It's all over in Jacksonville…

Remember the name Danny Muegge? He’s the kid we got with Dioner Navarro and William Juarez in the Shawn Green deal. Tonight, he pitched 7.0 shutout innings and allowed five hits, as Jacksonville won 1-0, their 14th straight win and 22nd in the last 23 games. I told Matt Kemp yesterday that once they finally got rid of the stiffs like him, they started winning again.

For those who can’t get enough baseball from MLBlogs, Dodger Thoughts and the rest of the blogs out there, check out The Daily News’ baseball blog, with updates from Tony Jackson, who covers us for that paper.

Other interesting happenings from the press box tonight – Luis Garcia, my counterpart at the Padres and the guy who preceded me at the Dodgers in 2002, stole A Martinez’s microphone and had him nervously searching the press box for an inning.

Martinez, who does regular radio reports for KFWB 980 and also dutifully handles the Coca Cola Challenge at Dodger Stadium, made a friednly wager with Fernando Valenzuela on tomorrow’s World Cup match. Martinez, a native of Ecuador, will wake up early tomorrow to watch the game, most likely with Jaime Jarrin, who’s also from there. Fernando is probably willing to bet on Costa Rica just to be different.


Jim Rome was relentless toward Odalis yesterday… it was very humorous to listen to.

Odalis Perez has the potential to be one of the best, that’s why it’s so frustrating to see all of this happening with him. He can be better than Seo/Sele/Tomko, but for whatever reason, he seems hades-bent on keeping his cozy Jekyll and Hyde potion handy for all occasions.

Now throw into the mix the question of character: How could a person of his financial clout actually jerk tickets away from inner-city kids who were expecting to see those tickets when he pitched? How could he say that he wasn’t getting any recognition for this act of charity? How… becaue he is a selfish person, and therein lies the cancer.

He cannot be humble with this type of selfish attitude. His lack of humility… the character trait needed to look within ones self to see and correct faults… is keeping him from seeing that mechanics may be an issue with his delivery. But no. Humility will find no place in a heart like his… until he reaches rock bottom… and that cannot happen with the kind of jack he’s bringing in. His attitude will begin to affect those around him. That’s what cancer does you know. It infiltrates and attacks the healthy tissue surrounding it, until the healthy itself tissue becomes cancerous.

Odalis Perez is a cancer to this team. He needs to be excised and thrown into the bio-hazzard container.

kss you couldn’t of put that any better very well written. We have no choice but to eliminate the cancer and put him on assignment!Release ODALIS! Izzy has to get a shot a winning his spot back remember back in 04′ the reason we won was our defense. Now we got a great manager that can get our offense going, let’s put Furcal on the DL let him fully heal and see what Izzy does!

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