Tomorrow's lineup

Looks like I can post tomorrow and Thursday’s lineup, if you want them. Grady gave it to the media today, so here you go:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Martin, C

Anderson, LF

Betemit (vs. a righty)/Lugo (vs. a lefty)


Grady said not to hold him to this, but obviously this has pretty much been the lineup the last few weeks, so why mess with what works?


What’s the playoff roster?

this lineup is going to make all the “geniuses” at espn eat their words.. and guys dont forger to ask mccourt the question..


PHEW! That’s the line-up that I was hoping for. As I said a few weeks ago: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Man I’m getting pumped!



Does anybody know what time the games are going to start Sat and Sun at Dodger Stadium? I’m flying in from out of state and need to make plans soon.

Are they 1pm starts?


Really glad, as always, to see Martin batting higher up in the order. That could give him an extra at bat each game in question. Good lineup overall. Let’s go and take two in New York. GO DODGERS!!!

Sweet, I’ve been very curious what lineup we’d run out there. Love Betemit batting 8th as he’s clearly our coldest hitter, the rest of the lineup is solid. If Nomar can’t stay in, I wouldn’t mind seeing Loney at 1st where he’s a future gold glover, and has had a hot bat every since we brought him back. He was the batting champ in the PCL, I think he’s a potential Olerud, with a better glove. Don’t mind seeing Marlon in over Dre, Marlon has been on fire and should be starting every game. How about putting Anderson at 3rd, and Ethier back in left??!! I had to use a vacation day tommorrow, thanx MLB!!!! All our games should be primetime, Yankees ****!!! A couple coworkers thought I was crazy for taking a day off just to watch a baseball game, and they’d be right. I’m crazy for my Dodgers, and it’s really special to see our team playing in October. We are one of the top teams again, and have one of the brightest future’s in the league. I hope we maintain a mixture of veterans and young talent, but soon there might not be room for non homegrown products. In a couple years, all these names we know so well from the farm, combining with those already with the big league team, maybe we can run off a couple Rookie of the Year’s again. HOLY ****!!! Jeff Brantley is ripping El Duque, more or less saying he’s selfish, and is scared to pitch against us. He’s implying El Duque isn’t really hurt, wow! I think he’s gonna start and they are just playing with our heads, if not him, it will be Maine. About 20 hours until 1st pitch………man, is anyone else jacked up too, ready for some Dodger baseball????!!! Dodgers in 4. And we are slappin Mets in the chops and takin 2 in their hiz-ouse!!!! Let’s go Lowe & Kuo! Let’s go Dodgers!

Ever-The times won’t be determined for the weekend until the networks know what games are avaiable. They need to schedule games for the east, west and middle of the country. Of course they will show the Yankees during prime time on the east coast and adjust from there. So, it’s up to ESPN and FOX.

My concern now is for Beimel; he cut his pinky on his throwing hand and required stitches. He will try to throw Wednesday morning before the final roster is due. He was very reliable against lefties and could go an inning or two.

Argh, can someone tell Joe Beimel to spring for the spring water next time? Oh well, things like this happen – why do they have to happen right before the playoffs is another matter… Hope he’s okay.

FanSince53… I agree. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. I love this lineup and hope Beimel will be able to help out. The injury seems like the best spot to have one… if that’s even possible.

One point, against a lefty, Grady should: Get Saenz in at all costs. Lugo instead of Saenz on Thursday doesn’t make any sense to me.


How could you? Here I was feeling (selfishly) good that Pedro Martinez and El Duque were out of the picture and our BEST relief pitcher goes and cuts his pitching hand. Uggh!

I’m sorry kssparkuhl, but I have to respectfully disagree with you. I’m afraid Beimel is lost for this series. However, with a little luck (and a lot of prayers from us), he might be ready for the NLCS. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but this is a terrible setback at the worst possible time. I’m afraid that Grady will have no choice but to remove Beimel from the NLDS roster.

That being said, and since everything happens for a reason, as much as I have dogged the guy, I believe that Mark Hendrickson will step up and play a major role in this series. He has looked exceptionally sharp in his last few outings and I now believe that, when all is said and done, we will be thankful that we had him on our post-season roster. I’m sure that some will disagree with me on this, but I think that his confidence has returned and that his (extreme) kick-back nature will prove to be a blessing in the heat of battle.

We all know that this Dodger team is special. They never quit. Remember the 16 inning affair? They didn’t quit and Ramon Martinez hit a walk-off home run to win it. Remember the 0-0 shut-out against the Giants that went into extra innings? They didn’t quit and Russell Martin hit a walk-off home run in the 10th to win it (Man that was SWEET!). And no one will EVER forget “Miracle Monday” and Nomar’s two walk-off home runs in six days. This team has never given up and fought their way into the post-season. With that kind of intestinal fortitude, we will prevail.

I have a very good feeling about this Dodger team; One that I haven’t felt since 1988. This Dodger team reminds me of the 2002 Angels. Scioscia’s (Wild Card) team never quit either, and we ALL know what happened to them that year!


I was already dumbfounded we didn’t include Hamulack on the postseason roster, now after hearing of this deep cut to his hand…oh boy. Especially against the Mets a team that we all know struggles big time against lefties. Oh well, Mark has been pretty solid in relief. Let’s hope he continues his solid work, we are going to need our pen to be solid.

Post-Season rosters are due by 10AM Eastern, so we’ll know by then for sure. Please keep us posted Josh…

As for Beimel: they plan to have him throw before the roster is set, so if they’re even talking about having him throw… who knows? I’m still reserving some hope that the injury isn’t as bad as it sounds. But if he can’t perform, then I’m sure Hendrickson (I can’t believe I’m going to type this) will be able to get us the outs we need when we need them.

fansince53- I think Takashi Saito and Jonathan Broxton are better relief pitchers, but Beimel’s the top guy after them.

I don’t imagine the pinky being that serious an injury, but I hope he’s ok.

What a poker game this is turning out to be !! They lose two we lose one !! Tough day off !!
Go Dodgers !!

I rather have Drew batting 3rd and Nomar 5th.

That’s not what I wanted to wake up to – Beimel injured. The only certainty about baseball is the uncertainty. Oh well. Mets struck too. Back to Gagne – a cheer leader. Commented they paid him $10M to cheer lead. Not too many guys would say that. Said again he is a Dodger. I hope it works for him and us.
Early game to watch today. GO DODGERS!!!


















Good morning Harold…

The most impressive comment from Éric Gagné was when he mentioned the $10 Million:

“It might be hard to understand, but there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with $10 million.”

I really like this guy! I hope he’s around next year in one capacity or another. Bring back GAME OVER!!

Well, everything has reset, and the past 162 games doesn’t count for a thing in the postseason. All that matters is the game being played on the day.

Today is our day to play one of the games. Doesn’t matter who bats, doesn’t matter who pitches. All that matters is that that guy bats or pitches the very best he can. All that matters is getting the win.

patriotacts425 – Perhaps I should have been a little more specific regarding Beimel being our best reliever. He is our best left-handed reliever, our best middle reliever (left OR right handed), and our best situational guy – especially against left-handed batters. He also has one of the deadliest pick-off moves in the game.

Takashi Saito is in a separate category; that of our closer and one that I would pit against any other in the MLB.

Broxton is our set-up (8th inning) guy and is usually rock steady (although he did have a bad 3-game run during the final two weeks of the season).

In a post that I submitted a few weeks back, I questioned why Grady wouldn’t let Beimel go two innings and why he wouldn’t let Saito be a “four-out” closer. Low and behold, he did both in the very next game (not that my post had anything to do with it – but it was nice to see him do it none the less).

Don’t forget that Broxton and Saito (in a different sense of the word) are rookies and Beimel is a six-year veteran. His experience is something that we really could have used in the up-coming series. Not having him is a definite setback, but certainly not one that we can’t overcome. After all, they ARE the Dodgers!


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