Tonight's lineup

If you’ve left a lot of comments lately, my apologies for not responding to them. I haven’t had a chance to read the comments in a couple days, but hope to do so during tonight’s game.

Here’s the lineup:

Furcal, SS

Jones, CF

Nomar, 3B

Kent, 2B

Loney, 1B

Martin, C

Ethier, RF

Pierre, LF

Kuroda, P


You knew there was going to be a Herpierres outbreak soon.

Just like the tide. Nothing you can do about it.

Yep Eric, well said. Just got to go with it.

Kiss this game goodbye…..

I understand why Torre tried Jones in the 2 hole but it didn’t work!!! Ethier 7th???? Give me a break. Does Joe even want to win a game?

Makes his life easier. Plug in all Ned’s ill advised acquistions and when they fail and lose, the onus is on Ned the Furter.

But he could try and put a line up that can produce. Not this drivel he calls a major league line up. Maybe Frank is paying him to screw up and lose so he can throw Colitis out on his ****!!

Hey, Ned signed these guys to get us to the playoffs and keep us competitive. It’s time to produce.. If they don’t, I look for Furter to be unemployed and we will see the youth movement. We’ll see.

jhall did you see Plashke’s article today? He thinks the Dodgers have no choice but to call up Kershaw. I can’t believe he isn’t signing the praises of Bloiza or Anyone can hit it out of our PARK.

Plaschke’s a moron!!! Don’t screw with Kershaw’s developement. Bloaiza and Schidt are two more of Furter’s acquisitions. Go with them and when/if they fail. It’s on BoobleNed.

Don’t you mean “WHEN” they fail…. In Schidt’s case he will never get off the DL, 47mil for NOTHING.

Put Ned’s team out there. See what they can do. That way there won’t be any questions about his judgement and baseball acumen when he gets dismissed. If they thrive, well, good for you dude. We will be in the playoffs and happy.

Good to see Kemp out of there. Even if it does come at the expense of JP playing. Kemp just looked awful last night. I don’t know what the hell they should do with him. I know he’s still young, and at times looks awesome, but then looks totally lost on other occasions.

LOL. Just trying to be neutral and optimistic. However, I ain’t holding my breath.

Totally predictable after Kemps bad game last night. The only thing is Pierre stinks ,and Kemp will never develop if he’s out after a bad game. Druw has had a lot of bad games, and he plays everyday .

Thats what happens when needs signs a washed up veteran, they play because of his silly contract while the young players need to get out there and play.

I know I was stating the obvious, I was just hoping Joe was reading this!! 🙂

I know this will go over like a fart’ in church, but, if they are going to keep shuffling things around, send Kemp to AAA and let him play everyday and work on things. He’s still very young, 23 I think. Give DYoung some AB’s and when we are out of it in early July, bring Kemp back and go with the youth movement whole heartedly. Not what I really want to see, but, maybe the most constructive way to go about it given the circumstances at the present time.

I guess I am ready to run Furters team out there and see what they can do. If they win, great, if not, good-bye to all of them.

I am with you jhall, I would like to see Colitis put his job where his mouth is.

Ned made the bed and unfortunately we have to lie in it. But the bed is much hotter for his silly arrse!!!!

23 games 23 different line ups

But the FRIDGE played in just about all of them Jungar..

Baseball Rouhlette. Once in a while you get lucky..

Don’t sugar coat it Messagebear. Tell us what you really think….LOL

Question for Ned,
How do you feel about the fact that the majority of your signings/trades have been ill-advised and bad and that most fans would like to see you fired?

Well at least I can say the Rockies didn’t get off to a fast start like the Diamond-Backs did.
They came back to earth after winning the pennant last year.
So if it is not a five team division race at the moment, it’s still a four team race for 2nd place.
Let’s hope Jimenez messes up enough for us to score enough runs for our 10th win of the season,

By the way, I would be happy with your departure. Thanks!!

You obviously didn’t see the line up for tonight. Because if you did, you would be hoping for a rainout.


It ain’t true. On April 11 and April 13, Torre started the same lineup (not counting the pitcher’s spot). Only 22 different batting orders in 23 games. Joe really knows how to inspire confidence in the kids.

I can’t believe we managed to find another manager as stupid as Grittle.

I never thought of Torre as a moron, until this year. I don’t think grittle was as bad as we thought. I think the current management is SOOOO bad that it’s making the field Managers look bad?? I have to believe that considering what Joe has accomplished in his career.

The lineups are not Torre’s fault, he has to use the cards he’s delt.

You gotta wonder how Frank got hooked into the G’Nat contingent. He could just have easily hooked into the Cleveland or Atlanta contingent. Hell, even the Red Sux. Anything would have been better than hitching your wagon to the G’nats way of doing things.

I don’t think he got hooked on it. I think he tried to find someone that had been in a baseball for a long time because he didnt know a damn thing about baseball. But he sure can build a pretty parking lot!!!

I really have to disagree with scurtis1999 and jhall about benching Kemp (and one suggested sending him down to play every day). He’s done everything you can do in the minors, and he’s not just a legitimate big league hitter–he’s a good one. He has looked bad in some at-bats, but what he needs is . . . at-bats. Experience with that slider, patience, and not the pressure that one bad day will mean he sits the next.
And, if he’s struggling, why is the decision with him to bench him, but if Jones is struggling, Torre hits him second. Let Kemp hit second–I promise you he would produce.

I agree LFink, but I don’t think our management has your sense.

come on leefink, that would make sense!! You know we can’t have any sense around here!!! lol

My suggestion was not to bench Kemp but find him everyday playing time.

It absolutely is Torre’s fault when he fails to start Matt Kemp every single day.
I’m inclined to wonder if Toron is even aware of Kemp’s 07 stats:
22 years old, 292 ABS, 100 Hits, .342 BA, .373 OBP, 10 HRs, 42 RBI, 10 Stolen Bases. All that while being shuffled all over the lineup.
A bad month by Matt Kemp is better than the best month Juan Pierre will ever again have.

I don’t think Kemp thrives on indecision and inconsistancy. I think he would be better off playing everyday and working on his plate discipline.. It could be here or in AAA. Given that Ned has invested so much in the proven vets and I believe they will get more than a chance to show what they can do, Kemp is the odd man out. I don’t like it. Ned’s boys are going to play, say what you will. When/If they fail, Kemp is more than ready to step in.

Torre’s just mixing and matching every day IMO, with the veterens getting a little more preference as usually is the case.
Kemp might have been benched today even if he had a good day yesterday. He might’ve even known he was sitting.
I think it will all boiled down to who is more successful at this manuevering. The players who have the best offensive numbers will end up playing the most.
When LaRoche gets back I would imagine Nomar would get less playing time sharing it with LaRoche.
Whether this is good or bad only time will tell.

Like I stated earlier, I am ready to endure Furter’s lineup. If/when they fail, there will be no questions or debates. Put them out there and sink or swim. Either way, we’ll be happy. They perform and we make the playoffs, or they fail, and we clean house. I would just like it more cut and dried than this wishy washy bullcrap!!!

God am I sick of all the complaining. Have faith in our club and quit thinking every game without Kemp in the lineup is a give up game.

I have ZERO problem with Kemp sitting tonight. He cost us a run on another routine fly ball last night and K’d in a very crucial situation on a pitch that everyone in the park knew was coming. He has shown ZERO signs of learning from defensive mistakes since he came up and therefore he should sit IMO. Quit taking your talent for granted and work on something to get better.

As Enchanted put it. Let’s get a sound plan and stick to it..

LaRoche has *nothing* left to prove in the minors. He had 90 HRs before the age of 24 and therefore should start at 3B everyday once he’s healthy.

Sorry pierre,
Gotta disagree with you again. If the players who have the best offensive numbers got the most playing time, Matt Kemp would have played every game this season. His numbers both this year and last year are far better than Popgun Pierre’s.
Based on offnesive performance, the only guy who could possibly sit in favor of Pierre is Andruw. And even given Andruw’s horrible performance thus far, he has only been margianlly worse than Pierre offensively.

You’ll get no arguement there Momo. Unless Nomore is producing.


It’s true that Kemp absolutely blew that fly ball last night and it cost us a run.
On the other hand Pierre’s weak arm — and I’ll speak conservatively here — costs us at least one run for every six games he starts.
For my part I don’t think that every game without Kemp is a “giveup” game. But I do think that for every ten games you start Pierre over Kemp, you lose a game. That adds up to about six games over the course of a season the way things are going so far. And that is certainly enought to get me up in arms.

First of all, martinloneykemp, you miss read my comment.
I said after all the manuvering is over, when that will be I don’t know.
That’s when the players who have the best stats will be starting. The way I see it.
Now everybody plays regardless of how they play.
Torre still hasn’t decided yet.

Torre has a three year contract, and his reputation earned him big bucks even when his old team didn’t want him anymore. So, he’ll take this year to get “acquainted” with the team. Next year he should really know what to do, unless Ned is still around and throws him another couple of curves, like another couple of veteran fill-ins whose best years peaked a few seasons back. Coming from the Giants, maybe Ned thinks that we’re still in the steroid era and he can reconstruct a few fading careers with the Balco pharmacy.

First, you gotta know that like probably every regular on this board I have a fondness and respect for you. I hope you get the chance to come out here this season. If you do, we should all make a night of it.
Obviously, Torre hasn’t made up his mind about who will play yet. That indicates to me that Torre has not been paying any attention. To the best of my recollection, Torre did virtually nothing during the off-season to familiarize himself with the team. I don’t remember him meeting with any of the players. He seems to have entered the season almost completely unaware of the talent.
Even a cursory look at Pierre’s stats compared to Kemp’s show conclusively that Kemp is far superior offensively. Pierre has one talent — speed. When a guy has that as his only talent, he better have an OBP better than .331, which is the highest OBP he’s had in the last three previous seasons.
Kemp on the other hand is such an obvious budding superstar.
To put it in perspective:
Juan Pierre = Luis Polonia (His most similar offensive player at
Matt Kemp = Dave Parker
Would anybody in their right mind play Luis Polonia over Dave Parker?

Josh, I feel sorry for you that you have to read all these comments and find the occasional gems amidst all the sh,er,cr,ah, stuff we throw at these virtual walls to see what will stick!

Sorry to disagree Brooklyn. Ned decided the lineup. Phew, Nomore, Kent, and Nomore make $45M a year. They will play and be given the jobs. That is what they were signed for. To help the kids and get us to the playoffs. Now it is time to do it. Either they do or they don’t. Like I said earlier, if we’re in it in July, they did their jobs and great, if not, then we can move on.

Don’t tell me.
I’m not the guy making the lineups.
I only comment on what I see.
I think you should, if you find a way.
Tell it Torre.

Hey Josh!! I love the new HD cameras in the home plate area and pitchers mound. I saw the first shot of home last night, with Martin behind the plate with Chris Young batting… and my jaw dropped! Stunning shots and so much better than the old standard def ones. Kudos to whomever thought of the pitchers mound camera… those are some great shots!! Keep up the great work. And by the way, the sound levels are much better this week.

Guys, it’s out of Torre’s hands. He is just trying to play the crummy hand that Furter dealt him.

Why is one of the team’s premier RBI leaders batting seventh two nights in a row? Ethier’s been flourishing in the two-three slot all year long. Did he do something wrong?

I don’t blame Joe, play this has been bunch of crap and see if it floats. If not, flush it as someone stated earlier. The onus is on Furter.

We should call him Neewnie!!!!

I can’t believe there’s talk of sending Kemp to AAA. Are you guys really suggesting that JP starts? Kemp is a major leaguer…and this wouldn’t be the first time Joe has helped a budding star develope. I think he knows what he’s doing.


To echo a theme from the last topic regarding Chad Billingsley and apply it now to Matt Kemp, these are growing pains. Matt Kemp is TWENTY-THREE YEAR OLD, a pup, younger than Bills. And he was rushed in ’06 when he was called up because the Dodgers were woefully thin at OF, much like DeWitt was forced this year. Yet, he did ok and was tremendous last season, when Grady had enough sense to play him and not block him with Luis “The Bridge” Gonzalez. There will be growing pains with Kemp, just like almost all the other young talent out there – Justin Upton dropped that easy fly the other night and cost the DBacks two runs, stuff happens.
For players in their age 22 season with a minimum of 300 PAs since integration, Kemp’s OPS of .894 is 20th out of 86 total. Not that many 22 year olds play that much, fewer that well.
The top part of that list:
No. Player OPS Year Tm Lg
1 Eddie Mathews 1.026 1954 MLN NL
2 Bernie Carbo 1.005 1970 CIN NL
3 Boog Powell 1.005 1964 BAL AL
4 Brian McCann .960 2006 ATL NL
5 Vladimir Guerrero .960 1998 MON NL
6 Ron Fairly .956 1961 LAD NL
7 Albert Pujols .955 2002 STL NL
8 Miguel Cabrera .946 2005 FLA NL
9 Dick Allen .939 1964 PHI NL
10 Mickey Mantle .933 1954 NYY AL
11 Johnny Bench .932 1970 CIN NL
12 Hank Aaron .923 1956 MLN NL
13 Alex Rodriguez .920 1998 SEA AL
14 Cesar Cedeno .913 1973 HOU NL
15 David Wright .911 2005 NYM NL
16 Austin Kearns .907 2002 CIN NL
17 Rocky Colavito .903 1956 CLE AL
18 Ken Griffey .896 1992 SEA AL
19 Jack Clark .895 1978 SFG NL
20 Matt Kemp .894 2007 LAD NL
21 B.J. Upton .894 2007 TBD AL
22 Cal Ripken .888 1983 BAL AL
23 Vada Pinson .883 1961 CIN NL
24 Manny Ramirez .878 1994 CLE AL
25 Johnny Groth .878 1949 DET AL
26 Hank Blalock .872 2003 TEX AL
27 Roy Sievers .869 1949 SLB AL
28 Tony Conigliaro .860 1967 BOS AL
29 Adam Dunn .854 2002 CIN NL
30 Frank Robinson .854 1958 CIN NL
31 Duke Snider .854 1949 BRO NL
32 Wil Cordero .852 1994 MON NL
33 Eric Chavez .850 2000 OAK AL
34 Andruw Jones .848 1999 ATL NL
35 Ivan Rodriguez .848 1994 TEX AL
36 Kent Hrbek .848 1982 MIN AL

Yep, I knew it, there’s the fart’.

Sorry, that list is probably easier to read this way:
No. OPS Year Tm Lg Player
1 1.026 1954 MLN NL Eddie Mathews
2 1.005 1970 CIN NL Bernie Carbo
3 1.005 1964 BAL AL Boog Powell
4 .960 2006 ATL NL Brian McCann
5 .960 1998 MON NL Vladimir Guerrero
6 .956 1961 LAD NL Ron Fairly
7 .955 2002 STL NL Albert Pujols
8 .946 2005 FLA NL Miguel Cabrera
9 .939 1964 PHI NL Dick Allen
10 .933 1954 NYY AL Mickey Mantle
11 .932 1970 CIN NL Johnny Bench
12 .923 1956 MLN NL Hank Aaron
13 .920 1998 SEA AL Alex Rodriguez
14 .913 1973 HOU NL Cesar Cedeno
15 .911 2005 NYM NL David Wright
16 .907 2002 CIN NL Austin Kearns
17 .903 1956 CLE AL Rocky Colavito
18 .896 1992 SEA AL Ken Griffey
19 .895 1978 SFG NL Jack Clark
20 .894 2007 LAD NL Matt Kemp
21 .894 2007 TBD AL B.J. Upton
22 .888 1983 BAL AL Cal Ripken
23 .883 1961 CIN NL Vada Pinson
24 .878 1994 CLE AL Manny Ramirez
25 .878 1949 DET AL Johnny Groth
26 .872 2003 TEX AL Hank Blalock
27 .869 1949 SLB AL Roy Sievers
28 .860 1967 BOS AL Tony Conigliaro
29 .854 2002 CIN NL Adam Dunn
30 .854 1958 CIN NL Frank Robinson
31 .854 1949 BRO NL Duke Snider
32 .852 1994 MON NL Wil Cordero
33 .850 2000 OAK AL Eric Chavez
34 .848 1999 ATL NL Andruw Jones
35 .848 1994 TEX AL Ivan Rodriguez
36 .848 1982 MIN AL Kent Hrbek

No one is backing sending Kemp to AAA. I was merely suggesting that if they are going with Ned’s posse, perhaps Kemp would be better off in AAA getting AB’s and playing time everyday as I think it is better for him.

I tell you right now I wouldn’t want to be the manager of this team right now.
I think Torre has been delt a tough hand.
Most people should be glad he doesn’t start Pierre everyday.
The streak is over. He should be thanked for that.
But if you expect him to bench Pierre everyday, then you got a long summer ahead.
There are 4 regular outfielders. This is the Major leagues.
Both Jones & Pierre, regardless of how they they fit in–right now–are proven major leaguers and no matter what anybody says including myself, THEY WILL PLAY.

I am just of the belief that Phew, Nomore, Kent, and Jones are going to get the nod for awhile as that is what Ned has given Joe and they will ride that pony.

Actually, I’m not complaining at all. Let It Be. They either get it done or not. One way or the other, we know where we stand.

I personally think a lot of people have been spoiled by the D’Backs success with younger players.
That is very odd, and it won’t happen every year.
Some of you act like 30 years old is the end of a players career.
No Way, Regardless of the money they are making you won’t be seeing too many of these old pros retiring.

Here’s my hand: Phew, Nomore, Jones, Schidt. I’ll raise you $45M.

It is as stupid as it sounds. Case closed!!!

I fold.

I think everybody will get a chance to play, just as they are doing now.
How long this will go on is not up to us.

That’s sobering, jhall. Can you imagine being allotted $45 million to pick four players and coming up with those four. Only Ned could do that. Speaks for itself. Who wants to see him around for yet another year?

Throw in Bloaiza and it is a royal FLUSH!!

No one Bear.

Bonsoir guys, Kershaw update:

6 IP, 2 hits, 0 Runs, 0 ER, 2 BB, 8 K (2008: 1.40 ERA!!!!) and 2 for 3 at the plate!!!!
So it’s a very nice day for him…
Promote Kershaw now!!!

Thanks Mister93. Nice to hear.

It’s pleasure jhall it’s nice to see Kersh pitch very well again in AA. But the bad news is McDonald’s struggles last 2 outings…

I guess tonight we get to see the Nedgers!! Good Luck!!

I’m just guessing and I’m wearing a bullet proof vest. LOL
There’s proberly a lot out there right now that are almost hoping for Kuo, Loaiza or Park to fail.

So they can bring up Kershaw.

Well if you’re thinking that way you’re a disgrace to Dodger fanship.

You know who you are.

Yep McDonald is a mystery right now. Hope he gets it together. Lot of talent and ability there…

No, i’m not thinking that. I don’t want to see Park, Loiaza and Kuo fail their jobs. Now everyone knows Kersh is ready to pitch in the big leagues so demote Proctor and bring up Kersh, so you can put Kuo, Loiaza and Park in long relief and try Kersh in the 5th spot

I think everyone here is hoping for Kuo to do well and Bloaiza and Ho Park can go to Hell”.

Yeah no doubt about McDonald but we see about his confidence if he can regain that and maybe bring up the duo just before the All Star break if they doing well in AA

That is quite a comment io 93, read your own comment again.

Why pierre I just want to think the right thing for the club. I’m sure any fan is agree with except you…

I want the team TO WIN, I’m not rooting for players.
You KIDS, with your comments are ruining this blog.
It doesn’t matter how we win.
The D’backs made it with homegrown players. that doesn’t neccessarilly mean that is the only way to go.
I’m speaking with 61 years of experience.

Ok but we know Loiaza, Park and Kuo might be struggle so if one of those not doing well so make a shot for Kershaw for the 5th spot so wait and see.

You can’t be hoping for someone to fail so your favorite player gets a chance.
That’s not the way it goes.

Got to be a near all time record – five pitches and three outs. Way to wear out Jimenez.

LONEY’s team leading 15th RBI

Why in the hell can’t we score more than 1 run an inning. I’m conceding an out by Pierre

Not to fan the flames or anything but with men on base:

– Pierre 7-20 6rbi 1so 0bb
– Jones 3-38 2rbi 12so 3bb
– Ethier 6-31 11rbi 7so 3bb
– Kemp 10-40 5rbi 13so 1bb

I hope our hitters are paying attention to how it is done when scoring more than 1 run an inning. Pay attention

How come they didn’t do this against the Redsox?

Nice goin’ NOMAR

Nomar has been looking pretty good at the plate for someone who came of the DL with a hand injury

O.K. MARTIN It’s a new game.

If Pierre come up with the bases loaded he had better come through


nomar is getting solid contact the plate

Allrighty then………….

ATTA WAY TO GO JUANPY we got the lead.
It wasn’t a good night for Jimenez and that okay with us.

Boy, they sure know where to pitch AJ to get him out. He swung at a ball. Good inning otherwise

Now, Did Kuroda settle down?
Maybe he’ll pitch better with a lead.

Jones is just a mess!!?


My God, What a throw.


Since it will be the first time in my life that I agree with a “priest”, I want to agree with bpriestley (5:38 above) in 2 ways:
I also am sick of all the complaining much of which consists of vile, ugly ad hominem attacks on Colletti, managers (last year and this), coaches, and players. (Not to be rude, but please look up ad hominem if you’re not sure what it means.) I started reading here looking for a better discussion than I had found on the message board. This place was better but no longer. (Which brings up something that has always bugged me- why are there 2 chat rooms? I urge everyone here who doesn’t have some specific question or comment for Josh to post over there or at least to double post).
Second bpriestley said he had no problem with Kemp sitting tonight (not forever) after missing a routine fly ball- to me Kemp looked like he was daydreaming and it’s perfectly reasonable to call him on it by sitting him for 1 game.

You’re excused. Spare us all…

How come the only thought going thru my mind right now is A$$Hole!!!!

That’s ETHIER’s 13th RBI

These have been 2 scrappy games by the Dodgers, Last night and tonight– so far.
It may not show up in the standings YET
But I’m sure it will soon.

Helton – M-barrassing!


Helton doesn’t usually screw up!!

Kuroda—–That was wonderful.

He’d probably be sitting tomorrow for the Dodgers.

I’ll take it!!?

To the delight…of some, KEMP’s in CF.

Kuroda does seem to be the battler that we heard about.

I’d love to see Kemp get in three good hacks here.

That young man needs to work on the fundamentals, doesn’t he?

I didn’t expect KURODA to bring us to the 7th.

Yeah Pierre, I think we have a very decent starter there.

I think that’s twice that Pierre has called the balk for the umpires this year.

We don’t have enough runs yet guys.

We could have used a hit by Pierre.

This doesn’t look good. Need a big DP

I hope Brox and Saito are ready.

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!


Man, it’s getting late here in St. Louis. Come on LA, end this.

Brox did his job.


Pierre’s still up in NY!

Seriously, a long game tonight.

It’s about 1:37 AM here in Brooklyn.

Hey jhall and pierreeastmeetswest, I think we’ve lost some people. Quiet on here now.


A little humor below

John McCain,Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama were walking down a Washington D.C. street when they came upon a homeless person.

The Republican,John McCain, gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homless person.

Hillary was very impressed, so when they came upon another homeless person, she decided to help. She walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into John McCain’s pocket and got out $20. She kept $15 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless person $5.

When they came upon yet another homeless person, Barak told the homeless person to “have hope….change is coming…” and gave him nothing.

Now do you understand the difference??

Pierre, I don’t know how you’re following the game, but are you hearing Vin? If so, did you hear him say that one of the best knuckleballs he ever saw was thrown by Gil Hodges?

Yep, it’s gettin early over here. LOL


4 hits for Martin!

jhall, you’re where? Ohio?

Nice inning by big Brox. Now it’s Sammy’s time to shine.

Columbus. Go Bucks!! Hang on Sloopy!!!

I’m pretty sure I know how Pierre got to be a Dodger fan, but how about you?

Crap, time to earn your money Saito……………

I can’t say that DeWitt would have had that one, but Nomar just waved at it.

Why didn’t Torre leave Broxton in there.

OK, who had April 24th for the Nomar injury?

How fast can DeWitt get here?

Saito doesn’t have it…

Russell the Man going out to play 3rd base.

Didn’t take Nomore long. DeWitt back tomorrow…

The Dodgers need to put a “C” on Martin’s jersey.

Bennett looked like a little league catcher there.

Get that glove down, Bennett, gotta flip over the glove and get underneath it. Must be hard when you only play once every two weeks.

This is like a Warhohl movie.

Or the Coen Brothers.

Okay, Sammy got the GIDP. Now Pierre needs to earn his massive $$$ by being a real leadoff guy.

You know what would be the perfect ending to a game like this? A Juan Pierre walk-off homer.

Dodgers haven’t scored since the 4th.
Can we pull it out?

I’d settle for a walk for now.

Now, how about a stolen base, a passed ball, and a Hu SF!

I love Hu’s song!

A steal, a bunt and sac fly.

Pierre has to RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what happened to nomore? why is martin playing 3rd, man I leave for 20 minutes.

Now I’d settle for a Ferk walk-off HR or a Kemp walk-off HR

Nomar pulled a hammy. Hard to believe, huh?

Dodge16- Nomore hurt his hamstring trying to flag down a liner down the 3rd base line.

“The sooner Nomar comes of the DL is sooner he goes back on…” -jungar April 16

LOL. I knew it.

They gotta pitch out again.

Nice call, Jungar. Can we spell fragile?

Hu saw a few pitches, Ferc several more. Pierre took off once. To quote a great man, “unacceptable”.

Dead to rights on a pitch out. We don’t have a lot left on the bench for extra innings.

OK Pierre & jhall, put on a pot of coffee.

Good nite. Can’t stay up any longer

Getting plenty of practice out there.

We have Sweeney. After that, we may see Lowe or Penny swinging a bat. Kuo’s pretty good with a bat.

Yep Junar you were on it. DeWitt back tomorrow.

you want to know how to spell fragile? its spelled nomar

No offense intended to jungar, but as Chick Hearn would have said, “You could have called that with braille”.

Coffee hell, Scotch!!

Right on, jhall!

The 51s are home. Get DeWitt on a plane. He can be here for the 15th inning.

Yep, he’s close by!!!!!

hate to break it all to you guys but once a player is optioned he cannot return for 10 days. I believe I read that somewhere… hopefully I am wrong but I remember something about 10 days. if this is true and nomore goes down for a while we dont have a 3rd baseman… should get interesting. and I just say of course you need scotch while watching this team.

Boy, I hope you’re wrong about that dodge16.

Mama said there’ll be nights like this also.
To think the tieing run came in on pass ball.

Well, we made some hay on wild pitches.

Loney, Martin, Ethier. Be nice to get a walk off HR from one of the “kids”


Can’t find any references for rules on call-ups for DeWitt. Hopefully there is an exception for replacing a china doll who goes onto the DL

Let’s Go!!!!

im looking and there is nothin about that. dont remember where I read it but it would be awesome to see russ playing 3b for a couple games though

I think They can get DeWitt back tomorrow!!?

Let’s get a RISP

The fridge would have open and as the the eggs were jiggling, Nomar was getting hurt..


Pierre had 32 extra base hits last year, how about one now?


What’s the record for runners caught stealing in a game?

Jhall, I’m guessing you’re not a Laker fan.


Got a bad feeling……………


Let’s try the rabbit game again. This time, let’s get a RISP.

This is like watching those games from China.

Let’s hope we score before you see the sun, Pierre.

Not really Eric. I root for the Cavs. But I really couldn’t care less. I hope the Lakers do well for all my west coast blogger friends. When I was a kid, I loved the Lakers and the LA Rams. Jerry West and Wilt. Deacon and the Fearsome Foursome.

Sounds like you grew up when I did. Those are all my childhood idols. Your question marks after jungar’s Hearn lines made me think that you didn’t know what he was talking about.

I may have found reasons for being optimistic about DeWitt coming back tomorrow. From

“Giants outfielder Todd Linden was optioned down to the minors in three different seasons, as you can sort of tell from his professional record. Being sent down in 2003 didn’t count, though. Linden started the year with a minor-league contract in Fresno, and on August 17 he was placed on the 40-man roster for the first time and assigned to the major-league squad in San Francisco. On the 20th, Linden was optioned down, but he was recalled on the 21st and stayed with the major-league team for the rest of the year. “

Well Park has given us 3 shutout innings. Do you think these bums can manage to score this inning?

Looking forward to Hong Chi Kuo. Has a career OPS of .767

17 ABs with 2 doubles and 1 HR

The Dodgers haven’t scored in 8 innings
But that’s not unsual for them.

Gotta take advantage of the error by Tulowitski. Make them pay for that.

No, I’m not totally sure, but I think we can bring him right back.

Park has a career BA of .214. Not bad for a pitcher. If he gets a SF that’s a lot better than Druw has done all year.


Come on Russ, you’re the man. Let’s go!

C’mon Marty!!!!!!!


Sweet deal! Way to hang in there.

Put a “C” on Martin’s jersey!

Well we did it! Go Dodgers!!!



WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Extra innings games are SO MUCH better when they end like this!!!


Good night, my friends!

Andy LaRoche…your time is right now…seize it.

Russell Martin…player of the game.
Chan Ho Park…runner-up. Clutch performance.

Nice to see our boys hang in there and finally pull it out.

G’Nite or good morning Brookyn. Sweet win!!!!!

G’Nite Eric. Thanks for hanging in there.

ok here I found the optioning rule. DeWitt can be called up.

The 10 day rule does not apply if the player is replacing someone who goes on the DL.

sweet win tonight… its 230 in minnesota and im going to bed. another game and another win tomorrow. go dodgers. night all

Didn’t think about LaRoche. He went 1 – 3 tonight with a double (yesterday).

Nature is taking care of the clutter. Nomar and Andruw out in one night. Our blog motto: Play the kids.

Easy for me, jhall, I’m in SoCal.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Surging Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Colorado Rockies 8-7. Superman, The Man Of Steel, Jeff Kent leads the way with Russel Martin, Matt Kemp and Rafael Furcal!. Japanese Connection of Hiroki Kuroda, Takashi Saito and Chan Ho Park were magnificent! And what can you say about Jonathan Broxton but Brilliant!All the rest of your Beloved Dodgers were amazing! This Los Angeles Dodger Team is destined for greatness and time will tell the wonderful story of this Amazing Team!

It is probably too early to call up LaRoche. He needs more game time so it will probably be DeWitt. Goodnight all.

It’s 3:30am here but I’m psyched. Sweet win. We needed this.

Good thing I’m self employed..

Qualifying at Talladega and NFL draft starts in 7 1/2 hours.

Eric, you are a true sports fan. My hats off to you.

Unfortunately, I’m also a LA Kings fan. 😦

Imagine the good times a month down the road. Kershaw and Schmidt back in the rotation. Billingsley the bridge to Broxton. DeWitt plays every day. Kemp plays every day. Meloan (2-0, 1.66 era, 21.2 innings) in the pen.

Oh well, it will get better. Root for the Buckeyes. It will make you happy. Hang on Sloopy!!!


I love the idea of that, kahli!

They’re still talking about Nomar on FSN. Torre said it’s a calf muscle, the same injury as last year. Kevin Kennedy said that if Nomar goes on the DL, DeWitt can come right back. If there’s no DL, the 10 day rule that Dodge 16 remembered applies.

Louie Louie

Ohhhhhhhh we gotta go!!!!

“Billingsley the bridge to Broxton.”

Um, no… Billingsley is a starter. Please stop overreacting.

Repko leads the 51s in ABs. That’s a good sign for the future.

I gotta tell you, jhall. I was in the Rose Bowl in ’73 and cheered on SC and Sam Bam Cunningham.

Hope kemp is an every day player now.
Wonder what Joe was saying to kemp as he was coming off the field? “Your every day player now”. 🙂

Billinsley as a seventh inning bridge is NOT a demotion. It’s a power play. Belcher was the closer for half a season in ’88 when Howell got dinged and it led to a title. If you get Kershaw and Schmidt back you have the luxury of a Billingsley to kitt butt every night.

Saw that, kempnkidsfan. I’m curious too.

I’m glad that Bennett got a chance to make up for that PB.

nice win, though I must admit I was very concerned/puzzled that the team couldn’t move Pierre over to 2nd base in the bottom of the ninth.

he couldn’t straight steal, Hu’s bunting was terrible and the hit and run didn’t work. same thing with Furcal when he was on first.
this is our two best/fastest runners and we couldn’t pull it off in (practically) a must -win situation against a division rival.

also, i thought the d-backs had a tough young lineup. yikes, facing the rockies is really, really tough with the sticks they have. pray, that they don’t catch fire again anytime soon!

finally, why not just release sweeny and make d. young the true pinch hiter. at least he will have a defined role and we can bring up another utility IF.


Got up this morning to see the extra inning win, which is great, but Saito’s performance is now really suspect. Wouldn’t be surprised if Brox becomes the closer before the season is over. Nomar going back on DL is not a surprise, as jungar and some others had anticipated several days ago. Don’t really want to root for any Dodger going on the DL, but I never thought Nomar would be any kind of contributor for us this season, so I’m hoping he doesn’t come back anymore as a regular third baseman. I think he’s just plain worn out even though you’d think it’s not possible at such an early age. So, good bye and Nomore!
I’m also wishing that they would now pull the plug on Sweeney. I think his good years are all behind him, and it’s not just a poor start to this season. Being a veteran, Ned will no doubt want to give him every chance to come back, and I say what for. Good bye, Sweeney – just another ex-Giant whose only usefulness can be found in somebody like Ned.
I think Ned will be gone at the end of this season, and it will only be two years too late, as far as I’m concerned.
Otherwise, GO DODGERS and let’s put up the kind of fight we’ve at least seen in the last couple of games.

I had mentioned earlier that Chan Ho Park was Japanese, but indeed he is Korean! Way to go Chan Ho and the rest of our Beloved Los Angeles Dodgers! April’s Promise will turn into October Glory!

I had meant to comment on the ambitious Dodger Stadium plans described by McCourt. I don’t expect to be able to visit Dodger Stadium again in my lifetime, and I’m not sure how much the planned improvements will benefit the average occasional fan/visitor to the stadium. What impresses me most is that McCourt is showing himself to be a major real estate developer, which is not surprising, and his plans will essentially create a theme park or commercial addition to the stadium with probable future plans for more development in the area. I wonder whether the real estate potential was behind his purchase of the team franchise all along. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at all as long as the fans are treated as they deserve. From the recent poll conducted concerning fan experiences, the Dodgers are far behind from that perspective.

My concern will always be how the ownership and their plans relate to the Dodgers’ play on the field. I’m concerned about the extent of baseball knowledge within the Dodger organization. I’ve no problem with Mrs. McCourt having the showcase position of president of the team, but there ought to be somebody on board who has the knowledge, the planning ability, and the fortitude to produce a consistent and winning team on the field for many years to come. Ned clearly is not that person, and adding Torre was a nice touch, but meaningless in terms of planning 3-5 years ahead. We all know that Logan White is great in terms of judging baseball talent, and I’ve always been in the forefront of wanting him as the GM even as we speak. I don’t know whether he has the breadth of being the planner and the doer that I think is necessary for the team in the long run. If not, McCourt should really concentrate in the next year or so on finding a knowledgeable team president that can pull all of the player performance and planning aspects together.

Sorry for the long discussion, but I’m left unimpressed with the real estate development plans unless I can see as much effort put into building and maintaining a championship team called the Dodgers.

kahliforni – it wasn’t a 1/2 season as a closer for Tim Belcher (no way with his 27 starts), he had 3 saves and 1 blown save for Jay Howell from late June to the All-Star break, about two weeks, when Howell was DLed. Belcher was so effective as a starter down the stretch that he got post-seasons starts ahead of Tim Leary who had been the #2 most of the season with a 2.91 ERA, but was tiring.
Personally, I never want to see Billingsley in the bullpen ever again. Good starters are hard to find and that is Billingsley’s past, present and future. Remember, if Billingsley is in the pen, you get more starts from the likes of Tomko and Hendrickson, er, Loaiza, Park and a recovering Schmidt. More importantly, Billingsley needs to work and continue to develop as a starter because Lowe will be gone next season. (Boras will want more years for Derek than the Dodgers will be willing to give. I’d guess the demand will be five, and more than three is likely foolish.)

Bear, good discussion of what the Dodgers need at the top end. We’ve got a great farm system, but need some better minds at the MLB level to make sure that the team is consistently competitive and playoff bound.

My question about Nomar – if you build your muscles through use of the juice, then stop using the juice – does that cause an inability for the body to cure injuries using just regular physical therapy and no juice?

Great win last night…I tried to stay up but lost the battle in the 7th just as Wade was coming on. It sounds as if it was a real thriller. NOt surprised Nomar is on the DL again, Ned wake up and just release him. Nothing against Nomar, a hell of a ballplayer in his day, but that day was about 4-5 years ago.

No need to continue with the chirade…cut him loose! Dewitt will be fine and Laroche will be back soon. One of these guys will take over 3B and we will have our best since Beltre…He never should have left but that is a discussion for another day!

Kershaw seems as if he is primed, it is a matter of time and the phenom will be here. I just hope we get some consistency out of this team…lets run off 5-6 wins in a row and get some momentum!!!!

I really do not like to see people infer steroids about a player…I for one try not to get caught up in it, we do not know who or who did not use the Roids and we should not insinuate about it!!!

The team showed a lot of guts last night/this morning. Hope this is the turn around game and we can get on a roll.

fogey, I stand corrected on the duration of Belcher’s time as closer. But as for Billingsley, I’m talking short term…maybe from the All Star break on. Here’s why: IF, and granted, it’s a big IF, Schmidt and Kershaw can start, then you have a power pitcher who can blow people away (witness his strikeouts the past two starts) but also a guy who struggles, at least for now, when hitters see him the second or third time in a game. Dodgers NEED someone to hand the ball to Broxton in the eighth…heck, maybe even the ninth if Saito continues to struggle. Kuroda becomes your number 5 starter, Loiza goes away, and Billingsley goes back to starting when Lowe, via Boras, says bye bye next year. Who’s the bridge now? Proctor? That sound like a championship? Lord have mercy…

And…….Billingsley excelled in the bullpen last season.

Phew doesn’t stink in the 8 hole. Actually doing well there. Got 3 walks last night.

kahliforni –

Billingsley needs to increase his innings this year (a natural progression for young pitchers). If the Dodgers follow your plan, he will never become a top starter who can handle a big workload.

What a game!!
Watching Penny pitch always brings up memories of Paul DePodesta. That trade (LaDuca, Mota, and Encarnocion for Penny and Choi) looks better and better everyday. Couple that with Jayson Werth having a great begining to this year…
I won’t say it, BUT….
I’m not saying I wish Paul back in LA, I’m just saying it wasn’t as bad of a trade than I just thought.
Speaking of trades…I was looking at Milton Bradley’s stats today (for Texas), Ethier’s better in every catagory. Anyone think Oakland wants a do over on that one?

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