Rudy on duty

We have signed Rudy Seanez to a one-year contract (big league deal) for 2008.

Don’t forget about the various public stops of the caravan, which were all listed two posts ago.


Right-hander Rudy Seanez has re-signed with the Dodgers, inking a non-guaranteed major league contract that could be worth up to $1.3 million, according to a baseball source.

The one-year contract calls for a base salary of $550,000 and a $150,000 bonus if the 39-year-old Seanez makes the Dodgers’ opening-day roster. If Seanez isn’t on the roster because of an injury he sustains in spring training, he will be paid the entire base salary. He will receive about a quarter of that as a termination fee if he is cut for performance reasons.

Seanez could earn up to an additional $600,000 in bonuses based on his number of appearances. Seanez will collect $75,000 for pitching in his 45th game, another $100,000 for his 50th, $125,000 for his 55th and $150,000 for both his 60th and 65th.

Seanez pitched in a career-high 73 games last season for the Dodgers, posting a 6-3 record and 3.79 earned-run average. He earned $1.2 million last season, including $500,000 in bonuses, and became a free agent this off-season.

WHAT! Why would the Dogers resign Rudy?

Because his e.r.a last season was 3.79 and he pitched in 76 innings. He was a reliable guy coming from the bullpen.

I thought Rudy was a decent one inning pitcher. Trouble usually came when Little tried to stretch him longer. But then what did Little ever know about pitching? So glad to be rid of that worthless *******.

Good signing. Rudy was good for one inning or a key out. He was very effective in that role. Grady as we know was a baffoon when it came to pitching or anything else. He tried to be a nice guy with everyone and it caused more trouble. Hope he is doing well at the Jiffy Lubes in North Carolina.

Josh — can’t WAIT for the caravan — a highlight of my life every year. Thanks for putting on another great one.

By the way, Ned should be held more accountable for the Dodger woes. He saddleded Grady with an untenable position from the outset. He should have been fired along with Grady. Yea gang, I still consider Ned as a detriment to our team.

I am really happy that the Dodgers signed Seanez. If they only try to use him for one inning I think he will do very well.

If Pierre gets playing time, I believe it will be because of Ned. Torre and Bowa will not put up with his sub par play. McCourt needs to get a nut sack and do what is best for the team. Get rid of Pierre!!!!!!!!!

just like an ancient jeff kent, rudy cannot be relied upon to duplicate his efforts of the previous season. he;s 39. but ned does not see things this way. he asseses past performances and rewards them, and does not trust “future” or “upside” until its already been shown. one of the reasons we had the highest payroll in the nl last year (embarrasing) is we had to pay for trusting the past of loaiza, wells, nomar, gonzo, etc. instead of trusting in the future of other players.

IMO, good signing, especially with Torre’s penchant for blowing through a bullpen. I didn’t think any of the young guys showed much in their call-ups to where a little more seasoning in the high minors wouldn’t hurt. In the meantime you got a guy that performed reasonably well and can take the ball every other day. A 6th inning duet of Seanez/Proctor to get to Brox and Saito is better than wearing out Proctor alone, and the incentive laden contract is like an escape clause in case he stinks up the joint.

Another good signing in bringing Seanez back.

I don’t like this signing at all. Rudy Seanez is an absolute train wreck for a pitcher. I hated this gasoline hose in his first stint with the Dodgers and was relieved to see him go. I was mortified when we resigned him. He’s lights out if there’s no one on base and the Dodgers are up by a half dozen. Ask him to hold a one run lead with runners on and you can start taking bets on which row the ball’s going to land in. We dumped Brett Tomko last year and stuck by his Latin cousin. At least he won’t be starting any games this year. I know Joe Torre’s a smart man but please, PLEASE don’t pitch him unless the Dodgers are up by a sawbuck in the fifth; that way we still have time to make up the runs he pi$$es away. Hey Ned, if your reading, I’m 5 years younger and will pitch for half the price with the same success. Just because his ERA was borderline decent last year doesn’t mean he’ll produce this year. His entire career is dotted with earned run averages in the 4’s 5’s and 6’s. The few decent years he’s had were with the Atlanta Braves back in their hey-day. Is there a team he hasn’t pitched for? Bad move Ned. I hope this cat doesn’t even make the cut out of spring, that way he can go back to what he’s good at; serving Ice Cream at Stone Cold. Retire already, sheesh!

Hey bigkace, what kind of Dodger fan are you ? I don’t know dude, but you are just plain mean. What did Rudy do to you ? It’s just a 1 year contract. He had a decent season with the Dodgers and we always need depth in the bullpen. I know Torre won’t use him in tight situations. So what’s the problem ?

rudy-better than you think?

srk%-% of pitches that were strikes

stk sw%- % of strikes that were swinging strikes

contact- % of pitches swung at that the hitter made contact

0-2% – % of time the pitcher got a 0-2 count

ppa- pitches per plate appearance

player-IP-BB-SO-srk%-stk sw%-contact%- 0-2%-ppa

rudy -76-27-73-64%-21%-73%-24%-3.79

brox -83-25-99-67%-21%-72%-24%-3.89


batters with RISP against-

rudy – 70ab’s- .271BA- 29runs- 1HR

brox – 70ab’s- .271BA- 30runs- 3HR

beimel – 72ab’s – .264BA- 29runs- 0HR

Good stuff atomik. Maybe that will make bigkace crawl back into whatever hole he came from.

Did anyone else recieve an e-mail like this? Josh is this legit? Opening Day tix will not be available to individual ticket buyers? I think this is absolutely terrible!

Dear Dodger Fan,

I hope you had a great time at the ballpark last season. Opening Day 2008 will kickoff the Dodger’s year long celebration of their 50th year in Los Angeles. Individual tickets for most games go on sale to the public March 1st but Opening Day will not be offered.

Opening Day is included in almost all of our ticket plans. Becoming a partial season ticket holder will allow you to get a discount off the box office price, great seats for the package you choose, post season priority, save you time and energy getting tickets to giveaway days, and most importantly, a ticket to the most important day of the year.

I have attached our 15 game packages to this email which allow you to choose from 3 options. We also offer other ticket plans, so just let me know if you’d like to see them or you can check them out at Please give me a call to discuss seat locations and get you all set up for an exciting 2008 season: 323.224.1565

Rudy was a good signing for what he does. He is that bridge from 5th or 6th inning and not letting it get away. He will be even more effective if not used as much. Last years 73 games was his most ever. Like Ned said he had one stretch on 5 or 6 innings of bad ball but otherwise he did the job he is signed for and very well. He is NOT signed as a closer or 8th inning guy but he can still get it up in the mid 90s. His off season he trains in martial arts and has express a desire to do ultimate fighting when he retires. He loves to play the guitar and has a nice collection of them and owns the local Coldstones. As I have said before, Rudy lives my city and we were at the local Kiwanis Club noon meeting last Friday and Rudy was our guest speaker. He told some stories about teams, parks, players and umpires. He said last Friday he was real close to signing in fact had to take a call from his agent during lunch. For you Dodgers fans he just loves Sandy Koufax and to just listen to him talk pitching and about other life adventures Sandy is involved in. It was great to get Sandy back to the Dodgers after FOX. Rudy said sometimes players do read blogs and they are amazed at what is said.

The Dodgers have a splended bullpen especially the middle relievers and Rudy, Beimel & Proctor are a big part of it. I’m hoping to see them all, but preferably not before the 7th or at least late in the 6th, and not the same ones everyday. If a way can be found to rest them more, so they will remain strong for the entire season, I think we’ll do ALL RIGHT. This is my favorite part of the team, They are equal to anyone. I believe these are the guys who will lead us to VICTORY.

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