Party Like it's 1899!

Yes, it’s another song title but it’s relevant again this time.

With the victory tonight, the Dodgers have won 17 of 18 games for the first time since 1899, when they won 20 of 21. And with the Padres’ loss, the Dodgers now lead the West by 3.5 games, their largest lead of the season.

As you can expect, it’s been really busy around here with media and with a day game tomorrow, I’m not sure how much more I’ll get to write in the morning, but enjoy this victory…the team’s never been hotter in any of our lifetimes.


What, no one around here is 107?

I’m gonna try to watch the game but my dad better have a meeting or something or else I’m forced to listen the game on the radio.


My thoughts while Arizona and Colorado burn up their pitching staffs during their now 18 inning marathon:

I love this win!! Billingsley pitched his heart out! Looks like he really does want his next start. And kudos to the offense for getting the kid some runs when it counted most! Let’s hope that Hendrickson can follow suit with another good performance tomorrow afternoon.

The Big, Blue, Wrecking-Crew, 2006 Baby! : )

Everyone talks about how the Dodgers can’t win against teams with a winning record. Well, I’m here to point out that there are currently only five teams in the NL with a winning record. Of those teams we are:

Mets, 1 and 2

Cardinals, 0 and 7

Padres, 3 and 8

Diamondbacks, 6 and 6

Of the two winners in the AL we have played, we are:

Angels of Chula Vista next to Redondo Beach of Anaheim, 4 and 2

A’s, 0 and 3

We’re done with the Cardinals for now… come on playoffs! Remember ’88. The

Dodgers were swept in the regular season by the Mets. Then Kirk Gibson happened. Speaking of the Mets, we play them next month four times in New York. This will be a playoff preview and will be a true test of where the Dodgers are at in being ready for the post-season. And as for the Padres and D-Backs… well, this is a new team and they’ve yet to play the renovated “Big-Blue”. These next seven weeks will tell the tale, and the renovated Dodgers will be formidable. This team can hit, and the pitching is getting better each week. Let’s keep our heads on an even keel and rememeber this time in Dodgers’ history for what it has been: epic!! We have the best franchise record for an 17 and 1 stretch. Un-freakin’-beatable baby! : )

“Bleeding Dodger Blue, and loving every minute of it!”

dwartik: I noticed the look that Furcal gave Ethier. It wasn’t a nice look he shot him, that’s for sure. But I took it more from the perspective of a veteran calling out the rookie for not calling him off the ball. The replays were vague, but I couldn’t make out Andre making any call on the ball. So I feel that Furcal was just telling the kid to open his mouth, because the next time that play happens maybe it could result in an injury if they’re not careful. Definitely it was a much harder play for the shortstop to make, so Ethier was at fault for not taking charge of the play.

I’m sure Raffy and Andre are getting along just fine. It was simply a case of the veteran taking the rookie to school.

Holy C*ap!!

TWO 18 inning games on the same day?? The road teams won both too, what are the odds!!!

Gotta be frustrating for the rest of the NL as the Dodgers have been on cruise control the month of August and they have to work double time!!!

Everyone talks about how the Dodgers can’t win against teams with a winning record. Well, I’m here to point out that there are currently only five teams in the NL with a winning record. Of those teams we are:

Mets, 1 and 2

Cardinals, 0 and 7

Padres, 3 and 8

Diamondbacks, 6 and 6

You forgot Cincity who we are 3-0 against with 3 more to start next homestand with.

And D-backs are sub .500 again!

Every team the Dodgers have played that was hot coming up to play the Dodgers has been swept so far the fish 2 times if we keep it goin tomorrow and the Reds had a 5 game streak snapped when we swept them on the road. If we only play .500 ball through the rest of the Season we end up 87-75 and that should do it but I really think this team has the chance to get 90-95 as long as everyone gets along and keeps it Raffy,Penny,Kent,Lofton,Lowe…Just a few who have had emotional meltdowns in the past.

The Biggest Turnaround I see in this team is the Pitching. Keep these guys happy by backing them with Solid Defence and Run production and this team will stay in Fat city.

Barring injury I can’t help but think we Have to sign Maddog for a couple more years till he can’t pitch anymore then Make him sign on as a coach. Thats my 2 cents.

Great Job BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW!!! Keep it Goin!

Retraction thought D backs lost. They are 1 game over .500 and now tied with SD for the #2 spot.

Ooops, didn’t forget about Cincy… just an oversight on my part.

Is it just me, or did Ethier look sort of bored at the plate today? I didn’t get the sense that he was playing at 100%… maybe he has some other stuff going on. Who knows, but still a great win today!

Nope… I don’t think he’s bored. I just figure he’s going through a little mini-slump and he’s probably putting too much pressure on himself.

I dunno he has a pretty good tan goin there. Looks like he’s been hitting the beach. If he’s hangin out with Kent in Hermosa he’s probably tired from all the Bunnies over there. His last ab before he swatted that single he kinna just threw the bat into the zone on the 0-1 pitch and Vin called it a defencive swing…I thought it was a what the **** was that? swing.He got the hit and the rbi so whatever it was I guess he still got the job done.He just needs to stay focused on the season maybe that was Furcals Look.

He came from A’s AAA to the Bigs and is outperforming most people in baseball probably figuring that its too easy now.The Vets will set him straight.Boras isn’t his Agent I hope.He will get back on track they hit the road tomorrow night and with focus and luck make this month Historical for another Century!




The E-Kid is from A’s AA in Texas. He was Texas League Player of the Year last year. He played two months in our AAA Vegas and came up in May.

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