The Windy City

Spring Training hasn’t moved to Chicago, but gusts up to 20 miles per hour kept us all trying to stay active throughout the day. That wasn’t a problem for the players, who continued workouts today. Several guys threw their first bullpen sessions, including Jason Schmidt, Randy Wolf and Takashi Saito. It’s pretty amazing to see a decent-sized contingent of Japanese media following Saito, as he was a relative unknown a year ago this time, despite his success in Japan.

We also set up a quick photo with our three Taiwanese players (Tsao, Kuo and Hu), as today marks the Chinese New Year. Kuo told me that this is a big deal back home, kind of like Christmas, where they all receive and give gifts. He’s living with Tsao here in Vero, but they don’t seem to have plans to celebrate in any particular fashion.

Brett Tomko slightly sprained his ankle yesterday but said that he expects to still throw his bullpen tomorrow. And today is Manny Mota’s birthday, so a special welcome goes out to him.

Otherwise, it’s a quiet day around here. We added Kelly Stinnett to the mix as a non-roster invitee, so he showed up today, as did non-roster outfielder Larry Bigbie. And everyone under the sun is still talking about the goldmine that Matt White is sitting on in Massachussetts.

Don’t forget to listen to DodgerTalk tonight on KFWB 980 at 8 p.m. PT, as Joe Beimel will be a guest of the show.

And, I know some of you asked about when tickets go on sale for individual games, so check out this page for all the info.

Finally, I have heard that a past president of the Dodger Booster Club, Ross Daly, recently passed away, so our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and those who knew him.


I heard Josh mention that the Dodgers were gonna have some spring training video of spring training on Dodgers on Demand but I’ve yet to see any such video yet?

The Big Blue Wrecking Crew ’07!!

Patience… Pitchers/catchers just reported for spring training this weekend!

if people are still interested in joining the league, let me know.. i’m thinking about adding teams…

as of now i am still waiting for, and to accept the invitation…


Hey ray, go ahead and send me an invite if you still have the space…

I would so like to join your league as well, ray, but I’m going on a 3 month trip to south america this summer. I can’t wait for this season to get started!

i sent u the invitation ognir… and i created more space if anyone is interested..


once again, if you guys are interested in joining.. let me know on this blogg or at


im officially on board ray. im looking forward too it, should be lots of fun. what do you guys think about the opening day starter?

hey graffiti, i was unaware that ur a girl…are you the only one on this blogg?..

If you have a spot I’d like to join.

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