A great second day of the caravan

We’re back at Dodger Stadium and pretty tired after a long day of trekking from spot to spot around the city. We got to see a ton of Dodger fans at the Long Beach Aquarium, so thanks to all of you who came out to support the team. From what I hear, there were people lining up early this morning and the event was awesome.

We also got to stop at Nomar’s old high school and he was pretty floored at the reception he got there. Stops at an elementary school and MLB’s Urban Youth Academy were also very cool and I think all the players – past and present – who made it out today really seemed to genuinely enjoy being out in the community.

I’ll try to post more about this tomorrow, but it’s about time to call it a night. Be sure to check out the front of the site, which should have a story from Ken Gurnick (who was on the caravan with us both days) and a photo album of great shots from Jon SooHoo.

We leave for Vero Beach one week from tomorrow. Hard to believe.


It’s always cool to see the photos from the caravan.

Thanks for doing the caravan again this year. Finally got to meet Tommy and got a picture with him and my daughter.

One thing I would like to ask for next year, (beyond asking that you do the whole thing again!) is not to have someone telling us that we can’t take pictures. To me, getting a picture with my child with one of their heros means a lot more than an autograph.

But thanks very much for the event and I look forward to next season.

Hey Josh,

Nice picture of you sitting next to Nomar fixing your sandwich! LOL

Have fun in Vero and I’ll see you at the stadium.

Jeremy T.

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