What a trip…

It’s hard to even know where to start with this amazing trip to China. Regardless of how today’s game turns out (we’re currently losing 5-3 in the sixth inning), this has been every bit as incredible as we had hoped.

In addition to an early morning trip yesterday to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, after yesterday’s game we had a very special look at Chinese culture. Joseph Reaves, who joined the team last year as Director of International Operations and the guy who was the team’s main liaison for the trip, arranged for a private tour on rickshaw through the hutongs of Beijing, which are the older neighborhoods that have not been run over by all the changes here during the past few years. In addition to stopping by the house that Chairman Mao lived in during his twenties, just the smells of food being cooked and the up close view we got of one of the courtyard homes was one of the true highlights of the trip.

We’ve also had the chance to eat some very authentic food, much of which I actually don’t even know what I was eating, but the Peking Duck (or Beijing Duck, as it’s now called) was pretty good.

The weather, which was supposed to be very cold, has been incredibly nice. A little brisk, but nothing too bad and certainly better than Wrigley in April.

One thing you definitely notice in this city is just how many government workers are around on every corner. It seems that almost every 20 steps, there is one or two police officers or army personnel standing around and it’s not as though they’re watching our every step (or at least it doesn’t seem they are). It’s a very interesting dichotomy between the communist government and capitalist society. I can’t say we’ve been here long enough to truly understand it all, but it’s definitely unique to witness.

At the end of the day, though, this trip has been about goodwill and you can really tell just how much we’re able to see that coming to life before our eyes. Just the fact that the TV production crew that is bringing the game to FSN Prime Ticket right now is made up of both people from China and Chinese Taipei says something about the bridge the game is building here. There are Dodger logos all over Beijing now that these people will wear with a true understanding of what they mean. In fact, we brought with us several hundred LA pins that we had intended to give to just the media but we’ve handed them out to every stadium worker, security guard, police officer in sight and they are genuinely very appreciative of the gesture. With each one we hand out, we have been saying, "shay shay need ah bong mong," which means "Thank you for your help."

We also had the chance to introduce Jet Li to a number of our players before he threw out the first pitch. His "One Foundation" seemingly does great work here in China and it’s amazing to think about his goal…1 person + 1 dollar + 1 month = one big family. If every person simply gave one dollar a month, the goodwill that would ensue is hard to fathom, especially in a country with 1.3 billion people.

I’m sure there’s tons I’m forgetting, but hopefully all the media coverage will fill in some of the blanks. Among the many places to look are MLB.com/dodgers.com, FSN Prime Ticket, KABC 790, Yahoo Sports, the Los Angeles Times, FOX News, and ESPN the Magazine, as reporters from all of those outlets have come with us to document this historic series.

Next stop…Phoenix.


wow awesome Josh. Thanks so much for all you and all the dodgers do to make us proud.

Thanks Josh, you guys have a safe and fun flight.

Thank you Josh for taking the time to post to keep us informed. Have a safe trip home.

p.s. I did not realized how late it is right now. It is 3.07 AM in L.A but wait! my preview post says 10.06 AM? -emma

this is what shows on the preview

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Posted by: crzblue@yahoo.com at March 16, 2008 10:09 AM


It’s only a problem when people don’t just play the best players. otherwise, no problem.

Looking at the most recent Tony Jackson article, seems like at least some of the media is getting convinced that an Ethier, Jones, Kemp outfield would make most winning sense to start the season with. Don’t necessarily expect that to change the stubborn minds of people like Colletti, but almost all the fans and now some of the media already know that. If Torre doesn’t follow through with the best players in the starting lineup, I hope the management gets nothing but grief loud and clear from the fans and from the media.

power off the bench (represented by Kemp or Ethier) is more valuable than power in the lineup, whereas speed off the bench (that other guy) is far less valuable than speed in the everyday lineup.

So we should save the power for the seventh inning or later, because that’s when power matters?

*** backwards. “why to play juan 101” continues.

It is obvious to most knowledgeable Dodger fans that Ethier is now last year’s Loney. The only question is whether Dodger management has learned from last year’s horrendous mistake or whether they will repeat it again. A decision not to play Ethier, Jones, and Kemp is just plain dumb. And it is not fair to Dodger fans and the players involved. Ned needs to resolve that situation by trading Pierre now! JP is a great guy, but he’s not what the Dodgers need, and his presence will only distract and interfere with the team’s chemistry. Please, Ned, do everyone a favor and move him to a team that needs his skills. Any delay may will cost the Dodgers severely in a tight NL West race.

yep redfox. difference being is that Loney was a minor league guy (agree of course that Nomar should never have been signed and for 20 million its absurd)..But Ethier has a career .295 batting average in 2 MLB seasons and hitting his prime. JP prime is just about over, pretty soon he will be getting worse (if possible, and yes it is, 60 steals will soon be 45 and then be 30) .

Coming off the bench I would give more value to Repko or DY in a situation where we need runs driven in. Pierre would only be of value in leading off an inning, if he’s substituting. You would also expect that Pierre would ask for a trade if he’s not starting, so Colletti should really be working on accommodating him for the team’s good and for Pierr’s as well.

Hey look – that stupid, rag armed whiner is playing RF for the Marlins. Please drill him!

Hey look – that stupid, rag armed speedster is playing LF for the Dodgers – Trade him!

In the Bottom of the 2nd in Florida:

Abreu singled, DeWitt doubled him to third, Repko walked, Lowe hit a sac fly to score Abreu and Pierre doubled in DeWitt and Repko.

3-0 L.A Top 3

Ned I have a question for you that many are asking.

At the begginning of Spring Training it was stated that the left field job was an open competition &that competition brings out the best in players.

Well… as of 3/15/08:

Ethier leads the team in HRs, is tied with Repko for the lead in RBIs and with Kemp for the lead in TBs.

Ethier is hitting .300/.429/.600 in 40 at-bats, while Juan Pierre is at .186/.271/.209.

These are glaring numbers.

Ethier has a stronger arm and better fielder.

Based on the above as of today, I would think that Ethier had the best brought out of him and was the winner of that competition.

Don’t you think that it will be looked at by the players (As well as others) as just lip service if Ethier doesn’t get the starting nod?

I’m not a Pierre hater I just think the better player should be playing.

Classic…as I ask that Pierre doubles in 2!! LOL!!!

juan pierre now has as many extra base hits as andre ethier has OF assists.

Pierre never really did fit this team. We needed a power outfielder and not another lead off hitter. Now we have 3 power outfielders and they all should start leaving Pierre to be traded. Also I bet Furcal would be happier and give better production in his rightful lead off spot.

i thought the reds were also looking for a cf/outfielder help? perhaps the D’s could offer JP and even offer to eat some of the salary. i just think its time to move on, put furcal back at leadoff and play the best three out fielders and let repko and DY backup

just think if the dodgers actually signed carlos lee. they would have not needed pierre or luis gonzalez with kemp in cf and eithier in rf and probably would have had enough power to avoid vesting kent for 2008?!? i’m just sayin’.

So I guess with JP signed for four more years we’ll be having this same problem every spring until 2012 – he’ll always be taking a spot of someone better. (And yes pro-JPers, I know he has a couple hits today to bring his average up to a ******** .217.)

Well Enchanted, it is out of our hands. I think it is very obvious what should happen. Whether or not it does is up to Torre and Ned. 90% of the fans, sports writers,GM’s,managers, coaches, etc. know it. Those that don’t are just plain stupid or they like to antagonize us to get a rise with their comments and stories about how good Pierre is and that he should start over Ethier.

Not to imply that it ever was in our hands. Just acknowledging the futility of the situation. Also, I do believe that the folks commenting favorably about Pierre starting over Ethier are just trying to throw gas on the fire and are not stupid. Geez, can anyone really be that ignorant?

we couldnt have gotten carlos lee! if he was willing to sign with the dodgers i wouldve gave him like 5 or 6 years for 80-90 mill but during his FA he said that he didnt want to come out to the west so the D’s backed off. ethier will start if not t hen pierre will hear the boos

From Tony Jackson’s latest article in the Daily News:
“It’s better than having two,” Dodgers bench coach Bob Schaefer said. “It’s a good problem to have. It’s going to be tough to make out the lineup, and (manager) Joe (Torre) realizes that. We have four solid outfielders, but Joe will work it out. We’ll always have a good guy on the bench, put it that way.”

Ironically, that is what the ultimate decision might come down to. Of the three, Pierre would appear to be the least likely to contribute as a reserve. He has no power, and his speed adds a dimension at the top of the order – albeit one that is only effective if he can get on base a lot.

Isn’t it appropriate/ironic/crummy that one of Phewerre’s many deficiancies may help him.

I give up!! Unacceptable.

yes jhall being a good ballplayer is only for the later innings.

And for the record, I would never boo Pierre. It’s not his fault. If I was him I’d want to play.

Seems like having the admittedly better hitter with power in the lineup from the start gives you a better chance of being ahead in the game and not having to get that pinch hit HR late in the game. Although your basic premise that power on the bench is more valuable than speed from a one dimensional player that can’t even be kept in the game for defense late in a game is correct. Is it really smart to let that convoluted logic reward a clearly inferior player to the detriment of the team? If you truly believe this, bless your pointy little head.

Actually, the fans that show up or DON’T show up for games have a huge impact. They can start by voicing their displeasure with a player and then, when the team is losing, don’t show up. Since money is the big/only reason Pierre is going to get playing time over Ethier/Kemp, not showing up hurts the bottom line. That seems to be what McCort understands.

Pierre aside, I vowed in 2003 not to show up to Dodger Stadium unless it’s for a playoff game or unless someone invites me and it’s free.

I have not broken the vow. The last time I was at Dodger Stadium was the Lima playoff game.

Before the greed, i’d go probbaly 25 times a year.

When we actually win a playoff series then i’ll go again.

It’s been 20 years and Coletti is in charge of personell so my wallet isn’t exactly scared.

Good for you Jungar. If I was a fan in SoCal, and they continued to insult my intelligence with an inferior product, I would refuse to spend my hard earned dollars to support the insanity. Hit them in the bottom line. That is the only way to wake them up.

I guess I’m a true blue fan. I will still go to the games and root for my team. No matter what a couple of fans do, there’s always a sellout crowd. I think that Dodger Stadium and the fans broke the Guinness record. Oh well.

Good for you too Russell. It’s you entertainment buck.

It’s always a dilemma for how to treat the Dodger players at the stadium. Most fans won’t boo a player unless that particular game’s performance is deserving of nothing less. It’s particularly hard to boo Pierre when Pierre plays like Pierre always plays, and he was brought onto the team to do that by our management. What we should have at the seventh inning stretch is a time for fans at the game to acknowledge our owner and our management; kind of like put up on the board: “Now let’s hear it for our ownership and management” – then fans can cheer their hearts out or boo till their voices give out, however they’re moved. Then you wouldn’t be inhibited by tearing down a player with a Dodger uniform.

That is a great idea Bear.

It is interesting that the only reason we are having this dilemma/debate is because Ethier is that good. On most teams, Pierre would be good enough or close enough that it would not be a problem. However, on the Dodgers that is not the case. Darn you Andre, keep it up!!!!!

Ned, the Ethier trade is your crown jewel so far. Show it off, don’t negate it..

Hey guys, I havent posted here in a few days. I come to the site and see the last few games that Ethier has had. If Pierre stays playing the way he is, and Ethier playing the way he is, do the Dodgers make the change?

What I mean, is this a Nomar and Loney situation happening all over again this year?

Probably Brandon. I hope not, but, most likely.

How long do you think they go before making a change if all stays the way it is now.

If we are winning and in 1st or a close 2nd, they won’t. If we are not doing so well and in 3rd or 4th place and slipping out of it, they will hopefully make the necessary adjustments before it is too late. I would hope as soon as it becomes apparent that it ain’t workin’. I would rather come out of the gate at full speed and avoid it all together. Mid May is my guess.

I have another idea. We can have power off the bench starting in the first inning! Keep AE on the bench til the game starts and then bring him in! I hear it gets late – early out west….

This is great stuff! …is anyone writing this down? It is an important moment in the game with a 0 – 0 tie and then… Bring in Ethier! Defensive replacement at home, offensive threat on the road! Awesome!

That would work.

I’m with you BigDuck,
Put Ethier in as a defensive replacement after Phewerre’s first AB. Problem solved.

WoW Watta weekend. Keeping late hours was fun since I’ve haven’t done that much lately. Going to bed nearly 5:00AM was like being young again. Even though we didn’t do to well scorewise it was something different and it will definitely be unforgettable. I watched the games on MLB-TV. It’s a good thing I found that the game on the 14th was on the 15th and the 15th was on the 16th. For an old Dodger fan from Brooklyn who never gave up his allegence to this team this was wonderful and JOSH I just want to say SHAY SHAY NEED AH BONG MONG

What a waste of time the China trip was. Just shows the depths of MLB owners greed, trying to attract a new fan base to buy more China produced MLB merchandise. Team should have completed a FULL Spring Training Season in Vero Beach, rather than go on this waste of time trip. They owed Vero Beach that much!

We can have a new tradition this year – when Ethier comes in to replace JP it can be known as the Dodgers “pulling the Trigger.”

Really though, even pulling JP after his first AB deprives someone out of 162 ABs.

If no one else will take him, the only roll JP should have on this team is to spell the other 3 OFers when there’s a pitcher that JP hits well against (and yes, there are some), and as a PR or when a pinch sacrafice is needed. That way he starts about 30-45 games and makes an appearance in several others. He’ll get 125-200 quality PAs that way (stress quality because they’ll be against pitchers he’ll statistically have fared well against in the past), and won’t hurt the team defensively to the point where it outweighs his offense.

As has been pointed out, the Ds are at a crossroads if you will and must make a decision which is more important: winning or money.

If they put big contracts ahead of performance, then we know that the McCourt era will always be 2nd tier to places like New York and Boston. Makes me wonder too that if Schmidt was just healthy enough to pitch, but stunk up the joint, if he’d get the nod over Loaiza or Park (or whomever is #5) just because he’s making $12M this season. Would follow along the same logic as the current LF situation.

What’s woefully paradoxical is that if the Ds put a consistant winner out on the field, the money would flow in like a tidal wave. 4 million fans, memorabilia… ****, they could even get TV contract like the Yanks have to bring in a bazillion more dollars.

The lesson that needs to be learned is that it isn’t guys like JP or even Jones or Schmidt that people come to see. Its a consistant winner and winner mentality that’s going to propel them into the upper echelons of baseball society.

here’s a toast to the O’Malleys, the McCourts, and of course to my favorite Irishman, the poet laureate of basebal, Mr: Vin Scully!

For a little nostalgic trip down memory lane at Dodgertown during St. Patrick’s day, check out Mr. Omalleys site at: http://www.walteromalley.com/stpatties_page2.php

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! -Emma

My prediction about the JP/Ethier situation:

Even though, going by the ST numbers, there will be NO question as to who SHOULD start the season in LF, management will give JP the month of April to prove himself under the theory that “it’s just spring training, the numbers don’t mean much.” If JP puts up an average of .280 or better for April, they’ll likely keep him in the order. But if he puts up numbers anything like his ST numbers, he will be benched or traded.

I believe Torre will favor the veteran at first, but as a wise baseball manager will see the veteran producing abysmal numbers and will go with the promising kid. Let’s not be too harsh on Torre in April for starting JP; he’s probably going to start JP based on his “reputation” alone, but will wise up once he sees a month of slap hits, force outs, and weak throws.

Unfortunately, money making does not correlate with winning baseball when it comes to the Dodger franchise. We’ve not had winning baseball at Dodger Stadium for 20 years, but the stands are mostly always sold out nonetheless, and the value of the Dodger franchise has probably doubled since McCourt bought into it. We’re talking serious monopoly here, not the normal business risk where winning should be persuasive as far as profit or loss goes. The only thing that is likely at stake is PRIDE of winning, and it’s obvious to me that this takes a back seat for McCourt and in turn Colletti and crew, regardless of how they spout it off in their public relations campaigns. This is just a sorry ownership (AGAIN) and management combination.

I think we should start Bennett so we have Martin on the bench late for his power in a pinch hitting role and defense late in the game.


I guess I have a couple of questions for Ned.
First, have you looked for/entertained trade offers for Pierre?

Second, if he is flopping in April/May, will you be willing to bench him and trade him?

It all comes down to what Ned considers “flopping” for Pierre. It doesn’t sound like last year’s performance by Pierre was any disappointment to Ned, so if he just keeps it up, regardless of what Ethier might be able to do, that would probably be OK with Ned. Hopefully that will not be the case with Torre.

I don’t think Pierre will even replicate last years performance or lack thereof. I think he is in a gradual decline that started about 3 years ago. He peaked in 03 and before. He will be abyssmal in 2010-11. Another reason to unload him now. Get while the gettin’ is good.

If we keep him, eventually he is going to be an $8M bench warmer. Get something now while you can.

It is extremely unreasonable to believe he is going to get any better going into his late prime years and middle 30’s.

can someone translate this for me?

orre’s toughest call seems to be in the outfield, where Andre Ethier is having a huge spring, while Juan Pierre is struggling offensively. Torre has remained non-committal about who will get the majority of playing time, or whether he will be able to juggle a rotation. Based on playing time earlier in the spring, Torre was starting Pierre in left as the leadoff hitter and Ethier was essentially the fourth outfielder.

“In a rotation, you like to think you can have it to where it works out, but will it be satisfactory and will it work out?” Torre asked. “I don’t know that. You can put down on paper that each guy will get this many at-bats, but sometimes a player is a good player with this much playing time and if you cut into that, there’s a danger it can cut into his success ratio.”

Totally agree with your assessment, but expect it will take management two years to realize that, or at least own up to it.

Ned, your boss should know, he saw how it worked out last year.

Glad you guys had fun. I’ve been to Beijing twice and have probably spent a total of 15 days there. My wife has relatives that live there, so we were lucky to do some great sightseeing in the area that only locals know about. I am glad you were able to do the Hutong tour. That is a very interesting place, one that most people miss. Next time may I suggest a trip to Xian to see the Terra Cotta soldiers.

As far as your chinese, well it needs a little work. 🙂

“shay shay need ah bong mong,” which means “Thank you for your help.”

this should read…

“xiexie ni de bang mang”.

The english translation is correct though.

vr, Xeifrank

I too think like it or not, nothing gets done until June IF JP isn’t putting up typical JP numbers AND IF the team is foundering in 4th place.

If the team’s in 1st or 2nd and JP’s struggling relax – its eveyone elses fault for not driving him in.

Maybe what’s needed is a nice finish behind the Gints.

Hong-Chih Kuo, Dodgers: The 26-year-old lefty is 2-10 with a 5.38 ERA in 45 career games, including 1-4 with a 7.42 ERA last year. But he’s been lights-out this spring, with a spotless ERA and just two hits allowed in four appearances. The reliever, who is trying to claim a swingman job, earned praise from manager Joe Torre following his recent stint against the Padres in China.

Delwyn Young, Dodgers: The Dodgers’ crowded outfield situation, with starters Juan Pierre in left, Andruw Jones in center and either Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp in right, leaves just one opening if Torre decides to go with five outfielders — and Jason Repko has a team-high 10 RBIs.

Young came up as a second baseman, and has seen time there and at third base this spring. Look for Young to make the team even if he is batting only .159.

Is it to early to start the fire Coletti stuff again? He is such a fool. Makes me feel stupid for even caring about this ******* team

No one can tell me they haven’t promised Pierre LF. He will play 162 there. We should all get used to it. If we can wait 20 years, we can wait 22 years.

Let’s just all remember that if JP is less than he should be, it isn’t his fault – it’s everone elses in the line-up for not making him look better.

And they promised it to him so he wouldn’t demand a trade. Him and his agent said, hey you signed me and as messagebear says, i performed as usual so you owe me. If not I want to be traded and that’s when Ned looked at them and said, no one wants you.

Play by Play for Astros vs. Dodgers in the last Dodgers game ever in Vero Beach coming up:

Woody Williams vs. Chad Billingsley

Bourn, Pence (DH), Tejada, Cruz, Wigginton, Newhan, Abercrombie, T. Perez, Quintero

Pierre, Furcal, Ethier, Sweeney, Young, DeWitt, Repko, Bennett, Billingsley (No DH)

It’s never too early to start the FIRE COLLETTI chant!

Here’s the deal:

Colletti went out on a limb and told the world that spring training would sort out the competitions at LF and 3B.

Well, Pierre has stunk it up – not even close to a .300 avg, while Ethier is leading the team in HR and playing very well in every facet of his game.

Well, Ned Colletti, it’s time to step up and be counted as Dodgers GM. Your credibility as a GM and as an honest believable person is on the line.

Look, you did what you thought was best last year, but last year is last year. Now is the time to be bold and make the right call and get of us Dodger fans behind you for a World Series run.

If you want to be the leader Ned, then lead and don’t look back.

Go Dodgers!

If you are looking to Larry Bowa for help in momentum to trade JP, look elsewhere.

Bowa’s highest runs scored in a season was 1974 when he batted leadoff (97 runs, 36 RBI, 669 AB, 23 BB, .275 avg, .298 OBP, 39 SB, 11 CS, sound familiar?)

Over 16 seasons– mostly batting first, Bowa had 2247 games, 8418 AB, 987 runs, 2197 hits, 262 doubles, 99 triples, 15 HR, 525 RBI, 474 BB, 318 SB, 105 CS, .260/.300/.320. His BEST season hitting was 1975: .305/.334/.377 in 136 games and 583 AB.

Now, if you want to see someone who hit like we all hope that Ethier, Kemp, Marint, and Loney will hit in their careers, look to the skipper (Torre Lifetime): 18 seasons, 2209 games, 7874 AB, 996 runs, 2342 hits, 344 doubles, 59 triples, 252 HR, 1185 RBI, 779 BB, .297/.365/.452. That’s an excellent lifetime of stats for someone who spent 10 years as a catcher. Kemp may have more potential, but few players acheive what Torre did. He should know how to manage Martin and have cred doing it. Torre never caught more than 114 games in a season.

As a catcher, Torre is only surpassed by a few. Piazza, Bench, Berra, and Fisk come to mind. So, Torre knows batting and catching from a different era. He has been the highest paid manager for a decade in this era. Unless you think that Steinbrenner is a fool, we have a good chance for a good decision on player selection and leadership. I like our chances. If you think S is a fool, I got nuthin’. Resume your previous programming.

Top 1: Astros Batting: Chad Billingsley Pitching: Dodgers wearing Green caps on St. Patrick’s Day:
Michael Bourn grounds to Sweeney at first (3-1)

Hunter Pence grounds to Young at second

Miguel Tejada strikes out looking a wicked slider

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1/2 inning No Score

Bowa was one reason the Phillies were the Dodgers ***** in the 70’s.

thanks Alex as always!

I hate to start off with such negativity, but I’m getting poor reception and the Astro’s broadcasters, and no new thread.

Torre is 1971 was insane. Yeah I have faith in Torre, none in Coletti. players win games, not managers

Good looking start from Bills. It’d be nice to see him getting into season form here pretty soon.

best bunter in baseball cant bunt for a hit to save his life, meanwhile either just keeps hitting the ball out past the infield. pathetic.

Bottom 1: Dodgers Batting: Woody Williams Pitching:
Juan Pierre bunts out to the catcher, first pitch

Rafael Furcal flies to left

Andre Ethier singles up the middle

Mark Sweeney strikes out swinging

0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 1 No Score

Hey Ned, wipe the egg off your face.

They didn’t start the telecast early enough to get the batting order now we have to do it one batter at a time.

The coaches keep saying we have 4 solid outfielders. Well, the way Repko is playing, I’d say those 4 are Jones, Kemp, Ethier and Repko. Pierre isn’t in the same class as those guys.


Top 2: Astros Batting: Billingsley Pitching:
Jose Cruz Jr. pops to Young at second

Ty Wigginton grounds to Furcal at short

David Newhan pops to DeWitt at third

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 1/2 No Score

Your right Scott. Pierre isn’t even the 4th best outfielder on our team.

I hate when the T.V picture keeps stoping.

If Ethier keeps tearing it up this spring, HOW CAN YOU IGNORE THAT!?!?!?!?! It’s not like he’s John Lindsey, a 30 something lifetime minor leaguer. This guy has major league experience, he’s been minor league player of the year, and he’s produced when called upon. Including in the clutch, like last years game winning homer over the Cubs…. HOW IS HE NOT GETTING MAJOR, MAJOR CONSIDERATION FOR LEFTFIELD…. sorry for the caps guys, just venting. I was very much promoting whoever wins the job, wins the job and I root for my beloved blue no matter what. But when one player obviously outplayes another, it should not be rocket science.

Repko forces the error with his speed! 4th outfielder?

Go Bills! RBI

Nice RBI single by Bills.

Repko has had an awesome spring too, it’s going to win him a ticket to Vegas though.

what really bothers me is that the man with the final word, that is, Torre, seems to support Pierre’s game more than Ethier’s. Pierre, as we all know, is not clutch. He can’t get an RBI to save his life, and as long as he is in there rather than Ethier, we are all going to be frustrated like last year when the Dodgers can’t score any runs. The problem is, we are all beating a dead horse with this topic, Pierre’s bloated contract is his ticket to start and with no teams calling on him, mgt can not justify benching that much money.

Bottom 2: Dodgers Batting: Williams Pitching:
Delwyn Young grounds to the pitcher

Blake DeWitt pops to left

Jason Repko singles up the middle on an 0-2 count

Gary Bennett reaches on a fielder’s choice, Repko goes to third on the throwing error by Wigginton trying to force Repko at second

Chad Billingsley singles up the middle, Repko scores, Bennett to second, 1-0 Dodgers

Pierre grounds to the pitcher on a breaking ball outside and away, horrible pitch to swing at

1 Run 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 2 1-0 Dodgers

Maybe Billz should be the 5th OF on his days off! Batting 1.000 🙂

I meant to say outside and low (not away(

8 million vs 500k..

Wrecko in center, Pierre in left. Take him out Jason, its your ticket to stay on the big club. LOL.

I hope Chad isn’t to tired from running the bases.

New thread.

Top 3: Astros Batting: Billingsley Pitching:
Reggie Abercrombie bloops a single in front of Repko in shallow left center

Abercrombie steals second

Tomas Perez drag bunts a single to first, Abercrombie to third

Humberto Quintero 6-4-3 Double Play, Abercrombie scores, 1-1 Tie

Bourn homers to right, (fastball down and in) 2-1 Astros

Pence homers to left on a hanging breaking ball up, 3-1 Astros

Tejada strikes out swinging

3 Runs 4 Hits 0 LOB End of 2 1/2 3-1 Astros

Bottom 3: Dodgers Batting: Williams Pitching:
Furcal HOMERS to right (fastball up and in), 3-2 Astros

Ethier triples to left when Bourn loses the ball in the sun, Ethier hustling all the way makes it to third sliding, when most would have given up on the play or taken the double, ETHIER CAN DO IT ALL (except steal bases, lol)

Sweeney walks

Young singles to the opposite way in left, Ethier scores, Sweeney to second, 3-3 Tie

DeWitt on a hit and run grounds to third, Sweeney to third, Young to second

Repko singles between short and third into left, Sweeney scores, Young to third, 4-3 Dodgers

Bennett suicide squeezes in Young from third (brilliant call and execution), Repko to second, 5-3 Dodgers

Billz pops out to left

4 Runs 4 Hits 1 LOB End of 3 5-3 Dodgers

Moving to new thread

In case someone doesn’t know there is a new threat on top.

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