Today's game

Most of you already know today’s lineup…same as yesterday, with Lugo replacing Betemit at third base in the No. 8 spot.

We’re five hours from first pitch and the first bus got us here about an hour ago.

Think tonight’s game is a big one? Yeah, I guess I agree.



hopefully we can correct the mistakes of yesterday, it is a game we should have broke open in the second inning.
I dodn’t get home until the fourth inning,still think I yelled at my t.v. more than I ever had before.

we can still win this playoff, so let go Dodgers,

we just need to play smart baseball… we need to win and shut up everyone at espn..


Why Lugo? Thats a free out along with the pitcher. What is the point of this lineup? The Mets can hit if we havent noticed, we need to out slug them. Put Olmedo in there, or if not at least Ramon Martinez. He at least can hit and he’s comprable defensively. Hopefully Lofton can get it together and we can play good ball.
Go Dodgers.

I’d like to see Repko in CF vs. Glavine. Look at the numbers, Kenny Lofton has NEVER hit Glavine. Defensively, I think they have a similar game – Kenny obviously has more experience. Offensively, yesterday’s 3 K’s for Lofton make me think that Repko might be the choice in this game.
While we’re making changes, can we please get Ethier back in the outfield? I love Marlon’s bat as much as the next guy, but there were a couple line drives that fell for hits in front of Marlon that are plays I’ve seen Andre make before.

Oh, I had an idea! Marlon Anderson starts at 3rd and Ethier gets left field.

No Lugo in the lineup – he is a wasted at bat. Saenz would be a good choice, or even Betemit. He had two hits yesterday, and one of them was against lefty Wagner. He could be hot in this series if given the chance. Beyond today’s game, please do not schedule Penny to get a start, at least not unless we’re up two games to one. I have no confidence in his ability to get outs – putting him in play is just giving away the game. I know that Little won’t listen, but this guy should be traded for whatever he’s worth over the winter, and he should not put any more Dodger games in jeopardy EVER.

Oh, how quickly we all seem to forget the quality that Brad gave us at the beginning of the season. Sure, he’s in a rough spot right now. But think about the HUGE wins that he picked up at the beginning of the season. Trade Penny? No! Make him start a VERY rigorous offseason training program to build stamina and lose about 25-30 of the extra pounds that he’s carrying around? Absolutely.

Just to put it in perspective….if the second half of the season were really the first half, we might have traded Penny and kept Seo. Ignore the wins/losses and they had comparable years.

Little always manages like he is saving something for later. Broxton/Saito could have managed the 7th-9th innings last night. Instead we took a loss so they would both be available tonight. With a runner in scoring position we hit Lugo instead of Saenz to save Saenz for later? (he was never used by the way).

Compare this to Randolph who pulled out all the stops to secure the win (using half of his pitching staff). Little is a great guy around the clubhouse, but he doesn’t seem to have a grasp of reality or the gravity of specific situations. I hope we can overcome his managing and take this series.

What in the world was Grady thinking when he brought in Penny? He didn’t even know what shape he was in,and then was not the time to find out.!Let’s hope he doesn’t have to make too many more major decisions. I feel good about our chances tonite and the rest of the way.Go Blue!

If we can’t get good value for Penny in trade, I’d absolutely agree with putting him on a strict conditioning regimen requiring a loss of 25-30 lbs. I recognize we wouldn’t be where we are without his winning record in the first half of the season. However, I don’t think he’s a good fit with the Dodgers in durability or temperament, and I would rather have another proven starting pitcher or power bat, or even a couple of top rated pitching prospects in his place for 2007.

I totally agree with the Saenz/Lugo comment.

Kuo has to go 6 strong and maybe 7. Id like to see Tomko get the 7th, Broxt the 8th and Saito the 9th. **** if he has to, id go Saito 2 innings tonight.

Weaver is about to implode in this afternoon game lol

there’s a big surprise! Weaver’s gonna screw up? Raise your hand if you had a feeling that last-year’s 14-win season was a fluke

if i was Grady id keep Betemit in and keep him hitting Left Handed against Glavine. Glavine’s best pitch is a Change-up low and away to righties. The more Lefties we have in the lineup the less he throws that pitch. If he does throw that change up to lefties it will break into them and he’ll have more chances to hang one to a lefty.

Saenz or Martinez please.

Here’s hoping the team can get the magic started.

Lugo tonight 0-4 2 strikeouts and 2 pop ups

Let’s not get carried away with the Lugo instead of Saenz talk. Saenz was used, in the top of the ninth, with one man on and no outs, in a position where one swing could have tied the game. He flied out. It’s not his fault they lost the game and not a big strategic blunder by Grady either. He had others, but that was not one.

Anyone just catch that SD Bonehead play? Puljos singles run scores relay was missed puljos gets caught between 1st n 2nd SD Blows the rundown Puljos to 2nd…. Made me feel better about yeesterdays play!


that last-year’s 14-win season was a fluke

Posted by:

Last Year he had a Good Pitching coach…..

stl might sweep this series. I thought SD would take them, but they just can’t win the big game. Yeah that rundown was awful.

“What is it about Little and postseason pitching that things seem to backfire? He’s left in a no-win situation with the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez in 2003 and gets fired.”

I envision Grady starting Penny in game four and getting blasted in the first inning by walking 2 of the first 3 batters; with the Mets scoring 4 or 5 runs. We lose to the Mest in fourand Grady says “I went with the best we have.”

But he gets praise from Ned and Frank and a contract extension for getting us PO. We’ll be stuck with Grady for four years.

Go Dodgers!

Pedro thought he made the right decision yesterday. lol

Its not really important about trading Penny not trading Penny right now etc…. thats off season business. What is important is that he is broken now- either physically or mentally, so STOP USING HIM IN CLOSE GAMES!!!!! Seriously, I only want to see Kuo, Brox, or Saito name next to the decision (WIN) tonight. Theres no more reason to rest guys.

I have gotten used to rooting against the Padres, I think im going to keep doing it.

Also, has anyone else noticed that it looks like Broxton is wearing clown sloes?

We can second guess these games/lineups until we are all old and gone. Let’s just support the team and lineup we have, because that is what they need most right now.

Go Dodgers!!!

Lugo will be the hero tonight.

Lugo is hitting .294 against Glavine. That’s why he’s in there…let’s hope he can produce tonight

Penny will win game 4!

Lugo will no doubt go somewhere else next season, and Little will insist on playing him until he’s gone, so PLEASE Lugo give us one memorable game before you go, and PLEASE make it this one RIGHT NOW. Thank you.

i hope it’s not just me but i LOVE watching Kuo dance!!

Dance meaning pitch

No need for post mortems. Things happen, unusual things we have never seen before. That’s one of the great things about this game. We don’t hit many homers but can nickel and dime a team to death. Let’s do that tonight. I wonder about lineup decisions too but almost always we find there is a reason for the changes. eg. Lugo’s average against Glavine. Let’s be positive guys. Someone already said he didn’t feel any presuure tonight because we have an offense that can the Mets and our pitching staff is as good as theirs. So we have to do the little things well, better than them – advance runners, hit and run, steal, turn double plays, work the pitcher, throw strikes. That’s what got us here. GO DODGERS!!!!

Grady said what HE was thinking. “I believe in Penny.” I could not express my thoughts better than Bill Plaschke in the L.A. Times.

*Little decides to use Penny, & Dodgers pay price.

*It was nuts. It was chaos. It was completely avoidable.

*That was Little, with the score tied in the top of the seventh inning, decided his best possible reliever was his most struggling starter.(my notes: Since 8/18 Penny is 4-4 w/era of 6.75; since all star–6.25 era, in Sept’ a 6.83 era)

*He passed on Tomko who has ginen up only one run in his last six appearances.

*He passed on Broxton (maybe saving him for the eighth.

*”I believe in Penny.” said Little, bring in a guy who lasted only 3 outs in his last start.

I have not forgotten the contribrutions Penny made before the all star break. BUT WHAT THE HECK WAS HE THINKING YESTERDAY.

Change of subject-I am inclined to save Saenz for “situational hitting, but I agee with everybody about Lugo. I like the idea of Anderson at third with Andre in left, but Ramon or Betimit–anybody but Lugo. I guess Grady “believes” in him too.

With Lugo, we’ve got some more speed on the bases. Repko & Olmedo the Killer Tomato are gonna be used later in the game, not to worry. If yesterday’s game showed anything, its that tonight’s game is gonna be a fight. This series is far from over, our DODGERS are gonna win this thing!!!! GO DODGERS!!!!

i think that one of my kids is going to step up big today… we need to have faith in little, and our players.. i know we will get it done today.. where have u been harold?


euhlman (Harold?)
Very good post you made while I was typing mine. I have said in earlier days that I acknowledge second guessing is only as good as the information you have.I do not think we would be where we are with out Grady. I do wish he would give some thought that if the owner is not hesitant to acknowledge his mistakes it would not hurt him to do the same once or twice. However, the main thing is that we all keep positve because none of us thought we would be where we are after finishing with the third worse record in the league last year.GO BLUE-REMEMBER THE PONCHO

Today, Ray. I was doing a retired thing – picking cranberries along the largest fresh water lake in Nova Scotia. A great way to use my nervous energy. Gathered 95 pounds. I have the same feeling. Someone is going to step up and I hope it is one of your kids. I’m thinking Russell Martin or James Loney. Good clip on the CTV news in Canada last night re: Russell and his Dad. Bringing good publicity for the Dodgers in Canada. Keep it positive tonight guys. We have two things the Mets don’t have – the most passionate, loyal fans in the world and THE PONCHO. Keep it warmed up today Ray.

At the very least this Dodger team has too much fight in them to get SHUT OUT by a pitcher like Jeff Weaver.

I am nervous about Kuo being able to shut down NY again. Some of the Mets say they are ready for Kuo this time around and they won’t be suprised and caught off guard. How are you doing? Hope all of this playoff excitement has you ready to soon run the bases. I agree. Last year DePodesta and Tracy took the heat because of our finish, which was probably unaviodable with six million games lost to injury. However, to them goes the blame. This year we are in the playoffs so the conclusion has to be – to Ned and Grady goes the credit. They never gave up. Grady said when we were in a terrible funk that 87 wins was doable. That seemed impossible at that time. Ned had some moves that didn’t work. Several did, including protecting Ray’s kids. He made moves as long as he could, one super one being acquiring Greg Maddux. As I’ve said before, I am 100% in making decisions after the game is over. Before the game, not quite so good. It seems reasonable to me if we want players to play with confidence, the manager has to show confidence in them, even if we don’t. GO DODGERS!!!! This one is ours. Going home 1-1 in games is great.

Glavine is not an “untouchable” any longer. Let’s not treat him like one! Go Dodgers!!

Thank GOD that Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips are not calling the game today. At least Psycho is familiar with the Dodgers. GO KUO!!

Yeah… they’re professionals. That’s why THEY work for a real network and not some “we hire washed-up athletes as commentators” cable station.

The Mets want this game more. They’re making things happen. They’re playing smart ball to win. We need to catch up in a hurry or we’re down 0-2.

We gotta do the little things like not swing at a 3-0 pitch. Just relax guys. Kuo needs a couple of low pitch innings. The ESPN camera constantly focusing on the Mets is irritating.

Holy **** a gift from the Big Dodger in the sky on those last two Met outs. Russ Martin nearly made that inning unbearable if they had scored after Russ swung on a 3-0 count.

95 lbs–WOW! Reminds me of my youth. I was born & living in the south/east corner of Kansas ( a little town of 470). We would pick goose berries, black berries, etc. My Unkles had farms o/s of town & provide us meat. My mother raised chickens & had a hugh garden. She canned & made tons of pickels. What a life until 12/07/1941.

ReWhat ever happens in the P/O’s (& I am positive)–what a future they can look forward to. Every one in their organization is committed. If Ned can do in a few months, think what he will put on the firld next season.

Big disappointment!! I had to go back into the hospital for the Giants series, But thanks to the blogs, Times, & etc I got caught up for the P/O’s

Well I just received a call–family emergency. Complications with my Granddaughters delivery & they are concerned about both surving. If you believe in prayer I am requesting it of you & like minded bloggers. I believe very strongly in the power of prayer. My prayers are with your grand-daughter and all the members of your family.

We’ve got your back “asq”. Hope for and believe in good things and your higher power. Prayers are with you. – will pray for you & yours. The game pales in meaning doesn’t it?

We are getting destroyed by a team who knows how to play in the big time. We look like terrible amateurs compared to this slick, well-executing team. Sweep in three. I might as well not have bought any postseason tickets 😦

*puts fork back in Dodgers – should never have removed it*

we need someone to come up big for us.. c’mon someone step up!


*puts fork back in Dodgers – should never have removed it*

You’re gonna eat your words Griffon…

Keep the PONCHO warmed up Ray. Believe in the comeback.
Gotta do the little things. Mets scored two runs on non hits – infield grounder and SF. We gotta do the same. It really is a simple game.

I think Nomar should be removed. He is really hurting.

Se you guys next season, hopefully Soriano is on board!! – if I need to eat those words, I will gladly remove said fork and use it for the process 😉

Playing Nomar and Kent hurt hurts the defense and offense. I feel for Kent – he’s the only man on this team not frozen in the headlights, playing his heart out for his dream of a World Series ring. The rest of the team does nothing.

we sure do have a lot of fans that never give up…


Hendrickson in with the bases loaded. Well, if anything, it won’t be boring. 😮 )

Kent is doing fine and I agree he needs help. The Mets are laying down bunts and we can’t even make the plays. We are totally outmatched here tonight. We are going to have to turn it up Saturday in LA. Down 0-2 its gonna take a miracle win this one. Put the Poncho away, bring out something else Nomars out and the Poncho has lost its magic in NY.

Once again The Padres & Dodgers are showing why EVERBODY in baseball thinks that the NL West is the ‘Garbage Pit’ of the Major Leagues..
Both teams are Pathetic – especially the Dodgers..Neither of these teams belong on the same field with any of the other playoff teams.. Don’t believe me?? Just look at the records —

Dodgers Against:

The Padres W5 L13

The Cards W0 L7

The Athletics W0 L3

The Twins W0 L3

Each of these teams Beat them down like Dogs – made them look stupid & inept..The Yankees & Tigers would have done the same – Belive It !! The Mets are about to make it 6wins out of 9 (would have been 8 out of 9 if they would have had any incentive in their last series).. You live in a ‘Dream World’ if you think this will change anytime soon.. All of these teams have far superior Managers & Players.. If the Dodgers don’t DUMP Lugo, Penny, Kent, Drew, Lofton, Sele, Hendrickson, Tomko & replace them with GOOD agressive, passionate players we are doomed to be mediocre for a long time too come.. Also, and most importantly, they need to get rid of the WORST Manager they have ever had!! NICE GUYS ALWAYS FINISH LAST..


This Fat Clown needs to get back to his hog farm with the rest of the pigs..

Somebody forgot to tell him that you can’t manage using a WEE-GEE Board..

The game we are watching right now is a perfect example of what I am telling you — They Look Inept @ Pathetic — They sure as **** can’t compete with this team..

Nomar’s out, Beimel’s out – the injuries have finally caught up with us ( and our manager has no brain when it comes to his pitching staff. I mean, Penny? Phuff, gimme a break ).

Well, there’s next year. Unless disaster strikes, this team is on the rise, and that is something at least.

Not that we’ll be able to DO anything in the postseason after getting there. There is not a shred of big match temperament in this team outside of Kent.

this is awfull, no one is showing heart besides kent.. it looks like these guys dont give a ****, someone needs to slap the **** out of them and wake them up!


This is tough to watch. The Mets pounce on every mistake we make……and we are making way too many of them.

The Mets have a swagger right now, and the dodgers are looking cowed.

We are still in it, but need something to happen. I agree….Nomar needs to come out. He can barely run to first.

This is why I wasn’t even excited when this team squeaked into the postseason.

This is Best Blue Drivel, dished up by a team that doesn’t belong in the postseason.

Put away the rally stuff and hope. This team didn’t come into the postseason prepared, and now they are being exposed.

Thanks for the hard work put in by everybody on the Dodgers to bring us, the fans, this season, but the season is done now.

Once again, thanks for your hard work, guys.

( And Colletti, please get us some arms and a power bat for 3B. Thanks! )

This lack of enthusiasm has been here all season long, with a few exceptions. I think it’s just the character of the team. The leaders are all quiet leaders (Kent, Nomar, Drew). I think finding a player in the offseason who has the ability to rally a team should be a priority.

And we know there is no way Little is going to rally the team. He, and his staff are pretty much inept. Little never shows any leadership….he is just “one of the guys”.

It seems to me like this is going to be just another wasted postseason where management sells us on the fact that they won 1 postseason game. Quite frankly, Id rather not make the playoffs then lose 3-0 or 3-1 in the first round. We need to build a team that can get through the weak NL West and do something in the playoffs. To win in the playoffs we NEED a #1 starter, and while Lowe has been solid all year, Id take a lot of people over him.

It looks like we’re sleeping out there. Can someone hit the ball!!!!!!!!!!!! – gotta agree with you. This listless, punchless, spineless team has been frustrating me all year long. But for that good August, and a come from behind but lose to Cubs, Pirates, Brewers September, this team’s been tepid. That losing to weak teams should have been the sign, but hope springs eternal in the fan’s heart, so most people didn’t see it.

Colletti – get some guys with fire in the belly too, and some gutsy managers. The ex-Marlin manager comes to mind.

Very well said griffon64 — I agree with you completely..

I didnt have many expectations this post-season. Bad bullpen, bad manager equal bad playoffs. Dodgers wont win anything with this bullpen. Grady needs to go this offseason and maybe we can get Ron Washington as our Manager.

this team is a shame.. how do you not show up in the biggest game of the season?…


one word…PATHETIC!

if Nomar cant go saturday I’d put Loney at first. If Grady Starts Lugo at second and Kent at First i will personally start a Fire Grady WEbsite, sale Fire Grady shirts and make Fire Grady Bumper STickers

The Poncho has officially spent its usefulness… sorry Ray… it’s fact. It’s time to believe in something else:


I second that MAX!

The fix was in tonight, Selig wants a Subway Series sooo badly. Just like the crooked refs in the NBA and in the Superbowl you can’t escape corrupt sports.

I agree the Poncho has run its course. Honestly guys, we all Love the Dodgers or we wouldnt post on this site. I know for myself I live and die with these Dodgers especially in the playoffs. We are all upset now and honestly we are all expecting to go out in the first round. And we will be pissed and we will call for Grady’s head, but all in all it was an amazing season with games and memories we will never forget. If the Dodgers win on Saturday we will love them again, and even after they lose come April we will once again be there biggest fans. As easy as it is to be critical lets be happy that we are here and had this opportunity. Most of all lets all be positive and channel all our energy to that. That more than anything is what this team needs. We have nothing to lose now as fans, and they have nothing to lose as players, there is no pressure, so lets just go out there and have as much fun as possible. The Red Sox did it from down 3-0 to the Yankees, there is no reason to stop Believing in the Dodgers.

In my book the team over achieved, wasn’t sure how the team would adopt with the manager and GM changes. I predicted an 81-81, 3rd place record but the boys played with heart and put up an amazing August to keep afloat. Just think were we’d be next year if we get Schmidt or Zito to ace the staff and new corner outfielder with 40 HR potential!!!!





Penny traded back to the Marlins for Cabrera!!


Skunk-Marlins aren’t that stupid!

asq, Our prayers are with you and your family. We hope to hear good news from you soon !!
God Bless !!

Tonights game was a total break down. We can only hope that coming home will charge the batteries !! I for one am BELIEVING IN MAD DOG !!!
Go Dodgers !!!

asq-Hoping the best for you and your family.

All I have to ask and sy is why isn’t Loney starting? Nomar is a great bat yes and he is a seaasoned vet but Loney has done nothing but play 1st with great defence and swung a huge Bat as of late not to mention the LA RBI RECORD and the Minor League Batting Title…..Who is Better a Hobbed Nomar or a early 20’s Hot Rookie with Power of Late? I Think even Tracy would have put him in and kept Nomar back for situational hitting of the heal.Grittle is not for me….

Fisher, I can’t really disagree with your desire to have Loney in there, but Nomar hasn’t hurt us, he hasn’t been spectacular either. I think you’ll see Loney on Saturday. I would have agreed with Grady in playing Nomar. He knows the pitchers better, the strike zone better and has clearly proven to play well under preasure. Nomar was the right choice for the early innings to get ahead. Loney’s the better choice for Saturday.

As bleak as it all looks to us fans, there’s still a game to be played on Saturday, so I suggest we all get behind a team that promises to be in the post season for many years to come. Enjoy the game everyone, I will !!!

Go Dodgers !!

asq, how’s your family ?? We’re thinking of you !!!

Everybody can rant and rave all they want.The season and all the Dodgers playoff hopes disengrated in the 2nd inning of game one.There is no coming back from the devastating mistake the 3rd base coach made. He should have been replaced after that game.Baseball is a game of emotionally and mental swings and you only could have imagined what could have been if the bases are loaded and no outs with a rookie pitcher and Marlon Anderson at bat!The Dodgers would have won and had a better mind frame for game 2!

Looking at that bungled play in Game 1, it’s no longer so clear to me that the 3rd base coach was at fault. I think the couple of players on base botched it at least as much as Donnelly – Kent by getting a late start and Drew by getting right on his heels, so there was no stopping him.
I think the bigger mistake, if we’re looking for one was putting Penny on the line after the game was tied. He was a proven non-producer as a starter in his last several efforts, and there was no reason to expect him to do any better in relief. That’s behind us, and I only worry that after we win Saturday’s game, Penny will get the start on Sunday, and that will be the end of it this year.

In retrospect, we have little to be ashamed about. We’ve had an up and down season with many bright spots to enjoy after the previous year’s debacle. We clearly don’t have the talent this year when compared to the Mets, or to the Cards, but we’ve provided at least two interesting, although frustrating games so far. We’re depending on a couple of veterans that have been hurting and who are past their prime – not like Beltran or Delgado who hit their stride this season. I applaud our guys’ efforts. I think for Saturday’s game we should let Loney and Ethier play, so they can get a bit of post season experience, and I don’t think either is going to hurt our chances the way things have been going. I’m certainly going to root our guys on for that 3rd game and hopefully for another one or two after that. As for next year, there’s a lot of work still to be done by Colletti to make this team more competitive with the rest of the league, and given the opportunities over the winter, I think he’ll come through. There are certain guys on this year’s team that I don’t want to see back, but that’s for a later discussion.

In the meantime, GO BLUE!!!

At this point all I have to say is it aint over til its over. I never expected us to make it to the World Series, but I would love to at least push this to a game 5 in NY. I see it as extremely possible for this team win on Saturday and Sunday and to head back to NY. I can’t wait to go out there on Saturday to cheer my heart out, letting this team know how much I have appreciated this season, no matter what. BTW, Chad looked awesome last night. Very pleased with that…my brother even called from St. Louis to say his stuff looked wicked

asq-hope it is turning out well for your family
messagebear is right . We can play GM in the near future, but it’s time to get behind the team. This aint over yet.

i hate to sat it b ut the Dodgers are done. Even if they win tomorrow they will lose game 4 becaue Grady is gonna pitch Penny and he will get rocked. Grady needs to be fired. His stupidity is way beyond anything ive seen before. He’s making Jim Tracy look like Stephen Hawking.

Honestly how can you honestly put Julio Lugo in the lineup of a must win Playoff game? How can you do that! Grady would be a great bench coach or a Minor League coach but a Major League manager he is not!

My Offseason moves would be…

Fire Grady…Hire Ron Washington. Sign Zito…Trade Penny to the Devil Rays for Carl Crawford.
















but if Kent struggles or his hurt. i’d move Betemit over to 2B and call up LaRoche and have him at 3rd.

Max_power: I’m OK with all of your moves, although I don’t know much about Ron Washington as mgr., although anybody other than Little would be my preference. Girardi might be worth a look in my book. Looking at it realistically, I think we all know that ownership and management will all applaud Little as manager of the year just for getting us into the playoffs, so he will eventually have to retire or screw up more obviously to be leaving sometime in the future, but not now. Would love to see Zito and a power hitter in the lineup with Penny gone.

Messagebear i agree with you about how Management will react about Little. They will praise him which is sad. Ron Washington would be a great Manager. He’s a players manager, he teaches fundementals and has a great knowledge of the game. He’s also a Stats guy it seems.

I think Drew is our big bat. His shoulder was bothering him this whole year until recently and hes been hot down the stretch. Plus Kent will get healthy and have a good final year of his Career next season.

Penny needs to go and the only reason i said trade his to Tampa is because the D-Rays are looking for an “Ace” like pitcher and they are willing to Trade Crawford for a top-line type Starter. I still think Matt Kemp is the CF of the future here but Lofton is probably done and Crawford would be a good fit untik Kemp is ready in ’08 or ’09

Disagree about the Carl Crawford idea. Tampa’s not gonna let him go anytime soon. He’s cheap and he’s good. I hear, however, that Manny might be leaving Boston… They need starting pitching… see where I’m going with this? Plus, we could throw in that strikeout artist Kemp cuz they’d need a couple new outfielders too. If that happens, this is what I do:

SS – Furcal

1B – Loney

2B – Kent

LF – Ramirez

RF – Drew

C – Martin

3B – Betemit

CF – Repko

Having Rep at the bottom of the order may just be enough to help us get back around to the top. Besides, I see him getting a Gold Glove if he can get to play all year. And stealing 40+, maybe batting .280 with 12 HR. And I’d be willing to put Betemit further up if his power shows up. I think that Loney would be good as no. 2 or 3. He won a Minor League batting title, but he didn’t hit a ton of HR. I think in the no. 2 spot he could pull off 80+ runs scored and 80+ RBI.

Matt Kemp the CF of the future? 53 strikeouts in 154 AB! Sure, he hit 7 HR in like 10 days or whatever. But if he plays full-time, I’d be willing to bet good money he strikes out 200+ times in a season. I, personally, don’t like that liability. Besides, Repko’s much better defensively.

Kemp is no question the CF of the future- he is young- its way to early to get worked up about a high strike out ratio-the kid barely played in AA before the call up. I kinda wish they had not rushed him, but he will be fine. He has more bat speed than we have seen in some time from our farm. Repko is a long shot to make the ’07 team.

Dualtone i hope youre kidding about Manny…I’d hate to see im in an LA uniform. Also if you had ESPNinsider youd understand what i was saying about Crawford. He won’t be a D-ray for much longer. And yes…Matt Kemp is the CF of the future. A kid straight ouf of AA ball is gonna strikeout alot in the MAjor LEagues. Give him a year or two at AAA and he’ll be awesome. Plus hes faster, has better arm and hits for more power and average then Repko.

Also if Kent retires this year which i doubt i think we would be the front runner for Alfanso Soriano. Mostly beacus he wants to play 2B.

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