Third post of the day…maybe some kind of record.

Furcal, SS

Lugo, LF

Garciaparra, 1B

Kent, 2B

Drew, RF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Repko, CF

Lowe, P


I am glad to see Ethier getting a day off. Let’s keep rolling and win another series. Dontrelle will be tough but we can wear him down and do some damage with the weak bull pen.

LUGO, LUGO, LUGO!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I like him on this team and he was a great addition, BUT he is not outstanding.. IMO a better combo would be Ethier in LF and Lugo in CF. Repko is just not the best option right now. I know some of you love Lugo, but he is hitting 240ish since coming to the team..

I guess I am just asking for opinions why Grady should play him everyday. I want someone to convince me why Little should, what I feel make room for him everyday.

{And yes I know he is trying to get a righthanded lineup in there against Dontrelle and Ethier needs a day off}

Am I wrong in feeling Little is bending over backwards for Lugo?

i heard a rumor that the dodgers are gonna go after Daisuke Matsuzaka in the offseason, Matsuzaka who was the mvp of the world baseball classic pitches for the seibu lions.. i dont know about getting him, because he has thrown a lot of pitches alreasdy, and hes only 25.. i would rather go after barry zito… well, today lets go make it 5 in a row!


The reason Lugo plays everyday , is because they’ve only lost once since they got him and Betemit. No reason to fix what ain’t broke. Besides he’s a great defensive player.

The E-Kid needs some R&R. Glad to see a little flip flop with Drew and Kent. Kent has had some frustrating ABs lately, he’s due for a donger. Most importantly, nobody should have anyhing to complain about these days. It’s time to break away from the pack of the NL West losers.


You guys owe me a Coke, I believe I correctly predicted tonight’s lineups!! No one else here believed Lugo would start in LF and Ethier given a rare day off!!! An all righty order usually isn’t as effective against hard throwin lefties as you’d think but let’s hope tonight is different and we get 5 in a row!

I like tonight’s lineup. The only change may have been to start Saenz at 3rd, but i know with Lowe pitching, we are going for defense. I like giving Ethier the night off. I think he’s started every game since the All Star break

I can see your concern with Lugo “thebigluna” but I have to agree, if it’s working don’t fix it !! I think most if not all of these guys are focused at one thing and that’s the post season. Also, It’s a good night to give Ethier a day off, he’s earned it !!
Go Dodgers !!

Ever since we got Lugo I liked the idea of him batting second over Lofton, equally impressive offensively, especially on the bases, but with Lugo being much better defensively. However, our offensive was sluggish with him there last time with a similar lineup, our only loss in 15 games, generating a total of 1 run. Let’s hope he’s just as aggressive running the bases as he was last time in that spot, but with more successful results. Not bad to have Ethier and Saenz available when we need them as pinch hitters. Five in a row sounds great to me. Go Doders!

Don’t worry about Lugo, the bat will be there…. were trying to get him in the line up because (rightfully so) Grady are aware that over the last 400 games (in 3+ years) he has put up productive offensive numbers and they are not worried about the 13 games with the Dodgers, where he has put up so-so numbers so far. That’s baseball. You can’t worry about short term sub par hitting. Hey, look at Furcal in April? He was hitting .100 something 13 games into this career in Blue and look what a stud he has been since say the beginning of May. Arguably the teams MVP at this point. You can’t bench/set line ups based on a guy having a couple bad games.

there’s also rumors going around that we are going after Zito & Schmidt.

Repko is due for a big game.

skunkspot, although I didn’t assign Lugo a spot in the Manic Monday blog I did say Lugo would be in. I didn’t think Repko would. I expected Lofton to play again so was expecting OF of Drew, Lofton, Lugo. Lofton looked good last night. Lugo will play big time. Can play anywhere and his bat will come alive. No doubt Ned wants him in as he did make a trade for him but I don’t think Ned interfers with the lineup. How could he with the present run? Grady has to get some credit for that as his lineups have worked. I think the team, as they say in hockey, has acquired some grinders to go along with its own grinders. Lugo is a grinder.

Great points!!! And they have all have came to mind lately.

I guess the best suggestion is if it aint broke…..

Anyway here is to Lugo proving me wrong tonight!!!

How great is the Dodgers problem that I am inciting debate over playing time for what I feel is finally a solid 25 man, not to mention 40 man roster. Next winter and spring training will be great to watch the position battles with the KIDS and Vets…..

i love the way grady is using julio lugo.. when they got him i said that he would be a tony phillips, billy hall type of player. a guy that plays everyday at a diffrent spot, and how great is it to see my kids continue to surprise us.. its great..lets get 5!


It’s been really great being able to listen to Vin Scully again this year. I’d imagine he knows a thing or two about baseball… everyone agree on that? I thought so! lol…

So with that said, I can remember at least five times now that he’s mentioned the fact that Julio Lugo is still getting used to the National League pitchers and that his hitting should improve before the year is out. I only hope he doesn’t put too much pressure on himself to perform, because he is a good talent.

Ray did you notice that Kuo has had three good starts in a row at Las Vegas and Jhonny Nunez is lights out at Gulf Coast and was the Dodger minor league pitcher of the month? I recall Patriotacts including Kuo in his projected rotation down the road.

Ok KSspark

How long would you estimate the length of time would be till Lugo adjusts? A month? I will hold of my judgement till then.

I can see the point, Loney made that adjustment..

i did see that kuo is looking like the cant miss prospect he was in 1999, and its great to see.. as for jhonny nunez, hes been terrific, hes been stealing the spotlight from clayton kershaw, and kershaw has been amazing… also keep an eye on jonathan meloan, he might come up this year to provide depth to our bullpen..


I love watching the minor league players too. The great thing about all four pitchers you mentioned has been the K-BB ratio – excellent in each case.

WTH happened to minor league prospect Chen Fenn Chen (sp?) the Korean outfielder??? Was he a Dodger flameout like Billy Ashley or Karim Garcia??

BTW Neds ties with the Giants will land us Schmidt next year!! Maddux will certainly be interested in a return if he can be part of this staff:







I have to give Lugo major props for his attitude since he came to this team. He has handled playing every position except his natural SS like a professional. I think his team first attitude has helped keep this team on track during this streak.

I would also like to formally retract any criticism I made earlier of these trades. Great job Ned.

chin feng chen left the organization, and signed a lucrative deal in his native country of taiwan… i actually thought that this guy would be a good player, boy was i wrong…

Ethier’s 24, he doesn’t need a rest. Ethier in left, Repko in Center, and Lugo in right.
Down with Drew.

Do we really need another 0 for 4 night with 2 k’s and 6 left on?

Drew needs to go!!!!!

Does anyone know if we have put Drew on waivers. Undoubtedly he will clear and we can hope some team will be desperate enough to take him in a trade. Since we are stuck with Drew, I don’t see why they don’t bat him 7th or 8th. Batting him 5th is absurd. Put Martin in the 5 hole.

Did you watch yesterdays game randy? Ethier looked tired in every at bat Schmidt had his number for sure but he wasn’t adjusting just kinna going thru the moves. I’m really glad the team has the depth to provide a breather to anyone on the team when they need it it will help us through the stretch and let them have Power for the post Season. Don’t want anyone in the lineup to get soo tired that they make a bad call and get hurt thats Dodgers of old. We have a Huge opportunity with this team as it stands to make the series with alittle luck on our side and a little less on the opps side. StL is lookin bad, Swept by Tracy….Mets lost D Sanchez… Detroit just got swept and the Yankees always Blow it in the Series!!! 88′ was shocking Maybe 06′ will feature Nomar and Kent Hobbling round the Bases!Believe in the DODGERS!!!!

Drew is going to be around for a while. I think we expect more because he has a big contract and is fragile. However, we might just as well take what he can give –
RBI – first, Runs – third, BB – second, 2B – third, AB – second, OBP – third. Perhaps should not be in a power slot but can contribute. I’m happy with Martin batting eighth. Takes a pressure off him so he can continue to learn his position at the major league level. Game time close. Go Dodgers.

I saw the game yesterday, you’re right Fisher that Ethier didn’t look his best. You have to agree though that Ethier at “not his best” is better then Drew now-a-days.
The only reason to keep Drew is for his contract year. Also known as the only year Drew tries.

Alright he’s not going 0 for.
Good timly hitting Drew.

3-1 Dodgers in the 7th, wow we are playing great quality baseball

Great win, Cararra makes me neverous though

Great win tonight! Nomar and Lugo!!

BigLuna… you’ll note that Lugo had three hits tonight. All against a team that the Devil Rays play due to inter-league play, so Lugo’s had some experience with this teams’ pitchers. We’ll see how the other two nights play out.

I like Cararra 1 inn a night hes not the closer. I’ve seen grady throw him 2 inns twice this year and he always starts coughing up hits after 5 outs.He struckout 3 and finished it up and got the save that should have gone to JB or Saito for their inn.I believe in Gio for the 7th or 8th inn always in a 2 run lead or better to get the job done and still have the lead.He’s not perfect but he is consistant.Errors never help anyone either.

On to the radar Gun.. did anyone else notice several times of mid to upper 50’s pitches from willis? Was there a problem with the Gun or what? Looked like he was hitting lo to High 80’s + on most pitches to me never saw anything that looked like a marshmellow.

Great Game Team LUGO LUGO LUGO

what a Player he is! Nomar Looked like he is getting his stroke back too! Great Team effort and Win!

Lookout NL Pedro is Down,Reds Lost Mercker. and The DODGERS are now tied for second best record in the NL with the Cards………..Keep it Goin BLUE!!!!!

Great play by the Dodgers at current. I wonder if the team are playing above potential right now, but on the other hand I don’t really think so … I expected this team to be quite good this year, which is why it appalled me so much when, after a good start, they were quite bad for a while.

Willis took a two-hit shutout and a 1-0 lead into the sixth before Julio Lugo beat out an infield hit with one out. Garciaparra drove the next pitch into the pavilion seats in left-center for his 13th home run and a 2-1 lead.

“When a guy is pitching that well, you’re not going to get too many opportunities to capitalize on things,” Garciaparra said. “I was trying to make contact and keep that inning alive. I was looking for a pitch I could drive. I think what really got us going was Lugo hustling and getting to first.”

What a Class act he is……NOMAR !!!

1) Derek Lowe has terrible career numbers for July, but August is his month. Is there any reason for this at all? Either way, he has posted games scores of 68, 66, and tonight’s 65 for the month of August. Nice to see him get the job done.

2) The Marlins had 10 innings, in essence, to try to get more than the Dodgers could in 8 because of the errors. Derek Lowe and Gio Carrara should be commended.

3) I actually feel pretty comfortable with Gio out there. He strikes people out, and he doesn’t give up too many long balls. I will admit that had that been an actual base hit instead of a bad throw on a bunted ball, I would have taken him out after that. Resting the bullpen, especially Saito, was worthwhile, though.

4) As much as it’s nice to be surprised, it’s very nice to have your go-to guy, Nomar, come through and drive in the runs you need.

5) Quote of the night:

A Dodger Thoughts commenter watching the game on TV noted that Vin Scully described the first pitch fastball Willis tried to get by Nomar was “like trying to sneak a lambchop by a wolf.”

doesn’t Matsuzaka throw the “gyro ball” ? If he does (or if that rumor is true) then he’ll be worth every penny…more so than anyone else. That pitch is just about unhittable.

anyways… I was at the game tonight, and it was a great win!


If you dont know what the GyroBall is, click the link below. On the page itself there are some video links (under the definition) to the 2 guys who are known to throw it.

I might get down on him a bit for playing under 100% but the guy has alot of class.Never paid any attension to him as a BoSox but saw him in the Show 2 Guys a girl and a pizza place and then thought he was just a Fluke. Then Last year or the year before read that he dove off his balcony in Boston Harbor while playing for the Cubs and saved 2 women who fell or jumped while wanting to be saved into Boston Harbor and thought what a Great guy he is then I read what he said tonight and it just exceptlifies that he walks the walk and talks the talk and is a Really great person!

If Nomar can stay within himself to produce and play consistantly as a ballplayer for the next 6-7 years I’d say the Dodgers would be fools to let him walk. But is a ballclub and I would be nervous to Planout that far in advance no matter how noble that player might be. It is a business after all.At the Same Time if Nomar could give 140-150 Games a year and hit in the .300 range with 20 or so Homers and leg it out for a few SB and score while helping to bring the next decade of Dodgers around I’d Give Him a 3+3 Contract.3 Years 33M 11M across Buyouts of 1M after 3 14M After 3 with 1.5M buyouts ea yr.and to Follow it up if retired as a Dodger I’d Follow it up with 10-20 loge seat per homegame going to an LA Youth BB organizations of his choice with his association with the club if he wants to coach beyond that.

I don’t run the dodgers and I don’t know the bottom line but Nomar is a Class act and he came from LA.He is a Star and if he continues to produce and contribute the way he has I am More then happy to put my Dollars forth to see him for years to come.

Bottomline I hate losers and am tired of rooting for losers! I Like what we Have Lets Go Get Sum DODGERS!!!!

Yeah throw that junk to Saenz…..

Betemit looks lost right handed, a Lugo-Betemit 3B platoon is in the making…. Nice to win a game without needing Brox, Tomko, and Saito- those 3 have been huge for us, and a little rest is well deserved. Keep it going BLUE!

Saenz ****** last night but maybe if he got 2-4 cracks at Willis he connect whereas Betemit should be platooning.

Josh usealy post the line up around 3ish it’s now 3:57pm & no line up? our winning ways keeps him busy I guess.

I’m going to the game tonight so I’ve been on the site 20 times since 3pm myself looking for the lineup.
Go Dodgers !!

Lucky Gary. I miss being able to go to Dodger Stadium. Have fun!

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