It's official

Joe Torre will manage the Dodgers in 2008 and beyond. He’s signed a three-year deal today and we’ll be introducing him at a press conference on Monday at Dodger Stadium at 10 a.m.

More later but the official release with comments from everyone should be on the site shortly.


Great move! I feel bad for the way that Grady got treated on his way out, but I love the signing of Joe Torre.

It’s an upgrade over Grittle,but it won’t mean a thing unless the team is improved. Hopefully Ned can do this. Once again, good luck Joe and welcome to LA.

Good. Now get rid of Pierre, Sign A-Rod and get rid of Colletti. We still got a long way to go but its possible.


Honestly I’d be very happy if we Sign A-Rod but i’d be even more happy if we got rid of Pierre.

I’m excited about next year. I can’t wait to see what happens this off-season. Hopefully the Dodgers can make some moves without giving away alot of the young talent.

Torre, with a strong group of young players plus a few key veterans equals championships.

Hopefully we can celebrate the Dodger’s 50th year in LA along with a World Series Chapmionship.

Pierre is a pinch runner, nothing more. Hopefully Joe see’s that.

Better than Grady obviously and at least widely respected.

It’s been a long time since his NL managing days, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Welcome, Joe!

hey, Joe, just between you and me…that Juan Pierre guy has to go.

Welcome to L.A. Joe!

Any word on who else is going to be on Torre’s staff? Ned, please get rid of Pierre!!! I can’t handle watching him anymore.

WELCOME aboard Joe!!! We all want a chamionship as bad as you do. We all have something to prove. Git-er-done.

Welcome to LA, Joe! The Dodger Nation is behind you 100%.

13 for 13..let’s go Joe!!

Wow! Great to have another Joe in the Dodger fold!!!

Welcome, Mr Torre!!!

Everyone’s beating up on poor Pierre. Juan’s got the tools (minus arm, minus power), he just needs someone to light a fire under his butt and nix the ho-hum ‘tude that kid has between the lines. Joe’s just the guy to do it. Speed kills, and Pierre’s got it. I’d be okay with Juan in left field where he could roll the ball into the cutoff man. Sorry JP, it is what it is… show me something for the money you’re getting next season and I’ll apologize.

Welcome to L.A Joe!

are we going to find a new pitching coach too?

only Mariano Duncan deserves to stay in that coaching staff!

oh yeah besides not being able to hit it out of the infield and not being able to throw it to the infield he has all the tools. lol

were a better team without him and there is no way around it.

I’ve read a lot about bringing ARod to LA. We should look at the pros and cons of him coming here. Pros: great baseball player, would fill the 3rd base / power hitter vacuum we’ve had. Cons: all about ARod (No I in team, but me in team and I in win, though), $$ to sign obviously, bad influence on the kids, Dodger Stadium not exactly a hitter’s park (in ARod’s pursuit of breaking records).

Although I can’t believe I’m defending Boras on this, but he did mention one thing that should have all Dodger fans who are emphatic about signing ARod should hear. Boras mentioned a new revenue stream that ALL MLB teams will get next year. It’s from the venture that has been hugely successful and generated a boatload of $$. Guess how much per year each team is getting –you got it, $30 million a year.

Of course, this could be one of his stories to get a team to sign, but if, true, there is no excuse to pull the trigger.

Which leads me to suspecting that Boras is going to get the Angels in on this bidding wat. Moreno is determined to make the Angels the LA market team. He’s a marketing guy and Latino to boot. Although he says he doesn’t see spending that amount on one player, he, like other teams, has that new revenue stream. He, like McCourt, could say, “I was doing fine without that stream…just redirect it to the Arod contract”.

1) Welcome Joe Torre. Hopefully LA will give him something to smile about.

2) Dodgerjoeliz, I respectfully disagree. For one thing, baseball is actually not that much of a team game, particularly compared to basketball and football; one person at a time bats, you don’t want to get out on offense, the pitcher wants to avoid walking or giving up a homer to the batter, and the fielder wants to make every play he’s supposed to. You don’t have nearly as many different plays to execute. But that aside, A-Rod isn’t a terrible teammate; he’s gotten along better with Torre and Jeter, he apparently has been really nice to Cano and Melky too.

3) Brad Penny is underrated as a clubhouse guy. He’s been great to the younger players, most notably Martin and Saito, and while he cares about winning and wants to do well, he’s not a jerk. But the reason I like that he’s a Dodger is that he’s in the prime of his career, he’s cheap (less than Jeff Suppan and much better) and he’s good.

4) I’m on the Arod or Nobody bandwagon this offseason as far as offensive free agents. As far as pitching goes, re-signing Wolf might be the way to go, unless you want to try Schilling. It’s not worth it to trade for a 1 year rental on Santana when you’ll still have to pay for him the next year and give up players to get him. To be fair though, signing A-Rod means that it’s not unreasonable to look for avenues to trade LaRoche.

5) I think what the Dodgers really need to realize now is that they have better players in their farm system than most of the free agent market. Unless it’s a superstar on the market, play the kids. It will pay off now and a couple years down the road.


Welcome to L.A. Joe!!

And Donny Baseball, I presume!! Who better to teach the youngsters the art of hitting?!

As for ARod, I could live without him. Whereas Torre is a winner, ARod for all his talent is ultimately a loser.

Andruw Jones (or Torii Hunter) in, Pierre out.











Torre and Staff

That’s a winning baseballl team! I dont think we can have a winning team with LaRoche playing 3B on the team. This kid just does not do it for me. He has been given the chance to prove himself and just cant. I say we trade him while we can and get some pitching.

Sign A-Rod and sell me some playoff tickets once A-Rod has been signed.

Welcome to LA Mr. Torre, im so excited to be going to dodger stadium next season and see Joe Torre in the dugout. We needed the change, and we need A ROD!!!!!!!!!!! Raise the prices i dont care ill pay just get that world series championship with A ROD.

Looking forward to a new coaching staff. Who’s going to be our pitching coach? Guidry? Only coach who should remain from Grady’s staff is Mariano Duncan. We need Mariano to stay, he has passion and works well with Furcal and knows a lot of the younger players.

given a chance?????

give me a break…my gosh people…

AROD 1995:


42K, 6BB (142 AB)

and your gonna write off LaRoche in 93 career AB’s?


kid has better minor leauge numbers than Ethier, Kemp, Martin, LaRoche…sure go get A-rod, fine cool of course but give the kid a real chance. Same **** was said about Konerko.

We can assume Mattingly and Bowa will be coming over. I bet Duncan stays which is a good call. Dave Jauss would be nice to keep around but he’s probably going to the Pirates. Honeycut might be retained but i’d look at Leo Mazzone though before Honeycut. Although Honeycut helped Broxton and Penny alot with their splitters.

We don’t need Jauss, keep Duncan and that’s it. Jauss was Grady’s right hand man and I think Jauss had a lot of influence on the line-up, which we all know was a joke all season. Duncan played for Torre when he was with the Yankees, I love the combo of Duncan, Bowa and Mazzone would be great. Maybe Orel would be willing to leave ESPN to become our pitching coach.

Torre will be good. There is nobody better at uniting young and old players. There won’t be a divided clubhouse the way there was this past year. He would have been my 2nd or 3rd choice but I still welcome Torre with open arms. GO JOE!!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

brimallut I would also love to have orel as pitching coach. If not, I hope Joe will try to bring back Mel Stoudamire. I always thought he was a good pitching coach…

I wouldn’t mind having Bulldog as our pitching coach. He did well when he was with the Rangers. He thought them to keep the ball down. Bulldog would be great for Lowe.

To me however, more important then the bench coach and pitching coaches will be what players ned acquires this offseason…

Jungar — I think people forget that Furcal is in his contract year. Maybe move ARod back to SS and let LaRouche play 3B?

Swood — I agree with Patriotsacts that all we should do (if anyting ) is get ARod since that will mostly be McCourt’s decision.

Swood — Additionally, don’t go out and try to get ARod, Santana, Jones, etc. Of course, have some contigences plans in place if you can’t get ARod, but I think you need to be careful (as Patriots Acts mentions) about trading LaRouche — actually WHEN you trade him. If it’s after signing ARod, his value drops; if it’s before ARod sings, Boras jacks up the price.

I think we could win without A-Rod. Honestly the Pierre deal really hurt us. Now we can’t sign another outfielder without sacrificing Ethier or Kemp.

I’d probably prefer a guy like Rowand in center with Kemp in Right and Ethier in Left but thats me.

I’d resign Wolf and assume nothing out of Schimidt and Loaiza. I’d probably try to sign Curt Schilling as well.

Assuming we keep Pierre and Sign another outfielder. I’d trying to move Ethier for a guy like Nate Robertson or someone along toughs lines. Young middle of the rotation type of guy.

Max_Power — I agree with your pitching signings — both those guys are gritty, right-work-ethic/mentality guys.

As for Pierre, Torre will probably know what to do with him. I’m sure that was part of his discussions before he signed. I’ve heard Torre will play small ball, hit-and-run style which Pierre will be good for. Pierre actually produced like he had been before we signed so it’s no surprise what we got. Personally, I think he needs to charge balls hit to him to make up for his arm.

come on people!

if the dodgers will sign ARod i say put him a 3B… don’t trade LaRoche… i think he can play 2B too…

we can use more power on the IF coz Kent i think will retire (i hope he retires by the way!)… if not trade him to a team that wants a baby! Kent is still good, alot of teams will want his talent not his attitude though! LOL

what an IF it will be…

Loney 1B

LaRoche 2B

Furcal SS

ARod 3B

do u guys think that Torre will let Loiza pitch?

i don’t think so…

he’ll be there at the bullpen! maybe he is a 11th inning guy! LOL

Max_Power — I wouldn’t try moving Ethier. He’s got a sweet swing a respected scout had mentioned (and he couldn’t believe the A’s parted with him for Bradley).Try and move Pierre if you can (either this year or next). This is based on the fact that you don’t go out and get the outfielders on teh market (Jones and Hunter). Develop what you got and strictly go after ARod (no Santana, etc.) Just the big FA!!

Joe Torre is a 3-year deal, and at 70, I think he’ll hang it up. Maybe the idea is that Mattingly is his heir apparent? But as strange as having Torre run the Dodgers is, the thought of Mattingly in Dodger Blue is just bizzarre. Frankly, I still wish we were brining in Kirk Gibson. Next year will not only be the 50th anniversary of coming to LA, but the 20th anniversary of the last World Championship, and I think Gibson would be a block to build around as manager for 20 years (ala Tommy and Alston).

But that being said, it’s still a good pick for manager. Torre will be solid, bring the calm that the clubhouse needs, and we should be in good shape. And as strange as it will be to see Mattingly as a Dodger, he’ll be good (he can be great for Loney–who may be like Mattingly at his age, and let’s just hope he never develops Mattingly’s back problems).

We don’t need A-Rod. LaRoche may yet prove to be the real answer (and the idea that he has been given a chance is bunk. He is still eligible for Rookie of the Year next year because he’s had so few games and at-bats. And, yes, he hit only .226 this year through 93 at-bats. But that’s 93 at-bats. I don’t think it’s particularly wise to do to LaRoche what we did to Loney–who hit .383, with a 1.023 OPS in his firt 93 at-bats this year–and make him literally break down the door and then vaporize it in a blaze of 1000 suns. Maybe we could give these guys a little more of a chance.

That being said, while I like our chances without A-Rod, with A-Rod, it’s a lock. Write me down for October (I hear there is only one of them).

Finally, I see that martinloneykemp and others are pushing to get rid of Pierre. I don’t see it happening. Too much payroll to dump. But I am curious on martinloneykemp’s proposed line-up why he has Loney hitting fourth and Kemp fifth. Wouldn’t you flip that?

A great post on the DodgerThoughts blog – – capturing a number of thoughts on Joe Torre’s management style and tendencies from several long-time observers. Worth the read if you really want to know something about him.

yeah, DT has a great great break down of Joe Torre’s tendencies as a manager. To be honest I’m on WAIT & SEE MODE with Torre, I gotta see him in action before I decide if I like ’em or not, kind of like a K-9 sniffing another K-9, veremos.

put furcal in CF, bounce pierre, problem solved.

from what I heard Joe Torre likes speedsters so I’m guessing he’ll use Pierre as a #1 or #2 batter…

I think Torre is a good hire, but his apparent preference for veterans concerns me. It sounds like he wants to add a slugger…not a bad idea…except for rookies being blocked by veterans & what you might lose in trade. To me this means that in all likelihood we will probably be trading LaRoche, Ethier, or Kemp just to get someone more established.

So my question is: Whom do we trade for whom?

Maybe LaRoche & Ethier to Pittsburgh for Bay & Snell/Gorzelanny?

LaRoche to Seattle for Beltre?

this is a very good move.

torre managing. with donny baseball, larry bowa, & marion duncan. i say keep honeycutt or go for oreal. having hersh would be awesome. gibso would be great to get to but he’s with arizona.

i say if we can get arod without giving to much up than we should. if we somehow have that money for him, get him. if not than pray lowell is a free agent and get him or make a trade for cabrera, beltre, or someone else. laroche won’t do. yeah he could play 3rd but we need a power hitter. and i say keep pierre and put him in left.batted just under 300 and stole 60 something bases.

SS furcal

C martin

1B loney

3B arod

2B kent

CF kemp

RF ethier

LF pierre

SP penny,lowe,bills,schmidt,schilling

bullpen seanez,proctor,meloan,beimel,broxton,saito

Great News! AMF Grady! Welcome Joe! This is definitely and upgrade, and a step in the right direction. Priority one should be to solidify the problem with the hot corner. An Arod signing would be a major coup, but I wouldn’t mind if Lowell, or Cabrera were to jump on board. As far as signing a Center Fielder, Andruw Jones would be a huge boost defensively, but his offensive numbers lacked severely this last season. Here’s the big question: Do we keep the up & coming stud Kemp, and let him take over in CF and roll the dice putting Pierre in LF, and Ethier in RF? I’m conflicted with the fact that some of the young up & coming studs brought up will be offered up as trade bait. It remains to be seen as far as who stays, and who goes. Time will tell.

All right!!! Now let’s get the clubhouse settled down, instill a winning attitude, and trust Ned and Joe to assess the talent and personalities together and make whatever changes THEY deem appropriate. Since none of us here at ITD was in that clubhouse, isn’t it a bit presumptious of us to say which players were guilty of casing the turmoil?

Personally, I’m inclined to believe Derek Lowe when he places the blame on practically everyone including himself. Hopefully those who are left can learn from experience and with Joe’s guidance get to October, 2008 and win the 11 post season games we need to return a world championship banner to its rightful place high atop Dodger Stadium.

Ned says he knows what is needed personnel-wise, so go get ’em and let’s get this new era of Dodger Baseball off to a great start in Vero Beach (sadly for the last time) next February.

Lowe needs to STHU and just pitch. We brought in plenty of people who have won before, they were just lousy. We’re not going to trade good young players just to make you happy when you have one year left here. Furthermore, vets being irratated by young players moving in isn’t part of the game. There are some veterans who are gracious enough to embrace younger players. Obviously the Dodgers don’t have those type of veterans.

Here are two possible offseason plans for the dodgers.

Plan 1:

Sign an OF (Rowand, Jones, or Hunter), then move Pierre(would love to move pierre off team but with that contract, not an option) and play Kemp in RF. Then you put a package together and overwhelm the Marlins for Cabrera (Something like Kershaw, LaRoche, and Ethier should get it done). Your giving up great prospects, but you’re getting a potential Hall of Famer without the heavy price tag of A-Rod. Sign a pitcher like Schill.










Rotation: Penny, Bills, Lowe, Schill, Schmidt/Wolf/Loaiza/anyone that can stay healthy or prospect like McDonald.

Plan 2:

This plan involves a bit less work. Sign A-Rod. Wouldn’t really be able to afford any other moves yet, but there would be financial flexibility in upcoming years.










Rotation: Penny, Bills, Lowe, maybe still shell out some money for Schill?, Wolf/ Schmidt/ McDonald/ Kershaw/ Loaiza/ anyone that can stay healthy

I personally like plan 2 better, but both are solid i think. Let me know your thoughts.

I still say signing a free agent is less of a risk than trading 3 or 4 of your top prospects. any trade talk should stop when the other team says kershaw.
A-rod would give us the power hitter we need, but I would move him back to short, with laroche at third.

If laroche isn’t ready abreu is. if neither is then hu could play short, and a-rod moves to 3rd.

trade furcal for a pitcher

losing his 13 million helps to afford a-rod.

Now that we have torre what does kent do ?

with martinez gone does it mean nomar is the backup, or are we thinking abreu.

my biggest worry is if we do make trades, who do we give up on, we have so much talent, it will be hard not tohave the trades haunt us for years to come. nerviously awaiting our new future

Thats why any deal is ultimately a gamble i suppose- i agree completely Frank. The fear that you might be trading away someone great is there, but they dont pay me to pull the trigger.

The A-Rod signing gives us A LOT more flexibility, which is always key in a game of contract opt outs, injuries, inconsistent play, etc.. I personally love Franks idea of signing A-Rod and trading Furcal. Genius, seriously… We will be stuck with Pierre and that is that, but at least he will get to hit in his natural spot. It seems like he hit better when he hit first this year.

Just think about it people. A-Rod at SS, LaRoche, Nomar, Abreu– sink or swim, someone will step up. Next year, A-Rod to 3b, Hu to SS (assuming LaRoche doesnt work out), we can trade LaRoche for some value.. OR LaRoche takes the reins like he should, we can trade Hu and get GREAT value in return. ****, make Hu play 2b, trade Abreu and probably get someone really good. We would have a lot of options with a bat and presence like A-Rod in the lineup, and we have that gaping hole at third base..

I really bet A-Rod would take less money if we let him play SS…

Why is the press conference at 10 am?? That’s too early. If they really want the whole world to be watching they should move it to around 1 pm or later.

why would anyone put martin at the 2 spot?

he’ll get tired…!

and he hit 19 HR last season it will increase next season!

i think if he isn’t over use he can hit 25 HR

he should stay at the 5th or 6th in the batting order!

and just sign ARod!(3B)

Laroche 2B

furcal SS

Loney 1B

no one is going to be traded!

trade Kent if he doesn’t retire(i hope he retires)…

just sign FA’s!

i like wolf or sign schilling!







Furcal -SS

Loney- 1B

ARod- 3B

Kemp- CF

Martin- C

Ethier- RF

LaRoche- 2B

Forget A-Rod. He might have the power numbers, but we don’t need that kind of pay disparity amongst our players. Playing as a team is our most important need, and signing a player who jumps teams for greater personal gain when he already gets more money than any other player is not the kind of team influence we need in the clubhouse.


if u are ARod are u not going to get more money if u can?

anyone would do that if they get a chance!

ARod have the chance to earn more money while making a team better alot better! if the dodgers can sign him, our team will be a championship team!

If it were me.









Joe Torre went from Giant fan living in Brooklyn, to Mets manager, to Yankee manager, to Dodger manager. I’m about Joe’s age, from Brooklyn, been a Dodger fan practically all my life. I welcome Joe to the family.


u really want to get rid of JP..LOL

We cant win with him. Seriously. It is what it is.

Russ Martin is the ideal #2 hitter. He sees a boatload of pitches, he has some good power and speed, and he’s a great contact hitter. All the things you look for in a #2 hitter. Saying he’d get more tired because he bats 2nd in the order lacks logic. He’ll get tired if he never comes out of the lineup like last year.

i agree and not agree…

i agree coz his an out machine and has a weak arm…

i don’t agree coz we only have him for 1 year…

maybe another chance, another year for him!

and the truth! it’s not easy to get rid of him… LOL

don’t get me wrong i want him out too…

but the truth is he will stay…


martin doesn’t want to get the run…

martin wants to drive in the runs!

u did notice that he is much better hitting on the 6th spot right?

I’m just saying, Martin’s skills-set are ideally suited for the #2 hole. I’m sure he’d excel anywhere he bats in the lineup.

i agree…

DodgerDude–I agree that Option 2 is best. I’m not as hard on Pierre as others, but the problem is that Pierre as a left-fielder is just awful. However much below the league average he may be as a center-fielder, he might be the worst regular left-fielder in history. It’s one thing to have him in center, where you have some great hitters (Jones, Hunter), but a lot of speed guys. But left field is a classic power-hitter, run-producing position.

Jungar–Your proposal to put Furcal in CF was probably the first post from you that truly shocked me. I know you want to dump Pierre, but can Furcal play center-field?? I really don’t know at all.

I think the problem is that we’re stuck with Pierre for at least the next couple of years. Let’s hope he plays more like the second half than the first.

Hi All.

Well, in reading the LA Times and ESPN today on the Torre deal, I’m nervous. VERY nervous. Although I was giving Colletti the benefit of the doubt after the season on what went wrong, I’m changing faces. Given all that has happened this past week with the Little fiasco, I’m seeing that this guy may have serious management problems.

Cases in point: He couldn’t even give Plaschke a straight answer as to when he interviewed Torre. He said on Wednesday that reports he had heard in the last 3 days about a deal in place for Torre, length and $$ of contract,etc., were so off base, they were riduculous (Torre is hired the next day). Now, hearing those comments mixed in with what the Dodgers have to do to shore up the team make me nervous that this guy is in charge. What’s HE going to do? Trade away the kids to win under Torre’s 3-year deal, thereby potentially giving up part of the future? Remember, Girardi was the Dodger’s first choice (to have Girardi for the LONG term with the kids). Does that youth philosophy now change, as Colletti has said and do we believe what he says given his statements listed above? Again, I’m nervous. What is the plan?

I hope I’m wrong. I hope that Torre will stay on longer than his 3-years (he’d be 70 then). Can he give us maybe 3-5 years after that?

OK, Read carefully. #1 Cabrera
has always been my 1st choice.

I did some digging, since i prefer him.For those of you, who also like Cabrera, I found out, that he is Lazy…

(lack of hustle), He also strikes out too much. He does not take care of himself phyically, eating problems. I still prefer him, but I prepared NOT to complain, when

he’s thrown out on the Bases & strikes out, during clutch times. If he comes (I hope) Let’s prepare ourselves…..

Dodgerdude — Option 2 is better. Trading WAY to many prospects for Cabrera (who was issues of his own with weight and contract year in 2009, which may approach a HUGE contract). Give the contract to ARod and let the kids develop. Furcal ($13 million), Nomar ($8 million) and Kent $9 million) will all definitely be gone after next year, so there is your $30 million right there as well as the $$ from (reported to be $30 million to each team). ARod can then play SS or 3B and Hu and Abreu can play 2B, SS or 3B. No need to spend o nposition players; go for pitching — SP and RP.

Pat25rod — You still want Cabrera after all that? Great, mix in a kid like that with our young kids and you are just adding to more potential drame for Joe to handle. Of course, Cabrera will either shape up this year or next since he’s up for FA in 2009.

I also said I like the idea of signing A-Rod over trading for Cabrera. Bottom line though, if both these guys are available, and both are moved this winter, the dodgers have to at least try to get one of them. I prefer to sign A-rod, keep most the kids, and later on play LaRoche at 2b(he was drafted as ****, so he could easily make the move.) 2010 infield: Loney, LaRoche, Hu, A-Rod.

If Juan Pierre can play CF, than so can Furcal. LOL

No, if Robin Yount could play SS and then CF so can Furcal. He has a gun, has the speed, would still be in the middle of the diamond and, yep it’s a total pipe dream…

If anybody is having trouble finding 3 announcers to vote for in the Ford Frick Awards, Red Barber always said that Connie Desmond had the mellowest voice, this side of the Mississippi. That of course was when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. I think if he was still around, you’d all feel the same way about my favorite announcer.

In talking with relatives who are Dodger fans, one mentioned that ARod may not come due to Ned’s relationship with Boras and what he (Drew and/or Boras) did by opting out and Ned’s tirade tantrum in the paper. I honestly hope that Ned realizes that even though a player may verbally indicate he is staying, this is a business and you have to wait until the ink on the contract is dry knowing that a player is not opting out. Holding that grudge on the agent (even if it is Boras) is unprofessional and potentially detrimental to future negotiations with players of those agents. If it’s in the contract, it potentially can happen. If a player verbally gives you his word, make him sign it. If he doesn’t, you better have some good contingency plans in place to deal with it and not have the perception that you signed FA on the fly to fill that hole.

Yesterday on ESPN-NEWS. A statemen by Scott Boras stated that he does not have a bad relaionship with Ned Colletti and that Ned returned every call he made to him.

Pierreseastmeetswest — One of 2 ways to look at that Boras statement — One, Ned and Boras have a chummy relationship or, two, the relationship is still strained but Boras needs the Dodgers to get in on the bidding since they are only one of a small number of teams that could sign ARod (and I’m sure he wants the Angels and Dodgers to war it out).

Has anyone, besides me, hear
of a comment, made by Torre, That Hideki Matsui, could be available, to join him ?????

What are your thoughts. He could also play CF…..

Matsui is locked in until 2009 with the Yankees, he also has a full No-Trade clause. So, that’s not going to happen.

I heard that too Pat25Rod. Tony Jackson said it on ESPNEWS I think.

I could see that happening actually. We’d probably have to give up LaRoche for him. Which would be letting our best third base option go. Then we’d have to sacrafice Ethier or Kemp because we still have Little Leaguer roaming center.

Even if he has a no-trade clause he can wave it. It’s his decision not the teams. Matsui would be a good fit but he has never proven to be a stand alone power hitter in this league. His numbers might be inflated because of the lineup he’s batted in and the short porch at Yankee Stadium.

I’d rather get rid of Pierre and sign Jones or Rowand.

might be a good fit*

I think that whole Torre moving to LA 50 after the Dodgers move to LA is a pretty cool angle the media is taking. It reminds us how relevant the Dodgers used to be.

Brian Sabean has to be the worst GM ever. He was re-signed to rebuild that team and today it was being reported that the Giants are willing to trade Tim Lincecum for a big bat.

The Dodgers need Matsui like they need a hole in the head. Another declining player getting paid millions with a weak throwing arm in the OF. Where do I sign up???

Report says Boras wanted Yankees to pay A-Rod $350M! Hey, just a thought — wouldn’t it be hilarious if NOBODY bothered to bid on A-Rod? MLB should stick it to Boras. Ultimately, fans end up bearing some of these costs — higher tkts prices, food and drink, parking, etc.

I never thought we’d have a new manager on November 1, 2007. That said, anything is possible now. ANYTHING. I, too, would love an upgrade in center field…not because of Pierre’s stick, but because of his defense…more specifically his arm. The move to left field doesn’t make sense. That’s traditionally a power spot and besides, you still have to throw out runners from left field to win a close game now and then. Ned painted himself into a corner on that deal (and threw away the key…if I may mix metaphors). I don’t see how any other team will help us paint our way out of that expensive misadventure.

Let’s not forget that the Yankees have enjoyed A-Rod’s services for very little salary, since the Rangers have been paying most of it. They must be absolutely giddy now that A-Rod opted out and their own salary subsistence for A-Rod will stop. As good as he may be, Seattle, Texas, or the Yankees have won nothing with him. It would be ridiculous to enter into a new 10 year contract with him at $30 million plus per year. It won’t work out any better in the future than it has in the past, except for A-Rod and Boras.

Pierre on offense is a huge problem and I guess people are blinded by the steals which are basically meaningless.

Andruw Jones, in the worst year of his career had 2 times as many extra base hits (and 26 more Homerun) and 3 times as many walks, in over 150 less plate apperances. He also managed to score 8 less runs while not hitting at the top of the order and not having 60 steals. Never mind the defense and the 50 additional RBI. And this was his WORST season in 10 years.

if we sign arod then kent is going to want to stay. he might want to stay even without getting him just cuz of torre. at this point, all kent wants is a ring.

i hope nomar returns as the prime pinch hitter. it all depends if he’s happy with that role.

I don’t understand why people are hot to trade young guys when our answers can be found in the free agent market. In other words why pay money AND players when money alone will get the job done?

There are a few very good FAs out there and no reason why a team with the #1 NL attendance shouldn’t be able to sign one of them — either ARod (not my personal favorite), Andruw or Torii.

Some continue to insist that we’re stuck with Pierre. I don’t agree. When you make a mistake — which signing Pierre at $9 million/yr for 5 years clearly was — you fix that mistake as soon as possible. The Pierre problem is at least partially fixable by trading him away (or essentially giving him away is fine) and eating $2-3 million per year. I’m sure there is a taker out there for that deal. The alternatives are to play him in CF and lose 5 games per year due to his horrific offense, play him in LF and have perhaps the weakest power-hitting LFer in MLB history, or eat $9 million per year for a pinch runner. Put in its proper light, it’s a no-brainer that Pierre must go!!

I agree with leekfink that ultimately if Loney and Kemp were to bat 4-5 in the lineup Kemp will probably hit 4th before Loney because he figures to have more power. But for now Loney has earned a higher spot in the batting order. Another way to go would be to bat Loney second. Kevin Youkillis of the Red Sox is a somewhat similar player — excellent OBP, no speed — who has proved himself very valuable in the 2-slot. This would knock Martin down several slots in the lineup though.

The Dodgers real problem — despite the continual insistence in the media that the Dodgers lack hitting — is an overabundance of the same forcing good players like Loney, Martin, LaRoche, and/or Ethier down to the six, seven-, and eight-holes. This comment does assume the signing of one premier FA.

The Dodgers also don’t lack power even without a FA signing. Now that Grittle and Luis “Whiny” Gonzalez are gone, there is every reason to believe that Loney and Kemp will get 550+ ABs each this year. As it stands now we should get this HR production:

Furcal — 10

Martin — 20

Kemp — 25

Loney — 25

Kent — 20

Ethier — 20

LaRoche — 15

Pierre — 1 (inside the park)

Bench — 15

That’s 150 HR compared to the 129 we had last year. Replace Pierre with Hunter/Jones and make it 180 HR, more than both the Diamondbacks or Rockies had this year.

The youngsters are ready NOW!! The addition of one of the big three FAs to compliment the Joe Torre signing would make this team a favorite to go to the Fall Classic in 2008.


All the “I don’t want A-Rod because none of the teams he’s been on have won” arguments have to stop. The guy is a serious player. Top 3 all time. On the field, there is no one better right now. The Dodgers are one of a handful of teams that can afford A-Rod. We wouldn’t give up anything but money to get him. Frank McCourt is already gouging us at the Stadium, why not put our money to use to buy the best player in the game? The logic behind the “he will never win” argument is faulty… just because something hasn’t happened before does not mean it will never happen. Also, it’s a 25 man roster, not a 1 man roster. It’s not all his fault that he’s never won the big one, and if he ever does win the big one it will not be all because of him. Sign A-Rod!

alright, cool. yeah torre’s on but what about the players? what about some moves? we need a championship team. im tired of sub par seasons and dissapointing players. why are we letting the anaheim angels have all the fun? we deserve championship seasons; this is L.A. for gods sake! lets get on it!

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