Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF

Nomar, 1B

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Penny, P


This is the “A” Team so lets kick some ORANGE BUTT !!!
Go Dodgers !!

I guess Schmidt and Drew see eye to eye tonight. Any news on Dessens? Was he activated and did Loney go to AAA? Big 3 game series along with AZ and S.D facing off this weekend as well.

Let’s Go Dodgers!!!!! Battery chuckers going down!!

it’s gonna be another great pitching duel, i can feel it in my bones.

Lets Go DODGERS!!!

lets start another Win streak!!!

Let’s start another streak, against who better than the Giants. Tonight will be interesting, both teams have seen the opposing pitcher less than a week ago. We’ll see who makes the better adjustments, the Giants will play much better at home, obviously. This is our best lineup, nice to see everyone in there!!! With Lugo, Saenz, and others ready to contribute in the latter stages of the game, hopefully we won’t need them. When the playoffs start, we are throwing out a very solid 3 SP’s(maybe even Bills if he stays on this little roll). Our staff is easily the strongest of the possible teams we will see in October. Mets, Cards, Reds, Padres??? I say we match up just fine, plus our pen has been dazzling as of late, if you forget about that last blowout.

Let’s get rolling again tonight, 2 out of 3 from SF would be great for us, and another big blow to the Giants wild card dreams. Go Dodgers!

This lineup looks great. I want to see the Giants go down tonight with their best pitcher at the helm, and this lineup can do it. I’ll be wearing my Jackie Robinson jersey here in NorCal, eating ice cream and watching Barry limp and miss routine flys.

These next three series will prove what the Dodgers are made of, and we need to go at least 2 of 3 in each. I could do without Plaschke homer-ing it up on Around the Horn and the L.A. Times, though. He waved the white flag, and LA went on that Suberb streak, then he proclaims them World Series Champs, and the Fins whooped LA 15-4. Great writer, but great jinx, too.


This is probably the best lineup we can put in the field. Let’s see if they’ve got the mettle to beat Schmidt and the Giants at home.

If we don’t grab two of three in this series and the next, we’re not as good as we thought we were! 😉

Well, Drew doesn’t get paid 11 mil a year to whiff against good pitchers. 😛 Hope he can get this monkey off his back and collect a hit or two.

Correction griffon64, the best lineup had Matt Kemp in right, Ethier hitting 3rd, Kent 4th, Kemp 5th, and Drew in Kansas City or Baltimore or Cleveland, anywhere else but in LA…unless it was with the Angels

so is james loney back in vegas?… i hope somehow he didnt get sent back, well lets get another streak started today,


Drew is so horrible, he is totally worthless!!!!!!!

Bad luck team – three line outs in one inning!

Maybe we’re due for some bad luck now, we had some good luck during the winning streak.

But please please please, don’t let it be against the Giants.

According to Rotowire, Dessens was activated before the game and James Loney was sent back to AAA. Of course Loney will be back for September callups. Once again Drew and Schmidt don’t see eye to eye.

thank you davidb86.

Can we as fans do nothing?

Lets storm Ned’s office and force him to cut him, trade him, anything to get him off the team.

Drew gives no effort. He has no passion. He doesn’t perform. The only thing he does is take 11 million dolar checks each year laughing all the way to the bank.

I would much rather see Kemp, Lugo, Repko, Delwyn Young, LaRoach playing out of possision, anyone…Just get Drew on a bus to anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Were are paying 1 million per home run at this point, at least we are beating bonds’ salary per home run !

Who’s idea was it to bat JD Drew in the cleanup spot against a pitcher that has handed JD a .113 lifetime average in 26 at bats, while having struck out 13 of those 26 at bats? Brilliant!!

kss – wasn’t the matchup the reason that Grady rested Drew the last time? Maybe he though the short porch down the line to right would help, but it didn’t

In the famous words of Rob Schnieder in the cult hit “THE WATERBOY”:

“Oh no, we **** again!”

Yep, we should be fine with Greg going tomorrow so lets not dwell too much on this sudden slide despite how tempting it might be to.

good point skunk, although this loss did sting.
We should be fine with D Lowe on Sunday too.

We just need to keep winning series especially on the road.

Go Blue.

I’m sure the team knows what it needs to do – win on the road. Or a heady early August will disappear into another also-ran grind in September.

Chins up, Dodgers!

My five points, Dodgers lose to the Giants edition (hum taps to yourself or something):

1) The Dodgers had a chance when Schmidt had spent 67 pitches on the first 4 innings to get him taken out before the 7th inning, giving plenty of time for a run at the Giants’ pen. The first out of the 5th and 6th innings, though, required one pitch. Despite Lofton’s best efforts, it took but 15 pitches to escape the 6th. Martin’s first pitch groundout in the 5th, though probably hurt more because he was leading off, and the pitcher’s spot was due up.

2) Brad Penny did not have a good game at all. You won’t win many games when you give up 6 runs, nor should you. You especially will not win anything when the only guy you can strike out is the pitcher.

3) Perhaps they were picking the wrong target. Barry Bonds went 0-4 today, never walked. Bonds apparently was a distraction, though, because Hillenbrand managed to go 3-4 with 2 RBI, probably his best game as a Giant. Bonds is hitting .240 this year.

4) Andre Ethier needs to get out of his slump. If a lineup shift is the ticket, I like the idea of this lineup:









Probably because it reminds me of this one:

5) There is no reason to believe this team doesn’t have everything necessary to pull off winning the division. These past two games were not a reason, but rather an exhibit of what happens after 110 games. The Dodgers still hold a 3 game lead in the division, and next in the rotation are Maddux, Lowe, and Billingsley. All 3 of them have the stuff of stoppers. They need to come through now, though; there are still 8 games against division opponents to be won on the road before playing the Reds again. If they play decently, the Dodgers will at least gain a game or two on the division during this road trip.

Oh no, we **** again….

Asalways we get something going and it fades away….Hope Maddog brings his A game yet again but this batting lineup just is not doing its job yet again… I fear to think that its beacuse kent and Nimar are back that Oh no, we **** again….

Run prduction has dropped again like before they both went DL. Ethier is looking lost all of a sudden last few games. Its not Horrible yet again but the team needs to get it goin again its not time to rest. Gotta keep to the basics Run support solid fielding and Solid pitching.Was Glad to see gio pitch his inning today he showed what he always does a good inning maybe a hit but a zero none the less.Get back on track Blue Crew! your in the stretch now and they all count.Go Blue!

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