Busy Days…

By now, hopefully you’ve all heard about ThinkCure, the new charity that has been created by the Dodgers, City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles that we really think is going to become a major force in the charitable landscape in Los Angeles. This was publicly launched yesterday at Dodger Stadium, so be sure to see what it’s all about.

In addition to that, we obviously made a trade yesterday, which usually makes for a busy day just on its own. We are expecting Scott Proctor to arrive at the stadium today, so I’m assuming there will be another move made prior to game time and once I know what it is, I’ll try to let everyone know, along with the lineup.

But as if those two weren’t enough to keep everyone on their toes, we had between 400-500 media members here as part of the Bonds Home Run Watch, which stretched our capabilities to the limits. For the most part, everyone seemed to be able to cover the event and bring the "news" (or lack thereof) to all of you in a timely fashion, which was our main goal. It really did have a feeling of a postseason game yesterday and I’m guessing more of the same will take place today and tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the results of the game weren’t great but they’re back at it again this evening. For now, it’s back to work…

UPDATE: Tonight’s lineup:

Furcal, SS

Pierre, CF

Martin, C

Gonzo, LF

Nomar, 3B

Loney, 1B

Martinez, 2B

Ethier, RF

Hendrickson, P

Still no word on what move will be made for Proctor or if that guy on the other team is in the lineup.

Another Update: Bonds is in the lineup


but we still have our prospects… gotta love those AA titles they can win!! Hopefully the Dodgers won’t play like they have in the postseason recently.. remember its the last place Giants. Josh don’t you wish you could say that the Dodgers made a BIG trade… Ned should take note from Atlanta this year… Make a run play for the now… This is the same Dodger team that as of a week and a half ago was the team with the best record in the NL now it just looks like a bunch of over the hill veterans and unpolished rookies… sounds more like the Pirates than the Dodgers.

If indeed management will ride out this season with the talent that we have left and prepare for next season, then let’s make some constructive changes that will develop some of that talent for next year. Ethier should be playing every day; either Gonzo or Pierre should take turns giving up some playing time to accommodate Kemp in the lineup – it should not have to be a case of either Ethier OR Kemp. We should immediately get rid of Saenz, Martinez and Hernandez and replace them with some talent from our minors. While we’re cleaning house, it’s way past time for DONNELY TO GO!!! We also need to bring up somebody to fill in for Kent at second base when necessary and for late inning fielding upgrade.

General manager Ned Colletti said that third baseman Andy LaRoche, who is on a batting tear, is close behind.”

“He’s pretty close to earning his way up,” Colletti said of LaRoche. “We feel he’s on the verge. Whether when he comes up and plays full-time, that’s not my decision.”

who’s freaking decision is it then? Gosh, Coletti.

Sernity now, sernity now, sernity now……..

With LaRoche potentially coming up, where and how much will he be able to play. Nomar now has 3rd base locked in. Best way to cool off LaRoche would be to bring him up and play him only occasionally. That’s the trouble with “blocking” veterans like Nomar, Pierre and Gonzo for that matter.

that’s ned saying to grittle, feel free to bench nomar, but be sure to take all the blame for it yourself. meanwhile, i won’t take the blame for resigning him.

Serenity now!

I like that.

If the Dodgers would have traded the farm for Tex and then all these guys like Wolf go down with injuries, we would have really gotten the bad end of things. Since the young guys didn’t get traded, I think we can relax a little and look forward to next year when hopefully the Dodgers will put some of these useless washed ups out to pasture – YEAH, THAT’S YOU OLMEDO!

Yeah Bingo jspelk, way to read between the lines.

I thought this was cool to read..(PE paper)

Jettisoning Betemit, one of the Dodgers’ top power-hitting threats, also represented a vote of confidence for hot-hitting Las Vegas third baseman Andy LaRoche, who struggled in his first big-league stint.

“Had he not (done well in Las Vegas), I can’t say we would have made the deal,” Colletti said

Agree on limiting LaRoche. After all, he didn’t show much last time up. Hitting .211 with 0 homers. Yes, he got 15 BB’s, but that’s about right for a #8 hitter. Doesn’t mean he can’t turn it around but it would be nice if he showed some non-Vegas pop.

sounds to me that ned wants to start LaRoche all the way…
coz he said: “Whether when he comes up and plays full-time, that’s not my decision…”

LaRoche has a sore shoulder when he first got here…
im sure he’s going to have more success on his second chance…

It’s a hard sell to say that a guy was struggling or “he didn’t show much” when he on-based .436 in 53 PAs. What other #8 hitter has done that this year?

anything new?

Nomar can be our super utility infielder. He can play all the positions. Just rotate him around the infield based on who’s pitching for the opposing team.

thank you ned for not trading our future, as far as the poll goes, I believe that all those listed, as a group will make the dodgers a super team for many years to come. It is the team as a whole, not one superstar that makes a team.
I also believe that those that are saying the betemit trade was a bad one, were booing his every strikeout just a month or so ago.

I believe that ned could have traded 15 to 20 our our top prospects in just a few hours,

not just because some of us believe they are the future, but that most, if not all the other teams think they could be their future,

I believe that other teams have always ask for more in a trade with the dodgers, because we usually have more to give, and other teams are jealous of the dodgers, past and our future.

I believe d. young is getting called up because so many other teams would have taken him in a new york minute, so Ned needs to see what he can do

to be part of our future.

I belive that those of you who say a prospect is just a prospect until he proves himself in the majors, so they can be traded for vets, only need to look back a few years ago to 2002 to see the start of the dodgers now, and the future, Loney, broxton, martin only needed a few years to get here 2003 wedrafted bills,La roche, and kemp, the o4,05, 06, 07 drafts will allow the team to

grow togeter, not old as other teams grow.

I belive in the dodgers, and I am thankful for what we have.

Posted by: frankjhalstead@hotmail.com | July 31, 2007 03:42 PM

Well said Frank.

Randy Wolf is more then likely out for the rest of the season. He’s been told not to touch a baseball for two weeks. He said he was rushed.

We can’t continute the season with Hendrickson and Bombko in the rotation. I’d rather have Eric Stults and DJ Houlton. **** at this point I’d even consider calling up Kershaw.


According to several sources, the Dodgers made two serious runs at Joe Blanton, and the teams nearly completed a deal Tuesday morning but couldn’t find the right fit.

A team source confirmed that the Dodgers had some reservations about the fact that Blanton’s performance has dropped off since a 122-pitch complete game against Toronto on July 3, and the source also confirmed that the A’s wanted to include Class A shortstop Ivan De Jesus Jr. in any deal, but the Dodgers did not want to part with the defensive whiz.

I think there are a couple of pitchers in AA that merit consideration and a start or two to see how they manage at the major league level. As you say, compared to Tomko or Hendrickson starting, what’s to lose.

u would choose DJ over Hendi?
ur mad…

hendi is a mediocre pitcher… he would have good days and bad days…

hendi is a starter coming here in L.A… why would u choose DJ over him…?

and hendi’s ERA is just right for a number 4 or 5 pitcher…

i would choose hendi right now coz we don’t have choice…
but i sure would love to see hendi in the bullpen coz he dominates there…

i hope randy’s ailments would heal faster…

im not sure if ned really wants Ivan…
coz he doesn’t want to trade HU either…

If Lowe is OK we can get by with Bombs and Hendry. All we need from the 4 and 5 guys is .500 ball down the stretch. I believe they can approach that. Penny, Lowe, and Billz will put us over the top. Once the playoffs start, all you need is 3 good starters.

if we are in the playoffs and wolf is still hurt…
hendi would be the replacement and he needs to come up big specially when we are against the mets… we need left handers in that series…

does anyone even remember who are 4 and 5 starters down the stretch were? penny was hurt/a mess by then. bills was hurt and put in the pen, wasn’t he? we had to use kuo and stults (who albeit were good, but still a risk) basically we had maddux and lowe and a wild card. crazier things have happened then to win with the staff we have. not likley, but i approve of not making a crazy deal for quick fix.

In the stretch run here were our 5-6 starters in 2004 and 2006…

2004: Penny was re-injured September 22nd

Kaz Ishii

Odalis Perez

Jose Lima

Jeff Weaver

Elmer Dessens (who, BTW, started the famous Finley grand-slam walkoff game)





Penny (who was awful down the stretch last season)



Do any of you guys/gals watch John from Cinncinati on HBO? I am trying to figure out what the heck is going on….

anything new?

Yes, I do watch JFC!

I think John is either an Angel or the Son of God!

He is on Earth to try and clean up the mess.

Most of the characters on the show have many personal issues that they are dealing with…

Bring up LaRoche now. DFA Olmedo. Start LaRoche right off the bat and give Nomas two starts a week one at third and one at first.

Gonzo has come back to earth. So far in july he is hitting .256/.287/.317 in 82 at-bats. It’s time to give Ethier and Kemp the majority of the starts. Kemp’s in a slump but he’ll snap out of it.

I really hope this becomes out regular lineup.


Pierre 😦








and please get rid of Conte.

I’m gonna jump on the Hendrickson bandwagon right now, before tonites game. I am doing this because the poor guy has taken a beating on the field in the press and on this blog. I believe he will pitch a **** of a game tonight and tomorrow all of you out there will want to join me on this wagon, which by the way, is awfully empty and lonely…

My son, who is 11, hates Hendrickson…

>>>I also believe that those that are saying the betemit trade was a bad one, were booing his every strikeout just a month or so ago.

Posted by: frankjhalstead@hotmail.com

I’m not sure why you keep posting that. I never booed Betemit once and although I was frustrated as most any Dodgers fan by his horrid April, I saw the solid May, June, and July numbers he posted. I think the market value for a 25-year old switch hitting infielder power is better than a 30-year old reliever with one decent season under his belt (with that one season not being THIS season).

I think it is fine to criticize the trade without going overboard. Aside from the possibility of being this year’s version of Steve Finley with some sort of dramatic homer in the final game, I don’t think Betemit being here or not being here will make the difference in the Dodgers winning the West or not. Just as I don’t think Proctor will make much of a difference over Hull or Meloan or one of 30 other relief pitchers the Dodgers could have traded for.

that lineup looks good to me…

i hope to see that soon…

i hope grady would apply that…

i think proctor would be the difference maker if he will have the success…
remember when we still got Chad on the Bullpen? we won alot of games with a strong bullpen… and proctor in my opinion is a good fit for 6th or 7th inning guy…


Shaun could be dead already for all we know and John is there to get people to do the right thing as u say.

One thing that struck me hard was when Bill was interrogating John, when John didn’t know what to say he said, (as he has said) “I don’t know butchie instead”. What I am wondering is, is this story about redeeming Butchie. Maybe Butchie, not Shaun can still be the surf champ. Maybe when he said to Mitch, Mitch yoost get back in the game he didn’t mean surfing, he meant be a father to your son

Maybe butchie should be with the hottie not linc and butchie should be with Shaun, not his parents.

In the episode preview Butchie says something i dont think he said yet…”what did john do with MY son”

Our lineup does not scare anyone. It’s basically a bunch of punching judies and occasionaly gap to gap power. I wish they go out and get a power hitter next season to go with the speed and singles hitters in this lineup.

for me that’s the thing about this team…
pitchers are not scared…

so if the dodgers just can take advantage to that we will have more success…

and u must already see that we are one of the teams who are tough to Strike out coz the pitchers are attacking us and we always put the ball in play…

>>>I belive that those of you who say a prospect is just a prospect until he proves himself in the majors, so they can be traded for vets, only need to look back a few years ago to 2002 to see the start of the dodgers now, and the future, Loney, broxton, martin only needed a few years to get here 2003 wedrafted bills,La roche, and kemp, the o4,05, 06, 07 drafts will allow the team to
grow togeter, not old as other teams grow.

Posted by: frankjhalstead@hotmail.com | August 1, 2007 11:32 AM

I certainly agree to a point. One of Dodgers fans favorite Blog activities seems to be constructing “future” lineups made up of home grown Dodgers at every position. We all hope every one of these guys continues to show the promise they have shown so far as the ascend to the majors. Of course we all know for every Russell Martin there is a Billy Ashley. Actually, there is probably 5 Ashleys for every Martin.

For us older fans, we remember the teams with lots of home grown Dodgers – how about an entire homegrown infield of Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey? But even that team was complimented with players acquired by trade – Dusty Baker came to LA for Jimmy Wynn and 3 prospects/young players. Reggie Smith came to LA in exchange for Ferguson and two minor leaguers. They got Burt Hooten for Zahn and a pitching prospect. In these cases, the prospects turned out to be mostly fringe players at best. Of course they also gave up Bill Buckner and Ivan DeJesus for Rick Monday so that one sort of backfired (Unless you say it was worth it because of a certain 1981 NLCS game winning homer!).

>>>proctor in my opinion is a good fit for 6th or 7th inning guy…

Posted by: van_19_cute@yahoo.com

Proctor has pitched like a good mop-up guy, not one you want in there in a close game. He has allowed more baserunners per 9 innings than any Dodger pitcher other than Tomko.

im aware of that…
but u haven’t seen him yet to pitch wearing a dodger uniform….

u’ll never know… maybe he will have more success as a dodger…

Good Ole Garv!!!

Why have we lost 9 of 13?

Pierre: 3 for 29

Martin: 7 for 38

Gonzalez: 6 for 29

Ethier: 7 for 26

Kemp: 4 for 27 and 0 for his last 16

Saenz: Hasn’t had a hit since July 13th, and has failed in 14 of his last 15 pinch hit at bats not including 2 sac flies and a walk.

Seanez: 9 earned runs in his last 8 appearences, not including inherited runs he’s allowed to score.

i don’t like the lineup for today…
gonzo can’t even deliver an RBI… he’s back on the slump fest…

try to put nomar over gonzo nomar is hot in july maybe he will continue this august…

The month merely balanced out, most of those players started out July with tremendous numbers and they fell back down to earth.

yeah nomar in the cleanup spot… thats rich. at least gonzo has 11(?) or so HRS. true, no one in that lineup scares you, but last year it was pretty much the same thing, unless as an opposing pitcher you’re scared by drew.

what has happen to grady?
i can’t believe he hasn’t get LaRoche yet…

is he really going to be stuck with saenz and martinez all the way?

i can’t believe this…

he said he wants to win…

but what he’s doing is a reason for us to lose…

Keep the media out of Lot B today!! I paid for parking in there, not them, and it was full when i got there at 645p yesterday!!! They are not even there to cover the blue, only Barry!

Oh and Kent sidelined with a strained hammy benches our hottest bat doesn’t help at all with our cold bats. But they’ll heat up soon, just got to ride out this tough stretch.

Kent being out hurts.

LaRoche should not be in this lineup until next year.

Van you went from shouting be positive to being critical pretty quickly. I don’t care, just find it funny!!

no one thought nomar was ever moving off of 1B this year. no one. and it happened, so i don’t think its inconceivable that next year’s move will be to the bench. as far as the pitching move, they really need to DFA blowberto, but im sure they won’t even though he’s got to be the most useless member of this team.

well the team has alot of hole rayt now…
so maybe a change of heart a little bit… heheheh…

why is kent not a candidate for a clutch performer in july? he’s hit over .400… is that not enough?

A response to whomever said LaRoche “didn’t show much” because hit .211:

He had residual shoulder soreness stemming from off-season surgery. He’s healthy now.

Also, don’t try to claim that him drawing walks was due mostly to the #8 spot; it wasn’t. LaRoche has great plate discipline (walked more than he struck out last year). Besides, it’s not like Tony Abreu was getting on base at the same clip in that spot.

It wasnt long ago that Nomar was to brittle to be moved to 3b.

It was such a lie.

Kent’s injury is starting to scare me. Just when he was starting to hit he gets hurt. Typical Dodger…They really missed him last night. Gonzo is NO clean up hitter…Neither is he a major leaguer anymore.

Why is Martinez batting 7th and Ethier 8th? And I know it’s a stretch, but why not give Delwyn Young one or two starts at second base while Kent is out? I know he’s been an OF for a while now but he was drafted as an infielder.

i really thought that trading wilson betemit will open up a spot for the youngsters specifically LaRoche…
instead it open up more time to Old saenz to pinch hit…

I just read that Eric Hull was optioned, not old man Hernandez.

cbs sports:

“The Dodgers parted ways with Wilson Betemit — who’s far and away their best option at third base — to get reliever Scott Proctor. Proctor’s durable, and he’s got a sub-4.00 ERA; however, he’s also a reliever with home run issues and control problems. L.A. had better hope that Andy LaRoche, who’s crushing the ball at AAA Las Vegas, is ready to handle major-league pitching. The last thing they need to do is rely on the drain-circling Nomar Garciaparra.”

hopefully Hernandez will be gone as soon as we call up Jonathan Meloan.

Bleeder, I’ll have a heart attack , thats like in a month. lol yeah, you are right and as much as old man H will drive me to the booze, it’s a good move, Hull has options.

Just because Betemit might have been the best option at third doesn’t mean he was good. Nomar ***** but so did Wilson. He is now the Yanks problem so get over it.

You know Bonds is going to take Lurch deep at least once tonight. How far do you think he hits it? 450 feet at least.

Hey I didnt write it dude, just copied and pasted it.

Plus Nomar has been great since the break.


i’ve seen that article on fox too…
they also said that the dodgers get worse.. the padres gets better…

how can the dodgers get worse if they can give a spot to a prospect who has been hitting the ball very hard on the minors…

i don’t get this writers…

it seems to me that they always target L.A teams…

from lakers to the dodgers…

LaRoche has to be up soon, we can’t rely on nomar at first.

maybe hernandez is next to be released to give a spot for LaRoche…

yep. the pods get better by signing world beaters like ensberg and hairston and that chisox guy. right. that is the most messed up group of players they have over there. AND the whole team hates their GM because he traded linebrink.

Player A: OBP .360 SLG .474 OPS .834 10 HRs 18 Extra Base Hits 22 Runs 156 ABs

Player B: OBP .330 SLG .357 OPS .686 4 HRs 19 Extra Base Hits 33 Runs 361 ABs

Which player you have been traded or if not takers DFA?


Which player would you have traded or if there were no takers DFA?

We are surronded by snakes, diamond-backs and Padres or madres or Frias or whatever you call them, rocks from the rockies or cauliflowers I like to call them, giant jints as the B’kyn Eagle refered to them or Alysis Milano’s gnats. The most important guy tonight is MARK HENDRICKSON, get him some runs, so he can bring us to the 7th still breathing.

But which one host Carne Asada BBQ nights? And which one has a bobblehead? Huh? Huh? and Plus one is 7 years older. So that one.

yep. we know nomar’s been hitting like pierre this year. what are we supposed to do about it? he will play and play and play and play next year too. theres nothing to do about it but hope he gets better.

I believe you meant at third…I don’t care what the national media believes i.e New York and Boston, they haven’t been paying attention to us all season. There are three reporters who I listen to regarding this team, Steve Springer (who left the L.A Times for Yahoo.com), Tony Jackson and Ken Gurnick. They follow or followed the team everyday and I trust them more than any other sports reporter out there. The last thing we need is to take a good bat out of the lineup right now, and at THIS moment, Nomar’s bat is good. And I mean this with all the respect in the world to Andy LaRoche because he’s going to be SO SO good soon. But, to make a switch right now would be a major mistake, especially because Nomar is doing well. With that said, that doesn’t mean LaRoche shouldn’t be on the team. That’s a completely different issue and that I am all for. He deserves to be up here RIGHT now. I have a feeling he’ll be up here in less than a week, because Martinez can’t play second and third, and Kent’s status is questionable. Nomar is going to need a day off soon. LaRoche would be a perfect person to bring in to give Nomar some days off.

i think nomar’s time next year would be limited…
they already saw what kind of hitter nomar turn out in his old form…

so they would get young next year…

I really hope Nomar turns it around. A bat like his can carry us for a month. I doubt it will happen based on results so far, but if he can deliver a 2nd half similar to last years first half, Alex is right.

check out this gagne quote:

“There’s so many [Red Sox] fans in Montreal and Canada, especially with the Expos gone now,” said Gagne. “Everybody in Montreal are pretty much Boston fans. Me, personally, I was an Expos fan. Terry was one of my favorite players. They were my favorite team, but Boston’s always been my second favorite team.”

ahh what? i thought you were a “dodger fan” gagne? what a joke.

come on jspelk…
don’t tell me ur not use to gagne’s lies?

he lied once rayt? saying he will give us discount…

he can lie many times…

of course i dont believe anything…im just pointing out the most recent lie.

the braves scored 7 in first…
did mark hit a HR?

well that’s a good start with the braves… they were pump up…

When there’s a national audience and the game is being broadcast on ESPN, Bonds will be in the line-up. He’s as big a show-boater as they come.

the Braves just DFA Franco. Perhaps this team COULD get older.

honestly i’d rather have Franco coming off the bench then Tomato.

Tex for Atlanta walked with the bases loaded, so he did get his first RBI for the Braves.

For goodness sake, Gagne is talking about when he was growing up in Montreal: he was an Expos fan, second team Red Sox. Why should that be unusual? He lived in Montreal. He never claimed he was a Dodgers fan back then, and why should he have been? Los Angeles is about 4000 miles from Montreal and he’s far too young to remember Brooklyn.

well he did. i remember him saying it last year when we made the playoffs. he said “i am a dodger fan.” i mean i suppose i should have known it was a lie.
btw, marlon with 4 RBI, including a 3 run homer tonight. but by all means, lets keep seanz around.

Kent will sit out tonight and tomorrow. Will most likely be back Friday at the earliest.

If Lurch doesn’t do well tonight he should be back in the bullpen where he’s been very good.
Houlton has never done well as a reliever, but he had some decent starts in 05 and was easily our best starter in LV this year(one of the best in the league). What have we got to lose?

I guess our best hope is that next year Nomar and Pierre are primarily backups, but with 4 years remaining in his contract it doesn’t seem likely for Pierre. Surely, in the offseason, someone will need a leadoff hitter if we sweeten the deal?

Ok, jspelk, while true, Vargas put it right into Anderson’s happy zone and looked horrible. Not that I’m defending the decision, just an observation. Anderson’s first HR of the season.

yep, and theres been plenty of times a pitcher has put it on a platter for seanz and he could even put the bat on the ball. i know it really doesn’t matter all that much, it was really just a dumb move.

Some very good news, Lowe’s side session went fine and he’ll start Saturday.

Absolutely right about Saenz. Last night he got one right down the middle of the plate, a fast ball, and all he could do was foul it off. I’ve got to agree that Franco would probably be more productive than Saenz has been the last two months. I’m not urging us to get Franco – just to get rid of Saenz, and maybe Martinez while we’re at it.

But we still have our prospects… oh yeah they’re still just prospects (not superstar veterans)

I said before the trade deadline, I would be pleased if we just kept our kids so we could see what they can do. We did keep all of them and I’m delighted.

We may take a few lumps, but we’ll be fine. We didn’t do anything weird and wacky and I’m fine with that.

If they’re ever traded it has to be for the best deal for the team. There was nothing out there worth giving up the young core. If the right deal is out there Ned has made it clear he would make the deal. But, there was nothing out there worth sacrificing not just prospects, but really good young players on our 40 man roster. Ned made the right move by sitting tight and not giving in.

Chris Berman and Joe Morgan are doing the game for ESPN. I’ll take Vinny thank you very much…



Could use a few more innings like that from HENRY.

we got our hands full with lince tonight.

nice. got a run in early.

ned coletti looks like such a goober.

sheeeeesh… almost got that one.

Andre just tied a major league record for most put-outs in an inning. Atta boy.

Looks like RAMON is picking up his BA.

Game of inches…

Good to get Randy Winn out.

That was an absolute thing of beauty!

Tim Lincecum needs to buy himself some braces… yeeesh. Is he British or something?

Looked like a fan almost reached out on the field to ruin Pierre’s triple.

According to Gurnick:

Kent may play tomorrow

Delwyn Young broke out his infielders glove to perhaps play some second base (his position before being converted to the outfield)

Sometimes it’s hard to see how these Giants lose so many games.

Glad to see AURILIA out of there.

This is another rough game.

Pierre robs Bonds again, well you know what I mean…

what a catch by the frenchie.

Hendrickson coming through tonight only two Giants have figured him out

PIERRE’s earning his money tonight.

Just got to read these comments and enjoyed them esp. those by livnlegend.
2 critical replies the first mildly:Bluestreak calls Houlton easily the best starter at LV this year,I would say marginally the best starter (I said a mild criticism)

jspelk continues the fiction that it was clear on June 29 that Saenz should have been DFAed not the recently (as of then)returned from DL Anderson.If anyone tells me they said at the time OMG not Anderson it should have been Saenz my complements to their foresight but I don’t remember any such comments here.

LaRoche homered again tonight, Lincecum has some seriously sick movement

Would’n you know NOMAR’s steal would be for nothing.

I don’t believe HENDRY

can’t really blame hendy for that one… he just went down and tapped that to the OF.

HENDRICKSON pitched a fantastic game it was great. Too bad we’re slumping.

Hendrickson was great tonight and just got hurt three times by the same player. We have to get to the Giants pen!

Good God Andy LaRoche is on fire. Call him up NOW! NOW! NOW!

hahah good work proctor.


it took proctor 1 pitch to get 1 out. It would hvae at least taken Betemiss 3, 4 if its a good AB.

WOW! That was quite the throw…somebody needs a scouting report on that guy!

Shut the heck up about calling LaRoche up.



Im realizing that our lineup is just about the same as SF’s.

Cubs are in first! God people are going crazy here.

YAY we will be 2 back after tonight.

Screw Grady for keeping Lurch in there too long.

that ball was fair… kemp should be at 2nd

shut the heck up about calling LaRoche up? why? what you got against LaRoche. You don’t like players that hit homers?

We’re not out of this game yet.

Ha LaRoche in Dodger Stadium won’t hit 30 HR’s a year. We need real power! Too many farm players on this team. We need a guy like Barroids in the past. Someone like Greenie and Sheffield a few years back. We need a presence in the middle of the order that other teams are afraid of.

um, they won’t be afraid of LaRoche. Heck, they aren’t afraid of anyone now!

Can we not beat SF at home? Are they in 1st place?

how do you know he won’t hit 30 home runs at dodger stadium? i bet you based that on his 38 career AB’s in the big leagues.

I really hope they don’t walk Bonds. I want to see Broxton againts Bonds.


Kemp has middle of the lineup power, LaRoche is slugging .603 at AAA this year… that is awesome power. Also, Dodger Stadium isn’t the pitcher’s paradise you might think it is… check out this link


BTW, Joe Morgan has to be one of the worst play-by-play announcers in baseball.

He better roid up! Don’t get me wrong I like the kid and hope he does well and hope he plays well in LA. We still need a presence in the 3 or 4 whole that pitchers are afraid of!

I’m starting to hate Chris Berman now too. He should stick to football.

Once Broxton puts a runner on, he tends to let him score. Yay future closer.

Stop it on Kemp! He’s not done it yet. Im talking Miggy Cabrera or AROD type!

I’m just arguing that we already have those players in the organization. We just need to play them.

I wish we had an owner like Steinbrenner that doesn’t accept mediocracy and playing for next year!

how’s he gonna do it if he’s not playing regularly though?

Still pretty much in the game but something in our favor has to happen like somebody hanging a curve or something at the right time.

My bad, I need to calm down and chill! Just frustrated!

Frank McCourt is a business man before anything else. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold the team within the next 10 years. The value of the team has probably gone up 100 million since he took it over. He could come out of this having made money without ever really putting down any of his own.(Bought the team partly with a loan)

scrutis shtut the **** up. You sound like those old drunks that stand on the sidewalks talking about the end of the world.

Steve Kline looks like Barney Rubble.

holy ****. Pierre bunted and it actually worked! what the heck?

come on russ


barney rubble! haha

Hey Max. Isn’t it past your bedtime?

Looks like the little guys doing all the work. We need some help from big boys.

Come on RUSS!


NICE! the middle of the order is now 1-19 for this series!






NOMAS!!!! God maybe this is the magical moment we need for the team to turn it around.

No scrutis its not past my bedtime. Sorry. I actaully have to go to work at 11 tonight.

pierreEmeetW… gotta hand it to u…

“Still pretty much in the game but something in our favor has to happen like somebody hanging a curve or something at the right time.”

Posted by: pierreseastmeetswest@yahoo.com | August 1, 2007 09:39 PM

That’s experience talking. atta boy

top of the order getting it going with furcal and pierre getting on, then the steal, then Gonzo driving them in to tie, and NOMAR with the 2-run shot to put us up!!!!!!!!!!

thank god none of you guys are the GM of our dodgers, otherwise all 4 of those guys would be on the bench or DFA’d…..put your faith in dodger blue, and ride it out, win or lose!! winning feels much better though 🙂

ugh that blows max. i just got home from work! long day

party time now!


hanging slider

Gonzo and Nomar completely lifted this team up tonight when we absolutely needed it the most! This was a huge huge victory! It’s nights like this I know why I love this team! And how poetic Nomar seals the game on the liner! Huge win tonight! Side note, Furcal and Pierre were brilliant to start the eighth inning!

This game had a wonderful finish but I can not forget the job that MARK HENDRICKSON did tonight. He was in my opinion the PLAYER OF THE GAME.

LaRoche deserves another shot. Even if it costs Loney playing time and shifts Nomar back to 1st.

thank goodness for nomar. tonight anyways….

great win tonight by our boys in blue….especially great job by raffy, pierre, gonzo and nomar. Also, excellent job by Hendy for keeping us in the game.

So i guess the **** talking about our “vets” can be put on hold until our next loss (or maybe not, one can hope..)… For now, i’m going to enjoy this great come from behind win 🙂

Candy Land just went deep and San Diego just had their own magic moment, but just to tie it up 5-5 Bottom 9.

Gotta love Madley

it gets so confusing when you have to figure out who to root for in a pods-dbacks game…

I Root for them to go 18 inns.

Yeah Alex but you know sooner or later he’ll pull the ‘Go to Jail’ Card….

Well they’re headed to the 11th 5-5 tie

I suppose you root against the team ahead of us, but at the same time you’re not rooting for the other team…something like that

BASH him, BASH him, ALL you want. I’ve said it ten times, before. JP is the IGNITER, He makes things happen with his small ball type. They got him for that. He may not be up to Par, for some of you guys, BUT
that’s his game. He does not panic. Don’t worry, he’ll grow on you……

6-5 AZ Top 11 Byrnes infield single to short, Greene unable to make a play

JP could go 5 for 5, with 2 homeruns, 7 stolen bases, and 3 doubles and some will still hold onto their negative views towards JP and his contract..it’s a lost cause..so really, who cares? the new hot topic around here is laroche, and more larcoche!!!! (unforunately..)

Tracy puts the game away 3 run shot to dead center 9-5 AZ, AZ will stay in first by a game, S.D will fall 1 1/2 behind us.

pods bullpen… could it be worse than ours? theres a chance. if we could only swap blowberto for meloan…sigh.

wow that was fun to watch the bell get rung and that era hump by over .5 I look at it this way who would you rather face in the post season we have owned the snakes where as SD has our number I’d rather see the snakes and us in the post season to tell ya the truth.

If TOMKO could perform anywhere near what HENDRY did tonight, 3 runs 6.2 inning, we got a good chance to win another game tomorrow night. Maybe the magic could begin earlier in the game. This was a wonderful game tonight with a lot of contributions. WE ARE STILL ALIVE.

I havent been on here in a LOOOOONG time. Did i miss anything big? well, just dropping by saying i was at the game tonight and was kinda upset at how many people wanted barry to hit it out. i’m tired of trendy, fake people who buy the hat, jacket,etc. and pretend to be dodger fans. but, what can you do, to them its just a show…




Great game last night. After all the dramatics, it would not have been possible without Hendrickson “pitching in” with his gutsy performance. Let’s hope he set the standard for Tomko. That was clearly a case of the TEAM pulling it together.

Yesterday on this blog i said i was jumping on the Hendrickson bandwagon.. i see this morning i’ve got some company! Welcome aboard…. Anyone for the Tomko bandwagon?

if tomko struggles tommorow…
i bet both him and bonds are going to be booed…

i notice that hendi might be a little distracted about the bonds thing… the same with penny…

when they finished pitching with bonds it seems that the hitters behind him often gets on base…

like yesterday…

aurilla has 2 hits… omar had 3 doubles…

Well, maybe they should worry about the guys in front of Bonds and not let them get on base, that way you can pitch to Bonds…

with the exception of bradely the padres ne guys, barret, ensberg, hairston, and mocovwiack? whent 0 for 10 with 7 k’s. towers did a great job.



Tonight’s pitching matchup favors the Dodgers. Right now, Tomko > Zito, strangely enough. (Now THERE’S an awful contract – I’d be scared to be a member of their blog if most of you guys were Giants fans. That contract makes JP’s look like a stroke of genius.)

Tomko gives up a HR to Bonds. Anyone wanna predict 2 HR to Bonds?

Oh yeah, prediction #3 – Dodgers win in spite of Bonds’ HR.

i don’t know about 2 HR…
but im sure tomko is thinking about that…

maybe 2 walks though…

(tomko walks bonds 13 times…)

Funny story. I was at my first Lamaze class last night (wife and I are expecting our first on Nov 6) So Rick Monday is on the radio (i have no idea whats going on, just got in the car) and he says “those were two of the most filthy sliders you will ever see” and the crowd is going nuts. Then he says, here comes bonds, dodger down 3-2. It’s like he has no idea how to frame a game when he calls it. By the time I got home I paused my TV. Walked the dog. Came back in and watched 8th inning bliss. God I love baseball.

Regardless of where the ball went, that was the best swing I have seen from Nomar all year. Even better that it went out! That was a huge victory last night.

Let’s hope the Padres keep loosing. We will take AZ head to head. The Padres always seem to have our number. So keep loosing Padres. Plus it will be fun to see their clubhouse explode.

-Props to Hendu.

-Props to Gonzo/Nomar for coming thru

-Props to Pierre and Furcal for setting the table.

With Kent and Lowe getting healthy and when Loney and Kemp come out of their slumps we will start firing on all cylinders again.

As far as Laroche, my take is he needs to play everyday. I don’t care where.

ei jason i thought u are the one who called dodger talk last night… are you?

i almost forgot..
u’ve got a beautiful bonds rookie card there… hehehe…

Nope! Never called Dodger talk…You like that Bonds card. I sent it out to a few of you guys. It may be in your spam folder

check this out

These were the records of both teams after games played on June 19, Barrett’s last full day with the Cubs:

Records on June 19

Chicago Cubs: 32-37

San Diego Padres: 41-29

Here is the Cubs’ record since the deal and the Padres’ mark since Barrett made his debut for them:

Chicago Cubs: 25-12

San Diego Padres: 15-21

anything new?
i’ve been w8ting for LaRoche to have a call up…

if he’s going to be our starter in 3rd next year he needs to have some experience now…

and i know nomar is hot right now (which i love to see) but he needs a day off coz we still have 2 months(we need nomar fresh)… LaRoche is a good fit to platoon at 3rd not martinez…

although martinez in the past 2 games has been hitting the ball pretty good…

Oh by the way, Betemit just homered in his first at bat as a Yankee!!!!

Wilson Betemit in his first at bat as a Yankee homered to the opposite field off Jon Garland, who is throwing up nothing but meatballs. He had an eight run lead, it’s been cut to four. N.Y gave him a standing ovation and curtain call after the H.R. I wonder what will happen when he strikes out?


Just saw that Wilson hit a 3run home run….I bet he does great in Yankee Stadium..Still mad we traded him..Our only offense off the bench..You mean the Yankees didn’t want Saenz???

well that’s good for him…
it’s good to see him being treated like that… coz we’ve been so harsh with him since the season began…

maybe if he continue to do that the yankees would not want a-rod there next season coz of the money issue… lol.

Did y’all happen to catch Marlon Anderson’s performance in the boxscore from yesterday’s Mets game? Played CF (Beltran injured)and batted 6th….2 for 4 with a homer and 4 Rbi’s — This DFA was simply a horrible move. I guess Olmedo must be a great clubhouse guy, but his bat just doesn’t compare.

One observation from last night’s game. I was sitting in my usual Loge seats and couldn’t believe that so many people got up and left after Barry’s intentional walk in the top of the 8th. Immediately after the walk, thousands of so-called “fans” headed for the exits when the D’s were down 3-2 with two innings to play. Thankfully, those that stayed were rewarded with some late inning heroics….. Are we still in this thing with starters Hendy #4 and Tomko #5?

w0w… betemit sure made a big impact already for the yanks… the game is already tied at 8…

yeah thats a honeymoon that ain’t gonna last long. im sorry i know he has power but i can’t say im going to miss the guy.

well both of those guys are ideal to be a number 4 and 5 pitcher for any team…
but they need to perform alot better just like what hendy did last night…

The way i see it, for the Dodgers to win the west, we need to rely on the veterans (Gonzo, Nomar, Kent, Furcal, Pierre)and get some pitching. Whatever the “kids” do is frosting on the cake, but we cannot rely on them to carry the team. Who won it last night? 4 Vets!!!

i think those fans who go home so early don’t know what kind of team the dodgers are…
we all know that this team often wins with some late heroics specifically from nomar…

glad to see nomar beginning to be the clutch performer again…

Any dodger fan leaving in the 8th inning, with the top of our order coming up down by a run, vs the Giants are not real dodger fans. That makes me sick.

or two runs, sorry, but still.

if we really need a power bat… in what position do we put him? im just confused really…
everyone wants LaRoche at third… abreu at second loney ofcourse at first… furcal at SS..

OF andre, JP, kemp…

do we get Andrew Jones Or Hunter to replace JP at CF?

im confused coz we all want are kids to play but we also want a power bat…

yeah… lets use the context of one game to prove that veterans are the only way we’re going to win. lets forget about the rest of the season when most of them have not lived up to expectations, not even close. im sorry, but if we’re going to win, we’re going to need BIG contributions from the kids too. No we cannot rely on them but they have to pull their weight. After all, management decided they were good enough to keep around.

Betemit’s second at bat…SRIKES OUT LOOKING!! And no curtain call this time, wow, Yankee fans are tough!!!

I am not in any way downplaying or minimizing what the young guys have done, especially Martin, but when you get into September in a close pennant race, who do want at the plate with the game on the line? The “kids” will pull their weight, no doubt in my mind, but you need the vets to come up with big hits and be the pillars. That’s my opinion and i certainly respect yours.

Look if Adam Dunn was a dodger he would be benched and then traded. Some managers and GM’s cant handle the idea that some player will either walk, k or hit for power. I disagree with it but time to move on.

And jspelk is absolutely right. It will be a team effort there are no such thing as kids or vets, they are all dodgers.

Absolutely all Dodgers.. but with the game on the line, i’d still rather have Kent at the plate over Ethier.. but they are all Dodgers and we are all fans, and all entitled to our opinions. I apologize to those that i have offended.

i agree with both jason and jspelk

and Kiper is right too. Vets who have been there before in a pennant race is huge.

No one (well I shouldnt speak for others) should be offened about your opinion. If they are they should not be here. it’s one thing to rip on people but stating what you stated no way.

i would love to see nomar in that situation… he’s just so amazing in preasure situations…

Thanks jungar… at the end of the day we’re all Dodgers!!!

yep agreed. my main point is that everyone has to carry their weight. otherwise it’s not going to work, at all. and remember, the kids DID have experience playing down the stretch last year. so hopefully that helps.

i just hope LaRoche can get the experience soon…

“if we really need a power bat… in what position do we put him? im just confused really…
everyone wants LaRoche at third… abreu at second loney ofcourse at first… furcal at SS..

OF andre, JP, kemp…

do we get Andrew Jones Or Hunter to replace JP at CF?

im confused coz we all want are kids to play but we also want a power bat…”

thats my whole point about why Signing Pierre was a horrible Idea. We could have had Lofton fill in one more year in center and he would have done a better job then Pierre as well. Then we could have made a run at Tori Hunter.

If we did that would could have potentially have had Hunter in the 3 or 4 spot for us surrounded by the kids. It would have been a potent lineup then and for years to come but we are stuck with Pierre. Plus Tori Hunter has a canon for an arm.

is JP has a no trade contract?

He doesn’t have a no-trade clause – but nobody will take that contract because it’s an albatross.

We could pick up part of it for the right deal. I could live with him in left if we get Tori Hunter. I would pass on Andruw for similar money.

interesting quote from stark’s column today: “Heading into the trading season, one of the popular theories was that the Dodgers were in the best position of any team to make a deal because they have so many terrific prospects. But an official of one AL team has the opposite theory. “When everyone knows you’ve got players, that can actually be a hindrance,” he said. “When you’ve got prospects, nobody wants your second-tier guys. They want your first-tier guys, even though your second-tier guys are better than their first-tier guys. I think that’s actually hurt the Dodgers in making deals”

well it’s a gamble signing him right… maybe if we are to get hunter we can gamble again and trade JP for a cheap utility man and a relief pitcher…

In regards to Stark’s column, who would the 2nd tier guys be?

im guessing people like dewitt, orenduff, bell, mcdonanld. not top top guys like baseball america 100 guys. but those guys still might be better than prospects in say, the SD organization.

have you read garry miller’s blog?

he actually wants the dodgers to make more deals…

i mean who are we going to get…?

there’s no other option there..

there’s no more greg maddux on the market…

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