Today's lineup

Bring on the kids…the last five players in today’s lineup are all under 24 years old and the average age of them is 22. Scary.

Furcal, SS

Cruz, RF

Nomar, 1B (should qualify for the batting title after today’s game)

Kent, 2B

Kemp, CF (one of just five guys in history with 7 HR in first 18 days in the bigs)

Ethier, LF

Aybar, 3B

Martin, C

Billingsley, P

Also, all draft-day winners should have be contacted by now, so if you have not heard from our office and think you picked the first two selections correctly, please post it here.


Looking forward to watching Billingsley’s debut today. It’s not an easy matchup for the kid as the Dodgers are facing Chris Young who has been just about unhittable lately.

Can anybody explain to me why Jose Cruz, Jr. is in the lineup today? No offense to Jose, but he has been plain awful from the left side of the plate this year (batting .189). From the right side, he’s been terrific, but he should not be put in any situation where he needs to bat as a lefthander.

Here’s hoping that Cruz can prove me wrong today.

Welcome to the Big Leagues Chad!!!!!

I’m starting to wonder about how effective Furcal is in the lead-off spot. Moments of greatness on the field and at bat. Maybe Little should shuffle him somewhere new into the line-up. And with his arm, third base would be perfect, opening up SS for someone, hmmmm….

I am really getting frustrated with Furcal. I know he had a good big league record and the management thought they did something great to get him for the Dodgers. He just is NOT PERFORMING. I wonder if his injury ever completely healed. He should be just left out of the lineup for several days in a row once Izzy comes back to see if that makes a difference. If there is any lingering injury, now would be the time to put Furcal on the disabled list and let him get back to his norm for the second half of the season. His performance so far has just been pitiful, regardles of what Grady says in public.

Chris Young has given up the long ball 14 times this year, 9 of them at home! There’s a vulnerability, and I hope the Dodgers can exploit that.

Play ball, and go Dodgers!

Cool, the ump likes Chad. First pitch to Gonzalez showed up way outside on gameday but he still got the called strike.

I can understand the concern about pitch counts. Location’s getting him though; those pitches Bard kept fouling off were almost all in the same spot. If he finds the edges, Billingsley will be unstoppable.

Now it’s time for Dodgers position players to hit.

And so closes the history book on the Kid with a W to the other kid but he did a great job keeping us in the game glad to see furcal brought his tools to work today and used them for a change.Kent is coming around with his bat now and Sammy is a great fit really glad we picked him up.I think Izzy will get the start on Tues but doubt he starts off as leadoff. Maybe Lofton,Izzy,Drew,Nomar,Kent,Kemp,Aybar,Martin,Penny.Great Job Today Go Blue!!!

Hi Josh, I have yet to hear from the Dodgers for my correct picks. Please let me know.
Go Dodgers !!

Hey Josh, still haven’t heaqrd from the Dodgers on my correct draft day picks. Should I be worried ??
6th inning and we’re down 5-3

Let’s Go Dodgers !!

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