Two quick things…

A few things to check out when you get a moment. First off, Charley Steiner did an interview with, which is available here.

Also, Marlon Anderson spent today in New Orleans with Chris Capuano, LaTroy Hawkins and the Major League Baseball Players’ Trust, where they announced that their organization would be donating $1 million to Volunteers of America to assist their efforts to build housing units for people left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

And Tommy Lasorda gave a motivational speech to a local fire department, one of the many things he does on a daily basis that the public rarely hears about.


The comments about Dodger Talk in the previous posting are right on the mark. KFWB isn’t committed to a solid format. In my opinion they’re simply in for the advertising dollars !! 4 out of 10 minutes is no committment to the fan !! I’ve been on the air several times and I have to say it’s almost pointless. When ever a tough subject comes up they cut you off and go off to something else. I place the responsibility on the Dodgers though becasue ultimately it’s the Dodgers who bless the format.

I’ll conclude by saying I’m still lobbying to replace Steiner. He’s not a Dodger, he’s a Yankee fan to the very end and I for one can’t stand to listen to him. Sooooo once Vin does his 3 innings I’m off the air

Go Dodgers !!!

Josh, Thanks for the constant updates and varied content.
This BLOG is what Dodger Talk once was. Just like Gary pointed out, there is no room for banter or conversation on Dodger talk. A. Martinez cuts you off and then they take ANOTHER commercial break before there can be any kind of rebuttal from the caller. Try listening to it as you leave the parking lot after the game it’s pointless.

Dodger talk is a Dodgers product, please protect it and show the Dodgers fans some respect.

I’ll conclude by saying everyone pails next to Vinny, that goes without saying, but I like Steiner, I dont mind him. However, I am so bummed that Steve Lyons got let go by Fox. I really enjoyed his sense of humor, must everything be so serious. The guy was fresh and made the game fun to watch and listen to. The Dodgers should hire him as one of their announcers.

Go Dodgers…this the year! I cant wait for opening day!, Steve Lyons is still with if I remember correctly., That KFWB contract was during the NewsCorp. days.

yes it was during newscorp but McCourt is currently renegotiating with them on an extension. PLEASE everyone let them know that we do not like the status quo. Growing up with Bud Furrillo, and later even Ross Porter who should not have been let go and then listening to the TERRIBLE job that they do now is untenible. I saw where the current administration would not answer media questions about the radio contract negotiations. This is disappointing and leads me to beleive that which ever radio outfit offers the most cash will be the winner even if they provide an inferior product. KFWB is all news so they don’t want to break their traffic on the 1s format but KABC was all talk and when they went to Dodger Talk they knew how to handle it.

p.s. any chance of a comment on the radio situation from the dodgers???

Thanks interpol2424,
Last I heard was that Steve Lyons was fired by Fox in October because of some left handed suedo politically incorrect, possibly or potencially racest joke that could have been interpreted in many different ways.

I hear they hired Eric Karros to handle the Fox Sports West Dodger broadcasts, and even though he was a Dodger and a good one, he’s got a major ax to grind with the Dodgers.

eric karros huh? hopefully he doesnt grind his axe on the fans that supported him throughout his years in dodger blue.

According to the main Dodger website, Steve Lyons is still on-board with the Dodgers and there is no mention of Eric Karros:

I, too, like Steve Lyons and am glad that the Dodgers kept him. Sure, he is a whack job, (hence his nickname “Psycho”), but he is witty and knows the game well.


hey guys,
does anyone know of a radio station that plays dodger games live without the 7 second delay? any radio station other than kfwb? it really kills it when your at the game and vin is 6 or 7 seconds behind on the calling of the game! any ideas?

oh yeah,
pitchers and cathers report on friday!!!!!! woohoooo!! GOOO BLUE!

“does anyone know of a radio station that plays dodger games live without the 7 second delay?”

I remember back in the day they didn’t have that 7 second delay. I really doubt there’s any station that doesn’t have a delay now a days.

Does anybody have any idea when season tickets/mini-plans are mailed to ticket holders such as myself?

Just putting in my two cents.
I cannot stand Charlie Steiner and will switch to other media to avoid hearing him. Please get rid of him.

hey alex, i already have mine… and is anyone interested in joining my fantasy baseball league?.. if you are, let me know through here, or my email..


Gary… enough already! (And this goes to anyone else here who keeps bagging on Charlie Steiner.) You’re allowed to have an opinion, but just because a man spent four years as a Yankee announcer doesn’t mean that he’s a Yankee fan. Did you even bother to read the article that Josh posted? If you did then you’d know that Charlie Steiner is now and has always been a lifetime Dodgers’ fan! He’s one of us! So get off him for cryin’ out loud!

Fact: Charlie Steiner is a true professional. Have you even tried to listen to those hacks in San Diego? They’d be salivating down there to have a talent like Charlie. And what about the monotone, soothe-you-to-sleep Jon Miller up in Giant land? We should feel lucky to have a man like Charlie Steiner, a man that truly loves the game of baseball, calling our games.

Fact: He is NO Vin Scully, and that’s by his own admission. There will NEVER be another Vin Scully. We are blessed to have had Vinny, and he’s set the broadcasting bar to stratospheric heights, the likes of which no one will ever achieve again. So don’t EVEN try to compare the two.

Fact: We should all feel lucky to have a man with such credentials and integrity calling play-by-play for OUR team! And he will only get better. I can’t think of anyone else right now that I’d rather see carry the torch of Dodgers broadcasting once Vinny does decide to hang ’em up… and a sad day that will be for sure… but Charlie Steiner is good for the Dodgers and he’s good for baseball.

Go Dodgers!

Go Charlie!

And yes, I know… it’s Charley and not “Charlie”. My bad…

Worth a look Gammons blog on ESPN this morning has a list of “breakout season” potentials according to 70 MLB managers and scouts….

Billingsly #6, Kemp #10

go blue!!!

kssparkuhl, I agree about the SD announcers. I lived in San Diego for 6 years, and those announcers drove me INSANE. I would often mute the TV when watching games. The Dodgers announcing crew are gods by comparison…you guys should appreciate what you have. I’m in Denver now and never get to hear Vin’s voice…

i could think of quite a few former players that would make better announcers than steiner. im tired of his and the rest of the east coast news media’s veiled shots at the west coast and LA to be specific. i cant even watch sportscenter anymore, and the lames on espnnews are horrible. on a side not has anyone ever listened to chicago white sox games??? those guys are hilariously loyal.


I would be interested in joining the league.

I think the Ticket plans are mailed out sometime between now and the beginning of March

I would be interested in joining your league as well ray. how many people do you have on board?

Right on puppyhead..San Diego’s, Matt V. is probably
the WORST announcer, this side of the world..Horrible.

His screeming, is what get’s


its a 12 man league, although i can add more if needed, i’ll mail you the invites… neone else interested?

btw, i made it free of charge, all you need is a espn account, but that too is free…


Kssparkuhl, I appreciate your opinion about Steiner, I just can’e agree with it. In my humble opinion, Rick Monday or Ross Porter are much better to listen to than Steiner. When Vinny retires I would much rather have one of them take the reigns. It’s like that old saying, ” I may not know what’s good, but I know what I like.”

Kevin (Kssparkuhl, ) I won’t give up my drive to get Steiner out of LA. He a very knowledgeable announcer that chooses to ridicule, make fun of and simply sensationalize the game. Yes I’m spoiled by Vin and no there will never be another Vin Scully. But in LA there should be an heir apparent to Vin Scully that at least attempts to carry the flag as well as Vin did for so many years. This is a Dodger tradition that goes to the very core of who we are. We’re not rude and insensitive New Yorkers that drive our players away. We support our team to the very end and we expect our announcers to show that same commitment. Steiner is a HACK and as far as I’m concerned isn’t worthy of being in LA !!!

Go Dodgers !!

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