Today's lineup

Pierre, LF

Furcal, SS

Loney, 1B

Jones, CF

Ethier, RF

Nomar, 3B

Kemp, DH

Abreu, 2B

Ardoin, C

Billingsley, P


Wishing Abreu a good recovery from his injury and operation and a good Spring Training. Would like to see him be able to take over 2nd base; so, take your time Kent.

old fogey – just figured it out – Ned’s tetched in the head too!

And I think Torre’s daft!

Thanks Josh, Apologies in advance if it seems like any of us are shooting the messenger during the season!

Nice to see the Dodgers put out a big time lineup today. Nice to see Abreu back. Go Blue!

I hope the Bill throws well today…he’s the key to our rotation. Penny and Lowe are great, Kuroda looks solid, and Loiza or Schmidt will do a good enough job BUT…
This could be the year the Bill turns into a star.

With our bullpin (welcome back Yancy) this could be as good of a chance we’ve had in 20 years.

Go Blue.

Cardinals vs. Dodgers Play by Play Coming Up:

Joel Pineiro vs. Chad Billingsley

Schumaker, Rasmus, Pujols, Ankiel, Gonzalez, Kennedy, Molina, Izturis, Jimenez

Pierre, Furcal, Loney, Jones, Ethier, Garciaparra, Kemp, Abreu, Ardoin

I was always against the DH maybe because I’m not too much for change but now I have to admit it sure helps in making a lineup.


We almost have room for someone like JP with the extra spot…


I’d like to state that I’m against the fact that it is said that Joe Torre has stamp his “Seal of Approval” on Juan Pierre in left field probably because of his consecutive game streak or his contract. I am not against Pierre in left, but I think it is too soon to come to a decision. I feel that Ethier is not given a real good chance.

Top 1: Cardinals Batting: Chad Billingsley Pitching: With 20+ MPH winds gusting to right:
Skip Schumaker grounds to Abreu at second

Colby Rasmus homers to right, 1-0 Cardinals

Albert Pujols on the very next pitch homers to deep left, 2-0 Cardinals

Rick Ankiel singles to left

Juan Gonzalez lines to Abreu, Ankiel doubled off at first

2 Runs 3 Hits 0 LOB End of 1/2 inning 2-0 Cardinals

Bottom 1: Dodgers Batting: Joel Pineiro Pitching:
Juan Pierre grounds to short

Rafael Furcal fouls to the catcher

James Loney grounds to the pitcher

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 2-0 Cardinals


Posted by: | March 7, 2008 10:10 AM

Out go the lights?

I’m listening to Charlie Stiener no T.V. today?

At least JP didn’t roll that grounder over.

Top 2: Cardinals Batting: Billingsley Pitching:
Adam Kennedy lines to Loney

Yadier Molina strikes out looking on a wicked curve

Cesar Izturis grounds to Abreu

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 1/2 2-0 Cardinals

Basically the HR to the unknown guy was bad, but I don’t hold it against anyone to give up a HR to Pujols.

Nice job composing yourself Bills.

Joe Torre is obviously not a smart as we gave him credit for.



Bottom 2: Dodgers Batting: Pinero Pitching:
Andruw Jones strikes out looking

Andre Ethier lines to right

Nomar Garciaparra HOMERS to right center, 2-1 Cardinals

Matt Kemp on the first pitch grounds to third

1 Run 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 2 2-1 Cardinals

Jeez…Bills getting thrashed.

Is that Rick Monday with Stiener? It sounds like him.

Well, at least at this point both 3B competitors have been hitting well, but Nomar won’t last very long if he starts. Hate to be negative, but he just hasn’t done it for a whole season in years.

Top 3: Cardinals Batting: Billingsley Pitching:
D’Angelo Jimenez homers to right, 3-1 Cardinals

Schumaker singles to center

Rasmus strikes out swinging

Pujols walks

Ankiel strikes out looking

Gonzalez strikes out looking

1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 2 1/2 3-1 Cardinals

Bills probably had trouble keeping the ball down plus the wind. Normally some HRs might have bin flyouts I think.

Two points. #1 HEAVY WINDS TODAY.

#2 Colby Rasmus is one of the best prospects in baseball, so no shame in him hitting it out.

Bottom 3: Dodgers Batting: Pineiro Pitching:
Tony Abreu grounds to second

Danny Ardoin singles to center

Pierre forces Ardoin at second

Furcal grounds to the pitcher

0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 3 3-1 Cardinals

Ardoin=”ODD-WAAR” umm

Top 4: Cardinals Batting: Jason Johnson Pitching:
Kennedy grounds to Loney

Molina on a full count grounds to Loney making a nice play to his right

Izturis grounds to second

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1/2 3-1 Cardinals

It should be a good day for Andruw to clout one.

We’re getting a blizzard here in Ohio.

Man, if you’re Jason Johnson, what more do you need to do so far to prove yourself?



What are you doing there?

(besides freezing)

Trying to figure out why Ned and Joe are stuck on Pierre.

Almost bought a place in Vero in 1990. Boy would I be pissed now with the Dodgers leaving. I’m not happy about it anyway.


Uh-Oh. Nomar took one on the hand.

Breaking News: Nomar Garciaparra was hit on the right hand by a pitch and immediately went to the dugout. More to follow.

From the New York Times:

“Left-Field Question Has the Mets Looking for an Answer”

Hey Mr. Minaya! With Luis Castillo and Carlos Beltran slowed by injuries how about a little more speed at the top of your lineup? Have we got a deal for you!

Bottom 4: Dodgers Batting: Kyle McClellan Pitching:
Loney on the first pitch singles up the middle

Jones on a full count a hit and run single down the left field line that nicked the umpire, which held Jones to only a single, Loney to third

Ethier flies to shallow center

Garciaparra hit on the right hand (he immediately goes to the dugout and is hurt bad), LaRoche runs for Nomar, bases loaded

Kemp forces LaRoche (5-4), Kemp hustling all the way, Loney scores, Jones to third, 3-2 Cardinals

Abreu strikes out swinging

1 Run 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 4 3-2 Cardinals

Having Speed and Power is wonderful for an outfielder.

But what does the Mets have for us?


How about that mascot guy with the big Mets baseball head. I hear he’s a hard worker who gets to the park early.

“But what does the Mets have for us?” — pierre

Who cares?

If the Mets need an outfielder we have plenty here but what do they have for us? Do they have our 5th starter?

I think Mr. Met is ugly.

LaRoche is now our starting 3rd baseman! YES!!!

If you’re thinking of Pierre, for the Mets, you better talk to Torre & Colletti.

I know. How about an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles for our favorite East Coast Dodger fan?


I share your slightly evil thoughts.

Hey momoracci, better watch what you think, before you make hasty decisions? You may have jinx LaRoche.

Top 5: Cardinals Batting: Johnson Pitching: (Nomar seems to be ok, he’s now in the clubhouse and could extend his hand)
Jimenez walks

Schumaker flies to Pierre in left

Jimenez goes to third on a two base error on a pick off attempt by Johnson

Rasmus strikes out swinging

Pujols walks, full count

On an attempted pickoff by Ardoin at third the ball goes into left field, LaRoche lands awkwardly on his left wrist and could be hurt, Jimenez scores, Pujols out at third (This is our Repko/Furcal game from last season, this is ridiculous)

1 Run 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 4 1/2 4-2 Cardinals

However, if this makes Ned beg for Brandon Inge, I might be done.

With James “The Plodder” Loney on first and Andruw “> 100 K EVERY year” Jones hitting, Torre puts on the hit-and-run, which is just plain idiocy.

And it works.

I have to go somewhere, hope both Nomar & LaRoche are O.K. I hope thinking about the Met’s problems we didn’t put the Hokus Pokus on us.

“On an attempted pickoff by Ardoin at third the ball goes into left field, LaRoche lands awkwardly on his left wrist and could be hurt,”

See, this is instant karma for people taking glee at Nomar taking a pitch off the hand. Dagnabbit!

Bottom 5: Dodgers Batting: McClellan Pitching:
Ardoin flies to left

Pierre flies to right

Furcal walks

Loney hits a ground rule double to right field, Furcal would’ve scored, but is forced to go back to third

Jones grounds to short

0 Runs 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 5 4-2 Cardinals

Martin’s comments about Kershaw are very interesting. A heavy 97 mph fastball and sharp curve. I think the key here is “heavy”.
Those fastballs don’t carry as well.

OK Alex, this is the moment of truth – who’s playing 3B for the Dodgers? Tiffe? Ramon? Young???

Let’s shift Abreu to third and put DY on second.

Kershaw will start sometime next week, Angel Chavez took over at third, Nomar should be ok. No word on LaRoche yet.

Top 6: Cardinals Batting: Angel Chavez is the third third baseman of the day: Jonathan Broxton Pitching:
Ankiel homers to left center, first pitch, 5-2 Cardinals

Gonzalez grounds to third

Kennedy grounds to Abreu at second

Jason LaRue walks

Izturis grounds to Chavez at third

1 Run 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 5 1/2 5-2 Cardinals

Apparently it’s NRI Angel Chavez at third.

Man, I hope LaRoche is ok.

Where’s Enos Cabel when you need him?

I simply cannot believe the three consecutive posts that start at 11:28 AM. Amazing.

Ned is probably already on the horn to Detroit. Probably offering DeWitt and De Jesus as we write.

scott, Enos was here last season, under the name Shea Hillenbrand.

BOOM for Ethier.

Shea, what a piece of **** he was. Man I just don’t trust Ned specifically for moves like that.

Inge makes a ton, so we shouldn’t give up top prospects for that piece of ****.

Well, with Nomar AND LaRoche hurt and no other legitimate 3B on the 40-man, Shea was about the only choice. Of course, Ned DID have another 3B earlier, fellow named Betemit.

Bottom 6: Dodgers Batting: Cliff Politte Pitching:
Ethier HOMERS to DEEP CENTER (well over 400 feet), 5-3 Cardinals

Angel Chavez doubles on a blooper that fell between Miles and Ankiel

Kemp pops to second, first pitch

Abreu reaches on an infield single, Chavez to third, Delwyn Young runs for Abreu

Ardoin strikes out looking

Pierre flies to left

1 Run 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 6 5-3 Cardinals

momoracci – I was being sarcastic about DeWitt / De Jesus. If one takes on the Inge contract, I agree with you that one only has to give Detroit token considerations.

Nomar injury update: Right hand, taken to the hospital for x-rays, not expected to be serious.

LaRoche injury update: Right hand swollen, not the left wrist, taken to the hospital, x-rays, not expected to be serious, details at a later time.

If we seriously consider getting Inge, I’m wondering what Betemit is doing. Seriously, I don’t think Inge carried a higher batting average nor showed more power than Betemit.

Thanks Alex for the updates.

Inge $uck$!!!!


Top 7: Cardinals Batting: Joe Beimel Pitching:
Brian Barden flies to Jones in center

Ryan Ludwick singles off the glove of Chavez

Rasmus strikes out swinging

Pujols singles to left, Ludwick to second, Josh Phelps pinch runs for Pujols

Ankiel grounds to Loney

0 Runs 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 6 1/2 5-3 Cardinals

LaRoche Update: He was hurt on a pickoff by Ardoin the throw hit LaRoche between the thumb and index finger on his right hand. Precautionary x-rays, but should be fine.

Bottom 7: Dodgers Batting: Ron Flores Pitching:

Furcal flies to right

Loney bloops to short

Jones DESTROYS THE BALL TO DEEP CENTER FIELD HOME RUN (Steiner about fell over on that SHOT), 5-4 Cardinals

Ethier singles to right, Lombard runs for Ethier

Chavez grounds out

1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 7 5-4 Cardinals

Alex – this is great. Thanks again for posting the action.

Did I get this right? Ethier is 2-4, HR, with one of the outs a liner to RF. Is Tony Jackson watching?

Top 8: Cardinals Batting: Yhency Brazoban Pitching:
Amaury Marti grounds to Delwyn Young at second who makes another great stop to rob a hit

Aaron Miles singles to center

LaRue doubles to the gap, Miles scores, 6-4 Cardinals

Izturis grounds to Hu at short

Barden walks

Ludwick singles to right, Repko’s throw on the money to hold the runner at third, bases loaded

Rasmus fouls to third

1 Run 3 Hits 3 LOB End of 7 1/2 6-4 Cardinals

Nothing like an outfielder with a good arm, huh?

Thanks for posting this Alex. I appreciate the effort.

Bottom 8: Dodgers Batting: Chris Perez Pitching:
Kemp strikes out swinging, full count

Delwyn Young fouls to third

Lucus May grounds to third

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 8 6-4 Cardinals

What’s all this **** I’m hearing about Inge!!? Where’s my boy Andy??

Top 9: Cardinals Batting: Scott Proctor Pitching:
Josh Phelps strikes out swinging

Ankiel singles to right

Marti 6-4-3 Double Play (Hu-Abreu-Martinez)

0 Runs 1 Hits 0 LOB End of 8 1/2 6-4 Cardinals

enchantedsunset: With Nomar, each getting his throwing hand X-rayed.

Does Detroit need a speedy outfielder?

Comerica Park is huge.

Bottom 9: Dodgers Batting: Jason Motte Pitching:
Xavier Paul strikes out swinging, full count

Chin-lung Hu grounds to second

Ramon Martinez pops foul

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB


6 12 0


4 10 2

WP: Joel Pineiro

LP: Chad Billingsley

SV: Jason Motte

Time of Game: 2:48

Thanks Alex!!

Just got back, thanks for the update, ALEX, Right now it sounds good.

Why is it that Ramon Mendozaline Martinez is getting so much gametime?

Dear God if Nomar and LaRoche are down could they? would they?

Be a lineup straight from Grittle.

Thanks Alex. Just got into the computer lab at school a few minutes ago, and it’s nice to get caught up in a matter of minutes.

Hope one of our 3Bmen will be alright enough to stave off a lopsided attempt at Inge. No point in having a youth movement if we keep getting “proven vets” to stop development, but I’m sure from reading these blogs the last few years that EVERYONE here knows that, heh.

Nice to see Ethier hit one out, hopefully that’ll open some eyes, but I have the feeling that Ethier will have to do a lot more to win the spot than Pierre will have to do to lose it.

I almost puked this morning reading the L.A. Times when Torre, commenting on Repko, said even if he doesn’t make the team…he won’t be forgotten. Pierre must have photographs…

BTW, nice Ofer from the leadoff man.

If we end up with JP in left all the time, thus taking playing time from both Ethier AND Kemp, Ned and Joe will be known as Dumb and Dumber – you decide which is which.

Does Detroit need a speedy outfielder?

Posted by: | March 7, 2008 12:52 PM

Only if Curtis Granderson blows out his knee or something equally catastrophic.

Dumber and Dumbest!! Also throw McCort in there as Dumb.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve lost a lot of confidence in Ned. He seemed so clueless as to the Grady/Torre change that I have a feeling it was news to even him. George W. Bush will be available next season and looking for a job. If W had the foresight to trade Sosa coming into his prime, maybe he can work a trade for our semi-MVP (according to Plaschke, et al) Pierre.

Frank = Moe
Torre = Larry

Ned = Shemp (NOT Curly)

D-Backs, Pads, and Rockies are laughing.

Why, they ought to murdalize that bunch.

Frank McCourt likes to sing Ned Colletti’s praises, particular that Ned knows how to keep a unified message through all layers of the organization. Perhaps that’s so. All I know is that Ned doesn’t come across very well (IMHO) on radio, on television and at press conferences, which is pretty strange for an ex-PR guy; you get that “used-car salesman” feeling. I don’t think the white tie, boots and toupee help change that perception.

3,4,5 spots today went 6 for 12. Too bad there was no one on for them to drive in. Ferk hasn’t found the groove yet. At least he got on once with a walk.

It doesn’t matter if it is unified if it is stupid.

old fogey – At at this point in my life, I’m afraid I’m Curly.

when I want your advice I’ll ask for it

Does anyone here think Nomar looks like a Eli Wallach from the good the bad & the ugly?

Ooooooooo wize-guys!

‘fraid with the used car salesman analogy, maybe they should be Manny, Moe and Jack. Perhaps Moe oughta kick the tires next time before he buys: Schmidt/Yugo, JP/Edsel

Nomar/Tucker (once a classic, but now something you should just see in a museum.)

What’s Loaiza, a AMC Gremlin?

LOL. How about JP/Renault Dauphine?

scott – Loaiza is classic “basic transportaion”, meets the minimum requirements, but you never want to be seen in it.

Maybe Loaiza’s more of a Matador?

What’s a Matador? (You gotta be pretty old to remember that commercial.)

Guess LoDoca must have been a fuel-injected model…

Pierre-Corvair “Unsafe at any Speed” Ralph Nadar. LOL

Repko’s a Pinto. Runs OK but don’t get in an accident with it.

Our postings are starting to look like a Plaschke column!

Yea, Repko will go up in flames.

enchanted, you know your AMC models!! has Ned and Bernie from “Weekend at Bernie’s” as look-a-likes…

lol, jhall!

Did you know you could get an Oleg Cassini Special Edition Matador in 74 & 75? Coincidentally that’s about the last time Loaiza pitched well.

There’s little to find funny in losing two third basemen in one game, but Dylan Hernandez’s article in the Times had a LaRoche line that had me laughing through the bitter feelings:

First, Nomar Garciaparra was hit on the right hand. Then, Andy LaRoche.

Like that, the two players competing to be the Dodgers’ starting third baseman were out of the game today against the St. Louis Cardinals and on their way to undergo X-ray examinations.

“Carpool,” LaRoche said as he scurried out of the Dodgers’ clubhouse.


The short article’s at,0,524209.story

Both Tony Jackson’s and Diamond Leung’s blogs have entries on Nomar at 2:44 P.M.

“An x-ray examination on Nomar Garciaparra’s right wrist came back negative.” – Diamond Leung

The longer it takes to get results back on LaRoche, the more nervous I get.

It’s bad news for LaRoche: From Tony Jackson:

LaRoche to miss eight to 10 weeks

He has a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right thumb and will need surgery, which Ned said will take place in the next couple of days, probably in Los Angeles. No word yet on how this will affect the roster makeup, other than it pretty much guarantees Nomar will begin the season as the everyday 3B. As for a backup, could be any number of guys: Tony Abreu or Ramon Martinez, both of whom have extensive experience at the position, or Delwyn Young or Chin-lung Hu, neither of whom has ever played there but have good enough hands that they likely could adjust quickly. At any rate, this is devastating news for LaRoche, a really good guy who has had his share of bad breaks and injury issues during his career.

So that puts an end to the 3rd base controversy. Based off previous people with this injury it takes at least that 8-10 week range, realistically it’s 3-4 months before they get back to the majors. This is horrible news because a lot of us wanted to see what LaRoche could do in the majors and now we may not see that until June or July, if at all this season. We ALL need to rally behind Nomar now because he’s going to be the guy and that’s that. We need him to stay healthy and hope for a comeback season. Otherwise it’s another year at the black hole known as third base. Get well Andy and we’ll see you in the summer.


That ligament is at the base of thumb and is very important for gripping. I imagine it has to be completely healed, or darn near close to it, for a major-league hitter, where bat gripping is huge.

A Dodger Thoughts commenter put this up from an orthopedics site, which indicates 13-17 weeks:

“What is the recovery after ulnar collateral ligament repair?

Following surgery, patients will be placed in a cast for four to six weeks to protect the repaired ligament. At that point, gentle motion of the finger will begin. Most patients are able to play sports 3 to 4 months after surgery”

alex is right – as fans, we now need Nomar to produce because we won’t like any of the alternatives. Suddenly names like Inge and Crede will start popping out of the woodwork. Yuck.

Now its imperative that Ethier be given a legit shot to start over JP.

The last thing we need is Ned to freak out and trade for Inge’s three year contract or anybody else. Just give Nomar the job and hope he can stay healthy. Nomar is our best option at third base now. He’ll get his final chance to prove last year was a fluke. Nothing in the world would make Dodger fans happier than to see first half 2006 Nomar. Any ideas for a trade would be a bad one. We need that poncho now more than ever.

wow. I’m not chuckling at the “carpool” comment anymore. Hope Andy has a full (and speedy) recovery.

I’d take Nomar as 3B over Inge or Crede anyday. Especially because of what’d it cost us for either of them. I’d rather have a look at DY or Hu at third as backups, and with Nomar under contract and DY out of options, I see no reason to hit the used car lot.

Terrible blow to the D’s.

Let’s hope Ned doesn’t go into panic mode and start trading away the farm for the likes of Inge or Crede.

lets all root for Nomar

Honestly, I consider it more of a blow to LaRoche than to the Dodgers. We have no clue what he would’ve produced, we can project, but still we don’t know. And now we won’t know. Nomar would probably have been the third baseman anyway. If LaRoche was the difference between us being a legit team and not we never had a chance this season. That’s just the truth. The Dodgers will be just fine, we just lose some depth. When the pitching starts going down, then that’s a terrible blow.

alex – I doubt Nomar makes it through May before he goes on the DL. I’m just hoping Ned doesn’t panic and do something stupid like Ethier for Crede or some similar nonsense. I actially expected LaRoche to start the season at 3rd, at worst by June. Let’s just hope there’s a stretch run in Aug-Sep he can make it back for.


Go Nomar. Here’s your chance to help the club. We’ll also have Abreu once Kent is ready to come back on second. I think Abreu did a fairly decent job last year considering he was partly ailing, so he should get plenty of opportunity as well. I totally agree that we don’t need another bandaid solution like Inge or Crede.

Wow this ***** i get home to check on the box and see that laroche needs surgery! wowsers get got screwed again. i was really looking forward to what he to bring to the table but we have to move on…at least he’ll be back in late july or august which is plenty of time to get back into form when playoffs starts so that s a positive. as for the 3b situation moar isnt a bad option and i am really hoping that Ned doesnt make a bonehead deal for overated inge or crede! with laroche going down it makes an extra spot open for somebody heres what i predict

lf pierre

ss furcal

c martin

cf jones

2b kent

1b loney

3b nomar

rf kemp

1 penny

2 lowe

3 bills

4 kuroda

5 hopefully kershaw! then in this order stults, kuo, park, loaiza, and if shcmidt is healthy with no set back than he moves in front of s,k,p, and l

6 cp saito of course…just stay healthy!!!

7 setup1 brox

8 setup2 beimel

9 lrp loser of 5th loaiza, shcmidt, stults, park

10 mrp proctor

11 mrp brazabon

12 mrp if torre goes with 5 bench…seanez or meloan


1 loser of Lf peirre of Ethier most likely gonna be ethier hopefully wont be!

2 d young of/2b/3b

3 t abreu 2b/3b

4 g bennet c

5 with the loss of laroche this opens up a great opportunity for repko OF! i would rather have repko than sweeney.

6 if 11 pitchers…hu or sweeney

ultimately we still look good. and more importantly whichever team that stays the healthiest will win the nl west.

Oh man what a bummer.

I kind of agree with you alex, but not really. Only in the sense that this injury could affect LaRoche’s standing with the club and his career. AId like to think we have no intention of resigning Nomar, meaning next year were in the hunt for a 3b yet again, with no great FA options out there. So yeah, maybe its not devastating for this year (although it might be) but it doesn’t exactly bode well for the future either. And yes, I know we have no idea what kind of numbers he might put up.

Well for me its like if Loney had gotten hurt last spring. People were finally about to see how good he is.

Nomar will probably go back to 3rd, but there should be some young competion there including DY. I’m sure(I hope) Colletti doesn’t go out side and get Inge or somebody. I would thing that would be a panic move but I wouldn’t be suprised. I wonder if this will have any effect on the outfield Tony Jackson reported that we will keep 5 outfielders, including DY and not including Repko, who may be sent down. I am wondering if DY works with Nomar at 3rd if that would change Repko’s status.

Don’t push the panic button Ned. Remember, each time you have, you have screwed up royaly. Abreau and Yound can hold the fort if Nomar goes down until LaRoche gets back. Patience. No move is often the best move.

Speedy recovery Andy!!!

Ned, just remember we have Abreu, DY and Hu – PLEASE PLEASE no Inge or Crede. Don’t forget about Blake DeWitt either. A little raw, but still more viable than a trade.

Question to Ned
As a long-time Dodger fan I am very upset by the costly pratice of signing washed up has beens, or players who haven’t been able to make it with other clubs. They for the most part, waste money and take playing time from our very talaneted young players. Plus now, a nri hurts LaRoche. Please put an end to this very costly pratice, have faith in our own players. today’s loss is not acceptable.

You’re absolutely correct Jhall, when you say Ned has screwed up royaly. I can’t think of a good FA pickup and the jury is still out on Kuroda. Why Jones? All we had to do was put Ethier in Left. We already had the booby price in CF, there was no chance of getting rid of it even if he wanted to.

NRI ODD WAAR’s pick off throw did it. We got all the luck. All bad.

Andy Laroche, everything is going to be okay!We are all pulling for you!Ain’t no mountain high enough!

At 11:23 AM PT I was kind of thinking of Nomar, I was hoping he wasn’t seriously hurt. On the screen appeared Momoracci’s post “LaRoche is now our 3rd baseman Yes!!!” As a Catholic I’m not suppose to believe in omens and in my 70 years on this earth, I’ve seen some strange things. BUT….Who knows?

He had me to the last two words. I was like wow, Ned your doing great, saying all the right things and then I heard him say Ramon Martinez.

“Right now, our focus will be internally until Andy’s back,” said Colletti. “I don’t think we have to look elsewhere. Nomar is having his best spring. You don’t draw it up like this, losing two third basemen in a matter of outs. Luckily, it looks like Nomar will be out only a couple of days. We have Tony Abreu and Ramon Martinez can play all over the infield.”

I guess it just felt like the last two words. Cause I stopped reading after hearing, Ramon Martinez.

Delwyn Young at third anybody??

Nomar will come up huge. He’s bitter and pissed off after his 2007 season. Let’s not forget who this guy is.

Aw heck, no one is in here anyway…1:30 am…let’s see…some Dodger thoughts…playing the look-alike game, Ned Colletti reminds me of Joseph Stalin…keep Repko on the 25-man roster…Schmidt will be the mid-season shot in the arm…Bowa is the difference.

Just got up and came in to see the results on LaRoche and ****!!
Oh well.The above postings are correct. Nomar’s our guy now.

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