Cooperstown, here he comes

Still can’t get the photo of Gonzalez and Murray to post correctly, but oh well. It’s a cool shot so I’m sure it’ll be in Dodger Magazine as well as other places.

Meanwhile, another historic night at the stadium yesterday. Hong-Chih Kuo became the first Taiwanese player in Major League history to hit a homer and his batting helmet is headed to the Hall of Fame. Three homers on three pitches, capped off by Kuo’s unintended bat flip (he felt really bad when he realized he had done it, as he wasn’t trying to show up the Mets).

It’s the first time in Dodger franchise history that they’ve hit three homers consecutively that included the pitcher and only the seventh time that’s ever happened in the Majors.

Meanwhile, we’re heading to Childrens Hospital Los Angeles in a couple of hours with Randy Wolf, Russell Martin, Andre Ethier and Frank McCourt for a visit with the patients there. Each year, we probably have about three hospital visits and these are easily the heaviest days of the season. It’s amazing to see these kids’ faces when a player walks into their hospital room and you just hope that it gives them enough encouragement to deal with unfathomable circumstances in their daily lives.


Anyone that wants Dunn here doesn’t have a clue about baseball. Period.

Now, regarding the Dodgers radio situation that was addressed in the Times this a.m. … memo to the Dodgers: We need a SPORTS RADIO format station for the club. The current station is a total embarrassment.

kuo did an awesome prince fielder impersonation last night with that bat flip!! that was amazing. although matty kemp’s loge shot was unreal. honorable mention: wilson betemit’s opposite field shot off a change up. the homers dont come very often, but when they do come it makes it that more sweet. btw i read on rotoworld that the team taking dunn would pay the rest of his salary and resign him to a multi year deal. what do you guys think krivsky asking? i would be interested in hearing what the pads are offering.

I don’t want Dunn here, we seem to have good options with our youth at his position. Besides for every HR he hits, he strikes out 4 to 5 times.

I don’t see any chance that the Dodgers will go after Dunn. Where would he play? Gonzo, Pierre are not going anywhere. Ethier and Kemp will be here for many years to come. The more interesting question is what will the next roster move be to make room for Tsao/Brazoban? Right now we have too many long men in the pen. My guess is that a trade is coming soon to free up some spots. Hendy the next to go?

I have to share an interesting story with you guys (and gal) about last night’s game.

While driving to the stadium yesterday afternoon, some dumb commercial came on the radio that had the phrase “back to back to back” in it. Upon hearing this, my 13 year-old son Tim said: “Wouldn’t it be cool if the Dodgers hit back to back to back homeruns tonight?” I told him that it would, especially if the first one was a granny. We both laughed and thought nothing more of it.

When Wilson Betemit hit his homerun (which landed about 10 feet away from me), we were impressed that Wilson had gone to the opposite field with it. And even though it wasn’t a grand slam, it got us back in the game.

When Matt Kemp hit the second one (which was an absolute moon shot), we looked at each other (after some high-fives) and I said: “I can assure you that Kuo isn’t going to hit one”.

Well, needless to say, my son (and I) went absolutely nuts when Kuo made it back to back to back jacks (and on three consecutive pitches, no less). I was quick to point out Tim’s premonition to him and he was proud as punch (I bought him a chocolate malt for it).

Man, I LIVE for this!



The positive contributions made by the young players recently speak for themselves. It just took a little longer than some of us hoped for. If things continue it won’t be long before we have a very exspensive bench.

Matt Kemp should just play everyday and I can careless on who sits in his place. He is just so fun to watch and the most exciting dodger in a while. martin is exciting too, but Kemp is on another level (thats not to say he is better, just exciting)

adam dunn wont help this team out? you have to be kidding me? an absolute 40+ homer power bat wont help huh? I thought thats what we have been seeking since the offseason, i must be mistaken. amat87 are you saying ned will stand pat with this team right here? or are you saying we need help elsewhere. please elaborate before you make silly egotistical comments like that.

53, i’m glad your son’s premonition came true. i bet he was super happy! kuo’s bat flip was absolutely priceless and kemp’s home run…wow there are no words to describe how awesome that one was. i’m so happy to see the young players producing.

also, in regards to today’s children’s hospital visit, it’s awesome to see these guys doing something nice for the community. it makes me appreciate the team even more.

Dunn has super-human power, there’s no denying that but a career .246 hitter with 1,012 Ks in 3,056 career ABs (approximately 1 K per 3 ABs) is not what we need. The other knock on Dunn is his streakiness, he hits his HRs in bunches usually then strikes out for a couple of weeks before going on another HR streak. It would really stagger our offense when he is slumping. I’m not saying we don’t need to make moves but I just don’t think Dunn is the answer, we need a consistent hitter.

ethier would be the only one i would move ( besides JP but thats not happening )…and dunn would be a huge upgrade over ethier, it would also give our team an actual true middle of the order guy that can change the game with one swing of the bat.

charris who are some players you would like that are realistic targets? please no miggy or arod pipe dreams either….. the fact of the matter is there are just not that many superstars available. i would be aginst torii hunter, hes on the wrong side, we dont need another speed guy ( ichiro ). there arent to many options.

I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but I sure would like to see Grady put the same starting line-up out there tonight (less Kuo, of course – although we might want to use him as a pinch hitter – LOL!). I say this because this line-up in definitely messing with the Met’s heads, which is a VERY good thing.

There was a HUGE contingent of Taiwanese fans out in the Jungle (the Left Field Pavilion) last night and they were GREAT! They kept shouting “Hong-Chih Kuo” to that old familiar chant of “Hee Seop Choi.” A few of them even got kicked out of the game for running up and down the aisles carrying Taiwanese and U.S. flags (which I thought was a little extreme – unless there was more to it that I was unaware of).

Glad to see that the Wilson Betemit impersonator is gone and the REAL Wilson Betemit is back with the team. Too bad we can’t say the same for the Nomar impersonator.

Let’s get the sweep tonight! Boys!



also on the stagger our offense argument: thats is kind of bogus charris. we wont be relying on dunn obviously, we would be better suited for a slump with dunn here, because hes the type of guy that can win pitchers duels with one swing. i understand he k’s alot, everyone that knows baseball the last decade knows that, but you would also be against ryan howard charris with that point of view. he k’d 188 times along with all those bombs. albeit he hit for good average as well, but dunn would upgrade this lineup and the spots around him immediately.

I would rather have Hunter than Dunn, defensively and offensively he would bring more to the table, I’m with you on Ichiro. What’s up with Texiera? (he’s ideal), Dye wouldn’t be a bad option either. You’re right, there’s not much out there but I would rather keep our youth than get Dunn.

Howard and Dunn on on 2 entirely different levels.

not that differant charris. explain…..

Adam Dunn is definately not the guy. We need a complete power hitter, not someone who only hits for power and K’s tons with little BB. I’d much rather take Torii Hunter for that matter. But the real bat that we should be trying to get is Carl Crawford. He is worth the violating the trade embargo that we should have with TB. A much better hitter and would actually provide outfield defense which we also badly need.

I think its been proven by now that you can win and win big without a huge power hitter. 30HR guys are more than enough to provide the danger factor in the middle of a lineup. Dunn doesnt provide that at all because he is sooo easy to strike out and is one of those hitters just doesnt seem to understand how to hit the other way…

Let’s see:

Howard won the MVP award and in his 1st full season in the bigs hit more HRs than Dunn ever has in a season. He also had about 50 more hits last year. We don’t know how high Howard’s ceiling is (granted he started off the year cold but he’s been hot lately). Dunn has never sniffed a .300 BA and Howard definitely has that potential. In less than 2 full seasons, Howard has 95 jacks, thats almost 50 a year.

Ill explain Charris. Last year Howard had 149 RBI’s to Dunn’s 92– 92 RBI on 40 HR= pathetic. Dunn has NEVER hit above .250 in a 7 year career. Howard’s slugging was almost .200 points higher than Dunn’s last year.

They are completely different players and Howard is totally out of Dunn’s league.

Check that: he hit .266 once.


Preach on ewk, Adam Dunn is really over-rated in my opinion, Ryan Howard is one of the most elite hitters in the game.

I;d take J. Dye also,, always liked him as a player.. I dont want to have class for 6 hours before getting to actually watch the game on a television..

ewk – Adam Dunn is someone who K’s a ton, BB’s a ton, and hits a lot of homers. I don’t know what you mean by “little bb”; walking over 100 times a season is a lot. He has a line right now of .250/.345/.518, and that OBP is low for him. Typically he’s good for 30 doubles and 40 homers a year. As far as strikeouts go, so what? Reggie Jackson is the all time leader in strikeouts, but I’d take him on my team.

I would rather have Torii Hunter than Adam Dunn, not only because he plays better defense, but because he’s a centerfielder. I’d take Miguel Cabrera over Carl Crawford, personally, but they’re both excellent players.

I agree with everyone who thinks adding Dunn is a horrible idea. More of an automatic out than JP. And playing every day in LA his power numbers will decline…

I really dont think we need to make many moves unless we get an ubelieveable offer. Our power problems can be solved from within. Betemit is coming back to form. Play Kemp and Loney, move Russ up to the 3-hole where he belongs. Play the kids dont make any crazy trades.

first off if we were ever gonna get crawford it would have been last year. yeah howard had more rbi but he also had more jacks.

ethier: .307 on base, .402 slugging, .261 ba.

dunn: .345 on base, .518 slugging, .250 ba

howard: .394 on base, .532 slg, .241 ba

lets not split peas here, howard is no lock for those kind of stats last year, he is eventually going to fall into the same category as dunn. 84 k’s for dunn, 57 for howard. and howard missed some time. im afraid they are not that differant guys. heck dunn even has 7 sb’s to one cs. im not a huge dunn fan but i just thought it was silly to say we didnt need him. we could use him and still have plenty of ab’s for kemp.

seriously Kuo’s bat flip was the best thing ive seen all year.*****!

now ewk i realize you have no clue what you are talking about, dye over dunn? that is silly. dye strikes out alot also and dunn’s power would not be dwarved by dodger stadium.

I’ll take Dunn for Delwyn Young, Greg Miller, and Wilson Valdez, ok?

The difference there graffiti is that Howard’s numbers will improve and Dunn will stay at his current level. Torii Hunter is would be ideal to get in my opinion. Our team is built on pitching and while Hunter might not bring the power Dunn does, he’ll make up for it with the runs he’d take away from the other team.

Charlie, you’re dead wrong on Dunn being an automatic out, but I will grant you the dropoff in his power numbers. For his career, Dunn has hit .254/.393/.550 in GABP and .238/.362/.478 on the road. Looking at that and considering his defense, I’m gonna back off my support of Adam Dunn.

Adam Dunn is 10 days older than Ryan Howard, though, so Howard will not improve but so much; they’re both 27.

they are both high k low average guys, you just like the right hander with less power….i dont know people have so much beef with dunn, i might be crazy but i would also prefer dunn over andruw jones as well, while were on the low average high K power hitters topic.

patriot look at their big league experience, players don’t improve with experience? Also I was referring to Howard’s #s this season, no way they stay that bad.

Andrew Jones is like a poor mans Dunn offensively but again you’re talking about the best defensive CF in baseball, so I would rather have Jones (again our team is built on pitching).

wow tis is funny your guys arguments are all wrong. thanks pariotacts, howard is from the paul lo duca school of getting to the majors. he spent considerable time in the minors. dunn has been in the league longer and has the track record. his defense is a little shotty but like i said i believe hes the best available.

Dunn>>>Ethier. If Ethier and some other thrown ins are used to get Dunn, fine by me. He’s on the right side of 30. Put him in the 2-hole.

Personally, the low avg. high K power hitters are useless and are hurt an offense more than they will help. Its just not necessary. I wouldnt want Dunn, Dye, or A. Jones. They amount of money/and or players they would command just arent worth it. Especially when they are mediocre defensively like Dunn and Dye are.

Dye would be an absolute waste. Dye isn’t having a good year playing at the Cell which is a bandbox. How’s he going to hit at DS?

I mean, he hit 30 doubles twice and isnt on pace to get there this year..

How is my argument wrong graffiti, our team isn’t built on pitching? How many ML player’s best offensive year was in their rookie season? You’d rather have Pierre in center and Dunn in right over Hunter/Jones in center and Pierre at one of the corners?

Yea. Dye’s numbers this year are really pitiful

I wish we paid Alfonso instead of Pierre and Schmidt…

Yeah my Dye call was off-base, he put up a career year last year and is injury prone.

I guess we offered him like 90-100 though which is eseentially Pierre + Schmidt…

thats been my premise this whole time jspelk. i would accept an ethier and spare parts trade for dunn, obviosly any mention of kemp bills or loney and the deal is off the table in my book. maybe we can reunite tomko and the reds, and say maybe brazoban or another power arm. also charris i think andrum lost a step, but he still has a cannon and can get to some balls. dunn in the two spot would be interesting. he could see some fat pitches. overall i like the ethier for dunn deal, if that were to happen. afterall i think andre’s numbers last season may have been a bit flukish. ( batting average wise.)

I am getting a bid worried about that as well Graffiti, but i want to stick with him for atleast another year because who knows… He is young and he showed tons of talent, and he just seems like a smart ball player.

welcome to my world. yesterdays post

what Ned should say is:

I had a limited buget. So instead of spending 100 million on the NL Rbi leader or an impact power hitter which have become as difficult to come by as No. 1 starters I decided to spend my wad on Juan Pierre and Jason Schmidt.

Posted by: | June 12, 2007 05:01 PM

he really is the prototypical A’s draft…a polished college player with a low to average ceiling. He’s a nice player, but you could make the argument that he’s not a corner outfielder on a contender.

charris its not wrong sorry about that, i was just too busy laughing at the idea of dye being better for DS than dunn. dyes numbers are pretty bad and as pointed out he plays in a joke of a ballpark. also jones is not coming to the dodgers, he is advised by boras as well. my whole point is out of the guys available, dunn would be the easiest to aquire most likely.

Yea. Carlos Lee wouldve been nice. Why wasnt that discussed more at the time?? i cant remember..

exactly. dunn hits moon shots everywhere. he’d hit in DS too. He’d just be so frustrating to watch. Im actually surprised Ned is interested in him.

Me too– surprised..

I don’t think Ned is interested in Dunn, it’s just BS press. Anything Rosenthal writes hadly comes true. Plus Ned has shown to do things outside the box. Like all of a sudden something will happen and it will be suprising. I think it’s pretty evident with all the kids up that no trades will be made until they can evaluate things.

Carlos Lee was discused, Ned balked at going over 5 years. I think it was smart to say no, but not when you turn around and sign Pierre and Schmidt (and then whine about there being no power hitters available u don’t get my sympathy) Schmidt was an ace with no drama and he was not even considered to be resigned by the giants. I guess that should have told us something.

I think it’s really great they are going to the hospital to visit the kids – what a wonderful gesture.


ethier is not some stud prospect. we got him for bradley and perez. he could be a 25 homer guy but his swing is just a little long for my liking. analyzing his numbers , you can make a case for him to be benched in favor of kemp as well.

jungar while i dont believe everything I read, i dont think ned coletti all of the sudden just changed philosophy and decided to call up the kids. hes gotta be showing a few of them. i really hope hes got something up his sleeve. i could easily see something coming out of left field though, you never know with ned. i can see it now, ned sends laroche to philly for pat burrell.

I really dont think its Neds call as to who gets called up…

Of course it’s Ned’s call. Every GM makes those decisions.

yeah, it is ned’s call. its not grady’s, although he has some input. Ned did try to get lee, lee didn’t want to play on the WC, neither did soriano. hope they’re happy in the NL Comedy Central.

pat burrell? can we change it aaron rowand?

And if we make a trade, it will most likely be with Tampa Bay. For whom, I don’t know.

i agree, ned makes out of left field trades. Im not that opposed to trades, but it better be the right trade and the right prospects leaving. Eventually you get burned trading young players.

Yea, id love Rowand…

Ned did try to get lee, lee didn’t want to play on the WC, neither did soriano. hope they’re happy in the NL Comedy Central.

(Don’t be nieve, that was Neds spin on the situation. They went where the money was.)

Every time I have ever heard Ned on the radio he talks about the kids and how good they will be. In his actions he has done nothing in 2 years to not go in that direction. Sure I want Kemp to play over Gonzo but Ned and company wasn’t ready to completely trust the kids yet (which is a bummer but i understand)

The other day I heard McCourt on the radio and he said you build winning teams thru the farm and then add big name players for leadership or to fill holes. He gushed about the young talent coming up.

So I don’t know guys I don’t see any major moves coming.

whos call is it ewk? hahahah lol. its not tommy lasorda’s call anymore. aaron rowand!!!! what is to love about rowand besides the fact that he will run into walls. no more trades with TB either please….and if we do get guzman back in blue!!!! go ahead bash me..ill always love my joely.

Ok, help me out here guys; I must have missed something. Is Ryan Howard seriously being looked at by the Dodgers? If so, he would be the next best thing to Miguel Cabrera (IMHO).

I do not believe that Adam Dunn would be a good acquisition. He is on the down-side of his career and renting him for the remainder of the season could prove to be a huge gamble; not to mention the loss of some of our better prospects. If we’re going to do this, I would just as soon see us use our prospects for a permanent guy (like Ryan Howard) and not for a rented player like Adam Dunn.

If anyone has a link to a story regarding the Dodgers possibly getting Ryan Howard, could you please post it here?

Thanks in advance.



Ryan Howard and Chase Utley for Nomar, Pierre and Kent. Instand WS team if that were to happen!

Just kidding. Fansince53, I think it’s someones dream regarding Howard.

I’m not saying I want Dunn on the team; however, even with ALL the strike outs and lack of room in the outfield on our team…it would be really nice to have a power bat (and a lefty to boot).

I’m surprised with all the comments on Dunn here that no one mentioned what a terrible defender he is, both in the OF and at first. That’s all the Dodegrs need is another bad outfielder with nowhere to play? Seriously. He’s got power but so what? Look at the top power hitting (HR hitting) teams in the NL right now – how many of them are in playoff hunt? Defense is definitely not overrated though and the Dodgers don’t need to further worsen theirs. Imho. The best move Ned Colletti may make this season is to make none at all.

fansince53 i was simply comparing the two, i have not seen any report s that indicate the dodgers are interested in howard. however if you look back at the previous posts, you will see that patriotacts and I shed light on the fact that dunn and howard arent that differant. also all of your points fansince53 are really general.( hes a huge gamble? how? hes one of the most consistant players in recent years. ) and as i pointed out earlier dunn wants a deal done i believe upon being traded, so hes not a rental. the fact is he is better than andre ethier and gonzalez, but the question is how much do we give up.

it was definately said higher up.
The Howard thing is nothing at all, but was brought up because someone Dunn was on a similar level as Howard…

All this talk about outfielders. Our outfield is over-crowded, and will be even more so when Repko is healthy next season. Barring a Pierre trade/benching, next year we will have Kemp, Ethier, Pierre, and Repko in the OF. I know you’re all talking about trading Pierre (and eating his salary) or trading Ethier to make room, but why not look at 1st and 3rd base prospective trades? It’s more likely that Nomar could play 2b or 3b for 2008 and a hot corner infielder could be the solution, while Abreu plays a utility role for ’08 before Nomar goes.

Teixeira hit the DL with a quad strain last week, but he’s the most obvious solution I can see.

.283 .368 .535 Career

.302 .405 .554 2007

12 HR to go with 37 BB and 55 SO. He will strike out a lot, but 37 BB to go with those and an OBP of .405 already this year…I’m not going to complain with a career OBP of .368. Career BB/SO is 310/544. Too many strikeouts, but the guy is willing to take a walk. Plus, he’s 27 years old.

This is realistic. He’s in a walk year in ’08, with Boras as an agent, which is the only downside. But he would be a 1.5 year pickup, with a chance for an extension one would hope. Plus, the Rangers are definitely sellers in a few weeks, if not as soon as Tex is off the 15-day DL.

The Dodgers could make room for him this way. Obviously, Loney would be traded, but Tex has the proven power that Loney may never develop. Nomar would be an expensive bench player who would spell Tex when he needed it, spell Kent as he got some 2b experience for ’08, and could spell Raffy infrequently. In ’08, Nomar would be the 2b with Abreu a utility player who spelled him frequently (Abreu couldn’t play 3b because either Betemit takes off offensively or A-Rod is signed. Don’t argue. It’s destiny). Kent would be gone in ’08, hopefully.

This way, Tex brings power for this season and next, and maybe attracts an offseason signing like A-Rod once he sees that the Dodgers are serious about putting together an offense with speed AND power.

My suggested trade package: Loney, Hendrickson, Lowe for Teixeira and a AA – AAA pitching prospect.

Lowe has suggested that he’s not interested in extending his contract in LA; he’s a valuable trade piece, and Bills could fill in for him adequately (if Schmidt’s healthy – that’s a big IF). However, I know he might not be appetizing to the Rangers unless he suggested he’d sign an extension for them. Who knows, maybe Texas would be dumb enough to take Loney, Hendy, Tomko, or maybe Martinez. Maybe.

Or maybe Texas would want Pierre with the Dodgers eating $6-7 million each year. That would open up CF for Kemp, and the OF for a possible offseason addition.

there are only a few guys available on the market that can make a differance. im not saying we need a deal done, i was just pointing out my logical choice. regardless, we are going to need bigger contributions from the middle of our lineup if we are to stand pat. but i believe we need a bigger presence in the middle to get anywhere in the playoffs.

i wouldnt pencil in repko anywhere next year puppy, that guy is so brittle.

“Adam Dunn has some supporters in the San Diego organization, but he’d be an adventure defensively at Petco Park, and his contract allows him to become a free agent in November if he’s traded this season.”

Topic: Dmitri Young is also said to be on the trading block. Discuss.

i also have heard because of teixera’s hometown accessibility, the orioles are gonna make a hard push for him when hes a free agent. it said he was a favorite of peter angelos also. but who knows maybe nomar can work some georgia tech magic, and coletti could work some boras magic!!

Actually, what I’ve seen is that by taking a Boras pick in the first round the O’s have signaled that they’re willing to deal with the Boss of Glossy Pages.

Sorry about the late reply and don’t worry I didn’t take offense (just wanted to know your point of view because we are usually on the same page).

Bringing up a kid to spell Nomar is one thing but trading for a veteran to replace him would be more than Ned (and the PR people) could bear. Just my take. My thinking is that there thinking is that if there is a trade it’s at 3B or RF

Ned Colletti is quoted as saying, “They don’t give you more points for a homerun than an RBI single.”

Josh, please tell me Ben Maller just made that up.

Ned and his spin. He seems like such a great guy to BBQ with.

But see they do. 2 points to 1 point

that’s ned for you…

Tex would not be much behind Cabrera in terms of our whole kiddie corps would be depleted. You better bet they want at least Bills, Loney to replace Tex, and probably more too. And there’s no way ned will work out an extension with Boras. It’s a pipe dream. The reason why I am somewhat intrigued about a Dunn deal is its actually doable.

Adam Dunn struck out 194 times last year and is on a pace to do so again this year. I’m not sure we need a Dave Kingman type player. Also a defensive specialist he is not. I think he would cost too much as Cincy probably won’t take our veteran position players or pitchers like Hendrickson and Tomko.

I’m over a friend of minds house, I just dropped over to give an all-star boost to Russell Martin. Be back later for the lineup.

that is a horrible quote, of course ned, a homerun is just much faster and easier. its obvious ned was referring to nomar and his offensive woes this season. im gonna start a blog called ned o’reilly’s no spin zone.

If Ryan Howard was traded from the Phillies to the Dodgers, you’d see a REAL declaration of independence from the Phillie faithful. They’d all abandon ship without a life raft while making certain to take the ship (stadium) down with them. It would be an ugly mutiny.

Ryan Howard is as “untouchable” as they come. What a sweet dream that would be… Howard in a Dodger uniform.

You know it’s funny a few years back with DePo at the helm there was a rumor going around that because the Phillies had Thome they were thinking of trading Ryan Howard who was in AAA at the time. The proposed deal that eventually fell through was:

Ryan Howard and Placido Polonco for Duaner Sanchez

In fact after looking back at the article here’s the deal that almost happened which also included Andy LaRoche:

May. 12 2005 – After losing Jose Valentin to a knee injury and designating Norihiro Nakamura for assignment, the Dodgers are in the market for a third baseman. They are exploring trade options, beginning with the Phillies’ Placido Polanco, The Los Angeles Times reports. Polanco, who has a one-year, $4.6 million deal, is unhappy playing behind David Bell at third and Chase Utley at second.

Polanco’s preference is to play second, but he’d happily move to the hot corner to join the Dodgers, reports. “That would be great,” said Polanco. “I’d have no problem playing third base for [the Dodgers]. They have a great team.”

The Phillies reportedly prefer to include rookie first baseman Ryan Howard in a trade. A possible match is Polanco and Howard going to L.A. for right-handed reliever Duaner Sanchez and Class A third baseman Andy LaRoche.

Dunn is horrible who wants a guy who strikes out 180 times a year. I got an idea bat Martin third and that solves all of our problems!

oh man Alex that is brutal. We could only imagine.

Thats why wade was fired, for thinking like that. The Phills right now are paying Howard and Rowand 1/4 of what the Sox are paying Thome.

This is crazy. The trading deadline makes people absolutely nuts. All of a sudden Adam Dunn is turned in to Mickey ******* Mantle.

Here’s an idea, why dont we just play the best players that we already have. We do that and were fine. I dont see any reason in going out there and throwing prospects away to pick up an Adam Dunn. Lets keep the Paul Konerko’s and Pedro Martinez’s in our organization instead of trading them away looking for a quick fix.

Amen chuck. All we got to do now is have a MGR that throws out a good line up

i don’t think Adam Dunn is the ‘answer’, he won’t bring us the WS rings and neither will anyone else. But to think that trader ned is going to stand pat, and to think that he won’t dangle the kids, is well, ridiculous. I’m just comforting myself with the best possible scenarios.

Yeah, Dunn is not the answer.

Amen Charlie.

when has ned traded the kids? He knows what he’s doing he trust his scouts he traded Navarro and Guzman what happened with them? Only thing Ned needs to do is make the line up too!!!

well i guess we’ll wait and see what he does… i don’t want to trade the kids either, we’re on the same page!

I sure hope Loney starts tonight. I’m really sick of Nomar.

The Dodgers are in the same quandry they have been for the last 3 years as they wait for the minor leaguers to develop. The theory has been to play veterans and mix in a little youth in the hopes the Dodgers can win while the rest of the youngsters develop at AA and AAA. That worked for the most last year, but this year, Nomar, Kent, Pierre are not producing, forcing the Dodgers to bring up Abreau, Loney, Kemp, etc in order to light a fire under the veterans. The issue is, do the Dodgers stick with the youth and try to trade the veterans such as Kent, Tomko, Nomar to a contending team or do they continue to split time with the vets, in essence showcasing the youth, in case there is a deal out there? If they stick with the youth, they basically are givng up when they are tied for first. If they split time with the vets, the vets will be unahppy, which may force Coletti to trade away the prospects. I for one would like to see the Dodgers win this year, but at the same time, Gonzo, kent, Nomar, Tomko, Hendricksen, Seanez are not long term solutions for the Dodgers. I’d prefer us to focus on giving Abreu, Kemp, Loney the ab’s every day and perhaps acquire additional prospects for our vets. We should not trade Kemp, Bills, Loney, Ethier or Laroche. The Dodgers have the makings of a team that can win together for the next decade. Throwing that away for one season or for an Adam Dunne would be ridiculous. Imagine this lineup next season:








I’m not sick of Nomar as much as I’m sick of him hitting third!!! Does anyone have logical explanation why Nomar bats third?

Adam Dunn is a good ballplayer. But there is not a Dodger on the 40-man roster that I would give up to gt him. (OK–that’s an overstatement, and with all due respect to Wilson Valdez, I would trade him straight-up–but there is no deal that the Reds would ever even listen to that would be worth making).

Almost all the talent we need is in the organization now (yeah, there are holes, but not big ones), and I would not give up any of our talented youngsters (or even our slumping veterans, all of whom can pass down good lessons to our kids).

Yes, Dunn has prodigious power–but did anyone see Matt Kemp last night??? 447 foot upper deck shot, then we walks and steals a base. Then he beats out an infield single. Then he threatens to bunt, because he’s so darn fast that he can beat it out (so it did not work–how the heck do you pitch to a guy who can hit 450 foot homers and leg out infield singles???). In other words, we have the power hitter we need, just give it a little time.

It is almost always the case that someone comes to the Dodgers and is not as productive offensively, especially power hitters (think Strawberry, Eric Davis, Bobby Bonilla, and even Sheffield and Green, except for one year each). There are a few cases–like Kirk Gibson–where they are just as good, but the fact is, acquired hitting just never measures up in LA. I don’t know if it is because Dodger Stadium is a pitcher’s park, or because the crush of being on the Dodgers tends to magnify little flaws (Pierre’s inability to walk comes to mind), but I can just see acquiring some big guy like Adam Dunn and seeing him decimate his own single-season strike-out record.

Seriously, has there ever been an offensive player who we acquired who played better as a Dodger than he did with his prior team? I think Raffy had a career year in 2006, and is a little below his average this year, but is basically on par. Even Kirk Gibson’s 1988 OPS was lower (by a few points) then his prior 4 seasons.

Dunn is not the answer, we’ll be so fed up with him striking out at inopppurtune times. Stick with the young guys in the line-up. Put Bills back in the starting rotation, and use Lowe as trade bait, rumor has it, he’ll be a free-agaent end of the year, and Boras will be looing for $$$$$$. Doubt if we’ll re-sign him. So I say trade him now with a AAA prospect for Miggy.

I don’t think Lowe is a Fa until after 2008

That’s correct. Lowe signed a four-year deal (2005-2008).

I hope SD gets Adam Dunn. Moving from Coors Light to Petco will have an impact on his HR total (although Padres are considering moving in the fences next year). His defense (or lack thereof) will be huge liability in that park. And I’ll enjoy every one of those 200 K’s. Especially with a man in scoring position.

Is a trade holding up the lineup?

Just posting in case you haven’t seen this newly posted youtube of Kuo’s homer and bat flip (with a couple of replays in slow motion) broadcasted in Taiwan (with Prime Ticket’s feed, of course)

green one good year he had two 49 & 42 hrs

When Hong Chih Kuo homered, last night, It reminded me of a guy I new that pitched, played short, and hit more homeruns & stole more base than anyone else. I haven’t heard from him in over fourty years.

I know this is off-topic but hoping someone can address it. What happened to the Stadium Club? It used to be that, with a pass, you could go in to have a few drinks and appetizers at the bar for a couple of innings or before the game. I was planning on doing that tonight but just read that they don’t allow jeans, sneakers or t-shirts. I’m going to a ballgame, why wouldn’t I want to wear jeans and sneakers? When was this change made? Thanks.

Ok This one is for all 3 HR’s in Tawainese its hilarious!

that was funny fish

Pads up 5-0 in top of first

since when is Austa la Vista Taiwanese?

thanks edwin Jackson good rittens!!!

what about when they said back to back

Answer to leekfink above:Gary Sheffield

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