A good news day

Last week, Mark Langill, myself and our Sr. VP of Public Affairs, Howard Sunkin, talked to a class of journalism/PR graduate students from USC and I got an interesting question from one of the students. She asked me how I can gauge whether or not we’re doing a good job in PR and my answer was that we’re a lot different from your typical PR firm.

For any of you who might work in PR at a firm, you probably know that the job is to get your client’s name out in the media, wherever and whenever possible. However, the Dodgers are similar to politics and entertainment in that, we have countless media members covering us on a daily basis and therefore, we don’t have to proactively seek coverage that often. While we do plenty of this when there’s a good story to get out there, more often than not, we have to turn down some media requests because the volume is too high.

What I told this student was that one of the ways we really gauge success in our department is if we are able to keep the focus on the field. It’s very obvious that the reason you all come to this blog or follow the Dodgers is because of what goes on down on the field. While our main goals also include providing an unparalleled fan experience and a commitment to the community like never before, those are probably not as important to you guys as a winning team, year-in and year-out, which is our main goal at the Dodgers.

Today, I’d have to say, was a good news day for the Dodgers, as the L.A. Times and Daily News both had front page stories about the club that spanned much of the front section. While I haven’t seen the hard copy of the papers and have only read them online, I was emailed this morning by three people in my office to tell me how cool it looks on the cover of the whole newspaper. And of course, while we’d love to take credit for this in our department, I think it’s pretty clear that when we’re winning, we have a great PR department and when we’re not, we’re pretty lousy – or at least that’s what it looks like. Sure, there are things that we can do to help bring to light a lot of the positive things we do on a daily basis – community visits, renovation to the stadium, feel-good stories about our players, etc. – but there’s a limit to what we can do.  Nonetheless, grab a copy of the local papers if you want to get an overall take on what’s gone on during this recent hot stretch.

A couple other good stories you might want to check out are from Doug Krikorian at the Long Beach Press Telegram and a feature on Ned Colletti in the Chicago Tribune.

Meanwhile, I’ll definitely put the photo of the flags from AT&T Park on the blog once it’s sent to me. Back home in LA, our team president, Jamie McCourt, has emailed the front office to say that everyone can go home at 2 p.m. today, right after they finish their first-place ice cream. If you haven’t heard about that tradition yet, check out the Times story I linked to above.

That’s all for now. Heading to the park in an hour or two and will post the lineup when I get there.


We all know now that you obviously read our posts. Can’t wait to see that picture. Something that just occured to me that has bothered me since I noticed it last year. The outfield wall that formerly displayed our hall of fame players now has BUDWEISER etc. adds. I do like the out-of-town score boards, but I sure do miss those action shots of Koufax/Jackie etc.

Where’s the thign with the flags? Is it in the oufield.. I wanna look for it.

great read Josh.

I liked the wall of fame myself but Nate, don’t forget Baseball is a business and it takes revenue to pay for what you see on the field. Those companies pay a tall price to be there and I’d much rather see those signs then have Dodger Stadium called anything else but Dodger Stadium !!
Go Dodgers !!

To those who counted this team out during the negative streak, I have just one thing to say:


Go Blue!

Watch out for Kent and Tomko this series, they are back home. Not to mention Ned Flanders.

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