Midwest Air

As the team heads to Milwaukee for three games, I’ll be staying in Los Angeles preparing for the upcoming homestand, as well as a number of other events on the calendar.

For those of you Hollywood fans, we had quite a few celebs show up this weekend, including Matthew McConaughey and Pamela Anderson and Kristi Yamaguchi, among others. If you’re into that sort of thing, be sure to mark your calendar for Hollywood Stars, which is June 21 this year, and will actually be after the day game instead of before a night game this year. It’s always a pretty cool event and we’re looking to add a few twists to it this year.

The day before that (June 20), we’ll be getting our Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the morning, which is open to the public and definitely worth seeing if you’ve never witnessed one of those ceremonies. Yeah, I know that if you live in LA, you usually only venture to the Walk of Fame when you’re with tourists, but having seen two of the ceremonies for Jim Hill and the late Stu Nahan, it’s a cool thing to check off on life’s “to do” list.

And finally, I know there was some chatter in yesterday’s comments about Joe Torre’s pregame statements on Andre Ethier. For what it’s worth, I actually think he was talking about Andruw Jones when he said what he said. I was there when the discussion took place and it was a little confusing at the time…I think the reporter said “Andre” but Joe heard “Andruw” and it resulted in the statement that Andre was searching for his swing. In any event, I don’t think it was malicious intent by the reporter(s) who wrote it…just something that happens over the course of a 162-game season, which includes 324 media sessions with Joe.


That certainly makes more sense. Thanks for clearing that up Josh.

Interesting and somewhat encouraging news about Schmidt. Hit 88 with the fastball. It’s still early in the rehab but if he continues to be pain free and build arm strength, he could touch 90 again. I believe if he can get 90-91 on his fastball, he can be effective.

LaRoche looking good. I’d like to see what DeWitt can do at 2nd. I believe I read somewhere that he was originally a 2nd baseman.

Well if its Jones looking at films its better news, but he can look at films all he wants it still won’t help when your overweight and out of shape. Wouldn’t it be a divine gesture if he volunteered to go down to Jax for a couple weeks, take some weight off in that FLA sun, and work on his swing where it doesn’t hurt the team? We’ll throw Slappy’s rear end on the bench where it belongs and let DY have a few hacks.

And it still doesn’t let Tory off the hook for not playing the best players.

Thanks Josh. BTW, you looked smashing in your suit when I saw you in the Club level Wednesday. The only time I went to see someone get a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame was when our own Vin Scully got one. I took the day off for that event. I am going to look for the pictures I took that day. I know I have them in one of my albums. I will definately be there for June 20th! Do you have the exact location?

From what I can see of Fat Andruw, he’s completely lost his bat speed and much of his coordination. He’s getting plenty of pitches right down the middle, and whether that fast ball comes in at 96 or 88, all he can do is foul it off most of the time. then they get him on the outside pitch, and it’s another K and sit down. Like some of the scouts from other teams offered on Sports Illustrated, bat speed just doesn’t come back. I don’t know how much his overweight has to do with it, but if he now can run to first base only in 4.7 seconds, sounds like it’s affecting him overall. So, I would put him on a conditioning program and let him sit on his fat a*s until he’s lost about 20 lbs. What the team going to lose by not having him in this condition – nothing.

Dodger press release after Colletti’s hiring: “The 50-year-old Colletti is considered a good negotiator and a good communicator, attributes owner Frank McCourt said he wanted in a GM after he fired DePodesta on Oct. 29.” Hey, Frank, what about player evaluation and trading savvy? No wonder Dodgers are in the fix they’re in. Colletti’s nothing but a PR guy…and a bad one at that, given his snippy attitude when pressed on uncomfortable subjects.

Just got caught up on all the dialog after a BSW (Boy Scout Weekend). Wow, what a crummy weekend for the LA sports scene. Nowhere to go but up, I guess.

Worse reading than the 3 losses, worse than Ferc’s stubborn backache was the TJ Simers article on Andruw Jones (http://www.latimes.com/sports/columnists/la-sp-simers11-2008may11,0,1241958,full.column). I realize that being interviewed by Simers can bring out the worst in you, but if there is ANY truth in Jones’ responses, we ought to run that slug out of town on a rail. Like a lot of you, I was excited when he signed and I’ve been preaching patience with him. But if that’s really the way he feels, to HELL with him. I don’t want him on MY team even if he DOES miraculously start hitting the ball.

My new OF: Ethier, Repko, Kemp.

By the way, if you manage to read past the Jones portion of that article, there’s a nice story about Jeff Kent.

Okay, I am very much relieved knowing that information – thanks, Josh. I hope Torre/management see the “light” very soon. Just wishful thinking again, I’m sure. I would settle for Ethier in the outfield everyday for now, and deal with DY/Repko playing for “Slumpy” later. The name “Slumpy” has a great ring to it – thanks jaxcat!!

Come on Jhall u know better..Schmidt is toast.

Hey E, it was good news to me that Joe was not referring to Ethier with that disgruntled reply. I don’t know if it will help Jones or not but I am glad the comments were not about Ethier. With that article being about Jones, I can sense a frustrated undertone from Joe. His patience may be starting to fray at the edges just a bit with regard to Jones. If he continues to stink it up, those frays will become tears and Joe may take more drastic measures.

JHall I believe Dewitt was originally a 3B and they tried him at second and decided 3B was the spot for him…I could be wrong but that is my recollection….I am all for it if Dewitt can play 2B, although he has been very good at 3B….There is just something about him that excites me when I watch him….he is a ballplayer…never whines, shows up and plays the game the way it is suppose to be. He does everything….
Potential lineup in 2009/10
furcal ss
dewitt 2b
larocche 3b
loney 1b
martin c
ethier rf
kemp cf
Lambo lf… (I know too early but he is a ballplayer) DY until Lambo is ready in 2010…


broxton closing

it would be almost an all Dodger upbringing, just like the old days…..it would be great to watch them develop.

Hey Jungar. LOL. Maybe, but I’m trying to grab a little ray of sunshine. I do think if he could get some of his velocity back he could be effective. It is possible. I would not bet my beer money on it.

If Fat Andruw’s attitude is accurately reported, Torre along with everybody else should be really pissed off. Let’s send the Curacao Cow out to pasture!

I’m not sure but I believe DeWitt could play some 2nd. And I agree with you. The kid is a ballplayer. Goes about it the right way. Much more exciting than watching Nomore.

Only thing exciting about Nomore is his wife.

Thanks for clarifying that, Josh. Also, I’m glad to hear that Jason Schmidt is going to be returning to the Dodgers’ Starting Rotation today. He had a stellar start with the Inland Empire 66ers earlier today.

I got home on Sunday just in time to spend Mother’s Day with one of the great die-hard Dodger fans of our time – my mother. She plans every day around the Dodger schedule. We watched the game together and she cannot fathom this constant juggling of the lineup. It’s driving her crazy! Here is this otherwise perfectly sane 84-year-old woman ranting and raving, “WHY ISN’T MY ANDRE PLAYING? I THOUGHT THE IDEA WAS TO WIN! HOW IN THE WORLD CAN WE WIN WITHOUT OUR BEST PLAYERS PLAYING?” Every time he came up, it started again.

Come on, McCourt! You claim to care about the fans, even if all of your players don’t. Pick up the phone, get Torre on the line and tell him Ethier plays! EVERY DAY!

If you don’t care about anyone else, how about making a nice old lady happy?

Andre Ethier – The People’s Cherce!

I’m with jhall…I think Schmidt will be productive this year–and kick a little booty come the stretch drive. Not sure what’s wrong with Furcal, but in a contract year, this could cost him a lot of money. Let’s hope it’s not chronic…or you’re looking at Hu long term.

Bless her heart Eric. Sounds like a true horseman.

Yep Kahli, so far, Hu long term doesn’t excite me.

Actually Ned has the kind of mustache that I could see him tying an old lady to the railroad tracks like in the silent movies. Sadly he has to content himself with spending McCourt’s money on bloated players and bloated contracts. I bet he gives out the evil laugh after he sign a Nomore and a Bloaiza, and then tops that off with Fat Andruw for a yet record amount. “Take that, McCourt and you Dodger fans” he snarls.

Andrew as quoted by T. J. Simers: “If you think that’s what I’ve got, warning-track power, then write it down,” Jones said, and it always helps when I have a player’s permission to criticize him. “I lost my power, I suck, I should retire.” Yes, Andrew, you got that right! Now just please DO IT!!! And if you’re reluctant, maybe Ned and Joe can help you. Ned created this mess and Joe is maintaining it. In fact, why don’t they just join you!

If this thing with Andre Ethier is going to drag on day after day, let’s just get this it over with and trade Andre Ethier now!! I do not want this pain to drag on too long. It is unfair for him and us fans to suffer like this. Let us do the standard Pedro Martinez trade. A quality Dodger player or two for an over-the-hill veteran who we think will lead us to the promise land. Then two years later we need to get rid of this “over-the-hill veteran” any way we can because his stink is destroying everything i.e. Kevin Brown or Darrell Strawberry. Andre Ethier will go on and have a career like Paul Konerko (the first basemen the Dodgers should have had for the last ten years until James Loney came up last year) or better.

I do not agree with all of Torre’s moves, but Torre’s just playing the hand he’s dealt. What can you do when the Ned Colletti does not want to put the best players on the field? He has put Torre between a rock and a hard place by forcing him to play a big contract player. I said this before “Winning is a deodorant that covers up bad management and coaching decisions.” So when the dodgers were winning nobody questioned Joe’s’ moves or Ned decisions were not an issue. The Dodgers were the biggest disappointment in the NL West last season when they finished two games above .500. I am afraid the Dodgers will not fair much better because of the constraints that Ned Colletti has put on the team. This is why a good player like Andre Ethier is benched and will be traded. In addition, we are forced to watch Andruw Jones strike out one to two times a game.

Sorry everybody, we are stuck in this tar pit and there is no coming out of it. Really makes you question why you are a Dodger fan. We are going to be like Cubby fans in a few years. Always saying “wait until next year”

Bear, Snedly Whiplash. Trains coming and Joe is tied to the tracks.

Maybe they will listen to your mom!! I hope so – that is too good!! Maybe she needs to be a “mom” representative for Andre. lol!!!

Hey to add: I have a class of 20 first graders who are quite upset about this whole situation – The don’t like to see their teacher pissed off!! (I don’t use those words in class – in class, I say “I am angry with the Dodger’s coach right now” – lol!!

I am Bewithched, Bothered, and Bewildered.
Bewitched with Torre,
Bothered with Ned, and
Bewildered with Frank.

sltaufer, “So when the dodgers were winning nobody questioned Joe’s’ moves or Ned decisions were not an issue.”

Oh, contrair! The complaints were coming long and hard around here right in the middle of that winning streak. We were winning IN SPITE of Joe’s moves and Ned’s decisions.

While I read this blog on a fairly regular basis I don’t post too often. However, I must respond to the memories of the Pedro Martinez and Paul Konerko trades as if these trades were made knowing that these two players would turn out to have good careers elsewhere. Lasorda turned out to be wrong about Martinez but please place the “blame” on that idiot Jody Reed for turning down a generous offer from the Dodgers which forced to Dodgers to seek a second baseman. Delino DeShields was a pretty good ball player whose time in L.A. just did not work out for him or the club. We all know what became of Pedro.

Paul Konerko also had his chances with the Dodgers but I don’t recall him being anything special. I look back on him as just not being ready when the opportunity was there for him. Remember, he did not do anything special until he got to the White Sox but the Dodgers traded him to the Reds for Jeff Shaw. It was the Red Sox who shipped Konerko to the American League where he found the game better suited to him at that time. These things happen and there is always risk involved with trades (and free agent signings).

lbirken, Jody Reed was truly an idiot, he proved that in that slick negotiation series. But he was only a contributor in the Pedro fiasco. Everyone absolutely knew that Pedro was something special. Everyone but Tommy. “Too small to last” is the phrase I remember.

With Konerko, we already had Karros at first and he was still doing well. But he had very solid numbers in the minors as I recall.

Imagine there’s no Ned
It’s pleasant if you try
No Phew among us
Andre on the rise
Imagine our young guns
Playing everyday

Imagine there’s no Nomore
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to bitch and moan at
And no Bloiaza too
Imagine our infield
Making all the plays

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m Not the only one
I hope someday Joe will join us
And the Dodgers can be number 1

Imagine there’s no Andruw
I wonder if you can
No need to sit Andre
A much better man
Imagine our outfield
The same everyday

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday Frank will wake up
And Ned is finally gone

jhall, I am in awe………..

jhall, you said it all. Can there possibley be anything left now for us to discuss?

Frighteningly jhall, I know that song…

Still beats me how management from Frank on down can claim they brought in Joe to win, and then field the crap they do. IMO, Joe’s just as complicit in the great money over matter caper as Snidely. HOF managers shouldn’t be able to be brow beaten into playing anyone they don’t deem viable. And if he isn’t mandated to play these guys, then we’re back in the realm of idiocy.

I have to go back to the total lack of direction with which this team operates. They appear ready to totally embrace the youth movement, and pretty much line-up joe Girardi to be the manager. Perfect choice. Then he decides to sign with the Yanks, and Frank and Furter do a total 180 and go to an old school vets manager in Torre. Makes no sense.

Until this organization commits to a direction, its always going to be stuck idling while the Snakes and the Rox zoom past, followed by the Puds and possibly even the Gnats.


I’m not worthy!!

Truely amazing jhall. My last post was referencing your bewildered post, but this… this is a masterpiece.

Thanks guys. Glad you enjoy it!!

on an off day there’s always something to ponder…
with several team either losing or releasing OF-ers, it seems a trade for a Dodger OF would be in play. I too would hate to see Eitier go, but he seems the more likely candidate. I would love to see the Dodgers offer to eat half of JP’ s salary to move him esp since there is no way, no how A. Jones will ever get traded.

like an earlier blogger mentioned, the Dodgers have no plan. They first wanted Girardi to manage then settled for Torre, a HOF 67 yr old, who doesn’t have the time to groom and teach and a youthful team. what is this team? a team of veterans going for a crown or a youthful team learning and growing together? this team is destined to be a 85 win team – with maybe help on the way in 2009 without Kent, Nomar or Lowe.

funny how the Marlins have won two WS championships in 11 years, with no fan base, sub par stadium and no big market payroll. also, something that never gets discussed, when do the D’s decide to start locking up their youthful stars – Loney, Martin, Broxton, Kemp, et al – and where does the cash come from and who gets handled first. i am guessing (hoping) Martin.

That can be the anthem to our revolution!!

Jhall, I sent your little ditty to my daughter, who is a big Beatles and Dodger fan. She does not follow all the details the way most of us do but I will be interested in her take.

Kershaw is scheduled to go tonight for Jacksonville @ 7:05 central time.

My guess is the Dodgers will make little effort to “lock” in their youthful players until they have no choice. It will be interesting to see what happens down the road.

Cool lbirken, let me know what she thinks.

No, they will go to arbitration and piss them off and they will split when they get the chance. Like I’ve said before, Ned is a reactive thinker, not a proactive thinker.

Great “Imagine” takeoff, jhail!!

Thanks ML.

TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Nelson.

Great song, jhall. We should pipe it into Frank’s bedroom at night.

Thanks Crash. Maybe that would wake him up.

I know Ned will never DFA Pierre or Jones, but think about it – wouldn’t you rather be paying them to play on somebody elses team than paying them to play on your own?

You know we want a revolution
Well you know
We all want to fire Ned
He stalled the teams evolution
Well you know
We’d all like to have his head
But when Frank talks about construction
Don’t you know he’s looking for an out
Not right, Not right

He says he’s got a real solution
Well you know
We don’t love his crazy plans
They never want our contribution
Well you know
It’ really more than we can stand
But if you want more money for tickets,concessions and parking gate
All I can tell you is Frank get a GM that we don’t hate
Sad plight, sad plight

We’d like to change this convolution
Well you know
We all think you’ve lost your head
The Dodgers were an institution
You know you need to fire Ned
But when you sign players that are fat cows
You ain’t going to the playoffs, ain’t no how
Don’t you know its gonna be
A Bite
A Bite
A Bite
A Bite


Your Blogger Declaration Of Independence inspired me E.

I guess its your Lennon to my Trotsky!

Of course you realize both were assasinated 🙂

I’m sure Ned would like to have us shot!!

LOL!! I’ll bet.

You gotta wonder if Josh shows these to the rest of the boys upstairs for a good laugh…

In case he does

Ned wouldn’t get it!!

jhall and I:

Doing our best to turn this once dignified blogging institution into Animal House…

Food fight!!!!!

I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part…

Careful, Ned will oblige you and make another bonehead trade.

There are many uncertainties in the world, but that Ned will make another bonehead move is not one of them. Its not a matter of if, but when.

Crap!! Ferk was placed on the DL. Must be more serious than we thought.

Thinking maybe they learned last year not to play Ferk hurt. Well, guess we’ll get a look at Maza, though he’s almost 28 and I doubt you could consider him a real prospect.

Course its time now for Neddy to panic and do something kneejerk.

jhail is on a roll today!!
Not Furcal. Nooooooooooooooo!!
Now Tory is going to put Slappy at the top of the order every day.
I can name at least five guys on our team who would do a better job in the leadoff position: Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier, DeWitt, LaRoche.

Anybody know much about Ivan DeJesus? Is he anywhere near ready to test big league waters?

It said Ned was looking for an emergency replacement. Just stick with Hu. We can eat Hu’s lack of offense if they play Ethier and bench Phew. I agree ML, let Martin lead off. Geez, he steals bases and has a higher OBP/OPS than Phew. Christ, stolen bases are the least of our worries.

exactly why you don’t give Furcal all that cash.

See our other free agents have been so bad it makes him look good but the fact is he has been an avg signing if you take the emotion out of it.

2006 he had a great year but still was paid 14 million a year and Nomar got more MVP votes. last year he was not even a top SS (due to injury but it is a fact) and this year started great but backs are serious stuff…And he will be 32/33 next year…

This just means were screwed because Pierre will be hitting leadoff everygame and make at least 4 outs a game.

Ferk will be 31 in late October. However, I agree, backs are serious stuff no matter what your age. This is the same injury that put him on the shelf at the end of last year. So this is probably going to be an ongoing problem.

I agree with you, jungar. Furcal is too injury prone for a lots of bucks and years contract. He has been pretty valuable when he’s healthy, but that isn’t something you can reasonably depend on with him.



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