Today's lineup

Lineup for today…

DeJesus, SS

Young, LF

Ethier, RF

Jones, CF

Nomar, 3B

Sweeney, DH

Lindsey, 1B

Bennett, C

Chavez, 2B

Loaiza, P


Hey Josh,

I heard they hired another host for Dodger Talk. This new guy, can you tell us about him?

Dodgers vs. Nationals Play by Play Coming Up

Loaiza vs. Chico

De Jesus, Young, Ethier, Jones, Garciaparra, Sweeney, Lindsey, Bennett, Chavez

Guzman, Milledge, Zimmerman, Johnson, Kearns, Pena, Boone, Flores, Whitesell

Top 1: Dodgers Batting: Lefty Matt Chico Pitching:
Ivan DeJesus bloops a single to center (slighty misplayed by Milledge who dropped back)

Delwyn Young strikes out swinging

Andre Ethier 6-3 Double Play

0 Runs 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 1/2 inning No Score

C’mon Andre! You’re making this difficult for Torre!

Bottom 1: Nationals Batting: Esteban Loaiza Pitching:
Cristian Guzman grounds to Garciaparra at third

Lastings Milledge hit by the pitch

Ryan Zimmerman 6-4-3 Double Play

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 1 No Score

Andre is making it easy for Pierre. Rats.

Here’s how I see things shaping up from the limited number of ST games played so far and Torre’s apparent disposition for our team as we head for the opener.

I don’t see much improvement in the offense department. Adding Andruw, but moving Pierre to left will come out as pretty much of a wash, because Ethier will mostly be sitting, or at best platooning with Kemp. The defense will be in better hands in CF, but will lose a notch with Pierre in left. I can see some degree of improvement offensively from Andruw, but I don’t think he’ll come back to his earlier power stats, particularly in the more spacious Dodger Stadium.

I think that Nomar will be starting at third, so with Kent a fixture at second I don’t see any increased production between those two. Hopefully Raffy can step it up with much more productivity, and Loney will be able to contribute all season long, but their being on the team did not inspire us in the stretch last year.

Martin will be great as we would expect, but we have another non-producer as his substitute, so we’re bound to lose games when Martin isn’t playing, or Martin will be overworked like last season.

Our pitching, barring any unforeseen further injuries, is bound to be an improvement over Tomko and Hendrickson, but I’m not sure that the current crew can win any more games when the offense is not scoring.

Keeping guys like Martinez and Sweeney does not show me any improvement over last year, and I’m afraid that is exactly what Ned and Joe will do.

I think at least Arizona and possibly the Rockies will be improved, because they’ve either added valuable people or will have their younger players matured at a faster pace. I don’t really see anybody on our team performing noticeably on the offense in Spring Training, except Loney and Kemp.

All of that seems to spell another finish without getting into the playoffs. If that’s the case, why are we still trying to rely so much on the “past their prime” veterans rather than simply biting the bullet for a season or two and letting all of our young prospects simply play and develop at the major league level.

correct, messagebear

ben maller is reporting that the A’s inquired about Juan Pierre, take it for what’s worth.

Top 2: Dodgers Batting: Chico Pitching:
Andruw Jones walks

Nomar Garciaparra doubles to deep left, Jones to third (looked real good on that swing on a mid-high fastball)

Mark Sweeney on a full count grounds to first, Jones scores, Garciaparra to third, 1-0 Dodgers

John Lindsey solid single up the middle, Garciaparra scores, 2-0 Dodgers

Gary Bennett flies to center

Angel Chavez flies to right

2 Runs 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 1 1/2 2-0 Dodgers

Oh please God, Oh please.

no chance, jhall. sorry.

Bottom 2: Nationals Batting: Loaiza Pitching:
Nick Johnson chops to DeJesus at short

Austin Kearns strikes out swinging

Willy Mo Pena strikes out looking

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 2 2-0 Dodgers


it would be rad if Kuo could stay healthy.

Posted by: | March 3, 2008 09:37 PM


Hong-Chih Kuo will miss his next appearance due to tightness in his arm. The area of discomfort is near the left elbow where he has undergone three surgeries, the latest one coming over the summer to remove bone chips.

Posted by Diamond Leung at 9:43 AM, March 04


Good results for Loaiza – I wonder how he looks, but 3 grounders and 2 Ks in 2 IP is all right.

Top 3: Dodgers Batting: Chico Pitching:
DeJesus pops to short

Young flies to right

Ethier HOMERS to deep right center field (goodness he can hit, beautiful swing, fastball up and he got it through the wind and he did it off a lefty), 3-0 Dodgers

Jones walks

Garciaparra rolls over to short

1 Run 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 2 1/2 3-0 Dodgers

I’m going to just wait and see what happens, don’t forget we have a new leader and Martin, Loney & Kemp have more experience under their belts. I want to see how the LaRoche/Nomar & what happens with Ethier situatons develope. It seems that Kemp at the moment is expected to do to well. And Torre approves of Pierre. Like everyone else I’m hoping Jones’s power numbers don’t continue to slip. I see DY in the mix in the infield. I’m in favor of Furcal re-signing because I wouldn’t want to see both 2nd & SS opening up next year. I hope we can find a regular 3rd basemen before this season ends. Let the 5th starter spot work itself out. I’m sure that there is an awareness that the offense must improve over last year.

Where do you live Alex.? If I subscribe, to anything, the Padres Black me out. I sure would like to subscribe to whatever, you do…..Thanks…

Bottom 3: Nationals Batting: Justin Orenduff Pitching:
Bret Boone grounds to DeJesus

Jesus Flores walks on a full count

Josh Whitesell walks, Flores to second

Guzman singles up the middle, Flores doesn’t run on Jones stays at third, Whitesell to second

Flores scores on a wild pitch, Whitesell to third, Guzman to second, 3-1 Dodgers

Milledge singles to left, Whitesell and Guzman score, Milledge to second on the throw, at-bat continued after a foul fly ball error on Lindsey, 3-3 Tie

(Cory Wade relieves Orenduff)

Zimmerman flies to right, Milledge to third

Johnson grounds to first

3 Runs 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 3 3-3 Tie

I live in the Van Nuys area, but all spring games are available. During the season Dodger and Angel games are blackedout for me.

Lindsey didn’t have to look where he was I’m sure he knew where he was on the pop up and probably feared the fense.

Top 4: Dodgers Batting: Collin Balester Pitching:
Sweeney grounds to short

Lindsey strikes out looking

Bennett lines to Zimmerman who makes a diving catch at third

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1/2 3-3 Tie

I mentioned the Lindsey play just to let you know I’m watching. -lol- I couldn’t get the game on Mosaic because I was told that it won’t start until opening day. I’m up on regular MLB-TV. I think I’ll try do to do this if I still experence problems getting up on Mosaic this year. Last year I purchase Extra -Innings on Cable and had both but it is costly. I hardly use all the screens anyway.

Pierre, A’s rumor shot down by the writer that launched it:

From Staff Writer Susan Slusser in Phoenix

“I had a three-dot item at the bottom of the A’s notebook today about the A’s inquiring on Dodgers center fielder Juan Pierre. I hadn’t been able to run that by Oakland types last night, but today they’re saying that was never even considered.”

Bottom 4: Nationals Batting: Wade Pitching:
Kearns doubles to left center

Pena foul pops to Garciaparra

Boone flies to Young in left

Flores strikes out swinging

0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 4 3-3 Tie

Maybe it’s good for us to get all the losses out of the way now.

Right now I don’t think they’re interested in letting JP go.

Well at least Loaiza pitched well.

I did say I was going to give Loaiza another chance a couple days ago didn’t I? My apologies to Mr. Loaiza and the ham sandwich from the last thread…

If this Kuo thing with his elbow is anything, Mr. Loaiza gets the 5 spot by default.

Top 5: Dodgers Batting: Balester Pitching:
Chavez pops to second

DeJesus doubles off Kearns’ glove in right

Young flies to center

Ethier singles to left, DeJesus out at home (Pena to Flores) (probably not a good idea to send him there by Bowa he was out by 5-7 feet)

0 Runs 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 4 1/2 3-3 Tie

Glad Ethier’s starting to hit!

WOW that play would have looked terrible during the season. Although a nice Peg by Willy Mo. ****Lastings Milledge playing in CF, that’s a thing that couldn’t of happened here with Beltran out there.

Ethier guns down the runner at home.

Now’s the time to do that, Andruw. Oh well it’s pretty windy, they say.—Nice play by Ethier, throw right on the line.

Bottom 5: Nationals Batting: Mario Alvarez Pitching:
Whitesell flies to Jones in center

Guzman doubles to center off the glove of Jones (probably should’ve been caught, for Jones it has to be caught, no doubt in a real game it’s caught, but no reason to risk your body in a meaningless game unless your name is Repko)

Milledge singles to right, Guzman out at the plate (Ethier to Bennett)

Milledge to second on a balk

Zimmerman lines to second

0 Runs 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 5 3-3 Tie

Milledge looks like a pretty good hitter. Who cares what he does on his spare time. I think he’ll be another good one the Mets let get away.

Show ’em how it’s done Ethier!

Powerman Lindsey almost it one against the Mets on Saturday. Remember? Not the Former late Mayor.

Top 6: Dodgers Batting: Balester Pitching:
Jones slow grounder to third

Garciaparra singles to left

Sweeney strikes out looking

Lindsey HOMERS to left, Garciaparra scores, 5-3 Dodgers, (an absolute shot)

Bennett singles to right center

Chavez strikes out swinging

2 Runs 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 5 1/2 5-3 Dodgers

That’s 2HR, and 2 OF assists for the E man this spring.

2 somethings that a certain player who shall remain nameless for fear of beating a dead horse, could only dream about.

I don’t know where everybody went but the Dodgers are leading 5-3 Thanks to John Lindsey.

Oh there you are Alex.

Lindsay’s nickname should be “The Mayor.”

In N.Y. we know that nameless guy’s name.

Bottom 6: Nationals Batting: Brian Akin Pitching:
Johnson grounds to first

Kearns puts out

Pena strikes out swinging

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 6 5-3 Dodgers

The E man I like that Enchanted. Oh maybe we can call you that too.

I’ve been called worse!!

I don’t know how this reads but I like watching games when the score really isn’t at stake. That’s why I like football. I watch FB games for pleasure only. I really don’t have a favorite.

Maybe this game isn’t so meaningless when it comes to Ethier.

I’ve been a huge proponent of JP starting over Andre


3-4 with a HR and a SB is hard to ignore.

Top 7: Dodgers Batting: Luis Ayala Pitching:
DeJesus lines to right

Young strikes out swinging

Ethier lines a single off the glove at second into right field

Ethier steals second (Xavier Paul runs for Ethier, who comes out after taking the ball off his back, he’s fine)

Jones pops foul to the catcher

0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 6 1/2 5-3 Dodgers

At a way to go “E Man”******credit enchanted

I’m that way with football and hockey. Doesn’t matter who plays or who wins. Basketball doesn’t interest me in the least though.

Ethier looks like Ron Darling a little bit to me.

And an outfield assist gunning down a runner at home.
Big E looking good.

I hope Torre’s watching and taking note…

Basketball doesn’t interest me either probably because I could never play it. Although I loved watching the girls before they lenghten their shorts.

Hey Enchanted,
They started this thread off by posting that there was a rumor that the Angels had inquired and were interested in Pierre. I thought I had gone to heaven. It was bogus of course.

Step into the light Randy, step into the light!!

randyisrad – pay more attention!! 🙂

Andre Ethier has had 11 3-hit, 3 4-hit and 1 5-hit game in his career. Three of the 3-hit games featured a homer. One of the 4-hit games had TWO HR. The 5-hit game included a homer. One SB amongst all those games.

NOMAR!!! Good to see him hitting well! Good to see Ethier playing awesome today too.

Think it was the A’s, but you had to figure it was too good to be true, unless of course it was to pawn off Chavez onto Ned.

Hockey is a game I like to watch in person not on T.V. I played Roller Hockey mostly as a goalie. I also like watching women wresling but not the guys.

Is that in mud or hot cream pierres? LOL

Bottom 7: Nationals Batting: Rick Asadoorian Pitching: Tiffee at third
Pete Orr pops to short

Javi Herrera singles to right

Whitesell strikes out

Herrera to second on wild pitch

Guzman reaches on an infield single, Herrera to third

Milledge pops to short

0 Runs 2 Hits 2 LOB End of 7 5-3 Dodgers

Plain & simple, Ethier is just a very well rounded player. Someone yesterday stated that he was below average. Not at all. He isn’t exceptional in any one area, but he is a complete player.

He is also a great guy and a hard worker.

I really hope he wins the job and is playing with the Dodgers for a few years.

I will give it to Pierre that he had a great game yesterday. I’ve said it before that I think he is a good player, but his skills aren’t what the Dodgers need. It isn’t a matter of “hating”. It is more of a matter of “liking” Ethier more!

Emma-I got your list! Thank you very much!! We will be going to some of these places.

The A’s. My bad. Got my blood pumping for a few seconds.

****, I should actually work sometime today…

Linsey looks like he wants to stay.

Top 8: Dodgers Batting: Jon Rauch Pitching:
Jason Repko pops foul to third

Sweeney grounds to second

Lindsey walks, Martinez pinch runs for Lindsey

Terry Tiffee forces Martinez

0 Runs 0 Hits 1 LOB End of 7 1/2 5-3 Dodgers

Tell me why Sweeney is back again this year…

The Dodgers are in the Big Apple on Friday night May30th, than on Saturday & Sunday afternoons. I’ll watch Friday night’s game on T.V., go to Saturday’s game alone and Sunday’s with my Met fan daughter.

To Pinch Hit

I know it’s not important but I’d hate to blow another lead and game.

But Pierres, the operative word there is HIT.

Have fun at Shea!!

Ethier is a bonifide major league player and he should be playing regular in eithier left or right field.

Bottom 8: Nationals Batting: James Adkins Pitching:
Zimmerman grounds to third

Jason Dubois grounds to short

Kearns walks on a full count

Garrett Guzman reaches on an infield single off the back of Adkins right knee, Kearns to second

(Miguel Pinago relieves Adkins)

Orr flies to Repko in center

0 Runs 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 8 5-3 Dodgers

Ethier is a bonifide major league player and he should be playing regular in left *with Kemp in* right.

Fixed. 🙂

I hope that isn’t serious for Adkins. Dadgumit! (Can’t you imagine crotchety Larry Bowa using words like “dadgumit”?)

Has anyone seen what Zito has done this spring?

He walked nine of the 12 Texas Rangers batters he faced and allowed four first-inning runs in the Giants’ 8-6, 10-inning exhibition loss.

Lowry didn’t give up a hit, mainly because he threw so few hittable pitches. Twelve of his 50 pitches were strikes, bringing his two-game totals to 58 balls, 27 strikes and 12 walks in 23 batters faced over 2 1/3 innings.

That is from the Giants site.

The 2 big freeagent pitcher signings from last year don’t look so hot. Ever since Kevin Brown I’m against the long freeagent signings for a pitcher. His was to me the last straw with those. It is rare that they work out.

Zito is pitching opening day against the Dodgers.

I think if that continues and I was playing I’d take a pitch or two.

Did anyone hear Don Sutton say that the reason why Lasorda didn’t go to China was because there is no pasta there? Where does he think we got it from? Didn’t he ever hear of Marco Polo’s adventures to China.

My bad. That wasn’t Zito it was Lowry.

Top 9: Dodgers Batting: Chad Cordero Pitching:
Chavez flies to center

DeJesus strikes out swinging

Young strikes out swinging

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 8 1/2 5-3 Dodgers

Zito, that’s the guy I favored over Schmidt. ****Well let’s see if we can hold on to this lead.

ahh, Those Jints they all look alike.

Another tidbit. The guy we traded to the Giants last year for Sweeney was Travis Denker.

On 3/2-Travis Denker hit a two-run homer in the seventh.

I don’t like dealing with the Gnats. Nope, don’t like it.

Bottom 9: Nationals Batting: Pinago Pitching:
Herrera singles to left center

Whitesell forces Herrera (DeJesus to Chavez)

William Bergolla singles to right, Whitesell to second

Roger Bernadina grounds to first, Whitesell to third, Bergolla to second

Ofilio Castro lines to first

0 Runs 2 Hits 2 LOB


5 9 1


3 10 1

WP: Mario Alvarez

LP: Collin Balester

SV: Miguel Pinago

Time of Game: 2:56

See you all at 4 p.m for Game 2

Awesome as usual alex – thank you!!

Scott – think there used to be a Fosters down on Las Tunas somewhere around 2nd or 5th – that still there?

DY seems to be stressing and striking out a lot. I wish he could just slow down and start meeting the ball and putting it in play. He’s really blowing his chances so far.

Now the Dodgers have a chance to win 2 games today. ****Those shirts with no name on the back reminds me of what Lasorda said, “Only the name on the front counts”.*** I wonder if tonight’s game will be on? ****Oh! retirement’s great.

Thanks Alex.

Thanks Alex. It makes the day go quicker!

Yes old fogey…even with Pierre in CF.

Remember, KERSHAW pitches in the second game.

I hope Adkins is okay. He has a plus-plus slider.


I think you’re right. Maybe an Orange Julius?

There is an place that’s been there forever called “Taco Treat” as well.

Responding to messagebear way up at the top of this thread:

I feel your concerns about starting the oldsters. But I think it’s a little too early in Spring Training to try to predict Joe Torre’s regular lineup. We’re only a handful of games in.

As to the offense, I have to disagree that it won’t improve. The main reason is something you noted: Loney and Kemp. A full year of these two guys — as opposed to the half-year of each in 2007 will make a HUGE difference.

In addition, a healthy Raffy will make a big difference.

I expect Andruw Jones to be back to his usual self — meaning .260 BA, 30-40 HR, 90-120 RBI (His career arc clearly shows that last year was an anomaly and he’s only 31 years old.

Finally, whether the starting jobs go to Nomar and Pierre or Ethier and LaRoche, whoever gets the job is going to have to perform or Torre will yank them for the other guy. Come the trade deadline, we have plenty of minor league talent to fill any gap that remains unplugged.

I suggest you all buy at least a mini-plan that guarantees a World Series ticket. The 27-game plan at $7/game Top Deck comes to $189. That’s less than it will probably cost for a single Series ticket if you aren’t lucky enough to buy one the day they go on sale to the general public. Plus you’ll be there for at least one Division Series and one NLCS game too!

If I had to pick the players of the game it would be a 3-way tie.—-Ethier, because it means so much to him.—-Loaiza, because it means a lot to us—-and John Lindsey, who maybe they can take him home with them.***Let’s go Kershaw.

To martinloneykemp:::Well put. I couldn’t of said it better. Except for the last part, I can’t make it to the games, I’m too far away and I haven’t made plans yet.

Hope Kershaw does well this afternoon (night). Exciting! And hey, a great day from Ethier can’t hurt.

Ethier today:

3-4, HR, R, SB, OF assist…

Geez, who should play LF Ned?

Thanks Scott!! I remember that place too!! I might be thinking of something further up the line then in TC or San Gabriel. There used to be an Orange Juius on the southeast corner of Las Tunas and Golden West. Even when I was a teenager you still could buy a 10c cup of coffee there.

‘Course it wasn’t very good…

scott- bombs away!

We don’t want to forget about our buddy Bomko.

Let’s not forget Hendy:

2 Starts 0-0 3.60

5ip 9h 2r 2er 1bb 0so

And he’s a lock for the Marlin’s rotation. Take that Bombko!!

Every night when Hendy goes to bed he says to himself, “I’m glad I’m not Brett Tomko,” and falls sound asleep.

Kershaw throwing tonight?

Pierre says, I wish I was Bret Butler.

Sure hope Kuo’s elbow is OK.

“The pain is in the area from where Kuo had bone chips removed last season, but Conte again said there was no reason to be alarmed.”

As reported by Dylan Hernandez.,1,1194933.story?ctrack=4&cset=true

Nationals vs. Dodgers Play by Play Coming Up

Jason Bergmann vs. Hiroko Kuroda

Lopez, Belliard, Dukes, Escobar, Casto, Cota, Langerhans, Maxwell, Jimenez

Pierre, Martin, Loney, Kent, Kemp, LaRoche, Repko, Lombard, Hu

We all wish Pierre was Butler jhall…

Lombard is DH, Repko CF, others where you’d expect.

How many of you are starting to wonder about this Conte guy?

How many times already have we heard the phrase “no reason to be alarmed” before another Dodger was lost for the season?

In all seriousness, this is all we are really asking from JP. Last season he had 729 PAs. If once a week he turned an out into a walk, he would have had 59 walks and a .368 OBP, maybe 15 more SB (and 4-5 more CS). An extra walk a week Juan, that’s all we ask. Diamond Walk Growers, California.

How’s Kuroda Hirok (Japanese pronunciation) doing?

Top 1: Nationals Batting: Hiroki Kuroda Pitching:
Felipe Lopez grounds to Kent at second

Ronnie Belliard doubles to right center

Elijah Dukes on a full count strikes out looking

Alex Escobar grounds to Loney at first

0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 1/2 inning No Score

Does an extra walk a week make Pierre’s arm better in LF or make him better offensively than Ethier, who already has as good of OBP as JP can hope for with additional walks added in?

Scott – a few more days like today from the E man and I think we might start hearing the distant hooves of the four Dead Horsemen of the Apocolypse: OBP, HR, Defense and BB come a callin’…

Ethier’s OBPs were .365 and .350. JP did walk 55 times in 2003 (for the World Series Marlins team), so 59 is not wildly impossible. But he is a better COMPLEMENTARY (Ned’s word) player as a CF who at least has good range.

what rubbish

BTW, I think JP’s value is as a CF for an otherwise offensively strong AL team where he can bat ninth (without the manager being radical) and provide rabbit wraparound with the leadoff guy.

Bottom 1: Dodgers Batting: Jason Bergmann Pitching:
Juan Pierre doubles to the left centerfield gap landing in front of the wall

Russell Martin walks on four pitches

James Loney flies to center

Jeff Kent pops to first

Matt Kemp fouls to right

0 Runs 1 Hit 2 LOB End of 1 No Score

shouldn’t that have been a 3B? Where’s the steal of 3rd and sac fly run?

“Juan Pierre doubles to the left centerfield gap landing in front of the wall”

Is there a hurricane warning in the area? 380-something feet the other way?

Loney’s fly must have been fairly shallow or signficantly toward left for Pierre not to advance.

Where’s out great #4 hitter?

When we get the full squad together, I’m going to be disgusted if Kent hits higher than 6.

enchantedsunset: Why? I find Kent’s antics distasteful, but he hit .302 .375 .502 last season and in his three years as a Dodger, .294 .379 .498. He has as much range as a studio apartment (just a hotplate), but he still has a stick. He should be ridden until age gets the better of him.

Really, it should be DH time for him, but this is the NL. Actually, with the lack of decent hitting 1Bs in the AL, he could do that too.

Top 2: Nationals Batting: Kuroda Pitching:
Kory Casto walks

Humberto Cota on a full count walks, Casto to second

Ryan Langerhans forces Cota (Loney to Hu), Casto to third

Justin Maxwell 5-4-3 Double Play

0 Runs 0 Runs 1 LOB End of 1 1/2 No Score

BTW, Pierre and Martin were running on the pitch that Loney flied out on, that’s why there was no tag opportunity.

Thank you Alex – you are da man!

Sweet LaRoche HR!

Nothing statistic-wise old fogey, I’ve just never cared for for the guy and I think you have to bat Jones and Loney ahead of him. Loney if for nothing else than to break up threee straight righties.

Bottom 2: Dodgers Batting: Bergmann Pitching:
Andy LaRoche hits a MONSTER HOME RUN to left field, 1-0 Dodgers (cleared the palm trees in left)

Jason Repko strikes out swinging

George Lombard HOMERS to deep center field (another bomb, both HR’s well over 400 feet), 2-0 Dodgers

Hu flies out to center

Pierre bunts out to third

2 Runs on 2 Massive Hits 0 LOB End of 2 2-0 Dodgers

Man am I typo-ing things tonight…

Kershaw is pitching the 3rd

great news about LaRoche…. I really see this LF thing becoming a potential problem. In the past ive said if he has a good OBP i’d be fine with him starting, but the more i think about it the more i want to see Andre everyday. I think Ned definately wants to trade JP, but there are simply no takers..

I guess we are seeing all the talk about Kuroda being able to bear down in action tonight… also encouraging,

And gives up a home run to his first batter, only can go up from here

OK Alex, tell us how good Kershaw looks!

What timing on my part. Well, he’s barely 20. IRRESPECTIVE of the results, how does his pitching look?

Top 3: Nationals Pitching: Clayton Kershaw Pitching:
Luis Antonio Jimenez homers to center, 2-1 Dodgers

Lopez strikes out looking

Belliard singles to right off the glove of Kent

Dukes doubles off the glove of LaRoche, Belliard to third

Escobar hit by the pitch, bases loaded

Casto strikes out swinging

Cota strikes out looking on a wicked curveball

1 Run 3 Hits 3 LOB End of 2 1/2 2-1 Dodgers

Steiner about fell out of his seat on that last curveball, so I’d say his stuff is pretty good lol. He got behind on the first batter and had to throw a strike and it got whacked. He struck out the side. And the single to Belliard probably should’ve been handled. The double by Dukes was misplayed by LaRoche. So, he basically got 5 outs in an inning and only one run scored, the first batter on a HR.

How does his command look alex?

Charlie Steiner might as well be gargling Clayton’s nuts in his mouth….

Loney with another extra base hit

Charlie Steiner: ” 19 year olds should not be allowed to throw curveballs like that”

Thanks Alex. Not many 20-year olds have plus or plus-plus curveballs.

So LaRoche has the big blast, started a nice DP, and allowed a “double off the glove”.

Bottom 3: Dodgers Pitching:
Martin grounds to second

Loney doubles down the right field line and goes to third when Dukes misplays the ball

Kent grounds to the pitcher

Kemp grounds to short

0 Runs 1 Hit 1 LOB End of 3 2-1 Dodgers

runner at third- 1 out- 0 runs scored…

That happens wayyyyy to often the Dodgers–.

Oops, misread the month, Kershaw turns 20 two weeks from tomorrow.

i gotta think its just a lack of concentration/…

as per Kershaw command: 3 K, 0 BB… its going to be exciting when this kid makes it to the bigs…

Bergmann pitched the 3rd inning for the Nats

good for Kershaw, got into a jam but showed composure, and most importantly showed a terrific curveball. Hopefully they’ll allow him to pitch in a few more games.

Top 4: Nationals Batting: Jonathan Broxton Pitching:
Langerhans strikes out looking on a full count

Maxwell grounds to Broxton

Jimenez flies to Pierre in left

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 3 1/2 2-1 Dodgers

Bottom 4: Dodgers Batting: Charlie Manning Pitching:
LaRoche flies to center

Repko strikes out swinging

Lombard grounds to second

0 Runs 0 Hits 0 LOB End of 4 2-1 Dodgers

Does anyone know if we can get the footage of Kershaw’s pitching later on You Tube or something? I’d really like to see this kid pitch.

“Jimenez flies to Pierre in left” – yeah, yeah, yeah, but how bad was his route? 😉

Buy a ticket to Jacksonville is my best bet to see him pitch!

Be really great if Kershaw could pitch in one of the televised games, wouldnt it?

Mr. Vice-President Josh Rawitch,

calistang raises a good point. Why aren’t there spring training highlights on the MLB web site, much like there are game highlights during the season? Sure would like to see clip of one of Kershaw’s nasty curveballs, etc.


old fogey

That would be awesome, I hear so much about him and yet I’ve never seen him pitch..I live in SoCal and I’m wondering what FSN has going on that is that much better than televising the game. It really bothers me that they prefer basketball replays rather than a live spring training Dodger game.

Top 5: Nationals Batting: Scott Proctor Pitching:
Lopez homers to center, 2-2 Tie

Belliard doubles off the glove of Kemp running down a ball near the line

Dukes walks on a full count, Belliard caught stealing third

Escobar grounds to Martin, Dukes to second

Casto flies to Repko in center

1 Run 2 Hits 1 LOB End of 4 1/2 2-2 Tie

Bottom 5: Dodgers Batting: Manning Pitching:
Hu doubles to the gap

Pierre sacrifice bunts Hu to third

Martin sacrifice flies to deep left center, just missed a HR, Hu scores, 3-2 Dodgers

Loney strikes out swinging

1 Run 1 Hit 0 LOB End of 5 3-2 Dodgers

I’ve moved the play by play to the next post starting with the Top of the 6th

when do we get some info about the minoe league players other than Kershaw?

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