Day game…brat, anyone?

The worst part about missing the Milwaukee trip (other than not seeing last night’s come-from-behind clutch victory), is that they have some of the best press box food in the game, including bratwurst that can only be enjoyed in Wisconsin.  So in honor of it, last night I watched the game on TV while BBQing burgers and dogs. Not quite the same.

Luis Maza gets his first big league start today. Kemp gets the day off…should be back in there tomorrow, as Torre said he thinks Pierre or Sweeney will DH in Anaheim. Here’s the lineup against Ben Sheets:

Pierre, LF

Jones, CF

Ethier, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

DeWitt, 3B

Maza, SS

Billingsley, P


Super team win last night. Let’s take the series. Trust the stuff Billz.

Hey Mr Kahli Man, bravo!!!!!
T-shirt sounds very cool Nelson.

Happy to see DeWitt’s in the line after reading of his back stiffening up last night. Hope Kent can snap out of his funk today. I think the DH will help Torre this weekend with the outfield delimer. I think it’s hugh to have 7 players with 3 or more HRs.
Bilz has to cut down on his pitches even if it means less strikeouts.
I’ll miss most of if not all of today’s game because of a doctor’s appointment I just couldn’t get out of.

I just noticed Kent’s OBP is .287….yuck! Maybe Kent should sit and LaRoche given a shot at 2B? Or DY? I mean, Kent is extremely limited defensively as it is and if he’s not hitting….maybe it’s time to call it quits?

The beautiful thing about my job is that I work at home, so I can watch the entire game on FSN! 🙂

Yep Scott, Kent is struggling. He needs to be dropped down in the order 6th or 7th.
I’ve never liked the DH being a lifelong NL fan and somewhat of a baseball purist. However, it would greatly benefit us with our 4 outfielder situation. At least whichever one is sitting could hit. Ethier and Kemp would play almost everyday.

I want to see Kent and Dewitt switch batting spot or let Loney bat in the clean up spot with Martin, Dewitt and Kent in that order for the time being.

Pierre or Sweeney? I thought it was designated hitter?

Anyway you look at it, if our DH is going to be either Pierre or Sweeney, we’re terribly overmatched. I would think that would be the opportunity for DY or else Martin to take one day off from behind the plate. Ned and Torre are still looking to kick-start Sweeney in some way, but that won’t happen unless you can set back his years with a youth pill or something.

DeWitt is a late scratch. Martin is playing 3rd, Bennett catching.

I’m with you Shad. At this point Kent should not be hitting clean up. Hope he gets it going. I can’t say I will be sad next year when he is gone.

Damn got to love the L,R,L,R,L,R,L,R,R batting order.


Of course Pierre has to DH because he is the worst OF defensively, but have you ever seen a weaker DH in baseball history than JP? Colletti and Torre are jokes. Lineup against Angels should be:

Martin C (until Furcal is back)
Ethier LF
Kemp RF
Kent 2B (out of my hands)
Loney 1B
Dewitt 3B
Jones CF
Young DH
Hu/Maza SS

Ouch Martin at 3rd, Maza is now batting 7th

Well that is a bite. Losing DeWitt’s bat for Bennett hurts.

Damnit! Billz is screwed with that retard Bennett catching.

Why isn’t LaRoche on this roster ready to step in on a day like today? IDIOTS!!

Back off of him. Maybe we should called Lucas May and not even signed Bennett.

Call-up Andy LaRoche NOW! DeWitt tweaked his back last night, so if needs a DL stint, Andy deserves his long overdue chance.

Yep Scott. Just got to hope Phew stays hot because you know he is going to play.

I hope DeWitt is not out because of his back – that would not be good. It’s not good, anyway, but my hope that it is not medical and that it’s just Joe being himself.

Didn’t he make that last out to win us that game yesterday? You couldn’t really tell.

I see filegel wouldn’t like that idea one bit.

Todays lineup is horrendus. this is what it should be

Jones or Pierre.
Martin or Bennett

I can waited until Martin be eligible at 3rd base tonight like I’m going to used him there in my fantasy league.

should be can’t not can.

If DeWitt is hurt at all we should cal up LaRoche NOW! Don’t wait for Norma to come back and “reclaim” his spot.

Has anyone seen the article on Gagne yesterday? The last paragraph:

“It was just time to move on,” he said of leaving L.A. “I wanted to close and I wasn’t willing to go back and be hurt again for a third year. That was going to be tough.”

What? He left because of one more year in a new contract. The Ds offered him good terms considering they got nothing for 2 years while he was coming off ster……, recovering from injuries. We were in panic mode when he left and just flat-out got lucky with Saito.

good riddance, cheater!

Yep Eric, we got very lucky with Saito. We let Gagne go at the right time. He ain’t the same without the juice.

Do we have a 3b curse for injuries at 3b?


Typical shoddy reporting in the latest Dodger report about Dewitt sitting today. It mentions the “struggling” Matt Kemp. Struggling??? Game before last he was 2-3 with a 2B and RBI. What the heck? But JP wasn’t struggling when he went hitless in 2 games and only 2 hits in 5? Total bull$hit reporting and no doubt the same thinking that Torre and Ned have been using.

Go Angels!

**hitless in “3” games…sorry

LOL Scott. They twist it any way they want it.

Damn almost a dp if it was for Pierre speed lol.


Sheets is killing Ethier another k’s.

“It’s funny. Last night, I go over to tell Kemp [that he’s not starting Thursday] and he says, ‘Don’t come over. I know what you’re going to say,'” said Torre. You’re pretty predictable, huh Joe?

I’m thinking that this is no slump for Kent – it’s just another veteran declining with the years. He doesn’t deserve the cleanup slot, unless we just want to give games away, and given our management I really think we do rather than upset the vets. On the other hand, with vets like Bennett and Sweeney and the continuing problem with Druw, we’re not going anyplace, especially with our starting pitching problems. The only thing I’m looking forward to is the departure of Ned once we wind up out of the playoffs again.

Billingsley is obviously dealing today. Given the massive sticks in the line-up today, maybe he can get a no decision for his efforts….

Yeah, Kemp and Ethier hate to see Joe coming.

Well, so far, so good for Billz. I hope I was wrong about him pitching poorly with HGH Bennett.

You know Andre’s thinking the same thing, especially after that last strikeout. He was thinking ” Here I go again, back to the bench” poor kids don’t stand a chance 🙂

Maza got a Pierre lollipop arm.

The Brewers announcers just made the comment that 100 strikeouts in a season isn’t a stigma like it used to be. Well, I doubt Andre and Matt feel that way, and Torre certainly doesn’t feel that way (then again, he’s letting Andruw and Kent work it out) The more you think about it, it truly is a lot of double-talk.

I think Im going to pick up JP on my fantasy team

aww.. chad let a pitcher break up his no-no.. darn sheets =P

Oh no a Pierre #2 on this team lol.

Ok Scott go ahead and blame Bennett now.

Ned the PR guy. It is spin city now days Nelson. Are you wearing your T-shirt?

I’m now officially praying that Torre will make good on his intention to revisit the lineup at the 2 month mark.

And, scurtis, you have a great sense of humor.

I am sorry – I just don’t think he belongs in the lineup.

So, Pierre’s strength is his running?


no, jhall, saving it for tomorrow night in Anaheim.

He belong there Jones don’t.

On game days in the morning/afternoon, I can’t wear Dodger t-shirts to school so I wear Dodger Blue colored shirt instead that is a little dressier.

However, the “Got Ethier” shirt is hanging one of my easels for all the kids to see. It’s not bringing Andre much luck though – yikes!!

Gosh Bills you walk a .187 hitter.

shad, I’ll put my OF of Ethier, Jones and Kemp against yours of Pierre and whoever else you think should be in yours and over the course of the season mine will outperform yours in every way on both sides of the ball.

Gotta have some humor during the dog days of spring and summer.

I can’t wait till the Freeway Series this weekend. Hopefully CBill can get out of this inning and we can get him some runs.

Gosh…is anyone surprised this line-up can’t hit Sheets? Ned, is Bennett the BEST back-up catcher you could rustle up? My nerves!?!?!?!?!

Cool Nelson!!

At least he calling a good game so far. Who said I wanted Pierre? I’d rather take a healthy Repko over overweight Jones anyday of the week.

By on May 15, 2008 11:32 AM
no, jhall, saving it for tomorrow night in Anaheim.

LOL! I was thinking of maybe going to Saturday’s game but I don’t want to go to the Rat House.

How do you get spaces between lines?

even better I’ll take a healthy Werth over Jones too and is just too bad we didn’t resigned him.


You lost right there dodgereric and you better hope Jones outperformance Werth if Werth stay healthy.


Wow!! Glad to see that!


Alright, maybe Jones is starting to get it together.

wow pierre last night and jones just now???? whats going on with this dodger team? Im loving it though

I think I hit the wrong button here because my box score has Jones homering to left.

I am not counting on having too much fun if we are not winning. My husband and son are gnats fans, plus my husband has about 4 Angel players on his fantasy team, and my daughter will cheer on the opposing team just to piss me off. The only saving grace is that my brother and his boys will be there and they bleed Dodger Blue, too

Yeah – Andruw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg Andreu hell just froze over.


Braun is awful at diving for balls. Nice AJ, Kent and Loney!

Loney!! Time for the song!

hahahah I guess that what Andreu need to critcize him when I normally don’t do lol.

LOL Nelson. Hopefully we’ll win and you can rub it in.

Wow!! A hit parade!

wow.. we’re actually crushing sheets this inning!! go blue! come on russ~ keep it going!

Alright Kent, good sign.

Marty!! Woo-Hoo!!

Last game vs. MIL 5 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 .400 .400 .400 .800
Career vs. MIL 70 267 39 70 12 2 13 46 29 60 5 5 .262 .342 .468 .810
Away (this year) 18 55 5 9 2 0 1 3 8 21 0 0 .164 .270 .255 .524
Grass (this year) 38 117 16 21 6 1 1 6 18 39 0 0 .179 .287 .274 .560
Career vs B. Sheets 34 13 2 0 2 8 0 7 0 1 .382 .382 .618 1.000

lol Jones owned Sheets batting at .382 before the game.

Congrats Maza!!!


My Andruw has a first name……………

Maza!! Get the run in Bennett!!

Hell has officially frozen over!!!

WOW GARY BENNENT! The whole team is ripping Sheets!

Holy Cow!! Who’d have thunk it.

Can we get Billz to knock one out on Sheets?

is this the inning of unexpecteds????

WHAT…THE…HECK! Gary Bennett Three Run Home Run!

Omg I called that.

Now I am in total disbelief.

Crumbling Sheets? Hit, hit parade! great way to enjoy my lunch.

Holy mackarel! Now if Pierre homers, look for H*** to be freezing over next in spite of global warming.

whats next is pierre gonna go yard now?


Damn if it was for my slow dialup I would’ve predict that Bennett 3 runs shots.

I just got back from the doctor’s office I missed everthing but I’m pleasantly suprised to say the least.

I see that Hu in there for defense. C’mon Billz!!

We got you a 6 pack Brooklyn.

Another big suprise, Bilz pitching through the 7th.

I hope they let Billz throw another 20 pitches and finish this game off without Proctor coming in and making it close.

Okay, I can finally wear my “Got Ethier?” shirt knowing it wasn’t all bad – he finally got a hit!! Thank you, Andre!!!

I came back in the class just in time to see the hit. My students are cheering for the Dodgers and their 6-0 lead –

Steiner is the new Doggett (God rest his lovable soul). I remember what Jerry-isms might sound like: “There’s a DEEP FLY TO LEFT!!!…and caught on the warning track.” Or “First and second…two out…HARD SMASH TO RIGHT…er………….out at the plate!”

Wow I thought Hu would move to 2nd base like he always does. I guess Maza arm prove that he should be move to 2nd bases and Hu goes SS.

Another one and JONES joins the 3HR club.

I hope Torre doesn’t put Sweeney in as a DH.
Manny Mota & Lenny Harris didn’t need ABs
Mark is a good PH and should have no trouble coming up there cold.
Ethier needs the ABs more than him.

Since Pierre most likely will be playing and leading off, he’d make the best DH at this time.
That way we’ll have an all powerfull outfield of, left to right, Ethier, Jones & KEMP.

That’s a heck of a 6-pack— Jhall

We are going to need the defense(Ethier, Jones, Kemp) out there with the Angel hitters. I agree PierreEW

Bills will definitely be the main man in pitching if he can hang on.

Hopefully, I didn’t speak too soon. Come on Brox!!!!!!

Good call by Torre to pull Billz at this moment. We can still get out of this without giving up a run.

Billingsley pitched his gem today.

Getting back to that DH.
If it’s Sweeney
Than Torre is really a puzzlement, to me.

Lineup I’d like to see tomorrow:
Pierre DH
Jones CF
Either LF
Kent 2B not my choice but I can’t change it
Loney 1B
Martin C
DeWitt 3B

Time to pulled him now.

Thought you would like it Brooklyn. LOL

Are the pitchers spot batting 8 and Hu #9. hahaha.

Billz really came through for us. We needed it badly.

I love when the Nats winning 3 of 4 games against the Mets. That was a hard way to lose Delgado lined into double play first to third, C. Beltran out at third.


That’s ok Boxton I really needs that homerun from Braun in my fantasy league.

Get Sammy ready!!

Nice play by Maza!!

Talk about fantasy – my competition has Dodger pitching staff – I will take a Dodger win over fantasy win any day!!!

Finish them off boys!!!

MAN, that Prince Fielder!!!
Brox couldn’t throw it past him.
Other than that and the HR he got through all right.

Now we need some more runs.
We don’t need saves everyday.

Jhall, where is Kemp in your lineup?

Come on Maddux just retired and signed back with us again to mentor our young players. The Padres are killing him now and I know he doesn’t want to stay with them again.

Screw Sweeney. Use Bennett as our right handed pinch hitter. Get rid of Sweeney and open up a roster spot.

Sweet I just got asked out to a party tonight! I can’t wait until the 25th-27th Got great seats right by the bullpen and dugout for all 3 games vs the Cubs.

Some need to slap this chump water28 guess what he said about our future ace? lol calling him a chump and a junk pitchers my god what a loser he is.

oops i mean someone need

KENT’S HR is good news
Those 40 YR olds, their slums are kind of scary.
Garry Bennett with 4 RBI looks a lot better.

Good for you Scurtis.
Whoops, not used to this DH stuff Peru.

Let’s go CORY.

I mean COREY

I just found out about DeWitt
It just ruined my day.

I guess I owe Mr Bennett an apology…I still don’t like having to use Martin at 3B though.

Sweet win!! Taking the series on the road against their ace. Outstanding. Good sign. I wasn’t too optimistic about it after Tuesday night. Billz and Bennett players of the game. Super all around effort. Wow!! Let’s put it to the Angels..

Need Rocks to beat the DB’s tonight.

That last out was tough but nice going for WADE
2006—–20-20 (won WC)
Well it’s going to be a big weekend especially for you Angelinos.
Over here Santana goes after Yankees.
Hope Joe makes the right decision on that DH
Most important DeWitt’s back.

I meant his back.*********I hope DeWitt’s back.

If Kent and Jones get it together the offense will be in business. Still need Penny and Lowe to step it up.


I just wish it were Dodger Stadium, but I will go see the Dodgers any chance I get. I have been to Dodger games at AT&T park, so I can handle anything. Heck! I live with Gnat fans – I live through rivalry-hell everyday!!

There are exceptions, of course. But you usually only go as far as your pitching will carry you.

Have fun Nelson. Eat a hot dog for me.
So true Eric.

Hey jhall, I have some pics of my Chevelle in my laptop at home but I’m still trying to figure out how to get them so you can see. I’m barely computer-literate, you see. If you want to see them and have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them.

Five-game losing streaks are much more conducive to creativity than a winning streak. I blame myself……………..

Hey, when’s the game tonight?

I had this weird dream that Jones, Kent and Bennett all hit HRs in the same inning. Strange…

Sorry to be a buzz kill, but has anyone noticed what old dodger farm hands Dioner Navarro and Edwin Jackson have been up to this year? Can someone remind me what we got for trading these guys?

dodgerdude….every time you rue a trade, just remember how Dodgers lucked into Ethier for Bradley…and pray they don’t trade Kershaw for Delino DeShields.

Dodgereric…open an account on…it is free and you can send the pictures to whomever you want….real easy…i am computer challenged myself….

It has been 2 really great wins and great to see billz step up and give the pen a little break….Maybe Jones is starting to get it, he has looked more balanced at the plate…if he gets his swing back….Mattingly should get a statue outside the stadium…we really need him!

I hope Dewitt injury is not serious, he has been a god send so far…We need another ROY in the Dodger family….I hope we can beat the Angels, but Scioscia has had our number….He should be our manager!!!!

enchanted, by all means, keep dreaming…maybe you’ll have some trade dreams we can all look forward to…

Thanks, dodgerboy! I’ll give that a shot tonight.

Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
First Jones goes yard
Then Kent does too
James Loney gets a triple
And its just begun


Martin blasts a single
On first he doesn’t linger
‘Cause Maza gets his first hit
They call for the ball, they get it
Bennett trudges to the plate
But its just begun


Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
We don’t understand
Ned’s so confused
Salary misused
As we rub our eyes
Bennett’s dinger flies

Super Eric. The creativity bug has biten you. LOL
If the pics are on your computer, you can just e-mail them to me. Just use your e-mail and attach them and send them to my e-mail which is the one on here. I’d love to see them.
Enchanted, go back to sleep and dream about beating the Angels. LOL. We missed you today. What a game. Billz came up huge. And Bennett, where did that come from. Hope Kent and Jones break out, we’ll be cookin’.

Need a Rockies win tonight.

Shad, looks like Billz gave chump 28 a slap down…

Thanks jhall, you and enchanted and everyone else are inspirational. I thought I emailed them to my work here last night so that I could do just that and they never got here. I’ll try it again straight to you tonight when I settle in and hopefully it’ll go.

I don’t know if you’ve lived here before, but this upcoming series with that geographically-confused team in Orange County is huge. I’ve taken a lot of crap from all the Angel fans around here and can’t wait to give some back.

Not that I’m claiming any credit, but yesterday I hung a new Dodger banner on my house. Some rat you-know-what ripped the old one down. Took it, pole and all. We’re 2 – 0 since the new one’s been flying. You’re right, if Kent and Jones can get going and Ferc and DeWitt can come back healthy, look out NL West!

Cool Eric, keep that flag flying. Never lived in LA area. Been there about 4 times. My first game at Dodger stadium was Valenzuala’s no-hitter. Talk about luck. Wow, I couldn’t believe it. Got and autographed ball from that game. Got it with the ticket stub. A few years later I was there for a conference in Anaheim. I drove up to Dodger stadium to catch an game with the Braves. Don’t you know, their pitcher Kent Merker pitched a no-hitter. It wasn’t fun losing but seeing another no-hitter took the sting out of it.

I am going to miss going to Vero.

I was talking to my friend about the “Got Ethier” t-shirt, and she said that when she originally went online to get it, his name wasn’t one of the ones you could choose, so she called, and the representative said all of a sudden they have been getting a lot of requests for the name Ethier, and the rep made the comment “boy, he sure has gotten popular lately.”
It was refreshing to hear that other Dodger fans are expressing how they want Ethier playing along with the other young players on this could-be fabulous Dodger team.

That is good to hear Nelson. Future looks bright if they keep Ned away from the controls. LOL

Sorry I’ve missed out on chances for a Loney Song the last few days. I’ve been at Wrigley Field–the oldest and quite possibly the SECOND best stadium in the National League. It really was a bit of a Baseball Pilgrimage to go there.
Nice wins the last two days. I hope DeWitt is OK.
Here’s my question–DeWitt is playing incredibly well, but LaRoche is clearly ready (he’s hitting now at Las Vegas). He has, by all reports, better potential than almost any of our young players (viewed as a better power hitter than Kemp), and we could use the long ball. So, do we call him up and give him the chance over LaRoche?
At this point, I say DeWitt has earned the job. I want to see LaRoche, but I couldn’t bench Blake. For future years, can DeWitt play Second Base?
Go Dodgers, but we should all ignore the next three games. They are Illegal Interleague Games, played in violation of Rules 2.00 and 6.10 of the Rules of Baseball. Boycott Interleague Play!

Wonderful, Fantastic second in row 7 to 2 Victory by our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers over The Milwaukee Brewers!. Super Heroes Gary Bennett and Andruw Jones deserve High Honors for their Three Run Blast and Solo Rocket Respectively!. Champ Pitcher Chad Billingsley was absolutely Fantastic! Super pitching by Jonathan Broxton and Cory Wade to close out the game! Super heroes Juan Pierre and Russel Martin for their 2 base hits and all around clutch play! And of course, Superman, Tireless Jeff Kent, The Man Of Steel, For his Home Run Shot and who is The Best Second Baseman to ever play the game! Hey Jeff, we are glad that you play for our Wonderful Los Angeles Dodgers and that your Dedication and True Baseball Spirit will be rewarded by Our Seventh World Series Championship, and by the way all the rest of our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super, as well!

3rd Base Curse?

Let’s hope not, savestheday. We’ve been through all that for too many years. Between DeWitt and LaRoche I’m sure we’ll be set for quite a while. We just need to find room for both of them somewhere.

Josh, can you ask Blake if he would be able to return to 2nd or is that door closed? How about LaRoche? Can he play another position? Like 2nd?

Eric, just checked out the photos. Wow, that is super sweet. I know it is a blast to drive. You’ve got me seriously ready to find a 69 like my first car. Wow. Good looking boy you got there. Hey, you only live once.
Thanks My Friend,

You’re most welcome. You’re right, you only live once. I’ve managed to live 55 years and only have 3 real regrets. The first one was quitting football in high school. I was a real stubborn boneheaded idiot back then. I haven’t quit anything since. Well, almost. The second one was not buying a house back when I could have gotten one for $40K. Neither one is possible to correct. The third one was selling my ’68 Chevelle. I think I’ve fixed that one.

You sure did. In a big way. Thanks again. Life is short, enjoy the ride. Literally.

I got lucky with this, it kind of fell in my lap. One of the good thiings about it is it’s still worth as much as I paid for it last week. Can’t say that about a new car. Plus it gives me something else to do with my son.

Keep your ear to the ground and go for it when you can.

I definately will. It is a good investment. It will be worth more in a few years and just keep appreciating. Now I’m really convinced. LOL

How long have you been at this blogging thing?

Coming up on 3 years. Started over at Blue Notes/LA Times.
And yourself.

I started last fall. I live in Temecula, which is about halfway between LA and San Diego, and inland about 20 miles. The first town to the south is Fallbrook. One of the big fires around here last year got into there and destroyed a bunch of homes. We know several families there. The media was concentrating on San Diego and Malibu and just about everywhere but Fallbrook. From where I work I could see that the fire had jumped the freeway and was headed towards some of our friends. I got onto the website of one of the local papers and found a few people that had refused to obey the evacuation orders and were answering questions from around the country for people whose relatives live there. It was fascinating.

In the middle of all this tragedy and well-meaning, intelligent people was the comic relief. From both sides of the political spectrum they came, the liberals blaming Bush for the fires and the conservatives blaming the tree-huggers.

Anyway, during the hot stove season, I started bouncing around different baseball sites. Come spring training, I settled on this one. Not posting for several weeks, and then finally I started contributing. Now I’m hooked.

Cool. It is alot of fun. Especially this blog. It is about the only one I post on now days. Glad you found it.

I’ve looked around a few, and I’m nowhere near a veteran. But there are so many of you on here that are not only very well informed, but entertaining as the dickens! I find myself paying too much attention during working hours. Now here I am talking with you and I have to get up in 5 hours. Lucky I can function with very little sleep.

LOL. I’m in Ohio but I don’t have to get up early. I usually get about 5 hours and that works out well. I’ll let you hit the rack and chat with you tomorrow. Hope we can take the series from the Angels. That would be sweet. Thanks again for the pics. Have a great night.

You too partner! Rooting big time for a sweep, but I’ll be more than happy with 2 of 3. You get your Cavs to even the series, will you? I hate the Celtics.

I keep reading that LaRoche is tearing it up in the minors, and that he is ready an should be called up.
But how can you call him up when it is clear for the moment that Dewitt has step up and is the better canidate for the job. When LaRoche was up in the majors he never put up the numbers that DeWitt has put up. And it is clear that Dewitt is a better defensive player. Another blogger mention that LaRoche’s power is viewed better then Matt Kemp. I don’t think so. I can’t remember LaRoche doing something dramatic to stand out. I remember Looney having that long stretch of hitting when he was on fire towards the end of the season. I remember Kemp having that stretch of power when he hit those 7 homeruns. But LaRoche what has he done to stand out. All i remember about LaRoche is him swinging out of his shoes.

Dewitt is the Man for the moment.
And Maza looks good.

Heading to Anaheim today to see the game and then on to LaQuinta (Palm Springs area) to finish off the weekend. I will probably be able to read the posts, but not comment. I wish you all well during this freeway series. Getting the sweep would be nice, but I am hoping to win 2 out of 3, one of them being tonight so I won’t have to hear it from my family. Looks like according to tonight’s game notes from the home page, Torre is considering Pierre DHing. I could handle that and have the best outfield. I am sitting on field level on 3rd base side. For myself, I much rather be watching Ethier in left field than Pierre. Anyhow, I will catch up to you all later. Keep those creative juices flowing. Maybe the desert air will help my creativity – it sure is doing something for enchanted.

GO DODGER BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

LaRoche has been hitting well in Vegas. In 15 games, he’s hitting an even .300 with 4 HRs, 10 RBIs, 18 walks and an OPS of 1.108.

Like a lot of us, I would love to see both DeWitt and LaRoche with the big club and have been curious whether either one could change positions. This is what I found:

LaRoche – “Concern about his range caused the Dodgers to move him from shortstop to third base prior to sending him to their rookie league team the Ogden Raptors for the last few games of the 2003 season.” from
With the exception of 7 games in the OF last year in Vegas and one more with the Ds, he’s been at third.

DeWitt – “As a senior short stop at Sikeston High School in Missouri he batted .558 with 15 home runs, 11 doubles and 48 RBI and was named to Baseball America’s High School All-America first team, the Associated Press Class 3 all-state first team, and the Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association Class 3 all-state first team. DeWitt is one of the few players in Missouri baseball history to be named first team all-state four times. In addition to his hitting prowess, DeWitt was an effective pitcher, winning a Missouri high school record 27 consecutive games and losing only one. ” from
He played 90 games at 2nd for Vero Beach in ’06 and 16 at 3rd. He played 3 games at Jacksonville in ’06 and 23 at 3rd. The rest of his minor league career is at 3rd.

I’m SOOOOOOOO tired of losing to the Angels, especially in Orange County Los Angeles.

That’s a fact, kahli! I’m dying to just KICK THEIR YOU-KNOW-WHATS!!!!!!!

How come no one has picked up on the Beatles’ “I’m So Tired” and run with it? I was going to, even tried, but I have limited energy today. Remember, I teach high school and burnt out doesn’t even begin to cover it. The natives are beyond restless. It is, indeed, the decline of Western Civilization. These “children” live amongst you…….. THE HORROR!!!!!!!

Now there’s a challenge if I’ve ever heard one……….

I have a freind that said to me today yeah the angels are gonna show the dodgers how we play in LA… I said to him then only play in LA for three games a year… the rest of the time they play in anaheim… even there fans think they play in LA… theres only one LA team and they wear blue… think blue… angels suck…

Amen dodge!

You wrote, “it is clear for the moment that Dewitt has step up and is the better canidate for the job.”
DeWitt has certainly stepped up and done a terrific job. (Here’s a DeWitt cheer “Do it, DeWitt!”) And his unexpected degree of success — plus his obvious popularity with fans and teammates — makes it very difficult to displace him at this point. What is not so clear IMHO is that he is a better long-term prospect than LaRoche.
You wrote, “When LaRoche was up in the majors he never put up the numbers that DeWitt has put up.”
True enough. But perhaps a fairer comparison would be the first 17 days of each major league career. I chose 17 days because that is how long LaRoche had in his first stint as a starter when Nomore went down in May 2007. Here are the numbers:
LaRoche .216 BA .444 OBP .715 OPS 0 HR 3 RBI 8 Runs
DeWitt .260 BA .373 OBP .713 OPS 0 HR 5 RBI 7 Runs
As you can see, these are very comparable numbers. While LaRoche had some more time in the Big Show in September and played poorly, he has never had the extended big league stretch that it took DeWitt to start performing so well. Plus LaRoche was getting jerked around constantly by Grady Little.
What we have here is two very exciting young prospects!

I grew up in Orange County. I’ve lived in Orange County most of my adult life (except a total of 4 years in foreign countries and 10 years in L.A. County). And the Angels in no way compare to the Dodgers.
Ironically (since the Angels were once owned by Disney), Dodger Stadium is to Angel Stadium what Disneyland is to your local mini golf and fun center. Miniature golf and videogames are fun, but they hardly compare to Disneyland.

MLK, I work side-by-side with a couple of die hard Angel fans. Now, I never give anyone crap for following the team that they do. This is America, or it’s supposed to be anyway. But I will vigorously defend myself when attacked. There is certainly plenty of ammo for us Dodger fans. I have a document taped to my cubical wall that lists World Series wins, NL/AL pennants, division crowns, H of F members, MVP, Cy Young and ROY winners for each team. I had to add the team that plays down south in DogFoodPark to shut some of them up as well. That’s fairly effective, but the bazooka they have for the Angels is recent history, both in head-to-head and most recent WS victory. That’s what we need to stop, PRONTO!
Interesting reading.

If the Angels would get off their asinine “Los Angeles” misnomer, I might actually have some rooting interest in them. We did, after all, root HARD for them to take down Dusty and his NoCal troops in 2002.

LOL Kahli. I usually pull for the NL in the WS but had to root for the Angels as I can’t stand the G’nats and I like Mike Scioscia.

OH YEAH!!!!!!!, there was nothing sweeter than to see BBonds and the Gnats go down!

Especially when they all thought they had Game 6–and the Series–won! I remember being at the Rose Bowl and coming back outside to the tailgate and rueing the fact the Gints would be champs for 12 months….NOT!!!!!!!

kahli, I hear ya! I also have some friends who are gnat fans and all I say is “1954”, and they shut up.

jhall, interesting article. I particularly liked the author defending Kemp from all the media sniping on his occasional gaffe. That kid can flat-out play and we need to just let him go and do it. EVERY DAY!!!


No, it is not clear that DeWitt is a “better” defensive player. LaRoche was absolutely FANTASTIC last September at 3rd. You make it sound like Andy did nothing during his call-up, which is basically a lie.

Return to Frisco, Return to Frisco.

We got a GM from San Fran,
They didn’t want him back,
And very early that season,
We knew he was a hack,

We can’t tolerate it!
Return to Frisco, You Giant clone,
No more Bombko’s,
Just go home.

He signs bad pitchers,
Vets old and fat,
He makes me sorry cause he just keeps coming back,

So then he lost his right fielder,
Princess JD,
Then he panicked next morning,
And signed no arm JP.
He freaking really blew it!

Return to Frisco, You Giant clone,
No more bad trades,
Leave our team alone.

And then he outdoes himself,
And goes to White Sox land,
Bloaiza is here, the very next day,
We just can’t understand,
His retarded thinking.

Return to Frisco, You Giant clone,
No more blunders,
Please Go Home.

Ahhhh, Return to Frisco, return to Frisco, return to Frisco…

James McDonald goes tonight for Jacksonville trying for his third straight good start. Kershaw’s been following him in the rotation until they sent him to the pen that once.

Jhall, you are “The King!”

LOL!! Enchanted has left the building..

as per kpookiemon’s request, I thought I’d give it a shot.

we’re so tired
six new lineups a week
We’re so tired
most all our FA’s stink
Who’s next, Julio Franco? The contract’s probably inked. No no no…

We’re so tired
they don’t know what to do
we’re so tired
of retreads blocking youth
they keep talking October, but we might be out by June

They’ll say “the season goes on”
but it’s no joke, it’s doing us harm
You know we can’t sleep, we can’t stop our brains
and after six weeks, we’re going insane
You know it’ll take us everything we got to last another 9.

we’re so tired
and getting so upset
we’re so tired
of a future strangled under vets
and curse those centerfielders, we know they were stupid gets

They’ll say “the season goes on”
but it’s no joke, it’s doing us harm
You know we can’t sleep, we can’t stop our brains
It’s been seven weeks, we’re going insane
You know it’ll take us everything we got to last another 9.
You know it’ll take us everything we got to last another 9.
You know it’ll take us everything we got to last another 9.

mih ssim ,mih ssim , nam enog s’yellaM’O

LOL!! Alright NorthState, bravo!!

Home run, north! Especially the BW line! Classic!

You guys are making it impossible to get any work done……

glad you liked it. one of my favorite songs from the white album, couldn’t pass up a chance.

Man, the IL Freeway Series seems to come sooner and sooner every year.

You ain’t nothin’ but a whiner
cryin’ all the time.
You ain’t nothin’ but a whiner
cryin’ all the time.
Well, you ain’t never had a assist
and you ain’t no left fielder of mine.

When they said you was old school,
well, that was just a lie.
When they said you was old school,
well, that was just a lie.
You ain’t never hit a dinger
and you ain’t no reg’lar of mine.

Eric, you’re touched. LMAO!!

Let’s fire Neddy now, signed a cow from Curacao
Let’s get rid of Ned Col-let-ti (let’s get rid of Ned col-let…)

Early in his tenure when he started out
He gave us Nomar, Lofton and Ferk
It got us to the playoffs but we floundered anyway
a master plan that just didn’t work

Ned said just you wait and see
I’m gonna take you fouth place with me
C’mon Frank give your money to me
I’m gonna waste it just wait and see

Let’s fire Neddy now, JPs on the payroll now
Let’s get rid of Ned Col-let-ti (let’s get rid of Ned Col-let…)

In Oakland and Chicago he went searchin’ for vets
Found a bunch in Tampa Bay too
A Bloaiza and a Hendy and a Bombko from the bay
Stunk it up from here to Mizzou

Ned said just you wait and see
I’m gonna take you fouth place with me
C’mon Frank give your money to me
I’m gonna waste it just wait and see

Let’s fire Neddy now, Schmidt’s no longer taking bows
Let’s get rid of Ned Col-let-ti (let’s get rid of Ned Col-let…)

Lugo, Sweeney, Martinez and old Gonzo too
Baez, Carter, Proctor and Wolf
Ned loads up the team with deadweight every year
And ends up blocking the youth

Ned said just you wait and see
I’m gonna take you fouth place with me
C’mon Frank give your money to me
I’m gonna waste it just wait and see

Let’s fire Neddy now, its obvious he don’t know how
Let’s get rid of Ned Col-let-ti, Let’s get rid of Col-let-ti
Let-ti Let-ti Let-ti…

lol, u guys are really getting carried away with your songs… keep em coming haha.

LOL. Super E. I knew you were probably lurking somewhere cooking up a good one. HaHa……

As little Juanpy cries
On a cold and gray Angelino mornin’
A poor little youngster Andre is benched
In the ballpark
And Juan’s mama cries
’cause if there’s one thing that Ned don’t need
it’s another huge bad contract to eat
In the ballpark
in the ballpark
People, don’t you understand
Andre needs a helping hand
or he’ll grow to be an angry free agent some day
Take a look at his OBP,
are you too blind to see,
do you simply turn your head
and look the other way

Well the seasons turn
and a hungry young man with a golden swing
plays for another team collecting rings
In the ballpark
in the ballpark
And his hunger burns
so he starts to hit line drives at will
and he learns how to steal
and he learns how to throw
In the ballpark
in the ballpark
Then one night in desperation
Torre writes his name in #3
He gets 3 hits, steals a base,
throws out a guy, ties his loose shoelace
And Juan’s mama cries

As a crowd gathers ’round an angry young man
face down at his locker with a bat in his hands
In the ballpark
And Juan’s mamma cries,
on a cold and gray Chicago mornin’,
another Hall of Fame outfielder is born
In the ballpark
And his mama cries

lol…you guys are TOO much with these song lyrics!!

You guys (and gals) crack me up! Someone please put all these songs in one place. Anyone got the guts to actually sing one of these masterpieces on a YouTube video?

By the way, how much big league service time does it take for a player to morph into a veteran?

As for LaRoche, you have to feel for him but baseball is a tough business where someone is just waiting for the chance to take your job away from you. No one expected DeWitt to make such an impact. However, as much as we like what he has done, he still has to prove he can do it on a regular basis. I think we can all come up with players who made a big splash but for whatever reason their careers never went anywhere. DeWitt was in the right place at the right time. Can he keep it up? As my mother in law used to say, time will tell. I don’t think the Dodgers have much to lose by giving him that time. Meanwhile, Andy just has to bide his time and hope he gets a similar chance.

Woo-Hoo Eric!! I love it.

Yep, we do need to get these all together. I will probably go back throught the threads and gather them up. Save them and figure out how to put them somewhere on the net.

jahll, that would be great.

By they way, I have going to games at Dodger Stadium since it opened in 1962 and have never witnessed a no hitter in person.

I was very lucky lbirken. It is certainly something you never forget. I was also at the game in 06 in Cincinnati when Maddux had a no-hitter thru 5 innings and then there was about an hour rain delay and he didn’t come back out. Not the real thing but seeing a future Hall of Famer in Dodger Blue perform that way was very memorable.

yeah jhall, I forgot about that little thing! I’ve never had season seats or anything, but I’ve probably seen 300-350 games there in my life and never once have I even been close. There was one time that I threw the dice and went one Sunday afternoon even though I was on-call. Hershiser was tossing and I got called out after the third inning. He took a no-no into the 7th, I think, before he lost the bid. I was listening to it the whole way and I was almost hoping he wouldn’t get it. Almost.

Hirsh was great. Wish he was our pitching coach or even manager.

If I ever do see one I hope it is a Dodger pitcher throwing it. I also don’t recall ever seeing a triple play in person.

New post for tonight…

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