And we're underway…

The first Major League game on Chinese soil is underway. It’s a little cold here in the "press box," which is just some seats outdoors behind home plate, but that’s actually not the reason I got chills before the game. Standing on the field while they played the Chinese anthem and the U.S. National Anthem was pretty powerful when you think about how groundbreaking this is.

In case you can’t listen on KABC or watch on MLB.TV, I’ll try to post what happens inning by inning to keep you updated. So far, the crowd is filling in quite nicely and while they seem a tad unsure when to cheer and when not, there’s a big league atmosphere in terms of the video board graphics, sound system and the fans are into it…

In the first inning:

George Lombard took the first pitch, which will be making it to the Dodger archives. He then grounded out to second off Justin Germano.

Chin-lung Hu and Matt Kemp both grounded to short.

In the bottom of the first, Chan Ho Park got Scott Hairston to ground to third, former Dodger Oscar Robles was out on a comebacker and then he fanned Kevin Kouzmanoff swinging.


Thanks dude!

Top of the 2nd…Andruw Jones lines out hard to center…John Lindsay gets the first hit in China, a single to center, Lucas May doubles down the left field line, sending Lindsay to third. Tiffee grounds out to the catcher. John-Ford Griffin pops to short.

Cheerleaders just took the field and got a huge round of applause. Just snapped a photo with Jaime Jarrin and Pepe Yniguez for history’s sake.

Gonzalez grounds to first…former Dodger Brian Myrow flies to left…Rodriguez reaches on Hu’s fielding error…Venable grounds to second.

Bottom 2: Padres Batting: Park Pitching:
Adrian Gonzalez grounds to first

Brian Myrow lines to left

Luis Rodriguez reaches on a fielding error by Hu

Will Venable grounds to second

0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB End of 2 No Score

Ooh, I like the competing play by plays. I’ll step aside, thanks Josh. I’ll have play by play of the Dodgers final game at Dodgertown on Monday morning. As George Lombard HITS A BOMB TO RIGHT!


Thank God someone hit a HR. These people were probably thinking, Geez, this is boring. Got to light it up so they get hooked.

Ramon Martinez grounds to short…Lombard crushes the first pitch to right for the first Major League homer in China…this guy is having one heck of a spring…Kemp goes down swinging.

Kemp should have been running on that also.

Kemp swings and the ball ends up on the ground. He turns and walks to the dugout instead of running it out.

We need Kent to get on him about that. Just kidding! πŸ™‚

Hopefully, Bowa will take him aside and convince him to run out every opportunity.

Hundley grounds to third, Macias strikes out looking, Hairston flies to right. Chan Ho looking strong.

Gosh im watching this on MLB Tv and i know its a long shot for Park but man hes really looking vintage, if he keeps this up i would love to see him kept in that beautiful Dodger uniform again

Park has “2005 Scott Erickson” written all over him. I just hope he doesn’t take a roster spot from someone more deserving.

Park looks to be in mid-season form.

Hard to argue with 10 straight batters making out. (One reaches on E-6)

As i said if he where to keep it up, who knows what he would do in regular season, and at this point, with the other two studs, im not worried about that rotation no matter what

Jones fans, Lindsay grounds to third, May fans.

It’s 2:00AM in BROOKLYN.

I feel like pierreseastmeetsfareast

In Baltimore, its 1:45.

George Carlin joke πŸ™‚

Andruw holds Robles to 1st with a laser beam to Hu.

Keep it up Chan Ho and get a condo in Vegas.

omg….super error on may

Fans are starting the wave as Oscar Robles singles to left center to break up Park’s no-hitter. Kouzmanoff grounds to third, Robles to second. Gonzalez grounds to short, Robles to third. Robles scores on May’s throwing error (he lost a grip on the ball as he threw back to the pitcher). Myrow walks. Rodriguez flies to center. One unearned run for Chan Ho.

Dodger fielding gives pards a run the game is tied.

I’m confused is the score still 1 to 0 Dodgers?

How is the smog/air pollution in Beijing today?

vr, Xeifrank

E-2 and Robles strolls home. Wierd.

Torre will have something to say about that.

Looks like you guys are on top of the play by play from here so I’ll let you all take over. If anything off the field interesting happens, I’ll post again.

Hu is butchering SS.

Thanks Josh

Now it’s tied. Will someone please post the score more often. Thank You

Commentator said that May was spiking the ball to stop the clock πŸ™‚

Enjoy yourself Josh.

What is the score now?

Whats wrong with our defense?

Score 1-1

Singles for Tifee and Griffin.

Ramon muffs a bunt attempt. (my pet peeve)

Still 0 outs

Still top 5 no outs.

Raomon keeps fouling off.

Ramon draws a BB.

Bases loaded. 0 outs Top 5

Beautiful at bat for Martinez to load the bases.

What inning are we in and please tell what happened at the end of our half.

Thany you for telling us what inning we are in.

Top 5: Dodgers Batting: Germano Pitching:
Tiffee singles to center

Griffin singles to right, Tiffee to second

Martinez (after failing to get the bunt down on the first two pitches) on a full count walks, bases loaded

Lombard strikes out looking

Hu lines to second, Griffin doubled off

0 Runs 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 4 1/2 1-1 Tie

As usual we don’t score after having the bases loaded and no out.

Unacceptable. Bases loaded, 0 out and we don’t get a run in. Looks like last year. Unbelievable. Geez.

another great outing by Park.

as much as i would love to see kershaw win the fifth spot, i think Park deserves very strong consideration

I almost miss this game because I was looking at March 14th not realizing until I luckily looked at March 15th and found it.

thank you joey im glad someone else sees his work ethic so far

Park Ks Venable on a 1 to 7 O’clock curve. Big breaker.

Still Bot 5

Bottom 5: Padres Batting: Park Pitching:
Venable strikes out looking

Hundley grounds to third

Macias grounds to first

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 5 1-1 Tie

Bot of 5th is the score still tied 1 to 1?

Thank You

yes still tied, on an unreal error

Kemp hit a nice drive on a high fast ball but not far enough.

Was Kemp out?

Top 6: Dodgers Batting: Mauro Zarate Pitching:
Kemp hits a high fly ball to the very edge of the track in left center, (personally I think it would’ve gone out at Dodger Stadium)

Jones walks

Lindsey singles to left, Jones to second

May singles to center, Jones scores, throw cut off and Lindsey is tagged out between second and third, May advances to second, 2-1 Dodgers

Tiffee flies to right

1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 5 1/2 2-1 Dodgers

May single puts us ahead again 2-1. But Lindsey was cought on the bases.

Padre commentators keep making a lot of comments with racial/cultural overtones. Negative ones.
vr, Xei

Thank You for the update. I keep posting because this is the only way I can keep up with the game.

If the Dodgers don’t sign Park someone else will, he was simply fantastic this morning. Now here comes Kuo.

Bottom 6: Padres Batting: Hong-Chih Kuo Pitching
Hairston flies to Jones in center

Robles grounds to third

Kouzmanoff grounds to short

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 6 2-1 Dodgers

I still have faith in Park, hes gonna re vamp his career, i just hope its with us, rather than against

Park was impressive.

His era is still 0.00


Top 2: runners on 2nd & 3rd, 1 out…nothing!

Top 5: Bases loaded 0 outs…nothing!


What’s wrong with Hu’s glove? ******The Dodgers have been active in China since the 1930’s. The decade I was born in.

Good Job Kuo. Who else is scheduled to pitch?

Yep DC, they are handing us the game and we’re not biting.

Hoffman pitching bottom of 7th.

“Closer” Hoffman has entered the game in the 7th.

Kuo just pitched an inning and in the game, there was a groundout to Hu. That’s pretty significant here in China, though Hu seems to be battling with either nerves or the infield here today. Meanwhile, I stopped by the broadcast booth where Commissioner Bud Selig did half an inning on the air, as did Frank McCourt.

My bad, Trevor Hoffman pitching top of 7th.

Is it still 2 to 1 Dodgers?


Top 7: Dodgers Batting: Trevor Hoffman Pitching:
Griffin strikes out swinging

Martinez flies to right

Lombard walks

Hu strikes out swinging

0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB End of 6 1/2 2-1 Dodgers

We’re stretching in China.

It’s 3 o’clock in the morning in the Big Apple as I watched this game….I wonder if I’m the only person in Brooklyn watching the Dodgers playing in Beijing China.

Thanks Josh for all of your updates today and in the past!

I’ve got to add one more thing that I liked while in Vero. And that is John Lindsey.

This guy has been in the minors for something like 13 years. I think would of given up or at least had a negative attitude if I had been him.

But the guy is ALWAYS smiling and laughing. He was signing autographs for the fans talking with people and just really impressed me with his attitude. He was having fun and it was evident.

Wherever he lands I wish him great luck and I hope he makes it to the bigs!!

Funny, closing time here. Time for happy hour there.

Another cheap hit for the Padres. What the..??

Jhall: RISP is going to be my mantra this year as it seems to be the Dodgers “White Whale”!

I’ve got to go…Wifey put up with my baseball addiction last week and now she wants lights out!!

Go Blue!!!

Wild pitch by Kuo. Runner at 2nd now, 1 out, bottom 7.

Got to keep the wife happy DC.

XPaul is now in left.

Bottom 7: Padres Batting: Kuo Pitching:
Gonzalez reaches on an infield single between short and third

Myrow lines to right

Gonzalez to second on wild pitch

Rodriguez walks

Venable chops to second, Gonzalez to third, Rodriguez to second

Hundley grounds to third

0 Runs 1 Hits 2 LOB End of 7 2-1 Dodgers

Sorry, there were 2 out.

Where do we put Park? Loaiza and Kuo looking good. Kuo out of options.

Thanks Josh****You’re one of the guys who are making me very happy at the moment….This is real fun.

Is it still 2 to 1 Dodgers?

Might have to carry 12 pitchers.

Where do we put Park?

With an ERA of 0.00, you put him on the mound.

Andruw Jones single, Kemp scores, 3 to 1, top 8.

Andruw knocks in Kemp but he’s cought between 1st & 2nd Dodgers 3-1.

Who’s up to bat? Player name

So far Shep. He deserves serious consideration.

Lucas May is up. Bases empty, 1 out.

It’s a little cool and scary at how worked up some of you get over spring training games..I love it.

Dodgers actually hit in top 10 with RISP last year even though it didn’t seem like it (only .395 slug, 3rd worst)..but yeah check this out. This will make you barf something serious..

With bases loaded in 07 (not sure how many ab)


1hr, 1 triple and 6 doubles

Let’s go Dodgers! I should be packing my suitcases for my flight to Chile in the morning, but the Dodgers are just too important! πŸ™‚

Jungar, I’ll bet we were last in the league with RISP in September.

Top 8: Dodgers Batting: Jered Wells Pitching:
Kemp lines a single to left

Kemp steals second

Jones lines a single to center, Kemp scores, Jones caught in a rundown between first and second, 3-1 Dodgers

Lindsey walks

May strikes out swinging

Tiffee lines to left

1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 7 1/2 3-1 Dodgers

Good for you PeruMike.

Goodnight everyone. Go Dodgers.

Park looks like the 6th starter,lol) just kidding of course but they better find a place for him. He looks good.

Agreed PierreEW.

Don’t forget Kuo who also turn in a great show.

They’ve got to figure out if Kuo can be a lefty out of the bullpen. Right now that seems to be his niche.

Falkenborg, Geez. This game is starting to look like today’s game. Build a lead early and bring in the scrubs to blow it. I know it doesn’t matter, but losing bites no matter what.

I hope Fauky does hurt us here.

Ask Tommy. LOL

If Park & Kuo don’t make the rotation I thing they could be used in long relief***That’s IF

Paul misplayed that ball. Tied 3-3.

Looks like another bad play in right (XPaul) this time and Pards have tied it up again.

Bottom 8: Padres Batting: Brian Falkenborg Pitching:
Macias lines to left

Hairston doubles off the wall in center

Craig Stansberry doubles off the wall in center, Hairston scores, 3-2 Dodgers

Kouzmanoff grounds slowly to short, Stansberry to third

Gonzalez doubles off the wall in right, Stansberry scores, 3-3 Tie (perhaps could of been caught by Paul, it landed above his glove off the wall)

Myrow grounds to second

2 Runs 3 Hits 1 LOB End of 8 3-3 Tie

Seems to be the story of our Spring. At least we won’t be seeing these guys when the season starts.

We seem to be scoring runs a GIVING them right back.

Paul took a crummy route and got turned around. Made a last second lunge at it.

Ethier would have corraled that one. Kemp also.

Even when we score in this game the batter gets cought running the base.****Lindsey***Jones.. What is this?

Good defense by the Puds, cutting the ball off.

We gotta score, no extra innings.

Top 9: Dodgers Batting: Heath Bell Pitching:
Xavier Paul grounds to second

Martinez singles to right, Ruan pinch runs

Lombard strikes out swinging

Hu walks, Ruan to second

Kemp strikes out swinging

0 Runs 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 8 1/2 3-3 Tie


Now we root for a tie or else we’re losing all over world.

Thanks Alex. I guess the best we can do is a tie in a game that should have been ours.



Bottom 9: Padres Batting: Ramon Troncoso Pitching:
Rodriguez flies to Jones in center

Mike Baxter grounds to second

Matt Antonelli strikes out swinging

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB


3 10 2


3 5 0

Time of Game: 2:47

Should have won this one. Oh well, good night true blue believers.

Funny in doesn’t matter who wears the uniform. We root for the name on the front of it.

Time is 4:00PM ET

The result is the last thing I care about in these games, I care about health number one. Secondly, situations our key players go through. I liked Kemp’s base hit, stolen base and Jones knocking him in. Everything else is merely for show than criticism. I save that for March 31.

It’s 4:00AM in Brooklyn.

I like what I saw in Park & Kuo. I don’t know how they’ll end up but I liked it. This is a wonderful thing for baseball and we should be proud of the Dodger name in China, In LA anywhere.

Doesn’t seem to matter where they are in the world, the D’s are still making the same Grady Little mistakes – poor baserunning, poor situational hitting, and no production with RISP.

I could let it slide somewhat if it was just the NRIs and rooks with no chance, but its the regulars as well. Torre & Co. have their work cut out for them in AZ.

Park looks like a completely different pitcher than what he’s shown in the last several years. No one else has stepped up to be the swing man, so at this point I think you have to heep him as as the long reliever/spot starter.

Schmidt on the other hand… goodluck to him trying to pitch through the pain, but I’m afraid he’s reached the end of the line. $47m for one win… hope they had some sort of insurance policy on him.

Anyone have a problem with DeWitt at third if Nomar can’t answer the bell? Kid looks pretty good.

It’s great to see baseball in China. It’s good for the people of China, and good for baseball.

We could discuss the Dodgers strengths and weakness’ without say “Pierre, bad!” every other sentence. As a team, situational hitting, defense, and base running leave a bunch to be desired. Maybe Torre should turn Bowa loose on the numb skulls sooner rather than later.

Didn’t get much sleep last night but it was worth watching the game from Beijing, China, this morning. *****The game started at 1:00 AM, here in Brooklyn USA and I probably was the only guy here watching. *****I almost missed it, because I was looking at the March 14th games, Then I check out the March 15th games just before the start of the game and I found it. It must be great for our Asian folks, like Chan Ho Park, Hong Chih Kuo, Chin-lung Hu & Kim Ng and who ever I left out and to the people there that saw them play. *****Of course it must have been great for the rest as well. ****This is something I will never forget as I’ve been a Dodger fan for over 61 years now. ****It was great to see our boys in their home Dodger uniforms while the Padres represented the city of San Diego CA. *****After all to me they are simply the Dodgers.

Yeah all of a sudden I am not very optimistic this year. We can come anywhere between 1st and 4th again. If I was betting with my head, I would bet 3rd.

A N D R E Clouds one. How thatoes that make you feel?

Martin walked and Ethier homered to the opposite field and I love our team. I cannot stress this enough, it’s spring. You can’t allow spring results to affect you. It’s exhibition. Relax.

They definitely order walk back to Vero if they don’t give Tommy a win today.


Jungar, I agree with your probable placement of the Dodgers in the standings. I see our pitching doing very well with Penny probably winning another 16-17 games; Lowe for about 14, Bills for 16. I see Furcal, and Kemp having very good years, with Pierre about his usual, Andruw slightly improved over last year, but Kent showing a decline in his production. Martin will do very well, as expected, and Ethier could have a breakout year, except for the fact that he’s not likely to see full playing time. Nomar will probably do OK until he’s out being hurt again, and then who knows what will happen on third base. I don’t see LaRache coming back strong this year.

I can see my typing is a getting a little off, I haven’t had so many typo’s in a long while. It may be getting to me. Maybe it’s old age. I’ll be 70 on the 27th. I get up an hour earlier on Sunday(tomorrow). What the heck I’m enjoying every minute of it. Why complain?***** I hope we don’t blow this lead.

Have a good shower Odalis.

I see MESSAGEBEARER agrees with JUNGAR for 3rd place and then write like he expects them to a lot better. If they do that good Bear, they should do a lot better .*****Maybe Repko should waited, maybe he could have tagged up. Hard to tell with no T.V.******I can’t believe they have so much trouble scoring. *******O.K we got that run and just like this morning we get cought on the bases.

Furcal singled to score two and got caught between first and second. So, he gave himself up to allow the second run to score. That’s a base running ‘blunder’ I can live with.

I see if we counted this ST it looks like this*****The Pards 8-7 are in first place leading the Rox buy 1 game. We’re next with 6-10 2 1/2 back, the D’Backs 6-11 3 back & the Jints 5-11 in last again at 5-11 3 1/2 back.

BTW, Pierre is 0 for 3 and batting a healthy .190, with four walks, excellent for a leadoff hitter…While the fourth outfielder is batting .289 with eight walks and 4 HR’s and 10 RBI’s. It’s not even close and if you compare him to Kemp…oh why do I even bother. It’s obvious who deserves to play.

Your right Alex, I wasn’t paying attention until I finished the comment and then they said the 2nd run ALMOST didn’t count. If Raffy did give himself up that was a very good move by him.

Alex you’re depressing me.

ANDRE ETHIER is making it look real easy today. He’s almost in a situation like Park. The Dodgers have to accomodate him unless he could end up somewhere else. ***Wow I don’t complete this before he’s doubled up.

it’s just the other teams are good too…the rocks, backs and padres are all solid.

Yes they are *****but I think we slipped a little too last year mostly because of our offense.

But getting back to Ethier, he looks real good, I feel he is really coming into his own as a bonified Major league ball player.

Excuse me after that hit our fourth outfielder is batting .308 with eight walks and 12 RBI’s. Going 3 for 3 today with 4 RBI’s. Definitely not starting material.

PENNY turned in a GOOOOOD one.

Penny went five scoreless innings and gave up only one hit with two walks. Saito made his spring debut and had a perfect inning on three groundballs.

The outfield situation S****Ks right now its up to Mr. Tee. Saito did good and that is some of the best news.

I don’t know how I left Loney out of my projections for the upcoming season, but I expect he will do great. I see an average between .320 and .330, with 15HR and 100 RBI’s, if he’s given a spot anywhere between third and sixth in the batting order. The reason it will be a tought fight in the division standings is because I see all three teams that finished ahead of us as being improved as well.

Juanpy fails again….

Pierre goes 0 for 4 now batting .186. JUST GIVE PIERRE THE LF JOB ALREADY. HE’S OBVIOUSLY EARNED IT!!!

That’s O.K. BEAR, I’ve been leaving out a lot lately too. Oh those senior moments.

Frankly the difference between us finishing first or third in the division could be the decision to use Ethier and Kemp every day instead of sticking Pierre in the everyday lineup.

It probably was last year too, bear.

yeah, it’s gonna be pretty sweet watching ethier on the bench this year. can’t wait!

Juanpy is insulting my family name. If he don’t get out of this slump I don’t know what I’ll do.*******if I was the manager I’d know what I’d would.

I don’t blame Loney for holdig the runner, it’s only a 6-run lead and lately…..

Come on Proctor it’s almost opening day.

Too bad we can’t put Saito back in.

I hope we hold on for Tommy sake.

Com’on Scott, You can do it.

Last night people were screaming for the score so in case this helps we are leading 6-1 Top of the 8th. ****Did anyone catch that? Molina means slow catcher

Did the Dodgers bring a broadcast team with them?

I have a question for Ned but I’m going to leave it for a new thread.

Hey BEAR, What do you think if Kent doesn’t come back next year and they don’t re-sign Furcal? What if 3rd isn’t settle yet, by then?

Here we go again…..

I for one wouldn’t want Kent to come back, unless he somehow really comes up with a rejuvenated season. If Abreu isn’t ready by next year, he probably never will be major league material, and second base would be open for whoever can produce from our minor league teams, or we may have to trade for someone. From all indications so far, I’d try to re-sign Furcal, but if that proves impossible, then Hu would probably get the chance. As for third base, I’m not really that worried, given what DeWitt has shown us this Spring. No wonder that he was taken in the first round, and I think he could be ready for next year.

Juanpy to Furcal to Bennett O.K. give the guy 1 point. What’s the score now, between Ethier & Pierre?*****Nice goin’ Scott.


Koufax, Drysdale, Sutton Valenzuela, Podres, Hershiser, Nomo, Martinez, John, Osteen & Hooten It’s gonna be hard. Man, what great crew.

I see we got a couple of 2 out hits with RISP today. Ferk and Ethier. That’s encouraging.

Good assessment BEAR, I agree, but I really wouldn’t want to face having the hold infield with first year men with the exception of Loney. I think it’s very important to sign Furcal. I know we have good kids, I have faith in them but that situation scares me a little.

I think if we just re-sign Furcal, I think we’ll do alright.

Excuse me as I go to Lasorda blog.

I think Furcal is even more important to us if he is batting leadoff as compared to batting in the second slot. Likewise, he probably prefers to be the leadoff guy and may look to take a FA offer that returns him to a leadoff position with another team. I think that a proven leadoff guy can command more money on his contract, other things being equal. Just seems like another reason for not having you know who in our everyday lineup.

Yeah,finally got Tommy a win.

MESSAGEBEARER *** Wouldn’t it be a miracle if there was no reason NOT to bat him leadoff. You know the only way that can happen, don’t you? SENZA JUAN

It was good to see a win for Tommy and it is Jo’s birthday today. I really didn’t want to see him go winless, it just wouldn’t have been fair. Again Happy Bithday to Jo Lasorda.

m/bear’s observation about the difference between JP and Ethier
and winding up between 1st and 3rd in the standings is food for thought considering how tough the west is now. I won’t slam JP. I’ve already said I prefer Ethier. I know this is only spring, but if these numbers hold up….

Yeah I would spell it wrong.

messagebear… you are so correct. The ONLY place one can expect SLAPPY to bat in the order is leadoff… and since he’s obviosly doing such a great job there they have to move the REAL Dodgers leadoff hitter to the second slot in the order which is not Furcal’s natural ability.

So, batting SLAPPY in the leadoff spot not only ROBS the Dodgers of key at bats, but it also ROBS Furcal of his natural ability in the leadoff position.

Lasorda gets his first ST win today on a strong contribution by Andre Ethier… who goes 3 for 4 with a HR and 4 RBI! Andre’s not making Torre’s decision any easier with 4 ST homers and a huge OBP, SLG and playing great defense… throwing out runners… etc. Nobody plays a ball hit into the left field corner like Ethier… his sliding cut-off of the ball, standing and firing into second base is his strongest play. He doesn’t play that same ball into the right field corner as well… which is why I think he’s a natural for Left. Kemp’s arm makes his play in right field invaluable.

As for SLAPPY… well… he’s certainly making a strong argument for his riding the pine… going oh-fer again. Can you say, “consecutive games played, streak over”? I knew you could…

It looks more and more like Colletti’s decision to sign him has really put a damper on things. It really would have been more relaxing right now with Ethier and Kemp coming along. I think something has to be done about that consecutive game streak. I feel like it would put everything on a level playing field. I think the contract can be ignored because we paid and are still paying for guys on the DL, so what difference does it make if we can sit a guy once in a while.

I hate it to leave Vero Beach :-(. I ran into so many people from the L.A. Area and even the S.F. area. At one time there were 8 of us in line at the gift shop from the San Gabriel area. When I got back to LAX, two ladies saw my 1981 sweatshirt and asked if I was at Vero Beach. Well, they had also made the trip. Too bad I did not meet them there.

Thank you all for report from the games! You all do a great job!

for Josh or anyone that knows: why does the organist at Dodgertown plays rally music for the visiting team when THEY are at bat? -Emma

Any opening day lineup that doesn’t have Slappy riding the pine is worthless.


’nuff said…

You Know I never thought about how much Raffy wants to lead off, I didn’t think that was that important to him, but messagebearer makes me think. If he ever wouldn’t re-sign because of that, then that is another trap the Juanpy signing has put us in.

Hey Emma***Is that the ’81 World Series shirt? ****oh you said sweatshirt. I still got the Tee shirt. It’s all worn and faided but I still wear it once in a while. It will never see a garbage bag as long as I’m around. *****Even though I’ve never been to Vero, it’s a big part of the team. Did you see this mornings game from China? I’m so happy I did. AND I’m sooo glad for Tommy and his birthday jo for his victory today.

AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS Through Today:




Here’s another not so crazy thought. First of all, I wouldn’t want Pierre playing every day, but no sense beating that dead horse. If we could get Pierre starting only occasionally, LaRussa’s system for batting the pitcher eighth would be perfect for those situations – Pierre would be a great choice for the number nine slot. That would give him an occasional leadoff, but not have him giving up his usual number of outs in a game. Wonder if LaRussa would be interested in the ideal No. 9 batter for his lineup.

Ethier leads the team in HRs, is tied with Repko for the lead in RBIs and with Kemp for the lead in TBs. There is no way to justify Pierre over Ethier in LF. Pierre should be traded or released immediately for the good of the club and as a kindness to him. No matter how you slice it, his presence is going to create problems and tensions that will detract from the team playing winning baseball. Ned should swallow his pride and do what needs to be done now!

I see another clubhouse dissension in the making between players and management. The players aren’t stupid, they know what should happen and when they are losing ground to the Puds, DBacks, and Rockies because of it. Well, how can you respect the management when they make bad decisions that don’t give you the best opportunity to win.

It would make sense to bat JP 9th for a lot of reasons. I believe the Yanks used to do that with Rizzuto at times.
pierreeast may remember that. I read that somewhere, but it was just before my time.

It will certainly cause animosity among the ranks.

Here’s a thought…

Since Torre’s in China, I wonder if Bowa’s seen enough in left (if you know what I mean.)

No, I can’t seem to recall Rizzuto batting ninth but with that team it might’ve happened. I don’t recall the Dodgers ever batting a position player ninth. But it might’ve happened.

Even assuming that Pierre and Ethier will maintain a similar batting average, you would think that a player able to hit some home runs over the course of a season would win a few extra games for you compared to the player who will likely never hit one. Two or three games in all likelihood will determine the division winner this year.

What’s frightening bear is that you know it, I know it and management HAS to know it, so if we still get the “inferior” line-up we’ll all know that money and politics trumphs talent and baseball in L.A.

i think the guys at rotoworld sum it up well:

Ethier is hitting .300/.429/.600 in 40 at-bats, while Juan Pierre is at .186/.271/.209. Ethier has, of course, posted better on-base percentages and slugging percentages than Pierre in both of his years in the league, and while he might not have quite as much range as Pierre in left field, he is an above average defender. It’s a good thing for Pierre that the Dodgers care more about fame and salary than performance when it comes to handing out playing time.

Yes, it’s going to come down to whether we really want to win or whether we want to play the usual “veterans and contract” games. It’ll be interesting how Torre comes down on that issue. It won’t be enough for Torre to start Pierre and then replace him down the road after we’re 4 or 5 games already out of first. The right decision is required at the very outset.

Two weeks from now, we’ll be able to tell where management’s priorities lie, and if “competition” was merely lip service to placate the players involved and we fans as well.

I still think that if we field the current “proposed” line-up, the 4 other GMs in our division will be grinning from ear to ear.

Ethier was 3-for-4, adding a two-run double in the sixth and scoring a run.

β€œThis kid is good,” Lasorda said. β€œHe’s going to be around for a long time.”

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