Frank McCourt chat

Just thought I’d let you know that our owner, Frank McCourt, will log on tomorrow morning at 10:30am PT for a live text chat before the Dodgers-Mets game at 1pm PT. As with recent road trips down the stretch, Frank will be in New York supporting the team, but he was quick to volunteer to chat with the fans.  So, if you have the time, log on and get his perspective on the team heading into the postseason.

Also, in case you haven’t seen it yet, we have some competition from another Dodger insider blog during the postseason. Derek Lowe has agreed to post a blog during the playoffs. In his first post, he talks about his expectations heading into the Division Series.


i wanT to ask frank why is he trying to move the team out of vero beach, but in case i dont get it answered, can you guys try and ask the question.. i really want to know the reason, although i already know ($$$$)


Orlando Hernandez injured his calf and may not be able to pitch tomorrow afternoon! Potentially huge development!

That could be huge…

Ray, that’s exactly the same question I would ask as well !!

Hey Josh, you really pulled one out of your hat with Derek on the Blog !! It really means a lot to us diehard bloggers !!! Thanks !!

Go Dodgers !!!

And for anyone who can read Japanese, Saito has a blog too:

I hope that at some point someone could translate his posts. I’m really curious to hear what he has to say about the season and his experience.

Just out of curiousity I click on Saito’s Blog…..jimmine christmas. Looks like a cave painting. (no offense of course)

Delgado’s day to day…

Here’s Saito’s latest blog translated. Anyone can do this by right-clicking on the page and selecting “translate this page into english”. It’s not the absolute best translation, but you get the idea of how happy he is! I like Sami!!

“Play off advance! (&23 and 24 saving!)

You did! Play off advance, it decided!!

3 successive battles in San Francisco which becomes regular season last. The important tournament where everything is decided in these 3 days. Yesterday, today and connected throwing, it could list the 23&24 saving eye. Yesterday, immediately after being reversed, going to the mound in 1 point differences. Timing and the point difference, yesterday becoming tense, now it does, the seed. You think that the good pitching where about power passed through today, well, was possible. The first linden tree is overlooked, three swings, arresting [bisukeru] which continues in the light/right fly. As for end murdering knee clo in swing wide three swing, tournament end. Tightening it turns the tournament with three swings being able to bind, feeling it was good truly, is.

Instant of game set… [chimumeito] [watsu] springing out from the dugout, it got together in the mound. As for me, “play off advance being decided, until the area it wins, that it probably is normal” Because you thought, in addition being late to ride, you put away, (laughing). First that it was on the center of the wheel. It is to have remembered, but being driven out unnoticed, it increased…(Laughing). Outside the wheel, the ham rack (<- somehow, he was late to ride, it seems) with 2 person… “The baseball can do also October, still with the uniform of [Dodgers], it is the shelf” … Keenly you look at the joy, tightening, it increased.

So, Takashi Saito who comes off from the wheel, it is to return to the clubhouse in last one, but… Reaching up to here, “after as for champagne fighting spirit, area victory being decided, that probably will be”, It is completely to have been careless. When it enters into the rocker,…Somehow, it waited for me, it seems. Suddenly [dowa] – – – – [tsu]! With storm of champagne!!

First champagne fighting spirit!

“You obtain, huh? It is not heard, – – the [tsu]!”

When “[sami] and play off are decided, champagne fighting spirit the [a] [tsu] where what it does is the rule!” The champagne, it is painful, – – – the [tsu]! So feeling you call, – – – the [tsu]! So it is painful, – – – the [tsu]! In the eye 沁 the [u] [tsu] which is seen! In the pore 沁 the [u] [tsu] which is seen! So the feeling good [tsu] (feeling it is good painfully? Laughing)!

The champagne being applied, applying and returning, in addition, being applied, beginning, you apply and return. Happiness unhappiness?, as for my rocker with AT&T park, most inner part. When arriving, already from the top of the head to the toe [bishiyo] getting wet…

… So, you apply still, you apply and return (laughing), at that time everyone and [hagu] & [bitsuguhagu]!

Takashi Saito, being mistaken in panic, being put by [noma] and Kent, the photograph it had taking.

Because today was the day game, before the playing free practice. When it keeps appearing in the ground, in spite even in [auei], [dojiyasuhuan] several hundred Having encamped in the view seat heart it was strong enormously entering the eye.

When I am found, “[sami]!”“[saitoo]!”“[takashii]!” With, unanimously calling name with big voice,…Unreasonable oral [ya] deep emotion, super it was delightful, is, thank you!

And, each time, reading this [burogu], everyone who is supporting, Always the large quantity receiving warm comment, you appreciate from heart. The people of the fan to encourage, it is play off advance. Truly, thank you!

Tomorrow regular season, last 1 tournaments. If it is said that “go”, you throw of course. Always, sort you do not forget your own style, tomorrow and play off, would like to fight securely. October, support we ask may!”

i truly hope everybody supports the team no matter what, i’ll be supporting the team even if i throw my one or two tantrums along the way, when it comes down to it i’m a bluebleeder NO MATTER WHAT!!


Ray, in answer to an earlier question, I am not a big hockey fan, nor football, nor basketball. I have been a Red Wing fan since the early ’50’s and Gordie Howe is my all time favorite player. However, I don’t follow hockey very closely. My passion is baseball, especially Dodger baseball. Gary, the pickles are all done. Too much going on now to be a domestic. GO DODGERS!!! SD lost game 1. Great job with the media guide Josh. Above and beyond the call of duty. I too would like to know why Vero Beach is being phased out. I expect as Ray does that it is because of dollars. Let’s do it tomorrow guys.

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