Today's lineup

Another busy day…sorry I haven’t posted much.

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Lowe, P


Good lineup other than J.D. hitting clean up….Switch J.D with Kent and I am love it..

You know me any starting lineup without Lugo in it makes me :-}

its time we put the division away, the pads and reds are gonna be beating up on each other, so we should take advantage this series…why is brad penny being moved up? i know bills has to be kept fresh, but brad should be getting an extra day the way hes been pitching..


Switch JD with Ethier and I would like it EVEN more than the 1st poster. 🙂

Ray, Penny is being moved up so he stays on 4 days rest. Let the bull dog run !!!

Here you guys go again, ripping JD !! The last time you guys did this he showed you up !!! GO GET’EM JD !!!

Go Dodgers !!! # 6 on the way !!!

I think Grady has it right. JD between Nomar and Kent. JD is our leading RBI guy. I don’t think Ethier should be cast as a cleanup hitter now. He has been a bit off his game lately. I think Ned has it right too. I love the following quote from the LA Times regarding the Wells dealing.
“The price never came down, and at some point it went up,” Colletti said. “We didn’t need somebody so bad we’d give up more than one guy.”

“I’m not afraid to make a move. But you have to do what is right. This time of year, I expect to pay a bit of premium, but I’m not going to pay five times the premium.”

Way to go Ned.

Congrats to Don Newcombe. Fond memories of listening to games out of Brooklyn. Newk hitting 7 homers in a season, being used as a pinch hitter, starting both ends of a double header, MVP, Cy Young winner. kday01 those were the good old days.

Who ripped J.D. Gary? By saying we prefer someone else in the cleanup spot is ripping him?

Anyway lets go Dodgers!!!!!!!!

This is becoming my second favorite Dodger team, only behind 88.. Wait I liked the 91 team alot.. I take it back… this is my third favorite Dodgers team, but with one month to move up the ranks…

Euhlman, yes those we the days and after Newcombe we had Drysdale in the sixties. he hit a few homers a year in his own right. I checked you out, if you lived any further east you would have to post from boat or iceberg.

Live right on the Atlantic coast but no fear of icebergs. Climate basically the same as Maine. Part of December,January-February really only winter months anymore. Yes you are right. Drysdale was a good hitter. He twice has 7 homers in a season. Don’t recall him pinch hitting but had only two seasons in Brooklyn before the Dodgers moved west.

Man…..Nomar is slumping. Maybe we should give him an extended rest and play kent at 1st, and Lugo/Anderson at 2B.

Way to start off the month-with a win! GO BLUE!

Great Win Tonight!! I saw 2 things of concern.

#1 Nomar needs to stay back on the ball saw him lundging for the ball on 2 infield groundouts.Not your style nomar Gotta let it come and hit it the way you know how to.

#2 not really tonight but it was either a great play by the rockies to get Anderson or Donally screwed the pooch again….been seeing 3rd base coach running runners into not even close tagouts again. Nomar made it on a bad catch weds. But there was another flat out after that.

The tracy era featured alot of runs not scoring due to conservative baserunning but Donally is running alot of runners into tags.

I saw the post game interview with anderson and I have to Say I Like this Guy! Great attitude I think 1 game in he is a Great addition to the team and will make us a more formitable post season team.

I hope Chad makes it back quickly but I like that the office see’s Sele as a Good SP at Chavez Revine and Hendrickson a servicible road pitcher.

That’s 6 Lets Sweep it and Take it to the Bank Big Blue Wrecking Crew 06′!!!!

Get out the vote for Grady Little at ESPN’s manager ratings. He’s No. 4, but if he can rally the team from 1-13 and go 17-1, we can rally and put him in 1st place.

Vote Yes for Grady Little

I won’t vote dueing a season again. Nomar was smoking the batting avg. prior to we US me included put him into the allstar game where he played 0 innings and has yet to hit since. I’ll abstain any ‘Fan’ Ballots til season is over.All I care about is that the team wins and that will carry anyone worthy of recognition to any and all awards they deserve to win. If they have a rings on their fingers then the should have bells on their toes the rest is just bling and with no rings the bling should go elsewhere. lest to the yankees who can’t Win against the Dodgers.

Just back from Denver and am really relieved to see Coletti passed on Wells. Too high a price, to be sure. Wells would have helped, and like Maddux, would have looked good in a Dodger uni, but we do have a core of kids that should be untouchable. Wells should help the Pads, but I will get a lot of satisfaction if the Reds pound him tonight.
Got to check out the Rocks in Denver and their new kid at short has a very good glove. If he can eventually hit major league pitching, he should be around for awhile. Blue should win this series with Colo and stand a good chance of sweeping them. Build up those wins. Gonna need them before this is over.

So, do we get to see LaRoche this year?

I read that LaRoche, Hamulack and other AAA players will be called up after their season ends on Tuesday. Hoping Greg Miller and Delwyn Young are in that group.

How about that Betemitt! This guy is going to be our big power source next year and we can’t have him sitting on the bench half the time. One of the guys had a good suggestion on helping him hit lefthanded pitchers: Have Honeycutt pitch to him 15 minutes every day. If he’s too busy, then hire a left-handed batting practice pitcher to do it. Little money, big return.

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