Dodger postseason roster

Unfortunately, Joe Beimel won’t be able to make it. Here’s our roster and thanks for pointing out the typos in the postseason guide. I knew you guys would be able to catch stuff, given how quickly it gets put together, so we’ll fix for next season.

Pitchers (10)

58         Chad Billingsley

51         Jonathan Broxton

30         Mark Hendrickson

56         Hong-Chih Kuo

23         Derek Lowe

36         Greg Maddux

31         Brad Penny

44         Takashi Saito

41         Aaron Sele

35         Brett Tomko

Catchers (2)

22         Toby Hall

55         Russell Martin

Infielders (8)

10         Wilson Betemit

15         Rafael Furcal

5          Nomar Garciaparra

12         Jeff Kent

29         James Loney

3          Julio Lugo

18         Ramon Martinez

8          Olmedo Saenz

Outfielders (5)

21         Marlon Anderson

7          J.D. Drew

16         Andre Ethier

6          Kenny Lofton

17         Jason Repko


This is as good a post-season roster as we could have put together with Beimel hurt. I’m glad Billingsley made the roster. I would have rather had him than Sele. Bills just needs to pitch to contact more often and stop trying to pitch around the zone. His main advantage over Hendy and Sele is his ability to get a strikeout with a runner in scoring position.

I can’t wait for this afternoon!

Iagree, I’m glad to see Bills on there. He can giv us GOOD innings out of the pen. Hendrickson is now going to have to cme up HUGE out of the pen!

Pretty much what we expected. Pitching is at a premium this time of year, so our starters really need to step it up a notch or two and get us some extra innings. I really like Billingsley coming out of the pen.

Let’s go Dodgers!!!

Okay… so I’m supposed to be working. And right now I’m pretty much worthless with a touch of Playoff Fever!! Go Dodgers!!

theres a couple of guys in the pen that need to step it up,(tomko, hendrickson, bills) , if they do, then we will be fine.. i cant wait for it to start!


the easiest way to have mistakes in a document pointed out is to post it on the internet

Well I guess the Dodgers were due to have at least one accident. The Mets are with out El Duque and Martinez. Let’s Go DODGERS!!

Esp. with Beimel hurt, I’d like to see Stultz -threw well against the Mets.
Drop Lugo….. Use Martinez

sad to hear about Beimel’s freak accident yesterday. That being said, I’m stoked that Billingsley is on the roster. I’m wearing my blue (jersey + Brooklyn Dodgers hat) up here at school in NorCal (Chico State), which is always fun, so many LA transplants here, and Giants fans can only watch from home, just like their team (thanks for that one, Tommy). But that’s all dust in the wind, and it’s time for the Dodgers to make their mark in October.

Go Dodgers!!!

I’m ok with Sele, but I must confess that I get a little squirmish in my seat whenever he enters a game.

Like the rest of you guys, I CAN’T WAIT to get this thing under way.


I believe we will regret not adding either Hamulack, or Stults. Against the Mets, lefties are priceless, especially in the late innings. Took my last vacation day today, hope it pays off! 🙂

What a shame losing Beimel. We should have brought Stultz[lefty] instead of Bilz; Bilz scares me too much with all the walks and control problems. I hope Grady doesn’t put him in with men on base. I could see Bilz coming in with men on base and walking a few before Grady realizes it’s time to take him out. He needs to start an inning, not stopping the bleeding during one. He would only throw fuel on the fire.

What was Saito’s status in Japan? I read an article yesterday that referred to him as a washed-up pither. Anyone have any info to share?

No solid lefties in our pen now, NYM in 4.

Room service for our LA athletes in the PO’s is bad news, first Kobe’s room service cheeseburger in Sacto, now Biemel.

Beimel eats it at a party and now we have no left handed RP????? Not to mention he was our 3rd best arm to begin with….. That was a really costly mistake.

i think we will be ok, we just need to have faith in our boys.. but our starting pitching has to come through…


Very nervous right now, feel like I’m playing. 63 minutes until 1st pitch.

61 min now…. can’t believe I didnt take the day off work-no offense to MLB Game Day.

Let’s go Dodgers!


Lets Go DODGERs!!

I like this roster !! It’s what got us here and Sele has the experience.

Hey has anyone heard from Harold ?? Haven’t seen him on the Blog for a couple of days ??

Go Dodgers !!!

I’m so excited I can’t sit still! Buffalo Wings and snacks are ready! Bring on the Mets!! 😮 )

Hey Gary… Harold posted early this morning on the “Tomorrow’s Lineup” thread.

Game will start on ESPN 2 then move to ESPN when the A’s and Twins are finished.

C’mon Dodgers…don’t let us down!!!

Still on board Gary. Watching the game and eating supper. Never like it when we meet a rookie pitcher but hopefully we will get it going tonight.
Pretty exciting time. GO DODGERS!!!

I do not believe what I just saw… my jaw is hanging.

OH man. Two outs at the plate.

How was that possible?

Did Kent wait too long

ok no question, between innings rich donnelly must be fired. they have to get a competent third base coach!!!!

Okay, so is it just me, or do these ESPN announcers sound like they’re Mets fans or what? They practically gave Maine the win after his first inning of work. And would somebody please tell Joe Morgan that just because a catcher is at the plate doesn’t mean that Martin is an automatic out on a double-play?? He’s fast and someone forgot to tell Joe this fact.

that had to be the worst scoring aatempt i have ever seen!!!!!!!!

i hate the fact that the game is on espn, like kevin said, can they be bigger homers towards the mets? we need to win and shut up all those idiots at espn.. they dont know anything about the dodgers, its really ******* me off just listening to the ******..


After the Dodgers win the World Series and we’re all sharing a beer, will one of you tell just what happened there?

Yeah there’s a HUGE east coast bias on ESPN. I always hate their announcers.



Never seen that before, one of those guys should have blasted into Lo Duca. It’s a part of baseball and it would have, plus we might have gotten a run out of that fiasco. Unfortunately we’ve seen alot of that, and Donnelley is the chief suspect. I saw 90% of the team’s games this year and he would either not send someone when he should have, or he also seems to have a problem with getting guys hosed. The fact we got a run STILL is huge, Lowe looks great so far, and Maine is a guy he can def. get to. C’mon Dodgers!

Since when did Furcal move to left field?? lol… 😮 )

LoDuca barely got Drew…I prefer aggressive play rather than complacent.

Lowe’s looking good

Didn’t want to point fingers, but seemed like a bad send. Thanks for insight.

Hate ESPN too. No mistake the Yanks get prime time.

And Steve Phillips is the worst offender. He’s been talking this **** about the Dodgers all season long. I can’t wait to see what excuses he comes up with when the Dodgers advance.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Anyone involved in television would love to see another Subway Series, and we just happen to be in the way of that ratings heaven. But I believe a Yanks/ Dodgers series would be the stuff of legends, and better for ratings as well. New York and LA… don’t get better than that, in fact, hopefully this Mets series is just a preview.

It’ll be all about how the Mets lost the series and nothing about how well the Dodgers play… mark my words.

Here’s what I’m doing. I’m listening to Vin on and watching on ESPN.

I’m sitting here watching it on espn and listening to Vin on kfwb.

Looks like a hurricane hit my living room after that **** at homeplate Donnally is a (More on)did you see the look Drew shot back at him after he was tagged out? Just gotta **** it up and keep it together we are hitting Maine. BTW it was 3 ex Dodgers that made that play.


I’ve hated Shawn Green for years. I can understand needing to follow your religion and all, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR he would take Yom Kippur off and that day was ALWAYS the biggest game of the year at the very end of the regular season. I guess it’s hard to tough it out and play when you’re making 13 million year. SCREW SHAWN GREEN!!

It’s really hard not to miss Shawn Green…you know having an underachiever that gets paid far too much…

…and Green was making 13 million a year for NOTHING. That’s like a million per homer, since he’s hanging in the 13-15 homer region now. Sorry. I had to vent.

Good pitching always beats out good hitting…let’s hope our pitching can remain in that “good” category

Don’t forget the rest of his impressive numbers for this year, lostmysoul

Looking at that replay again, Donnelly gave up on the play. Donnelly sent Kent in with a wave with Drew about 30 feet behind Kent. When Kent rounds third base, Donnelly switched his attention towards home and forgets to put the stop sign up for Drew. Drew of course running ahead all-full, doesn’t see what’s just transpired in front of him… until it’s too late. Good call Don… yeah, Drew turned his head immediately and shot back toward Donnelly. Absolutely incredible.

****, could be cruising 4-0 now and w/out Beimel way may need 2 inning from Brox and/or Sammy.

Make Tommy the 3rd base coach I want someone with smarts!!!

Regarding Green being appearing to be an underachiever, I agree. But, the Yom Kippur thing I always admired. Koufax did it and the great fans of LA embraced it.

Lowe get’s Lo Duca with a back door sinker, sweet. We don’t want Beltran, Delgado, and Wright coming up with ducks on the pond. Lowe is looking awesome, let’s hope he continues. Plus we’ve had Maine on the ropes a few times, we need to get his pitch count up and get into that pen. Likewise Lowe has a low pitch count, making the odds better he can hand it straight to Broxton. Kent is getting hot at the perfect time, not to mention how well Drew is hitting. So far we are all over Maine!!!

NLCS would begin next Wednesday I believe, would Beimel be healed better and ready to go??? Lets ship him a case of neosporin to the east coast to be safe!

Hey guys. There is another east coast bias, besides ESPN, situated in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I gotta tell you my bias is greater than theirs. In terms of bias they are in lower single A compared to mine. My will will overcome theirs. Joe Morgan is still living in 1982 and still trying to beat the Dodgers.

That was no strike three to Drew…

But Green was our POWER HITTER. The money he was making was more than enough to make up for working on a religious holiday. Plus Yom Kippur was always at the end of September during a big series with the Giants or Padres. I still hate Shawn Green.



Good Lord, fire Rich Donnelly. If the Dodgers lose, it’s all his fault.

Okay… pitch to Delgado was a good one. The pitch to Floyd was, well… not so good. Joe Morgan’s already put this series in the ‘fridge, ala Chick Hearn. “The Dodgers don’t have the power to match up against the Mets.” blah… blah… blah…

So how many years did Joe Morgan play for the Mets? Sheesh someone shut that guy up…

All I can say is, “we’ll see Joe, we’ll see.”

Hoe does Donelly send Drew after kent was thrown out. What the heck was he thinking?Lets go Dodgers!!!

“How does Donelly send Drew after kent was thrown out. What the heck was he thinking?Lets go Dodgers!!!”

He didn’t send Drew… he didn’t give Drew any kind of signal. Donnelly gave up on the play after Kent rounded third.

Keep using your bullpen New York… it’s only the fifth inning!! We should know all about bullpens, right? lol…

It can be a career ender that is for sure.

I’m still speechless over that play at home plate. How do you allow the first out, let alone the second out happen at home plate? Especially with Marlon Anderson coming up next. We looked reeeaaally silly…..hope those runs aren’t the difference.

We should be coasting 5-2 if not for that botched play and that JD strike out.

Mets pen is looking tough, and we had a Mota sighting. Member when he was setting up Gagne, ahh the good ole days. We are facing the heart of their lineup this inning, it’s important they don’t score anymore.

Not playing well. Not looking like we’re going to win.

You can’t hang everything on one play that didn’t happen. If you do that, you lose.

eh we would’ve choked away that 2 or 3 run lead anyway

Terrible relay from Kent home, that extra run is huge. It’s gonna be a tough fight down by 3, with Mets bats apparently waking up. Stop the bleeding and let’s chip away at that lead. Looking like Kuo will have to get us a split, but it ain’t over yet. That play at home is looking bigger and bigger, may be the bonehead play of the playoffs. C’mon Hendrickson!!

Way to pick us up there Skunk! I guess you guys are forgetting how many runs the Dodgers are capable of putting on the board?

tim robbins?.. why not bring in the whole ’86 team to the booth… and skunk, wats ur problem dude?.. are u a dodger fan? seems you keep wishing bad things upon us..


NICE job by Marlon!!!!!!!

Keep the PONCHO hot Ray. Believe in the comeback.

Should I believe in that poncho now?!

Maybe they should ask Tim Robbins why Zathura: A Space Adventure ****** so bad…

anyone else know that lugo was not the correct pinch hitter. come on grady he was the tying run at the plate. go with ethier or saenz or even the current hot bat of loney.

YEAH NOMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Skunkspot – you gotta believe in the PONCHO!!!! C’mon guys keep it going.

way to go garciappara.

Nomar is so clutch I could cry. Come on Bullpen!!!!

Luog should not get to bat against any RHP, Ethier at the minimum shoulda been up.

Nomar, Nomar, Nomar. Flashs of Gibbie and 88, that’s how big that hit was. I just wish Nomar was completely healthy, but hey at least he’s in there. What a gamer, how many big hits did he have the last month when he was feeling his worst? Battle of the pens, let’s do it. Glad to get Mota, he was acting like a punk out there. Let’s go baby!!!

Penny in for relief? Interesting…but why walk Reyes, make him hit

When Penny comes on, runs will flow.

I am so sick of Penny overthrowing the freaking ball. Come on Penny, we just tied it and you walk two aghhhhhhhh

Why is Penny in? Is Little trying to lose the game? Lugo to pinch hit? This Ump has a horrible strike zone. And why do we have this stupid **** against Delgado. All three of his singles would have been outs if we didn’t have this stupid shift on.

Brad “Big Game” Penny

Nothing like giving this game away twice. The base running (3rd base coaching) mistake was bad enough, but bringing in Penny with the game tied WORTHLESS. He hasn’t shown anything since the All Star game except that he can throw 98 mph – much good that does. We’ve had a pretty good bullpen the last two week, why try Penny.

Certainly Saenz should have hit representing the tying run, he may not get that chance again.

and this is why we need barry zito… dont give up guys.. were not gonna lose this game


Delgado is a great hitter who will pose a problem all series, if we weren’t playing a shift he would still find holes, thats what a big time hitter does.During the season bringing Penny in relief never worked out, not sure why we are stil trying. Tomko would have been my choice, or HAMULACK!!!! Oh well, let’s comeback again.

OK guys. Just gotta score some more runs ourselves. It’s not over until it’s over.

maybe the offense can get Grady and Penny off the hook

These last two guys Mets got coming out of the pen are the real deal. But we can do it.

C’mon Dodgers !!!!! Oh great- Joe Morgan is at Yankee Stadium.

Beimel lost us this game.

Beimel didn’t lose us anything. It is unfortunate, but that is a ridiculous thing to say

cut his hand on a glass in a hotel room? didn’t O.J. already use that one?

I can’t believe Little thinks Penny is Major League material at this stage. Whenever he touches the ball, runs will rain down into the laps of the opposition.

I don’t like Penny anymore. I want him traded!

This is a tough game to watch. Bringing in Penny was definitely a head-scratcher. I’m not big on second-guessing, but how many of us figured Penny would give up the lead?

I think the coaching staff has some question to answer after this game….win or lose.

I would have rather had Hendrickson pitch instead of Penny. He’s hurting hes done well in the postseason in 2003 with the Marlins. Plus the two pitch outs to Lo Duca was dumb! Let Reyes steal Broxton can strike out Lo Duca easily but nope. Got behind in the count and had to throw something over the plate. Grady is an Idiot

The second Penny came in I thought of Base on Balls

I don’t like John McEnroe anymore.

Now we see why Graddy was hesitant to throw a rookie Broxton in there.

1st of all, id like tovoice my opinion of beimal….f***ing moran….secondly, penny really got squeezed on both 3rd strikes to reyes and beltran…both who eventually scored…ridiculous…i wish we were getting that type of zone..ill be there tomorrow to watch us kick their a**..and we WILL!!!

for some strange reason i like jimmy connors more now,


Broxton challenged Delgado. Good man. Will get him ready for another appearance. C’mon bats. Time to abuse Billy Wagner.

if olmedo doesnt hit in the 9th ill kill Grady myself!

I also saw it coming,! That is just what Penny has evolved into. Wasn’t his pitching today just typical? Throw 98 mph, off the plate, off the plate, off the plate, ramrod straight. And gives up runs. That is Penny. First half Penny is dead. Second half Penny is what we have.

I’d have kept Hendrickson in longer too.

No good to have a complete autopsy on the game. We were in it and had opportunities to win it. Did a lot of good things. Have to do the little things – run bases well, hit cut off men, bunt, throw strikes, don’t swing at pitches in the dirt, etc. and we will be OK.

Penny, Grady, Donnely ****!!!!!

We need to brush this off and come back strong tomorrow.

Let’s get ready for tomorrow. Ray, the PONCHO has the power. Tough one for KUO being a game down but that’s why we play the game. Bats good today – 11 hits. GO DODGERS!!!

To Ned Colletti and Frank McCourt:

Rich Donnelly is bad for the team. Please fire him.


Terrible Manager
Terrible Coach

Terrible Base Running

Terrible Lugo

Terrible Lofton

Terrible Pitching

Adds up too a Terrible Game

The Broadcasters may be BIAS – But they know a terrible team when they see one – The Dodgers

This is just a body blow guys. Not a knockout punch. The Mets seem to be a bit cocky. They probably have earned that but it is never good. GO DODGERS!!! It’s not over until it’s over. Wouldn’t be surprised if Maddux pitched tomorrow and give Kuo a start in front of the home fans.

Remember 1988 – Scioscia’s homer that KOed the Mets. They were supposedly powerful too. We spotted them two runs today and they still almost blew it. GO DODGERS!!!

Penny has stunk all second half, what made Grittle think he’d be good under the pressure of the playoffs? Depodestas trades still hurting us, I’m glad he’s gone. Maybe they should have a hang Depo night at the stadium. 🙂

I think I fired 4 employees today !! I’ll have to say I’m sorry later. Tough loss but a great game to watch or listen to. I was busy at work so I only caught parts of it on TV. Missed the 2 outs at Home Plate, must have been ugly !!

The thing the Dodgers have done the best this year is they’ve never given up. So we just have to brush this one off and go into tomorrow with a vengeance !!

Go Dodgers !!

Paul DePodesta’s computer cost us this game. Penny on our side, LoDuca and Mota (not to mention Green) on the other side. I know Mota gave up the 3 runs that got us back into the game, but my rant works better if I ignore that.
This streaky team is more than capable of winning 3 of the next 4, but obviously tomorrow is a must win.

Josh I love this blog. It is my lifeline to Dodgerland. I am grateful for the frindship we have developed through it. However, as much as almost all of us would miss it, I suggest you shut it down if it is going to be abused. We don’t want to end our blog season with these types of posts. They are offensive to all of us.

It’s just like some punk to ruin it for all of us. To the little punk with no regard for anyone else, put it where the sun don’t shine !!

The Dodgers don’t need nor want someone like you.

Go Dodgers !!

a few points

1. The coverage on ESPN was disgusting. Gary Thorne and Steve Phillips were awful. The camera coverage on the Kent-Drew fiasco was terrible (I’ll get into it more in a minute).

2. Any reason why I need to hear Tim Robbins plugging his soon to be awful movie during a playoff game?

3. I am still so disgusted with Kent and Drew. What they **** were they thinking? What was Kent doing? Tagging up? What the **** was Drew thinking? Did Donnelly wave in Drew? You can’t tell because of the horrible camera coverage by ESPN. I’d like to hear Drew explain himself on that play..

3. Who is Brad Penny going to blame for another awful performance? I’m getting tired of watching him..

Anyway, let’s get them tomorrow!!!!!

Joe Beimel….. how could you let this team down like that? Now, I wasnt there- so i guess theres a miniscule chance that the water glass story is true, but, while I was born at night I wasnt born LAST night!!!!! Come on man!…. ok… moving on. How does a person get the idea that bringing Penny in the game will be anything but a disaster? Hey GRADY- HE DIDNT EVEN MAKE IT TO THE SECOND INNING IN HIS LAST START!!!!!! What a silly loss this was. Its like the players have to deal overcome the Mets and their own inept staff in order to win….. Holy Cow.

Josh, as much as it would hurt to lose this great channel of communication I think I would have to agree with Harold, if we can’t block this type of stuff out then we should shut it down. There are way to many innocent children and good people out there that don’t need this type of stuff !!!
Go Dodgers !!!

The chat room is even worse – with trollers who seem to live for destroying everyone else’s good time. I’m trying to find out a way to block and will contact MLB with my findings. It would be nice to have a nice chat with my fellow fans without having to repeatedly block rude idiots.

With regard to the rude posts on this site, what’s needed is someone to edit and delete offensive posts, but that takes time, effort and money. I say we just ignore them. The more attention we give to them, the more they will be a pain in the you-know-where.

Don’t let anyone stop us! et all – any public medium carries with it a risk of abuse. Parents of the innocent children reading this should know that, and if they let their kids on the internet all the same, they accepted the risk.

Pity there’s always a lot of sad people who gets a little kick out of posting things that upset others.

I’d suggest the word filter be made more intelligent anyway – how hard to strip out white space and other fillers in between words, especially single characters, and filter these things?

I think it would be better to start Maddux tomorrow, he has had his normal rest, and although Kuo may be effective, he is going to have so much pressure on him since we are down 1 to 0 that I don’t know if he will be able to handle it. Safer bet might be to start Maddux. Also, does anyone who why Little choose to pinch hit with Lugo instead of Loney against the right handed Mota? Furthermore, while I hate to blame the umpire, and he certainly did not blow this game for us, we blew it ourselves in that 2nd inning, he did have a pretty bad strike zone, but even worse he was inconsistent. The 3-2 pitch to JD Drew was clearly outside, and even some pitches to the Mets I thought were bad calls. This prevents anyone the pitcher or the hitter from getting in a rhythm. I hope that for the next playoff games the umps will at least be consistent with their calls. Lost in all this is the somewhat weak performance of Derek Lowe. He is our ace, but he didnt pitch like one today. Finally, did anyone notice the shift that we put on for Delgado? Many of those hits are outs if the shift isn’t on. Hopefully we can look at some tape and notice that and adjust for tomorrow cause Delgado just killed us. It is hard to blame any one person for this loss, we win as a team and lose as a team, and tomorrow I know we will come out strong and give it everything we have, hopefully it will result in a win.

… almost forgot ESPN is horrid. Biggest homer job ever by those joke announcers. Im not sure they have ever heard of the LA Dodgers. What a joke. At one point one of those idiots said “man, Id really like to see Cliff Floyd get back in the swing of things after a season that was tough… ” etc… Is that what post season baseball announcers are supposed to do? Talk about Cliff Floyds confidence???

Josh, I agree with Harold & Gary. We Do not need those kinds od people or Language. Can’t you put this on some kind of delay like they do on t.c. and radio? P.S. if we hadn’t given away 4 runs, we would have won 5 to 2….

wow, just watched the Kent, Drew double play at the plate, how does that happen?
It all started with Shawn Green getting a bad break on the ball, that I remember well.

Agree with everyone about cleaning up the blog, it’s okay to vent, that’s what makes us sports fans, but no one likes sitting next to the drunk jerk at the ballgame, and no one needs to see the stuff that this clown is posting on this blog.

Not worried about Kuo, I think he’s not afraid of this situation.

Guys, take the diapers off- if someone posts something you don’t like- then don’t read it. If you have kids and you are worried about them- don’t let them read it. There no reason a few idiots can shut down a blog for the year with 1 or 2 nasty posts. Just ignore them, don’t be afraid of it/let them win. You are always going to have people like that try to ruin our good thing.

i hope the players dont take the loss as badly as we have, if they do then were in trouble.. i’m tired of second guessing, it only makes me even more mad at the outcome of the game.. kuo needs to be on his game tommorow, and we need to avoid mistakes, and rally killers.. and i agree with harol, and gary.. my little brother who is 9 years old is on this blog all the time, and he does not need to read certain peoples diarrhea of the mouth..


No one here is being a baby – no one is complaining about bad words (who here doesn’t curse like a stevedore?) – the problem is the abuse that is rampant. It isn’t a case of simply “ignoring” bad language – the problem is that it’s like trying to ignore someone smashing you in the face with an aluminum baseball bat over and over again because they enjoy that “ping!” sound it makes.

The “ignore” function needs to be beefed up in the chat rooms, as does the censor. I’ve been encouraging people to use more colourful phrases instead of out and out curse words to express themselves… like poopdoodles! instead of the F word.

P.S. Rayloves – I’ve always believed in the PONCHO!!!!!

Josh… Please find a way to have idiots that post like this removed from the blog. All I can suggest to the rest of the forum… just ignore the simpleton.

I’m envisioning a scene that goes something like this:

“Coach Donnelly! How could Kent and Drew simply disappear from the radar so close to home?”

“I don’t know. I suggest a meeting with Lord Colletti, that I may apologize in person.”

Later at the meeting with Lord Colletti: “Apology accepted, Coach Donnelly.”

If anyone comes across an article where Little, Kent, Drew or Donnelly are interviewed about what went down on the Donnelly brain cramp, could you please attach a link to it? I’m sure we’d all really like to know how something like that could happen in this day and age of the multi-million dollar player.

Kevin, Me thinks your being to kind !!! I’ll bet there’s a heated discussion going on right about now !!!

Go Dodgers !!!

Joe Girardi and Dave Wallace will be nice replacements next year to what we have.

drj884 – No one has diapers or blinders on. Those posts are not new to us. I taught junior high school for 35 years so have heard and seen a lot. To suggest this is normal and we not read it, written in big capital letters, or block it out is OK. My point is I am a purist, with baseball and with the pure pleasure I have received with this blog. I object to anyone spoiling that purity and yes, I can ignore it, as I have with the Joey, etc. thing. I can also ignore the blog. I simply wish I did not have to. I also think it is tremendously unfair to Josh and others who have worked so hard to provide this blog. But, I expect you are right, we reward the poster by drawing attention to it. Anyway, tomorrow is another day and it will be our day. We lost by 1 run with the tying run on second base after having made a mistake or two. We weren’t dominated as the ESPN announcers would seem to think. Going home tied in games is always a goal. GO DODGERS!!!!

Where was Broxton??? Brutal decision to bring in Penny.. a couple posts on Grady’s post-game comments on the decision here:

i was on and it says that 2 dodger pitchers are going to be shut down from the arizona fall league, and one will need tommy john surgery, i am not a member of the site so i cant read the story, but it has scott elberts pic on the article, is scott elber hurt?.. if anyone knows something, let me know..


Gary… that was a “Star Wars” moment where Lord Darth Vader was choking one of his Captains (Coach) to death after his apology for screwing up… and he accepted it.

“Apology accepted, Captain Needa.”

Put this one behind us. We certainly weren’t clobbered. I’m confident we can win tomorrow, and I think the players are, too. Believe in the Poncho or whatever else is your totem, but most of all, BELIEVE IN THE DODGERS!

Don’t blame DOnnely that was all JD’s fault. He overran second and was one his way to third so Kent couldnt stop so youd have two guys on third so Kent just ran. Bonehead move by JD cost us the game.

Again Penny shouldnt be pitching his back still ovbiosuly hurts. All fastballs and no curves. Also he wasnt down in the zone consistently enough so his back was bothering him. Scratch him for the rest for the Series.

That stinky poncho is the Dodger version of the Rally Monkey. That critter got the Angels their only WS ever, I hope the Poncho has the kind of magic too. It did bring us back a couple of times when I thought we were dead though!!

Ray, according to the crew at Dodger Thoughts:

“elbert shut down with sore arm, out of AFL. Meloan taking his place. Bryan Morris complained of a sore elbow, MRI revealed ligament damage, TJ surgery is recommended and he will miss all of 2007.”

Doesn’t look pretty

Not that I get what I want often, but I’d rather see either Billingsley or Lowe for game 4 (which better be necessary). Penny’s got velocity, but it’s worthless high speed.

thats horrible, this adds insult to injury.. one of our best prospects is out for a long while.. hopefully hes able to come back strong, and throwing even harder..this has been a really tough day..


Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of the postseason. Let’s think good thoughts and focus on game 2.

Here is a link to the discussion with Drew and Donnely

I too am getting sick of second guessing. If the throws had been off and Drew had scored, we would be calling him a genius. SO, it is time to move on and let Kuo and the Blue Crew take us to LA with a 1-1 tie. Then we can win two in a row and celebrate in LA

Hey lets look at some positives…
1.Broxton came up huge after some adversity.

2.The Mets used a lot of innings up from their bullpen which could have an effect on the series.

3.We can hit their “amazing” bullpen, so lets stay close and see what can happen.

Some food for thought, how about starting Olmedo Saenz against the lefty Glavine tomorrow. We need to try and score runs against the powerful Met offense and Olmedo can do that way better than Julio Lugo or Wilson Betemit. Also, I say if we get to game four we should start Hendrickson. I know this sounds crazy but the Mets have huge issues with lefties, and Penny and Bills have just not been solid enough to make me feel comfortable, and Hendrickson has pitched well in his last few outings. Also, he relieved Stultz against the Mets back in Sept. and he did fine then too.

Just a couple things, one Love the dodgers glad they are in the playoffs, Game 3 here I come. Todays game horrible in the coaching, Little and third base coach don’t know his name but got to get their heads out of there ***, both of them cost us this game no doubt. Last of all sadly i have a crappy wedding i Must attend on sunday, So if anyone is looking for 4 pavillion tickets for home game 2 on sunday, let me know just send me an email, serioulsy great homerun seats

Lets be straight about what happened today. The play at the plate was an abortion, and we should’ve ended that inning on top by at least 3 runs. But it didn’t kill us. We came back and tied the game. What sunk the titanic was the iceberg of a fatman named Brad Penny. This guy has become an absolute tank job and shouldn’t be allowed to take the hill until next spring at Holman Stadium. Your team mans up and comes back to tie up the game, takes back the momentum, and he nutter butters in a matter of minutes. Obviously he blew his wad months ago and now everytime he takes the mound it looks like he’s one cheeseburger away from going into full arrest. Brad do you know why your back hurts? It’s because of your huge gut! Put him away in a broom closet somewhere, and if we have room, throw Lugo in with him.
Our fate now lies in the hands of HC Kuo. We can still do this, but tomorrow is a must win. I would love to stick to all those Mets fans, the east coast bias media, and especially that communist Tim Robbins!

I have faith…By tomorrow night this series is 1-1 heading back to the Ravine.

If i remember the 4 game series in NY right Maddux and Penny both lost and Kuo and Stultz Both won.Maddux pitched a good game 3-2 loss and penny got blown away.Also someone mentioned starting saenz against Glavine…. Glavine throws the same junk as Maddux and will be very effective over Saenz gotta save him for Wagner IMHO.Kuo will do good tomorrow and our Bats are live. The explaination of the homeplate double play was adequite Kent screwed up and so did donnally.Kents bad read Donnally for not making sure Drew stopped.First rule of a 3rd base coach the runners don’t have eyes in back of their heads!!! If they did we wouldn’t need that coach and we DON’T! Good thing you didn’t see that play live Gary Smith and good thing I knocked off early to watch it at home because I’m remodeling a Church and would have gone Straight to **** for the Fit i threw and you would have Fired The whole Company! But instead The Dodgers (and Josh)always looking forward have givin us this liyyle arena to vent or celebrate in and I thank you all! We will not go Silent into the night! We will not welt Without a Fight! This Day will mark the Begining of OUR QUEST to NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!!!!

GO DODGERS!!!!!!!!

Ok 2 other points before i shut up.This was the BEST game so Far as the post Season goes and we were errant on the basepaths to say the least. But Provided the edge of seat play expected in post season play.

Second Point who the heckalations (or whatever you might want me to twist that explainative that kids hear ALL THE TIME) is Tom Singer from mlb to say that we might want to go hang our heads in shame along with our players coaches and managers for this game and series? We Won the NLW in 2004 and Got beat badly ny the cards with only Lima’s Shutout to be proud of and after defeat we went out with Heads Raised and congratulated a team who played superior Baseball the entire year and flatout Had a better team.We Are The Los Angeles Dodgers mr. singer and We Play Baseball on The West Coast ever want to learn a thing or two try to make an appiontment with Mr. Lasorda Or Mr.Scully I Think if they have time for you you might actually Learn a Thing or two About The LA Dodgers!


ps joe morgan… get a clue…

I have played/seen a lot of baseball and never have seen anything like that. Did that really happen? Had to say it.
Broxton did get some invaluable play off experiance.

It’s time to put that one away and think about today’s game.


Abott & Costello – “Who’s on First” – very, very funny.

Kent & Drew – “Who’s at Home”- very, very stupid.


What was Little thinking bringing in Penny? He is not a reliever, his back is questionable, and it is a critical part of the ballgame on the road???

I hate to say this, but I would rather had seen Tomko (gulp) or Sele as the bridge to Broxton.

And stop me before I faint – Hendrickson actually looked good coming out of the pen.

And a note to Lofton (another “battle-tested veteran”)next time you strike out 3X and pop up, don’t keep looking at the umpire and questioning the calls.


Im completely with you- it is a shame. I just feel calls to shut down the blog because of some idiot are over stated.


Please Grady, with all the days off- if were going to loose, make it be with our best on the hill….. Brox, Saito or Maddux only today.


The Dodgers are a good team, unfortunately they have two obstacles to get past before they can advance. The Mets and Grittle and his coaches. Lets go Dodgers show everyone you can overcome both of these.

We are going to win tonight. We must stay positive…we blew the game last night and we were still down by one run, so we can contend with the Mets. We will win tonight and take two in LA. Go Dodgers!!!


Let’s get ’em today Dodgers!

I woke up this morning and I had to laugh. Here I was all upset about the loss yesterday and yet I know I saw a really good ball game !! Mixed in with the mistakes was a great game !! And you got to love a great baseball game !! For those of us who played you have to agree, baseball is a game of great plays and unfortunate mistakes. In a split second we all went from WOW to Oh NO !!! After seeing Drew’s slide into home, a number of times I might add, it dawned on me that if, just if Lo Duca didn’t turn quite so fast Drew would have been safe and we would have all been saying it was the most heads up play of the year !! But becasue Lo Duca did his job right, it looks like a real bonehead mistake. I for one will be talking about that play to my new grandson one day and will look back at this year as a year to remember, not a year to forget. I mean we almost pulled it out !! Think about it we’re down by 2 top of the 9th, we scored a run, went to 2 out with a runner at second and the hardest guy to strike out in the NL at the plate !!! Now that’s edge of your seat excitement guys !!! We didn’t get blown out !! We didn’t stop hitting !! We didn’t give up !! And Penny did his best against the best team in the NL this year !! Short of the win itself, what else can you ask for !! 2004 was a bummer, we knew going in that STL was going to kick our butts !! Yesterday we were almost even money to win and we scared the **** out of NY !! And tonight I bet we do it again, except with a win of course !! You gotta love this stuff !!
Go Dodgers !!!

“We didn’t get blown out !!

i thought about that for a minute as well, but why would we?? we go toe to toe against NY i’m not scared of NY AT ALL!!

let’s get ’em today FIGHTING DODGERS!!

The vaulted METS OFFENCE is way way way over blown. They scored 14 more runs than we did in 2006 or 1 “extra” run every 11 games. There is no reason we can’t keep up with them. That game was close at the end, but man, we threw it away. Lets nope we can steal one back tonight!!!

Call me crazy (and maybe I am), but I’m not worried about the Dodgers’ chances in this series. Sure, the Mets were an awesome team this season, but they’re a shell, whereas we’ve adapted throughout the season. Beimel’s loss is devestating, but if our team is good, they’ll get past that. Plus, we almost had it last night. The second pitch Nomar got inside last night (the inside fastball) was the one that he wanted, and if he pulled the switch on that one, who knows what would’ve happened?

All in all, I like the 2006 Dodgers’ playoff chances a **** of a lot better than I liked the ’04 squad. I mean, ****, the Dodgers had fight in them ’til the last at bat, you gotta love that. a 1-0 lead doesn’t mean ****, even with homefield advantage (ask Oakland, who have blown at least 2 2-0 leads in the NLDS since ’92). We gotta stay positive and keep the good karma flowing (even though the Kent-Drew fiasco reminded me of the old saying “Brooklyn’s got three men on base.” “Yeah, which base?”). We’re not going out on our knees this year, it’s different, and we all know it.

today is a must win, and if beimel did something stupid to get hurt, hes an idiot..we need him..


Somehow the dp at the plate represents part of the season to me. There’s been plenty of adversity during the course of the year and we’ve over come that, so now comes the good part, let’s get a win and go home with a split.

Ray, I hope you have the PONCO hanging in the front window.,
Not to beat a dead horse, but I think the point is that some of the readers are kids and don’t need this. It’s everyone’s blog and should be treated with mutual respect.

Remember Dodger fans, as disappointing a lose as yesterdays game was, it was only ONE lose.

Go Dodgers!

How can you not put Stults on the roster? With Beimel going down, and the not very good success the Mets have against lefties, I would have been him on the roster.

Stults doesn’t pitch well in relief and they don’t need him as a starter. That’s why. I definitely agree that having another lefty in the series would be wonderful, but I think that Hamulack might have been the man.

“What is it about Little and postseason pitching that things seem to backfire? He’s left in a no-win situation with the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez in 2003 and gets fired.”

I envision Grady starting Penny in game four and getting blasted in the first inning by walking 2 of the first 3 batters; with the Mets scoring 4 or 5 runs. We lose to the Mest in fourand Grady says “I went with the best we have.”

But he gets praise from Ned and Frank and a contract extension for getting us PO. We’ll be stuck with Grady for four years. IMHO

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