Happy Birthday, Ruth Smith…

A great story today by Ben Platt about native Angeleno, Ruth Smith, who turns 107 today. Seriously. Born in 1900, she is just 10 years younger than the Brooklyn Dodgers.


“I love people, I love life and I love the Dodgers,” said Ruth. “The Dodgers actually come first and then the others come after.”

That’s pretty good, not just for 107. A Lasorda-worthy quote, or maybe better. You should use it.

Loney on base twice in two at bats so far.


hahah. that ruth smith is awesome.

Loney is still on fire. Betemit is still struggling and LaRoche is still committing errors. I bet Nomar starts a game at third this week.

Isn’t it beautiful that a fan only 5 years younger than the Babe himself is still able to hear the best baseball braodcaster of the twentieth century in the 21st century.

I remember when the Dodgers came to town. It was the best thing that happened since sliced bread.

And Vinny sold us the team. He and Jerry did masterful job, but of course I had alreazdy been listening to the Brooklin Club since the shot heard round the world.

God bless you Ruhtie ! !

And Happy Birthday

Loney for President!

Elkim27, I’m sure he appreciates your enthusiasm, but Loney is Constutionally barred from running for president for over a decade because of the age requirement (you have to be 35). Nomar Garciaparra, however, was born in 1973.

How about Nomar for President, Loney for first base? 🙂

Thanks for making the Media Guide available online, Josh. It’s really great. But there’s a problem with two of the links (chapters):

Intro: there’s an error with the file

Players S-Z: doesn’t exist

Please let us know if/when you can get those uploads fixed. Thanks

if you guys are in my league, the draft will be taking place at 9:45 pt, make sure u make it

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