Robles, Young recalled

Speculation in today’s L.A Times was correct and Delwyn Young and Oscar Robles have both been recalled. We’ll have a lineup shortly, but in the meantime, if you want to talk directly to Ned Colletti, now is your shot. He’s having a live web chat in about an hour (2 p.m. PT/4 p.m. CT).

Also, Dave Van Dyck of the Chicago Tribune wrote a great article about Greg Maddux and his time with the Dodgers. Take a look.

Finally, a hearty congrats go out to James Loney on winning the Minor League batting title. He had already locked up the PCL crown, but it’s official today: he led every minor league player at every level in batting average. That’s pretty impressive and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


i understand bringing up these two guys, but y not more pitching help?..


Ick – I hope Robles does no more than pinch-hit occasionally ( he’s too slow to pinch-run! ). His average even in batting-friendly Las Vegas was a bit iffy ( .287 AVG, .366 OBP, .324 SLG .690 OPS ) so he probably won’t win us too many games!

Pity the pitching cupboard is so bare. Pitching may yet cost us the season, here.

BALONEY! Atta Boy!

Robles is lousy! Loney should be playing everyday. I’d sit Nomar who isn’t hitting that much until Loney proves he can’t do the job.

Happy for Delwyn that he has been called up. He seems like the forgotten man. Robles provided a very valuable service to the Dodgers last year. A feel good story too. He debuted last year on Mother’s Day after promising his mother he would play in the majors. She died in 1977 and he kept his promise. Need more stories like that rather than money stories. Go Oscar.

I am pleased that Laroche has been shut down so as not to further aggravate his shoulder. Ray, I think Greg Miller will be shut down for the same reason. He is still building up his arm strength and hasn’t been overly effective recently. Having said that I did think the Dodgers would bring up more pitchers. We have closers by committees. Why not starters at 2-3 innings each – Hendrickson, Sele, Kuo, etc. Sele and Kuo have relieved so not new to them. Hendrickson and Sele seem to falter a bit after 3 innings or so. Anyway boys, I say if Mark gives up a few runs let’s score one more than that. Pitchers don’t lose all games that are lost. Hitters have to come up with big games too and sometimes simply outscore the opposition. GO JD. Go Dodgers.

i’m gonna go get some more beer just in case Hendy implodes. lets beat this steam blue crew!! PLEASE!!!

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