Today's lineup

I hope some of you got to chat with Roy Smith a little bit ago. We’re going for 11 in a row tonight, which hasn’t been done in 13 years. And even better, tickets are still available to see Greg Maddux in his home debut. We’ll see if he can throw a nine-inning no-no with three hitless innings to start the game. More importantly, it’s a chance to see him possibly tie Steve Carlton for 10th place on the all-time wins list. You can’t be a part of that kind of history every day. In fact, unless Tom Glavine or Randy Johnson somehow manage to pitch for several more years, it could be decades before someone cracks the Top 10 again.

Here’s the lineup that can help him do it:

Furcal, SS

Lofton, CF (joins Steve Finley this year as the first 39-year-olds to log nine triples in a year since 1945)

Drew, RF

Kent, 2B (back to second for tonight)

Ethier, LF

Betemit, 3B

Martin, C

Loney, 1B

Maddux, P


I’m glad Loney is back in the wars, Lofton had another good hitting day yesterday so I’ll turn a blind eye on his D.

This looks like a good lineup. I like Lugo, but he’s been playing a lot and he deserves a rest. So let’s go out there and get Maddux his first home Dodger win and move him to #10 ll time!

Nice lineup !! Hope to see Nomar on Wednesday, we need his drive and determination !! It’s been said by many, including Vin Scully, that Maddux is one of the smartest guys in baseball !! So you have to believe that tonight will be a great game !! Everything Maddux has said and done since he put that Dodger hat on is for the team and nothing but the team !! And lighten up on Penny everyone, he deserves to keep the number he has, remember we need him too in this drive to the WS !!!
Go Dodgers !! 11 in a row !!

Good lineup! Go Dodgers – enough veterans, young ‘uns, and talent in here to get a W for Maddux tonight. Keep the feet on the ground and the hard work coming, team! The fans love it 🙂

i like this lineup a lot, but i cant wait till nomar is back.. that line up is siick, i just hope that there are no more injuries, lets get 11


Has anyone else noticed that when Maddox isn’t pitching, he’s constantly talking to Chad. That is exactly what he brings to the table, hopefully his professionalism will rub off on our staff, it appears that has already begun to happen. I’m sure Greg won’t duplicate his last outing, but I’m positive he’ll at the very least keep us in the game, it’s a matter of run support. Will our bats show up big again tonight??? The bottom of our line up will be very productive tonight, take that to the bank. Go Dodgers, let’s get our eleventh in a row! Padres in NY for the next few games, now is our chance to take possession of 1st.

I just want the line up to knock that cheesy cocky Grin off Kims Face. That guy has more confidence then Talent and just ticks me off everytime he gets an out. This line up is STACKED 1-9.The air is light today and I think we might get Back to back dingers tonight.Maybe even a triple shot with Drew Kent and Ethier.Still a game and a half back of the pads and they are trying to catch up.Keep it Blue! Go Dodgers!!!!

Not in 1st yet, but with SD heading for a sweep at the hands of the Mets, nows our chance. I think we turned the Reds upside now, before we swept them, they were as hot as us, now struggling and we’ve already tied them for the wildcard lead.

Baseball-refrence is a little outdated. Try this:

Roy Smith’s chat was freaking awesome, I love stuff like that.

Come on offense, you hit the guy hard but right at fielders a few times and then just give up? Let’s see some runs!

11 in arrow, wow.Betimet, Saenz.. team effort all around

11 in a row, half game out of 1st, and still tied for wild card,woohoo!!! Nice comeback tonight, fueled by Betemit hitting a deep homer. Our pen continues to be lights out, Tomko, Johnny B., and Sammy are turning into a good combo, throw in the solid work for everyone else in relief and we have another reason why we are the hottest team in baseball. Drew needs another night off, maybe a few. At this point, he’s the only ***** in our armor. We hit into 5 double plays and still won. Padres are sweating big time, they know the boys in blue are coming! Can we get 12 straight, sure we can, D. Lowe is going to pitch his butt off! Go Big Blue!!!!

By the way, kudos to the office for not getting a closer at the deadline. It’s nice we stuck with Saito, I think he’s earned it. And here’s to Ledee, he was a great Dodger who had quite a few clutch hits for us. I hope he does well in NY, except when we see them in the playoffs.

1 more thing, Olmedo get’s a big hit everytime he starts, AND when he doesn’t.Dude’s a gamer.

Johnny-Brox Rocks again! Dude was lights out…

11 in a row is nice! Let’s get another game closer to a new LA record of 14 in a row on Friday against our arch nemesis… the Giants! Go Blue!

WHAT A GAME !! Your absolutely right Dreed, 5DP’s and we still win !!! Maddux brought a lot more to this team then just a start every 5 days. Between Maddux, Kent and Nomar, they believe in this TEAM’S destiny and will die before ever giving up !!
Go Dodgers !! #12 is coming !!

Sammy Sammy!!!!WTG Team! Sammy was lights out! JB did great but was scary.Gotta Keep Those Bats Goin! Nomar gets his Shots tomorrow Make it 12! Go Big Blue Wrecking Crew!!!!

And Following the Dodgers 11th consecutive win ESPN post how Piazza’s return to shea stadium was spoiled by the mets Win…….and how he was so welcomed back! Of Course he was warmly welcomed he ****** there for 7 years!Granted he has a lil pop still but he was never the Catcher we Have Now!Lo Duca was Great But He still doesn’t Make the plays nor steal the bases nor go as clutch as Martin! Martin is Da Man Behind the Plate if you want to Win.I’ve never seen a catcher leg out doubles and get on base like Martin.Steals bases Too and 3rd!!!!!East coast goes to sleep before the day is over and the Games are here on the West Coast time for the media to take it to the fans and Wake up! Games on and its here in the West.NEW Dodger Record to be set gotta kkep up over in NY NY.Move over Chi Sox it’s our year Sorry Detroit!

Great play by the team, staying cool in a pressure situation and getting out of it with a win. Maddux must be rubbing off on the team 😉

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