Friday night lights…

The Astros are in town and the stadium will be nearly filled with 50,000-plus beanie-wearing fans.

This morning, I had the opportunity to go to City Hall with Takashi Saito, who earned an award from Mayor Villaraigosa for his contributions to Los Angeles. It really does make you shake your head in disbelief at all that he’s accomplished over the past two seasons and it couldn’t happen to a nicer human being. Unfortunately the language barrier has hindered our ability to get to know Saito the way we might get to know other players, but he always seems to have a smile on his face.

The event today also got me thinking how strange it must be to come from another country and yet, find yourself standing in front of the Mayor and City Council, receiving an award. Most of what was being said, Saito didn’t understand, but his interpreter, Kenji, was trying to fill in the blanks for him.

In any event, it was a classy morning for a classy person and we’re all proud that he’s a Dodger.

As for tonight’s game, Furcal needs another day, according to Joe Torre. Brazoban was recalled and is available for the game. It seems he’s lost about seven to 10 pounds in the minors.

The team is leaning toward having Jason Schmidt throw an inning on Sunday in Lancaster for the Inland Empire 66ers.

Here’s the team going out for tonight’s game:

Pierre, LF

Martin, C

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

DeWitt, 3B

Hu, SS

Lowe, P


So we lost Furcal’s bat, and now we lose Ethier’s also? Why not lead off Hu?

Nice to see Joe is building up Andre’s confididence, just like Grady did.

I’m more concerned about Furcal than who’s playing left field, we miss him on both sides of the game. Regardless, I’ll be out there beanie and all tonight. When I made my prediction about Ethier that was assuming Furcal would play. Regardless, the core is in there. We’ll be fine.


I hope so Alex, and my main worry is Furcal. Pierre is hitting enough to make him a decent option in LF, but why is Andre getting so much time off?

See my response to your comment on last thread.

Looks like a lot of us are busy with the Lakers game.

Does anyone know if there is a website that lists the former players signing at the autograph alley?

furcal out again worries me – he missed the end of last yr with a stiff back and although its been said that this one isnt the same injury, its bothersome. And back injuries can linger for long periods of time. Its annoying not to have ethier in there again but as long as we keep winning im fine with it. Ethier will jump back in once/if Pierre cools off or Jones continues to play this way

Great stuff Enchanted!!!!

Actually I think we’re giving Ned too much credit for not trading the kids. I think that McCourt put his foot down and was not going to let that happen after seeing the readiness of people like Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Bills and Brox. It’s too much out of Ned’s character not to have gone for Cabrera or Santana, maybe even Hunter, but then I’m probably wrong with those names – none of them are sufficiently over the hill to attract Ned’s interest.

Of course, I think we’re just hurting ourselves by having Ethier sit out once again.

I want full credit too if tonite’s the night that Andruw busts out with a dinger or two!!

Congratulations Sammy. You’re a class act!!

After seeing this lineup tonight. I have to repeat what I said earlier today on the previous thread.
If and when Ethier is traded I hope it’s to a team outside of this division, so we won’t have to see him batting against us to often.

Is it bad to wish for an injury in order to get Ethier in the lineup full time?

So Slappy’s back after a brief visit to big leaguer land, and Ethier rides the pine once again.

Ethier’s mom needs to call Ned – NOW.

It might not be bad but it’s pretty low down.

I would’nt want to see anybody get hurt for any reason. You’re talking about someone’s ability to earn a living as well as someone’s physical well being. As much as I’d like to see Andre play, I would’nt go that far.

I agree, just trying to find a way to get Ethier in there.

It is really frustrating for me as a fan to see how Ethier is being treated as the “starting” LF, so I can only imagine how he is feeling.

Phew will be back soon and Ethier will get his time.

Pierre is doing well in left, so I don’t really mind seeing him get the start. I think it would be in Andre’s best interest to be traded. He’s a solid player but I don’t think he will get any playing time for the next two years. I feel for the guy. Anyway, here is who I see as WS contenders right now in the NL(in no particular order).


this is a bunch of crap… where is our best outfielder Ethier? torre is a clown… this is stupid.

There is only one person to blame for Ethier sitting on the bench and that is Ned Colletti.
Joe is just doing his best to manage this team.
If Jones & Pierrre were not here I think it would be a different story.
Please draw your own conclusions.

With Ferk out, I’m sure Joe feels he needs Pierre to lead off. They’ve got to get Jones some swings for now. Ethier’s time will come. Let’s hope Lowe is on tonight. Houston has some good hitters at the top and middle of their lineup. Berkman is on fire and Cruz has owned Lowe.

Good point Jhall. With the way Lowe has looked his last couple of starts, combined with Houston’s offense…I’m worried. I think/hope by the end of the season “Billy The Kid”(you heard it here first) will take over as the ace of our staff. He certainly has the ability to do it.

Yea, Pierre is hot right now. Just ride that till his inevitable 0-5 day with 3 ground outs to the pitcher. Either will shine, you can’t sit Kemp or Jones… Kemp cuz of his recent production and Jones because of that contract, defense, and potential offensive upside… he’s still Andruw Jones and he’ll eventually hit like him.

I wouldn’t be so sure Dodgerdude…Barry Zito is still Barry Zito and that doesn’t mean he’ll pitch like him.

I don’t see the point in wishing someone to fail.
This my team and I want whoever is in that lineup to succeed.

Maybe I’m an optimist but I don’t think Ethier will be traded. As long as Frank will keep on hitting Ned with a rolled up newspaper to restrain his worst instincts, we should be safe. Bad dog, Ned, Bad dog.

Yea but if Andre isn’t traded he will likely have to either split time or be primarily a bench player depending on how Jones and Pierre do. Andre has proven he can play everyday, so if Pierre continues his solid play and Jones starts hitting for power I think the only option would be to trade Andre. Unless I’m missing something I don’t see why he would be suited for a part time player/PH.

I’m not wishing failure on anyone. I just think Pierre isn’t very good, and eventually he’ll show that again. He is clearly our 4th best option in the OF, but he’s hot right now so you gotta play em. Andruw will hit again, even if its just 20 homers with a .240 BA, its more production than he’s giving now. With his defense he’s still easily an improvement over Pierre. If Jones is still hitting under .200 with 3 or fewer HRs a month from now then we might have a problem.

I agree with Pierre. It only benefits us if as many players as possible play well. If JuanP plays well, he helps us as well as making him more marketable in a trade. We’re probably going to have to deal with this “outfield by commitee” until, at least, the trading deadline. Nobody seems to get desperate enough until then.

Ethier will be traded because he will fit better on some other team. The damage has been done.
If things go wrong and we need a starting pitcher, who do you think will be in the eye of the other team’s GM?
Unless something unforseen changes.
Ned Colletti put us in this spot.

well said seesky

I agree Pierre. This whole situation is Ned’s fault and it goes back to him panicing after Drew opted out. I just hope its Ethier or Pierre traded and not Kemp.

Seesky, I could see this 4 outfielder situation being a problem at the trade deadline of the 09 season…Just don’t trade Kemp Neddie…Please

I hate to admit it, Pierre, but you’re probably right. Ethier’s younger, cheaper, and a better player. Let’s hope we don’t get in such a bind where we have to make that choice. We all know what happens when Ned gets desperate.

I don’t think Kemp is going anywhere.
Especially if he keeps playing as he is.
I think we are looking at the outfield right now.

Kemp won’t be traded, no way.

Ned Colletti’s outfield, with the help of Frank McCourt’s money.

If Kemp is traded for an over-the-hill veteran I will personally boycott Dodger merchandise. I can understand Ethier being traded but Kemp going would just about kill me.

SWood, I think it’ll be resolved by the end of the off season at the latest. We’ll have a more pressing need to fill .(like starting pitching if Lowe leaves and Schmidt doesen’t come back strong) Or someone will ask to be traded. I agree, Please, Ned, not Kemp.

Go Jazz! Go Dodgers!

I hope its resolved by the end of the season and I think if we had a GM with a plan this issue would have already been resolved.

If every other GM in the league knows who the best OFers are on the Ds (they ask for them in trade) and every sportwriter in the country who’s name isn’t Plaschke know’s who the best OFers are, then you have to assume that Colletti and Torre know who they are as well. Why they doggedly insist on playing only 2 out of the 3 at any one time defies all logic and baseball acumen.

Why does Sweeney need extra ABs and DY not? Why will 3B be handed over to Nomore when he returns? Its all just proof that management has no concept of what they’re doing and that the D’s win in spite of, not because of their actions.

I imagine that Torre and company think that with Furcal out they *must* bat a “leadoff guy” first and that JP is the only other “leadoff guy” they have. I say, if he’s willing to bat Martin 2nd, why not bat him 1st and play Ethier in LF batting 2nd?

… because I’d rather make up for the loss going from Furcal to Hu by playing Ethier rather than Pierre.

But Fogey, that’s the logical and smart thing to do.

WOW, what a delimer eh?
As long as we keep winning in the meantime.

So far, so good!!!!

Good Lowe!!

Torre’s just playing the hand he’s dealt. You just can’t bury any one of the 4 at the end of the bench. They’re all going to have to play until a trade gets made, someone gets hurt, or one of them, to Torre’s satisfaction, plays himself into more or less playing time. SWood’s right. A more competent GM would have resolved this situation by now.

Nice start for Lowe! Two groundouts and a K!

I don’t know if it’s me but I got a very dark MLB-TV screen. but I like the way Derek started off.

Ned and competent have probably not ever been mentioned in the same sentence.

In the last thread, jungar (I think) stated that an “ace” has a WHIP under 1.1. In 2007, in all of major league baseball exactly FOUR pitcher that qualified for the ERA title (162 IP minimum) met that criterion:
1 Jake Peavy 1.061
2 Johan Santana 1.073
3 Erik Bedard 1.088
4 Chris Young 1.098
That makes “aces” pretty darn scarce.
If you relax the criterion to a WHIP under 1.2, you get 15 pitchers:
1 Jake Peavy 1.061
2 Johan Santana 1.073
3 Erik Bedard 1.088
4 Chris Young 1.098
5 James Shields 1.107
6 Cole Hamels 1.124
7 Javier Vazquez 1.140
8 Ted Lilly 1.140
9 Josh Beckett 1.141
10 C.C. Sabathia 1.141
11 Aaron Harang 1.144
12 John Smoltz 1.182
13 Brandon Webb 1.189
14 A.J. Burnett 1.189
15 Rich Hill 1.195
Only 33 were under 1.3.
2007 Dodger starter WHIPs (15 or more starts):
Lowe 1.269 (30th in baseball)
Penny 1.308 (34th)
Bills 1.327 (20 starts – did not qualify but would be 41st between Oswalt and C. Zambrano!)
Wolf 1.451 (18 starts)
Tomko 1.596 (15 starts)
Hendy 1.394 (15 starts)

Only 7 pitches by Lowe in the 1st. Maybe he’s on tonight.

And JP walks – making me look foolish. I’ll take it like a man. If JP keeps walking like this and hits around .300, he’ll have close to a league average OPS. With his good baserunner, even account for his terrible arm, that’s a decent OF. (But still not more productive than Ethier.)

Good stuff Fogey.

I predict Moehler does not make it through the fifth and the Dodgers rough him up for five or more runs.

Here we F***ing go again. Three hits is a row. Stop the bleeding……………………………………………..

So much for the 1st being an indicator. Lowe’s blowing up.

Nice job Jeffy!! You slug!!

Watch Moehler have the best game he’s had in years. We need to strike hard and often tonight.

Derek Lowe vs. the current Astros:
Jose Cruz 39 36 15 4 2 4 11 3 6 .417 .462 .972 1.434
Darin Erstad 32 29 9 4 0 0 3 2 3 .310 .375 .448 .823
Miguel Tejada 32 30 9 0 0 2 5 2 6 .300 .344 .500 .844
Carlos Lee 28 28 10 2 0 2 4 0 2 .357 .357 .643 1.000
Geoff Blum 25 23 7 1 0 1 1 2 2 .304 .360 .478 .838
Mark Loretta 24 22 4 0 0 0 0 2 1 .182 .250 .182 .432
Brad Ausmus 20 20 4 3 0 0 2 0 2 .200 .200 .350 .550
Lance Berkman 20 18 4 1 0 0 1 2 3 .222 .300 .278 .578
Kazuo Matsui 9 8 4 1 0 0 1 1 0 .500 .556 .625 1.181
Ty Wigginton 5 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 .000 .000 .000 .000
Shawn Chacon 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000 .000
Total 236 221 66 16 2 9 28 14 27 .299 .343 .511 .854

Only 2, let’s get’em back with interest.

Lakers down 7 at start of the 4th.

The 8th guy GIDPing helped tremendously.
This is a pitcher that should be owned.

C’mon, let’s make this mutha throw some pitches.

Almost, Blake. It’s unbelievable that Torre’s going to give Nomar 3rd back

Nice at bat Blake!! That’s the way you do it.

Torre would be such a hypocrite if he completely stopped playing DeWitt if he was still hot when Nomar was ready. (Starting Nomar over DeWitt against a lefty I could understand.)

That Blake is showing more bat control and discipline with the pitcher than most of our veteran guys – certainly more than Nomore, but what does that matter.

When I look at Hu I wonder about him as a replacement for the powerful Kent.
We’re going to lose a lot of homers.

Good hustle Lowe. My granddaughter is faster and she’s 6 years old

Dewitt will only get better. Nomar will only decline. Dewitt is the future. Nomar is the past. The future is now.

Joe Pierre – If Hu replaces Kent, then the offense can no longer afford JP and must place Ethier.

Freaking Lowe did that his last game also.

What is this Lowe????????????? Batting practice. Come on. Lowe’s not even a # 5 pitcher in my opinion.

Help!! I’m a knucklehead and I can’t get to 1st.

I do not approve of sacrificing in the bottom of the 3rd. Especially down four.

Well at least we made Moehler work a little in the 3rd.
He seems to be throwing a lot of strikes.

Nice recovery by Lowe. Hope it isn’t too little too late.

The Dodgers drive out Moehler in the next two innings. Book it!

I think Pierre was bunting for a hit.

Damn. Tough break for Jeff.

JP is so bad at bunting for a hit that it’s the same as sacrificing.

My Loney has a a first name…….
Hey, DeWitt 2 for 2.

Atta Baby, Dewitt. DEEWITT DEELIVERS!!

I admire your ability to get that excited for a single to make it first and second and two outs.

Pretty close play at second.
Maine & now Moehler MMMMMMMMMMMM

Freaking tub butt. 1st pitch weak popup. Geez.

At least Maine is a legitimately good pitcher. Moehler is table scraps.

Well, it’s hard to beat even table scraps pitchers if you spot them a 6-0 lead.

Lowe just fed his gopher. At least, the D-Backs lost.

Well, this game is over. We haven’t come back from 6 down all year.

I thought that was going to be an easy inning.
I bet Torre doesn’t get someone to hit for Lowe.

Now would be a good time to start. But like jhall with the Schmidt situation, I’m not holding my breath.

Well, one consolation, we won’t drop out of 2nd place. Would have been nice to pick up game on D’backs,,,,

Come on Kemp get ahold of one.

What the heck? Joe Pierre, you called it. Why let Lowe lead off here? PH someone – heck Kuo even – and let Scott Proctor pitch two innings and try and get untracked. And then Yhency Brazoban can get his feet wet again.

I think if the score was 10-0, Lowe would still be pitching.
I notice Torre likes to hold back his bullpen for as long as possible.

It’s a sad game. What can you do when the manager does not want to put the best players on the field, because he wants the do nothing/big contract player show how long he can keep up doing nothing.

My only satisfaction is that Lowe is not having much of a breakout year heading into his free agency. Serves him right, as his potential millions keep drifting away along with his ERA.

Getting Moehler out of the game could be the best thing to happen.
Let’s see how we do against the bullpen.

4 more cracks at them. Get a couple here and we got a shot.

This is stupid. Why let Lowe lead off in the bottom of the fifth if you’re going to pull him after a walk and a single. I know the stats say Jose Cruz Jr. owns him, but, duh, if you’re not going to let Lowe stay in unless it’s a 1-2-3 sixth, HIT FOR HIM IN THE FIFTH.

Sure would have been nice and smart to start Ethier against the right hander instead of Tubby!! Kent’s error and Lowe’s brain f*rt sure changed the complexion of this game early.

Well, if Torre can give up and mail it in, I can too. I am out of here.

Rats!!! We don’t play worth a d*mn without Ferk. He really lights this candle.

HaHa, Rocks beat Peavy and the Puds. Something to smile about at least. LOL

I’m nominating Cory Wade for the next #5 start. I believe he was a starter for us in the minors.

I’ll go for that Bear. If Penny and Lowe our dynamic 1,2 duo don’t get their heads out of their nether region soon, we’re going nowhere.

Ever since Lowe came out of a game a few starts back with a “tender” elbow he’s pitched crummy. Wonder what’s really going on here….

You could be onto something there Kahli.

Astro pitchers are throwing strikes.
They’re coming right at us.
And it’s working.

Brazobelly!!! Look at the gut on that butterball..

Looks like Andruw has a pal to go get pizza and doughnuts with…

Yep, no buffet in LA is safe now.

Well, at least he can get dusted off in a lost cause.

Good job. Give that man an Eclaire!!!

I am REALLY perplexed at Ethier’s sudden fall from grace. I’d like to believe it has more to do with Furcal being sidelined and Dodgers needing a leadoff hitter. But he seemed to be sitting even when Furcal was playing every day. Like we’ve all said in here a million times (or maybe two million) Ethier is the future. Great defense, great bat. He’d done NOTHING to warrant a prison sentence on the bench. Makes it hard for me to warm up to Torre. First Kemp…now Ethier. Lunacy.

Yep Kahli, its crap!!

Of course it doesn’t matter as much when your top 2 pitchers keep getting torched.

Wade looked good. Braz was effective. That’s encouraging.

Somewhere down the line…in a perfect world…Schmidt gets healthy, Kershaw rides into town and Pierre is traded–for EVERYONE’S sake. Can’t McCourt just sidestep Ned, ala Fox and Fred Claire, and make a trade? If idiots can trade Piazza, what’s a little Pierre?

Listening to Vin is about the only good part of this game.

jhall, you get the feeling we’re the only ones left in here???????

Procto just bites!! What a waste. Total mop-up guy. I wouldn’t let him near a close game.

Yep. The rats all jumped ship. I think PierreEW might be lurking in the background.

I’m still here, just depressed. 🙂

Well, it’s 19-1 in runs scored the last two games!

Shut out two games in a row entering the ninth, composite score of 19-1. Guess Dodgers have cooled, huh?

People keep using Ferc’s injury as an excuse of why Ethier’s not playing. I pulled up Ethier’s card on the Ds site. He was starting pretty much every game up to and including May 1st. Since then, two starts. May 4th and 7th. Pierre has started the last 7 games. He’s 2 for his last 13 ABs. He’s not so hot anymore. Ferc has only missed the last 3.

Whoever maintains the notes on the cards needs to remove the lead for the March 30 story: Ethier wins left field job.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see him sitting.

Is it just a coincidence that Ferk is out during these tough games?

Last chance to something offensively.

Think positively…at least it wasn’t our #1 and #2 starters….umm, never mind.

Keep your chins up, guys. Billz pitches tomorrow night. In his last two games Billz has given up just two runs in 13 innings while striking out 12.

Me too Eric. No, Peru, we’re not the same team without Ferk.

I agree eric! Ethier is “the player formerly known as the starting LFer”.

No jhall, we’re not anything near the same. Especially since no Ferc automatically means no Ethier.

Wow, a double by Jones. I might feel better about that if the pitcher wasn’t just trying to get this over with.

Nice AB for DeWitt. Got the runner over at least. If you don’t get a hit, that is your next goal.

You know, jhall, do you think the league has read that article you posted earlier today about Torre’s philosophy about taking pitches? If I know that the other team is taking pitches, I’m throwing strikes early and getting ahead. Stats have said for years that the BA is way up when you’re ahead in the count.

Alright, didn’t get shutout.

Because I’m bored and looking at those nice empty seats behind home plate, I had an idea last season: Given the fact there’s ALWAYS open seats down there in corporate-ville, McCourt should pull a couple ticket stubs from the bleachers or top deck early every game and move some of us poor slobs into those seats for one magical evening. And as I type, “that’ll more than do it” for this game.

Well at least we got something.

kahliforni, that’s a good idea. But if I ever got lucky like that the corporate leech would show up as soon as I got the seat warm.

good point dodgereric…in that case, the punishment for arriving that late is to sit in those just vacated seats up top or in the bleachers.

Boy, I just got in a little while ago. I just heard that the Astro’s starter hadn’t started a game in 18 months!

Only the Dodgers…………….

Good news – Furcal is expected to be back in the lineup tomorrow. Any chance that Ethier will join him?

I’d buy that, kahli. Another bad thing about those clowns is that they leave early too.

Very disappointing game tonight.

Billz will pick us up tomorrow.

Bad game tonight, time for bed. Hopefully tomorrow night we’ll be a happier bunch. Nite all.

I hope you’re right jhall. We could use a lift, a nice strong 8 would go over really good.

Even though I hate to see a Dodgers loss, for me the game is not as disappointing as the lineup. If Torre is going to continue to treat Ethier the way he has, he deserves to lose.

Whatever happened to “we need to keep everyone fresh”?

Amen Fox.

Who knows Eric. We had opportunities to get back in it but couldn’t hit with runners on. Gotta get some of those 2 out hits with runners on.

Pierre is not “hot” anymore. Bench him. If Ferc comes back and Pierre is still in there, Torre might as well just hold a press conference and announce that he wants Pierre in there no matter what. No more lies. I’m sick of watching us put less than our best on the field.

Someone should find out if Torre left his male genitalia in New York.

I agree Eric. And if they bench DeWitt for Nomore it will be rubbing salt in the wound.

Missed a great opportunity with the D-Backs losing today.

jhall, if that happens there will be no peace for Torre. That young man has earned that job. Nomar didn’t do much for the short time he was in there, and what he did manage to do DeWitt has done just as well.

Yep, DeWitt has earned that job. It will be complete crap if Joe hands it over to Nomore. Nomore didn’t do much before he got injured again and his defense bites.

Bad game ALL around, bad pitching, bad hitting. Add it up and they’re all to blame. It looked promising when Pierre led the game off with a walk but Martin and Kemp struck out and that set the tone. New game tomorrow plus Furcal should lead the way. Starting pitching better get it together or we will go nowhere. We did miss a good opportunity with the Snakes losing, but we’ve made a lot of progress in the past two weeks. We got to come out sharp and take the next two.

Any chance that DeWitt could move above Jones in the lineup?

What in the world is with people? From :,0,2813318.story
“Juan Pierre did a fine job replacing Furcal atop the batting order, drawing a leadoff walk in the first inning and stealing second with nobody out before being stranded there when Houston starter Brian Moehler retired the next three batters. Pierre also moved Lowe into scoring position in the third inning with a sacrifice bunt, but Lowe could not advance as Russell Martin grounded out and Matt Kemp struck out to end the inning.”

His line reads 0 for 2 with a walk and a sacrifice. Wonderful? I guess I’m a little screwy, because I think a wonderful job for a leadoff hitter includes a hit or two and a couple of runs scored.

More bad news in that article: “Even though Furcal was hitting .366 with five homers, Torre said he would not rush his team’s hottest hitter back into the lineup and that his injury might require another day or two of rest.”

Another requirement of a #1 starter: he’s gotta be a stopper. C’mon Billz!

Truely sad.

Billz, stop the bleeding. We can still win this series.

Rotoworld is questioning Lowe’s elbow too: “Lowe threw 20 innings while compiling a 1.13 ERA in his first three starts, but he hasn’t gone longer than five in any of his five outings since. His elbow might be bothering him more than he’s let on.”

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with this lineup:

Fercal SS
Martin C
Kemp RF
Kent 2B
Loney 1B
Ethier LF
DeWitt 3B
Jones CF

It’s strong defensively up the middle (well, Kent?) and good sticks in the corners. Classic.

Nothing. That is a great lineup.

Take out Kent and put DY in at 2nd and it would be even better.

Get a head start on next year.

Unfortunately jhall, you and I and a lot of the people here think logically and of the future. Management thinks of their pocketbooks, not only of who makes what salary, but in mortal fear of the “rebuilding” word.

Just got in from a highschool ballgame and couldn’t wait to read all the comments. At this point everything about tonight’s game has already been said. Since this whole thing started with Ethier sitting, it truly hasn’t been the same team. Yes, they have managed to win without him in there since May 1st, but it feels like there is something missing – something just isn’t right. It just seemed like such a complete team with Andre in there. You would think to some degree it is messing with everybody’s head and not just his. This group of young of players (Martin, Loney,Kemp,DeWitt) have got to go home at night wondering themselves what in the hell did Andre do and probably being thankful that it is not them, for the moment anyway (DeWitt is probably next). Sorry to get philisophical, but this is really getting to me. Some keep saying it will be okay as long as we are winning, but we haven’t won in a few days so I am wondering if this Ethier issue is more than just a fan issue and it’s making it’s way into the clubhouse affecting team chemistry. Like I have said in the past, I am not sure if any of the players read this blog, but if they do, I hope Andre Ethier knows that most of us think he is getting screwed. I am always hopeful that there is something going on that we are just not aware of, and that we will wake up one day and say, ” now I get it.”

On the fun side from the earlier postings this morning – we own a 68 mustang (two-toned blue) with licese plate “68 Quick” 🙂

Agreed. It makes no sense. I am very disillusioned with the seeming direction right now. Ned has really made a mess.

Cool Nelson. Bitchin’ car. Ethier is the latest sacrificial lamb.

That is the complete lineup, dodgereric

My wife drives a black on black Mustang with “BRM RYDR” plates. She was accused of being a witch at work and it appealed to her enough to get the plates.

Harrison Ford is on Leno right now plugging the new Indiana Jones movie.

OK, he was.

Cool licese plate eric (not to mention car). I know a few people at work who could use that licese plate – lol

I tried to get MJOLNIR a few years ago, but someone up in NoCal has it. Jhall will know what that is, I’m sure. I’d love to put it on my Chevelle.

Her Stang is an ’06, just the 6 cylinder. Would love to get a ’68.

The Dodgers have been on a roll in recent weeks, even though Joe Torre persists in sending the useless Andruw Jones out to center field to spare his team’s Father Christmas general manager, Ned Colletti, from looking too ridiculous in giving Jones that ridiculous two-year $36.4 million contract last December. How fair is that to someone who should be playing in place of Jones, Andre Ethier, who’s had to sit because of such an egregious political decision?
This came out of an article from Long Beach Press Telegram – they must love this guy down in Long Beach. This is the 3rd article in about 5 days that has mentioned Ethier’s predicament.
This article also talked about Kobe and his MVP award ( not necessarily a lakers fan anymore – went to Sac State and became a Kings fan – sorry)

Over and over and over again we find writers that echo our sentiments. I can’t remember this happening to a Dodger team before where an obvious starter couldn’t get into the lineup and stay there.

It’s cool you’re a Kings fan dnelson. I’m sorry that you’re going through tough times these days.

A good thing about Kobe winning the MVP this year is that people are noticing that neither Jerry West nor Elgin Baylor ever won one. Ridiculous.

Look, like I said before, everyone ponies up $1000 each. 500,000 faithful L.A. Dodger fans follow our lead. With the money collected we buy out McCourt–he walks away with a nice profit–and WE take the reins! Within moments of the sale transaction an automatic provisal cans Ned. Joe follows. Next move?

I grew up a Lakers fan (Dodgers and Rams, too). The only LA team I stuck with was the Dodgers. As for the Kings, they will get back there, hopefuly sooner than later. It was a super tough division this year. My husband is a UNLV grad so he really likes Theus and thinks they will get it together in the years to come. As for football, I became a Redskins fan (San Diego, too). Living up here, I could never be a Niner or Raider fan (that is where my LA team loyalty still exists – the hatred of bay area teams)

kahli, the next move is to promote Logan White. Then we offer a package of Pierre, Nomar, Sweeney, Bennett and Loaiza to the Anaheim Angels for Mike Scioscia. When they turn that down, we find a horse’s head.

Then we call up Kershaw (being careful with him of course), LaRoche, Repko, Lucas May and Terrie Tiffee. If one of them shows signs of being horribly overmatched, we send them back down and call up the next one.

We call a press conference and announce that we are planning for the future and if anyone wants a refund on their season tickets, check the website for office hours. There will be no shortage of takers.

We reinstate the old autograph method of placing actual current players in the stands on Sunday and make it possible to go freely from level to level.

We hire sufficient security guards to roam the stands and immediately and without remorse eject drunken and profane customers. Children will be comfortable and happy in Dodger Stadium.

Available in the stands will be a double DVD/CD of “The Best of Vin Scully”, with 100% of the proceeds going to whatever charity Vin sees fit.

Bad things always seem to happen when JPs your leadoff hitter – this team just isn’t the same without Ferk in the driver’s seat.

There’s no question from anyone that follows baseball that Ethier should be the everyday LFer. I’ve no idea why the concept of starting your best everyday eludes the Dodger brass. Somebody needs to wrest control away from Ned and Joe NOW before this year’s team implodes. Who knows, maybe in the long run that’s what needs to happen for Ned’s butt to get canned. New GM = new manager? Someone that favors the kids for a change?

Its too bad that ‘ol Frank is too good to read the blogs and only reads Plaschke. Maybe then he’d actually see where fan sentiment lies.

There’s a silent war been declared. Common sense and logic vs. Ned and Joe, and somewhat Frank himself who seems disengaged enough from his own ownership that he can’t see what’s going on under his nose.

BTW, totally agree with those that think there’s something wrong with Lowe. Just seems another case of a vet playing at less than 100% for his own self-serving needs rather than putting the team first.

Like so many of you, I am totally frustrated with this management and the unraveling play of this team as a result. I could even understand doing the four outfielder rotation, as long as everybody stays reasonably hot and you sit somebody for one or two days. You could favor the rightie/leftie thing and put the OF out there with the best success against a given pitcher. But, once you start sitting down a player who’s been performing well for four or five games in a row, and he doesn’t have a chance to see live pitching for a week, how can you expect that player to maintain a competitive edge. Have to conclude that management doesn’t really care about that, and that they have a different agenda – like justifying a big dollar contract at any cost to the team. So much for the youth movement – that was a nice euphemism at the end of last season, but soon forgotten even when the young players are performing and clearly winning the jobs.

None of this will be solved or get better as long as Ned is in charge, or even Torre implementing the daily decisions on the field. Neither of them is clearly vested in the youth movement.

As far as kahli’s suggestion for the $500 million fan investment and purchase of the franchise, major league baseball won’t consider that kind of an ownership approach, and that dollar amount wouldn’t even come close to what McCourt expects to generate with this franchise. Actually, Forbes magazine in the evaluation of sports franchises placed the value of the Dodgers somewhere in the $800 million plus range. That doesn’t even take into account what McCourt figures to make out of the real estate development potential with Dodger Stadium. That’s what his investment is really about and not fan value except by way of convenient lip service. Remember that everything here starts at the top, and I’m becoming convinced that the McCourt’s really don’t give a damn about what happens on the field – that’s just the smaller picture as long as 4 million fans pay the high prices to fill the stadium and you can maintain a high profile in the local social standing.
Sad and disgusting, but true. Wish that major league baseball had given McCourt the opportunity to do that in Boston instead, because that’s where his heart really belongs.

Dodgereric I liked your ideas….

Thors hammer Eric. LOL. Would be a great license plate.

Scioscia leaving the Dodgers is one of the biggest travesties that I have witnessed…He was a Dodger that bled the Blue and if he had been hired to manage the team, it would not have been 20 years since we won a playoff game….He is the best manager in baseball…he wins with a lot less talent than most teams and you never hear him complain about injuries…He wins baby!! He uses his bench and he is not afraid to jettison a cancer (jose guillen). I do not know if he would leave the Angels, but if Mccourt had any kahunas he would find a way to make it happen…when Torre leaves we need a Dodger man….when was the last time we had real Dodger management (russell) but he was under the Fox fiasco….give us back our glory and our history….

Having an ex giant run our team and head trainer is a travesty!!!! And the head trainer….We fired a 20 year veteran head trainer of the Dodgers….

jhall do you ever sleep?

When will Joe put out the best team he can? Pierre leading off a game will lead to another 4th place finish. How come we have a 40 year old way past his prime cleanup hitter? With Pierre, Hu and Jones in the lineup we have 3 easy outs out of 8. When they were winning I couldn’t question Joe’s’ moves, but now that they haven’t looked good these last 2 games , it’s time for these questions to be answered. along with how long must we endure Proctor and his 5+ ERA? Will Joe figure it out? Stay tuned for this years version of management doesn’t have a clue.

A very good case can be made that Matt Kemp is the best right fielder in the game. him ranked fourth. Two of the guys ahead of him are clearly playing way over their heads — 29-year-olds Xavier Nady and Ryan Church, neither of whom has ever had more than 72 RBI in a season. Magglio Ordonez is the third guy, and no doubt most non-Dodgers fan would take him over Matty at this moment. But taking into account Kemp’s speed, you wouldn’t have to be a lunatic or a Dodgers fan to pick The Bison over Magglio.

LOL DodgerBoy, yes, I only need about 4-5 hrs a night.

I know I am relatively new to this blog, but you know what would be cool. If we could arrange a 3-4 day get together to meet one another and talk all the Dodger baseball we wanted and get a section of seats at Dodger Stadium to watch a couple of games. Can you imagine the chants we could have with a mass group….probably too much to ask but it would be neat!

Although Ned created the mess, it’s Joe who’s running the team now. Isn’t it? If we wanted a “yes” man for Frank and Ned, why did we pay $4 million/year for a manager with Torre’s experience.
No. I’m sorry. I can’t hold Ned responsible for the day-to-day lineup. That’s Joe’s job, and I’ve got to think he’s got the cojones to start the lineup he sees fit. If not, he’s an even worse manager than I thought.
Trading Ethier would be just plain dumb. If — and please no!! — they do, it better not be for some half-baked pitcher like a Tomko/Hendy/Loaiza/Wolf/Baez/Carter.
For all his faults, Pierre is a legitimate starting major leaguer (on a weak club like say Kansas City). Nothing wrong with having an extra hand on the ranch. But Joe should ignore the wishes of Pierre’s mommy. Who gives a crap what an agent whose client has almost four years left on his deal has to say? Now if somebody’s willing to take on half of Pierre’s contract and give us a plate of nachos, let him go. Until then, he should get an occasional start, pinch run and sit in the corner and whine if he wants to.
Or he could show the maturity and professionalism of a guy five years his junior (a guy who is a better player than him but is making a tenth of his salary), and accept his reality like a man.

Lineup issues will work out one way or the other. Right now it is frustrating to see a clearly better player riding the pine because of big contracts and internal politics. I guess that is the way it goes. Not much we can do but hope it works out and we win and make the playoffs. Right now the biggest concern has to be our Big 2 at the top of the starting rotation. Penny and Lowe need to start pitching like top of the rotation guys or we are screwed no matter what lineup we run out there. I am as disappointed as anyone about the Ethier situation. He clearly should be starting, especially in front of Jones. But, it ain’t gonna happen. Pierre’s recent hot streak (which appears to have cooled way down) and Ferks injury have unfortunately conspired against Ethier. Let’s see what happens when Ferk gets back and Pierre’s OBP drops.

Here’s some chants and cheers for you Dodgerboy. A list of the forty-one cheers leekfink and I yelled on Tuesday to honor the 25th anniversary of my then girlfriend yelling, “The umpire is stinking and unshaven!”:


1. The Umpire is stinking and unshaven.
2. Nice Play . . . . Bonehead!
3. Baboom, Da-ding, Beeeiiiiijjjiiiiiinnngg!
4. Stop! Thief!
5. Pepto Bismol!
6. The Getaway Car is Blue!
7. 4 out of 5 umpires surveyed can’t tell a ball from a strike!
8. Plop, Plop! Fizz, Fizz! Oh what a relief it is!
9. The Butler did it!
10. Hey Kirt—what’s that Man Wearing?!
11. Hel-en Dell! Hel-en Dell!
12. Pizza Man, he delivers!
13. Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllll! Mooooonnndeeeeeeeessssssssiiii!
14. Karros Cares!
15. Pastacio, he’s a nut!
16. Delino is Delightful!
17. Whip it! Whip it Good! (Devon “Devo” White)
18. Hideo! Hideeeeeeeoooooooo! (To the tune of Harry Belafonte’s “Day-O”
19. I can’t believe it’s not Butler!
20. Looooooooo! Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaa!
21. Mazel Tov! (Shawn Green)
22. 2-2-9! 2-2-9! (The day Eric Karros set the L.A. Dodgers HR record)
23. Yo Adrian, I love you!
24. Belt one Beltre!
25. Et Tu, Brutus? (Cesar Izturis)
26. Give unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s.
27. Kris-py Kreme! Kris-py Kreme!
28. Doooooooo-nuuuuuuuuuuts! Doooooooo-nuuuuuuuuuuts!
29. Get in the Batter’s Box, Gonzalez! (Luis Gonzalez)
30. Rip it, Repko!
31. Russell Martini, Shaken, not stirred!
32. Russell Martini, With a Twist!
33. Everything’s Easier with Ethier!
34. Arrapaicrag! (Nomar)
35. Look, Up at the Plate, It’s a Bird, it’s a plane, it’s . . . Jeff Kent!
36. Dolmedo! Lomedo! Melodo! etc. (Fun with Olmedo’s name)
37. I’m Looney for Loney!
38. My Loney has a first name . . . (The James Loney Song)
39. That’s why they call him the Bison!
40. Hee-Sop Choi! Chin-Lung Hu! J.D. Drew! Chin-Lung Hu!
41. Do it, DeWitt! Do it, DeWitt! …

Bold indicates active cheers as of May 6, 2008.

*The above list prepared by leekfink.

Assuming someone took on a good portion of his salary, what would you trade Popgun Pierre for?
I’ll start.
A jammed stapler.
A paper cut.
A rusty disposable razor.
A used diaper.
(If you’re reading this Juan. Relax, just having some fun at your $45 million expense. I think you’re a perfectly decent fifth outfielder.)

Nice list MLK….very nice….would it not be a blast….

Nomar Garciaparra (calf) is expected to begin a short rehab assignment Monday.

The Dodgers’ goal is to activate Nomar by the start of their “Freeway Series” against the Angels on May 16.
Source: Los Angeles Times

Why? He ihas not shown that he can contribute on a consistent basis and stay healthy….At whose expense….we already have Ethier deserving of playing time based on production and rotting on the bench….and now Dewitt sits? No way Ned and Joe…Do not do it….look at what Dewitt does, he is patient at the plate, can run without something exploding, and fields his position….If you make this move, you are saying it does not matter if you do what we want/need you to do…You are not overpaid, over the hill, so you cannot play…Now thats the message I want to put out to my minor league ballplayers.

Nomar should have to do the whole 20 days….see if he can hold up in AAA, before we bring him up. I know this will not happen, but we can wish!!!

You make too much sense, dodgerboy55 for this management mindset. They won’t wake up to that kind of logic until we’re once again out of first by about six or seven games at least. They think we have all the time in the world to accommodate the fading veterans. It seems to be only us fans that think we need to win some championships NOW.

Sounds like Nomore will DH against Angels!!

Not to worry. Like Enchanted said before Nomore came back the first time. He will be injured and back on the DL in a few weeks.

I wish we could send Ned and maybe Torre too to the DL – at least 60 days, or does mental deficiency not count.

Some early season thoughts:

1. Hu is not ready to hit in the major leagues and needs the kind of seasoning that only every day play will provide. He should be heading back to AAA.

2. I don’t think that Abreu will be the answer to replace Kent at second. If nothing else, his health obviously is not reliable enough. Is there a possibility that either DeWitt or LaRoche can be tried at second – maybe in winter ball or during Spring Training next year. In the meantime, DY should get the chance to be the utility man at second base; otherwise, just what is he on the team for.

3. I think the bell has rung on Sweeney’s career, and I see no value in his being on this team, if there ever was. He needs to be gone, and if we need someone to spell the ss position once in a while, let’s bring him up from the minors in place of Sweeney now.

4. Much as the Yankees felt that they could do without Proctor, the time has come for us to reach the same decision. We should have much better options available in somebody like Meloan or others in our minor leagues, and they will have a future with us instead of being an interim mop-up guy.

Fire Coletti.

Hey Bear,
1. Totally agree. Resigning Ferk is imperative.
2. I’m with you again. I’d be getting DY some reps and also
see if DeWitt can play 2nd.
3. Again we are on the same page. Release Sweeney and
use Nomore as the right handed pinch hitter.
4. Your on it. I would not let Procto near a close game.
I would spin him at the trade deadline. Some team will
be desperate and take him.

I would also try and trade Bloaiza and Pierre at the deadline.

Ned will not be fired unless we fall out of contention. If we are out of it in Aug, I would fire Colletti then so the new GM (should be Logan White) can get settled in before the off season. If we are contending or make the playoffs, Ned ain’t going anywhere. Pick your poison. Kinda, d*mned if you do, d*mned if you don’t.

How about a little poll. Pick your preference.

1. Dodgers stay in contention and/or make the playoffs and
and Ned stays.
2. Dodgers fall out of contention in and Ned is fired.

I’ve got to ponder this one.

Ned’s head needs to roll for his extreme bumbling. However, I do not wish failure on the team for the fans and players sake. I am leaning more toward the “Take your medicine now” route. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Take our lumps for one season to be rid of a much larger future problem.

The first week of the season, my friend and I were going to the Opening Day A’s game against the Red Sox, and we were listening to KNBR (Bay Area radio station). They were talking about how baseball shouldn’t be affecting our life. They had said even though a team loses, we (the fans) still get up in the morning and go about our business and it’s just a game to us.
They had many callers (obviously gnat fans) saying the exact opposite. It does matter how your team is doing if you have a truly vested interested in that team and it’s players. I believe this group here does have a vested interest in the Dodgers and it’s players and wants whats best for them, and I think it does affect our lives or we wouldn’t be writing like we are now. Right?
This argument has been stuck in my head, and I keep trying to convince myself that it is just a game; that it shouldn’t matter who is playing today(winning is what’s important), but in my head it does matter who is playing today and it affects my attitude towards the game if the right team isn’t on the field for that particular game (like wishing for Pierre’s ground balls or Jones’ strikeouts). Don’t get me wrong, I still love it when we win as a team, but it doesn’t mean I am happy with who was in there to win the game, either (Ethier -lol)

I am for Dodgers in the playoffs because I am still hoping that it will be the kids that get us there (if they are allowed to play in June, July and August).

Everyday life is generally somewhat tedious and monotonous. That is why people spend huge sums of money on diversions. Sports and entertainment. Things to take their minds off the everyday struggles and trials or just to break up the same-ol, same-ol. So, it is certainly important if the team you spend your time and money on is having success. It is not life or death and should be kept in perspective, however, it does brighten your day, week, month, year when your team is doing well. It just puts a little extra spring in your step. Upon losing, for me at least, it really doesn’t change anything. I’m a little disappointed but the bottom line is the same. I go about my daily life and function normally. It’s not like we dip below the line and it effects our ability to function. If it does, well, then there is a problem in your life that probably goes much deeper than your team winning or losing.

Good topic Nelson.

One for the playoffs and Ned.

One for the playoffs and Ned.

much agreed jhall!

I will let it play out through the season. I imagine that Torre is safe regardless of how we finish. If we do not make the playoffs and advance at least one level, I think that Ned needs to be terminated no questions asked. I also think that if we make the playoffs, management will have learned to depend on the kids for performance. If they play the Nomores, Pierre, and continue with an underperforming Andruw, the chances for playoffs are very remote, and Ned will only have brought it on himself.

Talk about perspective,jhall: Our hometown had two twin boys who very good ball players (college age at the time, but played high school ball with Brian Fuentes from the Rox), and they were involved in a boating accident and had been killed. This happened about 5 years ago. Since then, when our two rival high school teams in the city have their last league game (last night), all the proceeds (bbq, raffle, etc.) go to a scholarship fund in honor of the two boys. Talk about a reality check in perspective, even though it turns out to be a great night for those that love the game of baseball. It is all about perspective and what is really important in life (family, kids, etc.)

jhall – I’ve got to go with #2, because (A) I think the way things are currently run that they’ll fall out of contention anyway, and (B) the sooner Ned’s gone the better.

The last straw for me is going to be Ethier traded away for some BS starter that will resemble all the other BS starters that Nedco has brought us in the past. I tell you too, there’s probably a good many on here that’ll jump ship and follow another team if Ned starts dealing the kids.

Its just amazing to me that you can buy a storied franchise that you know next to nothing about, particularly the traditions, and hire a second rate lackey from your most hated rival for oh the last 100 years or so to run your team, see the most incredible group of young stud players to come up in the last 3 decades, be blessed with the second most lucrative location, and know so damn little about what the fans really want.

Here’s a clue Frank – it ain’t the green chastity belt or whatever you call the new plan for Dodger Stadium. DS could decay and crumble and people would still come in droves if you gave us a bunch of young guys who truely play as a unit, have the drive to excel, and have fun doing it for the love of the game. We want youth, not the aged. We want continuity, not mercinaries…

And we want Logan White, not Coletti.

The actions and non-actions by Colletti and Torre have got to affect team chemistry. The Dodger kids have played well together and pull for one another. When they observe grossly unfair treatment, it must affect them, both for concern for a fellow player and the realization that it may be them next. That is not conducive to a winning atmosphere and eventually impacts how the team plays. As well as Ethier has handled the situation publicially, there is a sad commentary on Dodger management in his comments in the article we noted before:

“Ethier led all Dodgers this spring with six home runs, and yet Juan Pierre and Matt Kemp (both with matching .324 batting averages) now man the corner outfield spots. Ethier has three home runs and 15 RBI in his first 99 regular-season at-bats, before play Monday, and yet a struggling Andruw Jones and his $18 million salary get priority.

“Three years in a row, that’s how it’s been; ain’t nothing new, ain’t nothing different,” Ethier said. “That’s the story of how things have been done here and you learn how to accept it and get on with it and how to be successful doing it and contribute any way you can.”

Note what he said: Three years in a row…..that’s the story of how things have been done here – what a sad commentary on Dodger management.

Then there’s the LaRoche story:

“Manager Joe Torre admitted that he doesn’t know when that will be [LaRoche being called up], pointing to the overcrowding at the position because of the surprising play of rookie Blake DeWitt and Garciaparra’s expected recovery.

“Sometimes the game is unfair,” Torre said.”

“What LaRoche said he found curious was the timing of his activation and subsequent optioning. His rehab assignment ended short of its maximum 20 days, costing him about a week’s worth of major league salary and service time. LaRoche said his guess was that the motive was financial.

General Manager Ned Colletti said that wasn’t the case, stating, “He was healthy enough to play.”

In both Ethier and LaRoches’ situations, they made unusal efforts to get themselves ready to play. Their hard work was rewarded by benching, optioning to AAA, and statements like, “Sometimes the game is unfair.” The more accurate statement, Joe, is that sometimes YOU and NED are unfair. And then there is LaRoche’s rapid optioning to AAA and his guess that it was financially motivated. Of course, Ned denies that but he sure has a way of sending the wrong signals to his younger players. He can waste millions of dollars on ridiculous contracts to other team’s players, then discourage his own team’s younger players with penny-pitching. While I’m on that subject, does anyone else feel like I do that Saito was really shafted by Colletti salary-wise? Saito was and is a vital part of the team. His value last year was huge. Yet he was rewarded with a ridiculously low contract compared to his value, all because he has no leverage. Colletti can throw away millions to vastly overpay players the team doesn’t need, but then vastly underpays a player the teams really needs. Just another of Ned’s ways of creating disharmony on the team. Sorry for the long post, but with the sorry plight of Dodger management its hard to be concise.

We want Logan White, not Colletti!!!

I don’t think I would jump ship on the Dodgers, but I would definitely follow the team that Ethier would be on, and like you said, it better be on a team that is not in our division (doesn’t San Diego need an outfielder now? – lol). He’s even showed he can hit balls out of Petco.

Well said redfox!

Blake DeWitt 89 15 28 2 18 .315 .390 $ 390,000
Garciaparra 31 6 7 1 5 .226 .314 $ 8,500,000

Obvious choice for 3B, DeWitt. Managements choice, Nomar.

Andre Ethier 103 19 30 3 15 .291 .376 $ 424,500
Juan Pierre 81 10 24 0 12 .296 .380 $ 8,000,000
Druw Jones 109 16 19 1 4 .174 .286 $ 14,100,000

(Including defense) Obvious choice, Ethier/Toss-up. Management’s choice, Pierre/Jones.

Someone look me in the eye and tell me that money doesn’t factor in the decision of who plays.

This team isn’t about putting together a winner. This team isn’t about winning period. Its about a pathetic GM playing his pride over subtance.

Nice post redfox. I was having similar thoughts last night in my post about the team and what is happening to the chemistry. I think it is affecting the team play right now – they don’t have that same fire they did prior to all of this(Furcal not being in there doesn’t help, I’m sure).

1-0 Cubs Bottom 3. Ethier isn’t going anywhere.

Totally agree on all the above. Nelson, things like that really do put it into perspective. Go Cubs!! Go Billz!!
Let’s hope for a Ferk and Ethier lineup tonight.

BTW, here’s how some of the guys are doing that Ned traded to the Rays:

D Navarro
TB C 18 60 9 21 3 0 1 10 27 3 8 0 2 .381 .450 .350

W Aybar
TB 3B 7 24 1 7 2 0 1 2 12 2 5 0 1 .370 .500 .292

E Jackson
TB 2 3 4.04 7 7 0 0 0 0 42.1 38 19 19 3 0 20 29

Here how the guys are doing on the Ds that we got in return:

Logan White please!!!

Yeah, but do you really miss them? Seriously?

Snakes score 2 in the 6th to take the lead 2-1 AZ Bottom 6

Missing Navarro, Aybar and Jackson’s not really the point I’m trying to make Alex. Its the fact that Ned has NOTHING to show for any of those transactions and its only two seasons removed from the deals. One would think that we’d have at least one player with us doing something – back-up catcher/infielder – something.

Try this: Why Bennett at $875,000 and not Ardoin or AJ Ellis at $390,000? No way Bennett’s going to see much action, plus Ned signed him AFTER the Mitchell report came out with his name on it. A back-up catcher is a back-up catcher is a back-up catcher. Why spend twice as much as one needs to? Bennett’s “experience” really seems to be paying off. Can’t hit, can’t throw, can’t catch. BUT, Ned can activate and option LaRoche so that he doesn’t have to pay him a few thousand dollars.

Just saying the more you add things up, the more incompetent Ned becomes, even in the rather insignificant areas.

it’s time to start the campaign. it will really take some long nights of voting for this to work…but here we go…




4-2 Cubs Bottom 7! Well the reason why those players haven’t stuck is because they weren’t very good. Mostly because the players we traded didn’t have a good amount of value. The fact is Ned’s not all to blame for why they didn’t pan out, the scouts and the enitre organization are as well. Very rarely do you pull off a deal like Andre Ethier, which will easily go down as Ned’s best trade. Which he has scouts to thank. If Ned trades Ethier, he’ll have nothing to show for his time here and should be fired. He should deserve praise for standing pat with the kids as should the entire organization. Ned hasn’t made a groundbreaking awful trade whatsoever. Which this organization has been infamous for (Dave Stewart, Pedro, Sutcliffe, Franco, Piazza, Konerko). Though the trade of Duaner Sanchez was a mistake. His signings have been poor overall with the exceptions of Saito and Furcal. Though I did like what he did this offseason with Kuroda and Jones. Nobody knew Jones would be this bad, I mean its unreal how horrible he’s been.

Make that 5-2 Cubs Bottom 7!

D’Backs bullpen implodes, Cubs explode! 7-2 Cubs Bottom 7!

I was just imagining the Andruw Jones negotiations…my mind wanders at times…

Scott Boras….Ned this is Scott, i have talked to 29 teams and no one seems interested, can you help?

Ned…Scott, what do you mean no one interested I am smarter than them, I will give 36 mil for 2 years. Imagine the endorsements, Michelan man, pillsbury doe boy, goodyear blimp…no problem come on down I will make it happen, Frank is busy paving more parking lots to really think about it.

Seriously was there even anyone else associated with Andruw? I do not remember on Rotoworld or Espn insider anyone making an offer for him.

ps… Already wrote him in last week…go Kemp!!!!

WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MAT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would vote for #1. No offense to anyone here, because I agree with most of the comments made here. As a Dodger fan, I would like to see them win, be playoff bound, and (in my dreams) in the WS.
A couple of weeks ago on Dodger Talk on KABC, they were asking whether this team has an identity. I think it could (don’t know if it does yet). I think the identity could be a bunch of kids that like playing together, most of which have played together since Jacksonville. This group of kids has a leader named Russell Martin, who will do almost anything to win, including playing 3rd base on his days off. The team also has a veteran leader whose name is Rafael Furcal. The identity also includes a curmudgeon named Jeff Kent, who really cares about winning, wants desperately to win the WS, and will kick any of the kids in the b*tt if they need to learn a skill or make a mental mistake. The kids have matured enough to appreciate the kick in the b*tt.
Pierre should be making spot starts. Jones is looking like a huge mistake. I give him until June 1 to bring his average up to the Mendoza line, but from watching him, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. In terms of the Pierre trade, I’d take one for the team and offer to have root canal if somebody takes him off our hands.

Cubs take care of business and beat the D’Backs 7-2, now it’s our turn. Lets cut this to 2 1/2.

As for the vote…it has to be 1, I can never root for the Dodgers to be out of the playoffs. Maybe Frank will have an epiphany and realize that Ned is really from the darkside and is really trying to sabotage the Dodgers.

Just think Kent retires after the year and Ned signs Ray Durham to 2B at a bargain of 10 mil for only 2 years!!! Genuis!!

With Eric’s lineup and Billz on the mound, we can get it done tonight.

Looks like the D-Backs are coming back to earth and they didn’t get that far ahead of us. Need to take advantage of this window.
Trend seems to be 3-1 to make the playoffs and probably still have Ned so far. It is a tough choice.
DodgerBoy, LOL, I love the Jones advertising/endorsement ideas.
Good stuff everyone.

It’s not a tough choice at all. I’ll take 10 years of Ned for one World Championship. I’ll even take 3 more years if we make the playoffs. Never would I root for my team to fail so we could fire somebody, never.

On the other hand, if Ned and/or Joe blow it by continuing to play Pierre and Jones ahead of Ethier, and choose to play Nomar and send DeWitt down, and we finish 3rd or 4th in the division, then I’ll be calling for Ned’s head in October.

So far, sentiment is, we’d rather win and put up with Ned. I can go with that. If we win, he must not have messed up too bad, eh? It is kind of win-win for us. If we do win a championship of some sort (division, league, world) we will be elated and who cares about Ned. If we lose, and finish miserably, our consolation may be that Ned’s head will roll.
Gonna be fun to see how it plays out this summer.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t actively root against the D’s just to get rid of Ned. BUT given his managerial “skills” coupled with Torre’s profound obsession with vets, even if this year’s team makes it to the playoffs, we’ll be having these same discussions next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

What worries me is what Ned will give away at the trade deadline this year in his annual attempt to “put us over the top.” Ethier for a 4th or 5th starter that gets lit up every fifth day? Betcha it’d be a guy in his free agent year as well so we end up with nothing. That’ll royally P me off. Just once I’d like to see Ned try addition by subtraction and get rid of Nomore and Sweeney and Lowe and Pierre. It’ll never happen though because all the above named vets are exactly the type he’d GET at the trade deadline. We end up with more castaways than Gilligan’s Island. Great place to come if you’re a useless vet to live on Frank’s lush green tropical paradise.

If Ned manages to bring a WS to the D’s this year, I’ll type up a public apology for everything I’ve ever said about him on this board…

But I’ll still be nipping at his backside again next year.

WRITE IN MATT KEMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate to say it but right now, this is not a world series caliper team. We don’t have the starting pitching. If Penny and Lowe turn it around and pitch like aces, then we are WS material. Teams that win the pennant and/or WS have one truely dominant pitcher, an ace if you will and a lights out #2. Right now, we don’t.

If the D’s get that far jhall, it might be interesting if you replace Penny & Lowe with Billz and Kersh. What then?

Or having a solid 1 through 4 pitching staff pitching their best baseball in October. Like the 2005 White Sox and 2006 Cardinals. Also, one of our starters could emerge through the season. It’s too early in my opinion to be declaring a team World Series caliber. People declared the Tigers just that before this season. Surprises all season long and that’s why I love baseball. Just get in the playoffs and anything can happen.

From Diamond Leung:

Rafael Furcal will miss a fourth consecutive game due to a stiff back, but Joe Torre figured he’ll play tomorrow as Chin-lung Hu is scheduled to slide over to play second base in place of Jeff Kent. Then again, we’ll see.

Takashi Saito will be unavailable for a second straight after being sent home again with flulike symptoms.

Guess we all know what that means…

Mhm, we actually have to drive runners in today. It’s a neat concept.

having furcal out of the line-up is really deflating our offense….the dodgers made moehler look like cy young reincarnate last night.

Us to Joe: Okay, Furcal’s not available. But why put in Pierre at leadoff and then also add Hu to the lineup? Why fill one hole and cause two new holes?
Joe: Uh, Pierre is our only other legitimate leadoff hitter.
Us: Try something out of the box. Try Kemp or Martin at leadoff. Both have a high OBP and speed.
Joe: You’re crazy. I need Pierre at leadoff. I need Kemp at the 3-hole, and I can’t have Martin running all over.
Us: We need Ethier’s arm in the outfield and we need his power in the lineup.
Joe: Can’t do that. Need Pierre at leadoff and need to continue my project of rehabilitating Andruw Jones.

well yeah we miss them (because we got nothing in return still with the club) and Alex you and I talked about these guys before the all star break last year.

Kuo, Chan Ho, Loazia or rushing Kershaw or throwing 25 year old Edwin Jackson as fifth starter?

Gary Bennett (bat so bad that) gotta plat Martin at 3b. or Navarro who is hitting .380

add those two to young team, take away Loazia and Bennett, be just as good (or bad) and save 10 million.

New post up (and new lineup)

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