Monday night is now closed

We’re full for Monday’s FSN premiere. You should receive an email on Thursday if you were one of the first 100 to respond. Thanks and good night.


Thanx Josh! I’m Going to the SHOW!!!

when did u send ur email fisher? and when did u get confirmation that your going?

Josh rules! I’m in also!!

If I haven’t heard at this point, should I assume that means I’m not going? It’s strange though, because I responded quickly…

I responded at 11:40 yesterday and haven’t heard at this point either. Still hoping!

Got my email@ 2:46 pm pst today.I’m in

Yeah it’s weird, I sent an e-mail at 11:30 am yesterday and haven’t heard anything, I guess I’m not in.

I’m in too! I received my e-mail shortly after noon. It’s a bummer that they will not allow us to get autographs or take photos. Oh well. See you guys there!


Yah, still waiting for my e-mail, def sent before the warning that there were only a few spots left. We shall see I suppose?

Ok I finally got mine about an hour ago.

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