

Martin’s game-calling came under scrutiny when the Cubs’ Kosuke Fukudome hit a go-ahead single off Takashi Saito on Thursday after smacking a home run off Chad Billingsley earlier in the game. The next night, Kemp failed to grasp that Cubs lefty Scott Eyre was trying to pitch around him to get to the left-handed DeWitt — and struck out to end a first-and-third threat.

The Dodgers clearly miss injured shortstop Rafael Furcal and even center fielder Andruw Jones, who — as poorly as he was hitting — at least provided veteran presence in the lineup. But it will be interesting to see how they handle the young players, who also have been criticized for carrying themselves with a sense of entitlement.

None of the young regulars is playing poorly enough to merit a demotion, even though making an example of one might jolt the others. A trade would be another form of shakeup, but to this point the Dodgers have been extremely reluctant to tinker with their young core
Please leave the young players alone!!!!!

It should be getting easier for Dodgers, but it isn’t
Los Angeles Times, CA – 1 hour ago
Andre Ethier, hitless in three at-bats Sunday, said the team is “figuring things out here. . . . Things like this will make this team better. …
as the saying goes ” and the beat goes on…..”
Here’s a portion of the article mentioned above – my computer hasn’t been allowing me to just post the link
Getting good pitching and insufficient hitting “has been pretty much our calling card,” Torre said.

He added the Dodgers are “certainly better offensively than we’ve been showing,” but we’ll have to take his word for that now.

“I think we need to make sure we have the patience to take an at-bat one at a time,” he said. “I think frustration sets in, not that that’s an excuse. It can’t be. We have to go out and play the game and give ourselves a chance to be successful.”

The affliction isn’t exclusive to the young. “I think it’s overall now. We’re getting frustrated. We’re not having as quality at-bat as we’re capable, young or old or whatever,” Torre said.

Individually and collectively, they seem to be looking for something to happen. If they don’t make it happen, another year will go by with hopes falling and ticket prices rising.

“We’re waiting for us to become consistent at what we do and it’s not just rallying for five runs late in the game. It’s how you play the entire game,” Colletti said.

“It’s tough to measure against a guy like [Carlos] Zambrano, who’s one of the best in the game. But you look back, take the at-bats early in [Saturday’s] game, they weren’t good at-bats. You say, is there a thought process? And that’s got to get better.

“It’s part of the process of having young players, especially as many as we do. It’s incumbent upon myself, it’s incumbent upon Joe, it’s incumbent upon the coaching staff to continue to implore them to be as good as they can be and to take every at-bat seriously.”

Some players have leaped past the young/old divide. Russell Martin quickly lost the “kid” tag, not that he had it long. Chad Billingsley is developing nicely.

The only divide left is between unproductive and even less productive. After 63 games, no excuses apply anymore. Those who don’t learn and improve will be gone — and if they don’t move forward, Colletti could be gone too.

Asked whether his frustration over the long development process would make him more — or less — inclined to trade a youngster, he paused.

“I think it’s early yet to say that, but it’s something that I’m not against doing,” he said. “If we get to the point where we can definitively improve ourselves, we’ll do it. If it means a young player or two young players, it’ll happen. At the same time I can’t be rushing to judgment on them or using frustration as my guide, because you can easily get frustrated by watching.”

Andre Ethier, hitless in three at-bats Sunday, said the team is “figuring things out here. . . . Things like this will make this team better. Facing the adversity we’re facing right now, we have a better chance of being a better team at the end of the season.”

He expected today’s bus ride to San Diego would be tough. In that respect, it would be like the Dodgers’ season — long, tedious and headed somewhere they don’t particularly want to go.

Helene Elliott can be reached at To read previous columns by Elliott, go to
I am really starting to feel for our young players. I hope they aren’t reading all this and wondering “what else do I have to do to prove my

Dnelson–I saw your post, and looked at the page. It is just the re-hash of the execrable Ken Rosenthal’s comments from Saturday’s games. But I love looking at the journalism (yellow, or any other kind) and the quality of sourcing.
For instance, everyone knows that Kemp can look brilliant at one moment and awful the next. That’s frustrating–to me, you, and I am sure the Dodgers managment. Rosenthal, however, exists only to stir things up, so ignores the fact that he leads the team in slugging and RBI, and is second in batting average.
The quote from one unnamed club official about Martin contains one word–that he is “flattening” out. So what does “flattening” mean. Since Martin’s average has jumped in the last month and he is now the 10th leading hitter in the league (and the tops on the team), no one can mean going down by “flattening.” It could mean “plateauing” (defined as to reach a level, period, or condition of stability or maximum attainment ). But, since Rosenthal is such a pathetic excuse for a journalist, by using the one word, he can completely misrepresent what the club official says, and make it seem like a knock on Russell, rather than a probable compliment.
And note that there is absolutely no sourcing to Rosenthal’s last paragraph. That’s not surprising. At all. If there were any serious talk of trading or demoting any of the young players, that would have certainly been picked up by the numerous print journalists that cover the team on a daily basis (Tony Jackson of the Daily News, Diamund Leung of the Press-Enterprise, and Dylan Hernandez of a little outfit called the Los Angeles Times–just to name a few), not to mention the countless local radio and television reporters that also have daily access to the clubhouse, management, and players, or the guys who do the pre-game and post-game on Channel 9, FSN Prime Ticket, and the Dodger Radio Network. In other words, if Ken Rosenthal had any basis for this belief, he would have, in 3 das in LA, scooped dozens of real journalists who have regular access to these contacts. This is kind of like the odds that the Latvian Times will be the first ones to break the story about who Barack Obama chooses as his running mate, instead of, for intance, MSNBC.
The point, of course, is that Rosenthal, as usual has no source, or basis for his alleged pathetic excuse for “reporting,” other than knowing that, hey, sending someone down or trading someone would certainly be a jolt. I may have just pulled that out of my a** (or, as someone so elequently put yesterday, out of my “Ken Rosenthal”), but I’ll write that.
As I said yesterday, anything he reports, you should bet on the opposite. He’s that bad. Probably worse.

Denlson–thatnks for pointing out Helen Elliot’s column. I think that provides a stark contrast in style, substance, and message, to the moron Ken Rosenthal.
The upshot–the Dodgers are struggling. But she quotes, extensively, from the top baseball people–Ned and Joe. And, rather than pulling some stupid idea out of her “Ken Rosnthal,” she actually asks the guy in charge as to whether he will trade the kids. To Ned’s credit, he says the same thing he’s been saying since the trade deadline last year–it’s too soon to do that with a lot of guys, and he would only make a trade if we can definitely improve ourselves (and, while I am a little concerned about Ned’s definition of what that would mean, I am pretty convinced that you don’t improve your team by trading away your any of your 5 best hitters).
But the best quote is from Jojo:
“I think it’s overall now. We’re getting frustrated. We’re not having as quality at-bat as we’re capable, young or old or whatever.”
In other words, its not a young vs. old problem, it’s a team problem. And the words from the management are 180 degrees opposite of the words from Ken Rosenthal.

leefink, Thanks for the clarification! I don’t know much about the reporting down in so-cal, but I am certainly learning who to trust. 🙂
I am watching the replay of tonight’s game, and it just doesn’t seem right for Jon Miller to be an announcer for a Dodger game when we are the home team. lol!

I just sent a letter to the Times. Since they probably won’t print it, here it is:

“Helene Elliott’s article about the young Dodgers and their “problems” is another in a line of misleading writings in the media, whether in print or over-the-air. No one ever mentions that it is the veterans who are letting the team down, not the kids. Not one of them is performing to standards even when they are able to play. The one exception is Furcal, but he’s missed 30+ games and counting.

The kids are just fine. Of course they are going to make mistakes. They are leading the team in almost every category except wasted salary and games lost to injury.

I would just love someone to admit that for once and just let them play without the endless criticizing.”

eric – thanks for trying 🙂
leefink – Those statements from Joe did stick out to me also, and hopefully that will lead to some changes in lineups, play time, etc. Maybe that will shake things up
I know most of you said this during the game, but Jon and Joe are annoying as h*ll, but why should I be surprised. I have to listen to Miller everyday when my husband watches the gnats play.

Blog quote of the night: ” … Torre hellbent on trying to break the spirit of the young guys …” –enchanted sunset.
The more I hear Ned and Joe blame the kids and the useless minions in the lazy press repeat their blame the kids mantra, the madder I am becoming.
If ANY of our core kids gets traded by that mustached moron from mid-California, I WILL, repeat WILL boycott the rest of the regular season. I don’t think I’ll need to worry about the postseason if this team doesn’t have and play every one of those guys. In addition I will send an individually addressed snail mail letter to someone in ownership or management EVERY SINGLE DAY for the remainder of the season expressing my disappointment and announcing my boycott.
By “core kids” I mean the following:
The absolute only way I would considering spending even a single penny on Dodger tickets or merchandise is if the core members of this board voted that the trade was a good one (an extremely unlikely scenario so long as Colletti is involved).
By “core members of this board” I mean the following:

Oh heck, I’ll just take a vote of whoever is around at the time I hope never comes to pass.
I apologize if I missed your name. With extremely limited exceptions, it was an oversight. I left a “j” up there because I feel like I accidentally omitted somebody who starts with that letter. I realize that some poster(s) may have been listed twice under different names. If so, please identify yourself. I’m trying to keep track of who’s who.
Attempting to list all the “core members” of the board gave me renewed appreciation for this amazing Dodger Blue community. Thank you all for your passion, insight, intelligence, creativity, and friendship.
P.S. Ned, you leave those kids alone.
P.P.S. That last line sparked an idea for a song based on Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, but I’m too tired to do anything with it. If anybody wants to run with the idea feel free. My initial thought is “Hey, (you chose from Ned , Joe, or other), leave those kids alone.”

MLK – very impressive and talented list of people are have the utmost respect for – Wow! it’s great to see all those names in print. The “J” you are missing is jnv828 (A blogger from the Sacramento area). I believe the baseball team that he coaches is in the playoffs (hasn’t been on in a few days). Also, I believe Kahli/kpookie are the same person and oldfogey/westernmost are the same person, but I will let them speak for themselves.
As for a pink floyd song – that wasn’t the song I was working on, but it does have very good potential.
BTW – thanks for the well wishes while I was at the A’s/Angels game – the walk off grand slam was pretty sweet, and Mark Ellis happens to be my friend’s favorite A’s player. She’s was a photographer in her former life before becoming a teacher and got some awesome pictures. I can just imagine what kind of pictures she will get when I get to treat her to Dodger Stadium in July – She’s never been.

totally messed up that first line. What I meant to say is …”list of people that I have the utmost respect for”… Being a teacher, I really hate when I do that!!!

Thanks for that long list of our Dodger rooter bloggers. I feel like I know all of you, and it really makes the season, good, bad, or indifferent, to communicate with so many impassioned true blue people on this forum. Our frustration level gets high so often this year, and I hope we’re all in for better days ahead, as long as the powers to be don’t give up on the youngsters. Surely, Colorado and Arizona must have felt this way at times in the past few years. I just hope that JoJo and Ned stay the course for all my misgivings about them.

What would be nice would be to associate all of our names with where you’re from – I do know many of them from your previous mention, but maybe the next time you post you can put your city and state location in parenthesis. As for my part, I’m now in Wenatchee, WA, although I grew up for the most part in NJ when I became a Dodger fan all too many years ago.

Thanks dnel for putting me on your board! Las Cruces. Home of, home of… well its hot here anyway. Really though, wish I’d had teachers like you in grade school.

Thanks MLK too!

Great song eric!!

Awesome post leek. Exactly why we are where we are – no veteran leadership. That all falls back onto one person if you know whom I mean, and I think you do. If Ned decides to trade one or more of the kids, does anyone trust him to get anything for them? I wouldn’t trust him to make me a ham sandwich – probably would use stale bread and moldy cheese (kinda like his PVLs.) JoJo doesn’t deserve any accolades either for the “job” he’s doing. Little letting the kids be kids got much more out of them than what the so-called HOF manager does. We’ve had bad management from top on down since Frank took over, but this year its like the planets from hell lined up. Perhaps I should start referring to Ned and Joe as the Anti-GM and Anti-Manager. I’d say they had 666 on the backs of their heads, but neither of these two could manage .666 anything.

Dnel you do not sleep….it has been frustrating and it is easy to put the blame on the kids….I think the whole team needs to look in the mirror. The encouraging part is the pitching has turned the corner and with some timely hitting we would be up with the Dbacks…Do not give up on the kids.

As for Martin flatlining or whatever the comment was….He is the heart and soul of this team. His energy and desire, if we could bottle it would make us all millionaires…Leave Russell alone and Ned if you are smart buy out his first years of FA.

Kemp is an enigma, he has seemed to transgress to two years ago. Last year he did not strike out much, but this year he is at an alarming rate. If I were pitching against him he would not see a fastball…sliders and curves down and outside…He has to make an adjustment and he will…All that being said, he does lead the team in RBI and the ball explodes off his bat.

We have a soft part of the schedule based on WL so hopefully we can take advantage…..

Go Dodgers and get Clayton his 1st victory!!!

I would like to 2nd Messagebear, in what a privilege it has been to be able to talk Dodger baseball with all of you. We may not always agree but we all LOVE THE DODGERS!!!!!

I grew up in Delaware and was brainwashed by my dad…I now live in Southern Md, 30 miles south of DC.

Good Morning, Boys and Girls!!
Here is my morning music (I think this will become my thing morning music – I think better in the morning)
Song: Stand By Me – Stand by KLEMD (Kemp,Loney,Ethier,Martin,DeWitt)
When the game is done
And the boys played hard
And the bad is the only lines we read
No we won’t be ashamed, no we won’t be ashamed
Just as long as we stand, stand by KLEMD
And come on, come on, stand by KLEMD, Joe now now stand by KLEMD
Stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD
If the youth the we look upon
Should stumble and fall
Then the writers should really let them be
We won’t pry, we won’t pry, no, we won’t fret this year
Just as long as we stand, stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD
And come on, come on stand by KLEMD, Joe,stand by KLEMD
Stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD, yeah
Whenever they’re playing, wont’ you stand by KLEMD, Joe, now now stand by KLEMD
Joe stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD
Come on, Come on stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD
Joe, stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD, stand by KLEMD

messagebear – it really is great to be part of MLK’s list. What a great group that is 🙂 I am from Merced, CA (central valley, about 4 hours north of Dodger Stadium). I grew up here, but I have lived in Sacramento, LasVegas and Memphis, along with some other nor-cal cities.
Dodgerboy – I do sleep, but I am a night owl. I like late night dramas/movies/ESPN, listen to music and obviously read articles about our beloved Dodgers. Plus, when on summer vacation, I tend to stay up later because I don’t have to get up for school the next morning.

From the last thread:
sara – thanks for the affirmation to still be a girl – lol!! It’s really hard not to pay attention to.
MLK – I have read the other blogs and know what you are saying (funny stuff), and yes, I always read at home first before deciding if I can read at school. I used to read DodgerThoughts a lot, but not as much anymore, and I also like to read Sons of Steve Garvey (funny stuff, too at times), but this is the only one I post on (well, I have posted on Dining with Dre and probably will continue to do so, but not like I do here). This really is the best one. It’s a great combination of fun and serious, and everyone is respected for their opinions.

mlk, I sincerely hope you have offended the CRIA (Cranial-Rectal Inversion Association) members who occasionally grace us with their presence by omitting them from your list.

I am also honored to me mentioned in the list and absolutely love talking with all of you. I was born in Fargo, ND. Grew up in West Covina, CA, lived in Fullerton and San Dimas and now live in Temecula, CA.

sigh……….”honored to BE mentioned………” I really do need to proof read.

Please Frank, fire Ned.

I too feel proud to be on that fine list of bloggers, even though I may not post as often as some of our founding members like dnel, jhall, enchanted, mlk, etc. It’s great to be a part of this group.

Eric – still in awe over the song 🙂 CRIA – hilarious!!!
jungar straight to the point as always – thanks!!

I am not even close to being a founding member. It’s just too much fun not to be a part of – thanks for the compliment, though 🙂

“I think it’s overall now. We’re getting frustrated. We’re not having as quality at-bat as we’re capable, young or old or whatever,” Torre said.

“It’s part of the process of having young players, especially as many as we do. It’s incumbent upon myself, it’s incumbent upon Joe, it’s incumbent upon the coaching staff to continue to implore them to be as good as they can be and to take every at-bat seriously.”

As serious as Kent takes his .252 batting average and .295 OBP?
As seriously as JP takes his .248 avg and .307 at leadoff?
As serious as Jones took his conditioning? Or Loazia? Or Nomar or now soon, Berrora?

if Kemp and his .300+ avg and .349 OBP would just take his at bats as seriously as Jeff Kent and his .251 avg and .291 OBP things would be way better.

martinloneykemp, it’s an honor to make your “core member board of directors.” And yes, I am kahliforni, but we won’t revisit THAT still unsolved nightmare.

I, too, will be disappointed if the kiddie corp is disrupted, mainly because most of us in here have been waiting so long for any semblance of a championship team. So why hurry now? Let the kids develop…and quit banging on Kemp. Why is it always Kemp? Besides, free agency has never helped this team, Kirk Gibson being the one lone exception. Campanis was the master GM in my Dodger life, but since his debacle on Nightline (effectively ending his reign) not one Dodger GM has really scored points…not with me, anyway. So we keep all the kids, watch them for 3-5 years, and hope they mature. And if they all tank? So what? At least there won’t be any “what ifs” to haunt us. Like I said, 20 years and counting, so let’s relax. Besides, this current Dodger roster is not “one player away” from anything.



You’re right about our free agent history, kahli. Remember my horribly-long list from a couple weeks ago? And Kemp does seem to be the lightning rod, but Ethier and Loney have had their share, too. And now, some cowardly, unnamed clown has the audacity (I’m using big words to confuse the CRIA) to come down on The Captain.

And free agency isn’t the only failure of the front office. There haven’t been too many trades that have worked out for us recently either. Perhaps I’ll look into researching that tonight after I’m done with my NASCAR fantasy league report.


Thank you, brother Mike!

Nice song this morning, dnel! I know the song came first, but it always reminds me of one of my favorite movies.

And thank you, sister nell!

I was watching the movie “Stand by Me” last night. One of my favorites and thinking about what has happened to some of those actors now – some great/some tragic 🙂

Between Jungar, MLK, and Dodgereric, we definitely have our stats covered (not that I’m implying that the rest of us don’t delve into the statistics of our beloved Dodgers, but those three do seem to do it most often).

lol u guys are funny. no Amen’s needed. If ned and company want to trade our kids for championships then cool…i just want to win..But thats not gonna happen either. I just want to be winning and making the playoff each year. My feeling is the kids are the best way to build that team but if there is another way thats fine. I just don’t like the double standard.

Ethier enjoys his new status
Los Angeles Times, CA – 9 hours ago
By Dylan Hernandez, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Andre Ethier said he is enjoying playing every day for the first time in his major league career, …
Loney’s mood pleasing Dodgers Long Beach Press-Telegram
This is more like what we want to hear. Andre is such a class act, and he deserves to be “everyday dre.” 🙂
I guess I am still wondering how he lost his job to Pierre before Furcal went on DL.
Ethier enjoys his new status
Outfielder is happy to be a starter for the first time in his major league career.
By Dylan Hernandez, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 9, 2008
Andre Ethier said he is enjoying playing every day for the first time in his major league career, even if this isn’t the way he wanted it to happen.

“The circumstances are unfortunate,” Ethier said of Andruw Jones’ injury, which gave him the starting job. “We’d like for this team to be whole and have all of weapons. But it’s a situation where I’m getting the at-bats and I’m just going out there trying to prove that I can handle it and perform.”

On Sunday, Ethier started for the 23rd time in the Dodgers’ last 27 games. He began the game having hit safely in 11 of his previous 12 games and was batting .299 on the season with five home runs and 22 runs batted in.

“He’s a natural .300 hitter,” Manager Joe Torre said.

Ethier admitted that competing for playing time with Juan Pierre, Matt Kemp and Jones might’ve helped him.

“You’ve got to fight for your opportunity to play out there,” he said. “We all knew what was going on before spring training started. We knew what situation we were in. We prepared ourselves with that.”

Torre said he thinks the trouble Ethier has had hitting left-handers in recent weeks will go away.

Ethier started the season as a career .309 hitter against left-handers, but he is hitting .159 against them this season, prompting Torre to sit him when the Dodgers faced Jeff Francis of Colorado and Johan Santana of New York.

Kuroda lets go

Hiroki Kuroda said he remains uncertain how his arm will hold up over an entire season pitching every five days. In Japan, he pitched every six days.

“It’s stressful,” Kuroda said of his new schedule.

Kuroda said his fear of fading at the end of the season prevented him from delivering every pitch with everything he had until Friday, when he pitched the Dodgers’ first complete-game shutout in three seasons.

“I’m thinking it’s better for me not to think ahead,” Kuroda said.

Jones recovering quickly

Jones is less than two weeks removed from arthroscopic knee surgery, but has already started hitting in batting cages.

“I feel like I can run, but they don’t want me to run yet,” Jones said.

Jones said he would travel with the Dodgers on their upcoming trip to San Diego, where he would start running and taking batting practice Tuesday.

Jones, who underwent surgery on May 27, wasn’t expected to start baseball activities until a week later.

Jason Schmidt and backup catcher Gary Bennett, who are on the disabled list, could also travel to San Diego to work out.

LaRoche is OK

Infielder Andy LaRoche, who is said by Torre to be close to being called up from triple-A Las Vegas, was taken out of a game on Saturday after he was hit by a pitch on the middle finger of his right hand.

X-rays were negative and LaRoche played Sunday, going two for three.

Elbert is back

Left-hander Scott Elbert, the Dodgers’ top pick in the 2004 draft, pitched 2 2/3 innings in two relief appearances for double-A Jacksonville last week.

The games were the first for Elbert since he underwent shoulder surgery last season.

Assistant General Manager De Jon Watson said that Elbert’s fastball is back in the 88-92-mph range and that the plan is to ease Elbert back into a starting role.

Good morning true believers. Super song Eric. That is so cool that you got a letter and posters/drawings from Nelly’s class. Very neat.
ML, thanks for putting together the ITD core list and I greatly appreciate being included on it. It is a pleasure and privilege to interact with this group. Many thanks to the Dodgers and Josh for giving us this forum.
And again, Nelly, I am honored to be the push pin in Columbus, Ohio on your board. The work you do is greatly appreciated (maybe not by some local G’nats, LOL) and awesome.

MLK, you forgot me on your list =). Does anyone have a link to a video of the dodgers hitting those 4 homers in one game vs. San Diego in 06. Thanks.

Great song Nelly. Stand by the kids JoJo.

Amen Jungar. Let JoJo see the light.

Coming this summer from NedCo© Pictures, an epic drama following in the tradition of Irwin Allen… a disaster three years in the making that’ll make Towering Inferno© seem like a tea candle…

Starring Andruw Jones as Shelley Winters as the overweight neurotic centerfielder, “I’m homesick, no no wait, I have allergies, no no OW my knee…”

Ned Colletti as Red pushing the Buttons and annoying the hell out of everyone.

Logan White as Gene Hackman as the heretic preacher trying to lead the survivors into the light.

Jeff Kent as Ernest batting twofortynine.

Juan Pierre as Jack Albertson, too weak be of much help.

Joe Torre as the young boy who thought he knew everything.

And a cast of extras that reads like a who’s who of PVLs.

Watch the summer explode when a tidal wave of youth turns their world upside down. Who will see the morning after in THE COLLETTI ADVENTURE.

Rated GN for going nowhere.

jhall -If messagebear (or whoever takes charge of locations of this group) then all of you could be Dodger Blue pushpins -lol! That would be very cool to see – a great visual from a teacher perspective. Just having the few up there showed my students that you don’t have to live in LA to be a Dodger fan and it applied to any team they liked. Unfortunately there are a couple Colorado fans and a few Boston fans, but they were always respectful of others opinions and I think that was one of their biggest lessons. We had the same discussions during football season because the class was all over the map when it came to their favorite football teams. When eric sent the letter with the pictures, it confirmed from someone other than me that their opinion counts (at least in the classroom). Eric’s letter made them realize they can have their favorite teams as long as they are true to those teams. Also, we need more girls interested in the knowledge of sports. I want to see more girls like sara, emma and I who also care about teams enough to do research on the players, etc.
Gotta go to the bank – here we go jhall – my husband’s venture about to unfold. Check in with you all later. 🙂

Holy Cow, LMFAO!!! With Neddy it’s a misadventure. LOL!!

Great message for the kids Nelly and good luck with your business venture.

Thanks, everybody. I’m trying to keep tabs on everyone’s whereabouts, and I’ll post that list in a couple of days after I’ve accumulated as many of you as possible on my list.

Sorry about that swood. You are clearly not one of the select few I intentionally failed to mention.
Thanks for the article, DNelly.
I’ve spent the vast majority of my life in Orange County. You can put my pin in Irvine right now.
But I’ve just recently “brainwashed” two Ecuadorean kids who live here now, but will probably return to Azogues, Ecuador some day. So if you want to pin that town too, well, that’s your call. BTW, it’s near the much larger city of Cuenca.
Back to study for me.

Oh, yeah. Love the “Stand by KLEMD” song. I feel verKLEMD.

Runs, Runs, Runs©

Well we got a G’nat GM.
And he signed alot of vets we can’t stand now.
Seems he forgot all about the young kids.
Wants to play the old men now.
And with the team collapsing.
Signs fading players just as fast as he can now.
We’ll score more runs, runs, runs.
When Frank makes Ned go away.
(Runs, runs, runs when they let the kids play).

Well the bloggers can’t stand him.
Cause his talk, trades, and signings are a disgrace now.
(You are a disgrace now, you are a disgrace)
He makes our NL West chances look like a 4th place now.
(It looks like 4th place now, it looks like 4th place).
With old vets signed to lead us.
We’re struggling in the NL West chase now.
(They are a disgrace now, they are a disgrace).
Play the young guns, guns, guns.
And Frank make Ned go away.
(Joe , Joe, Joe play the kids everyday).

Well we knew all along.
That Ned really didn’t have the tools now.
(He is a buffoon now, he is a buffoon).
And since he took our fine young team.
They’ve been tanking with the vets that are through now.
(Should’ve never been hired now, should’ve never been hired).
But he can let the kids be.
Cause they got a lotta potential we can see now.
(He should get fired now, he should get fired).
And we can make a run, run, run.
When Frank makes Ned go away.
Just can his buns, buns, buns now.
And Joe play the kids everyday.

More fun, fun, fun now that Frank made Ned go away.
Fun, fun now play the kids everyday.
Fun, fun now watching the young guns play.
Fun, fun now play the kids everyday.
Fun, fun now watching the yound guns play.


You guys we should start a facebook page for yourself…I just created a group called inside the dodgers on my facebook profile…so here check mine, u should see it under “groups”create your own profile and join the inside the dodgers group and we can really have alot of fun adding pics, videos, comments etc…plus we can get to know each other a little outside the dodgers. You all probbably think I walk around town with a shirt on each day that says, god save me from watching Juan Pierre play daily, but in fact I don’t. Not a bad idea though…

Another Frank and Ned duet to You Don’t Bring Me Flowers:

(Frank:) You don’t bring me pitchers, you don’t bring me power
(Ned:) You hardly talk to me anymore, when I come to your office at the end of the day.
(Frank:) I remember when I used to have some money, then you went and spent it, now watching these PVLs late at night…
(Ned:) Well they used to be good, Frank, and you’re payin’ alright
(Frank:) Well they just roll over and play dead at night, and the Ds aren’t winning pennants anymore
(Ned:) Druw used to be a natural.
(Frank:) He used to be…
(Ned:) We’re payin’ Pierre forever.
(Frank:) Shi…….
(Ned:) But used-to-bes don’t hit anymore, they just sit on the bench till we DL them away
(Frank:) And Neddy I remember all the FAs you bought me
(Ned:) I just twirled my mustache and fans learned how to cry
(Frank:) Well, I learned about PR and I learned Joe’s a lie
(Ned) So I think you could learn to kiss Joe goodbye
(Frank:) So you think I could learn how to kiss Joe goodbye, he won’t bring us pennants any more
(Both:) Well, you think we should give the kids all a try?
(Ned:) ‘Cause I don’t bring you pitchers
(Frank:) You don’t bring me power
(Both:) The Dodgers don’t win pennants anymore.

LOL E!!! Good one.

Sad but funny.

Its a melancholy tune about a dimwitted GM and an apatheric owner who are clearly overmatched in their field.

Very sad…but very funny!

Of course that should be apathetic, but my eyes are so misty I typo’d it.

You can put my pin in Los Angeles. 🙂

I had to pitch in finally with a modest contribution based on one of the really old favorites – most of you may not even know “Home, home on the range…”. Sadly, I do.

I long for the day when Ned goes away,
and only the good young guys play.
Then seldom is heard a discouraging word,
and Frank can be smiling all day.

Go, go Dodger Blue.
We hear cheers of victory!
Been twenty plus years of PVL tears,
but the skies are cloudy Nomore.

Bear joins the even darker side!! Good one. Sadly, I also know Happy Trails To You.

jhall and enchanted – LMAO!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! and just for the record next year’s program is songs about summer, the beach and the Beach Boys – lol!!! BTW – jhall working on getting pictures sent.
messagebear – thanks for taking on task of location.
jungar – I have facebook account, but I haven’t been on in ages (spending too much time on here – lol, but I will work on it.
MLK, perumike and messagebear – you are officially a Dodger Blue pushpin – lol!! MLK (you are already on there for so-cal, but I will add a push pin on the world map for you also)

thanks for remembering me!! LOL
Yes my sons team was in the playoffs and we made it to the final 4 teams and the kids played AWESOME, we lost on Saturday to a really good team but I think the kids had fun and learned alot!! We still have next year!!

Bravo Bear!!!

How’d it go at the bank Nelly?

Well in that case dnel, here’s one for Mark Sweeney:

Hittin line’s at .109
Hittin line’s at .109
At 1-0-9

Well I swing at sliders and I swing at curves
(hittin’ me hittin’ me .109)
From my bat the ball just seems to swerve
(hittin’ me hittin’ me .109)
To take a walk I really haven’t got the nerve

Hittin’ me hittin’ me hittin’ me .109
Hittin’ me .109, hittin’ me .109
Hittin’ me .109
Pinch hitting nothing
Knockin’ in no one with my .109, .109

Oooo Give it up
Oooo Give it up
Oooo Give it up
Oooo Give it up

When I come up to the plate the sun don’t shine
(hittin’ me hittin’ me .109)
When Torre calls my name the bloggers whine
(hittin’ me hittin’ me .109)
My no speed, slow bat, P-V-L .109

Hittin’ me hittin’ me hittin’ me .109
Hittin’ me .109, hittin’ me .109
Hittin’ me .109
Pinch hitting nothing
Knockin’ in no one with my .109, .109


Bitchin’ E!!!

Boss too!

To respond to your earlier post about boycotting….
I said earlier in the season that I was not going to spend any of my hard earned money on the Dodgers as long as Slappy was playing ahead of Ethier or Kemp and I have kept true to my word, I even cancelled a trip to Dodger stadium (I live in NorCal). I hated to do it, but I can’t see spending my money on a product I feel is not the best possible product they can put on the field. So I am with you!

Just to clarify my maps. I have a baseball wall that has a United States map and it has all the MLB teams marked with the address of their park – that’s where the pushpins are going for now. I have another wall that has a world map, North America map, United States map and a California map. I use that one for a geography unit using a character called Flat Stanley (also a very fun project, one in which you can become involved in next year if you wish). I took the Flat Stanley wall down because I am relocating it to a bigger wall, but the MLB wall is staying up – it is being added on to for next year.

messagebear – welcome the creative crazy bunch.
jnv – that’s great to hear about your team!!
jhall – pictures have been sent, and yes, it went great at the bank, but it will take about 3 weeks before it’s all said and done.
enchanted – what more is there to say – INCREDIBLE!!

This is going to be a very wild and crazy day (or night) without a game. The writings on the wall!!

Bear, you can put my Dodger blue pushpin in Ventura.
Been trying to come up with an Every Day ‘Dre song, this is as far as it has gone
I’d like to build a great outfield
And put in Ethier
With Matty Kemp and Delwin Young
The bench has Juan Pierre.
I’d like to teach Torre to play
Our Every Day ‘Dre
He’ll be hitting lots every day
And fielding flawlessly

Somebody requested Pink Floyd yesterday…

We don’t need no Ned Colletti
We don’t need old Joe’s control
No washed-up vet’rans in the clubhouse
Franky leave them kids alone
Hey Franky leave them kids alone
All in all you guys are one brick short of a load
All in all you’re just one brick short of a load.

We don’t need no Ned Colletti
We don’t need no old Joe’s control
We were better off with old man Grittle
Management leave us kids alone
Hey media leave us kids alone
All in all we’re just another year short of it all
All in all we’re just another year short of it all

That’s great Crash.
Nelly, the pics are awesome. Thanks!! What a cool classroom.

Superb E!! LOL!!! Actually they are a few bricks shy. You are too kind.

I was born in Honduras. Live in the borders of El monte and Arcadia which is 18 miles from Dodger Stadium Work in Chatsworth 31 miles North/West of the stadium so I wave to the stadium when taking the Metrolink train to and from work.
Felt weird being at the stadium on Sunday watching the highlights of Saturday’s game and not hearing Vin Scully. Is just not right being without Vin for two days. Luckly we get him in San Diego.
Can’t wait for the matchup with Kershaw and Maddux. Now that is one vet I wish we would have kept. This matchup reminds me of the one a few years back when Edwin Jackson made his debut on his 20th birthday in Arizona and beat Randy Johnson. I took the bus to Arizona from a road trip sponsored by a local radio station that Thussday and we came back right after the game ended so we were back about 6ish on Friday morning. Tiring trip but the game/win was incredible. I remember the Dodgers had a tough loss the following day.

Pirates just beat the DB’s 5-3. We can catch those snakes.

Cool CRZ. Yep, we should have kept Maddux.

Thing about Maddux is he can still toss, and he makes every pitcher around him better. Would’ve been nice to have around instead of Honeycutt.

Hey Emma I grew up at Baldwin and Longden.

Awesome Crash!!! (every day dre” is my favorite, like we didn’t already know that – lol!!)
BTW – I’m the one with the pushpins and your wish is granted. Bear is keeping track of location and will let us know when the list is finished. After that I can send a picture. Just the ones up there now – it makes for a great visual.
enchanted – there are many times I feel blessed to be part of your imagination – Wow!!
jhall – thanks!! Wait until next August when it’s even bigger and better (many,many visions in my head – lol !) Jill and I were talking on the way home from Oakland about how every aspect of the classroom can have a baseball theme. She unfortunately has a kinder class, and has less time in her day to incorporate many of the things I am planning – kinder is only half day here.

Heads up, Hu has been optioned to AAA according to the Press Enterprise’s Diamond Leung. No corresponding move has been announced yet.

I’ll wish Hu the best in Vegas. Hopefully you can find your touch with the bat. It’s only been one game, but so far Berroa hasn’t done anything that you didn’t do at the plate.
We’ll probably see you (Hu) back before the season is over.

LaRoche to join Dodgers for Padres series
Andy LaRoche is expected to play at first and third base when he gets called up from Las Vegas.
By Dylan Hernandez, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
1:38 PM PDT, June 9, 2008,0,2960450.story

Andy’s 2008 Las Vegas stats:

G-38 AB-119 H-35 R-33 2B-2 3B-0 HR-5 RBIs-26 BB-37 SO-14 .277 .444 .420 .864

Probable media reaction: “Well, he ain’t no Juan Pierre, but we’ll give him a couple swings before we start knocking him. After all, he’s only 24.”

Don’t you know, dodgereric, nobody is Juan Pierre – Juan Pierre’s not even Juan Pierre – lol!!!!

Projection for 150 game season:

469 AB
138 H
130 R
20 HR
102 RBIs
146 BBs
55 Ks

I think it’s right. If not, I’m sure someone will let me know.

Yeah, dnell, it would be tough to live in that man’s shadow……………..if he could make one……….

Just catching up on my reading… Crash – you’re onto something good there!

Thanks all for you’re encouragement everyone. Its what happens when its a slow day business-wise and you do your own frontal labotomy. Oh good, medication time…

dnel, if you want to add more pins to the world, I lived in Northern Peru for a year, my wife (fellow Dodger fan) is Chilean, and i have been to Chile 7 times. 🙂

eric and enchanted – laughing too hard to comment – LMAO!!!!!! you are so very, very funny!!!!
perumike – gotcha covered!!!

Diamond Leung of the Press-Enterprise confirming LaRoche. Let’s hope that Andy the Rock is full strength and can be a big bat.

-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

mlk – thanks for the inclusion on the “core” list. I need to get back in the swing of things here. (And yes, I am also old_fogey_la, but that ID is still no longer allowed to log in here for unknown reasons – glitch assumed.)

dnelson – belated thanks for the welcome back. Can I volunteer to clean the erasers?

Born, raised and living in L.A. for 47.5 consecutive years.

mlk – thanks for the inclusion on the “core” list. I need to get back in the swing of things here. (And yes, I am also old_fogey_la, but that ID is still no longer allowed to log in here for unknown reasons – glitch assumed.)
dnelson – belated thanks for the welcome back. Can I volunteer to clean the erasers?
Born, raised and living in L.A. for 47.5 consecutive years.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

Unfortunately, old fogey, chalkboards are old school. We have dry erase boards now with every imaginable color marker, but you are more than welcome to come and play, and yes, you have been officially added as a Dodger Blue push pin.

dnelson – shucks! Cleaning white board erasers is absolutely no fun! Thanks for adding me; I am flattered.
I suppose I should make the “westernmost_in_flavor” official; it’s what I have to log in as anyway, and it’s a better handle anyway. I’ll probably keep the stupid signoff tag for awhile, until the transition is complete.
-the poster formerly known as old_fogey_la

I expect that LaRoche will make some starts against LH pitching, sometimes at 3B and sometimes at 1B. Right now neither position has a backup that Torre feels comfortable starting and there’s no reason the LA lineup should have both DeWitt and Loney having to face a Johan Santana. (Joe won’t do this, but start him in LF instead of JP against lefties!)

to funny old fogey,
I was going to say he can play left field when there is a starting pitcher that Slappy can’t handle. That shoud be about every pitcher in the majors!!! 🙂

mlk thanks for your list above and the comments. it was well said.

i am VERY excited we will get to see andy up starting tomorrow. i hope that he’s here to stay! =)

Did you guys see this article in the times? It’s an interesting read… the most interesting part, was a quote from colletti at the end, about whether he would consider trading some of the “kids”. Here’s what he said:

Asked whether his frustration over the long development process would make him more — or less — inclined to trade a youngster, he paused.

“I think it’s early yet to say that, but it’s something that I’m not against doing,” he said. “If we get to the point where we can definitively improve ourselves, we’ll do it. If it means a young player or two young players, it’ll happen. At the same time I can’t be rushing to judgment on them or using frustration as my guide, because you can easily get frustrated by watching.”

I think the part that’s most interesting is when he said “if we get to the point where we can definitively improve ourselves, we’ll do it.”

What scares me about that statement from him, is that I don’t think I’ll agree with what he feels will DEFINITIVELY IMPROVE the team. So I guess I just have to sit and worry about how he might further jeopardize the future of our team… SIGH

Here’s the link if you want to read the entire article:,0,559840.column

To all, I’m glad you all enjoyed the list of “core posters”. I did too, and making it helped ease my frustration — for a little while.
I respect you sticking to your guns about your boycott. It’s not easy to stay away from the beloved Blue. I hope the Nedster doesn’t do anything to invoke my boycott pledge. Please!
Enchanted remains the master of the parodies with “You Don’t Bring Me Power Anymore” and “.109”. The Beach Boys have now made three appearances on the board (Baseball Safari; Runs, Runs, Runs; and .109)
Loving the “Home on the Range” parody.
I’m a little confused about LaRoche’s role. 1st and 3rd? Does this mean his primary role is to take time away from DeWitt and Loney. If so, that is one step forward and two steps back. Kent has hit well lately, maybe the last good run of his career. Let’s trade him while we can. Cleveland is “desperately looking to add some production to their struggling lineup,” according to and is especially weak at second base. Maybe we can pawn the old grouch off on them and open up space for LaRoche.

I saw the Helene Elliott L.A. Times column you just linked. In fact, I still need to take a shower because I wasted that time this morning writing her this letter:
Good Morning Helene,
The first line of your column in today’s paper caught my attention. I’m sure you know what you wrote but for the purposes of clarity and my own writing process, I quote you: “The talk turned to potential versus performance, to knowing when players labeled young by the calendar or by inexperience are held to the same standard as their elders.” The second half of that sentence was of particular interest.
As a big fan of our young guys I only wish they were being held to the same standard as our veterans. By way of examples, the two veterans who have played most for the Dodgers this year:
Veteran #1: Has been leading off for the last month and had on on-base percentage in that month of .341.
Veteran #2) Has been batting fourth all year long (with a few starts in the 3-hole) and is hitting .251.
Do you believe that if Veterans #1 and #2 had been “held to the same standard as their” youngers, they would have been in the lineup everyday, and would have remained respectively at the top of the order or in the clean-up spot. I submit to you they would NOT.
It is not the veterans who are being held to a higher standard, but the young players who are being held to a MUCH higher standard than the veterans. And we’re not talking now about unproven young players. Matt Kemp, for example, now has 665 major league at-bats with lifetime .308 batting average, 22 HRs, 33 doubles, 8 triples, 100 RBIs, and 27 stolen bases. And he has accomplished all that despite being pulled in and out and all over the batting order.
I only wish the Dodger youngsters were being held to “the same standard as their elders.”

That is a great letter, the only problem is it will be in the circular file along with her morality. She is pushing the “company line” and it will never come out that the young guns are outplaying the veterans. It’s sad but true.

Leekfink… awesome post about leadership. I was listening to the game and when they started off on the subject I realized that that is what is so vital to this club… the big brother that you need to look up to. The big brother that you want to make proud. I feel that perhaps that was supposed to be Nomar (no laughing please!). This sounds like a good subject to explore for my own blog on myspace. Leekfink and everyone really on here, you guys are an inspiration!

Actually, I just realized that she had responded to me a couple of hours ago. I have just emailed her again asking for her permission to post her response. I expect she’ll be fine with that.
Briefly though, Helene’s email was thoughtful and helped clarify her view re my concerns. It’s a good letter, and I’m as surprised as you that it doesn’t “push the company line”. I sure thought it would before I read it. I’ll post it sometime tonight assuming she doesn’t object.

More Beach music from Jan and Dean to Sidewalk Surfin’:

Don’t be afraid to try the new kids around
(They can play, they can play now)
It’s catchin’ on in every city and town
You can do the things the old vets do, like a line drive
triple or a home run too (why don’t you)
Grab your bat and go hittin’ doubles’ Andy…

You’ll probably strikeout when you first try to hit the curve
(Swing and miss, swing and miss now)
Takin’ hacks in a pinch takes a lotta nerve…
Those scoudrel coaches and managers too, will bug ya…
Shout “up yours Bowa!” now and run right on through (the stop sign)
Grab your bat and go hittin doubles Matty…

You can do the things the old vets do, like a line drive
triple or a home run too (why don’t you)
Grab your bat and go hittin’ doubles’ Marty…

So get your glove and take your place out to compete
(Bust a move, bust a move now)
Then they’ll know you’re an awesome ath-el-lete.
All downhill vets, man, will give you a rap,
But you’ll know better cuz they’re full of crap (why don’t you)
Grab your bat and go hittin’ doubles Loney…
(Play hard, why don’t you play hard for me?)
Grab your bat and go hittin’ doubles Blakey…
(Play hard, why don’t you play hard for me?)
Grab your bat and go hittin’ doubles Delwy…
(Play hard, why don’t you play hard for me?)
Grab your bat… (FADE OUT)

saralovesrussell, I had the same forbodding feeling reading that article last night. With the track record of how Colletti’s “PVL” pickups performed in Dodger blue, I’m really scared what we’d get in trade for, say, Ethier and LaRoche. Because when I think of a player we’d pick up in such a trade that would “definitely improve the team”, I’m thinking of someone in their prime with a huge upswing. If we can get that, I’d go nuts with glee. But, knowing the track record, someone who might fit the description in Colletti’s mind might resemble anywhere between Ken Griffey Jr. (class act, just nowhere near his prime) and a Miguel Cabrerra-type.

Does Omar Vizquel’s name come up in this conversation? Moises Alou? Larry Walker, Andres Galaragga? And I’m not even considering pitchers, as we all know what landmines those deals turn out to be when given long-term contract (which is what we’d better get if we’re talking trading an Either and LaRoche-caliber tandem). I mean, are we talking Randy Johnson? Curt Schilling? Hell, I’d even be scared to give Sabathia a long-term big money contract. It looked genius at the time for Sabean to lock Zito in for 7 years with that nasty curve. Had no clue that soonafter, none of his pitches would be fast enough to make that curve effective.

Just a quick thought… looking at those Hollywood Stars Night jerseys at the bottom of the main page:

I wonder if there are any PCL Stars or Angels old-timer fans whose stomachs turn a little at the sight of the PCL Angels (now Dodger’s LA) logo on a Hollywood Stars jersey. Probably to them its the same effect as Dodger Blue on a New York Giants logo becoming the Mets.

enchanted, you are on one awesome roll today – very well done once again!!
MLK – that is one great letter. I hope she allows you to share her response.
sara – I read that article and a few others late last night, and I have the same worries you do.

Enchanted, what can I say, there are some true talent on this blog!!
MLK, I hope she lets you share I am really curious as to her response.

sorry should be “there IS some true talent on this blog”

Thanks dnel and jnv!!!

Jhall and I are pretty much the twisted sisters around here (but others are catching up!!)

i dont think there were ever any pcl angel fans

Former Dodger PVL Lurch (Hendrickson) has given up HR #600 to Ken Griffey, Jr.

Others are catching up, but no match for the masters!!! 🙂

Twisted maybe , but to use analogy – you, jhall,et all are the “true” veterans and those of us trying to catch up are the young players looking up at you in admiration for a job well done and are continuing to do so we someday will be as good as you. The sad thing about our young players is they don’t have that veteran to look up to – they are going to have to win it all by themselves because the veterans on this Dodger team just suck! 🙂 Furcal excluded, of course!

I’ve noticed no one on the Dodgers wants to market any of my songs… wonder why??? 🙂

Personally, I’m surprised Ned hasn’t put a contract out on me yet…

I think they are afraid of the truth getting out!!! They think they have eveyone fooled saying it’s the kids fault and not the managements fault that we are not winning!!
And don’t worry about the contract Enchanted, I am sure it will be like all of his contracts – he will pay the money and will get nothing for it – !!! 🙂 You are safe my friend.

You know PierreEW is lurking out there somewhere ready to pounce on us for a full day of giving our PVLs a bad time – lol!! He’s going to put us all in a room with PA and Joey until we behave – lol!! Unfortunately, we would probably come out of the room even more revved up – lol!!

jnv – lol!!!!!! too funny!!!!!

With her permission, Helen Elliott’s response to my letter to her (see above in this thread):
“Thanks for your e-mail. If I may correct you, my name is actually
Helene, not Helen…

Perhaps it would have been better if I’d phrased it as to knowing when
it’s appropriate to hold everyone to the same standards, for that was
the point I was trying to make. There should be the same judgments
applied to everyone, because even the younger players have had enough
at-bats to put them past “young and inexperienced” status…..

The problem of poor at-bats, though, applies to everyone, young and
old, and there’s no excuse for that.

Thanks again for writing. I appreciate that you took the time.”

Aww!! I did it again. Ms. Elliott’s first name is “Helene” with an “e” at the end.

thanks Dnel! 🙂
MLK- It would have been nice if she came out and said “Pierre is not getting the job done in the lead off spot” instead of putting everyone in one pot! I think your stats proved that the kids are getting it done. No they are not playing like superstars but they are not holding the team down either.

Just saw that Hu was optioned out and LaRoche is coming up. That really is best for eeryone involved. Hu still needs some work, while Andy is as big league ready as you can hope for at this point in his career. I think that Chin-Lung has the ability to go down and get ready for when his time really comes. He was pressed into service now, earlier than he was ready for. By way of example, James Loney was on the opening day roster in 2006 because Nomar was hurt. Loney hit only .225, and was sent down to Las Vegas before the end of April once Nomar was ready–and Loney proceeded to hit .380 in AAA, and .343 when he wwas recalled later in the year. And he then hit .331 and had a song written for him!.
That being said, I am confused about why this move happened now and not three days ago, when rumored (and when I predicted it!). If we were keeping Hu around to see what Berroa has, I don’t think the one game is really a very good sample.
I am worred about EXACTLY waht martinloneykemp mentioned–there is no point to have LaRoche take playing time from DeWitt, who is a clear ROY candidate, or Loney, who has established himself as a fixture at First Base (the way that Hodges, Parker, Garvey, and Karros all were). I don’t even think they need to be replaced against quality left-handers, because they need to be able to hit lefties too (and they can). But as I have said before, even guys that young should get a day off here and there (every few weeks, maybe), and if it comes against a strong lefty, that makes sense. What LaRoche should really be doing is the back-up second basemanthey get an occassional day off every few weeks, be available for some late-innings manuevers (a little more flexibility if Torre needs to maek a double-switche, though again you have to be consciences of Loney’s possible future gold glover at first). LaRoche’s biggest role, however, should be to spell Jeff Kent at second base. Hu was used as a late-innings defensive replacement for Kent. While LaRoche is not really a defensive replacement, he might come in in late-innigns of blowouts to give Kent some extra rest (Maza is likely to be the defensive replacement for Kent, when needed, and I suppose the idea is that wehn Raffy hopefully comes back, Berroa could do that, though his defense is more questionable). Mostly, though, Torre has said that Kent will get every day game after night game off, and playing for Kent on those days should be LaRoche’s biggest role. So, if LaRoche is our starting second baseman Thursday afternoon in San Diego, we will know that we are actually making progress here.

Jungar–you should get that shirt.
Enchanted–just because you haven’t been hit yet, doesn’t mean that Ned hasn’t put a contract out on you. After all, when it comes to contracts to whack something, most of the ones Ned gives out swing and miss.
(Sorry, I am actually trying to abstain from Ned-bashing, but that had to be said.)

In keeping with the sounds of Southern California, I offer up a quickie…

Will I dig the same players that turn me on as a kid?
Will I look back and say that I wish I hadn’t done what I did?
Will I sign Andruw Jones or leave it alone
When I grow up to be GM?

Will I look for the same things in a player that I did in Frisco?
(2004, 2005)
Will I wreck L.A. fast by signing vets other teams have let go?
(2006, 2007)
Well I’m Ned Colletti but how will it be
When I grow up to be GM?

How will it be
When I grow up to be GM?

Good one kahli!!!

Thanks jnv & leek – with Ned pulling the strings I’m sure I’ll die of old age before he picks someone who can get the job done.

I do not post very often but I do read this blog almost everyday. I am from Northridge, CA and have been a attending games since the Dodgers arrived in L.A. You folks have entertained me and impressed me with not only your knowledge of the game but your passion for the Dodgers. Josh asked about foul balls. I caught one years ago when the Angels played at Dodger Stadium and would have caught one last year except for a guy sitting in front of me (rooting for the Padres no less) stuck out his hand and deflected the ball into the next suite (yes, I was in a suite). That was as close as I have come since that day a long time ago. I did see a guy catch three fouls in one game some years ago. He was sitting on the loge level behind home plate and was wearing a glove. Yes, he did get booed soundly after catching the third one.

Yes, if Ned picked his hitmen like he picks his baseball veterans, his kind of guys would have already written their books and got rich, or they’re hidden away in the Witness Protection program. But I like leekfink’s suggestion best that they would most likely just “swing and miss” on their assignment.

enchanted – you are very much loved by this group – lol!! We can always hide you up here in the Sierra Nevada and you can spend your time creating songs and fishing. If Ned comes looking for you, I wouldn’t think you would have to worry at all knowing his track record of hitting the mark because he would probably shoot, the bullet would ricochet off a tree and hit him in the ***. 🙂

ok im going to give this song thing a try

change the song I Love LA to I Love old guys… this is what ned sings to Joe and Frank

Hate good young players
there young and not ready
And all the young kids play like rookies
Let’s leave it to the to the veterans
That teams a little to young
For you and me, you young kid

Rollin’ another birthday for the old guys
With a big nasty young kid at my side
veterans wind blowin’ smoke from the north
As they expect to play

Roll down the window, put down the contract
sign all the veterans, baby
Don’t let the young kids play
We’re gonna ride em till we just can’t win it no more

From the east coast to the west coast
From the north Side to the south Side
veterans are very happy
‘Cause the playing is happening all the time
Looks like another losing day day

I love old guys (We love em)
I love old guys (We love em)

Look at that jeff kent
Look at that schmidt
Look at that bum over there, man
He’s fat and named andruw
Look at this peirre
There ain’t nothin’ like em nowhere

kemp sitting day games (We love it)
Ethier on the bench (We love it)
nomar over LaRoche (We love it)
loney batting 8th (We love it, we love it)

I love old guys
I love old guys
(We love it)

Way to go dodge16 – fantastic!!!! join the club of the creative crazies 🙂

Good one Dodge!

Thanks dnel – I actually do miss living in Oakhurst. Used to fish all over the place – Bass Lake, Lewis Creek, Chiquito, Soquel, Bishop. Don’t get too much for fishing here in southern NM.

For consideration: (I love the guy, but maybe as ready as he has seemed he might not be ready for a full season and thats why LaRoache will work his way in/ cant just ignore 5 years worth of data)

.231 /.333 /.269 /.603 De Witt in June (6 games)

His last last 28 games, .259/.330/.388

enchanted – all beautiful places. I want to move to Mariposa someday – love that area! I don’t know how long ago you lived in Oakhurst, but that place is growing like crazy – same with Sonora, Columbia and Twaine Harte. I worked with a teacher who used to fish all the time in all the places you mentioned. Fly fishing was his favorite and he always went on the Feather River – ever been?

I just hope Laroches wrist is healthy, he did not hit with much power at AAA. I believe he had 2 doubles and 5 Hrs in 34 games. Please give him a chance Joe and do not banish him to the bench….Youth should be served not wasted!!!!

Ned you should be a seller at the trade deadline..Kent, Penny, Lowe, Pierre (wishful thinking), Sweeney (bucket of used balls), Lowe….we should be able to get some really good prospects and not lose much more than we are now….I am not giving up on this year but the current philosophy is not working.

Maybe we get on a roll and close the gap by the All Star break and we get Jelly Roll back and that will be our midseason trade. I read where he feels like running, he probably meant to the nearest buffet! I hope he takes his craft serious and realizes the extra 30 pounds he was carrying was a cause of the knee injury!!!

Dewitt has been struggling a little and Laroche should be able to give him some mental days off, but I hope Joe does not mess with this kids confidence. I love the way he approaches the game.

Jungar I am going to join your facebook group….so look for me!

cool dodger boy.. .everyone join..its a pretty cool site regardless of the dodger stuff or for us… i have connected with old friends from college where they used to call me “partyass”

And when your called partyass while attending Chico State in the mid 90’s that’s saying something I guess.

it only cost me 62 thousand in fertility treatments in order to have my kid.

just kiddin…

Moved away January 2005. Probably for the better – I was spending too much time fishing and not enough working. My wife used to work for Madera Unified as a teachers aide in special ed in Coarsegold.

Never fished the Feather River but we did go up that way (Oroville) scouting areas before we decided on NM. Let’s just say the people there are “interesting” which is a big reason why we’re here in NM. Planning on moving back up to Oakhurst in 8-10 more years though. Still have some property up there.

Hey Blue Gang. Very busy today. Just catching up on all your posts and getting lots of laughs. Great songs E, Kahli, Dodge16. Welcome to the glee club Dodge16. Nelly, you are too kind. Thanks. ML, great letter and thanks for posting the response. Good posts and points by everyone. This is a great group and I very much enjoy the comraderie and discussion as well as the horsing around. Escelsior, true blue believers.

We do need Jones, providing he hits and we eliminate Pierre. We need Kent to continue to get it going. We need Furcal healthy. We need Penny healthy. If we can stay within 5 games or so thru July I like our chances. If on say July 15 we are more than 5 out, I would trade Lowe/Penny/Kent and Pierre.

I admit I was big, big supporter of Ned’s offseason THIS year (not other years). My only real gripe right now is Pierre. We simply have better players available. Contract aside, if Pierre was 26 he wouldn’t be playing.

Kent, you know it’s more that he shouldn’t be cleaning up at age 40 on a a pennant contenting team but we really don’t have anyone that can do that job as well as him right now in terms of pitchers worrying about what he may do.

Oops. Excelsior, true blue believers.

From Salt Lake City, Utah, I’d like to say that I’m pleased to be included on the inside the dodgers board. I can see I’ve missed a lot since the end of last night’s game. On occasion, I’ve looked at some of the other MLB blogs and we are one of the most passionate and involved of any of the other blogs. It is a tribute to all of you who contribute your insights, opinions, and passions everyday. It’s not too surprising that the media is wearing their veteran bias on their sleeves. Oftentimes. there is a certain “pack” mentality in media coverage whether in sports, politics, whatever. Some reporters are just plain lazy. Others don’t have the backbone or the guts to go against the grain of conventional wisdom. Leekfink. as usual, gets to the crux of the matter on the issues. Since our veterans seem incapable or unwilling to assist these kids, it is going to put more responsibility on Torre, Bowa, and others to give them a helping hand. And maybe some of the more experienced kids (Martin is one example) need to step up and show a little more leadership as well. One way to do that would be to make Martin captain. We’re a little down right now but I still believe that we are going to get better as the season progresses. We have a good chance to get back on the right track this week. San Diego and Detroit have worse records than ours. GO DODGERS!! HEY, WRITERS, LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jungar – party animals up there at Chico State. I was at Sac State 86-89, and went up there a few times just to be at the #1 party school in California. It still has that reputation you know. One of our neighbor girls is going there in the fall, and she has already been warned. I used to go down to UNLV to visit my future husband, and they had some wicked parties, too! Man, what it was like to be young and crazy. Wait!! Some of us are old and crazy, just a little more financially secure. I can tell by this group there is still a lot of party left in us. Just take a look at the songs – lol!!

its amazing that the tampa rays have 4 former dodger top prospects in their starting line up tonight if you count jackson. just shows you how deep our farm system was at one time.

Since it’s an off day today, I thought those of you (like me) who are enamored with Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp would like to read the following article on them from The Sporting News.

I’m sure there are a lot of party animals on this blog. I lived in Wisconsin for 11 years.

That’s awesome Dnelson. I would love to get to a game with all of you guys/gals. Promise me some of you, if you can, and if we make the playoffs, we go. That o4 Lima game was seriously and sadly my only dodger highlight in 20 years. That was so awesome though, I have never ever left the stadium with that kind of adrenalin as a fan.

I’ll even fly Pierresweets out here like I offered last year. jhall and others who are out of state, we’ll work something out. LOL

I hear Wisconsin partys hard. Is it cause there is nothing else to do? That’s how Chico was. I attended UCSB as well and you know IV goes off and there is state street and it’s fun but there are other things to do..You commute in and out..

Chico was like…Hey let’s chill today instead of partying, let’s just go get a 6 pack and go fishin or golfing, or tubin, or wiffle ball or have a video game tourney….

I didn’t own a car for 4 years.

I’ve not read much here the last 2 days until tonight as I worked yesterday, today, and had a doubleheader softball game last night.
MLK thanks for including me in that fantastic list! You guys are all so creative. I really wish I could converse on here more often! Hopefully soon I’ll be up to date with technology (Not a 9 year old computer!!!)!
DNEL-Push pin time…I live in Novato, Ca. About 15 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. By way of New York, via Los Angeles (Inglewood and a few other cities before that I don’t remember because I was a little guy).
Leek–I’ve mentioned before that I pretty much always agree with your posts (Often I’m thinking something as I read posts and then you write what I was thinking). Well today you posted numerous long posts and as I was reading them I was thinking this is Leek.
It was.
Those of you down south I sure wish I could get to games like you are all able to. I’m always going to Giants games and rooting for the other team. It would be nice to root for the home team more often! However I still will be screaming for the Blue and singing the Loney Song when they are in town!
I agree with most that Hu going down is a good thing. I’m really hoping that LaRoche gets some PT at 2nd and a little at 3rd. It might be something where if he does well Kent could be a little more tradeable. I like Kent and think he is a good player (Was great). But as discussed earlier he isn’t an outspoken leader. I’ve also heard Kent talk about baseball and say he isn’t a fan but does like to play. He isn’t going to collect baseball cards, but he does talk about enjoying the game and that he likes to play it. I’ve run across him a few times through the years and he was always pretty nice. But he does have a strong personality and to others like him I’m sure heads butt.
In regards to Kemp I love him but he reminds me of Sheffield when he couldn’t lay off those outside sliders. Maybe someone should show him old video of how Sheff looked then and show him a second video of Sheff in his prime.
Don’t give up hope. Remember it’s a long season with time left and much can happen. If it doesn’t happen this year and Ned doesn’t panic and trade the youth, we should be better next year.
As always…Go Blue!!!

cpompe1 – it’s nice to see something positive about our two “best” outfielders. I also saw what you said on Andre’s blog – nice post there too. Make sure MLK adds your name to the list of board members of this blog. I noticed your name was not on it, and eventhough you don’t post often you are never forgotten.
Dodger stadium is like heaven. It’s euphoria everytime I walk down the steps to see the field. There is so much history, and there really is no place like it here on the west coast. What a legacy these young ball players will leave if they are just left alone to do what they do best – play baseball.

There isn’t a whole lot to do during those endless cold winters. You gotta do something!!When Playboy magazine rated party schools, they did’nt rank the University of Wisconsin-Madison because they did’nt rank professionals with amateurs.LOL. The memories are a bit hazy but there were Packer games and Brewer games at old County Stadium. Their tailgate parties are legendary. You could see the charcoal haze for miles.

Sky, I’ve been to Madison for Ohio State-Wisconsin football games when my brother in law was a student there. They do know how to cut loose. Lots of fun.

dcollins – I am hoping to go to the Giants/Dodgers series for at least one game. My husband and son are gnat fans, and I want to get my son back by wearing my “got ethier” t-shirt and sing the “James Loney Song.” I figure my husband will protect me from the violent fans, which Ethier calls them. Also, I love the name you gave Andre “everyday Dre.” Crash is working on a song using his new name. Your push pin will be placed tomorrow – I know exactly where you are – love the area!

Jungar, getting everyone together is a great idea. Have to plan it pretty far in advance but could work.

Thx dnel…
You’re right, I don’t post very often and yes, I did read MLK’s list and saw I wasn’t on it, but it’s okay. I’m kinda like lbirken who posted earlier and said, “I do not post very often but I do read this blog almost everyday…” That is me to a T (especially since I’m still looking for a job) and have the time to read this blog and post occasionally. Thx for not forgetting me 🙂 I REALLY am excited to “converse” with ‘Dre on his blog. There are questions that I would love to ask him!

MLK and Messagebear, I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (and no, I don’t have that stupid accent like the “Valley Girls” from the movies). I now live in Ventura. I try and go to the games as much as I can, but with gas prices the way they are, I can’t go to as many as I would like. My mom has season seats (well, there is one other party that has the same seats; they switch games.) But if she has a free ticket and I’m not doing anything, heck I’ll go.

To everyone on this site, thx for entertaining and enlightening me with all of your thoughts! 🙂

Nelly, your son pitches tomorrow doesn’t he? Keep us posted on how he does.

Great article, cpompe. dnelson, you’re absolutely right. It’s nice, for a change, to read a positive article about our kids without all the attendant b@#s#$t. I think we tend to forget that( I know I have) that Kemp hasan’t played baseball all that long. That’s where his inexperience comes from. PLAYTHEKIDSPLAYTHEKIDSPLAYTHEKIDSPLAYTHEKIDS………..

Collins do u mean Beltre? I’m with you all on Lee. His post are great. As for Kemp this is not to harp on you collins at all or anyone here. But I am talking about the Media. I wish people would lay off the guy.

Last year Pierre had these #s and i bring up Pierre cause you all know why, but mainly because the number of ABs is the same. As you know 50 million over 5 years.

.293 .331 .353 .685

Kemp will cost the dodgers roughly 10 million (arb) over those same 5 years. His last 665abs (and keep in mind one guy is a Jedi already and Kemp is mearly a padawan-still learning)

205 hits
33 doubles
8 triples
100 rbi
27 sb
.308 .345 .481 .827

That is a good article CPompe. Thanks.

Yes until my husband pointed this article to me, I too forgot that Kemp hasn’t been playing baseball for all that long of a time. And he’s still as great as he is!!!!


and like seesky says,

Actually the game has been cancelled due to conflict with summer school schedules, but he is playing in a tournament starting Thursday so it’s probably better it was cancelled. I see the Indians did well today, but I noticed Grady didn’t play today – is he okay or just having a day off? Heaven forbid the lead off guy should get a day off – lol!

I go to one game a year. Because I love Dodger Stadium and love my team. I love being there. But Only 1. Usually opening day because it’s near my birthday. I started this in the late 90’s due to my frustration with FOX. My frustration obviously continues. I said to myself then and still mean it that I will not lift this ban until we make the playoffs two years in a row.

My exception is playoff games. So Jhall, roughly late Sept or October or maybe next year!!!

sorry jhall, I didn’t mean to leave you out on my last post… 🙂

We’ll be rooting for him and his team Nelly. Sounds like a plan Jungar.

No problem CP..

Don’t look now but the GNATS are right up our ASk me no questions.

Puds are crawling back into the mix also. We need a win streak.

I’m getting kinda tired so I’m logging off for the night. Everyone else, have a great rest of the evening… Like I said before I don’t post very often, but it is nice to be noticed 🙂

PierreEW, Yes I’ve been noticing that the gnats are right behind us. Lets get on a BIG roll and win a bunch of games in a row!!! Then we won’t have to worry about them (too much). Goodnight…

G’nite CP.

Well, good evening PierreEW (actually good morning to you) – you’ve been hiding out today. And, yes, I am fully aware of where the giants are – I’m reminded of it everyday. The ride is about to get very bumpy 🙂
Thanks jhall – truthfully, it makes me nervous to watch him pitch. They actually make me keep score to keep me from pacing. So in addition to keeping score, I keep track of pitch count, etc. for Michael. If I can’t be there then my husband does. I could only imagine what Kershaw’s mom is going through watching him pitch.

Good night CP!!

Good night, guys & gals. It’s been a great night for a Dodger open date but 6AM comes awful early. Looking forward to the classic young kid vs. old vet duel in SD tomorrow. GO BLUE!!

G’Nite Sky..

Hey, guess who gets to go to the game on Wed at DogFoodPark? No, guess again. THAT’S RIGHT! Four tickets fell into my hands and unfortunately I have to take 3 guys from work with me. An Angel fan and 2 other guys that I’m probably going to have to explain a lot to. But rest assured, I’ll be wearing my Blue gear and singin’ the Loney song. It’s actually a nice park, the Puds don’t deserve it.

lbirken reminded my of Josh’s request about the foul balls. I wish I had a good one of me actually catching one, but after what must be 300 games in MLB parks, the balls have managed to avoid me. I grabbed a BP ball once that Boots Day of the Expos flung into the left field bleachers, but that doesn’t count. I’ve had two close ones.

The year we had Dick Allen, 1970 I believe, I was sitting in the Loge deck behind the plate a little to the right and Allen fouled one back over my head and up the aisle. I was sitting on that aisle and my mom was beside me. I tossed the radio we were listening to on my mom’s lap and ran up the stairs. The ball hit the face of the top step and was roaring back to me. I was within a foot or two of grabbing it when a lady backhanded it cleanly without leaving her seat. 😦

The other one was the first year of Anaheim Stadium in ’65. I was 12. My dad was a big Tiger fan and used to take me to see them when they hit town. I don’t remember who hit it, but someone lined a pitch behind first. It bounced off the facing of the second deck and was sailing over my head. I threw my glove at it and actually hit it. But I knew that if my dad saw me go after the ball instead of my glove, I was never going to see my 13th birthday.


Jungar–I did mean Sheff. He was really good while on the Dodgers, however he would always swing at the low and away breaking stuff. He tried to pull everything. When Kemp is slumping, that is his problem. When he is hitting well he is going with the pitch and not pulling off of it (Like Jones).
But Beltre is another good example!

random observation.. while that article about ethier and kemp was certainly great, i find it intriguing that all the nice things being said about them.. meaning the direct quotes.. was said by some other GM. who is this guy, and how can we get him to be our GM?? at least then, we’d know he appreciates the things the kids do..

Good for you Eric. Maybe you’ll get a foul ball. LOL

check that.. it was a scout, not a GM, but still.. someone outside the organization..

. =

Have fun dodgereric. Let me know how it is. We are going the week of the July 11th to see the Braves/Padres series. We are doing a whole week done in so-cal – Dodgers/Braves and Padres/Braves. Have a fabulous time and as a teacher would say “Sing the song loud and proud!” 🙂

From the home page mailbag – seems like good news about our kids.

Is there any talk of the Dodgers acquiring a power bat that they are in desperate need of?
— Pat R., Midwest City, Okla.

Have a question about the Dodgers?
E-mail your query to Dodgers beat reporter Ken Gurnick for possible inclusion in a future mailbag column. Letters may be edited for brevity, length and/or content.

First Name, Last Initial:

Email Address:


There’s been talk of the Dodgers acquiring a power bat since Adrian Beltre left. You can’t find them at Costco. They are almost nonexistent via trade, and if one does become available — like Cabrera — he’ll only cost you every top prospect in your farm system. Check out the Tigers and see how that’s working out.

Many fans simply won’t accept what the Dodgers have clearly decided — it’s youth movement time and they’re developing from within. Even if it is a disaster, the main reason they signed Andruw Jones was to add a power bat while preserving the nucleus of the roster. They don’t even have the kind of prospects that could land a Cabrera. The players that were their top prospects a few years ago now are the Dodgers. They are Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, Kershaw, James Loney.

To make a trade for a Cabrera-like player now, they would be forced to tear up their current nucleus. Aside from the philosophical dilemma that creates, it also would open other holes on the Major League club that would need to be filled by … how? Even if a big bat were available, who would you trade to get him? Martin? Kershaw?? And how do you replace them? Filling one hole by creating another is a zero-sum game.

Thanks, jhall. I’ll bring my glove.

With the possibility of our underperforming youth being traded (shudder), I’ve started looking up all the wonderful trades our GMs have managed since Campanis was fired (April ’87). Obviously many more transactions than these have occured, but these are the most noteworthy.

The rest of the 1980s

August 29, 1987
Traded Rick Honeycutt to the Oakland Athletics. Received a player to be named later. The Oakland Athletics sent Tim Belcher (September 3, 1987) to the Los Angeles Dodgers to complete the trade.

December 11, 1987
As part of a 3-team trade, traded Bob Welch and Matt Young to the Oakland Athletics and Jack Savage to the New York Mets. Received Alfredo Griffin and Jay Howell from the Oakland Athletics and Jesse Orosco from the New York Mets. In addition, the Oakland Athletics sent Kevin Tapani and Wally Whitehurst to the New York Mets.

August 16, 1988
Traded Pedro Guerrero to the St. Louis Cardinals. Received John Tudor.

December 4, 1988
Traded Juan Bell, Brian Holton, and Ken Howell to the Baltimore Orioles. Received Eddie Murray.

December 20, 1989
Traded Alejandro Pena and Mike Marshall to the New York Mets. Received Juan Samuel.

Collins man you got high standards LOL. I thought Sheff was the best hitter i ever saw as a dodger live other than Pedro Guerrerro and Mike Piazza. Could you imagine if Sheff (the dodger sheff, unfortunantly ned imagines the marlins pierre, the giants kent, the giants schmidt etc) was surrounded by Kemp and Ethier..Oh my gosh. Here are his 4 years here. Come on man, i’ll let him miss on a few sliders. I didn’t like the guy, but the player hit balls that while flying over the fence were still rising. You trade for a guy like him on this team NOW and he pulls off these numbers in his first 90 games and the next 3 seasons and were in the playoffs no doubt in my mind 100 percent.

90g 16hr 57rbi .316 .444 .535 .979
152 34 101 .301 .407 .523 .930
141 43 109 .325 .438 .643 1.081
143 36 100 .311 .417 .583 1.000

and for fun in 2400 baseball games he has hit 312 /432 /555 /987 with RISP

Encouraging article Nelly. Great old stuff Eric, brings back memories. Sheff wasn’t the most likable guy but he could sure hit. Hope one of our youngins’ developes into something close to Sheff in his prime.

Thanks for that Gurnick response, dnel. “Many fans simply won’t accept what the Dodgers have clearly decided — it’s youth movement time and they’re developing from within.” If that’s so, why are Torre and all of his friends, er, the media harping on their mistakes? It’s really simple I guess. By spotlighting the obvious youth and their OJT, they draw attention away from the under or not-at-all performing PVLs and therefore the reason they’re on the roster. Ned. The media like him too, you know.

Trades continued: the 1990s

November 27, 1991
Traded Tim Belcher and John Wetteland to the Cincinnati Reds. Received Eric Davis and Kip Gross.

December 10, 1991
Traded Dennis Cook and Mike Christopher to the Cleveland Indians. Received Rudy Seanez. Yeah, 1991!!!

November 17, 1992
Traded Rudy Seanez to the Colorado Rockies. Received Jody Reed. Uh-oh……….

October 25, 1993
Jody Reed granted Free Agency.

November 19, 1993
Traded Pedro Martinez to the Montreal Expos. Received Delino DeShields.

May 23, 1995
Traded Henry Rodriguez and Jeff Treadway to the Montreal Expos. Received Joey Eischen and Roberto Kelly.

August 18, 1995
Traded Dwight Maness (minors) and Scott Hunter (minors) to the New York Mets. Received Brett Butler. Well. There’s one.

May 14, 1998
Traded Mike Piazza and Todd Zeile to the Florida Marlins. Received Manuel Barrios, Bobby Bonilla, Jim Eisenreich, Charles Johnson, and Gary Sheffield.

July 4, 1998
Traded Paul Konerko and Dennys Reyes to the Cincinnati Reds. Received Jeff Shaw.

November 11, 1998
Traded Bobby Bonilla to the New York Mets. Received Mel Rojas.

December 1, 1998
Traded Roger Cedeno and Charles Johnson to the New York Mets. Received Todd Hundley and Arnold Gooch (minors).

November 8, 1999
Traded Pedro Borbon and Raul Mondesi to the Toronto Blue Jays. Received Shawn Green and Jorge Nunez (minors). I always liked Shawn Green.

December 12, 1999
Traded Ismael Valdez and Eric Young to the Chicago Cubs. Received a player to be named later, Terry Adams, and Chad Ricketts (minors). The Chicago Cubs sent Brian Stephenson (minors) (December 16, 1999) to the Los Angeles Dodgers to complete the trade.

Brett Butler was awesome. We stole him. Shawn Green was pretty good for a couple of years.

I liked Shawn Green quite a bit. I see a lot of Shawn Green in Andre, and I think Andre can be that good if given the chance to play uninhibited. We really didn’t do anything worthwhile in trades, except for the ones you pointed out (Butler and Green). It’s pretty clear that the other teams faired much better than the Dodgers did in almost every trade.

The 21st century………

July 31, 2000
Traded Todd Hollandsworth, Kevin Gibbs (minors), and Randey Dorame (minors) to the Colorado Rockies. Received Tom Goodwin and cash.

December 22, 2001
Traded Christian Bridenbaugh (minors) and Nial Hughes (minors) to the Cleveland Indians. Received Dave Roberts. There’s three.

January 15, 2002
Traded Gary Sheffield to the Atlanta Braves. Received Brian Jordan, Odalis Perez, and Andrew Brown. I wrote a letter to the Times after this one. I said I would trade Sheffield for a rosin bag and a bucket of balls. I loved to watch him hit but absolutely hated him as a cancer on the team.

December 4, 2002
Traded Mark Grudzielanek and Eric Karros to the Chicago Cubs. Received Todd Hundley and Chad Hermansen.

July 31, 2003
Traded Bubba Crosby and Scott Proctor to the New York Yankees. Received Robin Ventura.

December 13, 2003
Traded Kevin Brown to the New York Yankees. Received Jeff Weaver, Yhency Brazoban, Brandon Weeden (minors), and cash.

April 3, 2004
Traded a player to be named later and Franklin Gutierrez to the Cleveland Indians. Received Milton Bradley. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent Andrew Brown (May 19, 2004) to the Cleveland Indians to complete the trade.

July 30, 2004
Traded Paul Lo Duca, Guillermo Mota, and Juan Encarnacion to the Florida Marlins. Received Hee Seop Choi, Brad Penny, and Bill Murphy. Boy, I hated this one at the time.

July 31, 2004
Traded Dave Roberts to the Boston Red Sox. Received Henri Stanley (minors).
Traded Koyie Hill, Bill Murphy, and Reggie Abercrombie (minors) to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Received Steve Finley and Brent Mayne.

January 11, 2005
Traded Shawn Green to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Received Dioner Navarro, Beltran Perez, Danny Muegge (minors), and William Juarez (minors).

December 13, 2005
Traded Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez to the Oakland Athletics. Received Andre Ethier.

January 14, 2006
Traded Edwin Jackson and Chuck Tiffany (minors) to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Received Danys Baez and Lance Carter.

April 24, 2006
Traded Cody Ross to the Cincinnati Reds. Received a player to be named later. The Cincinnati Reds sent Ben Kozlowski (June 1, 2006) to the Los Angeles Dodgers to complete the trade.

June 27, 2006
Traded a player to be named later, Dioner Navarro, and Jae Weong Seo to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Received Toby Hall, Mark Hendrickson, and cash. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent Justin Ruggiano (July 19, 2006) to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to complete the trade.

August 9, 2007
Traded a player to be named later and PTBNL or $ to the San Francisco Giants. Received Mark Sweeney. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent Travis Denker (minors) (August 25, 2007) to the San Francisco Giants to complete the trade.

What, 4 or 5 good trades in 21 years. Combine that with the horrid free agents.

Just keep the kids. You don’t know how to trade.

Dodgereric – thank you for the history lesson. Hopefully, the bad history doesn’t repeat itself.

“First base, he looked very natural,” Las Vegas manager Lorenzo Bundy said. “Second base was better day in and day out. Andy’s a tough kid. Anything to get back to the big leagues.”

long but interesting reading about Torre
Torre Not Doing Much Better Than Girardi
June 10, 2008

There are still many Joe Torre diehards lurking about town. It’s not surprising given just how long he managed the Yankees and how successful he was. One is reminded of the country’s shock when Franklin Roosevelt died in office in 1945. For many, he was the only president they had ever known. As such, one still sees and hears the occasional talk-radio or online muttering that Torre would have been able to fix what ails the 2008 Yankees whereas Joe Girardi has failed.

These arguments would have more weight if Torre was having more success fixing what ails the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that is shaping up to have a season of lost opportunities. The Dodgers’ division rivals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, opened the season like they were going to reprise the 1927 Yankees, only with better pitching, going 20-8 on the month. Since then, though, their bats have largely disappeared. Not including Monday’s loss to the Pirates, the D’backs have batted .237 AVG/.319 OBP/.391 SLG since April came to an end, and have a record of 14-22 over that span.

The 1927 Yankees these are not, yet Torre’s Dodgers have been unable to take advantage. They finished April in second place, 5 1/2 games behind Arizona. They remain in second place, 3 1/2 games behind, as they have matched the Diamondbacks’ losing almost game-for-game, going 16-20 since then. Los Angeles, with some notable exceptions, pitched well, but the offense has been stagnant, batting .250/.309/.362.

Some of this has been self-inflicted in a manner consistent with Torre’s entire history, and it makes for a strong contrast with Joe Girardi, who clearly has some idées fixes of his own. The Dodgers have been punished by injuries to players such as Rafael Furcal, the sporadic unavailability of aging players such as Jeff Kent, and Andruw Jones’s expensive face-plant of a season, which has involved a complete inability to hit, an apparent lack of conditioning, and a knee surgery that will keep him out until the All-Star break.

Torre hasn’t been able to do much about these problems because his options are limited; the Dodgers are not deep in prospects, and the only one he has tried, infielder Chin-Lung Hu, has been a major disaster, hitting .159/.224/.206 in more than 100 at bats. When your team trades for former Royals’ Rookie of the Year Angel Berroa because he represents an offensive upgrade on your performance, you can be pretty sure that they’re not going to make a movie about your career.

Other Torre fixes have reeked of old, failed Yankees policies. During spring training, Torre had successfully de-emphasized singles-hitting outfielder Juan Pierre, the incongruous speedster with the bad glove, in favor of Jones, Andre Ethier, and Matt Kemp. Torre had already begun to renege when Jones went down, and, in the spirit of his keeping Chuck Knoblauch in the left field/leadoff spot in 2001 even as that former All-Star ceased entirely to hit, Pierre is now his everyday left fielder and leadoff man. Pierre’s .281/.347/.321 in the leadoff spot isn’t Hu-bad, but it’s not positive either.

In all his years as a manager, Torre hasn’t learned that the batting order is a vehicle for distributing playing time, not for emphasizing speed and power. Batting Pierre leadoff is the same as saying that Pierre deserves more offensive playing time than any other Dodger, and nothing else. Worse, Torre does have an option other than Pierre, the 25-year-old outfielder Delwyn Young, whom Torre has envisioned purely as a pinch hitter. Young has had just four starts this year. Young is not a coming star, but his minor league record suggests a player who might get on base as often as Pierre does but with a great deal more power, perhaps 30 doubles and 15 home runs, where Pierre might have 20 and two. This is actually an urgent matter, as Kemp and Ethier have hit for good averages but little else, and no other players in the lineup have emerged as this year’s run producers.

In short, whatever managerial genius Torre possesses has failed to manifest itself in his approaches to the Dodgers’ problems. Given that most of the Yankees’ problems have not been manager-inflicted, it’s hard to see how he would have been an upgrade on Girardi. Sure, he would have appeared less nervous with his famously avuncular public persona, but that still wouldn’t have repaired the injuries to Alex Rodriguez and Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter’s off-year, Robinson Cano’s season-long slump, or the problems in the starting rotation and the bullpen — especially the latter. Torre was helpless to solve the team’s bullpen problems in his last years with the team, handled the relievers as poorly as Girardi does, and clung to Kyle Farnsworth as a pitcher of importance just as much as Girardi does now.

The fact is, a college of coaches featuring Casey Stengel, John McGraw, Billy Martin, and Earl Weaver couldn’t do much to fix the Yankees — or, Willie Randolph-haters, the Mets. These teams each need a savior, but they’re not going to come from the bench.

Good stuff Eric, Nelly, and Jungar.

Nice work, dodgereric. Thank you.
One thing that really bugged me was our acquisition and reacquisiton of Todd Hundley. It was an obvious attempt to replace Mike Piazza’s power bat. Needless to say such thinking was futile. How are you going to replace the best-hitting catcher of all-time? It simply isn’t done.
We should have just stuck with Charles Johnson. In the two or three years after we got rid of him and got Hundley, Charles hit just as well and was an oustanding defensive catcher — 4 Gold Gloves. And, at the risk of my hetero credentials, I’ll say that few guys have ever looked better in a Dodgers uniform than Charles.
Alrighty, goodnighty.

That is interesting reading, dnel. I’m assuming that’s a New York paper or mag.

You’re welcome, mlk. I can’t help it, I’m still looking at that last one. The guy we traded for Sweeney just got called up.

He’s hitting .389 in 18 games. He’s a second baseman. Wait, he’s only 22. Forget it…………

Good night and God Bless

Great work Dodgereric..scary that most of the trades were complete dudes both ways. What a crap shoot! Denker does look good so far, he is Kent type according to his minor league numbers, a power hitting 2nd baseman…way to recognize that guys….hopefully a little more socialable.

I would love to have had the Piazza trade, Edwin Jackson back. I do not understand why we gave up on a 20 year 95 mph plus arm so quickly for a 1 year rental in Baez…he was to be a free agent…Nice guy, he actually picked up our bar tab in DC one night….over $300 dollars. Pretty cool!

Speaking of Kent. I do not believe he is as big a cancer as some percieve. He stated he is not a fan of baseball, but he loves to play the game. You can tell that by his approach. I interpreted what he said by meaning that after his playing days are over he will not hang around the park. I spoke with the exiled former trainer for 17 years or so with the Dodgers. God that really irks me they would let him go and hire Stan friggan Conte….Oh well another story…The ex trainer says Kent is what he is, a loner, but approachable and he supposedly did reach out to explain some things to the young guys last year and they blew him off…that is when he went to the media…Again from a 3rd party but in my opinion he is very credible and had no reason to lie….

His skills have declined and I agree that he should not be hitting 4th, but no one else has stepped up. We were hoping that Jelly roll would assume that position but he could not push himself away from the buffet.

As for getting a game ball…In 1987 I drove up to Philly with a buddy and snagged a Pedro Guerrero Home run ball. I grabbeb the ball and a 12 year old kid grabbed my hand and the Philly obnoxius fans were yelling to me to give him the ball…No way it was a Dodger ball that should be in the hands of a Dodger fan….still have it…actually had it signed by Ron Washington ex dodgers and now manager of the Rangers…He happened to come into my rental store and I had the ball there.

Hats off to you, dodgerboy! That took courage in Philly, I’m sure. They probably wanted to throw it back anyway. That’s what I would have done.

By the way, it’s really not necessary to include ‘obnoxious’ in ‘Phillie fan’. You could save yourself some keystrokes there. 🙂

Good Morning Dodger Blue Fans!!
jungar – signed on to facebook. I will work on getting pictures added.
Dodgereric – my husband says Travis Denker is doing well with the gnats.
Fresno State defeated Arizona State and they are headed to the College World Series. Sorry Andre, I love watching Arizona State basesball, but this is going to be great having a Central California team represented in Omaha. Stanford is going too, so the bay area will be represented too. Nice job to these Nor-cal teams.
Morning Music time – My favorite PVL is the subject of this song – sorry Juan Pierre 🙂
song done to John Cougar Mellancamp’s “Jack and Diane”
Little ditty about Juan Pierre
Management screwin’ up in the southland
Pierre’s gonna be a lead-off star
Joe’s not listening to us so far
Lead off always at Dodger Stadium
Pierre sittin on Neddy’s desk
He’s got his hands pleading please
Neddy say, Juanpy get to lead off
Before any-body
Juanpy got those baby hooks
And do what he please
Oh yeah Pierre goes on
Long after his days of running are gone
Oh yeah Pierre goes on
Long after his days of running are gone
Pierre sits back reflects his thoughts for a moment
Scratches his head and says “Dre’s beating me”
Well you know Pierre can run out of this city
Fans, say, were not missing nothing
Oh yeah Pierre goes on
Long after his days of running are gone
Oh year Pierre goes on
Long after his days of running are gone
Joe make him stop
Let him go
Let Bison come out
And save our goals
Hold on to youth as long as you can
Change is comin’ round real soon
Making boys into men
Little ditty about Juan Pierre
And two Dodger kids doing the best they can

Woo-Hoo Nelly. Nice song. LOL. Thanks for starting my day off with a song. Classic matchup tonight. Very exciting. Let’s go Dodgers!!!

I’d say, “WHOA, NELLIE!” but I don’t want to insult! It’s meant as a good thing!

“Neddy say, Juanpy get to lead off
Before any-body” – I like it! You’re marching towards the front of the class!

BTW, does anyone think that the Giants might want to consider reversing that trade?

hey thanks for including me on that list MLK.
im from lompoc, CA about an hour north of beautiful santa barbara. i haven’t had much time to post lately…im home for the summer and looking for a job.
i’m going to culinary school in santa barbara which puts me an hour closer to dodger stadium, so ive already been to more dodger games this year than ever before. as bad as the year is going i’ve actually seen 7 wins and only 3 losses.

I agree Dodgereric, have you ever been to a Philly game in Philly, they are the worse. I took my 70 year old dad to a game 4 years ago in Philly and in the 1st inning the Dodgers hit a home run and we clap and these drunk punks, 5-6 big young punks start cussing and threatening us….My cousin from Philly went to the ushers and had them moved or thrown out….At least the ushers did not waste time, but if you wear dodger gear you take your life literally into your own hands.

eric – my husband says “Not a chance” on the trade, and my son says “h*ll no!” – lol
That song was just too good to pass up. It started out about Joe and Ned, but as I went along, Pierre’s name just kept coming up so I went with it. My daughter wasn’t too thrilled. Like I said, she likes him (I think it’s because they both wear #9). She thinks we are evil and mean to him. I’ve tried to explain the circumstances and it’s mostly about the contract and not the player, per se, but she is a typical girl and just goes to look at the cute guys. True embarrassing story: We were at Dodger Stadium watching them play the Rox. We were in the Right Field Pavillion looking right at the famous “Dodgers” sign at the top of the top deck. She turns to me and asks “Who’s the home team?” I gave the look of total disgust and a yankee fan, no less, turns around an says “The Dodgers are the home team sweetie.” It was not only funny as hell, but embarrassing at the same time.
Thanks boys!!! Like I said – this is just too much fun!!

DNEL, you just hit a freak`n Grand slam in my book with that song!!!! That was the first song I learned to play on my guitar!!! Good Job.

Sorry Jhall and Enchanted, but someone is racing to the head of the class!! 🙂

Thanks jnv828, but to put it in baseball terms – enchanted, jhall, and eric are on the leader board in the home run category. I’m still, like our young players, trying to figure it out and hoping to break out soon.
BTW – do any of you know how many songs have been done? That’s got to be one heck of a list!!

LOL!! It’s a team effort. Everyone contributes and we all win.

Your right Jhall it is a team effort, to bad some people we know can’t figure that out. Way to go everyone here!!!

You are so right, boys – we make one hell of a team!!! 🙂

OK here is a challenge for all you song birds…… How about a Cheap Trick tune???

I think Nelly did one not long ago JNV.

I must have missed that one!! DNEL what song did you do it to?

A request Nelly.

Reprinted without permission:

To get your morning started with a song: I heard this song three times in one day, and I figured it was a sign.
Surrender – Cheap Trick
We all told you, yes, we told you to be a fan like us
We also told you, “Have some fun, you’ll never know what you’ll see
Just the other day I saw a Dodger going yard among a cheering crowd
Andre’s alright, Matty’s alright, they just need a little time
Young Dodgers, Young Dodgers, coming on out to play
Bloggers say, “youth is right, we’re really up on things”
“Before we worry, Loney will serve up a launch in the upper deck”
Now, we had heard that Ned recruited old vets for the team
But Pierre isn’t what we want, We’ve known it all these years
Russell’s alright, James is alright, they just need a little time
Young Dodgers, young Dodgers, coming on out to play
Whatever happened to all this season’s losers of the year?
Ev’ry time we got to thinking, where’d they disappear?
When we woke up, Andruw and Nomar are sitting on DL
Making money, rockin and sittin, can’t even help us out
Blake is alright, Hu is alright, they just need a little time
Young Dodgers, young Dodgers, coming on out to play
Watching First Take on ESPN talking about us missing Furcal – I am sure Eric has those stats of our current Short stops – not good, and yes, I had to agree – we do miss him.

By on June 6, 2008 7:25 AM

Thanks Eric, I did miss that one.

Thank you eric – I was posting on Andre’s blog – he did a review on that Japanese restaurant. He didn’t answer any questions, but the write up was great, and he got a little bit of his personality into it. Then again, anything he does is great in my book. 🙂

LMAO!!! ERIC – I really want to ask him if he got his birthday stuff and Flat Stanley back in April, but I don’t want to get kicked off for being a stalker – lol!! I was at a game the day after his birthday and I had a Flat Stanley for him to sign if given the chance, and dumb Juan Pierre was playing in left field instead because Joe decided to bench Matt. So the following Monday, I sent a letter with all the pictures I sent you (to show it wasn’t just an Andre thing, but a baseball thing), and I included the poster we made for him. I also sent him the Flat Stanley, and I never got a response. I am assuming it’s the PR department and not Andre. You are too funny!!! Maybe Josh can find out what happened to Flat Stanley – hmmm!

New post!! I reposted my comment, eric, just in case 🙂

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