Today's lineup in Beijing

I’ll definitely have one more long post before we go, but since the lineup is what always seems to get people fired up on the blog, here’s the group for Game 2 in China.

Hu, SS

Paul, RF

Kemp, CF

Jones, DH

Lindsey, 1B

Chavez, 3B

Lombard, LF

Gonzalez, 2B

Ardoin, C

Stults, P

And you can watch it at 10:05 p.m. PT on FSN Prime Ticket or, if you’re not in LA, on MLB.TV.


“This kid is good,” Lasorda said. “He’s going to be around for a long time.”

Posted by: | March 15, 2008 05:51 PM

But with who’s team jungar?

Correction: Lineups with Juan Pierre — and not Andre Ethier — get everyone fired up.

Lineups with Kemp and Jones I can guarantee you won’t spark any fire. Lineups that have Ethier or Kemp on the bench in favor of a certain player WILL, that I can 100% guarantee you starting March 31st. And it won’t be healthy fire in the spirit of healthy competition. It’s a serious problem when a team doesn’t play their best players. You have two weeks to figure out the obvious. Good luck with that and we all hope you figure out what most of us already know.

I wonder if a trade will happen before Opening Day ?

i am a fan of pierre..
i love the way he plays his game, not everybody does, but i do. he works extremely hard and is a good team and a good guy to have in the clubhouse but…

i must say ethier has done really well this spring, and i think he deserves to be the starting left fielder. but i dont not think it will happen on opening day…i think torre will give pierre a month and if it is not working, ethier’s number will be called.

And I’m positive SEVERAL people in the organization share our collective opinion. And of course from a P.R perspective you can’t bury your own talent, especially if you’re trying to trade said individual. I completely understand this, but there is nobody in this organization (or outside of it) who can tell me or anybody else that Pierre starting over Ethier or Kemp or even Jones makes this team better overall. I as well am tired of not that much attention being given to Andre Ethier in the press, the guy has played his butt off for the past two years for the Dodgers and doesn’t deserve to be riding the bench, this opinion must be shared! Pierre should be given the chance to start on a team that needs him. We don’t need him. It’s just business, he’s a great guy. But, this great guy falls fourth in the depth chart.

is the game really on fsn ticket, cuz it says that it isnt????

Andre is a youngest with alot to prove and lots of time to do it. We know what we have with Pierre. In left he’ll do the job. As long as he hits near the 300 mark and robs 2nd base – that should keep Ethier on the bench ready to come in the late innings for both his bat and defense. We will not have any experinced speed next year if we trade away P and not sign Fucal. Paul and Hu have some potential, but that’s it. You got to prove it.

pad – IMO I don’t think there’s anything left for Either to prove. If his first two years and this spring haven’t said enough, then you’ll never be satisfied. Either has no more to prove this year than did Loney last year (of ‘course we all know what a great judge of talent Nedco was last year coming out of ST in Loney’s regard.)

On the otherhand JP has much to prove, and he isn’t getting the job done. His “glory” days were 2003-04. Since then his OBP hovers around .330, which is far below the average OBP for a leadoff batter, let alone one with absolutely no power. He won’t chop the ball to the left side, but he will roll it over to the right, thus negating his one true gift – speed. He rarely walks, makes 500 outs per year, and his arm is beyond terrible. And now he’s stunk up ST so much that what little trade value he did have is gone.

Unfortunately though, as long as he’s on the team you have to start him because otherwise he’s almost totally worthless as the “4th” OFer unless you need a PR or bunt late in the game (and Repko/Young can do that.) He’s not going to come in as a defensive replacement, and I wouldn’t look for him to get any significant ABs in a PH roll either, both of which are jobs for a 4th man.

And if it takes Ned, Uncle Joe, Jethro and Elly-Mae until June to figure out that Either should be starting, that’s 60 games and a 3rd or 4th place finish too late.

I have a question for Ned Josh, here it is: Ned, Do you see any benefit in using fielders in simulated games?

lets bring these jersey’s and hats back!
they’re sweet!|1&axs=0|72359440%2c72358223%2c72353941%2c72353122%2c72350590%2c72343373%2c72343267%2c72326432%2c72326295%2c72319094%2c72318715%2c72318275%2c72316674%2c72307809%2c72306838%2c72285221%2c72283416%2c72282398%2c72209298%2c72324877%2c72571620%2c72568043%2c72502785%2c72474391%2c72388579%2c72357876%2c72483458%2c72443467%2c72387878%2c72376031%2c72354445%2c72284354%2c52577018%2c51605245%2c51605244%2c51605243%2c72494043%2c72340749%2c51605239%2c51605201%2c51605199%2c51605089%2c51605087%2c51603825%2c51603824%2c51603823%2c51603822%2c51603821%2c51603820%2c375054%2c375052%2c375050%2c375048%2c375046%2c375044%2c375038%2c375036%2c375034%2c375032%2c375030|0&id=72318275

Alex great posts. I had a very similar post that I erased. I am like you, it’s beyond Juan Pierre. It’s a big slap in the face to me. I am angry that real dodger fans are not outraged. I am sad that winning here is something we forgot how to do.

I am sad that our GM lies. He said it was a real competition and Torre would make the call, yet we all know it’s a lie.

I am sorry that we all know it’s a lie. That’s what bothers me most. That they know that about 20 percent of the LA fan base will care and the other 80 will go spend money a few times a year at the yard, throw on FSN and use 76 gas more often while pigging out on farmer john cornfed pork. They will also buy some dodger gear at target so it’s all good. Us 20 percent are hooked in anyways and they know this. We like to moan and groan no matter what. Like a bad marriage.

There are no articles on why Ethier is a good player (there is no need; that’s why) but a bunch of articles that should be titled, “how to sell the fans on juan pierre 101”

I swear the local press has been bought off by Coletti.

At some point this is stabbing us fans in the back. We all know who is better. Like you said they know who is better. Anyone who says JP should take time from Kemp or Ethier have been out of baseball since 2003. Not only are both players better now, both are better for what the dodgers need and both are 5 years younger who will continue to improve. Not playing Ethier now to have him sit would be like asking your kid to repeat his senior year of high school just for the heck of it.

That about says it Jungar. It is a slap in the face to the fans. They either think we are stupid, they don’t care what we think, or both.

My question should probably be directed to Honeycut but as far as I know he’s not in the program.

Another late one for us here in the eastern time zone my friend.

***** jhall ya know. I have dumped hot chicks for less.

lol (sure i regretted it)

but yet i stick with the dodgers for 25 years!

****!! I know the feeling.

All night baseball is cool for a couple of games, but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time.

Folks on the west coast are experiencing what we do during the regular season with the 10:05pm starts.

hey all… this is bad whats happening with ethier but managment listens to us. didnt we rally cry last year for grady to get fired? what happened he did. now if we get together and rally cry for pierre to be shipped off to china or whoever cares where maybe, just maybe they will listen… staying up with you guys tonight 1215 here in minnesota… go dodgers

If Steve Delshon ever decides to write a second part to “True Blue: The Story of the Los Angeles Dodgers”, I wonder what people would have to say about the current situation. Especially the rift in the clubhouse last year.

It was nice in his book to get into the mindset of the clubhouse when Garvey and Sutton got into it, what went on between Johnny Roseboro and Juan Marichal, and how O’Malley basically got Horace Stoneham (Giants owner) to move to the windy ‘Stick while he was on his third martini. I’d just like to know the mindset in the organization with the past few year’s struggles between the youth movement and the 3-year-contract veterans that seem to be stopping their development at points.

Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to see how the FOX front office tiptoed around LoDuca’s drug ring.

The next time we win a championship, though, all of this stuff will probably be forgotten, or at least a bit numb-er on the nerves. Winning solves everything.

My neighbor said he’d come in and watch the game but apparantly he didn’t make it. I knock on his door and he’s probably asleep.

Unfortunately it took a 4th place finish and clubhouse chaos to run Grady Lube.

Welcome Minnesota.

Hu scores first run on Kemp SF7

The Dodgers again in beautiful home whites, what a sight nothing like that blue Dodgers across the chest. The Pardres in some roadies.

We do have the classiest uniforms.

Welcome to Pierre 101

Pop Quiz:

1. Pierre is a good ballplayer because:

A) He has a WS ring to prove it.

B) He’s a hard worker.

C) He gets 200 hits per year.

D) All of the above.

2. Pierre should be the left fielder because:

A) The throws are shorter from left.

B) He’s fast and covers a lot of ground.

C) He has a big contract.

D) All of the above.

If you answed D to both questions congratulations, you have been brainwashed by Nedco.

Can Golden Gophers and Buckeyes co-exist?

I know, I know.

For 1: It’s because he could be a left handed pitcher! If he could pitch.

Well, at least he can bunt as a pitcher….

These Padres commentators on mlb tv are horrible. I wouldn’t mind listening to Rick Monday for once.

LOL Enchanted. Yea, we do alright.

Both answers are correct but they mean absolutely nothing

Close Shep, but not quite what I’m looking for. That throw is still 60 feet 6 inches, or about 50 feet too far.


PierresEW gets a star, but still not quite right.

Stults cruising.

I remember when the Dodgers were in the World Series and Scully was on the radio I use to turn off the volume on the T.V. and listen to Scully.

JP does have 2 OF assists in the last few games. I see that yesterday, he got the ball to Furcal, who threw the runner out at home.

Evidently everything that JP does depends on Furcal – just ask Ned.

Question #1 E)Plaschke says so. Question #2 E)Ned is trying to save face and justify his incredible mistake.

I’m sorry jhall. The correct response is – Who gives a Schmidt, ETHIER SHOULD BE OUR LEFTFIELDER!!

I see your Schmidt and raise you a JP.

At this point, I’ll throw in a Paul, too.

Or, they think we have Schidt for brains.

KEMP singles in 2. 3-1 Bums

But, I’ll keep my Kemp for 2 runs.

Pierres, don’t give the Pads a free run. It’s 3-0

thanks jhall actually im just going to school out here… im from santa cruz, california. whats going on with the game?

Pierreeastmeetswest, that’s how I watch most games here in NorCal. I turn on the gameday audio to hear Scully for the first three, and Steiner and Monday for the rest of the game. I don’t mind that it’s 30-45 seconds behind the action. Actually, after the 3rd, I actually prefer knowing 30-45 seconds ahead of times when Steiner’s going to have an outburst. My gf knows Charley Steiner as “that guy who yells at the pop outs”. I don’t mind Steiner, though, keeps me awake through the late innings.

The lovely Carol Merrill will now pass out nice parting gifts of $10 beers and $15 parking…

Very generous, enchanted. Thank you, I’ll take them.

Wonder if McCourt wishes he could get his $92mil back…

3-1 Dodgers, top 4th.

So, Jhall, live means delayed? How much is it delayed?

The score is 3-0, I typoed.

Sorry, 3-0.

Its usually only a few seconds. Sometimes 10 or so.

I noticed that the Ardoin hit showed up on his stats before the image crossed the screen, so there must be some delay.

3-1 now.

Now it’s 3-1

You jonxed us. it’s 3-1 now.

Stultz must be tiering

How many out are there in the top of the 4th?


2 out

New article on the D’s home page regarding Torre keeping up with what’s going on in FL.


He’s relied on box scores via the Internet and briefings by Bowa — that’s Larry Bowa, his third-base coach, who was on the phone immediately after exhibition games to fill in Torre on every Andre Ethier home run, all six pitches of Takashi Saito’s Spring debut and Brad Penny’s five scoreless innings.

Man I hope Bowa’s an Ethier man.

BTW jhall, thanks for the updates on the game!!

Thank you too PierresEW!!

inning over 3-2 Dodgers

Ok! We have given them enough runs. No more.

Stults not too bad an outing so far.

Who else is going to pitch for the Dodgers?

If Pierre and Ethier were designated anonymously as Player A and Player B respectively, Player B would get the nod for the starting line-up. Sorry, Pierre lovers, Ethier has had a very solid spring. It would be a shame to bury him based on contract or streaks. Didn’t we learn ANYTHING last year by demoting Loney?

Chavez leads off with a double to left. Nice swing.

2:10 AM over here, well it’s Saturday night

We learned that Loney hits major league pitching better than AAA. Funny how that happens when the guy is pissed.

Is it still 3 to 2?

3-2 and 2 out in the Bot 4. Chavez is on 3rd.

End of 4, still 3-2

Who is up to bat?

Never mind

A Dodger with the name of Chavez as in Chavez Ravine

Dowdy, Macias, then Lobaton in the top 5.

I gotta get to bed now, good night.

Top of the 5th. Is Stults still pitching?

Tanyon Sturts now pitching for
the Dodgers.

Sturtze is now pitching for the Dodgers

Bedtime for Bonzo too.

Thanks for all the updates guys!!

Stultz didn’t do to bad until his last inning, he must have tired

Based on the Pierre-will-start logic, Sturtze is working his way into the closer spot.

Scott Hairston has just put the Pods ahead 4-3 with a 2 run double.

Sturtz gives up a 2 run double. Puds lead 4-3.


Kousmanoff just made it 5-3, with 2 base shot.

That’s all for Sturtzes

Hey Pierre,
Another late night for you and for all you in the East watching the game. I do feel for you but at least is the weekend. My 1981 sweatshirt is a zip-up that I bought at the stadium a few years back, but I do have one of those old blue satin jackets from that era. It has seen many, many games but I refuse to give it up.

Rats!! dirty rats! we are losing now.

Matt Riley now in there pitching

Does anyone know what coaches came on this trip?

Mine is an old faded tee-shirt, but I’ll never throw it out.

I’ve not been able to log on today until now and I wanted to share this.

This is an excerpt from Tommy’s blog on 3/12/08:

“We didn’t score until my boy, Andre Ethier, hit a solo home run into right-center field. I love his sweet, left-handed swing.”

“We have a good, young team that is going to be competitive for the next eight to ten years. Russell Martin, Andre Ethier, James Loney, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley… They are all young and very talented. But as I have told many players over the years; talent which is used develops. Talent which isn’t used wastes away.”

I think Tommy probably has some pull within the organization. Let’s hope his observations are passed on!! I’m sure they will be!

Actually I get up an hour earlier on Sunday morning 9:00AM

You can tell Tommy is impressed with Ethier. I am sure after today he is really in his corner.

This is worth staying up for. It’s something that won’t happen often and it’s good to be around to watch. It is something that won’t easily be forgotten

I never thought he handle that last shot back to mound.

You get up early to go to church?


Thanks for posting Tommy’s post. I’ve missed that.

I got my season tickets when I got back home. I love the new 50 year anniversary bag! I also got my extra tickets for the coliseum that I ordered thru the Booster club. There is a note in there that says that we will have a shuttle from Dodger Stadium starting at 11.A.M. running every 1/2 hour. That is good news! I will do that! Thank you to whoever made that posible!!

Tommy praised Ethier on his blog today***so did I.

That helped.

we need some offense in this game… then again kemp and jones are our only real dodgers on the team come march 31st… anyways they need to win this one…

Mike Koplove now pitching for Dodgers

Emma-Welcome back!
Thanks for the tips on Vero–we had a blast!!

I saw you did the Women’s charity workout. We heard about it after and my wife was bummed as she would of done it.

Was it fun? Maybe we might go to Arizona next year and if they do it she can take part.

Emma-also I saw your post about the organ player in Vero. I was thinking the same thing. They were playing rally tunes when the other teams batted??! What was up with that???

We liked their sound effects for everything else, but that was strange.

Another run for SD 6-3, runner out in run down between 2nd & 3rd 2out

I don’t have access to MLB TV or the game…

Any updates would be appreciated!

I wonder if they’ll bring in Hoffman to close it out. Inning over

As i was posting PierreEW took care of it. Much appreciated PEW!!

Dodgers are losing 6-3 Bottom of the 7th

$119.95 6 screen 5 live games the baseball channel. If you the mosaic.

Time for another 4 straight homeruns???!

How sweet was that game!!


Today I ordered MLB Extra Innings but it doesn’t start until the 31st.

Let’s go Dodgers let’s go, clap, clap, clap clap clap…

Hu looked like he beat that out.

Hu’s wearing the “Gil Hodges” #14, a friend of mind thinks that like blasphemy.

Greg Miller in there now.

Oh no that was close. Kemp & Howard almost collided on a pop up.

Way too close! Im glad Kemp seems ok.

gulp. whew..danger averted.

The boys in blue look like it’s 3:25 AM in Beijing. Wake up you Bums.

XPaul just singled to leads off with a hit but Kemp is out first ball swinging.

Gil Hodges’ number should be retired and he should be in the HOF. It is blasphemy.
Let’s get some runs.

Com’on Mike Easler Let’s put a stop to that first ball swing raly killing.

You could say that again jhall

Going to 9th. I wonder if Trevor will come in, in the bottom.

Top 4: lead off double…
0 runs!

Only ST but we need to work on RISP with 1 out or less and bases loaded situations.

Schakleford pitching for Dem Bums.

One out and someone else is coming in.

Torre trying to get everyone in.

Eric Hull retires the first batter he faces but they didn’t show it. 3 out. Going to the bottom of the ninth.

We are down to our last out

Rats!! Well, it was fun anyway.

and that’s it.

6-3 Final Score

It was fun and we just went through an unusual event. Let’s get home guys plenty to do in Fla, annd AZ.

Boy the Mlb-Tv we out in lest then a minute.

Yea, they cut off quick. I switched to Audio for postgame talk.

The Women’s baseball clinic was a lot of fun. I found out about it on Sunday when I went into the restroom and saw posters there about it. The price was $45 and you got a goodie bag with a hat, t-shirt, Vero Beach magazine, a voucher for a ticket for Wednesday or Sunday’s game which I gave away since I already had my ticket for Wednesday and left Thursday evening. Tommy made a speach and was signing autographs, Manny Mota, Maury Wills and Shoemaker were also there. Oh also a BBQ lunch was included where the minor league players that participated on the clinic joined us. The minor league players that participated were a lot of fun, real nice and good teachers too. Four names I remember are Shane Justis, Adam Godwin, Brent Leach and Esteban Lopez -all from San Bernardino. I wish them all well. Oh, I also won a glass with the 60 year anniversary logo. -emma

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