X-mo camera…and a lineup

Just getting around to starting to answer some of the comments from the past 10 days or so…I noticed one about the new X-mo camera that FSN has installed at the stadium, so here’s what our partners over there had to say:


The X-mo camera slows game action down to 2,000 frames per second (at 1080i/p and 720p formats) and is considered a “high-speed” HD camera. Producers can utilize this technology to enhance a great catch, decipher a close call at the plate, detect the impact of the ball on the bat, etc.  The X-mo may be used for replay and/or live game camera purposes.
The camera is located field level behind home plate.

Located only at Dodger Stadium, three separate “diamond cameras” are installed at home plate, first base and in front of the pitchers mound. These miniature cameras provide viewers at home with a never-before seen angles to the action (ie. making a slide at home plate, deciphering a close call at on the bag or detecting pitcher’s release). Housed inside a protective box – for weather related purposes – the camera itself emerges 3/8″ above the infield dirt and comes with a modified wide-angle lens. The camera itself uses Dodger Stadium’s existing fiber infrastructure and is controlled remotely from inside the production truck. The HD diamond cam versions were implemented in 2008.

Here’s today’s lineup in Colorado as the team looks for a full road-trip sweep…

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Kemp, CF

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

DeWitt, 3B

Hu, 2B

Lowe, P


I REALLY love this lineup for Colorado with how well Pierre is playing and how well he hits in colorado.

finally jones isnt playing. he needs to take a few days off if not a week. He needs to work with the hitting coach.

I have a question for everyone..I live in the bay area and have the MLB extra innings but I can’t find the game..anyone else having this problem? I’ll go insane if I miss this

thank you for the line-up – let’s sweep! GO DODGER BLUE!,

Finally a lineup that I can love. Doesn’t guarantee it, but hope we get the nine straight.
I too want Jones sitting out for a while – we’re not going to miss anything.

Hey Enchanted. Remember Revolution #9 from The White Album. #9, #9, #9, #9. Let’s get 9 today. Be interesting to see the lineup card today. Hope Ethier gets a start.

We had a Helter-Skelter first 3 weeks.
Now its Ob La De, Ob, La, Da…

LOL, my post above is from the last thread that I copied. I got my wish. Nice lineup.

Thanks for providing us with today’s line-up. Hopefully, we will get our ninth-straight win.
Be sure to check out my Dodgers Blog for updated coverage: http://dodgersblog.mlblogs.com

this is a very young starting 8. average age is 25.3. I wonder what the youngest team to start was this year. this could be close. furcal and pierre are the only ones past 26.

Man, I love this line-up. I hope it does well. I’m going to miss first part of this game. I don’t want to come back around the 4th inning and find us behind. I’d like to se 3 or 4 long balls hit by us today

No jhall – White Album was before my time, more my wife’s (she’s got 5 years on me.) I’m more Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Foreigner, with a whole lotta bad 70’s thrown in.

Nice line-up today – No bad Andruw.

Ned’s got Toy’s In The Attic.

My expert opinion says very nice lineup, very nice indeed.

I really like Hu in there with Lowe on the mound.

We had helter skelter fading into Ob La De, Ob, La, Da…Now it’s Sweet Emotion being Back in the Saddle again and for my favorite band as a teenager (Van Halen), let’s hope we continute our Eruption, Light up the Sky.. stay Unchained and On Fire.

Afterall, Everybody Wants Some, we want some too.

Good looking lineup. Glad to see AndRUW take a break today. Hopefully the youngsters will continue to lead by example at the plate. JP has really impressed me lately, so I’m glad to see him start as well.

Alright Jungar!!!!! Great post. Get 9!!!!!!!!!

This win streak makes me want to “Jump” up and down.

Every year my class, along with three others, do an end of the year musical. Last year we did a tribute to the songs of the 50’s and this year we are doing a tribute to the Beatles. However, Helter Skelter can’t be used – the students are 1st graders. I am probably in the same age range as enchanted because those are the groups I was around, but recently I have been inundated with every Beatles song imaginable. So the fact that you are referring to Beatles songs and Dodgers in the same posts is really intiguing to me, not too mention the songs are so stuck in my head right now. lol!

Bad Andruw Rap:

I hear the fans roar
Its what they come for
With the glove they know I won’t quit

But on the stick side
I feel my pride slide
With the bat I don’t know where its at.

Its bad,
it gives me fits
I swing real hard then I go have a sit

I hear the fans boo
There sayin’ screw you
Its what its come to
Leaves me feelin’ like Schidt.

Well, its a work in progress… Being white and 47 doesn’t help either…

Lowe and Coors Field do not mix. If he can limit the damage we’ll be ok. Sinker ballers in Coors are normally a big disaster. We’ll need runs and preferably early.

You are just too good at this poetry stuff – wow!!

Alright E!! LOL. Sounds like fun Nelson. Beatles will live forever. Great classic stuff. They were talented and the timing was right. Changed a whole generation.

Jones is the Walrus, Goo-Goo-Ga-Joob.
Ned is the Egg(head) Man. LOL

E is a poet,
And don’t no it!!

Then again, maybe he does.

How long does it take you to come up with one of your poems?

Its becomming apparent the desert is affecting me in ways I couldn’t have imagined…


Evidently 18 minutes dnel – from the end of my first post to jhall to the post time on that one.

That’s too funny, enchanted! I am familiar with living in the desert. I lived in Las Vegas for a couple of years. Well, the desert is doing well by you because these poems/songs you come up with are great.

Its kinda like that old Stix song – I’ve Got Too Much Time on my Hands.

Ned’s Stix song is Mr. Loboto(my)

I hate to leave this party, but I have to go watch “live” baseball. My son’s pitching coach is in a fastball league and he is pretty good so we are going to watch him pitch. I will be watching the game via the phone today. I have got my Dodger blue on, and I am ready for a sweep!!
Thanks for the fun – Post to you later!

Is everybody happy?
While Kent takes a breather it feels great to see Torre is doing just what I hoped and expected he would do with the lineup.
So there’s no need to panic when your favorite players are on the bench.

Alfred E. NEDman. “What!? Me Worry!!

Minmize the damage Derrick..

Not unexpected on my part from Lowe. I’m glad he won’t be around for us next year. In fact, I would definitely make him available at trade deadline for some decent prospects, maybe a strating pitcher at the AAA level. We can bring up Kershaw for the second half of the season in his place.

34 pitches and no outs

Bet we see Chan Ho today.

I’m with you Bear. That is a great idea.

I’ve got to be honest, with the way our bats have been going the last few days this game is nowhere near over!! Come on Blue!!

I’m with you guys on D-Lowe…. I’ve never had a huge liking for the guy.

Maybe LOWE will give us a “Randy Wolf” type performance but 51 pitches is like a half a game already.

I know our bats have been good, but we’re up against a good pitcher today and I hope we don’t have a big let down today…

No, we are by no means out of it. Let’s Go. I still don’t want Lowe back.

That inning was shaping up to much worse.

Well… if we keep having at bats like the first two innings we might be in for getting out tails whipped today.

I lost the game on MLB.TV. when it came back, the Rockies were batting again. We must not have done anything in our half of the inning

OK, that’s more like it. Let’s get the bats going and get Lowe off the hook. He could still go 5 or 6 with innings like that.

This MLB-TV has a long way to go, I missed the whole top of the second inning.
I guess I didn’t miss anything good.

Me too PierreEW.

Evidently, we didn’t miss anything exciting happening in the 2nd inning

It seems like today may not be our day… Cook looks good.

Although Pierre will never be the player we want, he sure is the hitter he wants to be and he’s very good at it.

Cook isn’t showing any bad signs today, we will have to use some stratagy at plate.
Maybe wait him out a little.

Maybe, Lowe should warm up a little longer before he starts a game. Now that he’s warm, he’s doing ok…


That sounded very good. A shame we didn’t have bases loaded.

Hopefully we can get into their pen, Cook looks way too good today

Wasn’t it wonderful to see ETHIER smack that ball.
Right over the right center wall
and put us on the scoreboard?

With the way that Pierre is performing I have no problem with him playing in place of Andruw. You have to wonder if Andruw is really a couple of years older than he claims – wouldn’t be the first such occurence from the Carib. isles. He sure looks like he’s continuing on his way down rather than just in a slump. Ethier obviously needs to play every day along with Kemp.

That was a nice attempt to get the runner at third by Loney
but it was a tough play for DeWitt with the runner coming right into the ball.

Well, we can’t seem to hold our own against good pitching. We can’t seem to mount a comeback.

If I were DYoung, I would be working out hard at 2nd base. You’ve got to figure they are keeping him around because they have plans for him. Next Spring he can battle with Hu for 2B. He played good at 2nd this Spring. Hu would be a great utility infielder for us. Just a thought because I would like to see what Young could do with 500 AB’s..

Not many teams can hold there own against really good pitching. That’s why they are really good pitchers. Good pitching and defense wins championships. Cardinal Rule #1.

Chan Ho might have to take one for the team. Let him finish the game and save the bullpen for the Mets when we get home. Can’t win them all.

It’s a tough to win today but maybe Kemp, Loney & Martin can improve on their own personal statistics here in the 7th.

Cook looked a little like he was tiering there.
Maybe it’s not too late.

It ain’t over till it’s over. Balls not bouncing our way today.

DeWiTT, Hu & Who?

The boys are kinda flat today, Cook’s pitching a great game, and the Rox have a great bunch of hitters. 2 out of 3 in CO isn’t bad.

Dumping Lowe at the trade deadline no matter what kind of year he’s having isn’t a bad idea – get as much as you can for him, but it’ll never happen – Ned’s not that smart. He’ll hold onto him and at best we’ll get a draft pick for him. Odds are though that Logan can pluck better talent from a high school than Ned can another organization.

This is the work Chan Ho is best suited for – mopping up to save the pen. Even though he has a save and an extra innings win, IMO he’s heading for a Frosty the Snowman on a summer’s day.

I’ll also be quite happy if the D’s can take a couple from the Mets.

Yep, you said it E, the Furter just ain’t that smart. Lowe, Kent, Blozia, and Nomore come off the books next year, so the money is there to keep Ferk.
I’ll take a pitching rotation of Penny, Billz, Kurod, Kuo, and possibly Kershaw if he’s ready. If he’s not, there are some FA pitchers out there that can be 4 or 5 guys.

Juanpy has put up a very strong case not to place him on the bench.
Ethier HR was important.

Going to be interesting to see if Schmidt has anything in the tank…

We may need all the money for ferk, forget about FAs

Schidt!! I forgot about Schmidt. Maybe won’t need a FA.
Ethier needed that homer to keep Joe honest.

You’re right pierres, JP has been playing very good ball the last few games, and today we actually have three .300 hitting OFers in the game. Its a shame any of these three right now have to take a seat for Andphew.

Doesn’t Sweeney ever shag flies once in a while?

Funny how Druw’s more like Francis The Mule, and Trigger’s being reincarnated as Secretariat (for a few games anyway.)

Meanwhile, DY’s hitting the quietest .400 you could ever imagine.


Tough game, we start a new streak tomorrow.

Sadly, we weren’t going to win the remaining 132 games, and no ground lost on the Diamondbacks. But let’s get home and win a bunch more. No Johan for the Mets, so they are very beatable. And we can get fat off the Astros too.
Start a new streak!

Ugh, all good things must come to an end.

Lets get another streak going!


Got to be happy with picking up a game over the weekend. Now it’s Dodgers’ turn to face the Mets while D-Backs host Phils. Is it my imagination or is Arizona always home??????? And in spite of April’s slow start, isn’t it nice to see the Pods 5 1/2 games to our rear? Come on, Schmidt, get semi-well soon. Dodgers’ rotation is still a horse short.

Torre said the Dodgers have had the eyes of slumping Andruw Jones examined several times. “They’ve checked out OK,” Torre said. “We know his problems aren’t physical ones and his hitting trouble isn’t terminal.”

The best news is that the Mets bullpen is not doing too well.
Their starters are having trouble also.
Normally that wouldn’t help the Dodgers
But the way our offense has been lately,
we might be able to take advantage of it.

The discouraging part about having Jones is that Torre keeps saying that Jones will play through the “slump”, so with Pierre being hot the outfielder sitting will be Ethier or even Kemp, and that is just plain UNACCEPTABLE.

The optimist in me keeps saying that Jones will have one of those 5 HR weeks.

C’mon Andruw, make it THIS week wouldja?

Yeah, that Torre quote about Andruw playing through the “slump” worries me, too. At what point is the “slump” simply declining skills? One month (there already)? Two months? Half a year?????

I don’t mind Jones working through a slump if you have OFs on the bench with the same problem, but Ethier/Kemp and now even Pierre are not having these kinds of problems so they will be, in so many words, punished, for doing their job from day 1.
Jones should now take the role that Pierre had and come in on occasion when a day off is needed (which we all know Ethier/Kemp do not).

Is it just me or does it seem as if the hitting is off this year…It seems as if there are more good hitters under .200 than normal….look at the list

Hafner, Cano, Jones, Ryan Howard…just a short list to name a few, but there are alot of people struggling…Guys with track records…

hopefully Andruw will get into shape and get his head straight…he is definitely fighting with his confidence…he is 0-2 every at bat…

It was nice to actually read some positive spins on Pierre…great job guys!!! Lets start another streak….

Interested to see what this Schezer (whatever) kid with Arizona does today….just what they need is another good arm in the rotation…Utley please take him deep at least twice!

I think the “dead horse” has now turned into Andruw – he even looks stupid enough with his characteristic smirk (after striking out) to belong in the glue factory.
I sure hope we don’t see “Elmers” Jones in the lineup for another day or two.

This post will be a long one, but I hope you guys will enjoy. It is a story about, among other things the genesis of the James Loney Song. First a quick piece of background information: leekfink and I are brothers.
On May 6, 1983 Lee and I attended a Dodgers-Cardinals game with a group that included my then girlfriend Jennifer. BTW, I was 19 at the time and Lee was 7. The game was a classic battle that ended 16-10 Dodgers. It was at that time the longest 9-inning game in National League history (not sure about the AL), and still would be if not for the introduction of mile-high Denver into the league. Although, the box score will tell you that Ozzie Smith committed one error that night, Lee and I distinctly remember that the Wizard of Oz committed two, a failing that could not have happened more than a very small handful of times in his career.
See the box score here: http://tinyurl.com/3tc2u4
But it was a small, otherwise insignificant moment that changed our lives forever. At some point during the game, the umpire made a bad call. The crowd booed and hissed, and called the umpire names and made all the usual comments about his eyesight and perhaps his parentage. Then, out of the blue, Jennifer yelled, “The umpire is stinking and unshaven!”
That solitary “cheer” has led to 25 years of bizarre cheers. From that time forward, we have complained of bad and questionable calls with those famous words: “The umpire is stinking and unshaven.” But that was just the beginning. In the ensuing 25 years we have invented numerous cheers. They could be organized in many ways. One way would be to organize them according to the amount of sense they make. Thusly they could be divided into three categories:
1) Those that are weird, but make sense.
2) Those that make little if any sense (At least not to the poor saps sitting near us).
3) Those that make perfect sense.
Below are a couple of examples from each category.
1) “The umpire is …. (you know by now)
2) “Stop Thief!” (Opponent stolen base attempt)
1) “Pepto Bismol!” (For an opponent caught stealing. Originated when Lee mispronounced “Picked him off!”)
2) “Et tu Ceasar” (Used to applaud Cesar Izturis)

1) “Pizzaman, he delivers!” (Mike Piazza)
2) The James Loney Song

Et tu Ceasar makes perfect sense to me.

…Does that worry some of you????

THat’s awesome martinloneykemp. “the umpire’s stinking and unshaven” sounds like a classic to me.

I’m curious, what was the Ozzman’s 2nd error?


I guess “distinct” is an overstatement. I don’t remember the exact nature of the two errors — although maybe Lee does. I do remember that we were very cognizant at the time that Ozzie had committed two errors during the game. I suspect that either at the time or before the official box score was entered, the official scorer gave Ozzie a break.

Love the story martinloneykemp!!

If any of you guys want to meet us, I’ll be on the Top Deck Section 6 Row H Seat 18 and Lee will be in the next seat on Tuesday, May 6, 2008 celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this insanity.

Just to add to MartinLoneyKemp’s post–the game also had two bench clearers. I remember looking up at the clock in right field when the game ended and it was 11:16 (looking back at the box score, and assuming a then-traditional 7:35 start time, it actually ended at 11:14, but I probably did not look right at the last out). I am kind of curious now what my mother thought about my brother keeping me out so late. I also thought that I remembered Fernando pitching, and I see that he did–though it was a short outing for him in a year that was otherwise pretty good.
There are other cheers that we have had, and you can also categorize them as player specific or situational:
1) Russell Martini–Shaken, not stirred.
2) The Butler Did It (which originated as a jeer against Brett Butler when he played for other teams, but evolved into a cheer for him).
1) I can’t believe it’s not Butler (semi-retired–when a player OTHER than Brett Butler gets a bunt hit).
2) Baboom, Ba-ding, Beeeiiiiijiiiinnnng! (in rhythm when the Dodgers get a double play, usually a 6-4-3). That’s one that makes little if any sense, as it is based on a David Letterman Top 10 list from 1989, but the rhythim works great for a double-play, and with the Dodgers playing there this spring and the Olympics coming, people may think it relates to that.
Anyway, we have tons more, and will be there tomorrow night on the 25th anniversary of that game, sitting in Aisle 6 of the Top Deck (we’ll also be on the Field Level on Friday Night, and we’re pretty sure that Loney can and does hear us there).
PS–I did not know MartinLoneyKemp was my brother until about a month after he first posted, when he told me because he was writing a post that referenced Bill Buckner (his long-time favorite Dodger) that he figured I would discover it was him.

It’s a slump,” said Torre, who gave Jones the day off Sunday. “I don’t think this is terminal. I don’t think he’s in denial or doesn’t think he can do it. It’s just frustrating as (heck) for him right now.”

Jones actually raised his average four points to .163 during the road trip, but struck out five times in his past two games and now has 34 strikeouts in 98 at-bats.

Sitting Jones allowed Torre to start Andre Ethier, who promptly homered.

“I’ve done this for three years,” Ethier said. “No big deal. Same old story.”

If the Dodgers are set on being patient with Jones working his way out of his slump, then the time may be right to trade Pierre. He’s hitting now, even playing good defense (for him anyway).

It breaks my heart to see Ethier sitting. Andre’s great spring is now lost to management’s memory. Someone must need a CF who can hit leadoff. I’m sure Juan would welcome a trade. It’s not fair to him either. None of this is his fault. He’s doing what he’s always done.

They need to move someone. Kemp is untouchable. I like Ethier too much to trade him. He’s too young with too much upside, not to mention a great attitude (who knows for how much longer). Jones is going nowhere for two years. That leaves Pierre.

Pierre is hitting well right now, I’ll give him that. NOW is the time to cash in (or cash out in this case) and trade JP to someone who thinks this is the REAL Juan Pierre.


I have waited two/three years to see Ethier finally get his chance to compete for a full season. He knew he had to come into this season ready to give it all he’s got, and he did just that. I remember the trade because I live in NorCal ( I follow the A’s to some degree), and I couldn’t wait to see him finally make it here. I hope I am just reading too much into all this, but it looks like Ethier is going to get the short end of the stick (really screwed) once again. Like I have said before, I hope Andre reads this blog and understands that this is not what the true fans want. He, along with Kemp, need to be playing everyday.
On a good note: Congratulations to Matt Kemp for being named the National League Player of the Week – yeah!!!
It was texted to me a few minutes ago.

Hear, Hear dodgereric. Good post and suggestion. I don’t think that Ned thinks in that vein, however. Of course, Ned is a total A**H***.

I am just looking forward to an exciting Dodgers-Mets series, and I am glad to see a class act like Joe Torre doing well…lets go Mets!


That’s awesome that Kemp was named Player of the Week. Of course, I have had him on my fantasy bench because I never know if Torre is going to play him.
Kemp needs to play always. Ethier needs to play almost always. Jones needs to take a few days off and let Pierre (who, to his credit, is playing well) play, and either improve or sit. It’s May 5–too early to write him off, but way too late to say that it’s just early in the season.

Ande’s cheap contract doesn’t last forever. The Dodger Org has built up little good will in his heart. I’m sure he is just counting the days.
Everybody else knows how good is and that Ned didn’t need to acquire Jones.

Yes, congrats to Kemp!

I understand the Jones dilemma…one “assumes” this perennial All-Star will wake up and throw off the shackles. But it’s been going on now for a season and a half and one begins to have doubts. Every Dodger fan would love for Jones to snap his fingers and magically become the player we all feel he is…or sadly, was. But as soon as a trade for Pierre occurs (though I don’t think it will), you just know a Dodger outfielder will go down. Is DY or Repko ready to play every day? Does Ned trade for another hack? Dodgers need to sit tight and alternate Andruw and Juan if it comes to that. But PLEASE, play Kemp and Ethier every day. Whenever one of them sits the Dodgers are weakened.

Very well said Kahliforni.

At what point is the “slump” simply declining skills? One month (there already)? Two months? Half a year?????

Jones is well past any of those timframes. (not that I am saying to bench him, just saying)

After the all star break in 2006 he hit .249
last year you all know he hit…………… 222
so far in 98 bats this year he is at……163

I say with Dewhitt’s great defense at 3B, why not start working Laroche out in LF in Vegas to see if he can hack it? It’s got to be easier on that back of his too. Then trade JP and you have DY, Repko and Andy ready to step in.

You’ve got to trade Pierre now while the gettin’ is good. We might not even have to take on as much money in a trade right now with the way he’s playing. Don’t fool yourselves either…JP is not going to hit at this pace all season, let alone 3 more years at 9 million after this year.

At what point is the “slump” simply declining skills? One month (there already)? Two months? Half a year?????

Jones is well past any of those timframes. (not that I am saying to bench him, just saying)

After the all star break in 2006 he hit .249
last year you all know he hit…………… 222
so far in 98 bats this year he is at……163

Im watching ESPN classic and Scosia is about to go deep on Gooden. Ah good times.


Is that the game that Orel came in for the save?

Atlanta fans are eating this up. As much as they love Andruw, they are very happy with Kotsay. I know, I work right next door to a Braves fan. She laughs at me every time this subject is discussed.

Think we have to have a new term for moneyball in reverse. Let’s call it Nedball. Spend a lot and get a little.

Kahliforni is right, Jungar is right, and Scott may be on to something–though I think that right now it still makes sense to see if LaRoche can play 3B every day. There’s a good chance that he can, but he still needs to prove that he can hit as well as we think/hope he can.
If that happens, we have enough outfielders for right now, but maybe next year would be time for a move. And while DeWitt has proven that he has major league ability, the consensus coming into the spring is that he was a year away, and I think that’s probably true. He has good patience but still hits some warning track flyballs. In another year, those might be going out of the park.
Because LaRoche was optioned, he can’t come back for 10 days, so he is not eligible to return until the May 13 game in Milwaukee. Ironically, that seems to be the first day that Nomar is eligible to come off the DL. I don’t know what they are going to do.
Just a funny note–the National League Player of the Week is not on the All-Star Ballot.

Funny how Nomar was immediately activated and Dewhitt sent down despite his good play and LaRoche, who played as well or better than Nomar in the Spring and was only injured by freak accident, is banished to the minors despite hitting well in Jacksonville. Nomar on the other hand had hardly any practice before he came back and admitted he wasn’t 100% to boot.

Some of these players (LaRoche, Ethier, Kemp, Young and Loney last year) have got to wonder what they ever did to Ned to be treated like crap while outsiders like Pierre, Nomar, Sweeney, Saenz, Loaiza, Tomko, are given almost infinite amounts of rope to hang themselves.

Disheartening to say the least. Bottom line: Ned is a witless tool.

or should I say veteran ball washer?

Scott, did you mean “witless tool” or “witless fool”?
I’m happy to go with either one. A witless tool could possibly be honed, or whatever to make it useful. A witless fool is probably beyond hope.

You know, I worry about that, too…the kids being alienated and leaving when they are legally able to.

lol! messagebear

right kahli. Free agent time is good-bye to the highest bidder time for all of these guys unless the people that screwed them over are gone before then, which there is a pretty good chance of at least, so there’s hope.

The answer to that would be
LOGAN IN 2009!!!

I like:

LOGAN IN 2008!!!

Congratulations to Kemp for the NL Player of the Week honors! It’s interesting that the last Dodger player to win that honor was Ethier. Yet these two players have been benched way too many times this season. They need to play everyday. They deserve it and the fans deserve it. I just don’t understand management’s blocking actions and excuses. We all know that Ned isn’t a good judge of baseball talent, otherwise he wouldn’t keep blocking players like Loney, Ethier, Kemp, LaRoche, Young, Repko with players from other teams who can’t perform at the kid’s levels. And if Torre knew his stuff, he would be playing Ethier and Kemp regularly. This, of course, is all old stuff, but it is just so frustrating, even in the midst of a winning streak, to see the lack of appreciation and understanding of the young talent the Dodgers have. And if it’s frustrating for the fans, think how Ethier, Kemp, Young and LaRoche must feel. If this keeps up, they will walk away from LA as soon as they can, and who could blame them?

Hey guys. Just got in and have been reading your comments. LOL. Some good ideas. I’m not sure how long Joe will stick with Jones. If he is still performing this poorly in June, Joe is going to have some difficult decisions to say the least. I believe Jones will get at least that long and I fear probably more. I’m praying that Jones gets his s**t together soon or we’re freaking screwed. Probably not wise to take a player that Atlanta gave up on. They are dead on the vast majority of the time. Keep your fingers crossed. At least Pierre is playing well for the time being.

Next thing you know, Pierre will hit a HR and have as many as Jones.

Not that likely, but it would be funny.

Never thought I would be saying it, but right now, I would rather have Pierre out there than Jones. Of course you where I stand on Ethier and Kemp. They should play everyday. Platoon Pierre and Jones, a lefty and a righty.

Everyone here knows I’m not a fan of Pierre, but as long as Kemp and Ethier are starting, you can put Sweeney in LF for all I care, and the same goes for JP.

Kemp – CF
Ethier – RF
I don’t care – LF






BAH – I tried to space it out across a diamond. It took out the spacing. Too much time on my hands.

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