A huge sigh of relief

For those of you who have not heard, Pepe Yniguez, one of our Spanish language broadcasters, had to return home from Milwaukee after a tumor was found in his wife Margarita’s brain. After several days of worrying on everyone’s part, she underwent surgery last night to remove the tumor and I’m really happy to pass along the news that everything went extremely well and that she’s recovering now.

Pepe called me a little while ago to make sure I gave everyone his most sincere thanks for all the calls, emails, well wishes, prayers, etc. that he has been receiving. He said that he could not put into words how much that has meant to him and his family through this tough time.

As I sit here in the press box at Shea, I’m truly breathing a huge sigh of relief. When you spend as much time with these people as we do in this traveling party, it’s hard to explain how much of a hit something like this has to the team. Pepe is one of the most sincere people involved with this organization and though I’ve only met Margarita one time, we’re all feeling much better today than we have been since Tuesday night.


That is wonderful news!

I have recently had some friends go through cancer themselves, and I’ve had a family member battle it too, so I truely am glad to hear that the surgery went successfully. I can only imagine what a relief that is to his family and those that know him well.

thats great news, hope the best for the Yniguez family

That’s excellent news! The importance of a pennant race is put into perspective when family is on the line.

Great news, our prayers are with them !!

great news for Pepe and his family. I know what he has gone thru. my wife is in her 3rd. year of being tumor and cancer free. he and his family will be in our prayers.

great news, i’m happy for the Yniguez family

My prayers are with you Yniguez Family! Thats great news!

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