Russ is in first!!!!

Keep it going…he just passed Paul Lo Duca but is only up by 13,000 votes. You guys are really impressive but our work is not yet done!



I’ve maxed out votes on all my email addresses, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

This is great news! Keep voting everyone!


That’s fantastic news Josh! I’ve got five email addresses and have maxed them all out. Keep up the great work everyone!

And thank you Alex for cheering me up in the previous thread. You made some great points.

Go Dodgers!!

Go Russ!!

I voted for him! About 3 weeks or so ago I would say.

When we vote are we supposed to receive an email or something telling us we maxed out the email address? I’ve voted way past 25 times on an email address and nothing stops me from continuing.

When you max out on your E-mail address. Make up a fake one. Keep it going.

Awesome – that tedious afternoon watching a Dodger loss and clicking the vote button over and over and over again I had a couple weeks ago helped the cause!

HOLY CANOLE! WOW, DODGER FANS ARE ON FIRE! Martin by 13,000 and don’t you all dare stop now! Keep it going at double the pace because now N.Y will be inspired as well to get Lo Duca back in first! DON’T LET IT HAPPEN! Even Nomar is only 78,000 behind Pujols, Martin was further behind and got to first. Why not vote for Nomar too? GET AS MANY DODGERS TO SAN FRANCISCO! That would be crazy! (Forget the stats and just vote for Nomar and everyone else) JUST GO CRAZY! Now lets massacre the Mets!

VOTE FOR MARTIN…and everyone else!


Oh, and thank you for the kind words Kevin.

I’m not going to forget the stats. Nomar does not deserve to go to the all-star game.

The only Dodger who really deserves to go is Russ. Gonzo is making a small push, Kent had one earlier, but that’s about it. I love Nomar but he’s had a mediocre year so far.



Yeah, vote for strong starters for the positions other than C, no matter what team they’re on. The NL needs home field advantage in the World Series 😉

That’s fantastic News!!!! I’ve totaled to about 125 votes with all my email address and sent in ballots at the stadium.

lets’ keep it coming!!

Go Russ!!

Go Dodgers!!

I’ve been telling people for weeks now about MARTIN The response earlier was like…”Who?”>>>now it’s “oh yeah…Dodger catcher….His name was in the NL leading batters”.
I Think that’s going to change. And the responses are going to be better, a lot better. That batting order looks great, Send Ramon on an extented vacation.

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