Looking for eight straight

Here’s tonight’s lineup in Denver. Martin back at third against the lefty, with Bennett getting the start and DeWitt getting the night off (or at least the beginning of the night).

Furcal, SS

Pierre, LF

Kemp, RF

Kent, 2B

Martin, 3B

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Bennett, C

Loaiza, P


First! I disappove of this lineup (not that anyone cares but) Cmon Blake deserves the chance to have a good game after last nights fiasco, and Bennet catching two days in a row? Dumb. Torre is just gone all cooky on us. OH and what did Ethier do to deserve to get benched?

I imagine Pierre playing in three games straight (and at the top of the lineup) has something to do with his little whine-and-moan to the latimes the other day. Well you can turn straight around and look at the GM that signed you for your troubles, no one else.

I know I hardly comment on the Line-up but I just want to say that I’ll go along with it since I have no say in the matter and who’s to question Torre these days?
As long as Ethier isn’t taken too hard.
The biggest difference lately is the offense, which was by far the weakest link in the chain for this team for quite some time, has been looking real good.
We can all see the patience & discipline and the cut down on too much first ball swinging, which is helping to tire out these opposing pitchers.
After 7 wins in a row and cutting down the lead to 4 games, I would hope we don’t get carried away and get our hopes up too high and keep concentating on taken it ONE GAME AT A TIME

I understand that it may be because of the lefty/righty thing, but Jones is getting chances to work his way out of a slump against everybody so why punish Ethier for not hitting well against lefties when you could allow him the same chances to work his way out of this particular issue (if this really is the issue and not just giving in to Pierre pressure). As to the DeWitt issue, I am clueless as to why this is happening. Well, I will stay positive and hope everyone gets their chances to get in the game, including DY.

jspelk, did Pierre complain again the other day? Like while we were winning? I guess I want to complain about this lineup as well but winning trumps everything. Torre can play anyone he wants as long as we keep winning.

well u cant punish Pierre for roping vs lefties so far this year…and he has been playing well. My issue today is that Jones is playing instead of Ethier.

Even if we end up losing tonight or sometime in the future (and it’s bound to happen sooner or later) there’s no way I’m complaining about the management of this team. Torre, Easler, Bowa and company are doing a great job with what has been given to them. This is a tremendous run we’re on right now and I hope it lasts. The season is full of highs and lows, we’re on a high right now and lets all hope we don’t crash down any time soon.

The only thing that I find troublesome with this equal play among four outfielders is that now Ethier may get out of sync, and that would be real bad, considering how he started out the season and contributed. He was always a good batter against left handers, but now he is not getting that practice. Torre may be well satisfied with using four outfielders, but does it really put the best three on the playing field at one time. This situation will not get any better unless somebody is traded, and that somebody better be Pierre as far as I’m concerned.

I think Joe Torre is giving everybody a chance to play.
Don’t forget there is ONLY 8 slots to fill and he doesn’t have the DH to work with as he had with the Yankees.
I expect Ethier and DeWitt to be right back in the starting lineup.
Anyone can see this if you’re following it everyday.
And the fact that the team is winning shows that Joe knows what he’s doing.

My point exactly!! Jones isn’t hitting off of anybody, left or right-handed. Okay, I will give him the double yesterday, but that was not the starter, Frances, who struck him out three times before that.

The A’s are in 1st place. That’s all that matters. Since DePo left and took his brilliant mind to SD I’ve been rooting against the Dodgers. Just look at my comments on Dodgerthoughts. Thanx Jon. You’ll notice I never post anything positive. Why you ask? Because I want the Dodgers to fail. Maybe I should take the joeyp, oldbear root, and act like I want Dodger success. It would fool the newbies anyways. Go ROX!!!

I do agree with you. I do see that every one is getting their playing time. I am just very pro Ethier/ Kemp, and I hate to see them lose ABs.
I am, after all, a Dodger fan, and I do want to see them win regardless of who is playing.

From real GM:

With high hopes, the Dodgers acquired Andruw Jones in this last offseason despite his hitting .222 with the Braves last season, but it seems 2007 was a banner year for Jones. He is now off to a .161 start as of May 2, with one home run and four RBI. Even in 2007, he managed 26 home runs and 94 RBIs. So far, Jones is on a pace to hit six home runs with 24 RBIs. Is it over for him at 30? Certainly, the Dodgers hope not, but all indications are that Jones is in more than a slump. He’s statistically the worst-hitting outfielder in baseball thus far.

Depo and his brillant mind are in last place 9.5 games out. Sorry guys I couldn’t resist.

Jones to me is the biggest puzzle right now.
This is one of the worst slumps I’ve seen in a long time.
I feel if after a time(I don’t know how long they should wait)(I’d do it now) he should be sent for a complete physical examination.
After all the years I followed this game I can’t understand why they don’t consider this an unusually long slump.
Don’t forget it started before last year.
This man was one of the best power hitters in the game and I’m sure they haven’t just found his weak spots and he hasn’t been able to adjust.
Something seems to be incredibly wrong, IMO.

pierre has been playing well so i have no problem with him playin but it should be over jones and not ethier

That’s a good one, jungar!!
My friend is a Braves fan, and she is very happy with Kotsay.

I hope Ethier is reading this blog and knows how much we want him in there.

Alex, I think you hit the nail on the head. During a full baseball season there will be highs and lows. The key is to minimize the magnitude of the lows. We started out on a low Now we are an even bigger high that has closed some ground on the D’Backs and given us some seperation from the rest of the pack. Our offense is cooking even with Jones struggling bad. When he picks it up we will be smokin’. Can’t complain about Pierre right now as he has played well and has outplayed Jones to this point. I have to say right now I would rather see an outfield of Pierre/Kemp/Ethier. I am not worried about Ethier. He will get 500 PA’s. I think all 4 will get over 500 PA’s when it is all said and done. Can’t complain about the lineups when your kicking some major **** even if they do look bizarre at times.

Nice post jhall,
Like I have mentioned before I live in Norcal(plus I live with Gnat fans) so as long as the Dodgers are winning and the Gnats are behind us, all is well.

I like the lineup with Ethier & Kemp starting also, but this is a 25 man roster we’re dealing with and unlike Little, Torre seems to want everbody to get playing time even horribly slumpridden Andruw, whom he feels, that the only way out of it is to play and play and play oh yes and play.
Will Ethier or Kemp and others lose there edge and go out of sync? Who know?
I look at it this way, Winning is the bottom line, once the losing comes back, than it will be time to worry.

Thanks, PierreEW – you always see the bright side of any issue,and we need that here at times.

BTW everyone, where’s enchanted?

Thanks Nelson. Let’s get 8!!!!!!!

I think jones plays because of his defence. Last year everything hit to pierre was a double because of his arm. Kemp is still learning centerfield and either has not played center. I think we used to have **** who could not hit a lick and he played every night. Jones sure looks smooth out there.

He does look good out there. I agree. But my gosh did the dodgers have to see JP in CF to know he isn’t a good CF’er. We committed 50 million and 5 years. Thats just sad.

So I think Jones, in Colettis mind was brought here for the reasons Nomar was brought in after Drew opted out (needed 20+hr and 100rbi) . Not just defense. Coletti belives he can hit 30/100 or else you dont pay him more than 70 percent of tonights starting lineup. If you sub Hu for Kent or Ethier for Pierre, then Jones would be making more than the other 7 field players combined. For this we get an out of shape guy who has morek than walks and hits combined.

I’m looking at the bright side—— dnelson.
Because right now the bright side is facing us.
I don’t know how long this consecutive streak will last, maybe hours, maybe days.
BUT this is the best team we’ve had in years.
Way better than in ’04 or in ’06.
It took a damned long time but anyone can see this is different.
We’re not going to win them all and it’s going to HURT more than ever when we lose.
From what I see our guys can stand up against any team anywhere.

Can’t wait to get home so I can listen to Vin!!!!

So agreed PierreEW!!

Jungar–Yeah there was an article about how Pierre was unhappy and wanted to start and wouldn’t even confirm wanting to stay with the team. He is, as we suspected, concerned with starting first, winning second. Not that most players wouldn’t be, its not like he’s “team player juan.” Im just wondering when the 4 person outfield merry go roudn is going to end.

Oh hell dnel, I said I wouldn’t say anything bad about Joe’s line-ups while we’re winning… JPs got an OBP of .358… AJ CAN’T be as bad as he looks…

I didn’t say that I wouldn’t rag on Ned though 🙂

Ragging on Ned is like stealing candy from a baby… or striking out Andruw

How the hell do you bunt into left field??

Is this team SOMETHING? OR IS IT SOMETHING? Time for our favorite song!

Jones is the most pathetic hitter I’ve ever seen…


I just don’t get it! Please play Ethier. Matt can play center.
I know – think positive!!lol!!

I dont get why JP doesnt do that EVERY at bat… Great Shot by Loney. Jones looks awful. He was behind on two straight fastballs, pulling his head off like an idiot.. He really looks lik ehe just doesnt get it.

Jones POSITIVELY stinks.

That was a nice AB by MARTIN to walk in a run before LONEY took back the team RBI lead with 22.

Positive – Good inning for Loaiza, and we are currently winning 4-0

Do we discuss Andruw or just egnore him.

How long is Torre going to continue with Jones before he sits him or sends him to AAA to get right? Are we going to play every game with 7 hitters and a pitcher? This is becoming a joke. They can pitch him any way they want.

You wonder how long Torre can keep Jones in there. I mean I wanted Jones on the team so I am not being critical on Ned for signing him, but at some point, isn’t it unfair to the other players who are trying to win?

It’s one thing to look bad, struggle a little, but even Vinny is like this is pretty bad. And he has seen alot. Normally I would say, well u got to get a good player going, but over his last 900, yeah 9 hundread ABs, Jones is hitting roughly .215

Jones sucks’ so bad right now, it is hard to ignore!!!

I’m with PierresEW – examine Jones’ eyes, reflexes, give him a catscan, an MRI… then hire a proctologist to pull his head out of his ***.

He needs Bowa cleat up his rectum!

That will open his eyes!!

Can’t ignore Ferky & Juanpy’s base running.
Ole reliable Kent and Kemp ties Loney at 22.

Another pair of runs! Always good to give Loaiza as many runs as possible to work with, but I prefer him as a 5th starter to Kuo. Kuo seems more valuable as long relief because he’s able to keep us in the game.

Sounds like Schmidt isn’t too far from a rehab assignment…

Good inning once again for the boys!! I am just glad we are winning right now, or I would be having serious issues about jones.

Rectum hell, he killed ’em both!!!

I’ve no idea what that’s the punchline to, but I remember that from my mom.

Okay, I know we are winning, but that was a pathetic play by jones, and this is supposed to be his strength.

I may have to reconsider my stance…

There goes Pierre – even the rox announcers talked abut the arm – lol


I don’t want to rush him, but this Loaiza is ridiculous. No stuff, period.

Ah crap, Bloaiza is back. Better get Kuo up.

IT’S ETHIER TIME!! It can’t get any worse!!
I know PierreEW – positive – lol

Its Kuo time.

It’d been a FAN tastic week. Luv Marty at third. They need to think about bringing up May. I give Bennet the month to do something.

Oh Kershaw will stay in the minors, we still get to watch the 47 million dollar man throw 3-4 games of terrible ball before going back on the DL. Then Loazia again…Then maybe Kershaw.

Never know what you’ll get with the Blomeister. He may well throw 2-3 shutout innings now, or he can pull a Bombko and just get shelled from here on out.

Freakin’ unbelieveable…


That’s what Bennet has to do. Good job.

Jones needs to sit. Maybe he can be the highest paid minor leaguer

We are well on our way to the 10-8 game that someone predicted earlier…

Single season Dodger record for strikeouts: 149 Bill Grabarkewitz (1970). Jones projects to pass that mark in August.


EARLY August.

Nice HOOK by Torre.

This is not good!!

Smart hook and that oughta do it for Loaiza and I don’t just mean for tonight. 6-0 lead and he throws 79-84 MPH meatballs. Bye Bye.

Ned the Furter goes out and takes this guy off the White Sox hands for $8M a season when Houlton could have done a better job. Geez!!! What a hoser.

Well Loaiza could have done that, bleh…

Yeah nothing more pathetic than watching Loazia/Tomko typpes. Whatever, he made more money by starting tonight than 1 out of 3 of us will make working 40 hours a week for 52 weeks.

So is he gonna wonder why Torre took him out this time? He should be DFA’ed.

Time to call Kershaw up. Why in the hell can’t we blast some of these long ones when we have men on base. We single and double them to death.

Jones sucks big time. Time to send him to Las Vegas.

Can we stop thinking positive now? lol!! Everybody needs to go back to their spot (Martin, Ethier), and Pierre can stay, take jones out.

What is Kuo’s problem????

The best thing to do right now is to…………

Looks like we play a 6 inning game tonite.

Okay – I will try!

They slam Home Runs.. We hit pop-ups. What the crap.

If I was Torre, Loaiza wouldn’t be starting another game for me, and Jones would have to set AAA on fire before he started another game for the big club.

That 1-2-3 4th inning by Kuo is very soothing, I hope it effect the Dodgers the same way.

JOnes and bennett may as well bring up Mays and play dewitt would add to the team and martin won’t be a third baseman

Thanks for keeping us positive PierreEW.


Wow nice 3 run-HR by Loney, team leader with 24 RBI

Loney fried their bolonga!!!!

L_O_N_E_Y 3rd HR ………..25 RBI Team’s top.

That’s a hell of a lot better. Let’s keep it up…

In honor of leekfink:

My Loney has a first name,
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name,
It’s L-O-N-E-Y
I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me why I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way
With H-I-T-T-I-N-G!

andruw – good hit!!

About time that Fatty got a hit

Thank you enchanted – we needed that!

It’s up to Kuo to bear down now.

Kuo with a RIDICULOUS fifth inning, when he throws strikes he’s an elite pitcher!


Nice inning for Kuo. Let’s get some insurance runs.

We need a long one now. Let’s put this game out of reach

Let’s go Jeff, James, Andruw!!

Got a good shot at scoring some more here.
The more the merrier.
Snakes leading in AZ
COM’ ON Kent

I can’t believe I forgot Russell!!

The thing I liked alot that inning was FURCAL’s tag up and score on Kents shot fly tp center.

I don’t see why Torre should get any credit for the winning streak. The success has come from playing the kids regularly, which we all knew should have happened from day one. If Torre had done that from the beginning, we would probably be in First Place now. And by continuously playing Jones and benching Ethier, he shows that he still doesn’t get it. Colletti’s signings of Pierre and Jones, neither of which we needed, and Torre’s playing them has stood in the way of success, not furthered it. Pierre has been playing well lately, but I believe an outfield of Young, Kemp, and Ethier would have been more productive. And what has Torre done to give Young a chance? He’s batting much better than Jones and sits on the bench. I believe Torre has been more of a hindrance than a catalyst for the team’s success.

Isn’t it good to see KUO, mowing them down?
Bringing us to the 7th.
We need to get Rocky outs.

That didn’t help DY’s chances of playing more often.

Looks like Loney and Kemp will lead the team in RBi’s. What a fun battle is going to be.

COM’ON PROCTOR we got to keep up with the D-BACKS

We’re in trouble. Gloom & doom

Lots of negativity on this team blog that is on their way to an 8 game streak. Goes to show you can’t please everyone…. even some of your fans. GO BLUE!!

naaa we’ll come out okay think positive

I’m glad Proctor is done. He scares me. Come on Broxton, close this inning out….

Like to see Broxton show he’s all right, right here and get out of this inning.

I think we are all positive that the Dodgers are doing a fabulous job. The negativity is due to the things that management has done.

Good afternoon, good evening and good night!


We did okay. Brox looked good


We’re in a save situation.

someone, or some people, keep saying to send jones to AAA… and that’s just not possible. you can’t just send whoever you want to the minors, unless you want to risk losing them… so basically, play him and hope he does better soon, or bench him… those are really the only options…

i was just reading the earlier comments, and thought i’d say something…

russell up with the bases loaded and 1 out… let’s go russ!

hopefully we can hang on to this one and make it 8 straight, and keep pace with the d’backs… go blue! =)

AND… russ comes through

Man that is some tough luck right there!

that would be no loss at all. he sinks – he had a good career but he’s done, and fat.

Let’s go JON 6 more outs.

Sara is absolutely right about minor league not being an available option for Jones. I would follow through on getting him an eye exam to make sure that there is not some plain physical reason. Other than that, he either improves or we have to live with a bad deal. If he can’t produce in another couple of weeks, he should be just sitting on the bench.

Technically, I believe Jones has options that you could send him to the minors, BUT he’d have to accept the assignment because of his service time.

If it was just a matter of clearing waivers, with the way he’s [not] hitting and the huge contract he has, I doubt anyone would claim him.

3 more outs.

Really in a bad situation in the OF. You’ve got two guys that are vastly overpaid. One can’t hit and the other can’t throw. Who do you play?

Also hard to sit Pierre right now. His bat is outweighing his defense.

I have to say the Fuentes is from my home town, and I always like to see him pitch. I am just glad that we were ahead and didn’t need to see him any other time.

Let’s go Saito close this out.
5 run lead.

Come on Saito. Don’t give in to them. We need a DP.

Sammy wants to make this one interesting…

Nice catch Pierre!

Wow, that was close. Good catch… Almost popped out

Nice catch Pierre!!

Come on. No more of these. Good catch Kemp…

Now I’m waiting for ndeschenes great summary of the game! 🙂

Good game guys. Let’s get out the brooms for tomorrow. Would be nice to head home with a 9 game streak.

About 725 feet first and second outs including a HUGE catch by Pierre but we’ve hit eight!

Great game dodgers!!!

I’m liking the way this team’s starting to react to adversity. First the cold weather game last night, now tonight blowing a 6 run lead and bouncing right back to score 5 more. Team’s showing some moxey. Nice pitching when we needed it Kuo!! Loney big when it counted the most.

Let’s make it 9 tomorrow!!!

Saito was off again
Great catch by Pierre
That’s 8 count them 8
A tough game

Hell’ of a game!

Why do people criticize Pierre’s defense?

His arm is the target and his ability to judge fly balls to which he must use his speed to make up for that. But, he has the ability to track down balls most fielders would not come close to catching.

Well, I said Pierre would be acceptable with an OBP of .360 or better earlier in the year. Right now he is getting it done.
Also gonna get a Diamond Gem on ESPN tonight. That was a great catch.

Outstanding, Brilliant,Eighth in a Row, 12 to 7 Victory By our Beloved Team Of Incredible Destiny Los Angeles Dodgers over The Colorado Rockies! Amazing Super Hero, The Tower Of Power, James Loney Leads the way with a three run double and three run Blast! Super Heroes Rafael Furcal with 2 hits and 3 runs scored and Juan Pierre with 3 hits and 2 runs scored show unbelievable Heart and Determination! All Our Los Angeles Dodgers were Super Heroes always including Superman Himself,The Man Of Steel, Jeff Kent! All of us Dodger Fans, Cheer Our Team Louder and Louder, For Our Los Angeles Dodger Team is a Very Special Extraordinary Team, Full of Wonder and Surprise, All The Way To Our Seventh World Series Championship!

I guess no one can’t complain about Pierre OBP’s now since he’s doing a great job.

We talked about Pierre’s OBP in Spring Training and it was pretty much agreed that he becomes useful with at .360 or better.
He’s doing that now and Wah-La, he is certainly proving useful now.


Please, can you inquire whether anyone has insisted on Andruw checking his eyes? I read somewhere that Hendrickson finally had laser surgery for his eyes and he is now pitching lights out for the Marlins. I’m not saying that Andruw has an eye problem, but he looks like he has no clue out there. K’s left and right and his bat isn’t even close. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. We need Andruw to snap out of this funk. Thanks.

Maybe we should get Hendrickson back and give them Loaiza lol.

I think Pierre plays a better LF than CF but so far his arm has not been as exposed.. I also think he looks better at the plate this year vs last year. Bunting, walking a little and even hitting the gaps a few times. He is running great as usual.

I also think Ethier and Kemp should play over him.

Soft toss in mile high altitude isn’t like soft toss in Dodger Stadium. It appears we’re at a crossroads in the 5 slot again. Kuo just doesn’t have the stamina to be a starter IMO, and like tonight, he’s far more valuable as a long reliever.

Park probably has earned a start, but he’s already given up 4 dingers, walked twice as many as he’s struckout, and I’m waiting for the big implosion to happen soon.

Too soon to bring up Kersh, and really he shouldn’t be brought up until Sept. for a cup of coffee. That arm’s too valuable to risk screwing it up for short term gain.

That leaves us with Loaiza for now. This was his first truely Bombko-esque outing. He’s given up some runs, but usually managed to right the ship until tonight. We could give Stults or Meloan a shot though.

Question: If you bring up Meloan to try 5-hole, who do you DFA? Park or Loaiza?

I’m assuming when Brazo’s ready, Wade gets optioned out.

Meloan isn’t ready for a starting role w/the Dodgers. He’s walking 5 per 9 IP.

I know that Brazoban has been promoted to AAA, after being a “lights out,” reliever in AA. He currently has a 3.00 ERA through three innings in AAA.

Be sure to check out my Dodgers Blog, http://dodgersblog.mlblogs, for the latest regarding the Dodgers.

Props to Pierre toinight. He had the flying bunt in the first (although I really don’t know if that was on purpose), a very nice bunt later on, made a terrific play to catch that ball and maybe save a 3-run homer in the ninth.
Ethier has played far too well to sit two games in three days. The only acceptable reason in my opinion is that he has some kind of injury.
My Loney has a first name
It’s J-A-M-E-S
My Loney has a second name
It’s L-O-N-E-Y

I love to watch him every day
And if you ask me “Why?’ I’ll say
‘Cause James Loney has a way with
Eight-game winning streak or no, Joe Torre hasn’t yet done enough to earn his way back into my good graces. As someone pointed out the other day, everyone on this board knew who should have been the regular starters before Spring Training began. I’m not going to give Torre credit for figuring it out 50 days later. I do like the idea of using Martin at third occasionally, so that’s a start toward him regaining my faith. And I also like the aggressiveness on the basepaths.
In the last six games of the eight-game winning streak Matt Kemp has hit in the 3-hole. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

We use the 5th starter only a few times in May. I assume/bet it will go Loazia, Loaiza, Schmidt, Scmidt, Kuo, Kuo, Kuo, Kershaw…

No..not sweet.lol. http://www.latimes.com/sports/baseball/mlb/dodgers/la-sp-streeter4-2008may04,0,1141894,full.column

By all accounts he’s a good guy, well liked in the clubhouse, but Jones, 31, entered this season with an extra chin hanging from his jaw and a Goodyear tire wrapped around his gut. The Dodgers were hoping he’d be their slugger. He has only one home run and a batting average clinging to .160 like metal strips to a magnet.

Worse, we’ve rarely seen signs he’s about to turn the corner. He steps into the batter’s box with the blank, dazed look of a beaten man.

It’s beginning to be a familiar pattern — a free-agent Dodger, mired in the muck. The team is already dishing out around $15 million this year to Jason Schmidt. Schmidt had six starts last season, his first with the team. He hasn’t pitched this season and may never be effective again.

Doesn’t end there. Nearly $10 million goes this season to Nomar Garciaparra, who seems to pull a muscle every time he combs his hair. And a good $8 million will comfort Juan Pierre, who begins most games on the bench.

Those are some big-money whiffs, and Dodgers fans have every right to complain. Jones played last season for the Braves knowing he’d soon be signing a new deal. He had every incentive to have a banner year. Instead, he batted a career-worst .222. He slugged 27 homers, but that was 24 fewer than his career high. The trend was sloping downward, the Dodgers took a gamble, and now they’re getting stung.

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that Hunter says he would have been quite happy roaming the outfield at Chavez Ravine. “I would have loved to have played there,” he told me last week, readying for a game against Oakland. The Dodgers were among his off-season suitors, but they weren’t quick enough to the punch. “I was all set to talk to them,” he said. “We were just a few days away. Then the Angels came in and made a fantastic offer. The rest is history. I’m an Angel and it’s great.”

Granted, the Angels probably paid the former Twin a few million more a year than market rate. Maybe his contract is a year too long. But if teams want to win in today’s baseball world, they’ve got to stretch. Thing is, the stretching must be done wisely, spending money on players with no glaring weaknesses and stats that are stable or moving up.

That’s Hunter. Though he says he feels off-kilter, the 32-year-old center fielder is hitting .313 with four home runs and 17 RBIs. He has already won a couple of games pretty much on his own. Against the Mariners, he slugged three doubles and made a leaping catch at the outfield wall that robbed Seattle of a potential game-winning, ninth-inning home run. Against Cleveland, he slugged a walk-off grand slam.

“That’s when I really felt like I was at home, like I belonged,” Hunter said. He took me through it, the jolt he felt when bat met ball, the shivers that ran through his spine as he rounded the bases, the sound of the crowd, the sight of his teammates waiting at the plate. “All my new guys there. Sweet.”

Thanks to Enchanted and MartinLoneyKemp for keeping up the Loney song. My brother (with whom I co-wrote the song) and I want it spread and enjoyed!
Nice win–I only saw the end fo the game until later on because of an old friend’s wedding this morning.
I am surprised to Russ at 3B again. I don’t approve of that. Martin’s a good player anywhere, but it’s like when people said that Piazza should be moved to 1B to lengthen his career. Martin’s a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger catcher. It’s rare to find that kind of defense AND handling the pitching staff. But while it’s good to keep his bat (and speed) in the line-up, there are a lot of people who can hit like him and play 3B–there are almost none (and last year in the NL, actually none) who can do it at catcher. Mike Piazza’s career as a first baseman would have been good–maybe even still Hall of Fame worthy–but there were a number of First Basemen of his generation who were as good or better (McGwire and Pujols come to mind first). But he was the best catcher in the history of the game. I can’t say that Martin will be that good, but what he does as a catcher makes him special. He needs to get back behind the plate ASAP.
Apparently, LaRoche was activated from the DL and optioned back to AAA. Some of this is surely formality–he was with Las Vegas anyway, but making the Major League minimum rather than a minor league salary. And he was running out of time for a rehab assignment. And while it’s true he has not hit the cover off the ball in AAA, but with a .154 average also came a .353 OB% and a .738 OPS. Not great, but better than first blush. But I really expected that he would get the chance in Los Angeles. Even if we’re fine with Martin getting a little time at 3B, aren’t we more confident in LaRoche’s bat than Gary Bennet? And aren’t we worried that with both our catchers in a game at any given time there might be some injury).
The team is really coming together, and I give Torre and the coaching staff some credit–yes, he’s been getting to know them, and there are some excellent talents, but I have to think his manner and way have helped. But I am confused about what the plan with the 3B situation is. I like Martin there every 2-3 weeks just to get some extra rest, but not even close to every day.
Also, we all rip Pierre, and I want to add to the people giving him credit. He’s been playing very well. But I don’t know why Ethier has been sitting for 2 days–I think that’s an odd move (and I am of the opinion that the only reason that Matt Kemp should not be our 3-hitter for the next 10 years is if he is our 4-hitter). BUT–Andruw has to play all 3 days in Denver–it’s the best hope to try to get him started. But if he does not get going tomorrow, I think he needs to take 3-4 days off to try to work on his swing, and let Pierre play since he has been doing well. That may just be temporary, but we cannot carry a .160 average.
I think that the hope is to have Kuo/Loazia/Park man the 5th starter position for another few weeks and hope that Schmidt can come back before June to take that 5th spot. And I agree we should be careful with his arm, but if Schmidt does not come back it’s hard to keep Kershaw down.

Hey Enchanted. Remember Revolution #9 from The White Album. #9, #9, #9, #9. Let’s get 9 today. Be interesting to see the lineup card today. Hope Ethier gets a start.

Procto is certainly appropriately named. My but’t get tight when he appears. Pucker factor shoots way up!! LOL

Interesting story on Hunter Jungar…. No doubt he would have been better this year, but those last 2 years on his contract are a huge question mark. That is the thing i keep reminding myself with Andruw debacle– only two years, only two years, only two years, over and over again i say that when he strikes out looking completely overmatched by 92 mph fastballs that are right down the pipe. only two years, only two years.

Yep, thanks Jungar. Good article. I agree EWK.. Ned rolled the bones with Jones and it remains to be seen if he craps out (so far, but it is only a month into his first season with us) or hits his number. Sure didn’t roll a natural. But it is only 2 years. I would have loved to have gotten Hunter however. I don’t think he will be awful in those last couple of years as he is in extremely great shape and takes care of himself. Hunter would be huge in the middle of our lineup right now.
Same as Vlad a few years ago.

#9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9, #9

We had a Helter-Skelter first 3 weeks.
Now its Ob La De, Ob, La, Da…

I still completely hate Plaschke but that was certainly a nice article, and unusually well written…. I remember how sad i was when Chick passed and i have always cherished the Dodgers way more than the Lakers, and the article did a good job and reminding us all to enjoy every last minute of it, every single game. It, like just about all things, cannot last forever, but that doesn’t mean we can’t always enjoy it more and more while it’s here.

I wonder how important it is to Vin for us to win a World Series and have success and such?? He is such a supreme announcer you really can’t tell if he is even a Dodgers fan—lol..

I was at last night’s game – I have to say, that was a fun one to track on the scorecard. I think they had the bases loaded in 4 different innings – mmm.

Pierre’s playing out of his mind right now. Maybe fewer AB’s is good for him; he can focus on doing what he does well and not have to try to do to much on a daily basis. Plus, that play he made at the wall in the 9th was one of the best I’ve seen him make. It sucks to have 4 OF’s when one of them is clearly inferior, but right now, the Dodgers have 4 fine outfielders (but one who can’t swing a bat), and that’s FINALLY a great problem to have. Let’s just hope Andruw can get on track. I watched him in BP last night, and he was taking everything to center and right; it seems like he’s just not seeing pitches well right now. Swinging at high heat, breaking pitches off the plate, etc.

I think Torre has done a fantastic job managing this club in the last 2 weeks. Pitchers know how he’s going to use them, and I think all the position players are starting to figure that out, too. And, the team is being productive and efficient. I’m not going to today’s game, but I’m definitely going to split time between the D’s and the Lakers 50/50. These Dodgers have suddenly become VERY entertaining to watch.

Nice article from Sarah about Ethier (Sarah’s Take). Maybe Sarah is thinking that Pierre is getting his playing time from the publicity he has gotten lately, and that it wouldn’t hurt to do the same thing for Ethier. I, too, hope he gets a start today, and the chances are hopefully good because of the right-handed pitcher (Cook), but I guess we will have to wait and see.

If I was making out today’s lineup:
Furcal SS
Pierre LF
Ethier RF
Kemp CF
Martin C
Loney 1B
DeWitt 3B
Hu 2B
Lowe P

Gives Kent the day off and puts better defense on the infield.

Sorry Andruw but .163 BA ain’t cutting it and we’re going for the sweep. You can get out of your slump rested and at home.

Looks like a lineup we could see next year if we resign Ferk.
Another reason I think we should resign Ferk is that I believe he makes Pierre better. Last year with Ferk hurt, Pierre batting 2nd, and Grady managing it didn’t fly. Ferk getting on ahead of Pierre is getting Pierre more good pitches to hit and bunt.

Next year will probably have LaRoche at 3B however. That’s fine.

I was at Friday’s and Saturday’s game. Going to Sunday, but leaving a little early to catch my flight home. Friday, I was supposed to arrive at 10:30 a.m. but American cancelled that flight and I did not know about it until I got to the airport. Got to Denver and no luggage. I should have not checked my luggage. Oh well. Froze my everything at the game on Friday!. Got my luggage on Saturday morning,

My friend and I spread Leek’s song while Loney was being interviewed by Fox and by KABC.

Prior to the game we yelled from the fist level to Vin upstairs “Vin Scully! We love you! He acknowledged us by saluting us, doing a little applaud and a bow. We did the same, exending our arms and bowing to him! I miss hearing him.

Let’s get #9!

CRZ, sounds like you were literally Blue on Friday night. What an awesome weekend, good for you.

Well, I am sad today is a day game as I will be in church during the game, but I will be checking my phone to get the score, and will obviously be praying for my boys! 🙂

I know this will be an unpopular post today, but I have to say it. GO JAZZ!!

wow– “leave now, and never come back.” thats terrible ed.. really really terrible, disappointing, and really quite sad. Take those Jazz vibes elsewhere.

Sorry Ed, I don’t happen to share your sentiments towards the Jazz. GO LAKERS!

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